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Briana M.

Home Address (Recent): Contact Information:
800 Hwy 3 South Trl. #2, League City, Texas 77573 (832)571-8133

A career in psychology with emphasis on therapy aspects incorporating art, and bases on
clinical psychology, working towards art therapy.
AP Test Score:

 Clear Horizons Early College High School Human Geo: 3

 GPA: 4.385/5.0 weighted 4.358/4.0 weighted 3.09/4.0 unweighted
 AP Courses: Human Geography, World History, English and Composition
 CHECHS: Intensely demanding in Academics, only 125 students able to attend program,
in top 15 national ranked school in Texas
o Course Description: Pre-AP, AP, Dual Credit, and solo regular courses

 San Jacinto Community College (South) 2014-Current

o General Associates/ Associates of Arts/ A. of Psychology
 General Psychology, General Arts Degree
 GPA: 3.11/4.00 College Hours: 35

 Participation in VASE Program  Score 4 for Art Piece: Red Balloons


 Resource & Crisis Center Resale shop: League City
o Part-Time (25 hours) Summer Job; June 2018 – August 2018
 Cashier and Handling processing merchandise*
 Labor intense job, requiring fast pace and intense effectiveness in sales
and deliverance of donations from warehouse to store floor
 Summer/Winter House Cleaning
o Summers/Winters of: 2014, 2015. 2016, 2017;
o General house cleaning with Alicia G. Rodriguez
 Reliable always on time, Hardworking, willingness to complete any job
before me, time manageably, detail information, functional listening skills
 Rotary Shrimporee 2014-2017
 Interacted: with manually labor; cooking large quantities of shrimp,
transporting 40lbs bags if ice,
 And child activates: face-painting, greeting people in costumes and heling
cooking and sanitary maintenance.
 Social promotion of the event; being in a costume and greeting incoming
people and directing traffic to the event.
 Wings Over Houston 2014-2017
Directing traffic and guiding citizens, participates to park appropriate to insure safety and
Houston Food Bank: Helping package meals; face-pace, multiple production
Galveston State park: Cleaning the Galveston beach, removing waste, other materials
 4 Month period; searching, and working in a field of the students’ choice to promote
understanding and real-life experience of the select field; mandatory 3 hours
summation, developing a product that solves/ creates meaningful change/solution to a
issue the student address, while aiding their mentor in the mentors activates:
o Psychology; School counselors
 CCISD: Clear Lake Intermediate School;
 Involved in Art club: learning skills from painting, sketching, realistic drawings, water
color painting, charcoal, color drawings

 Organization skills
 Trustworthy
 Hard worker
 Detected
 Tactful
 Intelligent
 Honest
 Supportive
 High Emotional IQ

 Open-minded