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Office and Mailing Address

44 Butler Street
Opawa, Christchurch
New Zealand
Contact Numbers
Telephone +64 3 342 9433
Facsimile +64 3 342 9433
Mobile 021 1404345 Phil Robson
Mobile 021 0542587 Louise Smith

Itinerary Specially Prepared for



Welcome to Rob Thomas, staff and rowers. It is our pleasure to be

hosting you here in the South Island. Rowing is a very important sport
to this country and we have a proud tradition of success. I trust you
will have a memorable experience and that our commitment to
excellence will ensure everything runs smoothly. We look forward to
meeting you and providing you with warm and welcoming Kiwi

Weather:​ January is the middle month of summer in New Zealand. Hot, at this time
of the year, would be anything over 24 degrees, and it can climb into the 30’s.
Twizel has a reputation for being a bit of a heat sink so be prepared for high
temperatures. Also, please note, the sun effect here is quite different to Perth.
Regardless of the 30+ degree days through the WA summer you can still suffer
serious sunburn in 24 degree (or less) here in NZ.

Laundry: ​A coin operated is available at all your accommodation providers

Meals: B
​ reakfast, lunch and dinner are included daily throughout your itinerary.
Breakfasts will all be at your accommodation and are continental (typically cereal,
toast and spreads, tea/coffee), lunches are packed and are provided at your
accommodation to be collected each day as you leave breakfast, dinners at your
accommodation are two course (main course and dessert) or buffet
Security/valuables: ​This is your own responsibility. Valuables have been stolen
before. Please never assume that it will be okay to leave valuables unattended or
gear rooms unlocked. Every attempt will be made to assist you with your own

Gear: We
​ recommend everyone brings two towels with them.
Swim wear and towel will be required at Tekapo Springs Hotpools

Boat usage:​ All boats will be on loan from a range of rowing clubs. Some may
require a credit card imprint to provide security for any damage. Please check over
any boats that you are using first and report any damage that is found. Any
damage that does occur whilst using the boats is the responsibility of the user.
Please report any damage to Total Tours.

Liaison: T​ otal Tours staff will be available 24 hours. Please use the cell phone
numbers on the front page. Our staff will not always be with you during your
activities but we will check in with you each day, either in the evening to discuss
the day’s events and go over the next day, or in the morning.

Emergency and Risk Management:​ Total Tours Ltd have an Emergency

Management Plan that you will have a copy of. Staff will take you through this and
ask for a sign off 

Mobile Phone:​ Total Rugby will provide you with a complimentary mobile phone
with a NZ sim card and calling credit while you are in NZ. This will enable you to
call our numbers for no cost and also ensure you can call the NZ emergency

2355 Arrive Christchurch on Qantas flight QF139

On arrival you will be required to clear customs and immigration formalities.

You will be met and welcomed by Total Rugby staff.
Coach transfer to your accommodation

Check in to The Garden Hotel where accommodation

is confirmed for three nights

Accommodation: The Garden Hotel

110 Marshland Road
Shirley, Christchurch
Phone: 03 385 31321930


0800 Breakfast this morning with two rowing guests. There will be a chance to
listen to their rowing story and to ask questions and gain an insight into what
it takes to row at the highest level.

Veronica Wall
Veronica is one of the rising stars in New Zealand
rowing. At just 18 years of age she is already ranked
amongst the elite of the sport. She competed this
year in the World Juniors in the Czech Republic,
which was her third time competing. This will be her
first time competing in the singles. Two years ago
she finished fourth as part of the girl’s quad and in
2017 finished 6th in the C final. She currently is rowing out of the Southern
Regional Performance Centre. She has 18 school and club level medals. At
last year’s nationals Veronica went under the current junior world record. At
rowing’s most important school event, the Maadi Cup, for the past three
years she has won every race she entered. In 2016, at the event, she
became the first rower to win the single sculls treble - the under-16,
under-17 and under-18 titles, all at the same regatta. Veronica’s dad, Justin
is a past rower himself and was a coach for the NZ team at the 2018 Junior

Zack Rumble
Zack is a young up and coming rower who has an impressive junior resume.
As a student of St Andrews College, he was instrumental in the School’s 2017
win of the Maadi Cup.Last season Zack rowed for the Regional Performance
Centre in Christchurch and competed at Nationals as a school leaver. Being
under eighteen meant that in May 2018 Zack was
eligible to trial for New Zealand Juniors. He achieved
a New Zealand Junior trial as a sculler and won a
seat in the New Zealand Junior Quad. Zack changed
from rowing to sculling when Rowing New Zealand
asked him to widen his skills before trialling, he had
never sculled competitively before December 2017.
Zack found his way very quickly with sculling and
only had two and a half months training under his
belt before placing fourth in the New Zealand U20 Finals at Nationals – as a
seventeen year old.

0900 Your rental vehicles will be delivered to the hotel.

Depart for Kerrs Reach

0930 This morning is your first training session on the

Avon River at Kerrs Reach. You will be rowing as
a guest of the Avon Rowing Club and will be
welcomed by Jane Mountier - club manager and
Alex Meates - head coach. There will be friendly
racing with Shirley Boys’ High School and
Burnside High School girls (TBC)

1000-1230 ​Training and racing

1300-1400 ​Bar-b-q lunch at Kerrs Reach

1415 Return to your accommodation to get ready for your Ko Tane Cultural
1545 D​epart your accommodation by Ko Tane coach for the this
evenings cultural experience and hangi dinner. As parts of this evening’s
experience is outdoors please dress warmly.

Welcome to Ko Tane L ​ iving Maori Village​ at ​Willowbank
Wildlife Reserve ,​ Christchurch, where maori culture
and conservation meet to give a unique glimpse into
the way of life of the South Island Ngai Tahu Maori
people before the arrival of the Europeans. Experience
the thrill of the ​wero​, the traditional challenge to
visitors, as you are brought into the sacred precinct of
Tane, Maori God of the Forests. Hear the haunting
traditional call, the Karanga, performed by a wahine
(woman) as the p ​ owhiri​ (ritual of arrival) begins,
allowing you to enter our hidden enclave. Listen to a
tane (male) explain the customs of the ​Ngai Tahu
tribe​ as you visit the Living Village and witness an
ancient way of life where Maori struggled to survive in the harsh conditions of
the most southerly of the Polynesian Pacific Islands. Learn about the c​ oming
of the Pakeha​ (fair-skinned ones), the changes Maori were forced to make
from their traditional way of life and how the culture has grown and adapted
as a result. Join in the laughter as you take part in a performance of the haka
(men) or the poi dance (women), and be entertained by the songs and
games performed by the kapa haka (Maori cultural performance) group.
Take a guided New Zealand nature tour and get close to kiwi, kea and other
native species housed in sensitively purpose-built environments. Enjoy a
traditional hangi dinner included in the evening’s activities.

Group leader to present voucher.

The coach will return to your accommodation at the conclusion of the evening

0730 Breakfast at the hotel. Packed lunches will be available to collect after

0830 Depart for Kerrs Reach

0900 This morning is your second training session on the Avon River at Kerrs
Reach. You will have other school crews to train and race against.

0930-1200 ​Training and racing

Depart Kerrs Reach for ​Spencerville, just north of Christchurch where its time
for some team building fun in the trees.


Adrenalin Forest is a multi-level aerial obstacle course!!
It includes 6 pathways from 1.5 to 20 meters high, 100
challenges and is more than 2km long.
​Group leader to present voucher.

Return to your hotel later this afternoon.

1830 Dinner at the hotel this evening


0800 Breakfast at the hotel, packed lunches will be ready to collect at breakfast

0900 Check out and head to Action Karts

Action Kart Raceway is New Zealand’s only clay
base go kart track. Its awesome fun and
something totally different. The track features the
drifting experience, tighter more technical corners
and long fast sweeping straights.
Please present voucher on arrival

1030 Depart Christchurch​ ​for the hour long journey to

Ashburton and Lake Hood.
Lake Hood is a man-made recreational
lake,​ located 6 km south-east of Tinwald in the
locality of H ​ untingdon​, C
​ anterbury​. It is 2.3 km
long by 1 km wide and is more than 80 hectares
(0.80 km2​ ​) in area. It features an eight lane
international specification ​rowing​ course and
separate w ​ aterskiing​ and jet skiing​ areas. It is
increasing in popularity for rowing, as it is not as
susceptible to wind as the main South Island rowing venue Lake Ruataniwha.

Lunch at Lake Hood.

Spend the rest of the afternoon at Lake Hood training and

perhaps having some friendly racing. Meet Justin Wall is
renowned as an elite level coach having won many national
titles, was age-grade coach of the year in 2017 and recently
coached at the World Juniors in 2018. Justin has offered to
spend some time with your crews.

1300-1600 ​Training. Coaching boat is available

Check in to Hotel Ashburton for your one night stay

Accommodation: Hotel Ashburton

11 Racecourse Road
Phone: 03 307 8887

Set in 4 hectares of gardens, this refined,

upscale hotel is a minute's walk from horse
racing at Ashburton Racecourse and 1 km
from the Ashburton Museum.

1900 ​Dinner at the hotel


0730 Breakfast at the hotel, packed lunches will be ready to collect at breakfast
time. Then check out

0900-1100 ​Training at Lake Hood. Coaching boat is available

Depart Ashburton for Aoraki Mt Cook, via Lake Tekapo.

The settlement of Lake Tekapo is at the

southern end of the lake. The opaque
turquoise colour of this lake and others in
the area is caused by fine, glacier-ground
rock particles held in suspension. Fishing,
kayaking, bike riding, horse trekking and
skiing are some of the things you can do.
The Church of the Good Shepherd and the
sheepdog statue are great photo

Stop at Lake Tekapo where there is time to enjoy a short visit to the hot
pools at Tekapo Springs. ​Swim wear and towels will be required.​

Group leader to present voucher

After your swim continue your journey south to Twizel, the home of rowing in
the South Island.

Accommodation: High Country Lodge

23 Mackenzie Drive
Phone: 03 435 0671

Built in the 1960’s to house the “Dam Workers”

High Country Lodge and Backpackers now offers
unique motel and backpacker accommodation in the heart of Twizel.
Centrally located and set in sunny spacious grounds, it offers a wide range of
accommodation. With it’s wide open spaces, amazing scenery and great
climate, Twizel is the perfect alternative destination for travelers “on or off”
the beaten track. The Southern Alps, Ben Ohau Ranges, Lake Ruataniwha
and beautiful canals are all within close proximity to Twizel.

Early evening make your way

to the Ruataniwha Rowing
Complex (Kate Cameron
Drive, Twizel, Ph (03 435
0628) where you will meet
Trevor and Catherine, live-in
caretakers. All your meals
whilst you are in Twizel will be
provided at this complex.

1830 ​Dinner at rowing complex


0800 Breakfast at rowing complex. Lunches will also be provided here today

The rest of the day is for training at Lake

Ruataniwha. A safety boat will be available and
you will access to boats stored at the complex.
Lake Ruataniwha​ is located in the ​Mackenzie
Basin​ in New Zealand's ​South Island​. An
artificial lake, it was formed as part of
the ​Waitaki​ hydroelectric project. It lies on the
traditional boundary of the Canterbury and
Otago​ provinces with the town of ​Twizel​ two
kilometres to the north. The lake has an international rowing course.

1830 ​Dinner at rowing complex


0800 Breakfast at rowing complex. Lunches will also be provided here today

Today is a day dedicated to training on Lake Ruataniwha. Boats will be


1830 ​Dinner at rowing complex


0800 Breakfast at rowing complex.

Lunches will also be provided here today
Canterbury Rowing Championship Regatta

1830 ​Dinner at rowing complex


Check out of your accommodation this morning

0800 Breakfast at rowing complex. Lunches will also be provided here today

Canterbury Rowing Championship Regatta

At the end of the competition depart Twizel for your journey back to
Christchurch. Check back in to The Garden Hotel for your final tour night

1900 Dinner at the hotel


0800 Breakfast at your accommodation. Packed lunches will be provided

1000 ​Check out of The Garden Hotel

Depart for Christchurch International Airport. The rental van drivers will drop
the group at the airport and then return the vehicles to the Maugers depot
located near the airport. Maugers will drop the drivers to the airport. Please
ensure the vehicles have a full tank of fuel on their return.
Check in for your homebound flight.

1425 Depart Christchurch on flight QF132

Your Tour Arrangements Terminate

We wish you a safe journey home