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Choose the correct answer by crossing the letter A, B, C, or D

Text for number 1 - 5

Indonesia has only two seasons, dry and rainy season. Dry season usually begin in May to October.
Rainy season usually begins in November to April. In dry season, the ground is very dry and dusty, the
weather is hot, the sun always shines brightly and burn our skin. In some places, its very hard to find fresh
water. In the rainy season, the rain falls almost everyday, the weather is cold and humid. The farmers
usually begins to plant their crops. In some places, people get flood because the water is too much and the
water can’t absorb into the ground.
Text taken from : Creative and innovative English, Yrama Widya, Bandung, 2005

1. Our country has two seasons, which are..........

A. dry and hot
B. dry and rainy
C. rainy and wet
D. rainy and humid

2. How is the sun in dry season? It is..........

A. shines cloudly
B. shines windy
C. shines brightly
D. shines slowly

3. When the rainy season begins? It begins in..........

A. November to December
B. April to November
C. November to April
D. May to October

4. What the farmers do in rainy season ? They begins..........

A. Plants the crops
B. Picks the crops
C. Plants the tree
D. Picks the flower

5. Why in some places people get flood ? Because..........

A. Water is too much and flow away
B. Water is hard to get in the ground
C. Water is too much and can’t absorb into the ground
D. Water is hard to stop to the ground

6. The nearest planet from the sun is..........

A. Saturn
B. Mercurius
C. Mars
D. Neptune Page 1
7. Brunei Darussalam is a..........
A. Kingdom
B. Republic
C. Emperor
D. Commonwealth

8. Ciliwung River are located in..........

A. Central Java
B. West Java
C. East Java
D. South Java

9. ... money do you have? I have Rp. 20.000,00.

A. How many
B. How come
C. How much
D. How did

10. ... book do you have? I have five books.

A. How come
B. How much
C. How many
D. How did

11. The sunrises is in the ... and sunsets is in the

A. east, west
B. east, south
C. east, north
D. east, southwest

12. A ... works in paddy field to plants rice.

A. gardener
B. florist
C. farmer
D. sailor

13. Elephant is ... than goat.

A. smaller
B. shorter
C. lighter
D. bigger

14. A: Is she a singer?

B: Yes ..........

A. she is
B. is she
C. she was
D. is was Page 2
15. “Angkat tanganmu” in English is..........
A. Bend your hand
B. Take your hand
C. Bow your hand
D. Raise your hand

16. Lea has ... hair.

A. tong and straight
B. long and short
C. long and curly
D. tong and bleachy

17. We can see a lot of ships in the ..........

A. railway
B. station
C. airport
D. harbour

18. A : Are they a pilot?

B: No..........

A. they aren’t
B. they wasn’t
C. they isn’t
D. they couldn’t

19. It is white, it is fall from the sky, it is cold and looks like a cotton. It is..........
A. rain
B. cloud
C. storm
D. snow

20. I like ... best because when the leaves fall, its took so beautiful.
A. winter
B. summer
C. spring
D. autumn

II. Fill in the blanks with the correct answer!

Text for number 1 - 3

My name is Irma, I have two sisters and a brother. My sister has a son. He is very handsome boy.
My brother goes to the office by motorcycle everyday.

21. What the writer name? Her name is..........

22. My sister has a son, he is my..........
23. My brother goes to his office by..........
24. Mr. Bima Arya is a ... of Bogor city.
25. The center of our solar system is..........
26. I like to eat chocolate, its taste.......... Page 3
Map for number 27 and 28.

27. The located of bookstore are ... school and bank.

28. The located of city park is on Sehat Street. It is a hospital.
29. People who tells and shows us to tourism object are called
30. Ina is 165 cm, Ani is 155 cm. Ina is ... than Ani.
31. The opposite of South is
32. Fable is a story about.
33. That is my bag. That bag is
34. Belok kiri in English is
35. Do you have a ballpoint ? Yes

III. Answer the Questions

36. Mention 5 name of mounts in Indonesia!

37. Mention 5 name of public places!
38. Write down 7 days in a week in order!
39. Write the opposite!
Tall =
Skinny =
Big =
40. Rearrange the words into a good sentence!
a. Me - can - Sir - the way - to - you - the library - showS ? - me
b. Plese - could - - ne - you - the fan - help - turn on

III. Essay!

Read the text and answer the question!


Sport is favorite subject in my class. We can play game, play football, basketball, running or doing other
game In a field. Yesterday our class had an exercise. We run around the yard, then practiced gymnastics.
After that we practiced high jump and long jump. By the end on the day, we were very tired.

41. What is the favourite subject in the writer’s class?

42. What is the tittle of the text?
43. When did the students have an exercise?
44. What game can students play in the field?
45. What happened in the end of the day?

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