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Company Backgrounder

SmartDraw Company Backgrounder

SmartDraw at a Glance
 Leading provider of visual communication software to business, education, and government markets.
 Founded by its current CEO, Paul Stannard, in 1994 to take advantage of the Internet as a marketing and
distribution channel for its software of the same name.
 Released the world’s first visual processor in 2010.
 Each year more than three million people install and use SmartDraw.
 Recipient of the Delloite & Touche Fast 50 Award five years in a row
 Counts more than half of the Fortune 500 as customers
 Privately held and headquartered in San Diego, California.

Company Vision
The World’s First Visual Processor
SmartDraw began its life in 1994 as graphics software, competing with Microsoft’s Visio® and other similar
products. Beginning in 2006, through intensive product research, the company noticed that:

 Mainstream business people were interested in creating visuals, not just the technically savvy experts that
had dominated the field in the 1990s.
 These new users did not have the time or patience to manually arrange shapes on the page as graphics
software requires. Graphics software was fundamentally too time consuming and difficult to use!

SmartDraw set out to invent a new kind of application that would make creating visuals as easy as creating written
documents with a word processor: The visual processor.

Just as anyone can use a word processor to quickly create professional-looking written documents, anyone can use
a visual processor to just as quickly create professional-looking visuals.

These critical automatic formatting features first found their way into SmartDraw in 2007, and were completed in
2010 with the release of SmartDraw VP, the world’s first visual processor.

Historically, sales to individuals in business have accounted for the majority of revenues. Today, however, because
SmartDraw can now be used by anyone in an organization, sales of licenses for 100 users or more is the fastest
growing segment, increasing at 200% per year.

In addition to creating the world’s first visual processor in 2010, SmartDraw also was one of the first companies to:

 Place ads on web sites (1995)

 Offer a downloadable trial version of its software (1995)
 Take orders on the web (1995)
 Deliver software electronically (1997)
 Use search engine optimization (SEO) (1998)
 Use email marketing (1998)
 Use paid search advertising (2000)
 Create and deploy a web analytics solution that measured real ROI (2000)

Today, SmartDraw is one of the most sophisticated digital marketing organizations in the world with more than
90,000 unique visitors to its web site and more than 12,000 installations of its trial software every day.

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SmartDraw Company Backgrounder

SmartDraw Management Team

Paul Stannard
Founder and CEO
Paul Stannard is the founder and CEO of SmartDraw. A self-taught software developer, Stannard began his career
in the PC industry in 1980, founding a software company that developed software for Apple computers. Since that
time, he has written more than a dozen published software applications, primarily graphics software. Stannard,
himself, wrote the first version of SmartDraw, and continues to play a key role in developing the company's
software products.
Stannard has also written applications for other software companies, including Microsoft , Broderbund, Intuit and
GraphPad Software. He has been a successful software company CEO for more than twenty years, founding several
other start-ups.

An innovator and expert in software user-interface design and development, Stannard created MegaForm, the first
graphical form design software in 1985 and Org Plus, the first graphical organization chart program for the
Macintosh and Windows in 1989.

Paul Stannard is also a pioneer and recognized authority in electronic software distribution and Internet Marketing
and speaks frequently on the subject. SmartDraw has been a leader in this field since Stannard founded the
company and began selling over the Internet in 1994.

Stannard holds a bachelor's and master's degree from Oxford University, and earned a PhD. in chemistry from
UCLA. He currently serves on the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Libraries Advisory Board and has
previously served as the chairman of the San Diego Software and Internet Council.

J. Anthony Patterson
Chief Operating Officer
As Chief Operating Officer, Tony Patterson has responsibility for sales, marketing and certain other company
operations including strategy. Prior to joining SmartDraw, Patterson was co-founder and principal of Acclivity
Financial Corp., a private real-estate development company while pursuing investment opportunities for Pattco
Ventures, LLC, a private equity firm. Patterson also served as co-founder and president of Vericate Corporation, a
software company pursuing analytical solutions to prescription drug fraud. Prior to Vericate, he worked for a
variety of public and private entities including Mindport, Inc., HNC Software, Inc., Metromedia Company,
BankAmerica Corporation and Diatek Corporation. A past chairman and director of the San Diego Software
Industry Council, Patterson pursued undergraduate studies in business administration at the University of
Kentucky and the University of Louisville, and he holds an master's degree in business administration from
Pepperdine University.

Andrew Resnick
Chief Financial Officer
As Chief Financial Officer, Andrew Resnick has full responsibility for accounting and finance in addition to
operations, customer support and human resources. Resnick has over 20 years of experience in financial positions
across a variety of industries, notably in fast-paced entrepreneurial-oriented companies.

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SmartDraw Company Backgrounder

Prior to joining SmartDraw, Resnick was vice president and controller at L-3 PHOTONICS, a fiber-optic research and
development company. Before joining L-3 PHOTONICS, Resnick served as plant controller and manager of repair
finance at Hamilton Sundstrand Power Systems, controller and corporate finance manager at Southwest Marine,
and vice president of finance at Megahaus Corporation.

Resnick received a bachelor's degree from the University of California at Berkeley, a master's degree from
Columbia University and a master's in business administration from Harvard University.

Mark Sulzen
Vice President of Information Technology
Mark Sulzen joined SmartDraw in June 2000 and serves as Vice President of Information Technology. Sulzen is
responsible for all information technology infrastructure at SmartDraw and has designed several of the key
systems that have contributed to the company's success. He has over 14 years of management and technical
experience and an extensive history of architecting technology solutions to drive key business metrics.

Prior to SmartDraw, Sulzen has held positions as chief technology officer, IT director, technical marketing manager,
and web development manager while working for several technology companies including Novell, ITI International,
and as a consultant.

Sulzen holds a bachelor's of science degree in business information systems from the University of Phoenix. He
also serves as a Director and Past President of the San Diego Chapter of the Association of Information Technology
Professionals (AITP).

Dan Hoffman
Vice President of Marketing
As Vice President of Marketing, Dan Hoffman is responsible for the continuous improvement of both the Internet
and product customer experience, as well as growing the installed base through online and offline marketing

Hoffman co-founded and served as CEO at the successful Internet company Namezero, which was sold to VeriSign
(VRSN) in 2000.
® ®
Prior to Namezero, Hoffman spent 5 years at Microsoft , where he was a key member of the Microsoft Word and
Microsoft Office teams, two of the most successful software products ever developed. Hoffman's diverse and
extensive background includes a unique combination of successful executive management, as well as high-profile
Internet and software technology management, in a wide range of companies from start-ups to Fortune 500.
Hoffman graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering, with an emphasis
in organizational behavior, business management and computer science.

Todd Savitt
Vice President of Business Development
Todd Savitt joined SmartDraw in February 2005 and serves as Vice President of Business Development. He is
responsible for developing and executing the implementation of strategic initiatives to accelerate the growth and
profitability of all SmartDraw products. Prior to SmartDraw, Mr. Savitt gained more than 20 years of strategy,
marketing, and business development experience in leading technology and Internet-based public and private

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SmartDraw Company Backgrounder

Prior to joining SmartDraw, Mr. Savitt played a key role in launching three Internet-based businesses. He served as
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at ContentScan, a developer of online subscription-based
informational services, prior to its acquisition by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. He also led the development and
implementation of strategic marketing and sales programs as Vice President of Marketing and Business
Development at BinaryLabs, a publisher of educational software for established academic publishing firms. And
prior to BinaryLabs, Mr. Savitt served as Director of Corporate Communications at First Virtual Holdings, a publicly-
held provider of eMessaging applications, were he was instrumental in repositioning the company, leading to its
acquisition by SoftBank.

From 1983 to 1996, Mr. Savitt served as Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Proxima, the
leading manufacturer of desktop projection products. He led the company’s efforts in building its brand through
the development and implementation of effective marketing communications strategies and initiatives. Mr. Savitt
was responsible for successfully establishing Proxima as "The Desktop Projection Company", prior to its public
debut in 1996. Proxima was acquired by ASK in 1996.

Mr. Savitt earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Occidental College, and a master's degree in industrial
psychology from California State University, Long Beach.

Kevin Lai
Vice President of Operations
Kevin Lai joined SmartDraw in March 1999 and serves as Vice President of Operations. Lai is responsible for the
development and quality assurance of SmartDraw products, content, customer support, and training.

Lai holds a bachelor's of science degree in business administration with an emphasis in management from San
Diego State University.

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