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General Interest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-3 African Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-17
American Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Academic Trade . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-8 Animal Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Anthropology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9, 19
Scholarly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-27 Architecture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-2
Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
New in paperbacks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2, 19-20 Bioethics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Children’s Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Backlist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-29 Cultural Studies. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9
Environmental Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6, 18
Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Feminism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Film & Media . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Order Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Food Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Gender . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Sales Representation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . inside back cover
History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2, 21-22, 24, 26
Italian American Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Jewish Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 PAGE
Law . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-10
Literary Criticism. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17, 24
Literary Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Literature . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12, 14-18, 20
Medieval Studies. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-22
Museum Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1, 3
New York City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-2
Orthodox Christianity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Philosophy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-8, 10-14, 19-21, 23
Political Science . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Political Theory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7, 10, 11
Psychoanalysis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10, 13, 22
Queer Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4, 17
Religion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15, 22, 25
Renaissance Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 PAGE
Science . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10, 19
Sociology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 5
Space . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Theology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12, 20-21
COVER IMAGE: Urban Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Photo by Daniel Beresford

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general interest

The American Museum of Natural History is one of New York City’s most beloved
institutions, and one of the largest, most celebrated museums in the world. Since
1869, generations of New Yorkers and tourists of all ages have been educated and
entertained here. Located across from Central Park, the sprawling structure, spanning
four city blocks, is a fascinating conglomeration of many buildings of diverse
architectural styles built over a period of 150 years. The first book to tell the history
of the museum from the point of view of these buildings, including the planned
Gilder Center, The American Museum of Natural History and How It Got That Way
contextualizes them within American history and the history of science.
Part II, “The Heavens in the Attic,” is the first detailed history of the Hayden
Planetarium, from the museum’s earliest astronomy exhibits, through the life of
the original planetarium, to the Rose Center for Earth and Space, and it features a
photographic tour through the original Hayden Planetarium.
Author Colin Davey spent much of his childhood literally and figuratively lost in
the museum’s labyrinthine hallways. The museum grew in fits and starts according
to the vicissitudes of backroom deals, personal agendas, two world wars, the Great
Depression, and the Cold War. Chronicling its evolution—from the selection of a
desolate, rocky, hilly, swampy site, known as Manhattan Square to the present day—the
book includes some of the most important and colorful characters in the city’s history,
including the notoriously corrupt and powerful “Boss” Tweed, “Father of New York
City” Andrew Haswell Green, and twentieth-century powerbroker and master builder
Robert Moses; museum presidents Morris K. Jesup, Henry Fairfield Osborn, and

The American
Ellen Futter; and American presidents, polar and African explorers, dinosaur hunters,
planetarium directors, and German rocket scientists.
Richly illustrated with period photos, The American Museum of Natural History

Museum of and How It Got That Way is based on deep archival research.
COLIN DAVEY ’S life was shaped by frequent visits to the American Museum of

Natural History
Natural History and the Hayden Planetarium as a child. He is a scientist, software
engineer, martial artist, and author of Learn Boogie Woogie Piano (Boogie Woogie
Press, 1998).

and How It Got THOMAS A. LE SSER was Scientific Assistant and Intern Astronomer (1974–76)
and Senior Lecturer (1975–82) at the Hayden Planetarium. He has also held several

that Way
positions at the American Museum of Natural History, including Manager of


208 pages • 50 b/w illustrations
9780823283484 • Hardback • $34.95 (HC), £26.99
Empire State Editions

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general interest

Brooklyn Bridge Park
A Dying Waterfront Transformed

“Only in Brooklyn! A tired waterfront becomes a great park and welcomes the world to
new New York’s hippest borough. This fine book tells the inside story of how it happened, of how
government works in the real world, of how citizen-actors and political pros produced an
in urban masterpiece.”
PAPERBACK — MA RT Y MA RKOWI TZ , former Brooklyn Borough president and twenty-three-year member of the
New York state Senate

“More than a simple history of the park, this book digs beneath the surface to explore why and
how this environmental masterpiece came to be.”

JOANNE WITTY , a lawyer and an environmentalist, has served in both city and state government.
Since 1998, she has been a park leader as president of the Local Development Corporation, which
272 pages • 7 x 10
66 b/w Illustrations • 50 color Illustrations created the park’s master plan, and vice chair of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, which is
9780823284337 • Paperback • $22.95 (TP), £17.99 building and operating the park.
{Hardback edition available: 9780823273577}
HENR I K KROG IU S (deceased) was a writer and producer for news programs at NBC and the editor
Empire State Editions
N EW YO RK CITY | URBAN STUDIE S | of the Brooklyn Heights Press and Cobble Hill News, where he closely followed the Brooklyn Bridge
ARCHITECTURE Park project from its inception.

general interest

A Worldly Affair
New York, the United Nations, and the Story Behind Their Unlikely Bond

“Pamela Hanlon in her new book about the UN and New York City’s evolving relationship . . .
gives the sweeping developments surrounding the UN a particular locality and tells the story
of postwar internationalism in a readable, human way.”
new —ATOSSA A RAX I A A B RA HA MI A N , The Nation
“A Worldly Affair is a jaunty account of a marriage between the United Nations and its host city,
PAPERBACK New York, that not even the estimated $3.7 billion the UN community annually provides the city
has kept from being rocky.” —WA RREN HO GE, former New York Times United Nations correspondent

“Pamela Hanlon demystifies the little-understood and decades-long relationship between
the United Nations and its host city of New York. A Worldly Affair is an accessible account of
248 pages
the history of that relationship, told in an engaging and readable style.” — LI N DA FASU LO,
longtime independent correspondent for NPR and author of An Insider’s Guide to the UN
16-page color insert and 35 b/w illustrations
9780823284320 • Paperback • $19.95 (TP), £14.99
{Hardback available: 9780823277957} “This important book chronicles the decades-long relationship and the challenges it has
Simultaneous electronic edition available weathered.” — DAVI D N . DI N K I N S, 106th Mayor of New York City
Empire State Editions
PAM ELA HANLON , a former corporate communications executive with American Express
MAY Company, United Airlines, and Pan American, has lived in the east midtown neighborhood
of Manhattan, near the United Nations headquarters, since 1976 and has written extensively
about the area.
2 F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M

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general interest

The moon—its face, color, and power—threads through the tapestry of American
landscape painting, holding timeless allure for artists and beloved by viewers of
paintings everywhere. The Hudson River Museum has organized The Color of the
Moon: Lunar Painting in American Art—the first major museum examination of the
moon in American visual arts from the nineteenth through the twentieth centuries
for a 2019 exhibition. This timely presentation also celebrates the fiftieth anniversary
of the Apollo 11 mission when, in 1969, American astronauts first stepped onto the
surface of the moon.
From the romantic silvery moonscapes of nineteenth-century artists to the

The Color
abstractions by artists of the twentieth century who explored the moon, the perfect orb,
and tapped into its spiritual possibilities, this celestial body, closest to Earth, remains
constant in our sky, though our relationship to it and our home planet changes, as

of the Moon technology extends our reach toward space.
The Hudson River Museum, Fordham University Press, and the James A. Michener
Art Museum are joint publishers of the lavishly illustrated catalog The Color of
Lunar Painting in American Art the Moon: Lunar Painting in American Art. In engaging essays, author Stella Paul
maps the colors of the moon; catalog co-editors Bartholomew F. Bland and Laura
edited by LAURA VOOK LE S Vookles explore Hudson River School and Modernist moonscapes and their cultural
and BARTHOLOMEW F. B L AND resonance; and curators Melissa Martens Yaverbaum and Ted Barrow sight the moon’s
passage in art of both the Gilded and Space ages.
200 pages • 9½ x 13 • 70 Illustrations, color The exhibition and catalog have been made possible by a generous grant by the
9780823280971 • Paperback • $44.95 (TP), £36.00 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Horowitz Foundation for the Arts, Inc.
MA R C H The Color of the Moon: Lunar Painting in American Art
Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY | February 8–May 12, 2019
Co-published with the Hudson River Museum James A. Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, PA | June 1—September 8, 2019
and James A. Michener Art Museum LAU RA VOOKLE S is Chair of the Curatorial Department at the Hudson River
Museum, where she has curated numerous exhibitions and written for its publications,
among them Wyeth Wonderland: Josephine Douet Envisions Andrew Wyeth’s World.
BARTHOLOME W F. BLAND is Executive Director of Lehman College Art Gallery,
The City University of New York, and was previously Deputy Director of the Hudson
River Museum.

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academic trade

To camp means to occupy a place and/or time provisionally or under special
circumstances. To camp can also mean to queer. And for many children and young
adults, summer camp is a formative experience mixed with homosocial structure and
homoerotic longing. In Queer as Camp, editors Kenneth B. Kidd and Derritt Mason
curate a collection of essays and critical memoirs exploring the intersections of
“queer” and “camp,” focusing especially on camp as an alternative and potentially non-
normative place and/or time.
Exploring questions of identity, desire, and social formation, Queer as Camp delves
into the diverse and queer-enabling dimensions of particular camp/sites, from more
traditional iterations to camp-like ventures as well as literary and filmic texts about
camp across a range of genres (fantasy, horror, realistic fiction, graphic novels) and the
notorious appropriation of Indigenous life and the consequences of “playing Indian.”
These accessible, engaging essays examine, variously, camp as a queer place and/or
the experiences of queers at camp, including Vermont’s Indian Brook, a single-sex girls’
camp that has struggled with the inclusion of nonbinary and transgender campers and
staff; the role of Jewish summer camp as a complicated site of sexuality, social bonding,
and citizen-making as well as potentially if not routinely queer-affirming place. They
also attend more to cinematic and literary representations of camp, such as Disney’s
Paul Bunyan, a short film that plays up male homosociality and cross-species bonding
while inviting queer identification in the process; Sleepaway Camp, a story that
exposes and deconstructs anxieties about the gendered body; and Wes Anderson’s
critically acclaimed Moonrise Kingdom, which makes the familiar look different and

Queer as Camp
opens the possibility of one’s arriving at a better place.
Highly interdisciplinary in scope, Queer as Camp reflects on camp and Camp with
candor, insight, and often humor.
Essays on Summer, Style, and Sexuality CONTRIBUTORS: Kyle Eveleth, D. Gilson, Charlie Hailey, Ana M. Jimenez-Moreno,
Kathryn R. Kent, Mark Lipton, Kerry Mallan, Chris McGee, Roderick McGillis, Tammy
KE N NETH B . KIDD and Mielke, Alexis Mitchell, Flavia Musinsky, Daniel Mallory Ortberg, Annebella Pollen,
DE RRI TT MAS ON, editors Andrew J. Trevarrow, Paul Venzo, Joshua Whitehead
KE NNE TH B. KIDD is Professor of English at the University of Florida. He is the
256 pages • 6 b/w illustrations author of Making American Boys: Boyology and the Feral Tale and Freud in Oz: At the
9780823283606 • Paperback • $30.00 (AC), £22.99
Intersections of Psychoanalysis and Children’s Literature.
9780823283613 • Hardback • $125.00 (SDT), £100.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available DE RRITT MASON is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Calgary.

4 F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M

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academic trade

Literature on the ethics and politics of food and that on human–animal relationships
have infrequently converged. Representing an initial step toward bridging this divide,
Messy Eating features interviews with thirteen prominent and emerging scholars
about the connections between their academic work and their approach to consuming
animals as food. The collection explores how authors working across a range of
perspectives—postcolonial, Indigenous, black, queer, trans, feminist, disability,
poststructuralist, posthumanist, and multispecies—weave their theoretical and
political orientations with daily, intimate, and visceral practices of food consumption,
preparation, and ingestion.
Each chapter introduces a scholar for whom the tangled, contradictory character of
human–animal relations raises difficult questions about what they eat. Representing
a departure from canonical animal rights literature, most authors featured in the
collection do not make their food politics or identities explicit in their published
work. While some interviewees practice vegetarianism or veganism, and almost all
decry the role of industrialized animal agriculture in the environmental crisis, the
contributors tend to reject a priori ethical codes and politics grounded in purity, surety,
or simplicity. Remarkably free of proscriptions, but attentive to the Eurocentric
tendencies of posthumanist animal studies, Messy Eating reveals how dietary
habits are unpredictable and dynamic, shaped but not determined by life histories,
educational trajectories, disciplinary homes, activist experiences, and intimate
These accessible and engaging conversations offer rare and often surprising

Messy Eating
insights into pressing social issues through a focus on the mundane—and messy—
interactions that constitute the professional, the political, and the personal.
CONTRIBU TORS: Neel Ahuja, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Matthew Calarco, Lauren
Conversations on Animals as Food Corman, Naisargi Dave, Maneesha Deckha, María Elena García, Sharon Holland, Kelly
Struthers Montford, H. Peter Steeves, Kim TallBear, Sunaura Taylor, Harlan Weaver,
SAMAN THA KING, Kari Weil, Cary Wolfe
R. S COTT CA R EY, SAMANTHA KING is Professor of Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, and Kinesiology
ISAB E L MACQUAR R IE , and Health Studies at Queen’s University. She is the author of Pink Ribbons, Inc.:
VICTORIA N. MILLIOU S, Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy.
and E LAI NE M. P OWE R , R. SCOTT CAREY is a grant writer with a PhD in Kinesiology and Health Studies
editors from Queen’s University.
ISABE L MACQUARRIE is a Juris Doctor candidate at Harvard Law School with an
288 pages MA in sociology from Queen’s University.
9780823283651 • Paperback • $30.00 (AC), £22.99
VICTORIA N. MILLIOUS is a PhD candidate in the School of Kinesiology and Health
9780823283644 • Hardback • $105.00 (SDT), £84.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available Studies, Queen’s University.
ANIMAL STUDIE S | FOOD ST UD I ES ELAINE M. POWER is Associate Professor in the School of Kinesiology and Health
Studies at Queen’s University.

F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M 5

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academic trade

Notes toward an
Other Beginning “Wood offers an insightful account of the ecological condition as it is shaped by
habit, experience, and an ethics of the everyday. While much has been written
about ecology, the Anthropocene, and the politics of place, little theoretical
work has brought ecology to the realm of lived experience and the ways in which
humans constitute meaning. Reoccupy Earth does so with depth and sensitivity.”
—A MA N DA B O ETZ K ES, author of The Ethics of Earth Art

Habit rules our lives. And yet climate change and the catastrophic future it portends
make it clear that we cannot go on like this.
Our habits are integral to narratives of the good life, to social norms and
expectations, as well as to economic reality. Such shared shapes are vital. Yet while
many of our individual habits seem perfectly reasonable, when aggregated they spell
disaster. Beyond consumerism, other forms of life and patterns of dwelling are clearly
possible. But how can we get there from here? Who precisely is the “we” that our habits
have created, and who else might we be?
Philosophy is about emancipation—from illusions, myths, and oppression. In
David Wood Reoccupy Earth, the noted philosopher David Wood shows how an approach to
philosophy attuned to our ecological existence can suspend the taken-for-granted
and open up alternative forms of earthly dwelling. Sharing the Earth, as we do,
raises fundamental questions about space and time, place and history, territory and
embodiment—questions that philosophy cannot directly answer but can help us to
frame and to work out for ourselves.
Bringing an uncommon lucidity, directness, and even practicality to sophisticated

Reoccupy Earth philosophical questions, Wood plots experiential pathways that disrupt our habitual
existence and challenge our everyday complacency. In walking us through a range of
reversals, transformations, and estrangements that thinking ecologically demands,
Notes toward an Other Beginning Wood shows how living responsibly with the Earth means affirming the ways in which
we are vulnerable, receptive, and dependent, and the need for solidarity all round.
If we take seriously values like truth, justice, and compassion, we must be willing
to contemplate that the threat we pose to the Earth might demand our own species’
240 pages
demise. Yet we have the capacity to live responsibly. In an unfashionable but spirited
9780823283538 • Paperback • $28.00 (AC), £20.99
9780823283545 • Hardback • $95.00 (SDT), £72.00 defense of an enlightened anthropocentrism, Wood argues that to deserve the
Simultaneous electronic edition available privileges of reason we must demonstrably deploy it through collective sustainable
Groundworks: Ecological Issues in Philosophy and Theology agency. Only in this way can we reinhabit the Earth.
A PR I L DAVID WOOD is W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University.
His most recent book is Deep Time, Dark Times: On Being Geologically Human.

6 F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M

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academic trade

“The Supermarket of the Visible transcends the received wisdom to produce a
series of unexpected interventions.”
—TO DD MCGOWA N , author of The Impossible David Lynch

“A gifted writer with real pedagogical talent, Szendy knows just the appropriate
dosage of theoretical fine points (which he makes with surgical precision) and
shifts register as needed to quote accessible discussions of popular films and
television. A significant contribution to our understanding of the image world we
inhabit today.”
— SUZ A N N E GUERLAC, University of California, Berkeley

Already in 1929, Walter Benjamin described “a one hundred per cent image-space.”
Such an image space saturates our world now more than ever, constituting the
visibility in which we live. The Supermarket of the Visible analyzes this space and the
icons that populate it as the culmination of a history of the circulation and general
commodification of images and gazes. From the first elevators and escalators (tracking
shots avant la lettre to cinema, the great conductor of gazes), all the way down to
contemporary eye-tracking techniques that monitor the slightest saccades of our
eyes, Peter Szendy offers an entirely novel theory of the intersection of the image and
The Supermarket of the Visible elaborates an economy proper to images, icons—in

The Supermarket
other words, an iconomy. Deleuze caught a glimpse of this when he wrote that “money
is the flip side of all the images that cinema shows and edits on the front.” Since
“cinema,” for Deleuze, is synonymous with “universe,” Szendy argues that this sentence

of the Visible
must be understood in its broadest dimension and that a reading of key works in the
history of cinema allows us a unique vantage point upon the reverse of images, their
monetary implications. Paying close attention to sequences in Hitchcock, Bresson,
Toward a General Economy of Images Antonioni, De Palma, and The Sopranos, Szendy shows how cinema is not a uniquely
commercial art form among other, purer arts but, more fundamentally, helps to
PETE R SZE NDY elaborate what might be called, with Bataille, a general iconomy.
translated by JAN P LUG PETER SZE NDY is David Herlihy Professor of Humanities and Comparative
Literature at Brown University. His books include Of Stigmatology: Punctuation as
160 pages • 55 b/w illustrations Experience and All Ears: The Aesthetics of Espionage.
9780823283576 • Paperback • $30.00 (AC), £22.99
9780823283583 • Hardback • $105.00 (SDT), £84.00
JAN PLU G is Professor of English at the University of Western Ontario.
Simultaneous electronic edition available
Thinking Out Loud

F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M 7

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academic trade

“Killing Times makes an enormous contribution to understanding the logic of
capital punishment in its disparate practices, laws, and customs. For the first
time we see that capital punishment is not only about retribution through state-
imposed death, but it is also and above all about the absolute mastery of time
through the creation of a kind of negative prosthesis—technology—that impossibly
supplements and completes the human by subtracting and destroying it. This is
scholarship and theoretical analysis at the highest level: thorough, wide-ranging,
and convincing.”
—A LLA N STO EK L, Pennsylvania State University

“Killing Times shows how technologies of death have affected, or infected, the way
we live. No mere academic treatise, Wills’s beautiful, forceful, and mesmerizing
book will draw in readers through its confessional style and vivid storytelling.”
— K ELLY O LI VER, Vanderbilt University

Killing Times begins with the deceptively simple observation—made by Jacques
Derrida in his seminars on the topic—that the death penalty mechanically interrupts
mortal time by pre-empting the typical mortal experience of not knowing at what
precise moment we will die. Through a broader examination of what constitutes
mortal temporality, David Wills proposes that the so-called machinery of death
summoned by the death penalty works by exploiting, or perverting, the prosthetic
machinery of time that already regulates human existence.
Killing Times traces the logic of the death penalty across a range of sites. Starting

Killing Times
with the struggles of American courts to articulate what methods of execution
constitute “cruel and unusual punishment,” Wills goes on to show the ways that
technologies of death have themselves evolved in conjunction with fraught ideas of
cruelty and instantaneity, from the guillotine through today’s lethal injections—and
The Temporal Technology beyond the justice system to the opposed but linked practices of suicide bombing and
of the Death Penalty drone warfare.
Grounded in a deep ethical and political commitment to death penalty abolition,
DAVI D WILLS Wills’s engaging and powerfully argued book pushes the question of capital
punishment beyond the confines of legal arguments to show how the technology of
288 pages capital punishment defines and appropriates the instant of death and reconfigures the
9780823283491 • Paperback • $35.00 (AC), £26.99
whole of human mortality.
9780823283521 • Hardback • $115.00 (SDT), £92.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available DAVID WILLS is Professor of French Studies and Comparative Literature at Brown
P HILOSOP HY | CULTURA L ST UD I ES University. His major work, on the originary technicity of the human, is developed in
three books: Prosthesis, Dorsality, and Inanimation. He has translated various works
by Jacques Derrida, including Theory and Practice.

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l aw | c u lt u r a l st u d i e s | anthropology

“This extraordinary collection is a veritable lost and found of law’s traces. Moving
across disciplines, it offers rich and surprising refractions of law’s ephemera:
What do we learn about the opacity of governance when we look for justice beyond
its expected ‘place’ in the confines of textual or rhetorical jurisprudence? What
is revealed when the legal inhabits the sacred, informs the literary, performs
geography, polices time, seeps through the agora, regenerates itself within bodies?
This indispensable book excavates how seemingly robust juridical processes
may teeter in concert with more fragile norms for mobility, status, and human
— PAT RI CI A J. WI LLI A MS, Columbia Law School

For many, the right place to look for law is in constitutions, statutes, and judicial
opinions. This book looks for law in the “wrong places”—sites and spaces where
no formal law appears. These may be geographic regions beyond the reach of law,
everyday practices ungoverned or ungovernable by law, or works of art that have
escaped law’s constraints.
In Looking for Law in All the Wrong Places, leading scholars of anthropology,
cultural studies, history, law, literature, political science, race and ethnic studies,
religion, and rhetoric look at law from the standpoint of the humanities. Beyond
showing law to be determined by or determinative of distinct cultural phenomena,
they show how law is itself interwoven with language, text, image, and culture.
Many contributors examine places where there appears to be no law, finding
not only reflections and remains of law but also rules and practices that seem

Looking for indistinguishable from law and raise challenging questions about the locations of law
and about law’s meaning and function. Other essays look in the more common places—
statute books and courtrooms—but from perspectives that are usually presumed to

Law in All the have nothing to say about law.
Looking at law sideways, upside-down, or inside-out de-familiarizes law. These

Wrong Places
essays show what legal understanding can gain when law is denied its ostensibly
proper domain.
CONTRIBU TORS: Kathryn Abrams, Daniel Boyarin, Wendy Brown, Marianne
Justice Beyond and Between Constable, Samera Esmeir, Daniel Fisher, Sara Ludin, Saba Mahmood, Rebecca
McLennan, Ramona Naddaff, Beth Piatote, Sarah Song, Christopher Tomlins, Leti
MARIAN NE CON STABL E , Volpp, Bryan Wagner
LET I VO LPP, and B RYAN WAG NE R , MARIANNE CONSTABLE is Professor of Rhetoric at the University of California,
editors Berkeley.
LETI VOLPP is Robert D. and Leslie Kay Raven Professor of Law at the University
272 pages • 28 b/w illustrations of California, Berkeley.
9780823283705 • Paperback • $28.00 (SDT), £20.99
9780823283712 • Hardback • $95.00 (SDT), £72.00 BRYAN WAG NE R is Associate Professor of English at the University of California,
Simultaneous electronic edition available Berkeley.
Berkeley Forum in the Humanities

A co-publication with the Doreen B. Townsend Center for the
Humanities, University of California, Berkeley

F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M 9

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 9 12/7/18 11:06 AM
philosophy | p s y c h o a n a ly s i s | science

The Reproduction of Life Death
Derrida’s La vie la mort

“This is a superbly researched, written, and argued book on two of the most important though
neglected aspects of Derrida’s work: his reading of biology and his closely related work on
academic institutions. It is a work that anyone who is serious about Derrida will want to read
and will have to take into account.”
— MI CHA EL N AAS, DePaul University

Based on archival translations of a soon-to-be-published seminar by Jacques Derrida, The
Reproduction of Life Death offers an unprecedented study of Derrida’s engagement with molecular
biology and genetics. McCance shows how Derrida ties biological accounts of reproduction to the
reproductive program of teaching, challenging an auto-reproductive notion of pedagogy, while also
reinterpreting the work of psychoanalysis.
224 pages • 4 b/w illustrations McCance brings extensive archival research together with a background in genetics to offer a
9780823283903 • Paperback • $28.00 (SDT), £20.99 fascinating new account of an encounter between philosophy and the hard sciences that will be of
9780823283910 • Hardback • $95.00 (SDT), £72.00 interest to theorists in a wide range of disciplines concerned with the question of life.
Simultaneous electronic edition available
JULY DAW NE McCANCE is Distinguished Professor at the University of Manitoba. Her most recent book
is Critical Animal Studies: An Introduction.

l aw | p o l i t i ca l t h e o ry | philosophy

Administering Interpretation
Derrida, Agamben, and the Political Theology of Law

“Peter Goodrich and Michel Rosenfeld underline to important effect the woeful marginality
of critical jurisprudence and critical legal interpretation in the contemporary U.S. legal
academy, in contrast to transoceanic points of comparison. The collection itself is an effective
advertisement for the absurdity of that marginality.”
— CHRI STO P HER TO MLI N S, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law

Populism in politics and policy orientations in law have thrown the jurisdiction of the academy
and the disciplines of interpretation into disarray. Administering Interpretation brings together
philosophers, humanists, and jurists to reassess the status and trajectory of interpretative theory
as applied in the law. The book brings contemporary critique to bear upon the interpretative
apparatuses of exclusion, the law of spectacular sovereignty, and the bodies that lie in its wake.
CONTR I BUTORS: Giovanna Borradori, Marinos Diamantides, Allen Feldman, Stanley Fish, Pierre
Legrand, Bernadette Meyler, Michel Rosenfeld, Bernhard Schlink, Jeanne Schroeder, Laurent de
352 pages • 15 b/w illustrations
9780823283781 • Paperback • $35.00 (SDT), £26.99
Sutter, Katrin Trüstedt, Marco Wan
9780823283798 • Hardback • $125.00 (SDT), £100.00 PETER G OODRICH is Director of the Program of Law and Humanities, Benjamin N. Cardozo
Simultaneous electronic edition available
School of Law.
Just Ideas
MAY M I C HEL ROSENFELD is Sydney L. Robins Professor of Human Rights at Benjamin N. Cardozo
School of Law.

10 F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 10 12/7/18 11:06 AM
philosophy | p o l i t i ca l t h e o ry

“Murderous Consent is a bold and principled argument against the strategic
rationality that governs violence in our times. Crépon asks us to consider the
myriad ways that consent and complicity sustain murderous acts and policies,
arguing that we cannot understand violence without taking into account the
consent to violence. This book provocatively helps us to rethink settled forms of
ethical reasoning that directly or indirectly license violence and lets us imagine
a world in which complicit realism gives way to much-needed affirmation of
nonviolence. An all too timely meeting of ethics and politics.”

“There are many forms of opposing violence, but few take the injunction against
murder as seriously and thoroughly as Marc Crépon. . . .Crépon is subverting
the entire political apparatus of the liberal (or neoliberal) state, which is built
precisely on the simultaneous denial and use of murder as its ultimate political
— JA MES MA RT EL, from the Foreword

Murderous Consent details our implication in violence we do not directly inflict but in
which we are structurally complicit: famines, civil wars, political repression in faraway
places. Marc Crépon insists on a bond between ethics and politics and attributes
violence to our treatment of the two as separate spheres. We repeatedly resist the call
to responsibility, as expressed by the appeal—by peoples across the world—for the care
and attention that their vulnerability enjoins.
Crépon calls for a more radical understanding of interpersonal responsibility, an

Murderous ethicosmopolitics to come. In rebellion, kindness, irony, critique, and shame, Crépon
outlines a range of resources with which we can respond to murderous consent. Not

just a work of philosophy but an engagement with life as it’s lived, Murderous Consent
works to redefine our global obligations, articulating anew what humanitarianism
demands and what an ethically grounded political resistance might mean.
On the Accommodation of Violent Death MARC CRÉPON is Chair of Philosophy at the École Normale Supérieure, Paris. He
is the author of The Thought of Death and the Memory of War and The Vocation of
MARC CRÉ P ON Writing: Literature and Philosophy in the Test of Violence.
translated by MI CHAE L LORI AU X MICHAE L LORIAUX is Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University.
and JACOB L EVI He is the author of European Union and the Deconstruction of the Rhineland Frontier.
foreword by JAME S MART E L JACOB LEVI is a doctoral candidate in Comparative Thought and Literature at the
Johns Hopkins University.
224 pages
9780823283743 • Paperback • $32.00 (SDT), £24.99
JAMES MARTEL is Chair of Political Science at San Francisco State University.
9780823283750 • Hardback • $110.00 (SDT), £88.00 His most recent book is The Misinterpellated Subject.
Simultaneous electronic edition available
Perspectives in Continental Philosophy

F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M 11

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 11 12/7/18 11:06 AM
philosophy | l i t e r at u r e

Thinking with Adorno
The Uncoercive Gaze

“The chapters of this book are among the finest I have ever read on Adorno.”
— DA N I EL P URDY, Pennsylvania State University

What Theodor W. Adorno says cannot be separated from how he says it, and what he thinks cannot
be isolated from how he thinks it. Richter’s book teaches us to think with Adorno—both alongside
him and in relation to his diverse contexts and constellations, from aesthetic theory to political
critique, from the problem of judgment to the question of how to lead a right life within a wrong one.
Thinking with Adorno’s uncoercive gaze not only means following the fascinating paths of his
own work; it also means extending hospitality to the ghostly voices of others. As this book shows,
Adorno is best understood as a thinker in dialogue, whether with long-deceased predecessors in the
German tradition such as Kant and Hegel, with writers such as Kafka, with contemporaries such as
240 pages Benjamin and Arendt, or with philosophical voices that succeeded him, such as those of Derrida and
9780823284023 • Paperback • $32.00 (SDT), £24.99 Agamben.
9780823284030 • Hardback • $110.00 (SDT), £88.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available GER HA RD RICHTE R is Professor of German Studies and Comparative Literature at Brown
Idiom: Inventing Writing Theory University.

theology | philosophy

A Theology of Failure
Žižek against Christian Innocence

“This is the best work I have ever read on Žižek in relation to theology, maybe the best such work
possible. Rose’s prose style is clear and engaging, and her project significantly advances our
understanding of Christian apophaticism, of Žižek’s project, and of the potential future stakes
of theology for a secular world.”
—A DA M KOTSKO, author of Neoliberalism’s Demons: On the Political Theology of Late Capital

Everyone agrees that theology has failed, but the question of how to respond to this failure is
contested. Against both radical orthodoxy and deconstructive theology, Rose proposes that Christian
identity is constituted by, not despite, failure.
Rose shows how the influential work of Slavoj Žižek repeats the original move of Christian
mysticism differently, yoking language, desire, and transcendence to a materialist rather than
a Neoplatonist account of the world. Tracing these themes through the Dionysius, Derrida, and
240 pages
9780823284061 • Paperback • $35.00 (SDT), £26.99
contemporary debates about the gift, violence, and revolution, Rose’s critical theological engagement
9780823284078 • Hardback • $125.00 (SDT), £100.00 with Žižek helps makes possible a materialist reading of Christianity.
Simultaneous electronic edition available
M AR I KA ROSE is Lecturer in Philosophical Theology at the University of Winchester.
Perspectives in Continental Philosophy

12 F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 12 12/7/18 11:06 AM
philosophy | p s y c h o a n a ly s i s

“This brilliant, pathbreaking, witty, and lucidly argued book will undoubtedly
become a major point of reference—if not the major point of reference—for anyone
interested in psychoanalysis and deconstruction for years to come.”
— ELI SSA MA RDER, Emory University

“A tour de force of critical writing. Rottenberg has a unique, lively, and witty
philosophical voice. She stands out as one of the most interesting scholars working
at the intersection of deconstruction and psychoanalysis.”
— REB ECCA CO MAY, University of Toronto

For the Love of Psychoanalysis is a book about what exceeds or resists calculation—in
life and in death. Rottenberg examines what emerges from the difference between
psychoanalysis and philosophy.
Part I, “Freuderrida,” announces a nontraditional Freud: a Freud associated not
with sexuality, repression, unconsciousness, and symbolization but with accidents
and chance. Looking at accidents both in and of Freud’s writing, Rottenberg
elaborates the unexpected insights that both produce and disrupt our received
ideas of psychoanalytic theory. Whether this disruption is figured as a foreign body,
as traumatic temporality, as spatial unlocatability, or as the death drive, it points
to something that is neither simply inside nor simply outside the psyche, neither
psychically nor materially determined.
Whereas the close reading of Freud leaves us open to the accidents of
psychoanalytic writing, Part II, “Freuderrida,” addresses itself to what transports us
back and limits the openness of our horizon. Here the example par excellence is the

For the Love of
death penalty and the cruelty of its calculating decision. If “Freuderrida” insists on the
death penalty, if it returns to it compulsively, it is not only because its calculating drive
is inseparable from the history of reason as philosophical reason; it is also because the

Psychoanalysis death penalty provides us with one of the most spectacular and spectacularly obscene
expressions of Freud’s death drive.
Written with rigor, elegance, and wit, this book will be essential reading for anyone
The Play of Chance in interested in Freud, Derrida, and the many critical debates to which their thought
Freud and Derrida gives rise.
E LIZABETH ROTTENBE RG is Professor of Philosophy at DePaul University and
EL IZAB ETH ROTTE NB E R G a practicing psychoanalyst in Chicago. She is the author of Inheriting the Future:
Legacies of Kant, Freud, and Flaubert and the editor and translator of many books by
272 pages Maurice Blanchot, Jacques Derrida, and Jean-François Lyotard.
9780823284108 • Paperback • $35.00 (SDT), £26.99
9780823284115 • Hardback • $125.00 (SDT), £100.00
Simultaneous electronic edition

F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M 13

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 13 12/7/18 11:06 AM
jewish studies

Jewish Studies as Counterlife
A Report to the Academy

“Jewish Studies needs Adam Zachary Newton’s book. Newton enacts interdisciplinarity as
a powerful form of critique for and in Jewish Studies, rather than the conservative mode of
appropriation-as-retrenchment that it has so frequently become in the post-Theory academy.”
— BEN JA MI N SCHREI ER, Pennsylvania State University

This book tells the story of a Jewish Studies that hasn’t yet happened. At bottom, Newton asks what
happens when we imagine the field not as mere amalgam but as a project. Jewish Studies offers
a unique perspective on the academic humanities because it has spanned a range of disciplinary
locations and configurations, from an “origin story” in nineteenth-century historicism and philology,
to the emancipatory politics of the Enlightenment, to the ethnicity-driven pluralism of the postwar
decades, to more recent configurations within an interdisciplinary cultural studies. Newton
256 pages, 1 b/w illustration harnesses the possibilities offered by this evolving collection of forces in order to open, refashion,
9780823283941 • Paperback • $32.00 (SDT), £24.99 and exemplify possibilities for a humanities to come.
9780823283958 • Hardback • $110.00 (SDT), £88.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available
ADA M Z ACHARY NE WTON is University Professor Emeritus at Yeshiva University. Among his
JUNE books are Narrative Ethics, The Elsewhere, and To Make the Hands Impure (Fordham).

philosophy | l i t e r at u r e | jewish studies

The Mathematical Imagination
On the Origins and Promise of Critical Theory

“Against the familiar lament that the inappropriate application of mathematical reasoning
abets social reification and instrumental rationality, Matthew Handelman rescues forgotten
attempts to argue otherwise. This search for a ‘negative mathematics’ that has critical potential
has foreshadowed ways in which the yawning gap between the humanities and STEM fields
may be overcome in our digital age.”
— MA RT I N JAY, University of California, Berkeley

As Horkheimer and Adorno first conceived of it, critical theory steadfastly opposed the
mathematization of thought. Mathematics signaled a dangerous positivism that led reason to the
barbarism of the Second World War. Yet drawn to the austerity and muteness of mathematics,
friends and forerunners of the Frankfurt School found in mathematical negativity strategies to
capture the marginalized experiences and perspectives of Jews in Germany. Handelman shows how
256 pages • 6 b/w illustrations an engagement with mathematics uncovers a more capacious vision of the critical project, one with
9780823283828 • Paperback • $28.00 (SDT), £20.99
tools that can help us intervene in our digital and increasingly mathematical present.
9780823283835 • Hardback • $95.00 (SDT), £72.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available M ATTHEW HANDELMAN is Assistant Professor of German Studies at Michigan State University.

The Mathematical Imagination is available from the publisher on an open access basis.

14 F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 14 12/7/18 11:06 AM
l i t e r at u r e | renaissance studies

Last Acts
The Art of Dying on the Early Modern Stage

“Last Acts offers a dazzling account of Renaissance theatrical performances of death.
Bookended by an engaging Introduction and an eloquent Coda that ranges in time from John
Donne to David Bowie, this erudite book provides a theoretically sophisticated analysis of the
theater’s constitutive role in shaping political and economic discourse.”
— PAT RI CI A CA HI LL, Emory University

Last Acts argues that the Elizabethan and Jacobean theater offered important opportunities to
practice arts of dying. While theater is often understood as a form of mourning, early modern plays
also engage with devotional traditions that understand death less as an occasion for suffering or
grief than as an action to be performed, well or badly.
Active deaths belie mortality narratives of helplessness and loss and instead suggest how
224 pages • 6 b/w illustrations marginalized and constrained subjects might participate in the political, social, and economic
9780823284252 • Paperback • $28.00 (SDT), £20.99 management of life. Analyzing death scenes in Marlowe, Shakespeare, and Jonson alongside
9780823284269 • Hardback • $95.00 (SDT), £72.00 devotional texts and contemporary biopolitical theory, Last Acts shows how theater reflects,
Simultaneous electronic edition available
enables, and contests the politicization of life and death.
M AGGI E VINTER is Assistant Professor of English at Case Western Reserve University.

l i t e r at u r e | religion | renaissance studies

Unknowing Fanaticism
Reformation Literatures of Self-Annihilation

“Lerner presents a thoughtful and penetrating study of how England’s major seventeenth-
century writers came to terms with a tradition of prophecy, messianism, and divine grace
that can be utopian and critical but also militant and destructive. In gesturing toward
twenty-first-century politics, Lerner never chains his analyses to the contemporary
situation but instead gives us tools to think about jihadism, right-wing terror,
fundamentalism, and liberation theology.”
— J ULI A REI N HA RD LUP TO N , University of California, Irvine

The term fanatic, from the European Reformation to today, has never been a stable one. Then
and now it has been reductively defined to justify state violence and to de-legitimize alternative
sources of authority. Unknowing Fanaticism rejects the simplified binary of fanatical religion and
rational politics, turning to Renaissance literature to demonstrate that fanaticism was integral to
224 pages
9780823283866 • Paperback • $30.00 (SDT), £22.99
how both modern politics and poetics developed, from the German Peasants’ Revolt to the English
9780823283873 • Hardback • $105.00 (SDT), £84.00 Civil War.
Simultaneous electronic edition available
R OSS LERNER is Assistant Professor of English at Occidental College.

F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M 15

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 15 12/7/18 11:06 AM
african studies | l i t e r a ry st u d i e s

The Tongue-Tied Imagination
Decolonizing Literary Modernity in Senegal

“Intellectually capacious and calmly magisterial, this remarkable book uses the case of
French and Wolof in Senegal to remake ideas about literature and translation. This exquisite
book will be read for decades to come—a decisive intervention from Africa into debates on
world literature.”
— I SA B EL HO FMEYR, New York University

Should a writer work in a former colonial language or in a vernacular? The language question was
one of the great intractable problems that haunted postcolonial literatures in the twentieth century.
But instead of asking whether language matters, The Tongue-Tied Imagination explores how the
language question itself came to matter.
Focusing on Senegal, Warner draws on extensive archival research and an understudied corpus
320 pages • 12 b/w illustrations of novels, poetry, and films in both French and Wolof, as well as educational projects and popular
9780823284290 • Paperback • $28.00 (SDT), £20.99 periodicals. In tracing the politics of language from colonization through independence to the era of
9780823284634 • Hardback • $95.00 (SDT), £72.00 neoliberal development, Warner reveals language debates as a site from which to rethink the terms
Simultaneous electronic edition available
of world literature and chart a renewed practice of literary comparison.
TOB I AS WARNER is Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies at the University of
California, Davis.

l i t e r at u r e

Lives of the Dead Poets
Keats, Shelley, Coleridge

“This is one of the most exquisitely crafted books I have ever had the privilege of reading.
Swann sets out to complicate the idea that biographical fascination is simply retrograde,
sentimental, canonizing, or ideological. With the assurance of a deeply felt calling, this
book addresses the largest questions that we face as readers of literature.”
— MA RC REDFI ELD, Brown University

Any reader engaging the work of Keats, Shelley, or Coleridge must confront the role biography has
played in their canonization. Especially when it centers on the early deaths of Keats and Shelley,
biographical interest tends to be dismissed as a Victorian and sentimental phenomenon. And yet a
line of verse by these poets can still trigger associations with biographical detail in ways that spark
pathos or produce intimations of prolepsis or fatality, even for readers suspicious of such effects.
Taking seriously this biographical fascination, Swann shows how poets’ afterlives offer an opening
192 pages for poetry’s survival, from its first nineteenth-century death sentences into our present.
9780823284177 • Paperback • $30.00 (SDT), £22.99
9780823284184 • Hardback • $95.00 (SDT), £72.00 KAREN SWANN is Morris Professor of Rhetoric Emerita in the Williams College English Department.
Simultaneous electronic edition available
Lit Z

16 F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 16 12/7/18 11:06 AM
african studies | l i t e r a ry c r i t i c i s m | queer studies


“Reading Sideways teaches us how to read dialogues between art objects and
artistic fields in ways that remind us of why the humanities matter: because the
friction between artistic media and our encounters with art estranges what
we think we know about ourselves and our attachments. Radiantly written, it
is itself both a powerful theory of aesthetics and an aesthetic object worth our
deep engagement.”
— ELI Z A B ET H FREEMA N , University of California, Davis

Reading Sideways explores the pivotal role that various art forms played in American
literary fiction in direct relation to the politics of gender and sexuality in works of
modern American literature. It tracks the crosswise circulation of aesthetic ideas in
fiction and argues that at stake in the aesthetic turn of these works was not only the
The Queer Politics of Art theorization of aesthetic experience but also an engagement with political arguments
in Modern American Fiction and debates about available modes of sociability and sexual expression. To track
these engagements, its author, Dana Seitler, performs a method she calls “lateral
reading,” a mode of interpretation that moves horizontally through various historical
Dana Seitler entanglements and across the fields of the arts to make sense of—and see in a new
light—their connections, challenges, and productive frictions.
Each chapter takes a different art form as its object: sculpture, portraiture,
homecraft, and opera. These art forms appear in some of the major works of literature
of the period central to negotiations of gender, race, and sexuality, including those
by Henry James, Davis, Willa Cather, Du Bois, Sarah Orne Jewett, and Mary Wilkins
Freeman. But the literary texts that each chapter of this book takes as its motivation

Reading not only include a specific art form or object as central to its politics, they also build
an alternative aesthetic vocabulary through which they seek to alter, challenge, or

participate in the making of social and sexual life. By cultivating a counter-aesthetics
of the unfinished, the uncertain, the small, the low, and the allusive, these fictions
recognize other ways of knowing and being than those oriented toward reductively
gendered accounts of beauty, classed imperatives established by the norms of taste,
The Queer Politics of Art in or apolitical treatises of sexual disinterestedness. And within them—and through
Modern American Fiction “reading sideways”—we can witness the coming-into-legibility of a set of diffuse
practices that provide a pivot point for engaging the political methods of minoritized
DANA SE IT LE R subjects at the turn of the twentieth century.
DANA SE ITLER is Associate Professor of English at the University of Toronto. She is
208 pages • 18 b/w illustrations
the author of Atavistic Tendencies: The Culture of Science in Modern America.
9780823282616 • Paperback • $35.00 (SDT), £26.99
9780823282623 • Hardback • $110.00 (SDT), £88.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available

F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M 17

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 17 12/7/18 11:06 AM
l i t e r at u r e | e n v i r o n m e n ta l st u d i e s

“For anyone who might be suffering from Anthropocene fatigue, this is a book to jolt
you from your slumbers. What happens to the globe when we shift attention from
the outward projection of emissions to extraction? The Earth we thought we knew,
and were already mourning, takes on a stunning new critical light.”
— CLA I RE CO LEB RO O K , Pennsylvania State University

“Usher’s brilliant study is a richly argued, erudite yet lyrical ode to the stuff of
which the Earth is made. Exterranean engages with the record of human earthly
entanglements in early modern European humanism, but always with a view to
counterbalancing current distancing and idealizing views of a globe that is all
surface, and no depth. By channeling the voices and agencies of Earth’s nonhuman
subterranean elements in all their omnipresent intimacy, Usher thus reconnects
us not merely to the history of knowledge and beliefs about the Earth and its
contents but also to our own fragile planet.”
— KA REN RA B ER, University of Mississippi

Exterranean concerns the extraction of stuff from the Earth, a process in which matter
goes from being sub- to exterranean. By opening up a rich archive of nonmodern texts
and images from across Europe, this work offers a bracing riposte to several critical
trends in ecological thought.
By shifting emphasis from emission to extraction, Usher reorients our perspective
away from Earthrise-like globes and shows what is gained by opening the planet to
depths within. The book thus maps the material and immaterial connections between

the Earth from which we extract, the human and nonhuman agents of extraction, and
the extracted matter with which we live daily.
Eschewing the self-congratulatory claims of posthumanism, Usher instead
elaborates a productive tension between the materially situated homo of nonmodern
Extraction in the humanism and the abstract and aggregated anthropos of the Anthropocene. In
Humanist Anthropocene dialogue with Michel Serres, Bruno Latour, and other interdisciplinary work in
the environmental humanities, Usher shows what premodern material can offer to
PHILLIP JOHN US H E R contemporary theory. Examining textual and visual culture alike, Usher explores
works by Ronsard, Montaigne, and Rabelais; early scientific works by Paracelsus
240 pages • 34 b/w illustrations and others; and objects, engravings, buildings, and the Salt Mines of Wieliczka. Both
9780823284214 • Paperback • $32.00 (SDT), £24.99
historicist and speculative in approach, Exterranean lays the groundwork for a
9780823284221 • Hardback • $110.00 (SDT), £88.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available
comparative ecocriticism that reaches across and untranslates theoretical affordances
Meaning Systems between periods and languages.
PHILLIP J OHN USHER is Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature
at New York University.

18 F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 18 12/7/18 11:06 AM
science | philosophy

Levels of Organic Life and
the Human
An Introduction to Philosophical Anthropology
translated by MILLAY H YAT T, introduction by J. M. BERNST EIN

“This twentieth-century work was a pioneering effort to articulate an alternative to
mechanistic-reductive accounts of life. Neglected for too long, it is now available to a wider
audience in a new climate, where it will have its full impact.” — CHA RLES TAYLOR , author of
A Secular Age

“Among twentieth-century philosophers Helmuth Plessner stands apart, anticipating key
ideas in theoretical biology and cognitive science.” — EVA N T HO MP SO N , author of Waking,
Dreaming, Being

448 pages, 4 b/w illustrations Initially obscured by the ascent of Heidegger and by the author’s persecution by the Nazis,
9780823283989 • Paperback • $35.00 (SDT), £26.99 Plessner’s vision has once again become appreciated by scholars concerned with animality, human
9780823283996 • Hardback • $125.00 (SDT), £100.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available
dignity, materialism, and the philosophy of cognition, technology, and nature. This key work by
Forms of Living a titan of modern thought helps us approach philosophy and social theory together with science,
JULY without reducing the former to the latter.
HELM UTH PLESSNER (1892–1985) was a German philosopher and sociologist. His Political
Anthropology has just appeared in English.

science | bioethics | anthropology

Being Brains
Making the Cerebral Subject

Being Brains offers a critical exploration of neurocentrism, the belief that “we are our brains,”
which became widespread in the 1990s. Encouraged by advances in neuroimaging, the humanities
and social sciences have taken a “neural turn,” in the form of neuro-subspecialties in fields
such as anthropology, aesthetics, education, history, law, sociology, and theology. Dubious but
in successful commercial enterprises such as “neuromarketing” and “neurobics” have emerged to
PAPERBACK take advantage of the heightened sensitivity to all things neuro. While neither hegemonic nor
monolithic, the neurocentric view embodies a powerful ideology that is at the heart of some
of today’s most important philosophical, ethical, scientific, and political debates. Being Brains,
chosen as 2018 Outstanding Book in the History of the Neurosciences by the International Society
for the History of the Neurosciences, examines the internal logic of such ideology, its genealogy,
and its main contemporary incarnations.
304 pages
FER NA NDO VIDAL is Research Professor of ICREA (Catalan Institution for Research and
9780823283682 • Paperback • $30.00 (SDT), £22.99
{Hardback available: 9780823276073} Advanced Studies) at the Medical Anthropology Research Center, Rovira i Virgili University,
Simultaneous electronic edition available Tarragona, Spain.
Forms of Living
FRANCI SCO ORTEG A is Professor at the Institute for Social Medicine and Research
Coordinator of the Rio Center for Global Health at the State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Winner of the 2018 Outstanding Book
in the History of the Neurosciences

F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M 19

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 19 12/7/18 11:06 AM
theology | m e d i e va l s t u d i e s | l i t e r at u r e

Spiritual Grammar
Genre and the Saintly Subject in Islam and Christianity

Spiritual Grammar identifies a genre of religious literature that until now has not been recognized as
such. In this surprising and theoretically nuanced study, F. Dominic Longo reveals how grammatical
structures of language addressed in two medieval texts published nearly four centuries apart, from
new distinct religious traditions, offer a metaphor for how the self is embedded in spiritual reality.
in Reading The Grammar of Hearts (Nahw al-qulūb) by the great Sufi shaykh and Islamic scholar
‘Abd al-Karīm al-Qushayrī (d. 1074) and Moralized Grammar (Donatus moralizatus) by Christian
PAPERBACK theologian Jean Gerson (d. 1429), Longo reveals how both authors use the rules of language and
syntax to advance their pastoral goals. Indeed, grammar provides the two masters with a fresh way of
explaining spiritual reality to their pupils and to discipline the souls of their readers in the hopes that
their writings would make others adept in the grammar of the heart.
F. D OM I NIC LONG O is Assistant Professor of Theology and co-director of the Muslim Christian
256 pages
9780823283699 • Paperback • $25.00 (SDT), £18.99
Dialogue Center at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.
{Hardback available: 9780823275724}
Comparative Theology: Thinking Across Traditions


Karl Barth and
Comparative Theology
and C H RIST IAN T. COLLINS W INN, editors

Building on recent engagements with Barth in the area of theologies of religion, Karl Barth and
Comparative Theology inaugurates a new conversation between Barth’s theology and comparative
theology. Each essay brings Barth into conversation with theological claims from other religious
traditions for the purpose of modeling deep learning across religious borders from a Barthian
perspective. For each tradition, two Barth-influenced theologians offer focused engagements of
Barth with the tradition’s respective themes and figures, and a response from a theologian from
that tradition then follows. With these surprising and stirringly creative exchanges, Karl Barth and
Comparative Theology promises to open up new trajectories for comparative theology.
CONTR I BUTORS: Chris Boesel, Francis X. Clooney, Christian T. Collins Winn, Victor Ezigbo,

288 pages
James Farwell, Tim Hartman, S. Mark Heim, Paul Knitter, Pan-chiu Lai, Martha L. Moore-Keish,
9780823284603 • Hardback • $75.00 (SDT), £60.00 Peter Ochs, Marc Pugliese, Joshua Ralston, Anantanand Rambachan, Randi Rashkover, Kurt
Simultaneous electronic edition available Richardson, Mun’im Sirry, John Sheveland, Nimi Wariboko
Comparative Theology: Thinking Across Traditions
M AR THA L. MOORE -KE ISH is the J. B. Green Associate Professor of Theology at Columbia
Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia.
C HR I STIAN T. COLLINS WINN is Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at
Bethel University.

20 F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 20 12/7/18 11:06 AM
philosophy | theology | m e d i e va l s t u d i e s

The Singular Voice of Being
John Duns Scotus and Ultimate Difference

The Singular Voice of Being reconsiders John Duns Scotus’s well-studied theory of the univocity of
being in light of his less explored discussions of ultimate difference. Ultimate difference is a notion
introduced by Aristotle and known by the Aristotelian tradition, but one that, this book argues,
Scotus radically retrofits to buttress his doctrine of univocity. Scotus broadens ultimate difference
to include not only specific differences, but also intrinsic modes of being (e.g., finite/infinite) and
principles of individuation (i.e., haecceitates). Furthermore, he deepens it by divorcing it from
anything with categorical classification, such as substantial form. Scotus uses his revamped
notion of ultimate difference as a means of dividing being, despite the longstanding Parmenidean
arguments against such division. The book highlights the unique role of difference in Scotus’s
thought, which conceives of difference not as a fall from the perfect unity of being but rather as a
perfective determination of an otherwise indifferent concept. The division of being culminates in
304 pages individuation as the final degree of perfection, which constitutes indivisible (i.e., singular) degrees
9780823284573 • Hardback • $65.00 (SDT), £52.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available
of being. This systematic study of ultimate difference opens new dimensions for understanding
Medieval Philosophy: Texts and Studies Scotus’s dense thought with respect to not only univocity, but also to individuation, cognition, and
MAY acts of the will.
A ND R EW LAZE LLA is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Scranton. He
received his PhD from DePaul University in 2010.

king alfonso viii h i sto ry | m e d i e va l s t u d i e s

Medieval Studies | Religion

ssroom will be evident from its title. Even-Ezra’s
of castile
King Alfonso VIII of Castile
es the intricate means by which the rationalism of
ul’s transport into the‘third heaven’as the basis of his
y and ethics of inspired knowledge and presents the Government, Family, and War

Government, Family, and War
k extends the focal point of mystical knowledge from Miguel Gómez, Kyle C. Lincoln,
—C. Stephen Jaeger, University of Illinois
and Damian Smith, Editors
Trance, Self, and the Academic Profession in Medieval Paris


ed by academically minded people? And what is the
medieval university theologians enjoyed compared
in the classroom

King Alfonso VIII of Castile: Government, Family and War brings together a diverse group of
ears for the University of Paris, medieval Europe’s
-known texts by William of Auxerre, Philip the
of Hales, and other theologians of this community to
ognition;second,toexplicatetheperceptionoftheself scholars whose work concerns the reign of Alfonso VIII (1158–1215). This was a critical period
in the history of the Iberian peninsula, when the conflict between the Christian north and the
ns as a window on the foundational tensions in this
nals and its social and cultural context. Juxtaposing
ssroom challenges the often rigid historiographical
Moroccan empire of the Almohads was at its most intense, while the political divisions between
the five Christian kingdoms reached their high-water mark. From his troubled ascension as a child
nd its institutional and cultural context.

History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
ulture of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
to his victory at Las Navas de Tolosa near the end of his fifty-seven-year reign, Alfonso VIII and his
kingdom were at the epicenter of many of the most dramatic events of the era.
CONTR I BU TORS: Martin Alvira Cabrer, Janna Bianchini, Sam Zeno Conedera, S.J., Miguel
Dolan Gómez, Carlos de Ayala Martínez, Kyle C. Lincoln, Joseph O’Callaghan, Teofilo F. Ruiz,
Miriam Shadis, Damian J. Smith, James J. Todesca
ource NY

304 pages • 9 b/w illustrations
M I GUEL G ÓMEZ is Lecturer in History at the University of Dayton.
9780823284146 • Hardback • $55.00 (SDT), £44.00 KYLE C . LINCOLN is Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics at Kalamazoo College.
Simultaneous electronic edition available
Fordham Series in Medieval Studies DA M I A N J. SMITH is Professor of History at Saint Louis University.

F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M 21

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 21 12/7/18 11:06 AM
h i sto ry | religion | m e d i e va l s t u d i e s

Colonizing Christianity
Greek and Latin Religious Identity in the Era of the Fourth Crusade

Colonizing Christianity employs postcolonial critique to analyze the transformations of Greek and
Latin religious identity in the wake of the Fourth Crusade. Through close readings of texts from
the period of Latin occupation, this book argues that the experience of colonization splintered the
Greek community over how best to respond to the Latin other while illuminating the mechanisms by
which Western Christians authorized and exploited the Christian East. The experience of colonial
subjugation opened permanent fissures within the Orthodox community, which struggled to develop
a consistent response to aggressive demands for submission to the Roman Church.
GEOR GE E . DEMACOPOULOS is Fr. John Meyendorff & Patterson Family Chair of Orthodox
Christian Studies at Fordham University. He is the author of four monographs, most recently The
Invention of Peter: Apostolic Discourse and Papal Authority in Late Antiquity and Gregory the Great:
Ascetic Pastor and First-Man of Rome. With Aristotle Papanikolaou, he co-founded the Orthodox
272 pages
9780823284436 • Paperback • $35.00 (SDT), £26.99
Christian Studies Center at Fordham University. He presently serves as co-editor of the Journal of
9780823284429 • Hardback • $125.00 (SDT), £100.00 Orthodox Christian Studies.
Simultaneous electronic edition available
Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Thought

p s y c h o a n a ly s i s | orthodox christianity | feminism

Dynamis of Healing
Patristic Theology and the Psyche

This book explores how traces of the energies and dynamics of Orthodox Christian theology and
anthropology may be observed in the clinical work of depth psychology. Looking to theology to
express its own religious truths and to psychology to see whether these truth claims show up
in healing modalities, the author creatively engages both disciplines in order to highlight the
possibilities for healing contained therein. Dynamis of Healing elucidates how theology and
psychology are by no means fundamentally at odds with each other but rather can work together in a
beautiful and powerful synergia to address both the deepest needs and deepest desires of the human
person for healing and flourishing.
PI A S OPHIA CHAUDHARI holds a doctorate in theology from the department of Psychiatry &
Religion at Union Theological Seminary in New York. Her research interests include theological
anthropology, depth psychology, processes of healing, and the engagement with aesthetics and beauty.
224 pages She is a founding co-chair of the Analytical Psychology and Orthodox Christianity Consultation
9780823284641 • Paperback • $30.00 (SDT), £22.99 (APOCC).
9780823284658 • Hardback • $105.00 (SDT), £84.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available
Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Thought

22 F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 22 12/7/18 11:06 AM

“This book offers a corrective to the trend to present Husserl’s thought through
critical departures from it, such of those as Heidegger, Derrida, and Dummett,
instead approaching, and sometimes criticizing, Husserl’s thought on its own
terms. The volume offers an important contribution to contemporary philosophy
in both the continental and analytic traditions.”
— B URT HO P K I N S, University of Lille

Edmund Husserl, generally regarded as the founding figure of phenomenology,
exerted an enormous influence on the course of twentieth- and twenty-first-century
philosophy. This volume collects and translates essays written by important German-
speaking commentators on Husserl, ranging from his contemporaries to scholars
of today, to make available in English some of the best commentary on Husserl
and the phenomenological project. The essays focus on three problematics within
phenomenology: the nature and method of phenomenology; intentionality, with its
attendant issues of temporality and subjectivity; and intersubjectivity and culture.
Several essays also deal with Martin Heidegger’s phenomenology, although in a
manner that reveals not only Heidegger’s differences with Husserl but also his reliance
on and indebtedness to Husserl’s phenomenology.
Taken together, the book shows the continuing influence of Husserl’s thought,
demonstrating how such subsequent developments as existentialism, hermeneutics,
and deconstruction were defined in part by how they assimilated and departed from
Husserlian insights. The course of what has come to be called continental philosophy
cannot be described without reference to this assimilation and departure, and

Husserl among the many successor approaches phenomenology remains a viable avenue for
contemporary thought. In addition, problems addressed by Husserl—most notably,
intentionality, consciousness, the emotions, and ethics—are of central concern in
German Perspectives contemporary non-phenomenological philosophy, and many contemporary thinkers
have turned to Husserl for guidance. The essays demonstrate how significant Husserl
remains to contemporary philosophy across several traditions and several generations.
and OTFRI E D HÖFFE , editors
CONTRIBU TORS: Rudolf Bernet, Klaus Held, Ludwig Landgrebe, Dieter Lohmar,
Verena Mayer, Christopher Erhard, Ullrich Melle, Karl Mertens, Ernst Wolfgang Orth,
320 pages
9780823284467 • Hardback • $75.00 (SDT), £60.00
Jan Patočka, Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl, Karl Schuhmann, and Elisabeth Ströker
Simultaneous electronic edition available J OHN J. DRUMMOND is the Robert Southwell, S.J., Distinguished Professor of
Philosophy and the Humanities at Fordham University.
OTFRIED HÖFFE is Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at the Eberhard Karls
University in Tübingen, Germany, and Director of the Research Center for Political

F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M 23

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 23 12/7/18 11:06 AM
i ta l i a n a m e r i ca n st u d i e s | h i sto ry | political science

Whom We Shall Welcome
Italian Americans and Immigration Reform, 1945–1965

Whom We Shall Welcome examines World War II immigration of Italians to the United States, an
under-studied period in Italian immigration history. Danielle Battisti looks at efforts by Italian
American organizations to foster Italian immigration along with the lobbying efforts of Italian
Americans to change the quota laws. While Italian Americans (and other white ethnics) had attained
virtual political and social equality with many other groups of older-stock Americans by the end
of the war, Italians continued to be classified as undesirable immigrants. Her work is an important
contribution toward understanding the construction of Italian American racial/ethnic identity in
this period, the role of ethnic groups in U.S. foreign policy in the Cold War era, and the history of the
liberal immigration reform movement that led to the 1965 Immigration Act.
Whom We Shall Welcome makes significant contributions to histories of migration and ethnicity,
post-World War II liberalism, and immigration policy.
352 pages, 14 b/w illustrations
9780823284382 • Paperback • $35.00 (SDT), £26.99
DA NI ELLE BATTISTI is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Nebraska–Omaha.
9780823284399 • Hardback • $135.00 (SDT), £108.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available

l i t e r a ry c r i t i c i s m | h i sto ry | gender

Allied Encounters
The Gendered Redemption of World War II Italy

Allied Encounters uniquely explores Anglo-American and Italian literary, cinematic, and military
representations of World War II Italy in order to trace, critique, and move beyond the gendered
paradigm of redemption that has conditioned understandings of the Allied–Italian encounter.
The arrival of the Allies’ global forces in an Italy torn by civil war brought together populations
that had long mythologized one another, yet “liberation” did not prove to be the happy ending touted
by official rhetoric. Instead of a “honeymoon,” the Allied–Italian encounter in cities such as Naples
and Rome appeared to be a lurid affair, where the black market reigned supreme and prostitution
was the norm.
Informed by the historical context as well as by their respective traditions, these texts become
more than mirrors of the encounter or generic allegories. Instead, they are sites in which to explore
repressed traumas that inform how the occupation unfolded and is remembered, including the
248 pages, 16 b/w Illustrations
Holocaust, the American Civil War, and European colonialism, as well as individual traumatic events
9780823284498 • Paperback • $35.00 (SDT), £26.99 like the massacre of the Fosse Ardeatine and the mass civilian rape near Rome by colonial soldiers.
9780823284504 • Hardback • $125.00 (SDT), £100.00
M AR I SA E SCOLAR is Assistant Professor of Italian in the Department of Romance Studies at
Simultaneous electronic edition available
World War II: The Global, Human, and Ethical Dimension University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

24 F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 24 12/7/18 11:06 AM
sociology | c at h o l i c s t u d i e s | religion

Parishes are the missing middle in studies of American Catholicism. Between
individual Catholics and a global institution, the thousands of local parishes are
where Catholicism gets remade. American Parishes showcases what social forces
shape parishes, what parishes do, how they do it, and what this says about the future
of Catholicism in the United States. Expounding an embedded field approach, this
book displays the numerous forces currently reshaping American parishes. It draws
from sociology of religion, culture, organizations, and race to illuminate basic parish
processes, like leadership and education, and ongoing parish struggles like conflict and
American Parishes brings together contemporary data, methods, and questions
to establish a sociological re-engagement with Catholic parishes and a Catholic
re-engagement with sociological analysis. Contributions by leading social scientists
highlight how community, geography, and authority intersect within parishes. It
illuminates and analyzes how growing racial diversity, an aging religious population,
and neighborhood change affect the inner workings of parishes.
CONTRIBU TORS: Gary J. Adler Jr., Nancy Ammerman, Mary Jo Bane, Tricia
C. Bruce, John A. Coleman, S.J., Kathleen Garces-Foley, Mary Gray, Brett Hoover,
Courtney Ann Irby, Tia Noelle Pratt, and Brian Starks
G ARY J. ADLE R J R. is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Pennsylvania State
TRICIA C. BRU CE is Associate Professor of Sociology at Maryville College and the

University of Texas at San Antonio.
BRIAN STARKS is Associate Professor of Sociology at Kennesaw State University.

Remaking Local Catholicism

224 pages
9780823284344 • Paperback • $30.00 (SDT), £22.99
9780823284351 • Hardback • $105.00 (SDT), £84.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available
Catholic Practice in North America

F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M 25

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 25 12/7/18 11:06 AM
h i sto ry | american studies

Edited by Gary Gallagher and Elizabeth Varon, two of the most prominent nineteenth-
century American historians in the nation, New Perspectives on the Union War
provides a more nuanced understanding of what “Union” meant in the Civil War North
by exploring how various groups of northerners conceived of the term. The essays
in this volume demonstrate that while there was a broad consensus that the war was
fought, or should be fought, for the cause of Union, there was bitter disagreement over
how to define that cause—debate not only between political camps but also within
them. The chapters touch on economics, politics, culture, military affairs, ethnicity,
and questions relating to just war.
CONTRIBU TORS: Michael T. Caires, Frank Cirillo, D.H. Dilbeck, Jack Furniss,
Jesse George-Nichol, William B. Kurtz, Peter C. Luebke, and Tamika Nunley
G ARY W. G ALLAG HER is John L. Nau III Professor in the History of the American
Civil War and Director of the John L. Nau III Center for Civil War History at the
University of Virginia. He is the author or editor of numerous books, including The
Union War.
E LIZABETH R. VARON is Langbourne M. Williams Professor of American History
and Associate Director of the John L. Nau III Center for Civil War History at the
University of Virginia. She is the author of numerous books, including Appomattox:
Victory, Defeat, and Freedom at the End of the Civil War.

New Perspectives
on the Union War

272 pages • 8 b/w illustrations
9780823284535 • Paperback • $35.00 (SDT), £26.99
9780823284542 • Hardback • $125.00 (SDT), £100.00
Simultaneous electronic edition available
The North’s Civil War

26 F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 26 12/7/18 11:06 AM
Distributed Client! Winner — J. Owen Grundy History Award Winner — French Voices Translation Award
Left Bank of the Hudson The Unconstructable Earth
THE REFUGE PRESS Jersey City and the Artists of 111 1st Street An Ecology of Separation
We are pleased to announce the foreword by DW G I B S O N translated by D R EW S. BUR K
establishment of The Refuge Press, the
176 pages, 8 color and 24 black and white illustrations
publishing arm of Fordham University’s 256 pages, 3 Illustrations, black and white
9780823278039, Paperback, $24.95 (TP), £18.99 9780823282579, Paperback, $30.00 (SDT), £22.99
Institute of International Humanitarian Empire State Editions Meaning Systems
Affairs (IIHA). An independent imprint
in partnership with Fordham University Winner — American Association for Italian Studies Book Winner — 2018 DAAD Book Prize of the GSA in
Prize, 20th and 21st Centuries Category Germanistik and Cultural Studies
Press, The Refuge Press will publish
primarily in three areas: Honorable Mention — Howard R. Marraro Prize Winner — Aldo & Jeanne Scaglione Prize for Studies in
Pre-Occupied Spaces Germanic Languages & Literatures
1. Changing Perceptions: Books that Remapping Italy’s Transnational Migrations and Recoding World Literature
Colonial Legacies Libraries, Print Culture, and Germany’s Pact with Books
are both testimonies or research, drawn TERESA FIORE B . VE N KAT M A N I
often from refugees and migrants, in
order to change perceptions about the 320 pages, 7 x 10 360 pages, 13 black and white illustrations
dispossessed  and their lives. 9780823274338, Paperback, $35.00 (SDT), £26.99 9780823273416, Paperback, $28.00 (SDT), £20.99
Critical Studies in Italian America

2. Lifting Voices from Forgotten Crises: Honorable Mention — MLA Prize for a First Book
Winner — American Association for Italian Studies Book
Books that seek to inform about the Futile Pleasures
Prize, Film and Other Media Studies Category
Early Modern Literature and the Limits of Utility
world’s forgotten crises. The Techne of Giving CO R EY M CE LE N EY
Cinema and the Generous Form of Life
3. Reflections on Our Time: Books, T IM OT H Y C. CA M PB E LL
256 pages
both new and republished, that look 9780823272662, Paperback, $28.00 (SDT), £20.99
at humanitarian crises and lessons 240 pages, 30 black and white illustrations
9780823273263, Paperback, $30.00 (SDT), £22.99
learned, especially those drawn from Commonalities
Honorable Mention —
aid professionals, focusing on their Senior Book Prize in Feminist Anthropology

work and experiences. Affliction
Honorable Mention —
Health, Disease, Poverty
Arab American Book Award, Nonfiction
The first book of The Refuge Press Honorable Mention —
will be Blood of Two Streams by Francis Association for Middle East Women’s Studies Book Award
272 pages, 8 black and white illustrations
M. Deng, followed by an updated Sexagon 9780823261819
Muslims, France, and the Sexualization of
re-issue of Larry Hollingworth’s seminal National Culture
Paperback, $26.00 (SDT), £19.99
Forms of Living
memoir Merry Christmas Mr. Larry. ME H A M M E D A M A D E US M ACK

344 pages, 15 black and white illustrations
9780823274611, Paperback, $27.00 (SDT), £20.99
Modern Language Initiative

F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M 27

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 27 12/7/18 11:06 AM
b e s t s e l l i n g a n d awa r d - w i n n i n g b a c k l i s t

Figuring Violence The House of Early Sorrows Crucified Wisdom
Affective Investments in Perpetual War A Memoir in Essays Theological Reflection on Christ and the Bodhisattva

352 pages • 19 b/w illustrations 232 pages • 6 1⁄8 x 8 ½ 344 pages
9780823281688 • Paperback • $30.00 (SDT), £22.99 9780823279302 • Paperback • $24.95 (TP), £18.99 9780823281237 • Paperback • $32.00 (AC), £24.99
Comparative Theology: Thinking Across Traditions

Education at War The Blind Man
The Fight for Students of Color in America’s A Phantasmography Boss of Black Brooklyn
Public Schools R O B E RT D E SJA R L A I S The Life and Times of Bertram L. Baker
TRACY LACH ICA BU E NAV ISTA , editors 232 pages • 64 b/w illustrations
9780823281114 • Paperback • $29.95 (AC), £22.99 288 pages • 12 color illustrations
288 pages Thinking from Elsewhere 9780823280995 • Hardback • $29.95 (HC), £22.99
9780823279098 • Paperback • $27.95 (AC), £20.99 Empire State Editions

Decolonial Love
Counter Institution Salvation in Colonial Modernity Literature and the Remains
Activist Estates of the Lower East Side J O S E PH D R E X LE R -D R E I S of the Death Penalty
224 pages
264 pages • 7 x 9 • 100 color illustrations 9780823281879 • Paperback • $25.00 (SDT), £18.99 176 pages
9780823279265 • Paperback • $29.95 (TP), £22.99 9780823282296 • Paperback • $25.00 (SDT), £18.99
Empire State Editions Idiom: Inventing Writing Theory
Power of Gentleness
Meditations on the Risk of Living
Midden A NN E D UFO UR M A N T E L LE The Watchdog Still Barks
JU LIA B OU WS MA translated by KAT H E R I N E PAY N E How Accountability Reporting Evolved for the Digital Age
foreword by AFA A M . WEAV E R and V I NCE N T S A LLÉ B ET H K NO B E L
f oreword by CAT H E R I N E M A LA B O U
96 pages • 8 x 9 • 4 b/w illustrations 160 pages
9780823280988 • Paperback • $22.00 (SDT), £16.99 152 pages • 5 x 7 ½ 9780823279340 • Paperback • $25.00 (SDT), £18.99
Poets Out Loud 9780823279609 • Paperback • $20.00 (SDT), £14.99 Donald McGannon Communication Research Center’s
Everett C. Parker Book Series

Our Country Bad Faith
Northern Evangelicals and the Union Teachers, Liberalism, and the Origins of McCarthyism Neighborhood Success Stories
during the Civil War Era A ND R EW F E F F E R Creating and Sustaining Affordable Housing in New York
320 pages • 8 b/w illustrations
288 pages 9780823281152 • Paperback • $35.00 (AC), £26.99 280 pages • 15 b/w illustrations
9780823279913 • Paperback • $40.00 (SDT), £32.00 Empire State Editions 9780823279203 • Paperback • $24.95 (TP), £18.99
The North’s Civil War Empire State Editions

Saint Marks
Delirious Naples Words, Images, and What Persists Under Representation
A Cultural History of the City of the Sun J O NAT H A N G O LD B E R G The Racial Regime of Aesthetics
STA N IS LAO G. PUGL IE SE , editors 212 pages • 24 color and 4 b/w illustrations
9780823282074 • Paperback • $32.00 (SDT), £24.99 240 pages
288 pages • 30 color and 28 b/w illustrations 9780823282371 • Paperback • $28.00 (SDT), £20.99
9780823279999 • Paperback • $35.00 (AC), £26.99
Sacred Shelter
Thirteen Journeys of Homelessness and Healing Classical New York
Finance Fictions edited by SUS A N CE L I A G R E E N F I E L D Discovering Greece and Rome in Gotham
Realism and Psychosis in a Time of Economic Crisis E L I Z A B ET H M ACAU LAY-LEWI S and
A RN E DE B OEVER 336 pages • 26 b/w illustrations M AT T H EW M . M CG OWAN, editors
9780823281190 • Paperback • $30.00 (AC), £22.99
256 pages • 10 b/w illustrations Empire State Editions 304 pages • 88 b/w illustrations
9780823279173 • Paperback • $27.00 (AC), £20.99 9780823281022 • Hardback • $35.00 (HC), £26.99
Empire State Editions

28 F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 28 12/7/18 11:06 AM
b e s t s e l l i n g a n d awa r d - w i n n i n g b a c k l i s t

The Two Cultures of English Only in New York When God Was a Bird
Literature, Composition, and the Moment of Rhetoric An Exploration of the World’s Most Fascinating, Christianity, Animism, and
JAS ON MAXW ELL Frustrating, and Irrepressible City the Re-Enchantment of the World
256 pages f oreword by PET E H A M I LL
9780823282456 • Paperback • $28.00 (SDT), £20.99 224 pages • 6 b/w illustrations
264 pages 9780823281312 • Paperback • $29.95 (AC), £22.99
9780823281077 • Paperback • $19.95 (TP), £14.99 Groundworks: Ecological Issues in Philosophy and Theology
Roman Catholicism in the United States Empire State Editions
A Thematic History
MA RGA RET M. MC GU IN N E SS and The Postcolonial Contemporary
JAMES T. FIS H ER, editors Latinx Literature Unbound Political Imaginaries for the Global Present
Undoing Ethnic Expectation J I N I K I M WATS O N and GARY WI LDE R , editors
348 pages • 7 x 10 R A L PH E . R O D R I G UE Z
9780823282777 • Paperback • $40.00 (SDT), £32.00 352 pages • 7 x 10
Catholic Practice in North America 200 pages • 3 b/w illustrations 9780823280070 • Paperback • $32.00 (SDT), £24.99
9780823279241 • Paperback • $30.00 (AC), £22.99

In the Shadow of Genius Murder, Inc., and the Moral Life
The Brooklyn Bridge and Its Creators Xamissa Gangsters and Gangbusters in La Guardia’s New York

160 pages • 8 ½ x 11, 113 color illustrations 136 pages • 8 x 9 • 6 b/w illustrations 288 pages
9780823280452 • Hardback • $34.95 (HC), £26.99 9780823281107 • Paperback • $24.00 (SDT), £17.99 9780823282739 • Paperback • $20.00 (SDT), £14.99
Empire State Editions Poets Out Loud

Deep Time, Dark Times
Napoli/New York/Hollywood Contested Loyalty On Being Geologically Human
Film between Italy and the United States Debates over Patriotism in the Civil War North DAVI D WO O D
foreword by G A RY W. G A LLAG H E R 176 pages
384 pages • 7 x 10 • 52 b/w illustrations 9780823281350 • Paperback • $19.95 (AC), £14.99
9780823279388 • Paperback • $45.00 (AC), £36.00 328 pages • 2 b/w illustrations Thinking Out Loud
Critical Studies in Italian America 9780823279753 • Hardback • $65.00 (SDT), £52.00
The North’s Civil War

translated by S ARA H C L IFT and SIMON SPA R KS Biopolitics and the Unintelligibility of Okinawan Life Most Fordham titles
introduction by JEFF R EY S. L IBR ET T A NN M A R I A M . S H I M A BUKU are available as eBooks.
144 pages • 36 b/w illustrations 224 pages Visit
9780823279951 • Paperback • $25.00 (SDT), £18.99 9780823282654 • Paperback • $28.00 (SDT), £20.99 WWW.FORDHAMPRESS.COM
Lit Z for more information.
Oh Capitano!
New York After 9/11 Celso Cesare Moreno—Adventurer, Cheater, and
SU S AN OP OTOW and Scoundrel on Four Continents
288 pages • 36 b/w illustrations translated by E LI Z A B ET H O. V E N D I T TO
9780823281275 • Paperback • $30.00 (AC), £22.99 edited by D O N NA G A B ACCI A
Empire State Editions
272 pages
9780823279876 • Paperback • $30.00 (AC), £22.99
A Critical Edition
edited by TIMOTH Y B IL L INGS
introduction by CHRISTOP HER BU SH
foreword by H AU N S AU SSY

364 pages • 7 x 9
9780823281060 • Hardback • $34.95 (HC), £26.99

F O R D H A M P R E SS .CO M 29

18057_FUP_S19_INT_FINAL-1205.indd 29 12/7/18 11:06 AM
A DeSalvo, Louise 28 King, Samantha 5 Newton, Adam Zachary 14 Sparks, Simon 29
Adelman, Rebecca A. 28 Desjarlais, Robert 28 Knobel, Beth 28 New York After 9/11 29 Spiritual Grammar 20
Adler, Gary J. 25 Drexler-Dreis, Joseph 28 Krogius, Henrik 2 Neyrat, Frédéric 27 Starks, Brian 25
Administering Drummond, John J. 23 Supermarket of the Visible,
Interpretation 10 Dufourmantelle, Anne 28 L O The 7
Affliction 27 Durante, Francesco 29 Lamberg, Carol 28 Oh Capitano! 29 Swann, Karen 16
Alegal 29 Dynamis of Healing 22 Last Acts 15 Only in New York 29 Szendy, Peter 7
Ali, Arshad Imtiaz 28 Latinx Literature Unbound 29 Opotow, Susan 29
Allied Encounters 24 E LaZella, Andrew 21 Ortega, Francisco 19 T
American Museum of Natural Education at War 28 Left Bank of the Hudson 27 Our Country 28 Techne of Giving 27
History and How It Got Escolar, Marisa 24 Lerner, Ross 15 Theology of Failure, A 12
that Way, The 1 Exterranean 18 Lesser, Thomas A. 1 P Thinking with Adorno 12
American Parishes 25 Levels of Organic Life and Payne, Katherine 28 Tongue-Tied Imagination,
F the Human 19 Plessner, Helmuth 19 The 16
B Feffer, Andrew 28 Levi, Jacob 11 Plug, Jan 7 Two Cultures of English, The 29
Bad Faith 28 Figuring Violence 28 Lincoln, Kyle C. 21 Portrait 29
Bagchee, Nandini 28 Finance Fictions 28 Literature and the Remains of Postcolonial Contemporary, U
Battisti, Danielle 24 Fisher, James T. 29 the Death Penalty 28 The 29 Unconstructable Earth, The 27
Being Brains 19 Fiore, Teresa 27 Lives of the Dead Poets 16 Pound, Ezra 29 Under Representation 28
Billings, Timothy 29 For the Love of Lloyd, David 28 Power, Elaine M. 5 Unknowing Fanaticism 15
Bland, Bartholomew F. 3 Psychoanalysis 13 Longo, F. Dominic 20 Power of Gentleness 28 Usher, Phillip John 18
Blind Man, The 28 Futile Pleasures 27 Looking for Law in All the Preoccupied Spaces 27
Boss of Black Brooklyn 28 Wrong Places 9 Pugliese, Stanislao G. 28 V
Bouwsma, Julia 28 G Loriaux, Michael 11 Varon, Elizabeth R. 26
Brodrecht, Grant R. 28 Gabaccia, Donna 29 Q Vecoli, Rudolph J. 29
Brooklyn Bridge Park 2 Gallagher, Gary W. 26 M Queer as Camp 4 Venditto, Elizabeth O. 29
Bruce, Tricia C. 25 Goldberg, Jonathan 28 Macaulay-Lewis, Elizabeth 28 Vidal, Fernando 19
Buenavista, Tracy Lachica 28 Gómez, Miguel 21 Mack, Mehammed Amadeus 27 R Vinter, Maggie 15
Burke, Drew S. 27 Goodrich, Peter 10 Macquarrie, Isabel 5 Reading Sideways 17 Volpp, Leti 9
Goodwin, David J. 27 Mani, B. Venkat 27 Recoding World Literature 27 Vookles, Laura 3
C Greenfield, Susan Celia 28 Mason, Derritt 4 Reoccupy Earth 6
Campbell, Timothy C. 27 Mathematical Imagination, Reproduction of Life Death, W
Carey, R. Scott 5 H The 14 The 10 Wagner, Bryan 9
Cathay 29 Handelman, Matthew 14 Maxwell, Jason 29 Richter, Gerhard 12 Wallace, Mark I. 29
Chaudhari, Pia Sophia 22 Hanlon, Pamela 2 McCance, Dawne 10 Roberts, Sam 29 Warner, Tobias 16
Classical New York 28 Heim, S. Mark 28 McEleney, Corey 27 Rodriguez, Ralph E. 29 Watchdog Still Barks, The 28
Clift, Sarah 29 Höffe, Otfried 23 McGowan, Matthew M. 28 Roman Catholicism in the Watson, Jini Kim 29
Colonizing Christianity 22 House of Early Sorrows, McGuinness, Margaret M. 29 United States 29 Whalen, Robert Weldon 29
Color of the Moon, The 3 The 28 Mensch, Barbara G. 29 Rose, Marika 12 When God Was a Bird 29
Constable, Marianne 9 Howell, Ron 28 Messy Eating 5 Rosenfeld, Michel 10 Whom We Shall Welcome 24
Contested Loyalty 29 Husserl 23 Midden 28 Rossouw, Henk 29 Wilder, Gary 29
Counter Institution 28 Hyatt, Millay 19 Millious, Victoria N. 5 Rottenberg, Elizabeth 13 Wills, David 8
Crépon, Marc 11 Moore-Keish, Martha L. 20 Winn, Christian T. Collins 20
Crucified Wisdom 28 I Murder, Inc., and the Moral S Witty, Joanne 2
In the Shadow of Genius 29 Life 29 Sacred Shelter 28 Wood, David 6, 29
D Murderous Consent 11 Saint Marks 28 Worldly Affair, A 2
D’Acierno, Pellegrino 28 J Muscio, Giuliana 29 Sallé, Vincent 28
Das, Veena 27 Jewish Studies as Counterlife Sandow, Robert M. 29 X
Davey, Colin 1 14 N Seitler, Dana 17 Xamissa 29
De Boever, Arne 28 Nancy, Jean-Luc 29 Sexagon 27
K Napoli/New York/Hollywood Shemtob, Zachary Baron 29
Decolonial Love 28
Kamuf, Peggy 28 29 Shimabuku, Annmaria M. 29
Deep Time, Dark Times 29
Karl Barth and Comparative Neighborhood Success Singular Voice of Being, The 21
Delirious Naples 28
Theology 20 Stories 28 Smith, Damian 21
Demacopoulos, George E. 22
Kidd, Kenneth B. 4 New Perspectives on the
Killing Times 8 Union War 26
King Alfonso VIII of Castile 21

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