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Focus Child Summary


 Age: 5 years
 Attends the centre Monday to Friday
 Immediate family: Mother, father, and an older sister
 Languages: Speaks English, understands Hindi

Interests: Drawings, , painting, natural environment esp, flowers, dancing, board games, gardening,
singing, dancing, playing musical statues, riding her scooter, play dough painting, animals, manipulative
play , social imaginative play, decoration


Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, Barbie, Barbie, Fairytales

Creative, imaginative, persistent, patient, responsive to teachers, independent, quick learner, , social
play, listening, creativity, very expressive, development of confident identity, culture, family
Curious, observant, good memory, observes adults and peers for learning, good listening skills, initiates
learning opportunities, attentive, learns through social play, asks questions, observes visuals to
understand and process new information, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesizing and
LITERACY: : can write big and small letters, can identify phonics of most alphabets, retells story lines
and rhymes expressive, clarity of speech, enjoys singing English and Aboriginal songs, makes
connections during reading and group discussion.
MATHS: shows a sense of directions in making horizontal lines, can count from 1 to 50, can identify
shapes , shows a sense of direction, pattern lines, space in drawings
CREATIVE ARTS: drawing, painting, cutting making, making crafts, shows appreciation of art, knows
Aboriginal art pattern, drawing, sketching, colouring, painting, emerging scissor skills, good hand-
eye coordination, and visual skills
SCIENCE, ENVIRONMENT AND HUMAN SOCIETY: Appreciation of nature, flowers, people,
knowledge of insects, animals and natural objects, natural environment, learning about diverse
people and Aboriginal people, use of open ended materials learns about persons, and babies.

Significant Information from Analysis of Observations

Learning (development) Dispositions Relationships
Literacy ( &  Demonstrates curiosity in  Responsive to teachers
language/communication) getting involved in  Shares a close bonding
 Can speak in full sentences activities with her teachers and
with appropriate syntax  Shows confidence in friends
and semantics learning about new  Likes to Engage in social
 Can write most big and concepts play
small letters of the English  Shows cooperation in  Shows initiative in
alphabet social play helping teachers and
 Can understand Hindi  Commits to completing her friends
 Singing songs during group arts and crafts project  Uses verbal gestures to
time  Uses her imagination in communicate her feelings
 Engages in dramatic play story-telling, dramatic play and needs
while recalling, retelling or  sensory and dramatic play  She contributes to the mind
narrating stories from her map that educators make
with babies, animal figures
mind  Shows persistence and  Brings resources from
home to share during news
 Very expressive of her autonomy in completing
thoughts and ideas her tasks
 Shows an appreciation of
Mathematics  Learns through peer and nature and natural
 Shows knowledge of adult-modelling resources
horizontal, curves and  Keen observer and listener  Shows interest in learning
vertical lines about animal and animal
 Shows an awareness of babies
order, shapes, pattern,
design and directions

Science and technology

 Shows interest in using the
 Learns about environment,
animals and insects
Creative Arts
 Shows choice of colours
 Likes singing and dancing
 Engages in drawing and
 Making arts and crafts
 Good scissor-handling skills
 Refined fine motor and
hand eye coordination

Physical development, health and

 Enjoys explorative play in
the outdoor area
 Shows curiosity in the
natural environment
 Learning about gardening,
and caretaking of plants

Human society and the

 Shows an interest in
learning about Aboriginal
 Shows an interest in
knowing about other
cultures, languages and

Suggestions for learning focus

Literacy ( & language/communication)
 Extend her knowledge about the significance of print and environmental print and engage in
critical thinking
 Learn about mathematical concepts such as measurement, line, space, shapes
Science and technology
 Learn more about mass, density, gravity and the use of technology for investigation and
Creative Arts
 Refine her fine motor skills in drawing realistic figures of flowers, people, animals and objects from
the environment
 Offer more open-ended materials to allow her creative expression and imagination
Physical development, health and wellbeing
 Good eating, wellbeing, exercise, develop her gross motor through outdoor play, human society and
the environment and diverse cultures