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welcome to
word alive
1. Marquee 1 Reception
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12. Word Alive
Welcome to
Word Alive 2018
There is something exciting as well
as daunting to arrive at a new place
Mike Cain will be knitting it all together
with a great crowd of people you don’t
as he opens up the bible to take us
know! If that is you, a special welcome
through the book of Nehemiah and the
and we do hope you swiftly find your
building and renewing of the people
way around and feel at home, caught
of God, not just the walls of Jerusalem!
up with many other newly discovered
Enjoy the warmth of hundreds singing
brothers and sisters in Christ in a week
gospel encouragements to us, relax
that is about people more than just
over a leisurely coffee with friends or
enjoy some of the fun of the site.
Word Alive is a wonderful opportunity to
Have a wonderful week and may it
learn and grow and rejoice together. One
equip us to be a blessing to others
of the real benefits of a conference like
when we return home to our families,
this is the opportunity to explore subjects
communities, workplaces and
that it is difficult for local churches to
engage with or find the expertise with
which to do so. Core gospel essentials
stay centre stage but we have the chance
to work through their applications to our
21st century world and discover just how
relevantly God’s word still speaks. So take a
moment to plan your week and make the
Hugh Palmer, Chair of Word Alive
most of the full programme while leaving
space to enjoy friends new and old.

Word Alive Team

Hugh Palmer, Richard Cunningham, Dave Connie Keep, Peter Dray, Geraldine Sparks,
Gobbett, Simon Johnson, Brian Weaver, Jason Nigel Beynon, Hannah Bracken Goncalves
Clarke, Mel Lacy, John Stevens, Neil Powell,
Leeds CU

students to Jesus

monday tuesday wednesday

Within the main programme
of Word Alive there are a few
tracks with a special focus.
You might not bump into
them but it’s nice to know
what else is happening. Or
they might be the very thing
for you. We have tracks
for international students,
church leaders, those
with learning disabilities,
and people wanting to go
deeper into their subjects of
work or study.

uccf leadership

During the week there will be a There will be training tracks happening
number of events that form part of each afternoon for each of the five
UCCF’s Leadership Networks. The networks. All guests are welcome
five networks, in Arts, Music, Politics, to attend whether students or non-
Science and Theology, exist to provide students, and the material will be
Christian Union students with specialist applicable to all with interest in the
mentoring and training to address the network’s specialist area. If you are
unique challenges of Christian witness interested in finding out more about
in their contexts, and to help students a specific network, the year-round
to develop a Christ-centred worldview work, receiving news or supporting
of their studies. Their aim is to ensure Leadership Network, go along to the
Christian students preparing to enter UCCF Stand in the HUB.
these culturally and strategically
significant areas are prepared for See pages 75-78 for details of the
a lifetime of faithful witness in the training tracks.
contexts they are called to.



student track
This track is organised by Friends International and
OMF Diaspora Returnee Ministries especially for
international students. You do not need to attend
everything - feel free to come to as many of the
sessions as you would like.


children &
families after

2018 This year we are supporting

humanitarian aid
relief trust (HART)

We are delighted to support a

church plant nearby in Buckley,
the ministry of Living Out and
the work of HART. We will hear

the week, you can also read

about them here. We will have
a collection on Tuesday night
and money given will be divided

work of Word Alive.



living out church plant



nigel beynon cunningham reuben hunter

ian garrett dave gobbett paul mallard



hugh palmer olly knight

Hugh is Rector of All Souls Church, Olly is married to Kirsty and they have
Langham Place, London. He is married two young children, Caleb and Rose.
to Clare, who is a school librarian as Olly studied Politics at Kent University
well as secretary for a charity, and they and he’s been based in Canterbury ever
have three married children and five since. He leads the worship team at The
grandchildren. He remains a life-long City Church.
supporter of Brighton and Hove Albion
Football Club.

jonathan ben slee &

neil powell christ church
Neil pastors City Church Birmingham Jonathan Thomas is the pastor of Ben and the team have come to serve
and also helps people start churches Cornerstone Church in Abergavenny, is us from their much-loved church
in the UK and abroad. He is married to married to Rebecca and has two boys. family in central London. As well as
Jane and father to Rufus and Felix and He enjoys reading, recommending leading music regularly at Christ
is, without doubt, the worst hockey books, cycling and coffee. Church Mayfair, they love to help
player at his local club. equip local churches to sing and let
the gospel dwell richly in hearts and
minds. 46
chalet On channel 6 (600 for
digital) there will be

broadcasts from the
Word Alive programme
both live and repeats.
There will also be various
notices and reminders of
what is happening during
the week.

8am Bible Reading repeated

from previous day
3.30pm After Hours (Repeat)

9.45am Bible Reading from

Mike Cain - live
5.30pm Families Together - live

11.30am Bible Reading from

Mike Cain - live
6.30pm Early Celebration - live

1pm Families Together

from previous evening
8.30pm Late Celebration - live

After Hours - live

2pm 12 things God can’t do and
why you can sleep at night
10.30pm Variety of repeats
- Nick Tucker from 2015 throughout the night
nehemiah: God’s big
building project
9:45 & 11.30am -
great marquee

Mike Cain
The Lord is building a people for his glory – and he calls us to
join in with his eternal purposes.

Sunday The Lord sends a leader

Nehemiah 1-2

Monday The Lord builds his church

Nehemiah 3-6

Tuesday The Lord speaks to his people

Nehemiah 7-9

Wednesday Look to the Lord

Nehemiah 10-13
sex, the gospel and the
revolution capturing the story
9:45am - marquee 4 9:45am - marquee 1

Glynn Harrison Karen Soole

How can we tell a better story? The sexual revolution is one How do the small stories in the Bible fit into the bigger
the biggest challenges facing Christians today. In this track Bible story? Discover God’s unfolding plan and learn to hear
we find out why the biblical vision for sex. God’s voice even in unfamiliar places.

Sunday The sexual revolution: how it Sunday A sorry tale

succeeded, why it’s failing. Judah and Tamar, Genesis 38: a
In this session we get to the roots of the sordid story that seems strangely out
sexual revolution. What is going on? of place.
What is the secret of its power? How
should we respond? Monday A horror story
The Levite’s concubine, Judges 19: a
Monday How to tell a better story dark upsetting story we need to hear.
about sex
What does the Bible say about sex and Tuesday A revenge tragedy
intimate relationships? We know what David and Abigail, 1 Samuel 25: a
we are against - but what are we for? risky confrontation that saves a king
How do we relate our beliefs to today’s and points to another.
Wednesday A love story
Tuesday How to live a better story Hosea and Gomer, Hosea 1-3: an
about sex unconventional marriage which
In the light of what the Bible teaches, gives us hope for the future.
how should we live? How should we
think about our identity, bring up our
kids, and approach being single and
getting marriage?

Wednesday Transgender, gay marriage and

other hot-button questions
In this session we get to grips with some
of the key challenges of the revolution.
In a rapidly changing culture how can
we make our churches more biblically
progressing in Equip
their leadership skills. Unless
leadership This morning track is primarily
aimed at those who are in full- leaders make their own personal

9:45am - marquee 5 time local church leadership. No

matter how experienced leaders
growth a priority, their ministries
will stall and fail to reach their
may be, they can still improve full potential.

Sunday Progressing in leadership Tuesday Leading teams

Adrian Reynolds Leaders will only be effective if they Marcus In the Bible, church is fundamentally
are personally progressing in their life Honeysett a team activity. It is therefore
and doctrine, and modelling growth essential that churches are able to
to those they serve. Senior leaders build, encourage and oversee healthy
in particular are always in danger of teams to undertake the ministry of
failing to ensure that they themselves the church. This seminar will help
are progressing. This session will help church leaders to think about how
leaders to ensure that they make life- to overcome the hurdles leaders face
long progress in their Christian life so that they can establish and lead
and ministry. effective teams.

Monday Thriving in leadership Wednesday Growing in word ministry

Ray Evans Leadership is often challenging and Tim Ward Church leaders are first and foremost
demanding, requiring flexibility ministers of the word. They will
and the need to adjust to different only be effective if they themselves
stages in the life of a church. Growth are growing in their knowledge
will bring particular challenges for and understanding of the word,
leaders and require them to work and their ability to communicate it
differently. This seminar will help effectively to others. This seminar will
leaders to meet these challenges help leaders to consider how they
so that their churches can be as can become better preachers and
effective as possible in advancing the teachers
Kingdom of God.
seven deadly things
about sin: or what
you need to know if
you are really going Nick Tucker
to revel in the gospel At first blush, this might seem
like a rather downbeat subject.
true nature of the enemy within.
I believe that often we don’t
11:30am - marquee 4 But, I trust that it will be far from
that. Our aim is to see the glory
rejoice in Jesus as we might,
because we don’t realise quite
of the gospel more clearly than how enormous a thing it is that
ever, to love God’s goodness in Jesus has defeated sin.
a new way and be refreshed in
our struggles as we consider the

Sunday Sin is rebellion and lawlessness Tuesday Sin is slavery and deception
“Against you, you only, have I sinned.” Not only is sin fatal and destructive
Fundamental to understanding the of our natures, it also renders us
problem of sin, is recognising that powerless to even begin to try to turn
sin is ultimately against God, it is from it, because sin blinds us to the
relational (against him as a person) truth and binds us to our disobedience.
and regal (against his rights as king). At the conclusion of this session we
This session will set the scene and help will consider what it means that Jesus
us to see some of the central biblical came to bring us back to reality and to
perspectives on sin. set us free.

Monday Sin is death and de-creation Wednesday Sin is never good

Sin brings us destruction by its This seems obvious, but we often fear
consequences, not only legally, but in what we might lose when we let go of
our nature. To reject the creative word sinful habits or rule out sin as a coping/
of God is to cut off the basis of our defence mechanism. We instinctively
own existence. We are distorted and treat sin as though it has something to
marred by sin in a way that forgiveness offer us. In this session we will examine
alone cannot fix. Jesus paid the price our misconceptions and consider how
for sin, he also made us new. we can learn to love what is truly good.

planting oases:
engaging post-
christian culture
creatively count everyone in
11:30am - marquee 1 11:30am - old laundry

Ted Turnau Count Everyone In Celebration

Through a variety of creative, multi-sensory styles,
How should Christians respond to post-Christian culture?
uncomplicated words and gentle explanation we shall
By “planting oases” that invite, engage, and challenge both
learn from the Nehemiah’s experiences how to face life’s
Christian and non-Christian imaginations.
challenges in God’s way. Every contribution is valued as
we approach God through joyful worship and take part in
these informal but deeply profound expressions of faith.
Sunday Why engage? Culture, calling
and the new creation
Far from separating from culture, Sunday God has a plan for each of us
Christians are called to engage it Nehemiah 1-3
as witnesses to the coming new
creation. Monday Standing strong together
Nehemiah 4-6
Monday How to respond to post-
Christian culture: withdraw, Tuesday Building on firm foundations
culture war, or plant an oasis? Nehemiah 7-8
As missionaries to a gospel-inoculated
culture, we cannot withdraw or Wednesday Keeping the dream alive
conquer. We can engage with the Nehemiah 9-13
imagination, changing the landscape.

Tuesday Understanding the Christian

What makes the Christian imagination
distinctive in a post-Christian culture?
It embraces both darkness and light,
cross and empty tomb.

Wednesday Adventures in good Christian

We shall explore several examples of
the Christian creativity that can speak
with resonance to Christians and non-
Christians alike.
student bible
reading: stories of
another land; stories Peter Teagle
There are people in many teachings of Jesus are relevant
from another world cultures and countries around to the international student

11:30am - marquee 5 the world who follow Jesus. But

whichever country we come
experience - being away from
home now but returning one day
from, there is one country we to our home country (or another
really belong to - the Kingdom one). Wherever in the world we
of Heaven. But what is that? In go, where do we belong? How
this International Track we will do we respect our culture and
look at some of these stories live for Jesus?
from Matthew 13 to see how the

Sunday Message received? Tuesday A little goes a long way,

Matthew 13:1-23 Matthew 13:31-35
What will your life be like in 5, 10 or Many international students return
20 years’ time? We cannot know the home to countries where there are
future, but we can do things now to few Christians. How can we make
make sure we are always living the way any difference in a world (or even in
God wants us to - whatever happens. our family) where most people don’t
This story is for all of us - whether we follow Jesus? In these two, short
have known about Jesus all our lives stories, Jesus shows us that God’s
or just learning about him for the first plan is not to take over in power, but
time. to start small and grow strong.

Monday Mixed picture, Wednesday Truly worth it,

Matthew 13:24-30 & 36-43 Matthew 13:44-46
If God is in control, why do bad things These are two of Jesus’ shortest stories,
still happen - even in the church? but they both say the same thing - there
Sometimes it can feel that there are is something so amazing, so incredible
just as many (or more) bad people in and wonderful, that it is worth more
the world as there are good people. than anything and everything we have
Sometimes even people who claim to in life. If we want to enjoy all that God
be Christians don’t always do what is has for us, we need to be aware that
right. In this story, Jesus shows what is there may be a cost.
really happening and what we can do
about it, which is important to make
sure we don’t get frustrated and give
up on the Christian faith.
the gospel discovering the
& mental health fullness of work
2pm - marquee 4 2pm - marquee 4

Emma Scrivener Melinda Hendry & Ross Hendry

If I’m a Christian, then why am I so messy? And how do I Connecting all of God’s Word to our understanding of work;
help others? We’ll see why the gospel is brilliant news for shaping our everyday experiences, witness and the big
those with mental health struggles. picture of our working-life.

Sunday Light in the darkness Tuesday The reality of work

We can know the Lord and still feel Exploring how creation and the fall
stuck. We look at why; and how the speak into the purpose of work and
cross offers us all hope. the highs and lows of our working
Monday Knowing Jesus aWnd carrying
one another Wednesday Work made new
We look together at how we can know How redemption and new creation
and share Christ’s love with the broken. recovers work for us and teaches us
about ambition and the legacy we’re
seeking to achieve.
pastoral care
2pm - marquee 1
Steve Midgley 2pm - lunar bar
How the biblical counselling movement can help us apply
the riches of Scripture to the realities of life – both our own
and others.

Ian Garrett
Sunday Pastoral care, counselling and However long or short we’ve been following Christ we all need
other problem words refreshment, or help not to get weary, or help to get going
There are many weaknesses
again, in these four essential areas of our Christian lives…
and misunderstandings in our
contemporary pastoral care -
what does the biblical counselling Sunday Reading the Bible
movement have to offer us? Wisdom on starting, re-starting or
refreshing our habits of hearing God
Monday Getting to the heart in his word.
God’s word is to be hidden in our
hearts (Psalm 119:11) - how can we Monday Praying
wisely and skillfully connect the word Looking biblically at who we’re
to the heart? praying to, how to pray, discerning
the Lord’s answers and submitting to
Tuesday Situation matters his will.
Secular thinkers emphasise the
powerful shaping influence of our Tuesday Being part of church
bodies, culture and personal history Discover or recover the Bible’s vision
- what is a biblical understanding of of the part God wants you to play in
circumstances? the church you belong to.

Wednesday Churches that change Wednesday Growing in godliness

Church is God’s change enabling Encouragement in the life-long
community - what kind of church business of turning from sin to please
culture best glorifies God by Christ instead - and in our life-long
promoting spiritual growth? failure to do so.

rural christianity growing in Christ
2pm - marquee 2 2pm - marquee 2

John Hindley John Hindley

The fields and villages of rural Galilee rung with the voice of Have you stalled in Christian growth? Never got going? We
Jesus. Come along to consider together what opportunities, will grow as we see Christ and we really can do so every day.
challenges, blessings and temptations mark Christian life in This series will seek to help you grow in Christ, day-by-day,
today’s countryside. for the rest of your eternal life.

Sunday Rural church life Tuesday Christ in the Bible and creation
Rural churches are not all alike, but The interplay between the way
there are particular openings for Christ’s Word and his creation
the gospel, paths of discipleship reveals their author is precious and
and snares of the devil that require delightful; gold and honey are for the
consideration. This seminar will help taking so come along and see how
you to walk the good ways and avoid you can grow more truly like Christ
the traps! as you open his Bible and live in his
Monday Rural christian life
Living in the countryside can feel Wednesday Christ in people and their
lonely and hard. We will consider the stories
ways Christ blesses us rural Christians There is no person who does not bear
and blesses others through us. You the marred image of Christ; no story
should leave encouraged and excited that does not honour or abuse the
to live for Christ in the countryside. gospel story. You spend much of your
time with people, and you relax with
stories, whether in books, cinema or
box set. We will explore together how
that time can all be used by the Holy
Spirit to show you Christ and grow
you up into his likeness.

These sessions are aimed at ministry, and develop the skills

equip: becoming equipping elders, deacons, and character that are essential
an effective lay-readers, leadership team
members, ministry leaders,
for faithful gospel service.
Each session will run over two
leader part 1 small-group leaders and those afternoon seminar slots, part 1

2pm - marquee 3 aspiring to such roles in the life

of a local church. Experienced
at 2.00pm and part 2 at 3.45pm.
There will be plenty of time for
practitioners will help local group discussion, questions and
church leaders to face the practical application.
challenges of local church

Sunday Progressing in leadership pt 1 Tuesday Leading teams pt 1

Adrian Reynolds Whatever level of leadership you Marcus In the Bible, church is fundamentally
hold, or aspire to, it is vital that you Honeysett a team activity. Leaders will often
are progressing in your own spiritual have to serve as team members and
life and gifting. Leaders never arrive also lead teams. However, many
at a point where there is nothing leaders struggle to help their church
more the need to learn. We need - or ministries within it - function
to be intentional to ensure that we as healthy teams. Come along and
make continual progress in our life think about how to get over the
and doctrine, so that we can serve hurdles. We will consider how to
others more effectively build teams, how to be a good team
leader, a good team member and a
Monday Thriving in leadership pt 1 great team encourager!
Ray Evans Leadership is hard and demanding,
and leaders face many challenges. Wednesday Leading in word ministry pt 1
Some of these challenges may be the John Most roles of local church leadership
result of difficulties, but others may Stevens involve the ministry of the word,
be the result of growth and success. whether giving talks, leading bible
How can we make sure that we can studies or 1-to-1 ministry. These
face these challenges and overcome seminars will help leaders and
them, rather than being weighted aspiring leaders to ensure that they
down and discouraged by them? are word centred, and help them
We need to learn to be flexible and to develop the skills that will be
adaptable in our leadership. necessary to teach and disciple

relationships socially sorted
2pm - queen vic pub 2pm - queen vic pub

Gareth Leaney, David McNee Ellie Cook & Owen Brown

& Becca Sweet Social media is continuing to integrate more and more
No man is an island - we are all part of a complex web of deeply into our lives. It finds its way into what we eat, what
contacts and connections. But how should we honour we wear, where we’re going and what we’re listening to.
God in our relationships? We’ll be exploring some of the Social media will continue to excite, delight, bemuse, anger
and petrify Christians. We’re going to try and work out the
theology and practice of great, helpful social media. Join
us for big ideas and rich discussion (and don’t forget your
Sunday Rediscovering friendship smart phone).
Gareth Leaney We all want to have - and be - good
friends. Together we’ll rediscover
the amazing gift and privilege of Tuesday Good theology for great social
friendship. media
In this session we will look at what
Monday Navigating the world of dating the Bible has to say positively and
David McNee, and relationships constructively about social media.
Becca Sweet There’s no shortage of opinions about
dating and relationships today, and Wednesday Good practice for great social
when people have ever-shifting media
expectations for what relationships In this session we will look at what we
are like it’s important to know what think a God-glorifying use of social
scripture has to say, and doesn’t say, media practically looks like.
on the subject. Is it possible to do that
in a seminar without the expectation
that everyone will be engaged at the
end of it? We hope so!
crossing barriers
with the gospel reaching and
2pm - snooker room teaching the
next generation
2pm - old laundry
Steve Smith & Ruth Naomi Floyd
Lessons from global gospel ministry for local church multi-
cultural realities with lessons and tools for making disciples

Dan Cook
Sunday Connecting with diverse Youth work isn’t rocket science! It’s simply taking
Steve Smith communities straightforward ministry principles and prayerfully putting
Helping local churches reach them into practice. So in these seminars we’ll think together
out amongst ethnically diverse about just how we can be involved in doing effective youth
communities with examples and
tools from migrant ministries around
the world. Sunday The foundations of Christian
youth ministry
Monday Making disciples amongst the Looking at the core convictions
Steve Smith recently migrated and straightforward principles that
Equipping churches to think clearly should shape faithful and effective
about global trends and prayerfully Christian youth ministry.
reach out to people previously cut off
from the gospel (with lessons from Monday The practicalities of Christian
Friends International) . Youth ministry
Exploring what it looks like to put
Tuesday Overcoming the barriers the straightforward principles
Steve Smith, Ruth within church communities into practice. Thinking people,
Naomi Floyd Encouraging churches to recognise programmes and practicalities.
our ethnic and social assumptions
that hinder effective multi-cultural Tuesday Actually teaching the Bible to
gospel ministry (including an 11-18s
interview with Ruth Naomi Floyd). What and how do we actually go
from a Bible passage to an engaging
Wednesday Approaches to multi-skilled Bible study for 11-18s?
Steve Smith outreach
Growing ministry ‘bandwidth’ for Wednesday Youth work Q&A
sustainable cross-cultural ministry Any question goes! Come along
and church planting where Christ is and ask your questions about the
least known in, to and from UK. principles and practicalities of
Christian youth work.
proclaiming truth evangelism for
in a post-truth world the rest of us
2pm - uccf marquee 2pm - uccf marquee

Kristi Mair & Niv Lobo Peter Dray & Andrea Dalton
So many around us are apathetic or unconvinced; come It’s easy to presume that telling people about Jesus is only for
learn how to share the truth of Jesus faithfully and rhino-skinned, extroverted theology graduates. Not really you?
effectively! Then come and discover the part God has for the rest of us to

Sunday Truth that sets you free... Tuesday The outgoing, the energetic,
Our world asks, ‘What is truth?’ Jesus’ the fearless...and the rest of us
radical response: ‘I am.’ See how that Hate the idea of sharing a gospel
shapes the way we face our friends’ outline with your hairdresser? Rather
toughest questions, and offers real run a mile than go door knocking?
freedom. Discover ways of sharing Jesus that
are bold, faith-filled and which
Monday Life to the full in a 21st century match the way you’re wired.
Our culture doesn’t instinctively go Wednesday The confident, the informed,
to God to meet its biggest needs; the fluent…and the rest of us
how can we speak the gospel into its Intimated by unbelievers’
suffering in a way that connects? impossible questions? Discouraged
by your tongue-tied attempts to
answer? Explore how you can take
conversations further and still sound
like you.
let there be science!
rediscovering God’s theology of law
heart for science taster session
3:45pm - marquee 1 3:45pm - marquee 1

Tom McLeish, UCCF Science Network Fiona Mahendran, UCCF Law Network
This UCCF Science Network track will seek to recapture a
distinctively Christian vision for science and explore its
place in the mission of the church.

Sunday Cultural stories of science Wednesday Theology of law taster session

This session will explore Christianity’s Join us as we explore how Christians
role in the history of science and the should think about the study and
emergence of the popular idea that practice of Law. In this theology of
science and faith are in conflict. law taster session we will unpack
God’s view of and design for the law.
Monday Science and God’s story
This session will search the scriptures,
in particular Job and the wisdom
literature, to discover God’s heart for

Tuesday The Christian gospel and the

future of science
This session will consider how the
gospel is good news for science and
how a scientific vocation may be an
integral part of the church’s mission.
doctrine of scripture
3.45pm - marquee 4

Tim Ward & Ash Cunningham,

UCCF Theology Network politics and society
We call the Bible, God’s word and in many ways it is the 3:45 pm - queen vic
foundation of our faith and knowledge of God. Come and
hear what God says about his word.

Sunday God and his word Charlie Hoare & Peter Harris,
Tim Ward This session will focus on what Jesus
UCCF Politics Network
says about the Bible. Through an
Weathering the political storm: biblical thinking in the
exposition of John 16:12-15, we will
midst of a gale…
learn about inspiration ground it
in an understanding of trinitarian
action. Sunday Why vote? Why join a political
Monday Enough said? When we are ruled by a political elite
Tim Ward This session is looking at the why should Christians bother with
sufficiency and clarity of Scripture. politics?
We will be looking at some of the
misunderstandings that come from Monday They’ll not want me…
these terms, so be prepared to learn How to get involved in elected
what they don’t mean as well as what politics at university and beyond.
they do!
Tuesday Religious liberty in the age of
Tuesday The Bible and our knowledge the resurgent nation state
Tim Ward of God How can we pray for and support
This session will tell us why building the churches in the Middle East and
your life on a book isn’t as crazy as it China?
sounds. As with the rest of the week,
the aim is that you will leave with Wednesday Hot potatoes!
renewed and increased confidence Question time addressing the key
in the Bible. issues confronting the church today.

Wednesday Doctrine of Scripture Q&A

Ash Cunningham Come along to bring any questions
either from the week’s teaching or
from your own study and have them
answered. 76
integrating your music and the glory
faith and art of God
3:45 pm - Walter 3:45pm - uccf marquee

Edith Reitsema & Kieran Dodds, Tom Chevis, UCCF Music Network
UCCF Arts Network Equipping you to live for the glory of God in the world of
Connecting your imagination with the heart of your faith. music.
What it takes to be honest in art.

Sunday True Spirituality Sunday The heavens declare the glory

Edith Reitsema All of life is spiritual. What does art of God
look like when it has a sacred-secular A story of glory tracing the theme
split? What would art look like of glory right through the Bible,
without the split? stopping along the way to see where
music fits into this story.
Monday How imagination engages
Edith Reitsema your heart Monday Away with the noise of your
Story and art, with the use of our songs: idol worship
moral imagination, can “arrest us A more systematic study of the
with strangeness” so that our sense topic of idolatry, with particular
of reality can be increased. We’ll look application to musicians.
at Tolkien, C.S.Lewis and Caravaggio.
Tuesday Declare his glory among the
Tuesday What does it mean to be nations: mission and glory
Edith Reitsema authentic? How does the idea of God’s glory
The voice of our culture and a drive us to mission, and where might
Christian critique. We will look at Van musicians fit into this?
Gogh’s struggle to be authentic.
Wednesday I glory in Christ Jesus in my
Wednesday Hidden in plain sight service to God: Q&A with
Kieran Dodds Photography dominates our daily professional musicians
lives yet few of us don’t bother to learn A chance to question professional
its powerful language. Professional musicians about their experiences of
photographer Kieran Dodds will living and speaking for Jesus in the
describe the visual process from world of music.
concept to publication using worked
examples from his international
portfolio at

faithful music:
workshops for local invest your
church musicians disappointments
3:45pm - marquee 2 3:45pm - marquee 2

Ben Slee Paul Mallard

Join Ben Slee and the Christ Church Mayfair band and Everyone experiences disappointment. It can lead to
discover biblical principles and practical skills that will disillusionment, disenchantment and discouragement.
equip you to grow musicians and music leaders for your How do we invest our disappointment wisely?
local church.

Sunday Help your church to sing Tuesday Disappointed with life

We’ll think through the how the Disappointment comes in many
Bible’s teaching on singing together forms - career choices, relationships,
shapes us to practice clear leadership circumstance and many more. How
and humble service. do we grow through disappointment?

Monday Working together as musicians Wednesday Disappointed with God

Whether it’s one or two of you leading What do we do when we feel
music each week, or you have a larger disappointed with God? How can this
team, these principles will help you be a spur to a deeper relationship
let the gospel dwell richly in the with Him?
hearts and minds of those you lead.
We’ll consider practical elements of
playing together to adorn the gospel.
These sessions are aimed at ministry, and develop the skills
equipping elders, deacons, and character that are essential
equip: becoming lay-readers, leadership team for faithful gospel service.
an effective leader members, ministry leaders,
small-group leaders and those
Each session will run over two
afternoon seminar slots, part 1
part 2 aspiring to such roles in the life at 2.00pm and part 2 at 3.45pm.

3:45pm - marquee 3 of a local church. Experienced

practitioners will help local
There will be plenty of time for
group discussion, questions and
church leaders to face the practical application.
challenges of local church

Sunday Progressing in leadership pt 2 Tuesday Leading teams pt 2

Adrian Reynolds Whatever level of leadership you Marcus In the Bible, church is fundamentally
hold, or aspire to, it is vital that Honeysett a team activity. Leaders will often
you are progressing gin your own have to serve as team members and
spiritual life and gifting. Leaders also lead teams. However, many
never arrive at a point where there is leaders struggle to help their church
nothing more the need to learn. We - or ministries within it - function
need to be intentional to ensure that as healthy teams. Come along and
we make continual progress in our think about how to get over the
life and doctrine, so that we can serve hurdles. We will consider how to
others more effectively build teams, how to be a good team
leader, a good team member and a
Monday Thriving in leadership pt 2 great team encourager!
Ray Evans Leadership is hard and demanding,
and leaders face many challenges. Wednesday Leading in word ministry pt 2
Some of these challenges may be the John Most roles of local church leadership
result of difficulties, but others may Stevens involve the ministry of the word,
be the result of growth and success. whether giving talks, leading bible
How can we make sure that we can studies or 1-to-1 ministry. These
face these challenges and overcome seminars will help leaders and
them, rather than being weighted aspiring leaders to ensure that they
down and discouraged by them? are word centred, and help them
We need to learn to be flexible and to develop the skills that will be
adaptable in our leadership. necessary to teach and disciple
International Student afternoon
international student Track Seminars: What
does the Bible say about…?
track seminars A series of practical seminars looking at
3:45pm - marquee 5 live issues for international students. While
some of these issues are for all people,
cultural elements can make these areas
especially challenging.

Sunday International student track: Tuesday International student track

Ramzi Adcock, work, possessions and day trip
Suzanna Adcock contentment Join us for an afternoon trip to
Once our studies are over, the Prestatyn. We will leave from
working world awaits us... So, if Marquee 5 at 3:30pm - it’s a great
much of our lives are spent at work, chance to see something of the local
how is it possible to be a follower of area and have some fun together.
Jesus in the office, the bank, the lab We’ll then join together at a local
or the school? We have to obey our church to enjoy a hot meal and to
managers, fulfill the job description, think and pray about preparing to
make money and show the company return ho. There is a small charge to
we are committed and hard-working. cover the meal - tickets available at
Do we therefore have to fit our faith international student track sessions.
into the few hours we have left over,
or have we misunderstood what it Wednesday International student track
means to follow Jesus in all of our Peter Teagle, seminar: ghosts, gods, spirits
lives? This seminar will look at what it Lynette Teagle and ancestors
means to be a follower of Jesus, even What do Christians believe about
when there are other people telling ghosts and spirits? Do the other gods
us what we need to do and what our people worship have any real power?
values should be. What should I do about my family’s
strong belief in ancestor worship?
Monday International student track: How do Christians deal with these
Sue Burt, relationships issues? This seminar will look at Jesus’
Rowland Hughes, How should I choose a marriage position and power in the spiritual
Angelica Donner partner? Why is it so important to world, how the Bible views these
marry a Christian? And what if my different parts of the ‘unseen world’
family want me to marry a non- and how we can live a Christian
Christian? If I’m married, how does life which honours our family and
my marriage match the biblical view traditions with freedom from fear.
of marriage? And what does the Bible
say about being single and the value
of not being married? This seminar
(which ends at 5:30pm) will attempt
to look at how the Bible answers
some of the big questions we all have
about relationships.
growing older serving well as
together we all grow older
3:45pm - old laundry 3:45pm - old laundry

Johny Juckes Johny Juckes

We’re all growing older and most likely will become grow Two seminars on loving one another as we all grow older in
to be old. These are two seminars on the experience of our churches.
growing older personally.

Sunday How should we think about Tuesday Caring for those who are older
growing older? We’ll listen to Psalm 71, where we
We’ll turn to Gilbert Meilaender, hear these words: “Do not cast me
Christian professor and writer, to away when I am old; do not forsake
think more clearly about the overall me when my strength is gone.”
shape of our lives, and what growing (Psalm 71.9). How are we doing in our
older means. churches in caring for those who are
older? What does that involve?
Monday How to grow old well
We’ll learn from Jim Packer’s Wednesday Ministry to those who are older
seasoned wisdom on finishing our We’ll think about the ministry among
course with joy instead of eating too those who are older, and the ministry
much on a cruise. provided by those who are older in
our churches, as we listen to stories
from one particular local church


early celebration late celebration

6:30pm - great marquee 8:30pm - great marquee

Perfect: reflections from Hebrews on Jesus’ perfect salvation Perfect: reflections from Hebrews on Jesus perfect salvation
and how we should respond. and how we should respond.

Saturday Perfect Word Saturday Perfect Word

Paul Mallard Hebrews 1:1-4 Dave Gobbett Hebrews 1:1-4

Sunday Perfect rest Sunday Perfect rest

Hugh Palmer Hebrews 3:1-14 Neil Powell Hebrews 3:1-14

Monday An evening with Baroness Cox Monday An evening with Baroness Cox
and Ruth Naomi Floyd and Ruth Naomi Floyd

Tuesday Perfect sympathy Tuesday Perfect sympathy

Nigel Beynon Hebrews 4:14-16 Jonathan Thomas Hebrews 4:14-16

Wednesday Perfect sacrifice Wednesday Perfect sacrifice

Reuben Hunter Hebrews 9:1-14 Ian Garrett Hebrews 9:1-14

final celebration
9:45am - great marquee

Thursday Perfect Perseverance

Richard Hebrews 12:1-3
creative by