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by Rick Heizman, Nov 27, 2018

The information that I have gathered in the past 2 months, in Myanmar, much of it in Rakhine
State, and especially in Maungdaw, Buthidaung, and Rathedaung townships - where I have
spent weeks in nearly every corner of the area - is all coming together in astonishing detail.
And, there is so much that we are still processing, translating, and adding to the many
databases that I have constructed.

So, the following information is a teaser for you - so you can enjoy the fact that the truth of
this conflict, in giant waves of irrefutable evidence, information, facts and details, will
uncontrollably roar down to drown out the false narratives, fake news, and manipulation of
world bodies. Or, you may not enjoy seeing truth prevail, if you were part of the plot -
whether knowingly or naively.

About the sources of all this info: small pieces of good info from different sources, put into a
database, can turn into very significant intelligence, evidence, and conclusions. Big bundles
of various info add up to super intelligence, and that gets reinforced as one sees the whole
big picture coming into focus.

Critical info is coming from 100s of prisoner statements / confessions, tapped phones,
altered phones, miniature microphones, de-encrypted communication apps, tapped social
media, ‘bugged’ camera phones, ‘smart’ apps, Saudi informers, etc. and that means that
some of the best intel comes from the inside of the terrorist organizations themselves.
Smartphones can be made to be very smart - special thanks to Zarni, Matthew, Ro Ben,
Htay Lwin Oo, Ibrahim, Ata Ullah, etc.

Concerning the following information, for those who will try to belittle or dismiss this info, I
will suggest for you to put this on the corner of your desk - and watch this unfold.

The following are lists of names of the leaders - militant, religious, and the front men to
interact with the world. The growing database of prisoners’ statements have been a
goldmine of amazing info.

HARAKAH AL YAKIN - (the previous name for ARSA),
ARSA, and other MUJAHID groups

1. Maulana Abul Kalam Haideri - in Saudi Arabia (Maulana / Mawlana = an Islamic scholar
or teacher higher than that of Mawlawi / Maulabi / Maulvi)

2. Maulana Abul Hasan Haidari - in Saudi Arabia

3. Maulana/Mufti Abu Zar Azzam, (also known as Abu Dhar al-Burmi) - in Pakistan, born in
Buthidaung, Rakhine State, Myanmar, hence ‘al-Burmi’, related to the family of Osama
bin Laden (infamous international Mujahid expert)

4. Maulana Abu Junaid - in Pakistan (Very strong Mujahid expert)

5. Hafez Salim Ullah - in Saudi Arabia (Very active)

6. Key Leaders of Rohingya Jamiutul Ulama - in Saudi Arabia (Very active)

7. Abu Amar Jununi (also known as) Hafez Atta Ullah, or Ata Ullah - from Pakistan
(charismatic Commander-in-Chief in Northern Arakan)

8. Mohammed Noor and Ata Noor - of R-Vision, a Rohingya media outlet

9. Sheik Abu Anas - in Saudi Arabia

10. Tun Khin - of BROUK (Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK), in the U.K.

11. Htay Lwin Oo - in USA and Japan, a slick liar with a smile, deep connections with Saudi
Arabia, funded by Saudi Arabia

12. Ibrahim Mohamed - in Germany

13. Ferdus - in United Arab Emirates

14. Habib Ullah - in Pakistan

15. Key leaders of Union of the World Rohingya Organization - in Malaysia

16. Dr. Wakar Uddin - of ARU (Arakan Rohingya Union) and Burmese Rohingya Association
of North America - in USA, where he is a professor and a Saudi financed lobbyist. He is
a graduate of Rangoon University in agriculture. A contentious person, he is either liked
or hated by his own people.

17. Jaliya (Arabic = a community of people fleeing persecution and seeking protection)
group - in Saudi Arabia

18. Key leaders and members of GRC (Global Rohingya Center) - in Saudi Arabia

19. Noso Ullah - (valuable experience with missiles during the Afghan war)

20. Aryub - of RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization), another armed, militant, Islamic
terrorist group

21. Rohingya Society of Thailand - (Anwar’s group in Thailand)

Rohingya Society of Thailand - Key Members

1. Muhammed Anwar Ruwagom - in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, (high position and influence,

currently trying to buy a huge amount of weapons from Thailand’s weapons black market
to ship through Bangladesh to ARSA / Mujahid terrorists)

2. Hafez Abdu Khalek - in Bangkok, (a hit man / assassin for Anwar)

3. Alam - from Hat Yai and now in Bangkok, (special guard of Anwar and his group)

4. Boshi Ullah - in Southern Thailand (spy for Anwar’s group)

5. Mohammed – in Southern Thailand (spy for Anwar’s group)

6. Ismail - in Malaysia (spy for Anwar’s group)

7. Nur Islam - in Bangkok

8. Mamun - in Bangkok

9. Hafez Nur Mohammed – in Bangkok

10. Abu Dorda - in Bangkok

11. Shwe Hla - in Surat Thani

12. Rajuee - in Surat Thani

13. Husain - in Surat Thani

14. Hafez Elias - in Nakhon Si Tamarat

15. Amin - in Nakhon Si Tamarat

16. Amin Sayed - in Hat Yai

17. Foyas - in Kong Kaen

18. Khalu (aka) Yhaya - in Yangon

1. Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh - a very hardline Islamist pressure group of madrassa
teachers and students. Said to be a ‘front’ for Jamaat-e-Islami

2. Jamaat-e-Islami - another hardline widespread Islamist political and pressure group

3. The head of Hatazari religious school

4. Helal - in Malaysia

5. Mohammed Jonail Uddin - in Malaysia

6. Some other religious Mullahs, Mawlawis, and Maulanas

Command structure of ARSA: (more info is coming as we translate and correlate)

Group 1: Atta Ullah 

↓ ↓
Commander Shorif Commander Haled

Group 2: Rashed (Brother of Atta Ullah)


Mullah Rasheed Ullah - in Southern Maungdaw,
Mullah (............) - from Rathedaung

Mullah Hasan - in Rathedaung

Ata Ullah introduced Suhaib to the groups as the spokesperson of ARSA in June 2017.

Suhaib announced the representatives of Harakah al Yakin / ARSA in July 2017:

Representative of Harakah al Yakin / ARSA in Saudi Arabia is Maulana Abul Kalam Haidari

Representative of Harakah al Yakin / ARSA in Malaysia is Maulana Noman

Representative of Harakah al Yakin / ARSA in Thailand is Hafez Abdu Khalek

(The names of the representatives of Pakistan and Bangladesh are confidential for now, for
reasons to be explained later)

General Secretary of Harakah al Yakin / ARSA is Maulana Mustokim Abu Yasir

By Rick Heizman, Washington D.C., November 27, 2018

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