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Jensen 1

Jessica Jensen

Professor Moore

ENGL 1301.01

3 November 2018

Stand Up

For the Visual Rhetorical Analysis there are many interesting choices to choose from to

research and analyze. After I was able to view all the possible analysis choices, I decided to

choose a video. The video I have chosen to analyze is the “Stand up / Stand N’ Rock No DAPL”.

The DAPL is also known as the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline is being put in place to

transfer oil throughout native American lands, including North and South Dakota and will

continue down throughout the south eastern United States. The Sioux Tribe are the people who

began this petition to encourage others to stand up for lands. Throughout the stand-up video it is

repeated that the pipeline can cause damage to the Sioux’s land and water. The final analysis

assignment is required to be made using an internet website platform. The platforms available

include Adobe Spark, Wix, Sway, and Weebly. For my visual rhetorical analysis platform, I

chose adobe spark. After I watched the stand-up video I noticed a number of elements that can be

easily identified that will have a sufficient amount of information. I found this video intriguing,

because of the support and encouragement the Sioux tribe to be able stand up for what they

believed in. I also found the culture used in the video appealing through the use of images,

clothing, language and music. Another reason I decided to analyze this video is my family and I

are descendants of the Sioux Tribe. There are three main groups of Sioux Indians including

Western Dakota, Eastern Dakota and Lakota. My family and I descended from the Lakota Sioux

Indians. For me to watch this video I was able to experience the culture and language of the
Jensen 2

Sioux Indians. Along with the details and effort that was put into making this petition video. I

found the use of color and music interesting in how all the signs and outfits were colorful and

geared to the colors of fall. The music was fascinating in how the video included the sound of the

drums and other instruments.

Preliminary Thesis Statement

The use of music, language and clothing in the Stand-up / Stand n rock petition video enhances

the view of culture and encouragement that is being given to support the preservation of earth

and the Native American lands.

Thesis Statement in Final Essay

The use of music, clothing, color, and community in the Stand-Up / Stand N Rock petition video

demands the support to encourage the preservation of earth and native American lands.