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Pokhara Engineering College


Subject: “Management of Construction Equipment”

Attempt all questions:

1. Discuss the classification of Construction equipment as per CIB Classification.

Differentiate between preventive and breakdown maintenance with proper examples.

2. What are the ways to control the equipment operation efficiently? Give the proper
justifications as an engineer. Show your acquaintance regarding scope of Construction
equipment in the context of developing country like Nepal?

3. A piece of equipment costing Rs 1.5 lakh at the time of purchase has salvage value of
Rs 25,000 at the end of its useful life of 12 years. Calculate the rate of depreciation,
yearly depreciation and book value of the equipment for each of the years during the
useful life of the equipment using Declining Balance method.

4. Explain in brief the factors needed to be considered while selecting construction

plants and equipment. How are you as a project engineer going to control the
equipment operation efficiently? Calculate the requirement of Dump trucks for
transportation to filling area:
Given: carrying capacity of a 16 cum truck is 24 tons
Unit wt. of loose materials=1400kgs per cum
Working hour in a day=10hrs, Working days=60days, Loading time=3min, Hauling
time=90min, Unloading time=2min, Return time=90min, Spot & relaxation

5. What are the key market trends in the construction plants and equipment? Justify with
proper reasons & examples in context of Nepal. The installation of the first ever
tunnel boring machine (TBM) brought to Nepal to dig a tunnel for the Bheri Babai
Diversion Multipurpose Project. Show your familiarity with this machine. Write down
the uses of Excavators.

6. While monitoring the operation record of a dozer at ABC Road project, it was
discovered that the machine was in good working order for 60 days, it was under
repair for 15 days and had to wait for spare parts & lubricants to arrive at site for 8
days. Calculate the mechanical availability and use of availability of this machine.
Working hours is from 6AM to 8 PM and 7 days a week.
7. Explain how economic life of equipment is different from actual life of the
equipment. What are those costs that have to be considered to fix plant or equipment
hiring rate? Explain. A 2cum crawler mounted excavator is purchased new for Rs.
50,000. Its estimated life is 10 years with a resale value of Rs. 5000 at the end of
useful life. Insurance premium & road tax is Rs 250 per year and Rs, 150 per year
respectively. Other costs incurred to own & operate the equipment are:
maintenance cost: 12% of capital cost
consumables= Rs 450 per year
OH of business= Rs 2 per hour
Required rate of return=15%
Budgeted operating time= 2000hrs/year
Transportation charge=Rs 100 each time
Calculate the economic hiring rate of this equipment. Other necessary data may be

8. List the general rules to be followed by the equipment operators. Describe about the
maintenance of Bitumen Boilers and Sprayers. A large wheel dozer with a blade
width of 3.2m working from 8Am to 6 PM forms an average load profile of 1.5sqm.
Percentages swell of excavated soil is 32%. This machine pushes earth to distances of
500m at a speed of 12Kmph and returns the same distances at the speed of 15Kmph.
Calculate the output of the dozer on that day.