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Bubble Wrap Insulation

Bubble wrap insulation is one of the most popular options to insulate house and other
premises these days. It is also an economical option that other traditional thermal insulations.
Bubble wrap can be utilized to insulate greenhouse, attics and windows as well. The film of
air bubble is made up from polyethylene and widely available in different choices of single
bubble insulation and double bubble insulation. For better result such film is coated with pure
aluminum sheet that gives the reflective behavior to the overall insulation material. The
overall insulation material makes very good product to prevent the temperature trap because
the air bubble confined good insulator. The air inside the bubble helps resist against the
temperature changes.

One of the major advantages of using bubble wrap insulation is that it can be applied easily
without any technical requirements. It controls the radiant heat to transfer inside and saves
lots of energy requires maintaining cooler temperature in close environment. This way it
prevents the temperature rise inside house for much longer period.

Bubble wrap roof insulation requires simple household tools to install it above any roof or at
window. Another use of this bubble wrap material is for packaging material. It can be cut
easily with scissors to make available for any size and shape and it is extremely lightweight
that can be transfer from one place to another without any trouble. Single bubble insulation
can be attaché to the windows simply by spraying water on the glass and then pressing the
film over the wet face. It does not requires any adhesive material to stick with glass.

Another advantage of double bubble insulation material is it's property as acting against the
pest deterrent. Such reflective insulation minimizes the human exposure to mildew elements,
molds, fungus due to it's plastic foils. It also prevents the window from scratches and can be
removed easily without any use of dismantling element. The core reason why this material is
getting popular is that it is quite cheaper than the traditional hard board material.

Bubble wrap insulation material can be used again and again and generally it comes with
long self life. It can be used for many seasons and breakdown the unwanted raise or loss in
temperature easily..
Double Bubble Insulation
Double Bubble Insulation reflects almost 97% of the radiant heat rays to keep the inner
atmosphere cool. Double bubble thermal insulation material is actually a two layered
polyethylene air bubble film laminated between 99% of pure aluminum material. This
structure makes the air bubble film much stronger and durable that can even withstand
punctures and tears over a long run.

Reflective double bubble insulation material is very versatile in nature when it comes to use
in household or industrial applications. It can be applied over roofs, ceilings, attics and crawl
space, underground walls, metal structure, steel walls, concrete walls and floors and warm
ducts. Such insulation material blocks sun rays and heat penetrating inside home and
industrial shed in summer and keeps the inner atmosphere warm in cold by stopping the inner
warm atmosphere leaking outside. In most of the cases garages are not equally insulated as
the homes and it becomes an easy way for warmer or cooler atmosphere to disturb the inner
temperature. To save more on cost for garage insulation most of the people buy hollow doors
for garages that include a sandwiched structure of metal and wood. However the solution lies
in putting a perfect barrier film like tinfoil or aluminum sheet over windows and doors. The
same can be performed perfectly with the double bubble insulation film that blocks heat
penetration and keeps garage and thus home more comfortable in all kind of atmosphere.

When double bubble insulation barrier is applied along the rafters on your roof, it effectively
blocks the incoming rays and radiant heat from the sun. On the other way it is very effective
in winter by stopping the inner hot atmosphere to penetrate outside. In most of the cases
radiant energy transform inside through attic structure and gradually heats the ceiling
including joists, wall boards, wooden structure and roof. And this is why the air conditioning
system has to work hard to constantly cool the coming rays and heat from the attic. However
in condition of radiant barrier film in attic, it reflects most of the radiation right back.

Aerolam insulations' double bubble insulation and reflective film is constructed with two
layers of polyethylene bubbled film bonded between aluminum radiant barrier. Technically
most of the radiant barriers need at least a small air gap in both of the sides so that a foil can
work perfectly and can reflect most of the radiant heat outside. Our double bubble radiant
film can be applied in tight and tiny gaps like basement and underground walls or in-between
the joints of the two floors to perform the best insulator of the temperature and heat transfer.
Aerolam insulations' double bubble insulation film is specially designed for the use in
domestic, roof insulation, commercial and HVAC applications to reduce unwanted heat gain
or loss due to outer atmosphere. It also helps to abolish condensation. Such method specially
works in metal frames and walls, under constructed buildings, and all types of attics due to its
lightweight and easy to install nature. The air bubble film on both sides allows it to reflect
97% of radiant heat away from the roof and walls and prevent it penetrating inside. Therefore
it works effectively in both hotter and colder atmosphere. Double bubble insulation films
helps a lot in saving good amount of money that requires cooling your home in summers and
heating your home in winter and helps you go green by reducing energy consumption and
affecting less the nature.

Aluminium Foil Bubble Jakarta Insulation

Apakah Anda tahu apa itu Aluminium Foil Bubble? Mungkin sebagian orang ada yang belum
mengetahui dari jenis produk Aluminium ini. Kami akan jelaskan sedikit mengenai
Aluminium Bubble Foil adalah teknologi insulasi yang terbaru dan merupakan pengganti
insulasi model lama yaitu glasswool.

Aluminium Bubble Foil menawarkan thermal yang unggul, mudah untuk digunakan, hemat,
tahan api, aman untuk lingkungan dan sehat untuk pemilik rumah dan pembangun rumah.
Aluminium Bubble Foil adalah gabungan dari 99, 5 % aluminium murni, plastik gelembung
yang terbaik dan 99, 5 % aluminium murni.

Kemampuan Aluminium Bubble Foil

Alumunium Bubble Foil adalah insulasi yang menggunakan teknologi NASA yang dapat
membuat rumah anda lebih sejuk walaupun udara di luar panas. Rahasianya adalah
Aluminium Bubble Foil dapat merintangi 3 jenis pemindahan panas yaitu Radiasi (
memantulkan 97 % radiasi panas ), Konduksi ( melindungi rumah/ gedung dari panasnya
sinar matahari ), dan Konfeksi ( menutup hawa dingin dari luar dengan rapat ) .

Aplikasi Aluminium Bubble Foil :

 Bangunan Komersil
 Industri
 Peternakan
 Rumah Tinggal
 udang
 Pabrik

Keunggulan Aluminium Foil Bubble:

 Mempunyai daya pantul 97% panas radiasi

 Bersih dan tidak mengandung bahan yang mengakibatkan kanker / asma
 Bahannya sangat ringan, flexible dan gampang dipasang
 Kuat, tahan robek dan tidak mudah bocor
 Tahan akan kelembaban udara / air dan tahan angin
 Tidak menyebarkan Api
 Tahan lama ( tidak mengundang burung, jamur, dan serangga )
 Dapat memantulkan cahaya sehingga menghemat listrik
 Bergaransi
 Ukuran barang : 1 x 30 m

Bubble Foil

Air Radiant Shield Insulation atau Bubble Foil adalah aluminium foil yang di desain khusus
dengan fungsi melindungi bangunan anda dari cuaca buruk, panas secara efektif dan efisien,
karena memiliki kemampuan memantulkan sinar ultra violet sampai 97% sehingga menjaga
ruangan tetap nyaman pada berbagai cuaca.

Terbuat dari bahan bubble atau plastik gelembung udara yang biasa di gunakan untuk lapisan
elektronik, bubble yang digunakan berkualitas tinggi sehingga kuat, bersih dan tidak mudah

Spesifikasi :

– Bubble Foil 8mm

Lapisan : Woven Foil + Bubble + Woven Foil

Ukuran : 1.2m x 25m

– Bubble Foil 4mm Premium

Lapisan : Aluminium Foil Asli + Bubble + Aluminium Foil Asli

Ukuran : 1.2m x 25m

– Bubble Foil 4mm Medium

Lapisan : Aluminium Foil Asli + Bubble + Aluminium Foil Metalizing

Ukuran : 1.2m x 25m

– Bubble Foil 4mm Ekonomi

Lapisan : Aluminium Foil Metalizing + Bubble + Aluminium Foil Metalizing

Ukuran : 1.2m x 25m



LxP Gambar Aluminium Harga

No SP Foil
(Mtr) Buble Foil (Rp/Btg)

1 Bubble Foil 1,2x25 450.000


2 mm
2 Foam Foil 1,2x25 450.000


2 mm

3 Foam Foil 1,2x25 545.000


4 mm