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Code: 17D38102

M.Tech I Semester Regular Examinations February 2018

(Common to DECS and ECE)
(For students admitted in 2017 only)

Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 60

Answer all the questions
1 (a) Define random variable and give an example.
(b) Derive the relations between power spectrum and autocorrelation function.
2 (a) State and prove central limit theorem.
(b) A uniformly distributed random variable ‘X’ has a probability density function given by:

Determine mean and variance.

3 (a) Draw the baseband transmission system block diagram and explain the transmission
(b) Derive equation for power spectra in unipolar binary RZ signal.
4 (a) Explain the need of equalizers in baseband transmission.
(b) Discuss decision-directed adaptive equalizer with the help of block diagram and how it reduces

5 (a) Draw the constellation diagram for M = 16 in M-ary PSK system.

(b) Explain BPSK system transmitter and receiver with the help of diagrams.
6 (a) Discuss about constant envelope modulation techniques. How they are different from linear
modulation techniques.
(b) Describe the coherent detection procedure of M-ary PSK system.

7 (a) What is meant by receiver synchronization and why it is required?

(b) Draw the early-late gate synchronizer and explain the operation.
8 Discuss different methods of synchronization based on wide sense cyclo-stationary process.

9 (a) List the properties of PN sequence.

(b) With the help of block diagram, explain how DSSS can be implemented. Draw the input and
output waveforms.
10 (a) Describe the operation of direct sequence spread spectrum technique with neat block diagram.
(b) Define the terms processing gain and jamming margin.