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Pumps   Valves   Systems

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HGM – Horizontal, Multistage High-pressure 
Ring-section Pump

Industry Water Waste Water Energy Building Services Mining

■ Handling feed water in power stations
■ Handling boiler feed water and condensate
in industrial plants

More information:
HGM – Horizontal, Multistage High-pressure  
Ring-section Pump

1856.022-10 / 03.11 / Subject to technical modification without prior notice / © KSB Aktiengesellschaft 2011
  Very smooth operation   Ease of service
thanks to product-lubricated bearings
  Optimum matching to customer
  Low NPSH values requirements
thanks to axial inlet. Combined with suction impeller thanks to various hydraulic system options
as a standard.
  With just one mechanical seal as
  No auxiliary systems required a standard; uncooled up to 140 ˚C,  
No cooling water or lubricant supply with integrated air cooler up to 160 ˚C

Technical data
Flow rate Up to 76 l/s, 274 m3/h
Head Up to 1,400 m
Fluid temperature Up to +160 °C
Pump suction pressure Up to 7 bar
Pump discharge pressure Up to 140 bar
Speed Up to 3,600 min-1

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