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Why do North Indian Hindus have weddings at night,

whereas South Indian Hindus have them in day time?

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Subhajeet S Roy, A secular Indian

Answered 71w ago
This is a simple one to answer. The reason why "North Indians" perform weddings at night and
"South Indians" perform weddings during the day is not geographical.

"South Indians" are descendents of the Dravidian race, whereas "North Indians"
are descendents of the Aryan race. As per Dravidian customs of wedding, the time
immediately after sunrise was considered auspicious as the world bathes in the first light of the
sun. Dravidians considered themselves to be Suryavanshis (the descendents of the Sun
God). Hence, weddings in the Dravidian race (called as Kalyanaman) were organised after

On the contrary, as per Aryan customs, the time between sunset and sunrise was considered
auspicious. The Aryans, who considered themselves to be Chandravanshis (the
descendents of the Moon God), seeked the blessings of the Moon at their weddings and hence, the
weddings were organised at night.

Archit Moghe, a suitable explanation of why weddings in some communities of Madhya Pradesh,
Maharashtra, Goa and other regions in the Central India are performed during the day is - The
Central India has a mixed race of Dravidians and Aryans.

To summarise, people who consider themselves belonging to Dravidian race perform weddings
after sunrise whereas people who consider themselves belonging to Aryan race perform weddings
after sunset, irrespective of whether they are South Indian, North Indian, East Indian, West
Indian or Central Indian.

I would like to add that India does not have pure Aryan race. Hinduism in Indian civilization is
a mix of various cultures of Dravidian and Indo-Aryan races. Please note that Dravidians
followed a non-Vedic form of Hinduism, whereas Indo-Aryans followed Vedic