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Wawancara kerja dalam bahasa inggris?

Waktu pertama kali ngerasain english
interview, Alhamdulillah… bikin kepala mumet, mata berkupu-kupu (diganti karena kunang-
kunang lagi mudik), perut mules, keringat dingin, gemetaran & bikin perut laper. Dengan
strategi pasang kuping lebar-lebar untuk denger per-kata + liatin gerak bibir lawan bicara
dikeluarin segala kemampuan untuk menjawab pertanyaan yang akhirnya Alhamdulillah…
gagal. Saat itu langsung evaluasi diri dan menyimpulkan kalo wawancara kerja dalam bahasa

linggis eh inggris memang menakutkan . Penyebabnya adalah kurangnya kemampuan
terutama speaking dan listening skill. Bagi semuanya yang pernah mengalami hal-hal serupa
silahkan copy–paste rangkuman interview ini, mumpung gratis dan belum diblokir. Semoga
bisa membantu.


Interviewer : We’ve received your application letter, CV and credentials. Now, we’re
going to interview you to get more information about you. To start with, would
you please tell me a little about yourself?

Candidate : All right. My name’s … My friends usually call me … That’s my nickname.
I’m from …, but actually I was born in … and grew up in … My parent were
pensioner. Now I live with my parents in …

I am graduated from Faculty of … of … University with GPA ... I’m a hard
working and creative person who possesses leadership and managerial skill as
well as technical writing skill (jelasin kelebihan-mu). Being able to speak
English and Japanesse fluently will surely benefit me much to carry out my
work later.

Well I heard that your company is offering a position as a staff for … So, I’m
here now to apply for the position as I believe that I have the skills and

Interviewer : All right. Thank you. Now please …

(3 menit pertama yang menentukan kesan yang baik tentang dirimu)

Interviewer : Now, would you please tell me about u’r educational background?

Candidate : I was admitted in the … faculty, majoring in … I graduated from …
University in <month, year>. To complete my final task, I did a research in …
and then wrote a thesis entitled …

Interviewer : It sounds convincing

Candidate : Thank you. Besides attending classes in the university. I also took some
courses like English, Japanesse, and computer. I’m sure that my skills on those
languages and computer will surely support my work later in u’r company.

Interviewer : Yes, I hope so

Candidate : In addition, I joined some student’s extra curricular activities such as student
executive boards or in Indonesian we call it Badan Eksekitif Mahasiswa
(BEM), martial arts, hiking, basket ball, soccer, etc. I was the chairman of that
several organization from … to … That activity really taught me how to
manage people effectively and solved managerial problems.

Interviewer : So… are you trying to say that you are an experienced person in conflict
resolution management?

Candidate :…

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Mr. Adam : In addition to learning, whatever activity you follow when in college or school?
What position you hold?

Joseph : I just followed the lessons the English language only and no position that I hold

Mr. Adam : Why did you decide to apply for jobs in this company

Joseph : Because I am master of financial management
Mr. Adam : positions, what you want?

Joseph : I really wanted was the financial manager position
Mr. Adam : If you are accepted at that position, what would you do about this company so
that the company be developing?

Joseph : I will run my tasks well and certainly cooperated well with my superiors or

Mr. Adam : Okay thanks for the answers you have provided. accepted or not, you can visit
my blog
yes, thank you

Joseph : Yes, your welcome

The following English dialogue contains typical questions a staff of human resource
department may ask to a job applicant. During the conversation, the job applicant needs to
give positive impression to the interviewer especially in answering questions that are related
to his or her qualifications and work experience. The first part of the dialogue is introduction.
The interviewer may ask some questions such as,
 Was it difficult to find our office?
 How was the street traffic when you came?
 How are you today?
Sometimes the interviewer may offer something to drink too. It is a "breaking the ice" type of

Hi, I am Agatha. I come for a job interview. I was called two days ago.
(Job applicant)
Simon Hi, Agatha. I am Simon. I am the head of the human resource department of this company. H
(Interviewer) today?
Agatha Fine. How about you?
Simon I am fine too. Was it difficult to find our office?
Agatha No. Before I came here, I asked some of my friends about the exact location of this office.
Simon Can I get you anything?
Agatha Thank you. A cup of tea, please.

After the breaking the ice dialogue, the interviewer will begin asking questions related to the
work experience and position which the applicant has applied.
Agatha, in your resume you said that you used to work in Canada. Could you tell me a little b
Yes, after getting a diploma on Travel and Hotel Management from Vancouver Premier Colle
in Metropolitan Hotel in Vancouver city for two years.
Simon What was your position at that time?
Agatha For the first six months, I was a marketing staff. Then I was tasked to develop eco-tour progr
Simon So, you traveled around Canada a lot.
Yes, but only around Vancouver city, and to beaches and sea as well as to some marine parks
British Columbia.
Simon Did you enjoy your job?
Agatha Yes. I liked it very much. Unfortunately, I had to leave the country because my husband work
Simon That's why you apply for position of tour leader in this company. Can you swim or dive?
I am a PADI certified divemaster. I believe that my unique skill in scuba diving can bring sig
contribution to the company's plan on developing its business in marine ecotourism sector.
It's nice to hear that you are a dive-master. We will open a diving center soon. We hope that y
of this new business. Can you speak any other languages?
Agatha I speak English and French.
Simon Could you tell me your current salary?
Agatha I don't have a job right now. But when I was working in Vancouver, I got 23,000 US dollars p
Simon When can you start?
Agatha Tomorrow.
Simon OK, Agatha. I will let you know this afternoon.

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This above sample of English conversation should not be seen as an identical type of
dialogue that a job applicant will experience when being interviewed by an employer. He or
she needs to read other samples of job interview. After reading the above English dialogue,
please, answer the following quiz.