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AAs active members of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #20, in good standing, we are strongly recommending and calling for the impeachment and swift removal of Sergeant Javier Ortiz as it’s President. We are greatly in need of ethical leadership and competent, fair representation. We strongly believe Sergeant Ortiz has not acted on behalf of the best interest of its members and has severely damaged the effectiveness of our union during his tenure. His conduct and immaturity during his tenure has brought discredit to the Lodge. He has exhibited ethically questionable conduct, a lack of media discretion, an unwillingness to ‘communicate transparently to the membership, and purposeful misrepresentation of the membership. He has lost sight of the union’s goals and has repeatedly ignored our collective concerns. With both benefits and compensation eroded, the past few years have been some of the most unnecessarily difficult years of our careers — creating distressful rippling effects through both our personal and professional qualities of life. Our members are a reflection of our diverse city. We are hard-working, dedicated officers who pride ourselves on serving our community with unwavering faith — even when faced with the management of often difficult situations. As our community grows and new revenue opportunities become available, we wish to share in its prosperity. As such, our union should exist to advocate on our collective behalf, as a place where all members feel they can be heard and provided competent guidance; not misrepresented, maligned, treated as outsiders and/or wholly disregarded Listed below are examples of Sergeant Ortiz’s conduct that are, at their least, unbecoming leadership, and, at their most egregious, in direct conflict to his responsibilities as union President. We sincerely appreciate the board's consideration and hope the following examples will help you make a swit listress to our union members. decision, preventing further. We hope that with Sergeant Ortiz’s removal, the union's previously strong morale and capacity to persistently pull together in pursuit of a common good can be restored. ‘As lead bargaining negotiator in labor contract negotiations, Sergeant Ortiz not only presented misleading information, conducted ill-informed presentations, but overall failed to properly ‘educate union members on proposed changes that would significantly adversely affect ‘compensation, benefits and pensions throughout the negotiation process. When presented with the final contract draft — a new, complex and extensive legal document — members were allowed less time to review, educate themselves, and ask questions before voting. Attached you will find an email he sent out to the members regarding the contract Sergeant Ortiz attempted to pass and 94% of the members voted against. In the email he states, “/ will give an extensive PowerPoint presentation via centralized roll calls at Central.” Sergeant Ortiz never gave these extensive PowerPoint presentations and purposely did not mention significant changes at these roll calls. In 2012, Sergeant Ortiz lied to several members who were promoted to sergeant that if they voted for the contract, they would get a full 15% raise that had been denied to them by the City as well as being made “whole” with retroactive pay (a grievance had been filed on their behalf the year prior). Sergeant Ortiz had knowledge that this would not occur (the grievance settlement was signed before the contract was presented and voted on by the membership). Sergeant Ortiz then signed an MOU with the city manager in 2013 that changed the pay scale for these officers/sergeants lowering their promotional change (most only received a total of a 12% raise on average), which negated the Wages article in that contract. Sergeant Ortiz failed to disclose a highly significant contract changes regarding the restoration of pay and benefits as it relates to the on-going lawsuit against the City of Miami. When the City of Miami declared financial urgency in 2009, consequently stripping members of pay and benefits and imposing its own terms. In 2013, Sergeant Ortiz presented the body with a Ratification of Labor Agreement (Proposed Labor Agreement 11/2013) and attended roll calls to discuss the changes. The ratification required that language associated to pending lawsuits associated to the restoration of benefits be deleted (Article 18.20 & 45.8 - Proposed Labor ‘Agreement 11/2013). FOP President was asked during the open forum why this language was being deleted when it is the only written assurance the members have that benefits will be restored if those actions are deemed unlawful. The response was that the only way the city would accept a ratification was to do away with the protective language. Although Sergeant Ortiz sent the union members e-mails stating he would provide “extensive PowerPoint presentations,” he instead gave poor presentations leaving out important changes. ‘At one centralized roll call, wen both contract errors and significant changes he failed to ‘mention were brought to his attention, Sergeant Ortiz became belligerent and defensive. On ‘multiple occasions, he verbally attacked members who voiced concern. On one occasion, Sergeant Ortiz shouted to members, “If you don't lke it, vote me out!” Sergeant Ortiz also attempted to endorse a restructure of the step scale that would effectively lower member's pay by putting them on different steps. Again, Sergeant Ortiz provided no documentation or explanation. At roll calls, Sergeant Ortiz openly and regularly stated that the City of Miami was “broke” and that the terms of the labor contract were the very best he was able to negotiate. He also stated the city was still not collecting enough property taxes. Members promptly provided evidence to the contrary, including a Bloomberg report citing Miami's rising bond rating as well as the significant and rapid improvement of Miami's real estate market. Additionally, members shared a Mayor Regalado interview where the Mayor projected a nearly $90 million surplus for the City of Miami in fiscal year 2014. His conveniently curt response: “The mayor lies.” Though all of this information was both public record and readily accessible to Sergeant Ortiz, he attempted to obscure the data and otherwise mislead members. Following the City of Miami’s 2009 financial urgency declaration, a large group of veteran members were faced with the difficult decision of forced, early retirement or the “Drop Program.” While the fire department's union properly advised their members who would be affected, Sergeant Ortiz did not. As a result, over 100 members were forced to seek outside legal representation after discovering Sergeant Ortiz and the union left them ill-informed. As a result, those members are still currently involved in extensive, costly litigation, Members have repeatedly requested to be kept informed during current contract negotiations, made suggestions, and filed motions at FOP meetings to have information distributed to the members. Sergeant Ortiz has been defiant in keeping the members informed and part of contract negotiation process. As President, Sergeant Ortiz is responsible to act as the public voice of a culturally diverse police department. As such, his communication to the media should be voiced with integrity as a representation of its members, not for his own political and personal aspirations. His press releases, media interviews and social media are often incendiary, divisively creating conflict with other agencies and division within our own department. Sergeant Ortiz has repeatedly disseminated unnecessary controversial communication, bringing both embarrassment and ‘media scrutiny to both the union and department. When union members asked executive board members, “Who is responsible for the approval of Sergeant Ortiz’s media communication on behalf of the union?” board member Sergeant Scarola affirmed the executive board was unable to exercise any control over Sergeant Ortiz's emails, social media or press releases. [Attached please find copies of selected examples of Sergeant Ortiz’s incendiary communication.) Following an incident in the City of Pinecrest (a traffic accident that resulted in the death of two pedestrians) where an off-duty Sergeant Ortiz happened to arrive on the scene, he publicly