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    2015   2016   2017  

Total  Local  Production   228.30   229.70   248.07   1,190.73  

Total  Exports   38.00   38.30   40.00   42.50  

Total  Imports   153.20   153.20   165.45   177.03  

Imports  from  the  US  

5.60   5.70   5.98   6.25  

Total  Market  Size   343.50   344.80   373.52   1,325.26  

    US  $  Million  US  $  Million   US  $  Million  

•   The  total  size  of  the  agricultural  machinery  sector  is  approximately  $1.3  billion,  
consisting  of  a  combination  of  tractors,  harvesters,  and  other  small-­‐scale  agricultural  
•   Pakistan  Vision  2025  “Create  a  modern,  efficient  and  diversified  agricultural  sector  
that  can  ensure  a  stable  and  adequate  provision  of  basic  food  supplies  for  the  
country’s  population  and  provide  quality  products  for  export.”    
•   Pakistan’s  domestic  production  of  tractor  units  increased  approximately  8.5  percent  
during  FY  2017-­‐18.    
•   Production  grew  19.4  percent  to  45,325  tractor  units  as  compared  to  37,938  units  
last  year.    
•   It  is  envisaged  that  Pakistan  Tractor  Market  required  60,000  Tractors  Annually  by  
Next  year  .  
•   There  is  a  gap  of  15,000  Tractors  production  in  the  market.  
•   Belarus  Tractor  willing  to  fill  this  Gap  by  producing  10,000  Tractors  Annually  in  
Pakistan  through  establishing  Tractor  assembling  Plant.  
•   Tractors  produced  locally  are  under  license  agreements  with  foreign  companies  from  
the  United  States,  Belarus,  Turkey,  and  China.    
•   Domestic  industry  has  the  indigenous  capacity  to  produce  agricultural  machinery  
and  equipment  to  meet  only  15  percent  of  the  country’s  total  requirements.    
•   Production  is  expected  to  increase  by  8  percent  to  10  percent  annually  over  the  next  
4  to  5  years  as  local  manufacturers,  spurred  by  the  increase  in  demand,  gear  their  
output  and  diversify  their  product  lines.