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Obey The Spirit of The Lord
For Four-Part Chorus of Mired Voices with Solo Voice
and Piano Accompaniment
Additional Tert by Louise Dobbs Arranged and Adapted by Robert De Cormier




I'm gon-na srng the spir-it says sing,

I'm gon - na sing, yes,l'm gon - na

I'm gon - na sing, yes,l'm gon-na

I'm gon - na sing, yesrl'm Bon - na

I'm gon - na sing, yesrl'm gon-na


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Printed in li .S A
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wellrl'm gon-na

na sing- when the sPir - tt sa-""s slng

1res,l'm gon -

yesrl'm gon'na I'm gon - na

Yesr I'm gon'nat

yes,I'm gon'na I'm gon - na

yeE I'm gon - na,

gon'na sing. I'm gon'na

I'm gon - na, yesrl'm

I'm gon - na
I'm gon - na, yesrl'm gon- na

L.c. Co. 51619

I'm Eon- na tho Eti? - it

shout, pray_ and o - be)

and o

shout. pray- and o rne uordE

shout, pray-- and o


I'm gon-na sing whenthespir-it says sing, ha-le-lu-ia, gon - na

I'm gorr - na sing $henthespir-it says sing, ha-le-lu- ia, gon - na

I'm gon - na sing wheothespir-it s8ys sing ha-le-lu - ia, Bon - na

I'm gon - ne sing wheothespir-it sayE oiag, hr-le-lu- ia. tor- na


L.c. Co. 51619

sing whenthe spir'it seys sing, Y€Sr- I'm gm-na sing when thespir'it says

sing when the sPir'it says slng, yes-- I'm ' ton'na sing whenthespir'it says

sPir'it Y€s- I'm gon'na sing when thesPir'it says

sing when the says

sillg when the sPir-it saYs srng, Y€S- I'm gon-na sing shen the sPir' it seys


it of the I'm gon-na

I'm- gon'na o-bey rhe spir -

spir-it of the I'm gon'na

stng. ir- ton'na o' bey the Lord'

the spir-it of the Lord' I'm gon'na

I'm- gon 'na

I'm gon - na
I'm- . ton 'na o-bey rhe spir-it of the Lad'

L.G. Co. 51619

shout whenthespir'it says shout hal.le - lu-jatr,gon'na shout whenthespir-it says

shout whenthespir'it says shout, hal- le - lu-jah,gon'na shout when the spir - it says


shout whenthespir:it says shoul, hal - le'lu-iah ton'na shout whenthespir-it


shout. when the spir - it says shout, hal - le ' lu ' jah,gon ' na Shout when the spir - it says

shout, yes. I'm gon - na shout when the spir - it savs shotrt.

shoul yes,
- I'm gon - na shout when thespir-it says shout. l'm--
-- >

shout yes I'm gon - na shout whenthespir'it saYs shout. EOn - na

> ?-. >

yes, I'm gon - na shour *hen the spir - it says

L-c. co. 51619

1. Let the eanh be glad,-
2. Let the skies re'jolce, -

spir - it of the
1. Let the
2. Let the

1. Let the
rhe spir - it or the
2. Let the

spir'it of the 1. Let the

o- bey the Lord. 2. Let the

o-bey the spir - it of the LorE:'/

oh let sea be'movedr- let the

oh let
the moun- talns slng,
ler the

earth be glad, let the . sea be moved,-

skies -
re - Jorce,- let the moun'larns srng,-

earth be glad,- let the sea be moved,-

the moun - tains sing,-
skies re -

let the sea be moved,-

let the moun - tains sin8.-

let the sea be moved,-

let the moun - tains sinB,-

L.6r. Co.51619
fields be filled,-
heav - ens shout,-

be filled with o - bey the spir-it of lhe

oh shout lrvith

be filled with the spir-ir of the

oh shout with

be fiUed with o- bey the spir-it

oh shout wirh

be fiUed with joy,-

oh shout with joy,-

I'm gon-na sing when the spir-it ssys sing, hal-le'lu'jah,gon'na

I'm gm-na sing when the spir -it says sint, hal'le - lu' jah,gm'na

I'n gm-na sing when the spir-it ssys sin8, hal - le - lu - ia\gon-na

I'o got - na sing when the spir-it ssys tinBr hal' le' lu''na

sint when the spir. it ssys sinq yes- I'm gon'na sing when the spir' it says

sing when the spir-it says yes,--l'm gon'na slng when the spir'it says

sing when the spir -it says I'm gon-na sing when the spir'it 6ays

sing when the spir'it saYs sing, yes- I'm gon'na sinB when the spir-it says

l'm gon -na

ton - na the splr - it of the Lord

srng. I'm- gon 'na rhe spir - it of the

sing. I'm- gon'na the spir - il of the

sing. I'm Eon'n8 the sPit - it of the

L.G. Co- 51619


when the spir'it says pray, I'm gon ' na PraY when the

pr&y _

I r pfay_
Pray__ ' _'-. .

pray Pray _
pray_ Pray _

spir- it says pray, I'm gon-na when the spir - il says PraY. l'm 8on'na





L.G. Co. 51619

o-bey rhe splr - it of the For the earth rs His-

o- bey the splr - it of the Lord

o- bey the spir - it of the

o-bey the splr-ir of the Lord

rhe splr-it of the LorEi tl)e

v'es, He made the hllls- and He

earrh rs Hrs- made the htlls.-

earth rs Hrsr--. nade the htIIs-

earlh rs His- made the htlls.-

is His- made the

L.G. Co.. 51619

a tempo (gospel)

on a heav-en 'lY throne- a heav-en-ly, heav-en- Iy,

a rempo (gospl)

heav-en - ly, heav-en-ly throne.l, I'm gon -na

A heav'n-ly throne I'm gon - na

A heav'n-ly throne. I'nr gon - na

A heav'n-ly thrme I'm gon - na

A heav'n - ly tluone. I'm gon - na

L.G. Co.51819

when the spir'it says slng, well, I'm Bon - na

yes, I'm gon'na

yes/ I'm gon'na

yes, I'm gon' na Slng

when the sptr'lt

L.G. Co. 51618

r, I

when the sprr - lt saYS

yes. I'm gon' na slng-

I'm gon - na I'm gon - na slng

I'm gon - na, yes. I'm Bon - na slng

I'm gon - na yes, I'm gon - na slng


I'm gon -na o - bey-

l'm gon - na shout, PraY- and o bey.

I'm gon-na shout, pray- and o

I'm gon - na shout,

I'm gon - na shout, pray- and o

--.- ----/
L.G. Co. 51619



I'm gon - na

t A os in hoy.

L.G. Co. 51619