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D Dissertations in WEST Library

Author Date Title

Yohahn Su 1993 The contribution of Scottish Covenant Thought to the
discussions of The Westminster Assembly (1643-1648)
and its continuing significance to the Marrow Controversy
E. J. Muskus 1995 The origins and early development of Liberation Theology
in Latin America with particular reference to Gustavo
Tjeng Sin Ham 1995 A contextual comparative, legal and theological
examination of mixed marriage as practised in Indonesia
1974-1994: With special emphasis on pastoral
Thomas Seaward Holland 1996 The Paschal – New Exodus Motif in Paul’s letter to the
Romans with special reference to its Christological
Bong Geun Cho 1996 A critical comparative study of Pneumatology in UK
(particularly England) Protestant Theology and the World
Council of Churches between 1965-1993
M. A. Milton 1997 The application of the theology of the Westminster
Assembly in the ministry of the welsh puritan, Vavasor
Powell (1617-1670)
Adrian Popa 1997 Proverbs and creation. A study in poetics and theology
Peter Robert Back 1997 Dynamic equivalent conversion and baptism for converts
from Islam
Mun Hong Choi 1999 The personality of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament
with special reference to Luke-Acts
John Harley 1999 An evaluation of the soteriology of John Murray
Stephen North 1999 Presbuteroi Christianoi. Towards a theory of integrated
Sheku Wango Vandi 2000 Christianity and culture in Sierra Leone—with special
reference to the conflict between Evangelical Protestant
Churches and traditional practices
In Whan Kim 2000 An analysis and evaluation of the tithe practice of the
Korean Protestant Church from the perspective of the
biblical tithe law
Kwang Shin Chun 2000 A historical and theological assessment of the 1907
Korean Revival
Ho Jin Jun 2000 An evangelical response to religious Pluralism and
Fundamentalism in Asia with special reference to
Indonesia, Japan and South Korea
Richard M. Edwards 2001 Scriptural perspicuity in the early English Reformation in
historical theology
Ilie Beniamin Foragau 2002 New purchases on larger meanings. In the light of John’s
conscious and contextual interlocking of Revelation 1.1 –
2.7 with its Old Testament background
(part 1)
Sung Tae Kim 2003 An historical and theological analysis of the role of the
Holy Spirit in preaching in English Protestant writings in
Britain between 1945 and 2000
Keun Soo Kim 2003 Kingdom of God in the Korean Presbyterian Church
(Hapdong) from 1885-1988
Ilho Lee 2003 The synagogues in Luke-Acts: History and the Jewish
Kyung-Suk Lee 2004 Paul’s corporate perspective in 1 Corinthians with special
relevance to EKKAHEIA as the new covenant community
of God’s holy people: towards a corporate interpretation
Sebastian Ryszard Smolarz 2005 Covenant and the metaphor of divine marriage in Biblical
thought with special reference to the book of Revelation
Simon Doney 2005 The Lordship of Christ in the theology of the Elizabethan
Separatists with particular reference to Henry Barrow
S. Gannon Murphy 2006 A critical analysis of the openness theology of Clark H.
Pinnock toward a reformed reconstruction of divine
human relationality
Joshua Yunbum Song 2006 An historical and theological analysis of Schism in
Presbyterian Churches in Korea, 1969-2005
(1 complete copy and another copy in 2 parts)
Seung Il Lee 2006 The emergence, development and influence of the Korea
Evangelical Fellowship (KEF) 1981-2002
Benjamin Dongyun Yoo 2007 An analysis and evaluation of E Stanley Jones’ Missiology
with special reference to Christ’s Incarnation and the
Kingdom of God
Seung Yeal Lee 2007 Pilgrimage and the knowledge of God – A study of
pilgrimage in the light of the feasts of Passover, Pentecost
and Tabernacles, with special reference to Luke-Acts and
Matthew D. Aernie 2007 Forensic language and the day of the Lord motif in 2
Thessalonians 1 and the effects on the meaning of the
Trevor Marston Reynolds 2007 An investigation into the Spirit’s guidance of the
community as custodian and interpreter of Scripture
Hyukjung Kwon 2007 The reception of Psalm 118 in the New Testament
application of a “New Exodus Motif”
Gun Jung 2007 Revelation and language: A study in Eberhard Jungel’s
Trinitarian approach to the doctrine of the Bible
Bong Chur Shin 2007 New Exodus Motif in the letter to the Hebrews
Robert Davis Smart 2008 Jonathan Edwards’s apologetic for the Great Awakening
with particular attention to Charles Chauncy’s criticisms
Kyung-U Ra 2008 An investigation of the influence of the Paschal – New
Exodus Motif on the description of Christ and His work in
the Gospel of John (Chapters one to four)
Philip Sutherland Ross 2008 A critical investigation concerning the Biblical and
Theological basis for the threefold division of the law with
particular reference to The Westminster Confession of
Faith formulation of that division
Craig Sheppard 2008 A theological evaluation and comparison of the
Atonement and Justification in the writings of James
Henley Thornwell (1812-1862) and John Lafayette
Girardeau (1825-1898)
Roger Meyrick Powell 2008 The East African Revival: A catalyst for renewed interest in
Evangelical personal spirituality in Britain
P. G. Held 2009 An historical, theological analysis of the doctrine of
Perseverance in some East European Baptist Unions 1890-
2000, with special reference to Hungary
Won Sang Lee 2009 A critical exploration and conversation across the
centuries of Pastoral Leadership Principles in John
Chrysostom’s Antioch and Constantinople and Won Sang
Lee’s Washington’s Korean central
Shin Chul Lee 2009 An exploration and identification of a consistent model for
Presbyterian Church Planting in Korea
Levente Laszlo Horvath 2009 The concept of mission in the Hungarian Reformed Church
in Transylvania, 1895-1950
Rev. Roger Philip Abbott 2010 Exploring a practical theology of major incident response
for the Evangelical Catholic Christian Community in the UK
Sungho Choi 2010 A study of Christology and Redemptive History in
Matthew’s Gospel with special reference to the “Royal –
Enthronement” Psalms
Paul S. Coxon 2010 The Paschal New Exodus in John’s Gospel. An
interpretative key, with particular reference to chapters 5-
(volumes 1 and 2)
Stewart E. Lauer 2010 Traces of a Gospel writing in 1 Corinthians: Rediscovery
and development of origin’s understanding of 1
Corinthians 4:6B
Kevin J. Bidwell 2010 ‘The church as the image of the Trinity’: A critical
evaluation of Miroslav Volf’s ecclesial model
Chris Kim 2010 Some contemporary theologies of regeneration in the
USA, UK and Korea, 1966-2003 with special reference to
Billy Graham and Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Natalie A. M. Brand 2010 Exploring a theological and feminine approach to
contemporary reformed spirituality with special reference
to Union with Christ, 1950-2008 in the UK and North
R. M. Cozart 2010 An investigation into the significance of the promise of a
new Exodus of Israel in the Letter to the Ephesians
(volumes 1 and 2)
Jae ho Lim 2011 From guardians to worshippers: An examination of the
form, function and contexts of the Biblical Cherubim
Takeshi Kodama 2011 The Unity and Catholicity of the Church: A comparison of
Calvin and the Westminster Assembly
(2 copies)
Donald John MacLean 2013 Reformed thought and the free offer of the Gospel, with
special reference to The Westminster Confession of Faith
and James Durham (1622-1658)