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In This Issue
New Program Opens Doors
New Program Opens Doors to Students
to Students in Manufacturing
pg. 1
Tunxis Student Named Coca-Cola
in Manufacturing Industry
Leaders of Promise Scholar Sara Triplett
pg. 1 Tunxis Sun reporter
Letter from the Editor
pg. 2
The Constitution Day Debate on
the 2nd Amendment Advanced Manufacturing
pg. 2
Technology programs offered
Won’t You Be a Neighbor: The
Civic Engagement Institute, at both Asnuntuck Community
Community, and You College and Tunxis Community
pg. 3
Tunxis Art Club’s Pumpkin
College are designed to prepare
Decorating Contest Pictures graduates for lifetime careers in
pg. 4
Bristol Schools Give Tunxis
Students Chance to Shape Next Connecticut, a major export
Generation state, is in crisis: the shortage
pg. 5
Lamont Wins Race for Connecticut
of skilled workers is a problem
Governor; Dems’ Dominate in many manufacturing companies
Midterm Elections
pg. 5 currently face.
Tunxis Community College “Pratt & Whitney has firm orders
Halloween Party Pictures for more than 8,000 geared turbo
pg. 6 Photo Credit: Tunxis M. & P.R. Office
Finding Life and Love Through
fan engines,” said Chris LaPorte, LaPorte, “There are 14,000 job All manufacturing students
Music Tunxis Director of Student openings in manufacturing right will have the option to pursue a
Activities and the new Advisor now.” certificate or a degree in either
Are You Lost?
pg. 7 for Tunxis’s Manufacturing LaPorte believes that these Advanced Manufacturing Machine
My Name is LIE Department. “It will take them 10- programs will allow students to Technology or Electro-Mechanical
pg. 8 12 years just to build those current
The Fallacy of Intrigue
graduate from Tunxis Community Maintenance Technology. Students
pg. 8 orders to fulfill them, and that’s College with more money in who enroll in the CNC machining
My Road Ahead assuming that they never get one their pockets than those who program will spend Mondays and
pg. 8 more engine order in that next 12 might go to private colleges. Fridays at Asnuntuck Community
Fear Monster years.”
pg. 8 “Graduates from this program,” College, located in Enfield,
Hollow Whispers from Lovers,
Students who graduate from one he said in an interview with a Connecticut, working with the
Forsaken Promises of the upcoming Manufacturing Tunxis Sun reporter, “are going machines. On Tuesdays and
pg. 9
Technology programs are expected to have opportunities to spend an Thursdays, they will focus learning
Death of Tomorrow
pg. 9 to never have to worry about entire career in Connecticut in
Student Works: Krystaline unemployment. According to manufacturing.” cont. pg 3
pg. 9
Student Works: Sara Triplett
pg. 9 Tunxis Student Named Coca-Cola
Leaders of Promise Scholar
Late Senator’s Actions Bring
Hope For More Bipartisanship in
Congress To Students
pg. 11
A Caribbean Walking Debt Melissa Lamar a 2018 Coca-Cola Leaders of applicants.
pg. 11 Tunxis Director of Marketing & Promise Scholar by national
Anti-Discrimination Suit Won by Public Relations honors society, Phi Theta Kappa Torvinen lives in Bristol
Cromwell Police Officer for Loss
of Income During Pregnancy (PTK). Torvinen was among and first enrolled at Tunxis
pg. 13
Why Your Vote Counts In Midterm
FARMINGTON—Tunxis 207 PTK members chosen for Community College in 2016.
Elections Community College student the $1,000 scholarship from She is a Computer Information
pg. 13
Customer Service and Retail
Ashley Torvinen was named a pool of more than 1,200 Systems major who works full-
Workers Are People, Too time as a network administrator
pg. 13
Domestic Violence: The Consent
at Whelen Engineering
Conundrum Company. After she graduates,
pg. 14
Girls, Girls, Girls: The Struggle is
she plans to pursue a bachelor’s
Real degree in computer science with
pg. 14
History: Humanity’s Greatest
a concentration in networking
Lifehack or server administration.
pg. 15
Regarding National Landmarks,
Monumental Racism Perseveres Sponsored by the Coca-Cola
pg. 15
Scholars Foundation, Leaders of
Sox’s 9th World Series Win Of
Historic Caliber Promise Scholarship Program
pg. 18
helps new PTK members cover
SGA President Runner Up
Founding Sports Club educational costs while enrolled
pg. 18
in associate degree programs.
Lessons From My First Love
pg. 18 Scholars are also encouraged to
Lt. Julia Gallup Basketball assume leadership roles by
Tournament Pictures
pg. 19
cont. pg 3
Photo Credit: Tunxis M. & P.R. Office
Campus News
October/November 2018 Page 2

Letter from the Editor The Constitution Day

Krystaline Gregory for the most part. If the worst Debate on the 2nd
Editor-in-Chief of it isn’t behind us yet, then
we at least now have developed
Surprise, Tunxis! We’re not stronger bonds between us and Sara Triplett “Militia were citizens, not
dead! have learned from (most) of our Tunxis Sun reporter soldiers,” said Coan. He also
Thank you for picking up mistakes. said that the militia was divided
On Monday, September 17, into organized and unorganized
The Tunxis Sun’s first issue
Tunxis Community College militias. So, there were those
of the Autumn 2018 semester I feel very lucky to be part of faculty members Dr. Rafaele who were military trained, the
(don’t put it down, please)! such a smart, creative team as Fierro, Dr. Francis Coan, organized militia, and then there
We at The Sun realize how The Tunxis Sun Newspaper and Professor Brown held a were citizens, who acted as the
far behind schedule this Club; we’re still small, but Constitution Day panel about unorganized militia. According
release is coming to you we’re a diverse bunch, all the 2nd Amendment on behalf of to Dr. Coan, the 2nd Amendment
and we thank you for your of whom seem to ready and the Civic Engagement Institute was created because of “the fear
patience, as well as apologize willing to use any of the many to educate the community that of standing armies.”
for any inconvenience the talents we individually possess inspired discussion between Dr. Fierro discussed the
extended wait may have to the benefit of each other, The members of the panel. implications of the 2nd
The 2nd Amendment states that Amendment in the present-day.
caused you. (Did it cause you Sun, and Tunxis as a whole.
a “A well-regulated Militia, Fierro stated that one challenge
any inconvenience? Did you, As you read, please feel free to being necessary to the security 21st century society faces is
perhaps, forget- or know- we take note of things you like or of a free State, the right of the “not so much with guns, but
had a college newspaper to dislike about what we did with people to keep and bear Arms, with who we are as people.” The
begin with? Send us an email this issue, and don’t hesitate shall not be infringed.” This conflict between conservatives
and let us know!) to get in contact with us about amendment is one of the most and liberals does nothing but
anything. controversial amendments in the polarize our country, according
Given that we are already two contemporary United States. It to Fierro. He stated that if our
months into the semester, it You can reach us through was evident in the discussion country remains polarized, we
might surprise you to hear Twitter, Facebook, or email between panel members and will be unable to update the 2nd
faculty members that while Amendment.
that preparations for this issue (, and
the 2nd Amendment meant Professor Brown brought
began as early as this past every one of you has a standing something different to each the panel to a conclusion by
August. Shortly after I learned invitation to our meetings, person, it still needed to be arguing that the 2nd Amendment
that I was picked to be The which we currently hold in protected. was established because the
Sun’s new Editor-in-Chief, I the SGA office, located in The panel began with Dr. Coan citizens needed some way to
got in touch with club members Founder’s Hall, on Tuesdays at analyzing the 2nd Amendment. protect themselves from the
from last spring and organized 3PM. Dr. Coan provided the historical government.
a pre-semester meeting, context behind its wording:
which… only Zach Ferland,
our Designer-in-Chief, and I You’re welcome to stop in
I was, perhaps, a bit too
to talk with us about the
paper, to share tips or ideas Campus Calender
optimistic in the beginning. I for stories, to actually join
knew that being Editor-in-Chief Free Relaxation Sessions
our club, or just submit your
Tunxis Counseling and Academic Advising Office, Rm. 323
(or rather, the type of Editor-in- own original work. So long as 10/08 - 12/11
Monday and Thursdays from 11-11:30am
Chief I would want to work for) you are affiliated with Tunxis Contact Vivian Craven for more info: (860) 773-1506

would be an unending series Community College in some

of challenges, but I didn’t fully way, we are happy to accept “Spacebag” Show Dates
11/08 - 12/10
Barnes-Franklin Gallery, 600 Building
realize where these challenges everything from letters to the
would come from, what kinds editor, news stories, essays, to
they would be, and how they artwork and photography that LEAN Leadership Lecture ft. Alden Davis
600 Building, Rm. 6-127 11/27 6:30pm
would affect The Tunxis Sun, you wish to share. (In fact, Contact for more info
me, or, most importantly, my we’re currently on the lookout
fellow club members. for some cartoonists! What’s a
Social Media and Creating Your Personal
newspaper without comics?) 11/28
Brand Workshop 10:00am
Please be forgiving as you read 600 Building, Rm. 6-127
this issue; we faced- as a club Once again, apologies for the
and as individuals- a number of delay, Tunxians; help us out CEI & PTK Panel Discussion Gun Violence and 12/06 1:15 -
crises that caused bureaucratic by swinging by and lending School Shootings 2:15pm
600 Building, Rm. 6-127 and 6-128
delays, some personal grief, your services and creativity so
and an unreliable flow of we can get at least one more
communication at first. I think issue out this semester! I hope Marketing Your Small Business Workshop 12/12 5:00 -
Small Business Administration 6:20pm
we’ve come out of it alright, November treats you kindly!
Campus News
October/November 2018 Page 3

Tunxis Community College Halloween Party

Page 3

Photo Credit: Tunxis SGA Photo Credit: Tunxis SGA

Photo Credit: Tunxis SGA Photo Credit: Tunxis SGA

Photo Credit: Tunxis SGA Photo Credit: Tunxis SGA Photo Credit: Tunxis SGA
Campus News
October/November 2018 Page 4

Manufacturing Program Coca-Cola

Continued from pg.1 & Sciences college but will
“complement what we already Continued from pg.1
theoretical manufacturing
have.” He is confident that participating in PTK programs
content at Tunxis Community
the program will remain even and are selected based on
College in Farmington. Those
after he retires-- as long as the scholastic achievement,
who enroll in the Electro-
demand is there. community service, and
Mechanical program will
complete it entirely at Tunxis. leadership potential.
Individuals interested in
Graduates should be able to
participating in Tunxis’s Located in Farmington,
seek higher education with
Advanced Manufacturing Tunxis offers over 70 associate
possible reimbursement from
Programs and Apprenticeship degrees and certificates,
their employers, according to
program are encouraged to providing critical thinking and
LaPorte. Tunxis Community
get in touch with Amy Feest, problem-solving skills that
College is also working with Photo Credit: Tunxis M. & P.R. Office

Chris LaPorte believes that the the college’s Interim Dean of prepare students for transfer
Central Connecticut State
new advanced manufacturing Academic Affairs, at afeest@ to bachelor’s degree programs
University, in New Britain,
technology programs will More information and employment in areas with
to create what LaPorte calls
not interfere with Tunxis on the programs can be found industry need.
a “pipeline for our students
Community College’s current online, at https://www.tunxis.
to move to their bachelor’s
standing as a Liberal Arts edu/program/advanced- Phi Theta Kappa is the largest
manufacturing/. honor society in American
higher education for two-year
Won’t You Be a Neighbor: The Civic college students. The Alpha
Iota Alpha Chapter of PTK at
Engagement Institute, Community, and You Tunxis provides opportunities
for over 300 members in
Paul Hardy and not just “occasional, at the wrong bus stop, that leadership, community service,
Contributing writer episodic, or celebratory.” sees college life as something scholarly fellowship and
academic excellence. Each
To that end, the more than collecting credits,
semester, student members
We now live in an age where CEI relies heavily on data classrooms, or homework,
participate in service and
differences in opinions lead collection, surveys, and then the Civic Engagement research projects to help their
to blood feuds and honest identifying how to best Institute may be for you. college and communities, and
debate seems to be a contest translate that information The Institute strives to are eligible to apply for over
won by whoever shouts to society’s overall benefit. promote thoughtful discussion $90 million in scholarships
loudest. While the real losers It also offers numerous through acceptance of reserved exclusively for PTK
in all of this are civility and opportunities to meet experts divergent opinions. The idea members. For more information
facts, the ultimate loss may who, throughout the semester, is to find common ground on Tunxis, call (860) 773-1490,
be our entire social fabric. will attend discussions and and work toward solutions to or visit
It is the mission of Tunxis roundtables centerting on problems surrounding us, not
Community College Civic society, politics, and culture. to exacerbate the problems
We just met you.
Engagement Institute to act It can be assured that all themselves. Civility seems to And this is crazy.
as a buffer in reversing this will be handled in a mature be on the verge of becoming Here’s our numbers. So text us maybe.
trend. and thoughtful manner. It’s a dying art. Let’s stop that Call Us:
According to hard to believe that these from happening. We need (860) 773-1556
its brochure, the Civic attempts at civil discourse and engagement now, more than Text Us:
Engagement Institute was social awareness were once ever. We need you now, more (860) 498-4442

created in 2017 as a “vibrant considered normal ambitions. than ever. Email Us:
intellectual space where ideas While they perhaps were not If you wish to be part
Research Help:
are discussed and debated always realized, the fact is of the Civic Engagement
Ready when you are!
for facilitating knowledge that we now find ourselves in Institute or have any
Stop By:
and civility,” as well as dire need of institutions such questions, feel free to call During library hours
developing solutions to as the CEI just to keep them us at (860) 773-1966. You
community problems. The alive. can also email Dr. Rafaele
goal is that it might become The CEI itself needs Fierro at,
an means through which our individuals willing to work or simply stop by the CEI
college itself turns into a to achieve those ambitions by office, room 6-129 in the 600
hub of community life. The joining its “army of educated building. You can also follow
CEI thrives on the concept citizen soldiers.” So if you to the CEI blog, which is
that learning that one’s civic are a student, faculty member, currently accepting written
duty means the acceptance of college employee, or someone contributions, by visiting
learning itself as pervasive, who just happened to get off
October/November 2018 Page 5

Bristol Schools Give Tunxis Students Chance to Shape

Next Generation Page 5
Sarah Mitchell People program come from to change the conversation is provided to all mentors, along
Community Correspondent all walks of life bringing their to become involved in a young with numerous resources.
life experiences, passions, and person’s life as a mentor. We cannot assume all young
BRISTOL- The Bristol Board of commitment to supporting We are always in need of people have an adult who can
Education Caring About People Bristol students. Mentors go new mentors, especially male provide them with good advice,
mentoring program was founded into our schools to provide our mentors. We have students on bolster their self-esteem, help
28 years ago to ensure students students with a one-on-one the waiting list who can benefit with schoolwork or just be that
had the support they needed for relationship that builds their greatly by having a mentor special friend who really cares.
greatness. This greatness can be self-esteem, sense of purpose, come into their lives. Many There is no “right type” of
reading their first chapter book, reawakens their drive to individuals remark “I’d like to mentor; only individuals who
knowing the power of please achieve, and provides a positive help a child, but I don’t know want to inspire today’s youth.
and thank you, having an adult role model. what to do; I don’t have the If you or your business is
appreciate their art projects, Supporting and believing in a time; I don’t have anything to interested in mentoring, please
achieving all passing grades child is key to their success. offer,” or, “I can’t afford it.” contact Sarah Mitchell at (860)
on their report card, or simply The number of times we’ve Mentoring is a one hour-per- 584-7043 or sarahmitchell@
knowing someone believes in heard “Kids these days have no week commitment; it requires Together we can
them. respect, ambition, drive, etc.” no special skills or financial make a difference one hour at a
Mentors in the Caring About is too many to count. One way obligation. Free training is time.

Lamont Wins Race for Connecticut Governor; Dems’

Dominate in Midterm Elections
Sean Donnell State of Representatives. hoped that their candidate the Land of Steady Habits—
Tunxis Sun reporter Congresswoman Elizabeth for the Governor race, Bob at least not when it comes to
Esty, former representative Stefanowski, would take over its political alignment.
The 2018 midterm elections for Connecticut’s 5th District, as Connecticut’s Governor Due to the President Donald
have drawn to a close and who earlier this year declared after Dannel Malloy’s six- Trump’s approval rating,
the results are finalized. In that she would be stepping year reign. which reached a record-
Connecticut, the Democratic down from her seat in the breaking low as Election
candidates won open seats in House, will be replaced by After a close race and a Day neared, and the general
the U.S. Senate and House of former Teacher of the Year, long night, Stefanowski “anti-Trumpism” sentiment
Representatives. Incumbent and political newcomer, announced Wednesday the cultivated by the
junior Senator of Connecticut, Jahana Hayes, of Waterbury. morning, November 7th, president’s constant antics,
Christopher Murphy, kept his Hayes’ campaign proved that he was conceding to many believed there was a
seat in the Senate especially effective, resulting Democratic candidate, Ned possibility for a “blue wave”
Throughout urban, in a margin of over eleven Lamont, in the gubernatorial to sweep the nation. However,
suburban, and wealthier points against her opponent, race. Despite rumors that throughout the rest of the
areas, Connecticutians Republican Manny Santos. Connecticut’s Democratic country, the final electoral
showed a strong Democratic Democrat Senators were presence had grown weaker results proved more varied
preference when choosing also able to regain their during Malloy’s term, the than those of our small state.
which candidates to fill open control in the State House. true-blue state showed the
positions among the five On the other side of the aisle, nation it had no plans to give The only thing we know for
congressional districts for the the Republican Party had up its longtime reputation as sure is that this nation is as
Arts & Entertainment
October/November 2018 Page 6

Tunxis Art Club’s Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Krystaline Gregory | Tunxis Sun Photo Credit: Sue McCarthy

Photo Credit: Sue McCarthy Photo Credit: Sue McCarthy

Krystaline Gregory | Tunxis Sun Photo Credit: Sue McCarthy Krystaline Gregory | Tunxis Sun
Arts & Entertainment
October/November 2018 Page 7

Are You Lost? Editor-in-Chief

Krystaline Gregory
Demi Angel Lopez Your ancestors. You’re treading crying begins again as the wind
Contributing writer closely to the edge of where life picks up. A barrage of leaves Page 7
meets lifelessness, and darkness fly at you, blinding you, forcing Zach Ferland
Are you lost? The trees call out consumes light. The wood is you back. But you won’t. The
to you, whispering in the wind. thick here, and it’s hard to see intoxicating darkness calls you
Club President
Soft, forgotten screams. ahead, but you feel it. Like with such seduction. A bleak
Teddy Austin
The trees beckon; Do you a burning in your chest, like desire to go on, pushes you
despair? heavy hands on your back, you forward but, suddenly, a voice
You feel something feel it. And they whisper… but from behind, carried by the Club Secretary
in your throat as you wander what do they say? What is it you wind, echoes your name through Joe Frechette
further into the deepest woods. hear in these dark woods? the wood. It sounds desperate.
A crawling sensation over Afraid and curious, you It sounds sad. Who are they? Club Treasurer
your skin, but it’s autumn and trod on. The branches tugging Why are they crying? You have Vicky Velez
the insects have gone back at your clothes, tree roots to keep going. But, instead, you
underground. Can you hear threatening to make you fall. A turn, and you’re in deep. Assistant Editor
them? You can hear them. cut across your cheek, but no Sara Triplett
You can hear them: the blood spills from your wound. Are you lost?
distant ancestors of the lost. It spills from your eyes. The Managing Editor
Isabella Boisvert

Finding Life and Love Through Music Club Advisors

Osric Baird to, which I enjoyed so much. or Journalism. Although I was Professor Bob Brown
Contributing writer Now, music wasn’t just a a commuter student, I would Dr. Rafaele Fierro
drug that I could consume; it spend entire weeks in the
Ever since I began listening was a message, like a short dorm room of my childhood Contributing Writers
to music as a kid, I have story, that I could read and best friend. Since he didn’t Peter O’Dell
cultivated a very diverse pallet that brought me a deeper have a roommate at the time, I Paul Hardy
for musical taste. Everything understanding of life. I found was able to sleep in the room’s Gerardo Rodriguez
from rap to alternative rock that if a song or an album extra bed. Music grew to be Sara Triplett
and death metal—I have was well-done, the artist’s such a huge part of my life Vicky Velez
always loved music. Around message was clear and, at the that I began to fear growing Brandon Calez
the age of five, I found that the same time, their background deaf more than anything else. Jonathan Bruce
music I listened to gave me instrumentals worked to My musical addiction was Griffin Michalek
a certain type of feeling. It’s emphasize the message. I so extreme that I constantly Skyler Barrows
almost like a very brief high loved rock and rap most of all, skipped one of my midday Susan Guttormsen
followed by a massive come- because neither genre shies classes just to make or edit Michael Lonergan
down, and the next thing I away from the darker parts of my songs until I felt they were Osric Baird
know, I’m searching for that life. In some cases, the music perfect. Demi Angel Lopez
feeling again. I would try all I listened to gave me a sense At this point, the only Lucy Enge
sorts of musical genres in a of how good my life was. Rap, time I listened to someone Nicajoanely Vega Roca
single day. By the time I was especially, helped me come to else’s music was when I Melissa Neal
about 10, I was consuming understand a lot more about was in the car, at the gym,
seven to eight different genres where I am from, my culture, or at a party. At that point, I Photography
that gave off completely and my people. didn’t know what I wanted to Tunxis Marketing & Public
different feelings, or “vibes.” When I went off to achieve; all I knew was that I Relations Office
I never really college at Central Connecticut loved making music. It was, Zach Ferland
understood what some of the State University, I met new and still is, my passion. Sue McCarthy
messages I felt some artists people. Given my wide Although I never Tunxis Community College
were trying to get across preference for musical genres, noticed until recently, music SGA
through the songs I listened to I was able to make lots of has always been a huge part Sara Triplett
until I hit thirteen-years-old, new friends just by discussing of my life. All I thought about
Krystaline Gregory
but for some reason, when music. I became so consumed was music. Some might say
I listened to some of them, in the musical world that it’s bad but, to me, I feel my
I felt the emotion the artist I started to compose my passion for music is good
Melissa Lamar
intended; everything from own songs as a means of because it gives me a way
Sarah Mitchell
sympathy, love, and happiness expressing myself. I made to be creative. It gave some
Joshua Paine
to anger, and resentment.I felt music to tell tales about all meaning to what was once
Chris LaPorte
it even if I couldn’t fully grasp the bad things that went on in porous in my life. Music made
the entire meaning behind the my life, as well as all the good me feel emotions when I was
Club Members
song. that I wanted to share with otherwise only numb. Music
A.J. Strong
As I grew older and others. I became so invested makes me feel alive.
Nora Pasco
entered high school, I had a in music that I forgot my real
Jeff Quinn
better understanding of life intention for going to college
and the music that I listened was to get a degree in English Sophia Hernandez
Arts & Entertainment
October/November 2018 Page 8

Fear Monster My Name is LIE

Michael Lonergan say, oh, I don’t know, “chunky.” Victoria Velez Because you couldn’t handle seeing
Student contributor Everything was awesome, or so I Tunxis Sun writer what was left of that You without
thought. It still lingered, however, Me
Famished, disoriented, harrowing manifesting so eloquently in the Hello everyone, my name is LIE. What? Now you need some victory?
emotions permeate the room every form of subtleties such as “Don’t I live the average life,
morning as I awake. Confused ride your bike past the end of the I hide. To think you’ve overachieved me?
as to why my mother must leave driveway! You’ll get hit by a car!” I try to strive in people’s lives, To think you conquered me?
every morning as she travels off Or, “Don’t forget a sweater, you But I can’t survive; No, that’s where you’re mistaken,
to work, none the wiser as to what don’t want to catch pneumonia!” I can’t survive because Because until you forgive yourself,
entity lurked in our apartment. I All these not-so-subtle reminders Eventually I become some kind of I will continue to be your
watch from my bedroom window of things to worry about. escape misfortune.
longingly as she pulls off in Fast forward a little more. That people depend on to look and You don’t want me in your life
her gray Subaru, wishing she I meet the woman of my dreams. feel great. anymore?
hadn’t. There it was, watching She chooses me! Can you believe That kills me because I was only Fine, but I want you to pull the plug.
meant to be some little game Tell me when you’re ready to stop
me from over my shoulder, as if it? Me neither, let’s be honest;
To be used to get out of something, making people feel slug
it were a parrot beckoning me, to have you seen my face...? Yeah,
Some situation, some emotion.
somewhere I didn’t want to go. not great. Anyway, we get engaged
But eventually they will realize they My name is LIE
My father (if you want to and start a family, all the while, it
can’t put life on slow motion Do you think I want to be used
call him that), was passed out in a is there watching, waiting to strike
By you?
drunken stupor, face-down in his yet again. My name is LIE, To cover up the truth,
own regrets and tribulations. He Okay, okay; last step, I I’m the fastest in the race That you don’t want people to use
had no desire to care for anyone promise. The year is 2018, I have The race to the end, against you?
including his three-year-old son just recently been promoted to a Where people can no longer No, I hate it.
alone, petrified, and hungry. stay-at-home dad (that is, I lost my pretend. I hate me,
4:30 PM: the time that job). I am pursuing some dreams When they have already forgotten Because every time they use me,
my father woke up, the time that that currently aren’t panning out. me, They hate themselves.
I would have breakfast. Until My direction, let’s say, is… Oh, I I make amends, I hate myself, you hate me.
then, alone, in my room with don’t know-- let’s call it “lost.” As Teaching them that I am no friend
it, watching me, taunting me, I’m playing games in my newly- You can’t get away from me, And once you are done with me,
waiting for its time to strike. I constructed game room, it strikes: Even if you tried, You will see,
would count the seconds until my like a tumultuous thunder crash, it I’ll drag you right back in, That no matter what you do,
mother returned so I could feel grabs me, gripping me like a rusty Because with me you can’t win. You will hate you
safe again, at least for a moment. vice; tighter. For using me, like a fool.
Time, luck, or karma, whichever Fear, panic, swirling obsessive My name is LIE, But don’t worry!
you want to call it, caught up thoughts of the What Ifs, and the I started off so innocent, It’s all cool,
with my father, however. His How Comes. Further I spiral down So small, so little This is what I live for,
overindulgence and glutinous need this perilous path, alone-- or so I They misunderstood, This is what I do over and over,
for alcohol and sleep proved to be thought. Two days pass in minutes, That’s what happened-- Because when you’re finally done
disadvantageous. My mother came an eternity lies ahead. None of this was meant to be so with me ,
home early. “Will this be the new mistaken, I’ll just keep moving forward.
Fast forward a few years, me?” I contemplate. Then, like a But it’s too late now,
my mother and I left for greener light passing through the darkest No one will listen. Because if it’s not you,
pastures and moved in with my of nights, comes the woman who There’s always a number two,
grandparents. Things from here chose me. Together we vanquish Because of me, you won’t be Someone else who will let me in
are great: I’m eating more, my the powerless monster, casting it forgiven their life,
Grandma is home all the time down, never to rear its ugly face There’s no explaining, To use me in a way they think is
with me, and I’ve turned into a ever again. Proving that love and Stop complaining, right,
nice, heavy-set young man. Some faith can conquer even the deepest About what you did wrong, But they will learn a lesson,
might say “husky;” others would fears. You accepted me, The same lesson you gettin’ from
You used me, me, so listen:

My Road Ahead The Fallacy of You abused me,

And now what? You want to lose
If you don’t want long-term
commitment with me,

Gerardo Rodriguez
Intrigue me? Just stay away from me.

Arts & Entertainment Editor Gerardo Rodriguez It’s too late now, Once I’m there,
Arts & Entertainment Editor You spoke me, Once I’m in it,
The day I met my fate, You breathed me, I’ll always be with it.
The fool who takes a sip from the You lived me; And you’ll be wishin’
The hours crept past dreadfully, It’s too late now to get rid of me.
cup brimmed by Love That you never said those words
Awaiting the doom in the night, But what you can get rid of now that can’t be forgiven.
Is a fool who has cursed their fate.
The moment of all moments. Are those tears; Keep walking,
Deluding themself for the prospect
I met my fate that night, of a jovial future. Lose them, Keep moving
Suspended in eternity. Because they have costed years of ‘Cause I’ll always be three steps
The path before me is long and my time. behind you,
Though the hour, the day, is marked,
arduous, Waiting for the moment you lose it.
The fool will rue the moment they Time wasted,
As the road stretches there willingly Time invested in you-- My name is LIE,
before me, Marched unto Death, You made the lie, My best wishes to you,
It is dark, and I cannot see any Who came in the guise of Love’s It was you who didn’t want to tell I hope you really try this time to
horizon. fickle embrace. the truth. make things right,
If you could have borne it, Because, unfortunately, if not,
It’s a madness, an infection, I would have let you loose, I’ll be seeing you real soon.
That only leads to folly. But you held on to me,
Arts & Entertainment
October/November 2018 Page 9

Hollow Whispers from Lovers, Forsaken Promises

Gerardo Rodriguez heart; So that they may not see the
Arts & Entertainment Editor The tragic fool, sorrows in my eyes Muddling about, splashing Page
Who thought that Love’s sorrows on everyone around
You must take great care embrace How they entreat me to remain me,
governing yourself in the most Is eternal. still, As if it were possible to control
composed of fashions, It is not proper; Oh, how heavenly it is to suffer the memories that echo to me,
For if they sense the sorrow in I, lacking in the most in silence! From all that surrounds me.
your being, fashionable decorum, In quiet desperation, I fear that is as possible for
They will pity you, Shuffle off in haste. To hush my words, me as it is to control one’s
And mask it fallaciously with Head held high, half-grinned To muffle my cries heartbeat.
empathy. smile,
Looking past all that is before To cast out all my dreadful
There is only pity for a broken me, reveries.

Death of Tomorrow
Gerardo Rodriguez become, How hollow my soul, and how Now eternal darkness remains.
Arts & Entertainment Editor How long must I carry on. sorrowful my eyes. I sit and ponder on the futility of
How my eyes are now sallow, Once so filled with love, now existence:
Alas, Life itself is now My heart is heavy, bereft of it. How quickly it all just perishes.
abhorrent! A sullen look is all I can muster, I walk, and though I seem yet to How that time, persisting only,
Lost in all its enchantments, My mind is weary, have life left in me, At candle-burning length;
An increasing sense of crippling A haggard being is what I have This ailing in this still-beating Once the flame is gone,
despair. become, heart, Love is lost,
There is no longer any How my bones now ache. Turns me into naught but a And there is nothing here but
sweetness, There are times, husk. death.
No longer any delights, Where there is nothing inside Light has long gone from this
Due to how embittered I’ve me. world,

Student Art: Student Art:

Krystaline Gregory Sara Triplett

Sara Triplett | Tunxis Sun

“The scenery seemed out of a fairy tale, something you would

Krystaline Gregory | Tunxis Sun expect to find in literature and never experience in reality.
Ireland was a land of the mystical.”
Sara Triplett, Blarney Castle, County Cork, Ireland

Krystaline Gregory | Tunxis Sun Sara Triplett | Tunxis Sun Sara Triplett | Tunxis Sun
October/November 2018 Page 10

The Tunxis Early Childhood Professional Educators’ Consortium

is holding a professional workshop featuring author

Jeanine Fitzgerald
Nov. 20, 2018
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Bldg. 600, Rm. 6-127/128
LIMITED SEATING. Copies of “From Parents to Partners”,
by Janis Keyser will be distributed to each Center in attendance.

“Partnering with Parents in a

Complex and Complicated World”
The journey of parenting is full of tests one cannot study for and important lessons, some that repeat over and
over. As a parent, I learned that things work until they don’t, and when they don’t, how helpless and confused
one can feel. I learned how exhausted a human being can become. But most ofall, I learned that parenting is not
for the fain of heart and that while some of our greatest heartaches may involve our children and family, so
might our greatest joys. This session examines the parent-professional partnership and effective approaches to
address what really matters in a future of narcissism, entitlement and anxiety.
About the Presenter: Jeanine draws on more than 40 years of professional experience empowering educators and
parents to achieve more with children "at risk." With experience as a certified teacher, mental health professional and
mother of three grown children, she understands the promise of every child, as well as the diversity of their needs. As
a certified human behavior consultant and specialist, Jeanine specializes in research-based practices that prevent the
factors that compromise the fulfillment of a child's maximum potential and applies this wisdom in real-life settings.

To register for the workshop, please email

your name, program name and town to
Joyce Voisine:
Tunxis Community College • 271 Scott Swamp Road • Farmington, CT • 860.773.1300 •

FREE for all Tunxis students and employees and there is no income
verification required.

The Pantry is located in Founder’s Hall. Those in need are welcome to visit
thePantry@Tunxis twice per month and receive a total of 20 items per
month. Visitors need to present their current college ID to receive food.

Open hours during the Spring & Fall semester:

Monday – Thursday 10:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M
Monday – 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.

For access outside of open hours:

Days: Any Counselor in the Academic Advising & Counseling Center
Evenings (5:30 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.): The Welcome Desk

Food donations are always welcome and volunteers are needed to work during
open house. Volunteers can sign up at

National research shows that 1 in 5 college students experience some form of food
insecurity. The need for a pantry on our own campus is just as great. A recent
survey showed that 64.5% of Tunxis students (a total of 2,960 individuals) suffered
from the risk of food insecurity.
October/November 2018 Page 11

A Caribbean Walking Debt

Nicajoanely Vega Roca calling the station in search of receiving him with a sentiment of President’s mind, it seems that this
Contributing Writer their loved ones, while some hope, smiling at every camera he Page 11
event “was not a real catastrophe
preferred to wait in interminable could find. He met with several because the number that was told
It has been quite a while since the rows for the chance to speak by victims, who shared with him to him on the day, he visited Puerto
trembling sound of branches and the station microphone. Words the difficult situation they were Rico was only 16,” according to
entire trees falling to pieces, heavy can be a consolation sometimes, enduring; but did he really care Rep. Nydia Velázquez (D-NY).
raindrops against the weakened but they will never be enough to about the needs of those people?
wooden boards and zinc, and bring back a life that has been lost. Is this a valid justification to
a sinister nonstop whistle had Their voices filled with anguish, Clearly not, no man who dares to dismiss the country’s need for
everyone nervous in the house drowning in tears of desperation say in front of the camera: “Yeah, help? Was the loss of homes,
and made children cry. The night, to let their relatives know that they we are going to help you out… the basic services of water and
illuminated only by candles and were alive and safe. have a good time,” and then turns electricity, the lack of food and
occasional lightning, prevented around and leaves can have any the poor quality of health not
our eyes from finding rest and our Meanwhile, this natural event real empathy for them. He could enough motivation for the United
bodies from feeling secure, despite caught the attention of every news have said and done so many things States government to respond?
the confinement in the rooms. station, website, magazine, and by having cameras document every After all, Puerto Rico has been
newspaper. People from all over action of his, not even pretending a U.S. territory since 1898. It
Almost one year ago, category-4 the world expressed solidarity he could disguise a little interest, just might be that 3.7 million
Hurricane Maria lashed the island because of the crisis experienced say respect. Boricuas who live “in an island
of Puerto Rico mercilessly, at in Puerto Rico and neighboring sitting in the middle of an ocean,”
a speed of 175 miles per hour, islands. A week passed, and the Harvard University, in as the President himself told the
leaving what was once a piece news of the president’s long- collaboration with the University reporters on September 26, 2017,
of paradise on the edge of the awaited visit reached everyone’s of Colorado, and Carlos Alibzu can’t relate to Texas or Florida
abyss, unstable in every sense. ears at the speed of light. Well, at University of Puerto Rico with category-5 Hurricane Katrina
Time seemed to slow; there was least for those who were outside released a study on May 29, 2018, in 2005, and the “hundreds and
no type of wireless connection. the bubble in which we all seemed estimating a total of 4,645 deaths hundreds and hundreds of people
Communication systems were to be on the island. We barely caused by Hurricane Maria. This that died,” as Mr. Trump claimed.
down, except for a few radio had communication with the estimate exceeded “by 70 times
stations that managed to go live neighboring town fifteen minutes the numbers reported by the Maybe we are just a walking
before, during, and after Hurricane away. local authorities on the island,” 70-million-dollar debt over the
Maria. which reported about 64 deaths, Caribbean Sea- that is not an
President Trump arrived a week according to Harvard University. ocean, by the way.
Thousands of families were torn after the disaster, tossing a bunch
apart from each other, hundreds Despite the crisis, in the
of paper towel rolls to those

Late Senator’s Actions Bring Hope For More

Bipartisanship in Congress To Students
Lucy Enge Center in Washington D.C., so at all. of major federal government
Contributing Writer found that from 1994-2004, acts of bipartisanship, including
Americans have become In June 2016, political science the most recent one which tells
Bipartisanship means to work increasingly polarized, showing professor James Campbell, at of how the late Senator John
together across party lines. In a growing “ideological the University of Buffalo and McCain voted against his party
today’s rather sharply divided consistency” (Pew Research SUNY, wrote about the divide and its health care reform bill
America, our two main political Center). In 1994, a voter might among Americans in an article and gave a speech afterward
parties are continually facing have had viewed some issues for the Los Angeles Times in in which he said, “Let’s trust
off on every issue: taxes, from a conservative standpoint which he boiled the polarization each other… Let’s return to
abortion, guns, immigration, and others from a liberal one, down. First, the parties have regular order… We’ve been
trade, appointments, presidential by 2014, a voter had a greater come to represent a set of spinning our wheels on too
campaigns, etc. It is this lack of likelihood to view all issues people with one ideology over many important issues because
distinct bipartisanship through from the same standpoint. every issue, and second, there we keep trying to find a way to
almost nonstop division that has Another study done by the Pew has been a lack of “peace and win without help from across
caused our government to find Research Center “ideological prosperity” nationwide for some the aisle” (BPC).
it difficult to run the country consistency” was found to have time now (Los Angeles Times).
at every turn, and Americans increased twofold “in opinions After Senator McCain passed
whom feel the country on more than 40 separate Yet, despite being so divided, away, just months after his
becoming separated by who is political values” since the late bits of the light of bipartisanship speech to Congress, we watched
red and who is blue. 1980s (Pew Research Center). shine here and there. At another as his eulogies were read by
And, as our politicians are also Washington D.C., institution, several of his former political
Though political parties have reflecting this polarization, our the Bipartisan Policy Center adversaries as he had requested.
been divided on issues in the government is not as effective (BPC), they work to bridge the This act of bipartisanship, at
United States going back to its as it needs to be, unable to pass differences of the two main least for me, felt like a step
founding and at times, hard- bills because of partisanship. parties through coming up with closer to peace and unity for
pressed to simply keep the We are so alienated that we are policy that is shaped out of “the America.
country running from day to finding it hard to find common best ideas” of each party (BPC).
day, data from Pew Research ground or do not even try to do On their website, there is a list
October/November 2018 Page 12

Anti-Discrimination Suit Won by Cromwell Police Why Your

Officer for Loss of Income During Pregnancy Vote Counts In
Midterm Elections
Susan Guttormsen amendment should protect us from
Contributing writer The Town Manager spoke on this archaic way of thinking. Sean Donnell
camera believing that there Tunxis Sun reporter
Officer Sarah Alicea was an active were no local or federal laws Officer Alicea did win the
member of the Cromwell police being violated, but apparently, case against the Cromwell Are you ready to shake things
department in Connecticut for he didn’t know the laws as Police Department for anti- up on November 6th? Have
four years when her husband and well as he thought. The U.S. discrimination. The unfortunate you registered to vote yet? Are
she decided to have a family. Equal Employment Opportunity reality is that it wasn’t until this you sure? If you aren’t, or you
Five months into her pregnancy, Commission has very clearly case that the issue would come to
haven’t, why not?
after various notes by her doctor elaborated rules and regulations light. One positive thing is that
Roughly 60% of eligible
previously stating she could still regarding pregnancy and the Cromwell Police Department
perform many routine duties, her discrimination. The town was policies are being rewritten. All voters nationwide vote in
doctor said she should be put on at fault by not knowing or people today want to believe presidential elections, but for
light duty. Officer Alicea was told researching the current laws in these liberties, but I believe midterm elections, voter turnout
by the town manager that there and regulations. The town gave there is still anti-discrimination is often much lower. Why are so
was no light duty and she was to Sarah grounds to file an anti- regarding pregnancy as well as many Americans shirking their
go on leave, effective immediately, discrimination suit. Through the responsibilities that follow, duty to their country?
save for any accrued vacation or this suit, if her past salary is not whether during the hiring process Our government is made
sick time. compensated, this case will go to a or paid leave. If we follow the up of elected officials who make
federal court for a verdict. ideals of parenthood from some decisions that affect every United
Officer Alicea contacted The Scandinavian countries (personal States citizen, and every citizen
American Civil Liberties Union Officer Alicea plans on returning experience as my son was born in of voting age is responsible for
(ACLU) to see if this was an to work this October. I sincerely Norway), women are encouraged
choosing who we believe will
anti-discrimination offense. Dan hope there is no retaliation or to be stay-at-home-moms for
Barrett, an ACLU attorney, said blacklisting her in the work one year, and the fathers also
best represent us when those
“The real problem here is that the environment. It makes one think, receive leave for rearing their decisions are made. That means
employer took pregnancy to mean what if an individual asked for the child from birth. Today is a new every U.S. citizen of or above
automatic disqualification from same light duty due to a hernia? diversified world with new ideas 18 years of age carries some
being able to work. It forced her Would they be sent home without and expectations; and with the responsibility for both how
to go out on leave… You cannot pay until they could return to full technology and international our country is run and how we
simply sideline an employee that duty? What differentiates these two blending of cultures and beliefs, I and our fellow countrymen are
happens to get pregnant. You must medical conditions when they can believe this issue will be an ill- treated by our government. In the
transfer that employee to a position both have medical notes signed forgotten memory in the very near USA, there is no separating the
where she can work.” by their doctors? The fourteenth future. politicians who represent us in
Washington, D.C. or your state’s
Customer Service and Retail Workers Are People, Too Capitol, from your hum-drum
neighbors because we live in a
Melissa Neal they are working a retail job. Jobs would not be as bad as they democratic society. So long as
Contributing writer Many customers feel that they can are if customers behaved better. In we citizens are proactive and take
complain to customer service reps some circumstances, yes, there are
advantage of their right to vote,
In my life, the one thing that I care because, in the end, if you were to real problems and actual scenarios
about the most and stand by is talk back, you would get fired. I where the customer is right. But
the real power over federal, state,
bettering customer service. Since have had many experiences that being yelled at for a price I cannot and local governments’ paths lay
I am a student in college, I work made me question why customers change is not the best way to start in our hands, not the Electoral
a part-time job in retail. A couple treat employees this way. I have my day. Most of the questions College’s, superdelegates’,
of aspects of my job that I find been yelled at, cussed at, and, involve pricing, merchandise interfering foreign powers, or
difficult are working with people worst of all, I have been told that stocking, and why us employees massive donations to competing
and the different customers that I need to ‘know more about the don’t have answers for them. parties and politicians. When
come in. Customer service is hard industry.’ This is the problem: Again, sometimes these questions the politicians we put in
work, and this is because of the young teenagers do not know are for the managers, not the Connecticut’s governmental
way customers treat employees. what corporate does, or why big employees. Some managers may offices fail to pass budgets and
Employees working in retail are businesses do things the way they not even train employees to answer resolutions, or go to prison on
primarily composed of teenagers do. We do not have all the answers. these questions, which is a whole corruption charges, we are the
and young adults. We are thrown In a way, working retail has other story. Being a genuine person
ones who are truly responsible
into big, corporate businesses changed me. It taught me that the and understanding the difference
and taught how to deal with- and real world is actually worse than between an employee and a
for their shortcomings and
tolerate- customers. I thought, and people will be rude manager can make workplaces crimes. We are the ones who
Over the past couple of to you without even knowing you. better to work in. I care about this have to suffer the consequences
years, it seems as if the regular I care about changing customer the most because I experience this in the end.
customer can treat the employee service and helping people firsthand and see how it changes Why can’t we elect
with disrespect simply because understand the average teenager. people. leaders that make us all proud
to be residents of this state, of
this country? The future of the
United States and the state of
Connecticut doesn’t have to be a
doomed one; we have the power
to make our home a bright,
prosperous place. That power lies
in our decision to vote.

October/November 2018 Page 13

Page 13
October/November 2018 Page 14

Domestic Violence: The Girls, Girls, Girls: The

Consent Conundrum Struggle is Real
Carrie Perez exists, and never would. Women Sara Triplett not fitting this notion of the
Tunxis Sun correspondent can’t to talk to our romantic Tunxis Sun reporter ideal independent woman that
partners about what exactly it’s like 21st century feminism has
I know a young woman named for us out there.” When I was five, I wanted pushed on us. Can’t we argue
Leslie; she comes off as polite, a I think that assumption is larger
to be a princess, and when that an aspect of independent
little narcissistic, and more than a than Leslie and Robert’s specific
little confused. Like most young interaction. It speaks to the way I was ten, I wanted to be a womanhood is the ability to
daters, she relies primarily on that many women, especially veterinarian. Growing up, it make one’s own decisions
Robert’s short texts to define his young women, have been taught never crossed my mind that I regarding which path one takes
personality, and Robert is a creepy to move through the world: don’t might face discrimination for in life?
enigma, who nevertheless does people angry, take responsibility being female. Perhaps because Being a girl is tough.
nothing technically wrong- until the for other people’s emotions, and I was born into a family that We tend to find ourselves
end. At one point, Leslie goes over work extremely hard to keep only encouraged and supported trying to prove ourselves to
to Robert’s house (willingly) and everyone around them happy. It’s my desire to do anything and people who often have different
(presumably) to have sex. reflexive and self-protective, but
everything I set my mind to, I expectations for who or how
Then, she experiences this emotion: it’s also exhausting, and if you do it
It wasn’t that she was scared long enough you stop consciously was at an advantage compared we should be. We either try
he would try to force her to do noticing every individual moment to other girls. I wanted to join to embody everything that
something against her will, but that when you’re making that choice. the basketball team in middle society wants from us, or we
insisting that they stop now, after In one woman’s experience, a man school, so I did. Despite this, reject the proverbial system
everything she’d done to push this sent her the same OkCupid line I noticed some discrepancies to avoid being known as just
forward, would make her seem three times over a single month, in the way some people would PTA-running soccer moms
spoiled and capricious; as if she’d asking her if she’d like to chat. interact with me as opposed to who spend so much time with
ordered something at a restaurant After ignoring it repeatedly, this with boys. They would ask what our families that we neglect
and then, once the food arrived, woman finally wrote back, “No.”
I wanted to be when I grew up, our own needs and desires.
changed her mind and sent it back. His response? “WHY THE FUCK
What is the word for this emotion? NOT? If you weren’t interested, expecting answers that were Consequently, I’ve lived most
It’s not quite regret; she hasn’t you shouldn’t have fucking replied common for girls, like nursing of my adult life- at least, once I
done anything yet. It’s not quite at all! WTF!” or teaching. I didn’t have any had a clear goal in my mind- as
disinterest, because, well, she’s In October 1981, the National answers the answers they a perfectionist. I did this not
at his house, isn’t she? Is it guilt? Coalition Against Domestic hoped for at the time; I wanted only to prove to others that I
More importantly, if she feels so Violence launched a “Day of to write. When I was in high could do whatever men could,
uneasy, why is she going ahead Unity” for those combatting school, I wanted to get married but to prove that to myself as
with it? Is she just afraid to be domestic violence to unite and and have three kids. I didn’t well. My concern was- and
rude? Is it out of self-protection? connect. Over the years, the day
think too much about my career, still is- that others would view
What are we to make of a sexual has since evolved into a national
encounter that is technically month of awareness on the issues even though I had those options. me as incompetent because of
consensual, but one which Leslie of Domestic Violence and Intimate Now that I’m older, I’ve made my womanhood. It’s a valid
still considers to be “the worst life Partner Violence across the United my career my primary focus. fear, especially in some other
decision” she’ll ever make? She States. We take this month as Society has constructed countries, where women still
feels pressured. She feels like she an opportunity to deepen our this idea that females and aren’t allowed the same rights
cannot say “NO”. understanding of the issues and males are completely different as men.
Why, why can’t we, even after lift up and connect with those who from one another. It’s possible I’m more aware of
going to the house with the idea of work to end violence across the that this idea stems from sexism and the objectification
sex in mind, say, “You know what? globe.
the biological differences of my body now than when I
I don’t want to”. Over the past year, the #MeToo
After the fact, Leslie puts off movement has transformed culture, between the two sexes. All this was in middle school. I hear
rejecting the man by saying she in many ways expanding beyond misconception does today is stories on the news of women
is busy. Many women tend to feel sexual assault and harassment to inhibit girls from following who are sexually assaulted,
the need to exit unwanted romantic become a transcendent force for their dreams. Not every girl and I sympathize with them,
situations gracefully. A woman may women empowering women. There is lucky enough to grow not because of how awful and
assume that if she wants to say no have been discussions about what up in an environment that traumatic sexual assault is, but
she has to do so in a conciliatory, it’s like for women to go out on bad emboldens them to seek out because I could become a victim
tactful way; in a manner that would dates, selling something online or their aspirations, regardless someday, too. Society is too
take “an amount of effort that is even something as simple as going
of societal expectations. quick to blame women for being
impossible to summon.” on a run.
Leslie’s initial attempts at Much like the recent wave of Nevertheless, to say every girl “too promiscuous” or wearing
gentleness didn’t spare Robert’s sexual-assault scandals have wants to become a business clothes that are “too revealing.”
wrath in the end—another twist served as an introduction for men executive or a mathematician It bothers me that this mindset is
that’s all too common. A few years to women’s previously silent hell is inaccurate. There is nothing so prevalent in our world; after
ago, spoke with some women who captured and exposed the low- wrong with either goal, except all, regardless of how we dress
were prolific online daters. In their level dread that often accompanies when adults like you and I or interact with others, we are
interactions with men on various romance for women—even the disparage a young woman for still human, too.
applications, one-word replies consensual kind. Its deft portrayal
were sometimes seen as binding of a near-universal sequence—the Between the recent purge of later have a genuine claim of sexual
international treaties specifying that fear that your date might hurt you, powerful abusive males, and in the assault. Leslie was at his house,
shipments of sex were on the way. the fear of hurting him first, the hurt campus rape crisis scandals before wasn’t she? To some women, this
No sooner does Leslie imagine one that comes anyway after you spurn that, there’s been a reckoning over passage underscored the importance
day having a partner who would him—has sent the issue bouncing the true meaning of ‘consent.’ Some of the “enthusiastic” part of the new
laugh and sympathize with her around the internet. It has women have questioned whether women “enthusiastic consent” standard.
about her misadventure with Robert saying, in other words, “Yeah, us who get drunk, go to men’s dorms,
than she thinks “No such man too.” and even initiate intercourse could
October/November 2018 Page 15

Regarding History: Humanity’s Greatest Lifehack

National Skyler Barrows to reach Asia through a yet- today must constantly seek
Page 15
Landmarks, Contributing writer unknown western route to the
King and Queen of Spain, his
knowledge. As Socrates once
wisely said, “The only thing I
Monumental due to the similarities between bold. He couldn’t have picked know
History is immensely valuable request struck many as quite is that I know nothing.”
Humans who admit that they
Racism problems humanity faced in
the past, faces now, and will
a more opportune time to ask
for such a favor, however, as
do not know everything will
continue to constantly expand
Perseveres face again in the future. We can Spain was desperately in need
see humans repeat the same of a more direct route to Asia,
their breadth of knowledge.
To grow as a society,
Griffin Michalek struggles over and over again, as traveling by land was both it is vital to be open to new
Contributing writer from as far back as the dynasties costly and often dangerous. The ideas. How can change happen
of Egypt, to the Grecian Spanish monarchs approved if things always stay the same?
Historical monuments serve as philosophers, to the Roman of Columbus’s daring idea, There will always be hidden
daily reminders that racism is alive Empire, and even into the granting him three ships for his knowledge in the world, ready
and thriving in current political and modern era, with its Cold and journey. Of course, Columbus to be revealed just when it
social debate. There is a believe World Wars. While locations, had little idea of what he might seems like everything has
among some that racism is a thing
dates, and even key players discover after two months at finally been discovered. This
of the past. Unfortunately, they
could not be more delusional. change, the same essential sea. is one reason why we must
Race is currently one of the most issues continue to pop up. When What can we take continue to study history: there
divisive and polarizing issues that it comes to original problems, away from that story? Is there will always be lessons tucked
plague society today. Of all the humanity leaves much to be anything of value in that away deep within humanity’s
factors that divide us, one could desired. information? The Renaissance universal story. These lessons
argue that race is at the forefront. During the Renaissance was a period of societal must not be forgotten, so that
Conditions have of the 16th century, Europeans growth in Europe; without it, our future selves will know to
undoubtedly improved to an extent, suddenly became open to all most people might not have tread lightly toward our goals,
however, the residual effects of
sorts of new ideas. They sought become open to new ideas, remaining cautious of repeating
slavery, sharecropping practices,
after lost knowledge in the concepts, or the act of seeking mistakes already made by
the Jim Crow Era, and the slogan
“Separate but Equal” still influence writings of the ancient Greek knowledge themselves. Without others long ago. However, we
present society. One of the most philosophers, pondered the the Renaissance, the King and must also all be brave enough
apparent reminders that racism mysteries of religion, as well as Queen of Spain might have to embrace new concepts
did not end with the Union’s 1865 the science behind astronomy, dismissed Columbus’s idea and experiment with new
victory in the Civil War, or when anatomy, engineering, and as absurd, opting to stick to information, regardless of how
public schools were desegregated physics. When Christopher their traditional, less efficient ambitious or daunting our ideas
in the mid-twentieth century is Columbus proposed a plan trade routes instead. Humanity may appear at first glance.
the presence of monuments to the
Confederacy all over the United there are two notable monuments
States. Schools remain named after that, while they don’t honor the
Confederate heroes with the intent Confederacy explicitly, stand
of quietly continuing a tradition testimony to politicians who
of white supremacy. Monuments supported segregation and racism
and state buildings that remain towards African Americans.
named after Confederate heroes Former Governor Benjamin
and historical figures aim to evoke Tillman and former S.C. Senator
a sense of nationalism. However, Strom Thurmond are honored for
we should not promote this kind of their legacies, which by today’s
false nationalism and patriotism. standards should absolutely not
We should not be naming schools be respected. In 1913, a highway
after Confederate war heroes or spanning from Virginia to
supporters of segregation. Since the California was named after former
events that shook Charlottesville Confederate President Jefferson
in August 2017, roughly 75 Davis, and at the University of
monuments have been taken down, Georgia stands Winnie Davis Hall,
although the overall number of named, of course, after Varina Anne
such monuments has increased. Davis, daughter of Jefferson Davis
More people are paying attention and inspiration for the “United
and recognizing these monuments, Daughters of the Confederacy”
that largely went unnoticed in association, founded in 1894.
the past, which has actually led It is important that we all
to an increase from 1,503 known recognize the prejudices politicians
memorials to 1,740 as of August, and historical figures like these
2018. This only adds ammunition encouraged, as well as realize the
to the debate over whether or not message we send to people of color
these controversial monuments are by allowing these monuments to
appropriate today. continue standing strong: that we
Furthermore, their still support and honor men who
continued presence calls for stood for slavery, segregation,
necessary, immediate action to and racism in the United States of
be taken to remove monuments America.
honoring our segregated and
racist past. In South Carolina,
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The Problem: 65 million Americans suffer from mental illness each year. They quietly struggle with
depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bullying, suicidal thoughts, and more.

A Simple Resource: Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7 support for people in crisis, via text.


Step 1: Algorithm. The system reviews for severity.

Text 741741 Imminent risk texters are taken first.

Step 2: Crisis Counselors. These are people over the age

A trained Crisis Counselor will respond (83% in of 18 who apply, go through a background check,
under 5 minutes.) are accepted, and complete 34 hour training
including role plays and observations.
Step 3:
Crisis Counselor will help bring texter from hot to Supervisors. These are full-time paid staff who
cool moment and plan for future health and have a Masters degree in mental health or a
safety. related field.


We use data to make us better--and to improve

communities. Imagine the impact this large data
set could have on police departments, school
boards, policy makers, hospitals, families,
journalists and academics. Visit to
learn more.


Visit our website at to learn more

about us and get involved as a volunteer Crisis

In crisis? Text HELLO to 741741

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Sox’s 9th SGA President Runner Up Founding Sports Club

World Sara Triplett at Tunxis Community College, nell, the most pressing issue he

Series Win
Tunxis Sun reporter with plans to transfer to Central faces right now is finding a club
Connecticut State Universi- advisor. He’s asked around and

Of Historic
FARMINGTON- Tunxis Com- ty next autumn as a political ideally would like Chris LaPorte
munity College student Sean science major. Students may to be advisor, as he wants some-

Donnell has decided to take recognize his name as he ran one involved with the club.
matters into his own hands to for Student Government Asso-
create an environment for sports ciation President against Saige The Tunxis Sports Club will
Brandon Calez fans to discuss sports, as well as Maier this semester. Donnell meet on campus for club meet-
Tunxis Sun reporter participate in games. The idea said he does not regret running ings to discuss sports happen-
came to Donnell from a friend and was grateful for the oppor- ings but will also meet in public
The Boston Red Sox is an who proposed a kickball week. tunity. Now, he can focus his spaces for games and practices.
American baseball team with “I decided maybe we should energy on being President of the If you’re interested in joining
9 World Series wins, including just have a sports club,” Don- sports club. the Sports Club or a faculty
the recent 2018 World Series. nell said in an interview with member interested in being the
The 2018 World Series was a Tunxis Sun reporter, “People Donnell named the officers advisor, contact txccsports-
historical for many reasons, one need recreation, they need exer- for the sports club: Vice Presi- for more
being the team’s coach was the cise.” dent, Chike Onyiuke; Secretary information.
first Puerto Rican to get them to Sam Spilka, and Mike Piao as
the World Series and to victory. Sean Donnell is a sophomore Treasurer. According to Don-
This has never before happened
in Major League Baseball
history. This playoff run was
also historic because they had
Lessons From My First Love
to go through one of their arch- Jonathan Bruce prices skyrocketed at the last me. For the first time in my life,
nemesis, the New York Yankees. Contributing writer second and we ended up watch- I doubted myself and my ability
ing the game from our hotel to play the game. I even ques-
On Twitter, sports reporter I might as well get it out of the room. I remember seeing them tioned my love for it.
Bryan Hoch quoted New York way right at the start: my first win the game, their third cham- The same can be said
Yankees’ manager, Brian love was the game of football. pionship in the last four seasons, about any kind of love you ex-
Cashman, on the Red Sox, “You Ever since I was little, I put an and I knew that this was my perience in life. At the start, it’s
wonder what their record would enormous amount of my energy team and my sport. always sunshine and rainbows;
be if they weren’t playing us. into it. I’d wake up early in the Not long after that, I there’s a lot of light, happiness,
Because when we go head morning during school vacation reached the age where I was and great times. As time pro-
to head, we do some damage to play Madden, a video game eligible to play flag football, and gresses, that leaves more room
against them and it doesn’t seem emulating the NFL, and I’d stay I did. I had incredible amounts for error, unhappiness, and
like anybody else is capable.” up late to watch the final game of fun each time I stepped on questioning whether what you
The Red Sox had a lot of assets on Sunday, after being on my the field, but I knew I wanted love is worth all your mistakes
this postseason; one being couch all throughout the day to tackle. I wanted to be just and struggles. I can tell you that
pitcher, David Price. watching other games. like the guys I watched on TV with passion, it’s always worth
The funny thing is, I still every weekend: in pads, scoring it.
Price came big in the fifth do that today. I probably don’t touchdowns, and making big I knew that being with
World Series game against the wake up early in the morning hits. The next year, I did. the Bulldogs was no longer the
Los Angeles Dodgers, pitching just to turn on my Xbox and I quickly became a best situation for me, so for
at a high-rate speed, “93.8 mph play video games, but I am con- starting player for the Bristol my final two years before high
with his two-seam fastball stantly involved in watching and Bulldogs, and spent all the years school, I played for the Plain-
and 93.4 mph with his four- following the League. So much I was with the team playing ville Colts. There, I played run-
seam fastball,” according to so, in fact, that I decided years safety. As time progressed and ning back and, for the first time,
Baseball Savant. Arguably, the ago that I wanted to dedicate my I started getting into the later linebacker. I had just as much
Red Sox also had three of the career to covering and writing years of middle school, the town fun as I always did when I first
best outfielders in the Major about the sport-- in particular, changed the rules for weight. I began playing, and I learned an
Leagues. The outfielders were I want to write about the New was always little, though I had a important lesson from it all: If
Jackie Bradley Jr, Andrew England Patriots. My Dad got knack for the ball, speed, quick- you love something (or some-
Benintendi, and Brock Holt. me started on the team. ness, and good change of direc- one), you should always stick
I was born and bred in tion, with high effort and some with it during the tough times.
Now, on the other side of the a Patriots family, and the first big hits. With that said, none of Sometimes a change is
ball, they had great offense; game I saw was during the that mattered when they decided needed, but at the end of the
their leading postseason scorer Superbowl XXXIX in Jackson- to switch to a “no-weight-limit” day, you’ll still have that love.
was J.D. Martinez, with 43 ville, Florida: the Patriots versus rule. This prevented me from At the end of the day, that love
home-runs. There is potential Eagles. My family traveled out seeing the field, as coaches is all that really matters.
for this year’s Red Sox team to there to see the game, but ticket favored the larger players over
go down as one of the best Red
Sox team’s in franchise history
due to the unique and hard-
hitting qualities packed into this
year’s lineup.
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Lieutenant Julia Gallup Basketball Tournament Fundraiser

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Zachary Ferland | Tunxis Sun

Zachary Ferland | Tunxis Sun

Zachary Ferland | Tunxis Sun Zachary Ferland | Tunxis Sun

Zachary Ferland | Tunxis Sun Zachary Ferland | Tunxis Sun

Zachary Ferland | Tunxis Sun

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Novembe r 17 | 5
Sat u rday,

Ages 18+
Tickets $10 per person