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In-class Literacy Strategy Teaching Experience

20 pts possible; Weeks 7-13

2/2 pts An appropriate content area text/passage was used most

appropriate; just the right length to do the activity; engaging story

2/2 pts Digital handout was provided to classmates to include in their

Weebly Digital Journal

44 pts The strategy requires learners to transact with the text and
provides guided practice for class peers good job of leading the
class through engaging with the text

5/5 pts Awareness of the how and the why are made evident; modeling of
the strategy (I do, we do, you do)

5/5 pts The activity integrates at least four: reading, writing, listening,
speaking, viewing, representing

2/2 pts Time: 15-20 minutes

_____20______/20 pts. Possible +5EC for volunteering to “go alone” = 25/20

Instructor comments: See my comments above; additionally, your activity was well-planned
and easy to understand. Your explanation was clear; you made it evident how this is a solid
strategy to help kids write a summary.

RDG 323 Fall 2018 Wiens Mini-teaches In-class literacy strategy teaching experiences