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for Geopolitical Risk Ranking

Risk. Revealed. Resolved.

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“World-Check is a valuable addition to my daily work as a
compliance officer, in a world where requirements are getting
more stringent by the day and risks are higher every day.”

Country risk ranking.

Some countries are riskier This quality of intelligence is invaluable in decision making
and planning. Any output will be seen as unbiased, verifiable
than others and comparable and fit for auditable proof of due diligence.

Organisations with global business activity are at risk from Sources

exposure to criminal, political and economic factors in The index aggregates data from more than 190 credible,
foreign locations, often unforeseen and outside of their third party public domain sources, based on three factors:
control. Although geopolitical risk information is available, it
can be difficult to aggregate effectively and practically apply
due to: Political Financial Criminal
Type Of Governance GDP Illicit Drugs & Narcotics
• Numerous public sources, some less reliable than others Civil Liberties &
Natural Resources Fraud
• Constant updates to the risk information Political Rights
• Expense – human resource and associated costs required Freedom Of The Press Poverty AML Controls
• The lack of necessary language skills Political Stability Donor Aid Recipient Embezzlements
Geopolitical risk intelligence has many uses Effectiveness
Debt Terrorism

including: Government Opacity Military Expenditure Crime Rate

Regulatory Quality Country / Public Debt Human Trafficking
• Mergers & acquisitions
Rule Of Law Average Earnings Corruption
• Security of supply chain
• Cross border expansion Political Terror Scale Economic Freedom Absence Of Violence
• Exploration and production Credit Sovereign
Armed Conflict Arms Export Controls

The best solution for country Human Rights Developing Country Counterfeiting
Failed States Index Sanctions
risk screening
Country-Check is an objective, fact-based solution that How it works
rapidly ranks geopolitical risk and helps organisations to
understand the risk profile of a country. 190+ credible sources
Structured into...
Designed in conjunction with mathematical and risk
experts, the result is a concise index of countries-by-
risk, automatically ranked according to your business 45 dimensions
requirements and risk appetite. By basing the risk score on an ranging from Freedom of Press
advanced algorithm and systemic process, potential human to Terrorism, National Debt etc.
error is reduced. Ranking is achieved through a rational,
structured approach and not just opinion, using the strength Summarised in Economic Political Criminal
of both human intelligence and advanced technology. 3 risk factors
User friendly risk ranking
Countries ranked according to risk,
using preset or customised factors.

Presets for specific needs Develop a comprehensive

Country-Check provides preset risk weightings designed in
compliance programme
association with industry specialists, to suit your
Used by organisations that take a risk-based approach,
specific needs:
Country-Check is an essential part of a structured
compliance programme for regulatory and reputational risk
Comprehensive Anti Money Anti Corruption management.
Laundering (AML)
The full feature service Enables compliance Enables compliance Where Country-Check flags a customer or transaction as high
including all political, with global AML with global anti
risk, your next steps should be:
economic and criminal legislation, reducing corruption legislation,
intelligence. Complete reputational risk. reducing reputational
control over what Source material risk. Source material Thorough background checks
information is allowed weighted appropriately weighted appropriately Use IntegraScreen Reports to fully understand background,
into the ranking. for AML risk. for anti corruption risk.
interests, associates, source of funds, Politically Exposed
Person (PEP) status and other relevant information for due
Powerful applications diligence.

• Global businesses expanding into new territories – Monitor high risk

to understand the stability of government and the true Use World-Check Risk Screening where heightened
cost of labour monitoring of client behaviour or transactions is necessary.

• Product distributors – to assess the prevalence of For existing World-Check clients, a default Country-Check
counterfeiting to protect intellectual property rights scoring is embedded into online risk profiles, offering easy
access to related geopolitical risk information.
• Multinationals reviewing agent agreements – to rank
the degree of corruption of government officials so that
appropriate controls can be put in place
See for yourself
World-Check offers a comprehensive set of tools that address
• Online payment processors – to highlight deficiencies the full spectrum of risk across all markets and industries, no
in anti money laundering controls matter what type or size of organisation. We have more than
350 research analysts located in 11 centres on five continents,
capable of specialised and knowledgeable research on
subjects in more than 60 local languages. Request a proof of
concept to understand the quality of Country-Check – the
facts speak for themselves.

Custom weight parameters let users decide to which level, if any,
risks should be allowed into the final ranking
or visit

Country-Check for Geopolitical Risk Ranking
World-Check Risk Screening
IntegraScreen Reports for Due Diligence

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