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Elm Street Baptist Church P.O, Box 461, 1150 Elm Street Sweet Home, OR 97386-0461 41) 367-5883, 25 November 2018 4179675 To the Chairman of the Administrative Council of ARBCA, We write this letter to inform you that Elm Street Baptist Church has voted to withdraw as a member church from the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA), effective immediately. Our primary reason for withdrawing is due to the serious concerns surrounding the admission into ARBCA membership of Hales Comers, Wisconsin church, as it specifically relates to their former pastor Tom Chantry. ‘We have read the two reports published by the association and do not impugn the character or intentions of those involved. However, there is still much controversy surrounding this whole issue and though we do not presume to know or understand all that occurred leading up to the 2016 GA we believe the MC and AC could have done more to ameliorate it. At the very least we believe the MC and AC should have postponed putting the Hales Comer Church forward for a vote into associational membership until the impending police investigation was completed. We recognize that discretion was a necessary requirement for the MC/AC. We also recognize how the MC/AC may have seemed to have limited options according to the associational constitution. Nevertheless, we believe it was still possible for the MC/AC to work within the confines of the constitution and do that which would have been in the best interest of the churches of the association. This whole matter has caused much angst and difficulty for us as a local church. It has, been very distracting in regards to our work in and furtherance of the gospel. There is a cloud and shadow which hangs over this whole matter one which we do not see lifting any time in the foreseeable future. In the end we must do what is best for our local assembly. ‘We have had great fellowship with member churches and we have many friends in the association. We believe the association has done tremendous work in the furtherance of the ‘gospel and has held firm in its doctrinal integrity of the 1689 Confession. We have been grateful for the prayers of sister churches and will continue to pray for the churches and missionaries of the association, Sincerely in Christ, Signed the elders of Elm Street a x Sweet Home, OR + Z ; Cassel gle Kabah 7 Kenly bey lon