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My name is Jonathan S. Caling. I am a professional caregiver.

I have been doing this business for 8 years

now. I have worked with Home Health Care Companies like COMFORT KEEPERS, SALUS in Irvine, and
presently connected with H3 ASSIST INC. in Fountain Valley California. My connection with this company
enabled me with experience caring for patients suffering from Alzheimer's diseases, Dementia,
Parkinson's Diseases, Hip-replacement, paralyzed patients, Cerebral Palsy and Hospice patients, etc. The
patients I handle and took care of were men and women. It makes no difference caring for both sexes as
my goal or purpose in life is to care for my patient with utmost compassion, patience, sympathy and

I am willing to submit myself to a personal interview convenient to you. My cellphone number is