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Narrative text abaout :Lagend and Fabel and Novel

The Legend of Lake Batur

a long time ago, there lived on the island of Bali a giant like creature named kbo
lwo. The people of Bali used to say that Kbo lwo was everything, a destroyer as will as
creator. He was satisfied with the meal, but this meant for the balinese people enough
food for a thousand men.
Difficulties arose when for the first time the barns were almost empty and the
new harvest was still a long way off. This made Kbo lwo wild with great anger. In his
hunger, he destroyed all the houses and even all the temples. It made the balinese turn to
rage. So, they came together to plan steps to appose this powerful giant by using his
They asked Kbo lwo to bild them a very deep well, and rebuild all the houses and
temples he had destroyed. After they fed Kbo lwo, he began to deep hole. One day he
eaten too much, he fell asleep in the hole. The oldest man in the village gave a sign , and
the villagers began to throw the limestone they had collected before into the hole. The
limestone made the water inside the hole bolling. Kbo lwo was buried alive. Then the water
in the well rose higher and higher until at last it overflowed and formed Lake Batur. The
mound of earth dug from the wellby Kbo lwo is known Mount Batur.

1. What is the communicative purpose of the text...??? to....

a. Inform readers about the legend of lake batur
b. Enter tain readers with a story
c. Persuade
d. Retell about the legend of lake batur

2. “along time ago, there lived on the island of Bali agiant like creature name Kbo lwo.”
(paragraph 1). This sentence fun chouse as an...
a. Twist
b. Coda
c. Reorientation
d. Orientation

3. Where text a place of the Lake batur...???

a. In surabaya
b. In australia
c. In jakarta
d. In bali island
4. What did caused kbo lwo anger?
a. Because the new harvest was still a long away off
b. Because the new harvest was still a long away on
c. Because kbo lwo hungry
d. Because kbo lwo sleepy

5. What is the ask kbo lwo to do..??

a. They asked kbo lwo to build them avery deep well and rebuild all the house and
temples he had destroyed
b. They asked kbo lwo to build them avery deep well and rebuild all the house and temples he
had lifed
c. They asked kbo lwo to build them avery deep well and rebuild all the house and temples he
had dead
d. They asked want to sleep

The Story of Smart Monkey and Dull Crocodile

One day there was a monkey. He wanted to cross a river. There he saw a crocodile
so he asked the crocodile to take him across the other side ofthe river. The crocodile
agree and told the monkey to jumpon its back. Then the crocodile swam down the river
with the monkey on his top.
Unluckily, the crocodile was very hungry, he stoped in the middle of the riverand
said to the monkey, “my father is very sick. He has to eatthe heartof the monkey. So he
will be healthy again”.
At the time, the monkey was in dangerous situation and he had to think hard.
Then he had a good idea. He told the crocodileto swim back to the river bank. “ what’s
for? Asked the crocodile.” Because I don’t bringmy heart” said the monkey.”I left it under
a three, near some coconuts in the river bank”.
The crocodile agreed and turned around. He swam back to the bank of the river.
As soon as they reached the river bank, the monkey jumped off the crocodile’s back. Then
he climb up to the top af a tree.
“ where is your heart?” asked the crocodile.” You are foolish,” said the monkey
to the crocodile.” Now I am free and I have my heart”.
1. What is the kind of text?
a. Narrative
b. Descriptif
c. Spoof
d. Hortatory exposition
2. Who was the smartest in the story?
a. The crocodile
b. The monkey
c. The man
d. Father

3. What is the purpose of the story?

a. To persuade the readers
b. To inform about smart monkey
c. To entertainment the readers
d. To explanation about smart monkey

4. What did crocodile want to be?

a. He has to it the nose of the monkey
b. He has to it the heart of the monkey
c. He has to it the hand of the monkey
d. He has to it the eye of the monkey

5. What is the main idea of the last paragraf

a. Crocrodile very fool
b. Monkey
c. Crocrodile very genious
d. Monkey is very tired

Love Story of Antony and Cleopatra

Mark Antony became one of the three rulers of the Roman Empire, together with Octavius
Caesar and Lepidus, and was responsible for the eastern part of the empire. He fell in love with
Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt.
As his wife had just died Antony married Octavius’ sister, Octavia, in an attempt to heal the rift
between the two emperors. When Cleopatra heard about Antony’s marriage she flew into a
jealous rage as she knew that Antony did not love Octavia. Antony went to Athens when war
broke out between Caesar and Pompey, Antony sent Octavia back to Rome and he returned to
Caesar was very angry with Antony’s behaviour and he declared war on both Antony and
Cleopatra. When the Romans arrived, Antony was offered a choice of how to fight. He chose to
fight on sea. The Egyptian navy was inadequate. When Cleopatra’s navy turned and fled, Antony
followed them. Caesar defeated him.
Antony got news that Cleopatra was dead. Antony was devastated and decided to kill himself.
He wounded himself without dying. His followers took him to Cleopatra’s tomb, where he died
in her arms.
1. The mark antony cleopatra queen fell in love with the ruler of ...
a. Arabic
b. Turkey
c. America

d. Egypt

2. Antony go to ... to fight

a. athena
b. field
c. Roman
d. chili

3. Mark Antony fell in love with the queen ruler of egypt

The ruler queen named ...
a. Novri
b. Nazirah

c. cleopatra
d. elisabet

4. Antony meniggal wife after she married ...

a. octavius

b. octavia
c. pompey
d. Octopus
5. Antony died ...

a. hit because cleoptara died

b. his wife died
c. a fall from a building
d. knife wound
Recount text

Go Camping

The weather was very clear. My family and I decided to go camping last holiday. Father
prepared the tent and other equipment. Mother prepared the cooking and eating utensils. I
took my fishing rod and my brother brought his sport equipment. When everything was
ready, we left for the camping site in countryside.

There were many campers when we arrived at the camping site. Unfortunately, the good
location near the river had been occupied by other campers so we had to look for another
place. Finally, we found a good place little bit further. It was near a big tree. After setting
up the tent, my father and I went fishing. We joined other people sitting on the rock near
the river.

In the evening, father made a fire. Mother cooked the fish we caught. I could say that it
was the best fish I had ever tasted. Sleeping in the tent was a very wonderful experience.
I woke up early in the morning. I felt fresh. Then I accompanied my brother playing ball.

In the afternoon, we went back home.

1; Where did the writer and his family set up their tent?
A. Near the river.
B. Near the big tree.
C. At the back of the river.
D. Far away from other campers.

2. What is the purpose of the text above?

A To describe a camping site.
B. To give instruction how to set up the tent.
C. To retell the writer’s past camping experience .
D. To inform people the new camping site.
3. What is the writer and his father’s hobby?
A. Camping.
B. Cooking.
C. Fishing.
D. Playing ball.

4. “…the river had been occupied by…” The underlined word is similar in meaning to…
A. inhabited
B. authorized
D. grabbed

5. when they want to make a tent near the river, but there are others as well who camped
in that place. they finally found the right place is in ...

A. in room

B. The river that is occupied

C. home and not be camping

D. near the big tree

Unforgettable Moment

The tour to Pangandaran Beach started on holiday last semester. We decided to go to

Pangandaran Beach by our motorbike. That was very interesting tour. Riding a motorbike
from my hometown, Cirebon, to Pangandaran Beach with my best friends made me feel

The tour to Pangandaran Beach began at 09.00 a.m. in the morning and it took 5 hours
riding to Pangandaran Beach. There were so many story that my friends and I got when we
were in the tour such as there was my friend who got lost, ran out of fuel in the middle of
jungle, and so forth. But it was interesting, because it was the first moment that I ever
had in touring.

We arrived at Pangandaran Beach at 02.00 p.m. and we stright to move to the beach. At
beach we just lied down there to stretch our muscle because of 5 hours riding. We also
had a lunch there by eating some foods that we brought from Cirebon. That was very nice
moment when we shared our own food to others.

After we had enough rest, we began to explore Pangandaran Beach. Started by exploring
the beach, and the sea using rented boat. Then we went to dive by renting some diving
equipment. We could see many coral there. We just had 2 hours to enjoy Pangandaran
Beach because we had to come back to Cirebon.

We came back to Cirebon at 04.00 p.m. It was imposible to ride in the night, so we just
decided to stay over in our friend house in Ciamis and we started to come back in the
morning. That was very nice experience that I and my friends ever had. We would never
forget that moment.

1. The holidays they go to the end of the semester ...
A beach bali
B. coast of Lombok
C. Pangandaran beach
D. Anyer beach

2. wisata ke pantai pengandaran mulai pukul ...

a. 08.00
b. 09.00
c. 05.00
d. 06.00

3. mereka tiba pukul ...

a. 01.00
b. 06.00
c. 07.00
d. 02.00
4. mereka punya waktu ... untuk menikmati pantai pangandaran
a. 1
b. 3
c. 2
d. 4

5. mereka pulang dari pantai pangandaran pada jam ...

a. 06.00
b. 09.00
c. 03.00
d. 04.00


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1. The ad above contains about ...

a. mathematics courses

b. computer courses
c. cooking courses
d. sewing course

2. Courses are included on ...

a. field
b. west Java

c. cirebon
d. palembang
Invition Card

1. What is the party for?

a. to have good friends
b. to watch new friends
c. to enjoy food and drinks
d. to welcome the new year

2. What is the purpose of the text above?

a. to invite a friend to attend the new year party
b. to make someone happ y in new year party
c. to remind people the coming of new year
d. to tell importance of new year

3.. At my house
the underlined word refers to....
a. Johana
b. Jl. Anggrek
c. Sandra
d. the