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Literacy Strategy #8

Name of strategy

Brief description of the

 This is a helpful strategy that gives students a sort of guide to
begin analytically thinking about a text.
 Students use SOAPStone to break a text down into parts that
may be easier to comprehend rather than trying to analyze
the text as a whole piece

Explanation of how it can be

used Helpful for on-demand reading and writing as it gives students a quick
guide of elements they need to consider discussing in an analytical
writing piece.

 S stands for Speaker, O stands for Occasion, A stands for

Audience, P stands for Purpose, the second S stands for
Subject, and then lastly, Tone.
 Students can be given a graphic organizer with columns/rows
for each element of the SOAPStone. After reading a text,
they then identify each element in it and fill out the graphic
 They then use the handout to write an analytical piece on
the text where they examine the relationship between each
component of SOAPStone in the text.

Source (doesn’t need to be The English Teacher’s Companion – Jim Burke