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1) A customer is requesting you to place the system near by a wet area.

what would you

1.explain him about the dangerous associated from short
circuits it without saying anything to the customer.
3.without saying anything bring the system back to the
4.mock for not knowing is simple thing.

2) what happens to the data on the system if the operating system is reinstalled?

1.the data gets errased

2.the data remains safe.
3)half the data gets corrupted
4.None of the above

3)When is the best time to visit customers location?

1. As per your wish
2. As per customer wish
3.early morning
4.late night

4).______ is additional software which does not come with the operating system media player
2.adobe reader paint explorer

5) what is difference between a PS 2 keyboard and a USB keyboard?

1.both are same.
2.the position of the keys on the keyboards differ
3.USB keyboard consumes more power
4.the pins connecting to the CPU are of different types

6) Which among the following is a wrong action?

1.immediately attenting a customers query
2.politely speaking with customer
3.not informing the customer about the malfunctioning of different spares before changing
4. None of the above.
7) Which among the following is not required while configuring or installing a
1. USB connection for printer into a available USB port on PC
2. Printer Driver software
3. separate power connection to printer
4. Internet connection

8) an angry customer as called would you respond to him

1. Showing more aggression
2. In an ignorant way
3.disconnecting the call immediately
4. Politely listening to him and then trying to resolve his problem

9) What is the function of an SMPS in a computer system?

1. It covers the alternating current into direct current
2. It stores the data
3. It process the data
4. It is a temporary memory

10) what should be finding a Short circuits on a work area?

1. Ignore it
2. Try to fix it by yourself
3. Wait until others notice it
4. Immediately inform the supervisor or concerned department

11) which among the following is most useful during the assembling of a computer?
1. Hammer
2. Allen wrench
3. Philips heads screwdriver
4. Insulation tape.

12) CD or DVD writer ( optical drivers) usually installed as _______

1. master on the secondary IDE port
2. Master on the primary IDE port
3. Slave on the primary IDE port
4. Slave on the secondary IDE port
13) Which among the following provides the details of the replacement of repair of the manufacturing
system of other parts?
1. Warranty
2. Invoice
3. Installation manual
4. Troubleshooting guide

14) A customer is not able to access a particular drive on the hard disc of his system. What type of
problem is this?
1. Hardware problem
2. Software problem
3. Both hardware and software problem
4. Power functions problem

15) what should be done if the repair of system is not possible clients location?
1. As the client to discard the system
2. Demand excess money for client
3. Send the system to the company for repair
4. Go back and send a new system as a replacement.

16) How to understand the quality of the product?

1. By referring to the feedback from customers
2. By assumptions
3. By using each and every work
4. By knowing colleagues opinions

17) what should you with confidential information?

1. Reveal to everyone
2. Pass it on only to those, who are authorized to know
3. Pass it on only to friends
4. Pass it on only to your juniors

18) which among the following is an input device?

1) scanner
2. Monitor
3. Printer
4. Projector
19) how do you attach a particular component(like resistor) to the mother board?
1. By soldering it
2. By using stickers
3. By applying glue to it
4. By using elastic bands

20) ________ is an output device

1. Keyboard
2. Mouse
3. Joy stick
4. Laser Printer

21) which of the following happens when you install a DDR RAM module on a DDR2 socket?
1. The PC will work with a lower speed
2. The CPU will be burnt
3. It is not possible to install a DDR module on a DDR 2 socket
4. The system will start, but after it will crash

22) what happens when customers are unhappy with your services?
1. Customers will always use your products
2. Customers will stop using your products
3. Customers will promote your product to others
4. None of the above.

23) A particular component of the system is malfunctioning. What would you do?
1. Replace entire system
2. Replace other components except the malfunctioning component
3. Replace the malfunctioning component
4. Replace all the power chords of the system.

24) which among the following is an operating system?

1. Windows 7
2. Microsoft power point
3. Microsoft word
4. Microsoft explorer

25) saying a few things about the new products at the end of the call to the existing customers would
1. Be a waste of time
2. Improve business
3. Deteriorate business
4. Anger to customer

26) Who can access the quality of work to you?

1. Any member of your team
2. Your best friend
3. Supervisor or team leader
4. None of the above.

27) what should be done once the installation has completed?

1. Request some tips(money) from the customer
2. Explain the operating procedure of different device installed
3. Immediately return to company without saying anything to the customer
4. None of the above.

28) how do you check the effective functioning of the system and other peripherals?
1. By switching on the system and other peripherals
2. By assuming
3. By using the customer to switch it on
4. There is no need to check it.

29) which among the following is unethical?

1. Helping colleagues
2. Not speaking with the people belonging to other religions
3. Speaking politely with others
4. All of the above.

30) Which of the following goes against the rules of team work?
1. Obeying team leader
2. Taking credit for others work
3. Helping others
4. Suggesting new ideas or solutions

1)A Colleague from sales department shares a following question that the client asked him for a wired
network setup do we need a connecter device such as switch with a multiple ports for sharing internet
access among different system help him to solve the question?
• Can’t say
• Yes
• No
2)You install a firewall at a client side. Which of the following testing rules should be followed to ensure
100 percentage customer satisfactions?
• Take a screen short of the firewall policy
• Ensuring that firewall service is running
• None of the given option
• Both 1 and 2
3)You need to attend a complaint in a campus area network (CAN). Which is 20kms away from a current
client side, your colleague on the other hand 20kms away this area. What should you do?
• Request your colleague to attend the CAN complaint after finishing his current assignment
• Ask your colleague to leave everything and go fix the CAN complaint
• Finish you current assignment and attend the CAN complaint without disturbing your
• Ask your supervisor to assign your colleague to the complaint
4)What will be the impact when ISCSI is implemented in software model?
• FCIP is automatically enabled
• Network bandwidth increases to 10GB/S
• Performance is equal to fiber channel host bus adapters
• Host CPU overhead increases

 customers
5)One of the PING to the local printers
complaints that internet is not working on his PC. What should you do to
understanding the with
with his PC?
 PING with remote workstation
• Only 2
• Only 1
• Only3
• 1 and 2
6) One of your colleagues working in the content department is writing a script on the network model.
He shared the following doubt with you. In a network model there are various systems and applications
for managing network elements on the network element management layer. Which of the following
elements are suitable options for this network?
A. Cable telephony media gateway
B. Soft switch
C. Wireless broadband provides. Help your colleague choose the correct option
• A, B, and C
• B and C
• A and B
7)You visited a client with your colleague for addressing a complaint regarding a router you realized
that the router can be repaired but your colleague replaced it. What should you do in this situation?
• Ask the customer to file a complaint against the company
• Ask your colleague to correct his mistake
• I ignore the issues
• Report the problem to your supervisor
8)The customer complaints that his network facing signal problem. Which of the following options will
You suggest to the customer?
• Communicate that the ethernet hub needs to repair
• Communicate with network company
• All of the given options
• None of the given options
9)Which of the following demons must be running on the server if you are building options will you
Suggest to the customer?
a) Nfsd
b) Mountd
c) RPC bind
• A B and C
• A and C
• A and B
• B and C
10)You attend a customer complaint to repair a faulty hub. You receive the issue and the customer is very
happy with your service. What should you do in this situation?
• Ask the customer to provide positive feedback to the company
• Ask your extra service charges for your good wood work
• Ask the company to increase your salary
• Thank the customer for his appreciation and as if you can provide any other assistance
11)You are visiting a client site to repair a faulty network connection. You issue the ipconfig command
followed by ping x. x. x. x. what does x. x. x. x. refer to in this situation ?
• The IP address
• The machine address
• The subnet mask
• The gate way
12)One of the customers files a complaint that his internet is working insufficiently. What should you do in
this situation?
• Try PING to the internet router and check the response time.
• Confirm from the customer if the router is covered under warranty
• Try a replacement router in order to ascertain the problem
• All the above options
13)Which solution meets the customer’s requirements for providing a low-cost solution and satisfies
their demand?
• SAN without LAN free backup
• Over the network backup
• Server free backup
• LAN free backup
14)Which of the following should be performed while setting up small network?
• The network components such as ETHERNET, HUB, SWITCH, and MAU should be installed.
• The network components such as ETHERNET , HUB , SWITCH , and MAU should be installed
and the corresponding invoices should be handled over to the customer.
• Both A and b
• None of the given options
15)One of your customers has registered a complaint that his PC cannot communicate with the local
router .what should be your course of action?
• Visit the client
• Call the customer to analyses the problem
• All of the given options
• Ask the customers about the time for visit and the exact location
16)A typical cause for a recurring problem in a network fails under which of the following categories?
• Host identification and theft issues
• Physical Damage and security issues
• Performance degradation and security issues
Host identification and physical damage
17)A client is facing a network security issues. Which of the following options will you use to fix this issue
at the client site?
• Domain controllers
• Firewall and proxies
• Latest version of the OS
• Strong passwords
18)You need to visit the client site for an urgent networking complaint registered which of the following
should be your topmost priority?
• You must be realistic and organized
• You must be at the client’s site on the scheduled time
• You must be at the client’s site much before the scheduled time
• You must got independently
19)Which of the following lights will indicate that in a wired network the cable is not connected
• Flashing GREEN light
• Solid GREEN light
1, Ip addresses are ----------bits in length.
(1) 42 (2) 54 (3) 128 (4) 32
2, which of the following types of memory is used by flash memory, a type of storage device?
(1) Optical (2) magnetic (3) Electronic (4) Mechanical
3, why is important for field technician to communication any potential hazards at particular location?
(1) To help fix the hazardous situation on time
(2) To keep other technician safe from the hazard
(3) To avert any breakdown or blackout situation
(4) All of the given options
4,which of the following spare parts of a pc is typically not field replaceable unit (FRU)?
1, Rom 2, video controller 3, system chassis
4, cmos battery
5,while fixing a hub client state,you accidently dropped it.The client became angry and used
abusive language with you.what should you in this case?
1, Answer back to the client in abusive language
2, Leave the clients site without completing the task
3,Apologise about your mistake and assure the client that hub is still working
4,File a written report against the client

6, you wrongly identified the pc problem at a customers place.The customer complained to your
supervisor, Who sent an email to you regarding feedback. What should be your next course of
1, call the customer and persuade
2, Resign from your ride
3, Reply to the email with an apology and assure your supervisor that you will revisit the complaint
4, call the customer and ask him to refrain from making baseless allegatidns
7,on a DHCP Server, what term is given to the period of time for which a system is assigned an
1, Assignment time 2, own time 3, lease 4, Reservation
8, You are visiting a client recarding a comiant for major performance degradation in the network.w
A. users for a given network location report a network slowdown
B. some clients get disconnected from the application or the network
C. network services and / or the application become unavailable.
D. slow inter VILAN Connectivity
1, A and B 2, D 3, B and C 3, All of the above
9, what device is shown in the following image and what is its use ?
1, it’s a network card used for connecting the computer with external devices
2,it’s a hub used as the central device to which computer and other devices or connected the network
3, it’s a router used as the device to which computer and other devices or connected the network
4, it’s a modem used to connect the computer to the external devices

10, modem is a construction of terms _________ and________

1, modulate and demaodulate
2, modulation and demodulation
3, modulator and demodulator
4, modulate and demodulate
11, which of the following servers answer client requests to translate hostname es to IP address?
1, database
3, DNS
4, Proxy
12, A technician is troubleshooting a workstation that is connected to a star network resources. Which of th
1, The installed network drivers
2, The link lights on the server network card
3, The link lights on the network card
4, The link lights on the switch
13, which of the following correctly describes the set of devices shown in the following image?
1, Types of technician tools
2, Types of RAMs
3, Types of storage media
4, Types of routers
14, An administrator is troubleshooting network connectivity and would like to view the path that packets a
1, traceroute
2, ping
3, nslookup
4, route
15, After fixing motherboard related issues at a customer’s place. You want to educate the customer about t
to familarise the customer with?
1, Only A
2, A and D
3, Only C
4, A,B,C and D
16, Which of the following protocols is used by the ping command to troubleshoot problems between two d
1, ARP
2, SIP
3, MAP4
17, A company’s network is wried in a bus topology and one of the computers is unable to access the network.
1,check the cable connections
2, Replace the cable
3, Reinstall the NIC driver
4, Replace the NIC
18, A client has registered a complaint that there is a continuous network security breach message being displa
1. Change the operating system and then install antivirus
2. Upgrade the system configuration and then configure internet security
3. Install a strong antivirus and configure internet security
4. Install a good software
19, An administrator is at a client’s site to figure out an intermittent network problem. Which of the following
1. Create an action plan and solution identifying potential effects
2. Identify the affected areas of the network
3. Gather information
4. Implement and test the solution
20, An administrator is troubleshooting a device that will not power on. Which of the following tools should th
1. Multimeter
2. Toner probe
3. Cable tester
21, An administrator is at a client’s site to figure out an intermittent network problem. The technician has alrea
1. Identify the results and effects of the solution
2. Identify the affected areas of the network
3. Establish the most probable cause
4. Implement and test the solution
22, A client is facing a network security issue. Which of the following options will you use to fix this issue at the
1. Domain
2. Firewalls and proxies
3. Latest versions of the OS
4. Strong passwords
23, The following diagram depicts a redundant open BSD firewall. Identify the different components used in th
1. A, nating router
B, Dumb switch
C, firewall
D, server
2. A, router
B, Dumb switch
C, firewall
D, network
3. A, Dumb switch
B, Nating Router
C, firewall
D, server
24, you completed your assignment of installing a modem at the client site well beforer the time limit provide
1. Tell your supervisor that your work is completed and take on new work as this will add value
2. Do not tell the supervisor about completion of your work and catch some free time
3. Help your collegue in the time
4. Go back home for those few hours
25, As an added level of security a network administrator can configure which of the following on a firewall?
1. Port blocking
2. Port forwarding
3. Port mirroring
4. VPN pass through
26, Name the piece of hardware shown in the following image. Which is an important part of the CPU?
2. RAM
4. Network Interface Card(NIC)

em hang up command?
E. None of the above
What is the modem hang up command?
E. None of the above