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Local Institutions Treatment:

Depression: (also known as clinical

1. Serenity in the steps 1. Anti-Depressants Drugs
depression, Dysthymic disorder, Major - Located in Baguio city 2. Psychotherapy
2. Roseville rehabilitation complex - is “talk therapy,” where you meet with a
psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker,
depressive disorder, unipolar depression ) company
or other trained mental
- Located in 59 Balacbac Road, Sto. health professional. You will learn new
Tomas Proper ways to handle challenges and change
3. Philippine mental health ways of thinking that depression
Association Baguio-Benguet affects.
3. Physical Activity intervention
Chapter INC.
-use of physical activity and exercise as
- Located in Marcos Highway,
a form of depression management in
Baguio City
What Is It? young people
It's natural to feel down 4. Mindfulness-based
sometimes, but if that low mood lingers therapy(MBT)
day after day, it could signal depression. - Encourages a non-judgmental,
Major depression is an episode of sadness moment by moment awareness.
or apathy along with other symptoms that Treatment could involve having a
lasts at least two consecutive weeks and young person focusing on the
physical world around them or
is severe enough to interrupt daily
accepting one’s thought as
activities. Depression is not a sign of References: something that can be viewed
weakness or a negative personality. It is a objectively.
major public health problem and a
treatable medical condition. w-depression-overview
Personal Development by Aben-Bayod, Ang,
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Ampaguey, Sarah Kate B.

Saint John Paul II

3 Stages Of Depression Visual and auditory hallucinations take place – and return to normal life.
Depression: Stage 1 the depressed person experiences a painful
effect of “voices in his head.” Thus, the Signs & Symptoms:
The initial stage of depression can be
called “denial”. In the early stages, a person is person is convinced that he is not able to bear
and beat these frightening thoughts. Hence,
1. Emotional
convinced that he has no predisposition for
there is an obsessive desire to end this 2. Fatigue and decreased energy
depression, it is just a bad mood, fatigue,
health problems, the impact of weather. The nightmare. The depressed thinks about ending 3. Insomnia, especially early-
first stage includes apathy, lack of desire to his miserable existence. At the second stage morning waking
of depression over 80% of suicide attempts
perform any action, fatigue. There are signals 4. Excessive sleep
such as lack of appetite, irritability, sleeping occur. And, as a rule, the depressed person
cannot overcome depression without
5. Persistent aches or pains,
professional help at this stage. headaches, cramps, or digestive
The prevalent factor during this
period is sleepiness, often even after a full problems that do not ease even
night’s sleep. The person strives to escape with treatment
from the existing problems, and sleep is the
best remedy because the body tries to 6. Significant changes in appetite,
overcome unusual psychological condition on eating, weight
its own, it tries to get rid of depression. The
circle of unpleasant symptoms
7. Suicidality
expands: anxiety prevails among feelings,
Depression: Stage 3 8. Feeling sad or "empty"
sleeping problems get worse.
This is the most dangerous stage of
9. Feeling hopeless, irritable,
the disorder. At the third stage of
depression, the individual is able to cause
anxious, or guilty
harm and physical injury not only to himself 10. significant changes in activity
but also to others. The depressed person loses
the meaning of life. At this stage suicidal
thoughts are prevalent. Memory loss, manic
Depression: Stage 2 depression, schizophrenia are a small piece of
The middle among stages of depression what happens to the person in the third
is characterized by considerable changes in stage. Almost all people with third stages of
the work of all organs. The production of the depression require hospitalization and an
hormone of happiness – serotonin is decreased intensive course of therapy. It takes a
and stopped. The depressed person refused significant period of time to beat depression
to eat, this fact leads to a significant weight
loss, worsening of chronic diseases takes
place. The body can’t resist anymore.
The most unpleasant phenomenon of
the second stage is insomnia that may last
several days. This leads to the fact that the
person loses the ability to think logically and
properly, control his emotions and behavior.