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Horticulture Resource Point / Sale Point

Feasibility Report
Business Plan
September 2012

Muzahir Khan
Media Campaigners Pvt Ltd
0345 4555 729

Shaheen Associates Builders & Constructors

Chishty Brothers
Population Association of Pakistan (PAP) Secretariat

QAU - Quaid-e-Azam University
GCO - Green Cirle Organization
ROI - Return on Investment
CB - Chishty Brothers
SA - Shaheen Associates
CEO - Chief Executive Officer


Company Idea
1.1 Objectives
1.2 Mission
1.3 Keys to Success


2.0 Company Summary

2.1 Company Ownership
2.2 Start-up Summary
Table: Startup funding
Chart: Startup
Table: Use of Funds
2.3 Project Location and Facilities


3.0 Services
3.1 Service Description
3.2 Future Services


4.0 Market Analysis Summary

4.1 Market Segmentation

Chart: Market Analysis (Pie)
Table: Market Analysis .

4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy

4.2.1 Market Needs
4.2.2 Market Trends
4.2.3 Market Growth
4.3 Service Business Analysis
4.3.1 Competition and Buying Patterns
4.3.2 Main Competitors
4.4 Target Market.
4.5 SWOT analysis

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

5.1 Competitive Edge
5.2 Marketing Strategy
5.2.1 Pricing Strategy
5.2.2 Promotion Strategy
5.3 Sales Strategy
5.3.1 Sales Forecast
Table: Sales Forecast
Chart: Sales by Year
Chart: Sales Monthly

5.4 Milestones
Table: Milestones
Chart: Milestones

6.0 Management Summary

6.1 Management Team
6.2 Organizational Structure
6.3 Personnel Plan
Table: Personnel

7.0 Financial Plan

7.1 General Assumptions

7.2 Valuation
Table: Investment Analysis

7.3 Key Financial Indicators

Chart: Benchmarks

7.4 Break-even Analysis

Table: Break-even Analysis
Chart: Break-even Analysis

7.5 Projected Profit and Loss

Chart: Gross Margin Yearly
Table: Profit and Loss
Chart: Profit Monthly
Chart: Profit Yearly
Chart: Gross Margin Monthly

7.6 Projected Cash Flow

Chart: Cash
Table: Cash Flow

7.7 Projected Balance Sheet

Table: Balance Sheet

7.8 Business Ratios

Table: Ratios
Table: Sales Forecast



Introduction of Company

Leonx Mark is a new sole-proprietor company formed under the laws of Pakistan. We
aspire to become a Private limited company within 6 months from starting operations at
our first project.

Simultaneously, we intend to initiate an Awareness and Conservation Forum that

influences good practices in our society.

This document has been prepared to provide the reader with information about our
company, including business structure, first project, projected growth, venture capital
requirements, start-up costs, an investment analysis and the industry trends.

Leonx Mark is a developing, landscaping and eco-construction company focusing to

develop energy efficient and nature conservation projects that address todayʼs
needs and future requirements by incorporating natural elements and green energy.

We are backed by our parent companies Chishty Brothers and Shaheen Associates
that are well-reputed architecture and construction, development companies.

In addition, we are supported by several development sector organizations

including GCO and Leonx Conservation Society. Since eco-construction is a
modern concept, we aspire to develop eco-development projects that can exemplify
and introduce this concept for future needs.
Chart: Highlights







" " " Year 1 Year 2 " Year 3 " Year 4" Year 5

Higher bars in the chart show forecasted annual sales, lower bars reflect gross
profits each year.

1.1 Objectives
The company's objective is to build quality, multi-service POS that entails a plants nursery,
pet shop (birds, dogs, cats etc.), tuck shop/food court. We will initiate this project to
acquire the approval of the predominantly Islamabad community which it serves & QAU
because our park project in phase 2 is of greater magnitude in terms of development, land
and investment.

Our goals include:

1. A 3% market share in our first year.

2. An modest increase in our gross margins within the second year of operation
3. An increase in our market share by a minimum of 10% for each of our first five years.

The company believes that by entering the marketplace first and by establishing quality, it
will become, and remain, a leader.
Our fundamental objective is to realize how we impact the community that we do business
in, knowing that we will stand the test of time if the local residents approve and support our
1.2 Mission

Leonx Markʼs sole purpose is to establish a profitable and well managed company while at
the same time creating an atmosphere of awareness and recreation for the entire family,
with activities designed to please the local residents, as well as the substantial tourist base
of the Islamabad - Murree Road.

1.3 Keys to Success

We believe that our main keys to success include:

• Providing wide-ranging products and services
• Ample and secure parking
• Easy Accessibility
• Variety and Aesthetics
• Target high traffic areas for maximum public exposure
• Design facilities to curb overcrowding, provision of utilizing extra space on the basis
of sales trends
• Seasoned management team

We believe that we can minimize certain risk factors by:

• Initial capitalization of the company to sustain operations through year one
• Low overhead through the use of multi-skilled employees and continual training
• Strong customer base through aggressive marketing
• Strong community ties and involvement
• Reduce collection costs by establishing cash/credit/debit card facilities


2. Company Overview

Leonx Mark is a developing, landscaping and eco-construction company focusing to

develop energy efficient and nature conservation projects that address todayʼs
needs and future requirements by incorporating natural elements and green energy.

We are backed by our parent companies Chishty Brothers and Shaheen Associates
that are well-reputed architecture and construction, development companies.

2.1 Company Ownership

• CEO/Managing Director - Syed Shahid Raza

• Board of Governors:
• •" Syed Pervaiz Raza Chishty
• •" Syed Tehseen Raza Chishty
Consultants / Non-Partners (retained):
•" Project Director / Consultant - Muzahir Khan
• Horticulture Specialist - Rana Shafiq ur Rehman

2.2 Start-up Summary

For Phase 1 the Start-up table reflects the cost of the project, activities and 3 +/- acres.
All Construction cost are included in the initial investment, but not detailed in the "Start-up
Cost table" because these costs happen before the projected pro forma begins.

In the Start-Up Funding table there are two forms/types of investors listed:
The Seed Investors/Partners that come under #1-11, are considered the seed funding
group and company management team. Their investment is not secure and carries a
greater risk of loss. Therefore, the percentage of the company that this group receives for
their investment equals a much greater company ownership than the secure partners do
for their investment (these partners are also earning sweat equity shares for their
involvement/efforts rather than wages during development).

The Start-up Investors/Secure Partners that come under #1 -4, are considered the start-
up funding partners. They may or may not be part of the company's management team but
are the voting and percentage controlling partners. Their investment will be escrowed and
secure until the company has secured funding for the entire project. There is less risk of
loss that is associated with these investors.
The Use of Funds table details many of the Start-up Expenses.

Table: Startup funding

Start-up Funding

Start-up Expenses to Fund PKR 9,500,000

Start-up Assets to Fund PKR 5,477,925

Total Funding Required PKR 14,977,925


Non-cash Assets from Start-up PKR 5,077,925

Cash Requirements from Start-up PKR 400,000

Additional Cash Raised PKR 0

Cash Balance on Starting Date PKR 200,000

Total Assets PKR 5,477,925

Liabilities and Capital


Current Borrowing PKR 0

Long-term Liabilities PKR 0

Accounts Payable (Outstanding PKR 0


Other Current Liabilities (annual PKR 45,000


Total Liabilities PKR 45,000


Planned Investment

Seed Investor/Partner #1 PKR 10,227,925

Start-up Investor/Secure Partner #1 PKR 4,750,000

Additional Investment Requirement PKR 0

Total Planned Investment PKR 14,977,925

Loss at Start-up (Start-up -PKR 229,575


Total Capital Ratio PKR 9,500,001

Total Capital and Liabilities PKR 9,455,001

Total Funding PKR 24,477,926

Chart: Startup

!"#$)'%%%'%%%$ ,-./-0&$
,-./-0+$ !"#$+('122'1&3$
,-./-0&$ !"#$3'(22'1&3$

Table: Use of Funds

Use of Funds

Use Amount

Phase 1 Construction Cost Breakdown 0

Total Sq.Ft. Building (±) 0

Direct Construction Cost 0

Plants Nursery 2,400,000

Birds 600,000

Dogs 1,200,000

Cages fancy 140,000

Street Construction 800,000

Building Permit/Subdivide/Connection 0

Parking Lot 400,000

Construction Insurance Cost 0

Property Cost 3 ± Acres 1,000,000

Drafting/Renderings 0

Site and Building Engineering 0

Computers/Desks Office Supplies 400,000

Signs 20,000

First Year Operations Captial 200,000

Construction Cost Sheds 0

Total 7,160,000

2.3 Project Location and Facilities

The first proposed site / property has two different aspects to it:
1. We initiate our pilot project of Nursery Sale Point in 3 acres provided by QAU at the
juncture of Murree Road and Shahdara Road.
2. We incorporate a multi purpose sale point which will provide us with details on market
trends and guide our future direction and strategies. This involves more risk but offers
higher profits because we will need to establish a credibility once they are developed.

Therefore, within this business plan we will present a primary look at both possibilities,
including the basic business structure, the start-up cost, the company's projected growth,
the market, the local demographics, the economic impact, the industry trends, the
construction costs, the development of the land, the oversight of operations during the
development of the infrastructure and the companies future management and marketing

Our proposed site is the 3 +/- acres running along the north side of the Murree Road, with
one planned future Road Shahdra Road that will link to QAU and other (roads) accesses/
The entire property is zoned commercial and the owner has stated that they supports our
project and will carry a contract. Phase 1 would place our pilot project of HRP Sale point
just west of the other existing commercial establishments.

3.0 Services

Our Sale Point will provide customers with a wholesome environment that
provides ambiance, entertainment, excitement, great food, relaxing atmosphere,
souvenirs and great food all while forming lasting memories at affordable prices.

Although there is currently no competition in the immediate area in which we

plan to establish our Sale Point, we believe that because the industry is
expanding exponentially, sooner or later competition will come.

To that end, the company plans to become profitable and retain a solid
leadership position in the marketplace by providing:

•" Year round sales with a wide variety of sellable - Our season never stops.
•" Seasoned, successful management team.
•" Working with Department of Tourism - National and international
•" Family-oriented - Partnership-operated center gives the company local
• Aggressive marketing.
• Community Involvement
•" Customer Incentive Program - Reward frequent visitors/customers.
•" Easy access and exposure.

3.1 Service Description

The ability of Leonx Mark to accomplish its goals and lead the local family
entertainment industry, depends upon the expertise and social conscience of the
management team. Our management team will be trained to understand these
facts and some members of our management team have been recognized in the
past for their outstanding community service and involvement. 

3.2 Future Services

This HRP Sale point will truly serve as a resource point for all islamabad residents &
community in order to cater to all their gardening needs, landscaping services, birds,
dogs and pets buying, food, snacks and juices for students, youth, families and tourists
of this area.

4.0 Market Analysis Summary

4.1 Market Segmentation

Chart: Market Analysis (Pie)
Table: Market Analysis .

4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy

4.2.1 Market Needs
4.2.2 Market Trends
4.2.3 Market Growth
4.3 Service Business Analysis
4.3.1 Competition and Buying Patterns
4.3.2 Main Competitors
4.4 Target Market.
4.5 SWOT analysis

4.0 Market Analysis Summary

Research has indicated that the prime market for a POS is in urban areas close
to neighborhoods with large concentrations of upper- to middle-income bracket
population.  Ease of access is important, and is a crucial requirement. 

A ten to fifteen mile radius is considered the radial market area of a Nursery. 
However, depending on competition (or lack thereof) a market area can grow to
a 25 mile radius and with easy highway access to a radius of thirty miles from
the Sale Point.

4.1 Market Segmentation

Leonx Mark's primary targeted market consists of two main groups.
These categories are: 18 to 34 and 35 to 63 years old. We intend to cater to the
youngest groups of 3-11 & 12 - 17 years as well by adding attractions like
swings, slides, pop-corns etc. To better understand the size and breakdown of
the local population see the following table and chart.
Chart: Market Analysis (Pie)

35-63 yrs 18-34 yrs 12-17yrs 3-11 yrs



4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy

A full-time manager is a vital part of Leonx' management team.  The job will
require this person to be responsible for assuring customer satisfaction,
generating public awareness for the types of products and services offered at
our "HRP," and attractively promoting the various activities to the public.

Even though, our customers can be considered all age groups, both sexes, all
races, all income levels, local residents or tourist to the area.  The most
important factor behind our success is simply, THAT A PERSON LIKES THE
AMBIANCE, while purchasing.

4.2.1 Market Needs

Upon reviewing the local demographics of businesses in the Islamabad area, we
discovered that our proposed service will be filling a void that has existed for
years in the local market.

4.2.3 Market Growth

As the population ages the potential market size increases and with the type of

entertainment offered at our facilities, we are confident that our customer base will
continue to grow and remain stable for the foreseeable years to come.

*Even though the government did not conduct a national census in 2010, a housing
survey conducted in Islamabad revealed that the capitalʼs population has more than
doubled since the last census in 1998.

The housing survey, conducted by the Census Department in collaboration with the
Federal Directorate of Education and the local administration in April 2011, estimated
the capitalʼs current population at around 2 million, while the 1998 census put it at

The housing survey also revealed that the number of houses has risen sharply.

“A hundred per cent increase has been seen in localities on the outskirts of the capital
like Bhara Kahu, Banigala, Tarnol, Golra, and sectors I-11, G-11, G-12, F-12 and H-13,”
said an official of the local administration.

Dawn Newspaper 7th August 2012

The market for a modern Nursery and Good Food Spot in the Islamabad area is
superior to most, partly due to the tremendous population growth which has occurred
during the past five years. With the overwhelming majority of the population living and
working within 15 miles of our first selected site. Additionally, there is not a Nursery
Sale Point of this type within 20 +/- miles.

Population Growth:  In the 10 year period of 2000 - 2010, Islamabad experienced

over 100% increase in residents, closing the decade at 196,5000 and this rate of
growth is projected to continue through 2020.
Population through decades

Census Population Urban

1951 95,940 0

1961 117,669 0

1972 237,549 76,641

1981 340,286 204,364

1998 805,235 529,180

2009 (est.) 1,740,000 Not Available

According to the 1998 census, the total population of the city was 805,235, with 434,239
males and 370,996 females. The average annual population growth rate from 1981 to
1998 was 5.19. The urban population of the city was 529,180, with 209,717 males and
238,463 females. The total rural population in 1998 was 276,055, with 143,522 males and
132,533 females.

4.3 Service Business Analysis

4.3.1 Competition and Buying Patterns

"Being locally owned, you can design and operate your facility to be connected with the
community and fine-tune to meet their needs.  You have to be part of the community to
be successful."

Leonx Mark is a business focusing on family entertainment where there will be sports
and activities that all ages can participate in and enjoy as individuals or as a group.  It
is where grandparents can take grandchildren of all ages (it makes a great date night
or family outing).

Experts say, "If you require a big grand opening or spend a ton on advertising your
center, then you are not in the right location.  The public just needs to be able to see
your location, make it look fun and they will know where you are and when to come."
4.3.2 Main Competitors

The other local, single activity businesses will not have much of an impact on our
potential customer base, especially in customized and exclusive services.

None the less our sale point will be competing with other established nurseries and
food spots for the consumer's spending. These spots are: nurseries at Peshawar More,
canteens and cafeteria at the QAU, bird shops, kennels and etc. Yet, none of these
point of sales truly compete with our project, because at our proposed location we will
offer more options custom-fit to the community and tourist.

Leonx Mark will be the first of its kind in the area to address our underserved market,
understanding that price is not the public's only buying criterion. We at Leonx Mark
believe that customers want to feel a holistic process of having fun and they expect
prompt service. Combine that with a clean environment and properly working
equipment and we are ensured that our customers will come back again and again.
5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

Our services will be positioned to provide our customers with a premium product and
Services experience.

However, our pricing strategy at the sale point will be to charge a range from affordable
to premium price as per market standards.

The following subtopics will present our sales strategy, marketing strategy, pricing
strategy, daily customer projections and promotion strategy.

Leonx Mark will also work toward establishing community involvement programs that
will demonstrate how the business can contribute to a better quality of community life. 
Such as: Community projects using the "Botanical Garden & QAU's" facilities to help
civic groups obtain their financial goals (by offering fund raising events).  Schools,
churches, and other groups will be welcomed for tours of the facilities and will be
shown how the facility can be used to help raise funds for their needs.

5.1 Competitive Edge

The high standards set by our company and our location are going to make it very
difficult for competitors to enter and survive in the market area.

Our market understanding shows that the opportunity exists to provide a high-quality
service in a family-oriented environment, where we can offer competitive pricing to our
customers and still make an outstanding profit in Islamabadʼs demanding market.

The keys to our competitive edge

There are several critical issues based on the lifestyles of the area for our business to
be accepted and survive.

Produce maximum profits, but still able to offer affordable products and services
Provide the essential products
Great food
Repeat customers/periodic events/enjoyment for kids and loyalty discounts
Allow space for other brands (reduce overhead)
Provide activities for a large range of age groups
Unique in design with comfortable ambience
Exciting work environment (free wifi)

5.2 Marketing Strategy

Our customers can come from all age groups, male and female, all races, every
income level and can be local residents or tourists to the area.  That is why our
marketing plan started at the construction phase; by keeping in mind, if it looks decent
people will come.  Thus the main factor to our success is simply that a person can
enjoy themselves at our center because of ambiance.
Our full-time manager is a vital part of our management team, by assuring that
customer satisfaction is provided and gathering information from the public about the
types of products and services most desired.  This can provide our company with the
means to stay in touch with the community and ready to meet their desires. 

5.2.1 Pricing Strategy

To establish the following detailed chart, we referred to available recommendations

and the local competition. 

The following details our pricing and the # of customers per month that we used for our
cash flow projections.  These projected numbers are 35% +/- of daily operation
capacity and being open for business 30 days a month, not closed on Sundays.  It
should also be noted, there maybe products or services planned that are not included
in our projections.

- Average Price Quantity

Plants Rs.500 7,000/month
Tuck Shop (cigarette, water etc) Rs.100 7,000/month
Fertilizers pots paraphernalia Rs.200 560/month
Rockery Rs.15000 60/month
Birds Rs.1000 150/month
cages and feed Rs.500 1,620/month
Dogs and Pups Rs.100000 .5/month
fresh juices Rs.100 560/month
Shawarma and BBQ Rs.375 10,500/month
Souvenirs Rs.150 250/month
Landscaping Services Rs.275000 1/month
tiling construction rental etc. Rs.50000 .4/month

Projected pricing and number of customers per month after one years successful

All business expenses are detailed in the financials topics.  All other direct cost were

pre-calculated and added into the Sales Forecast table.

5.2.2 Promotion Strategy

Media Campaignerʼs first objective in promoting our sale point will be to capitalize on
the power of the WORD OF MOUTH.

In every business it is a well-known fact that word-of-mouth advertising is any

businesses' best friend or worst enemy. Yet, this does not preclude the fact that
announcements, placing advertisements in the local newspapers and our future
planned website are not just as important in reaching new customers and will be
employed as follows:
Getting our positioning message to the public, "family spot," where quality and
customer service is paramount.

Contacting Corporate and Govt Sectors

Keeping them aware of our doorstep services and all current promotions.

Minimal on-site Signs

Brands can buy sign footage and have their signs placed at selected place especially
tuck shop.

Road Signs
Self explanatory.

Sales Brochure
Informing the public of all the products and services found and offered at the center.

Customer Rewards
Rewarding customers for spending money through establishing frequent customer
programs and other activities suggested by the consultants (Muzahir Khan, Media
Campaigners) and market trends.

Community Involvement
The activities of the center will be promoted as a place to bring your group/family.
Various plans on awareness about environment, conservation and society will be
carried out, this will ensure public involvement.

Social Media

Effective plans for making the best use of social media and internet will be established.

5.3 Sales Strategy

Leonx Mark intends on providing a venue in which the entire family can really enjoy
their time by creating a pleasant ambiance with plants, light and sound.

At the Nursery Sale Point the value of entertainment experience that our customers

receives would be considered high compared to money spent ("You get your moneys
worth"), and by providing the best in the area, our management team expects to reach
an even broader market than used for our cash flow projections.

Our sales strategy is set on the very basics of business, please our customers and they
will return again and again.

5.3.1 Sales Forecast

Sales as per population (including holiday tourist)

Using our minimal targeted market population of 418,399 people, we will detail how
easily we can reach our projected income goals.
3% of 2,000,000 people = 60,000 customers per year, each spending Rs.2000 per year, or
Rs.200 per visit and visiting 9.5 times a year.
Or, using our projected average per person expenditures = Rs.200 x 164 customers daily
= Rs.32,877 x 365 days a year = Rs.12,000,000 per year.

This means that we can meet or exceed our projected income if approximately one out
of three possible customers visits our center once a year and spends a minimum of Rs.
8.50 on that visit.

2014 shows increase in sales caused by the opening of Phase 2.

The following chart shows Leonx Mark Projected Sales Forecast and the annual
projections for the next five years. Monthly figures are detailed in the appendix. To see
activities pricing break down & projected numbers used see topic 4.2.

Table: Sales Forecast

Sales Forecast


Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5


Plants PKR 790,833 PKR 1,186,250 PKR 1,269,288 PKR 1,332,752 PKR 1,399,389

Pots PKR 260,463 PKR 390,695 PKR 418,043 PKR 438,945 PKR 460,893

Soil PKR 466,907 PKR 700,361 PKR 749,386 PKR 786,855 PKR 826,198

Fertilizers PKR 193,801 PKR 203,491 PKR 217,735 PKR 228,622 PKR 240,053

Pesticides PKR 38,584 PKR 40,513 PKR 43,349 PKR 45,516 PKR 47,792

Tools PKR 154,350 PKR 162,068 PKR 173,412 PKR 182,083 PKR 191,187

Grass PKR 144,697 PKR 151,932 PKR 162,567 PKR 170,695 PKR 179,230

Rocks & Pebbles PKR 355,997 PKR 373,797 PKR 399,963 PKR 419,961 PKR 440,959

Landscaping PKR 1,200,000 PKR 1,260,000 PKR 1,348,200 PKR 1,415,610 PKR 1,486,391

Tiling, lighting etc. PKR 300,000 PKR 315,000 PKR 337,050 PKR 353,903 PKR 371,598

Total Sales PKR 3,905,632 PKR 4,784,105 PKR 5,118,993 PKR 5,374,942 PKR 5,643,689

Direct Cost of Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5


Plants PKR 395,417 PKR 593,125 PKR 634,644 PKR 666,376 PKR 699,695

Pots PKR 130,232 PKR 195,347 PKR 209,022 PKR 219,473 PKR 230,446
Soil PKR 303,490 PKR 455,234 PKR 487,101 PKR 511,456 PKR 537,029

Fertilizers PKR 145,351 PKR 152,618 PKR 163,302 PKR 171,467 PKR 180,040

Pesticides PKR 23,150 PKR 24,308 PKR 26,009 PKR 27,310 PKR 28,675

Tools PKR 69,458 PKR 72,930 PKR 78,036 PKR 81,937 PKR 86,034

Grass PKR 57,879 PKR 60,773 PKR 65,027 PKR 68,278 PKR 71,692

Rocks & Pebbles PKR 142,399 PKR 149,519 PKR 159,985 PKR 167,984 PKR 176,384

Landscaping PKR 660,000 PKR 693,000 PKR 741,510 PKR 778,586 PKR 743,195

Tiling, lighting etc. PKR 165,000 PKR 173,250 PKR 11,464 PKR 194,646 PKR 185,799

Subtotal Direct PKR 2,092,374 PKR 2,570,105 PKR 2,576,098 PKR 2,887,512 PKR 2,938,989
Cost of Sales

Sales Forecast
Birds & Dogs

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5

Birds PKR 594,139 PKR 653,553 PKR 751,586 PKR 826,744 PKR 884,616

Cages PKR 260,463 PKR 273,486 PKR 423,904 PKR 445,099 PKR 467,354

Feed PKR 53,000 PKR 490,252 PKR 759,891 PKR 797,886 PKR 837,780

Dogs PKR 1,193,801 PKR 1,253,491 PKR 1,942,911 PKR 2,040,057 PKR 2,142,060

Dog Food PKR 38,584 PKR 40,513 PKR 62,795 PKR 65,935 PKR 69,232

Leashes, plates PKR 154,350 PKR 162,068 PKR 251,205 PKR 263,765 PKR 276,953

Total Sales PKR 2,294,337 PKR 2,873,363 PKR 4,192,292 PKR 4,439,486 PKR 4,677,995

Direct Cost of Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5


Birds PKR 198,046 PKR 217,851 PKR 250,529 PKR 275,581 PKR 294,872

Cages PKR 65,116 PKR 68,372 PKR 105,976 PKR 111,275 PKR 116,838

Feed PKR 35,333 PKR 73,538 PKR 113,984 PKR 119,683 PKR 125,667

Dogs PKR 477,520 PKR 313,373 PKR 485,728 PKR 510,014 PKR 535,515

Dog Food PKR 19,292 PKR 20,257 PKR 31,398 PKR 32,968 PKR 34,616
Leashes, plates PKR 51,450 PKR 40,517 PKR 62,801 PKR 65,941 PKR 69,238

Subtotal Direct PKR 846,758 PKR 733,908 PKR 1,050,416 PKR 1,115,462 PKR 1,176,746
Cost of Sales

Sales Forecast
Tuck Shop

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5

Cigarets, Water, PKR 1,277,500 PKR 1,405,250 PKR 1,545,775 PKR 1,700,353 PKR 1,870,388
Chips etc.

Fresh Juices PKR 1,825,000 PKR 2,007,500 PKR 2,208,250 PKR 2,429,075 PKR 2,671,983

Shawarma PKR 2,190,000 PKR 2,409,000 PKR 2,649,900 PKR 2,914,890 PKR 3,206,379

BBQ PKR 2,737,500 PKR 3,011,250 PKR 3,312,375 PKR 3,643,613 PKR 4,007,974

Icecream PKR 182,500 PKR 200,750 PKR 220,825 PKR 242,908 PKR 267,198

Tea Coffee PKR 365,000 PKR 401,500 PKR 441,650 PKR 485,815 PKR 534,397

Biscuits PKR 73,000 PKR 80,300 PKR 88,330 PKR 97,163 PKR 106,879

milkpak PKR 109,500 PKR 120,450 PKR 132,495 PKR 145,745 PKR 160,319

tissue PKR 7,300 PKR 8,030 PKR 8,833 PKR 9,716 PKR 10,688

Disposable plates PKR 1,825 PKR 2,008 PKR 2,208 PKR 2,429 PKR 2,672

soap PKR 3,650 PKR 4,015 PKR 4,417 PKR 4,858 PKR 5,344

washing powder PKR 7,300 PKR 8,030 PKR 8,833 PKR 9,716 PKR 10,688

shampoo PKR 10,950 PKR 12,045 PKR 13,250 PKR 14,574 PKR 16,032

CDs PKR 1,825 PKR 2,008 PKR 2,208 PKR 2,429 PKR 2,672

Electronics PKR 3,650 PKR 4,015 PKR 4,417 PKR 4,858 PKR 5,344

Easy Load Cards PKR 365,000 PKR 401,500 PKR 441,650 PKR 485,815 PKR 534,397

Total Sales PKR 9,161,500 PKR 10,077,650 PKR 11,085,415 PKR 12,193,957 PKR 13,413,352

Direct Cost of Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5


Cigarets, Water, PKR 1,022,000 PKR 1,124,200 PKR 1,236,620 PKR 1,360,282 PKR 1,496,310
Chips etc.

Fresh Juices PKR 912,500 PKR 1,003,750 PKR 1,104,125 PKR 1,214,538 PKR 1,335,991

Shawarma PKR 1,095,000 PKR 1,204,500 PKR 1,324,950 PKR 1,457,445 PKR 1,603,190

BBQ PKR 1,368,750 PKR 1,505,625 PKR 1,656,188 PKR 1,821,806 PKR 2,003,987

Icecream PKR 146,000 PKR 160,600 PKR 176,660 PKR 194,326 PKR 213,759

Tea Coffee PKR 292,000 PKR 321,200 PKR 353,320 PKR 388,652 PKR 427,517

Biscuits PKR 58,400 PKR 64,240 PKR 70,664 PKR 77,730 PKR 85,503
milkpak PKR 87,600 PKR 96,360 PKR 105,996 PKR 116,596 PKR 128,255

tissue PKR 5,840 PKR 6,424 PKR 7,066 PKR 7,773 PKR 8,550

Disposable plates PKR 1,460 PKR 1,606 PKR 1,767 PKR 1,943 PKR 2,138

soap PKR 2,920 PKR 3,212 PKR 3,533 PKR 3,887 PKR 4,275

washing powder PKR 5,840 PKR 6,424 PKR 7,066 PKR 7,773 PKR 8,550

shampoo PKR 8,760 PKR 9,636 PKR 10,600 PKR 11,660 PKR 12,826

CDs PKR 1,460 PKR 1,606 PKR 1,767 PKR 1,943 PKR 2,138

Electronics PKR 1,825 PKR 2,008 PKR 2,208 PKR 2,429 PKR 2,672

Easy Load Cards PKR 328,500 PKR 361,350 PKR 397,485 PKR 437,234 PKR 480,957

Subtotal Direct PKR 5,338,855 PKR 5,872,741 PKR 6,460,015 PKR 7,106,016 PKR 7,816,618
Cost of Sales

Grand Total PKR 15,361,469 PKR 17,735,118 PKR 20,396,699 PKR 22,008,385 PKR 23,735,037
Annual Sale

Grand Total PKR 8,277,987 PKR 9,176,753 PKR 10,086,528 PKR 11,108,991 PKR 11,932,352
Direct Cost of

Gross Margins PKR 7,083,482 PKR 8,558,365 PKR 10,310,171 PKR 10,899,394 PKR 11,802,685

Chart: Sales by Year

Annual Sale Total Cost of Sale Gross Margins





2013 0
2014 2015 2016 2017
5.4 Milestones
Set forth below are the main milestones in the schedule of proposed development. We
have carefully reviewed the timelines for start-up and firmly believe that once we are
completely funded we can construct and open our Sale Point within less than four
months of breaking ground.

official go-ahead by QAU for for establishing HRP/sale point site by August 2012
Preliminary architectural drawings (available)
Land clearing and leveling mid - october 2012
Simultaneous construction (October 2012)
Approval and lease agreement QAU-GCO-Leonx Mark November 2012
Obtain all required permits CDA - NHA if required (November)
Site preparation landscaping
Order long lead items
Develop operations and employee manual
Hire personnel
Prepare and finalize marketing campaign
Train staff
Order inventory
Soft open (training period 30 days)
Grand Opening/25 December Quaid - e - Azam
Construction on Phase 2 Starts in 2013

Table: Milestones


Milestone Start Date End Date Cost/Budget Manager Department

Write Business Plan 9/05/2012 9/25/2012 Rs.300,000 Muzahir Khan PD

Property Under 20/10/2012 10/11/2012 Rs.200,000 ABC PD/CEO

Contract 3 Acres +/-

Site Plans Available Available - Ali Raza CB

Engineering 15/10/2012 15/11/2012 - Syed Pervaiz Raza SA

Insurances - - - ABC CEO

Permits 10/11/2012 - Rs.500,000 ABC CEO

Construction Phase 1 10/2/2012 10/20/2012 - ABC

Isles 10/2/2012 12/5/2002 ABC

Building 11/1/2012 11/15/2012 ABC

Landscaping 11/1/2012 11/15/2012 ABC

Signs 11/15/2012 11/15/2012 ABC

Open FoodCenter 11/25/2012 11/25/2012 ABC

Property Under - 11/25/2012 ABC
Contract 3 acres +/-

Expanded Site plans 11/25/2012 11/25/2012 ABC

Engineering 1/1/2005 2/15/2005 - ABC Web

Permits 11/25/2012 11/25/2012 - ABC Web

Construction Phase 2 - - - ABC Department

Isles & Underground - 5/1/2005 - ABC Department

Building - 10/25/2005 - ABC Department

Landscaping - 11/15/2005 - ABC Department

Opening HRP 11/25/2012 12/25/2012 - ABC Department

Totals -

6.0 Management Summary

Our company philosophy is based on mutual respect for all contributions made by our
participating or limited partners, investors, consultants, and employees without regard
to the position held in the company.  Those who work with Leonx Mark will learn to
enjoy and trust our partnership environment, because we all strive to create an
environment that enables us to work smarter-not harder and suggestions are valued,
appreciated and rewarded.

Leonx Mark will also work toward establishing community involvement programs that
will demonstrate how our business can contribute to a better society.  Projects such as
using the FEC facilities to help civic groups obtain their financial goals (by offering
fundraising events); working with schools, churches, and other groups on programs for
mutual benefit.

6.1 Management Team

Syed Shahid Raza, CEO

Mr. Shahid is a self starter, he has been self employed in his small company
Almuntakhib based in UAE, Mr. Shahid is also the Director for Govt. Projects in his
family business Shaheen Associates. He is an animal breeder and has always
expressed great passion in Animal Care. He gets his training under his Brothers Syed
Pervaiz Raza Chishty who is an engineer and a successful entrepreneur, and Syed
Tehseen Raza Chishty an established architect.

Mr. Shahid has performed at various positions in his family company SA, in the
construction industry, is trained in a wide range of executive level positions and has
served in a number of capacities including project management, construction site
management, procurement and purchase management.

Responsibilities: Design and manage the construction phase and deliver timely and
efficient results in order to make this project successful. 
Muzahir Rafiq Khan, Consultant, Project Director (PD)
Mr. Khan has a proven track record of experience in diverse sectors including
Corporate and Development sectors. He is bilingual with English as a second
language. He is also highly skilled in the art of negotiations, public relations, oversight
of complex budgets, business management and problem solving.  He has served on
several Federal & one US State Govt projects. 

Responsibilities: Participate in the company's strategic business plan; coordinate

training and operation programs; act as opening operations director; customer service
director and public relations consultant once the center is open.

Rana Shafiq ur Rehman

Mr. Shafiq is the President of Green Circle Organization GCO, he has a diverse
experience in the development sector and agri sector. He is responsible for
administration and monitoring of Plants Nursery Sale Point. This project is initially his
brainchild as a part of GCOʼs not-for-profit venture with the QAU Botanic Gardens.
GCO has signed contract with Leonx Mark for investing in all profitable commercial
ventures entailed in the original collaborative agreement between QAU and GCO.

Responsibilities: Implement the direction of Plants Nursery with day-to-day

management responsibility towards selling of plants and paraphernalia.

Saleem Khan Baloch, General Manager HRP

Mr. Saleem is a photographer and designer and the co-founder of Leonx Mark. Having
an experience of over 12 years he has worked at several managerial positions in
various organizations. Bieng the co-founder and motivator, he has an opportunity to
work with the organization and make it grow.

Responsibilities:  Will serve as the company's administrator, controller whose duties

will include daily journal entries,  corporate bookkeeping duties, revenue review,
statements reconciliation, monthly P/L schedules, accounts payable and other related
matters; is the point-of-contact for all management related responsibilities.

Other Executive Support Agencies:

Consultancy, Contracts and Legal services by Media Campaigners Pvt Ltd and OX
Network Pvt Ltd
Construction Services by Shaheen Associates Pvt Ltd
Insurance company;
Banking services;
Architectural, planning and design services by Chishty Brothers
6.2 Organizational Structure

The company's structure is as follows:

Active Managing Limited Partners/Senior Staff Non-Partners/Senior

Partners/Senior Staff Consultants Staff Consultants
Syed Shahid Raza, CEO Syed Pervaiz Raza Chishty Brothers Architects
Member Board of Governors and Design Consultant
Muzahir Rafiq Khan, Shaheen Associates
Consultant, Project Development
Director (PD) & Head of (RDA) Consultant
Public Relations
Rana Shafiq ur Rehman, -
senior consultant and
Nursery administrator
Saleem Khan Baloch, - -
General Manager HRP
- -
- -

Investors or appointed partners may represents 41% of the company ownership, with
the remaining percentage of the company's ownership under the control of the
managing partner, but is considered to be held in the company's treasury and all taxes
that are assessed against this percentage are paid from the general fund. 

All partners are considered to have equal voting rights as per ownership and if a vote
is called, each partner is allotted one vote per percentage of ownership.  The managing
partner is elected by votes and is to remain as such unless a vote is requested and the
majority votes change.

The managing partner is responsible to oversee all operations and is required to inform

and report to all other partners of progress.  By no means is the managing partner
obligated to perform any requested function unless he is convinced that it is for the
betterment of the company or if a majority of the partners request that there be a vote,
or that the object in question is voted to be put before arbitration (as explained in the
partnership agreement).

Administrative Operations Facilities Maintenance

General Manager Shift Leader Lead Supervisor
Project Director Assistant. Managers Gardner
Manager Two Helpers
Supervisor Floor Sales Waiters
Security Guards 3 shifts -
Inventory Control Food Handlers -
Public Relations Housekeeping -
Promotions - -
Activities Coordinator - -
Shop Manager - -

6.3 Personnel Plan

Customer service is paramount in our business and our business plan.  The

management team will accomplish this goal by targeting employees who are willing to
be trained and by providing encouragement and employee incentive programs.  Leonx
Mark will contract with an employee leasing program to help provide the full-time staff
with such things as:

Health care insurance

Life insurance
Up sell incentive programs
Discount passes for staff family members
401k retirement plans EOBI
Pay checks

Our Personnel Plan reflects how we intend to utilize our peoples' assets. Most of them
will be cross trained and the management team of Leonx Mark believes that an
employee who is happy at work will enjoy working.  It is always easier to
please customers with a staff that cares, a facility that is clean and equipment that
is kept in proper working order.