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) Personal Information
- Collin A. Dal Santo
- 327 Jonathan Dr., Pewaukee, Wi 53072
- 262-309-8514
- Minor (Under 18)

2.) Education
- High School
- Pewaukee High School
- 510 Lake St.

3.) Most recent Job History

- Dal Santo Wood Products Ltd.
- 1711 Arthur Ct.
- Supervisor: John Dal Santo
- Phone: 414-542-1133

- From: 12/2013 To: 11/2018

- Starting pay: $13 Ending Pay: $16
- Duties: While working at Dal Santo Wood Products Ltd. I work to build the finished
custom doors, drawers, and cabinets. Extremely important to be precise.

4.) Hours Available to Work

- Sundays for the most part never work for me but every other day of the week 4-8 -

5.) References
- Allison Bernhardt - Teacher at Pewaukee High School -
- Cynthia Meyer - Teacher at Pewaukee High School - ​
- Abigail Varela - Track Coach -

6.) Goals
- Short term - 2 years by graduation
● Graduate High School with a 4.0 GPA
● Be an active member of NHS
● Receive the High honor Roll certificate all 4 years

- Mid Term - 4-10 years

● Get accepted into the college that I want to go to
● Get through college with a 3.0 GPA or higher
● Stay involved in clubs and organizations
● Graduate and start working full time to support a family

- Long Term - 10-15 Years

● Raise my kids and maintain my full time position so my wife doesn’t have to work
● Actively participate in my kids school

6.) Tips to filling out a job application

- Whenever possible, take the application home or fill it out online, so you don't have to
rush while sitting in an employment office.
- Neatness counts.
- Show the employer that you can follow directions by filling in all sections of the
application form. If you can’t fill out a certain section don’t leave it blank, put (N/A)
- Check your application for spelling and grammar mistakes
- Make sure you emphasize the job responsibilities of your past jobs which are most
relevant to your target position when completing your descriptions.
- Employers of teens value reliability, especially in terms of attendance and punctuality.
Try to incorporate references to perfect attendance and punctuality, if possible.
- Don't forget to include any honors or awards since employers will likely believe a high
GPA or Honor Society membership, for example, is evidence of a strong work ethic.
- Get a list of references. Most employers will request 3 or 4 references- people who can
vouch for your work ethic and responsibility.
- Check your phone. You will need to list your phone number on the application, so be
sure that the voicemail message on your cell is suitable for an employer to hear.

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