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Name of Employee:

Review Period:

Describe your biggest achievements during review period

Gathering knowledge and putting them into practice

What are your strenghts ?

Some of my strenghts are perseverence and ambition.

Where do you think there is room for you to improve?

To collaborate closer with the new colleagues in order to help them more.

What motivates you to get the job done?

An important motivating factor is professional and personal development: completing the
completion of a task (implinirea finalizarii unei sarcini), leading to a professional career (ducerea la
indeplinire a unui parcurs profesional). Another important factor that contributes to my motivation
is the team. I think my colleagues must be passionate and share values similar to mine.

Can your job be done differently ? If so, explain how.

Ar fi posibila o colaborare mai buna in echipa, ar putea exista o repartizare mai eficienta a
sarcinilor astfel incat finalizarea lor sa fie mai rapida

What aspects of your work do you enjoy the most ? Which ones do you enjoy the least ?
Imi place atunci cand gasesc o solutie pentru problema clientului si el este multumit.

Describe areas and aspects where you are facing problems on your job
Luarea deciziei intr-o situatie critica, atunci cand timpul este foarte scurt pentru a gasi cea mai
buna solutie

How can the Management help you with the job to make it more enjoyable and effecient?

What are top qualities for a good team leader? What persons do you think have these qualities in
our department ?
Am effective team leader should be a clear communicator, organized and confident in his abilities.

What advice would you give to a new team leader taking over your team?

sa fie motivator pentru a crea un climat oportun muncii. Sa urmareasca crearea unei atmosfere
propice unei munci eficiente, fara a stresa pe cei ce sunt in echipa. De asemenea, sa fie un bun
comunicator, in sensul de a oferi sarcini clare si a prezenta pasii concreti a realizarii proiectului.

What would you change in the Support department immediately.

Sa fie o mai buna comunicare intre toti colegii din departament

What are your Future Plans in this job?

Imi doresc sa ma dezvolt continuu, sa reusesc sa devin mai independenta in sarcinile importante

What do you like most working for MIND ?

How is the MIND work Environment ?
Consider ca mediul de lucru este unul placut, unde poti sa inveti lucruri noi in fiecare zi

What can we do to improve manager-employee communication?

Comunicarea trebuie sa inceapa in primul rand de la angajat, care sa solicite lamuriri atunci cand
are neclaritati, sa solicite ajutor atunci cand nu stie sa rezolve o anumita problema si sa-si exprime
nemultumirile atunci cand acestea sunt indreptatite. Angajatul trebuie sa gaseasca intotdeauna
deschidere la manager.

What position at MIND do you want to move next?

Tinta mea nu este de a ocupa neaparat o pozitie, ci sa devin profesionista.

What do you plan to accomplish over the coming year.

Sa invat cat mai multe lucruri noi din cat mai multe module

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