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Thursday | November 29, 2018

Third female claims to be victim in Copes trial
Witness: ‘All I wanted was to be loved, and they threatened me’ Defense attorney
pressed charges against
Seth Copes alleging he
sexually assaulted them
she was about 8 when Seth Copes
touched her inappropriately. The wit-
ness also said she told Kara Copes, who
Editor’s note: The following report in- By ISABELLE ALTMAN
when they were 7. told her, “This is just a dream.”
cludes details of alleged sexual battery of The Dispatch does The witness said she didn’t know
children. not identify victims of whether Kara Copes had followed up on The attorney for a former Palm-
sex crimes. her allegation, but former and current er Home employee accused of sex-
A witness in the sexual battery trial The third witness, Palmer Home employees testified later ual battery was formally sanctioned
of a former Palmer Home employee is now a 21-year-old wom- Copes
claiming to be a third victim of sexual to learning of a behavior incident report in Lowndes Circuit Court Wednes-
an living in Los Angeles, California, is
abuse, and there appears to be at least from 2008 referencing the witness hav- day after he referred to a victim’s
not biologically related to the victims
one document to back up her story. who pressed charges in 2013 but lived ing dreams that Seth Copes and another medical history in front of the jury.
The female witness was the third to in the same cottage with them when all individual from her past were touching Thomas Pavlinic of Maryland is
testify in the trial of 45-year-old Seth three were children at Palmer Home. She her inappropriately and “it hurts.” no longer allowed to question wit-
Copes. Copes and his wife, Kara Copes, is not listed as a victim in Seth Copes’ Palmer Home president and CEO nesses on the stand for the rest of
began working as house parents at the indictment, according to court records. Drake Bassett said he found the docu- the trial of his client, 45-year-old
Columbus children’s home in 2006, but Seth Copes had only been charged with ment, which Kara Copes wrote, in 2013 Seth Copes, per a ruling by pre-
the couple was terminated from their two counts of sexual battery. after the twin victims told family Seth siding Judge Jim Kitchens. Copes’
position in 2013 after teenage twin girls She testified to two incidents when See Copes trial, 6A See Attorney, 6A

close chancery
judge runoff
Starkville to begin
discussions for new
municipal judge
By Alex Holloway

Starkville Munic-
ipal Judge Rodney
Faver has won a run-
off election to the
Chancery District
14, Place 1 judge
seat, based on unoffi-
cial election results.
Results from Ok- Faver
tibbeha, Chickasaw and Webster
counties show Faver leading Lee
Ann Turner with 8,855 votes to
8,716, a 139-vote margin, after
election day, absentee and affida-
vits were counted. Faver’s total is
good for 50.3 percent of the vote,
while Turner received about 49.6
The race remained too close to
call for much of the day, while the
counties processed 280 affidavits
— the bulk of which were tallied in
Oktibbeha County.
Slim Smith/Dispatch Staff
Oktibbeha County Circuit Clerk
Amanda Lochala, ministerial assistant at First Baptist Church in Columbus, puts the finishing touches on a Christmas wreath
adorning the church entrance Wednesday afternoon. “I really can’t take credit for the decorations,” Lochala said. “Most of Tony Rook said more than half of
the credit for that goes to Jan Atkins and Betty Waters of the decoration committee.” See Faver, 3A

Engineer explores hydroelectric power at Lock and Dam
Application for feasibility study filed Inside The John C. Sten-
n OUR VIEW: Hydroelectric nis Lock and Dam,
for sites in Columbus and Aberdeen power plants at local dams is along with the
an intriguing idea. Page 4A Aberdeen Lock and
By Slim Smith the first Dam, are potential steps in ex- sites for hydroelec-
Jeremy Wells, oper-
ploring the tric power plants
Although it’s likely to ating under the name of proposed by Geor-
possibil it y Tenn-Tom Hydro LLC of
be at least a half-dozen gia civil engineer
years away from reality, of building Macon, Georgia, has filed Jeremy Wells. Wells
Columbus and Aberdeen hydroelec - an application with the has filed an applica-
may one day be home tric power Federal Energy Regulato- tion with the Federal
plants at Wells ry Commission (FERC) Energy Regulatory
to hydroelectric power Commission for a
plants. the John C. to conduct a feasibility permit to perform a
At least that’s the idea Stennis Lock and Dam study of the Columbus feasibility study at
of a Georgia-based civil and the Aberdeen Lock and Aberdeen dams to the two locations.
engineer who has taken and Dam. See Power plants, 3A Dispatch file photo

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Second grade, Annunciation Starkville. arts center, or call 662-
5 What versatile material was devel- dated School

63 Low 59
oped to keep GI ammunition cases dry 328-2787. District Board of
High during World War II? Today through Trustees, 6 p.m.,
Mostly cloudy, chance of rain Answers, 6B Saturday Friday Greensboro
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page 2A. Columbus Community Concert: Mississippi
Theatre presents this University for Women
Inside comedic play at 7:30
p.m. Nov. 29-30, and at 2
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cert featuring the Chorale
Business 5B Dear Abby 4B p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Dec. and Chamber Singers at
Classifieds 6B Obituaries 5A 1 at the Columbus Arts 7:30 p.m. in Poindexter Dean Hall, of Eupora,
Comics 4B Opinions 4A Council’s Rosenzweig Hall on campus. Free to has been making wooden
Crossword 5B Arts Center, 501 Main the public. spoons for 13 years.

2A Thursday, November 29, 2018 The Dispatch •

Say What?
Did you hear? “Proud of how this team responded in the
Star Trek’s interracial kiss 50 second quarter after a poor first quarter.”
Mississippi State women’s basketball coach

years ago heralded change
Vic Schaefer, whose team rallied to beat Little
Rock 98-63 on Wednesday night. Story, 1B.

Episode aired The kiss between Uhura

Senators send rebuke to Saudis,
and Kirk “suggested that
only one year there was a future where
these issues were not such
after Supreme a big deal,” said Eric De-

Court declared
ggans, national television
critic for National Public Ra-
dio. “The characters them-
Trump over Khashoggi killing
interracial selves were not freaking
With bipartisan 63-37 vote, the Senate opted to and wrote for The Washington Post,
out because a black woman was publicly critical of the Saudi
marriage legal was kissing a white man ...
move forward with legislation calling for an end crown prince. He was killed in what
In this utopian-like future, U.S. officials have described as an
The Associated Press
we solved this issue. We’re
beyond it. That was a won-
to U.S. involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen elaborate plot at the Saudi consul-
ate in Istanbul, which he had visited
WASHINGTON — It derful message to send.”
was the kiss heard around By MARY CLARE JALONICK and Secretary of Defense Jim Mat- for marriage paperwork.
“Plato’s Stepchildren,” and SUSANNAH GEORGE tis both came to Capitol Hill to ur- Echoing Trump’s public com-
the galaxy. which first aired on Nov. The Associated Press
Fifty years ago — and gently lobby against the resolution, ments on the killing, Pompeo said
22, 1968, came before Star which would call for an end to U.S. after Wednesday’s briefing with
only one year after the U.S. Trek morphed into a cultur- WASHINGTON — Defying
Supreme Court declared in- military assistance for the conflict senators that there was “no direct
al phenomenon. The show’s President Donald Trump, senators that human rights advocates say is reporting” connecting the crown
terracial marriage was legal producers, meanwhile, sent a strong signal that they want
— two of science fiction’s wreaking havoc on Yemen and sub- prince to the murder, and Mattis
were concerned about one to punish Saudi Arabia for its role jecting civilians to indiscriminate said there was “no smoking gun”
most enduring characters, of the main episode ele- in the killing of journalist Jamal
Captain James T. Kirk and bombing. making the connection.
ments: Humanlike aliens Khashoggi. By a bipartisan 63-37 The vote showed a significant Pompeo argued that the war
Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, dressed as ancient Greeks vote, the Senate opted to move for-
kissed each other on “Star number of Republicans were will- in Yemen would be “a hell of a lot
that torture the crew with ward with legislation calling for an ing to break with Trump to express worse” if the United States were not
Trek.” their telekinetic powers and end to U.S. involvement in the Sau- their deep dissatisfaction with Saudi involved.
It wasn’t romantic. Sadis- force the two USS Enter- di-led war in Yemen. Arabia and with the U.S. response Wednesday’s procedural vote
tic, humanlike aliens forced prise crew members to kiss. The vote on Wednesday was to Khashoggi’s brutal killing in Tur- sets up a floor debate on the resolu-
the dashing white captain to Worried about reaction a rebuke not only to Saudi Arabia key last month. U.S. intelligence of- tion next week. It would be largely a
lock lips with the beautiful from Southern television but also to Trump’s administration, ficials have concluded that the Sau- symbolic move, however, as House
black communications of- stations, showrunners which has made clear it does not di crown prince, Mohammed bin Republican leaders have given no
ficer. But the kiss between filmed the kiss between want to torpedo the long-standing Salman, must have at least known indication they would take up the
actors William Shatner and Shatner and Nichols — U.S. relationship with Riyadh over of the plot, but Trump has equivo- war powers measure before the end
Nichelle Nichols in “Plato’s their lips are mostly ob- the killing. cated over who was to blame. of the year — the end of the current
Stepchildren” would help scured by the back of Nich- Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Khashoggi, who lived in the U.S. Congress.
change attitudes in America ols’ head — and wanted
about what was allowed to to film a second where it
be shown on TV and made happened off-screen. But
an early statement about Nichols said in her book,
the coming acceptance of “Beyond Uhura: Star Trek
interracial relationships in
a United States still strug-
gling with racism and civil
and Other Memories,” that
she and Shatner deliberate-
ly flubbed lines to force the
Pelosi, nominated for speaker, must now get the votes
rights. original take to be used. Final tally of internal Democratic She’s not quite there.
Her actual support is at
counted. “But I expect to
have a powerful vote go-
caucus vote puts her within range 200, adjusting for dele- ing forward.”
CONTACTING THE DISPATCH gates who can’t vote in Pelosi entered the cau-
Office hours: Main line:
of the 218 threshold needed in the full House and one cus election in an unusual
supporter who missed position — running unop-
n 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon-Fri n 662-328-2424 January to be elected speaker the caucus session. posed for the nomination
Email a letter to the editor? But without a challeng- despite the clamor by
HOW DO I ... n
By LISA MASCARO ingly nominated to be-
er and with several weeks some Democrats for new
AP Congressional Correspondent come House speaker in
Report a missing paper? to dole out — or withhold leadership. They worry
n 662-328-2424 ext. 100 Report a sports score? an internal Democratic
WASHINGTON — caucus vote Wednesday. — favors, Pelosi is not too about their re-elections
n Toll-free 877-328-2430 n 662-241-5000
Nancy Pelosi isn’t speak- The final tally, 203-32, far from returning to the when Pelosi appears as
n Operators are on duty until Submit a calendar item? er of the House just yet, speaker’s office. a punchline at President
5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. puts her within range of
n Go to but her path back to the the 218 threshold needed “Are there dissent- Donald Trump’s rallies
Buy an ad? community gavel is now firmly in in January to be elected ers? Yes,” the California and in countless Republi-
n 662-328-2424 Submit a birth, wedding sight. speaker when the new Democrat told reporters can-fueled TV ads against
or anniversary announce- Pelosi was overwhelm- Congress convenes. as the ballots were being them.
Report a news tip?
n 662-328-2471 ment?
n n Download forms at www.

Physical address: 516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39701
Mailing address: P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703-0511
Ivanka Trump says ‘Lock her up!’ doesn’t apply in her case
Starkville Office: 101 S. Lafayette St. #16, Starkville, MS 39759
‘All of my emails are stored and broadcast Wednesday.
The Washington Post
structed that if we receive
an email to our personal
preserved. There were no deletions’ reported this month that
Ivanka Trump sent hun-
account that could relate
to government work, you
SUBSCRIPTIONS The Associated Press Secretary of State Hillary dreds of emails about gov- simply just forward it to
Clinton’s private email ernment business from your government account
HOW TO SUBSCRIBE WASHINGTON — server and that “Lock her a personal email account so it can be archived.”
By phone................................. 662-328-2424 or 877-328-2430 Ivanka Trump defended up!” doesn’t apply to her. last year to White House Clinton used a person-
Online.......................................... her use of a private email “All of my emails are aides, Cabinet members al email account linked
account as she was mov- stored and preserved. and her assistant, many in to a private server at her
RATES ing into an adviser’s po- There were no dele- violation of public records home in Chappaqua, a
Daily home delivery + unlimited online access*..........$13.50/mo. sition in her father’s ad- tions,” President Donald rules. New York City suburb,
Sunday only delivery + unlimited online access*...........$8.50/mo. ministration, saying that Trump’s elder daughter “There is no restriction during her time as the top
Daily home delivery only*.................................................$12/mo. it cannot be compared and adviser told ABC of using personal email,” U.S. diplomat under Pres-
Online access only*.......................................................$8.95/mo. to the flap over former News in an interview she said. “In fact, we’re in- ident Barack Obama.
1 month daily home delivery................................................... $12
1 month Sunday only home delivery........................................ $7
Mail Subscription Rates....................................................$20/mo.
* EZ Pay rate requires automatic processing of credit or debit card.
Sprucing up NYC: Rockefeller Center lights Christmas tree
The Commercial Dispatch (USPS 142-320)
Published daily except Saturday. Entered at the post office at Columbus, Mississippi.
Periodicals postage paid at Columbus, MS
The Associated Press that ushers in Christmas-
time in New York City.
72-foot-tall tree is decorated with 5
POSTMASTER, Send address changes to:
The Commercial Dispatch, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703
NEW YORK — A mas-
sive Norway spruce has
Mayor Bill de Bla-
sio flipped the switch
miles of multicolored LED lights
Published by Commercial Dispatch Publishing Company Inc.,
516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39703 been lit up in a tradition Wednesday night to light that featured performanc- decorated with 5 miles of
the Rockefeller Center es by Diana Ross and multicolored LED lights
FIVE-DAY FORECAST FOR THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE Christmas Tree following Tony Bennett. and a 900-pound Swarovs-
a televised extravaganza The 72-foot-tall tree is ki crystal star. Rockefel-
ler Center has hosted the
ceremony since 1931.
Police officers were
A shower early, then a Cloudy with a couple of A chance of afternoon Sunny to partly cloudy Times of clouds and sun plentiful, and spectators
little rain showers rain and mild were funneled through
59° 70° 62° 75° 51° 70° 52° 65° 42° security.
The 75-year-old tree
Columbus Wednesday was donated by a couple
TEMPERATURE HIGH LOW in Wallkill, 60 miles north
Wednesday 53° 22° of the city.
Normal 62° 38°
Record 80° (1949) 18° (2013) It will remain on dis-
PRECIPITATION (in inches) play until Jan. 7. Then
Wednesday 0.00 it will be given to Habi-
Month to date 6.97
Normal month to date 4.53 tat for Humanity to help
Year to date 57.19 build homes.
Normal year to date 50.03
In feet as of Flood 24-hr.
7 a.m. Wed. Stage Stage Chng.
Amory 20 11.65 none
Bigbee 14 4.97 +0.74
Send in your
Shown are tomorrow’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day.
Columbus 15 5.35 -0.02 Showers T-Storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice Cold Warm Stationary Jetstream

News About Town
Fulton 20 8.02 -0.34 -10s -0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110s
Tupelo 21 1.55 -0.05 FRI SAT FRI SAT
In feet as of 24-hr.
7 a.m. Wed. Capacity Level Chng. Boston 43/34/pc 43/38/pc Orlando 77/62/pc 80/68/c

Chicago 38/33/c 46/38/r Philadelphia 45/34/c 49/45/r
Aberdeen Dam 188 163.47 +0.24 Dallas 76/53/t 72/48/s Phoenix 65/49/pc 64/48/pc
Stennis Dam 166 136.72 +0.24
Honolulu 81/70/r 82/68/pc Raleigh 60/48/pc 63/56/c
Bevill Dam 136 136.42 +0.06 Jacksonville 72/57/s 72/65/t Salt Lake City 42/27/sn 39/22/c
The solunar period indicates peak feeding times for
Memphis 70/64/r 72/51/r Seattle 49/40/r 47/36/c
Weather(W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.
fish and game.
Major Minor Major Minor SUN AND MOON MOON PHASES
Thu. 6:21a 12:08a 6:47p 12:34p
6:38 a.m.
6:39 a.m.
Fri. 7:10a 12:57a 7:34p 1:22p
Sunset 4:46 p.m. 4:45 p.m.
Forecasts and graphics provided by Moonrise 11:44 p.m. none
AccuWeather, Inc. ©2018 Moonset 12:22 p.m. 1:01 p.m. Nov 29 Dec 7 Dec 15 Dec 22
Thursday, November 29, 2018 3A

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Takeaways from Mississippi’s Senate runoff
In the end, Hyde-Smith defeated Espy by a that President Donald Trump
won by 17 points in 2016. The
that Hyde-Smith’s comments
were racist.
en the overall makeup of Mis-
sissippi’s electorate and white
margin of 54 percent to 46 percent — much contest was the latest reminder
that race remains a potent fac-
Her statement was widely
seen as a dogwhistle, similar to
voters’ overwhelming loyalty to
Republicans, even among sub-
closer than the cakewalk many predicted in a tor in the region’s polarized par- comments made in Florida by
then-Republican gubernatorial
urban whites who elsewhere
tisan politics. Espy was seeking nationally trended toward Dem-
reliably Republican state to become Mississippi’s first nominee Ron DeSantis, who ocrats in the 2018 midterms.
black senator since Reconstruc- warned voters not to “monkey Espy’s biggest challenge
By BILL BARROW Some takeaways as Hyde- tion. up” the election by voting for was simply that Mississippi
and ERRIN HAINES WHACK Smith, who was initially ap- Andrew Gillum, who lost his
The Associated Press
Ahead of the runoff, a vid- doesn’t have a metro area com-
pointed to succeed former eo surfaced of Hyde-Smith bid to become the state’s first parable to Atlanta or Nashville,
Sen. Thad Cochran, returns to praising a supporter by say- black governor. It also echoed Tennessee, or Charlotte, North
Republican Cindy Hyde-
Washington as the first woman ing, “If he invited me to a pub- comments by President Donald Carolina — growing population
Smith’s victory in Mississippi’s
elected to represent Mississippi lic hanging, I’d be on the front Trump, who cast Gillum as in- centers where white voters are
Senate election runoff was clos-
on Capitol Hill: row.” For many black voters, competent and Georgia Demo- considerably more likely to
er than usual in the GOP-dom-
the comment harkened back to cratic gubernatorial candidate support Democrats than their
inated Deep South state. But
Racial politics still dominant the state’s dark past of lynch- Stacey Abrams as unqualified. counterparts in small towns.
she still was never really threat-
ened by Democrat Mike Espy In the end, Hyde-Smith de- ings during the Jim Crow era. Yet even in Mississippi coun-
in Tuesday’s contest, which feated Espy by a margin of 54 They were galvanized by her Strong black ties that fit the suburban model
brought the state’s long histo- percent to 46 percent — much remarks and saw their votes turnout not enough — better educated, more afflu-
ry of racial politics into sharp closer than the cakewalk many as a rejection of racism. Many Black voters came out for ent — voters stuck with Hyde-
relief. predicted in a reliably red state whites dismissed accusations Espy, but it wasn’t enough, giv- Smith.

Company closing second casino in Mississippi’s Tunica Co.
By JEFF AMY it will close the Tunica erating it with its neigh- ing Commission reported
The Associated Press Roadhouse Casino at the boring Horseshoe Tunica in October that Tunica
end of January, citing hotel and casino. Roadhouse had 377 ca-
JACKSON — Caesars “persistent declines in Regional president sino employees and 36
Entertainment will close business levels in the area Scott Barber said in a hotel employees. Caesars
a second casino in Mis- stemming from increased statement that the move
sissippi’s Tunica County, said employees would
competition.” was an effort “to appro-
as the region’s years-long get hiring preferences at
The move will leave the priately position our
decline in gambling reve- county just south of Mem- business for the current other company-owned ca-
nues continues to weigh phis, Tennessee, with sev- market opportunity and sinos including the neigh-
on business. en gambling halls. Cae- ensure the long-term vi- boring Horseshoe, and
The Las Vegas-based sars will keep open the ability of our remaining that workers who are laid
casino behemoth an- 135-room hotel attached operations in the vicinity.” off would get job search
nounced Tuesday that to Tunica Roadhouse, op- The Mississippi Gam- assistance and training.

Continued from Page 1A
the 254 affidavit ballots ty by 135. Turner, mean- said the city may have to
reviewed in the county while, carried Chickasaw use an interim judge, as
were rejected. The coun- County by roughly 900 municipal judges have to
ty accepted 118 affidavit votes. attend a judges school in
ballots and rejected 136. Nine total no I.D. affi- Reno, Nevada.
“We had a few who davits remain to be count- She also said the city
were people voting in the ed in the three counties. wishes Faver, who’s
wrong precinct, but the Voters who did not show served as Starkville’s mu-
Rook Spruill
overwhelming majority proper voting I.D. on nicipal judge since 2009,
of those (rejected ballots) election day have through municipal judge. Faver the best in his new posi-
were people who were not Tuesday to present a valid takes office at the begin- tion.
registered to vote,” Rook I.D. at the circuit clerk’s ning of 2019, and Spruill “We appreciate the
said. office. said the city will begin service that Rodney has
Rook said he was sur- Faver did not respond discussions before then given to us in the posi-
prised to see such a high to appoint its next judge. tion as municipal judge
to calls for comment by
percentage of rejected af- She noted discussions and congratulate him
press time Thursday.
fidavit ballots, especially would likely be included on the success,” Spruill
for unregistered voters, on the board of alder- said. “Obviously he want-
but said he’s not certain City preparations men’s Tuesday meeting ed that position so we’re
how that compares to Starkville Mayor Lynn agenda. delighted for him and
most other elections. Spruill told The Dispatch Spruill said the city we will move forward to
Faver carried Oktibbe- on Wednesday evening hopes to have a judge make that replacement
ha County by nearly 1,000 the city will begin prepa- appointed as quickly as appropriately and expedi-
votes and Webster Coun- rations to appoint another possible. However, she tiously.”

Power plants
Continued from Page 1A
determine the viability infrastructure and trans- Celeste Miller, a Wells said he has ex-
of hydroelectric power mission lines at the two spokesperson for the perience in developing
plants using the flow of dams where the power FERC, said the permit, hydroelectric power
water produced by the plants would operate by if granted, would give plants in his home state
dams. using surplus water — Wells three years to con- of Colorado as well as Or-
If Wells finds either or from the John C. Stennis duct the study. The appli- egon.
both sites would be prof- Lock and Dam in Co- cation is roughly halfway “These are on a much
itable, he will look for a lumbus or the Aberdeen through a 60-day public bigger scale than any-
developer or investors in Lock and Dam, both un- comment period that will thing I’ve done before,”
the projects. Electricity der the direction of the allow citizens to weigh in he said.
generated by the plants U.S. Army Corps of En- on the proposal and allow
would be sold to the Ten- gineers. other entities to submit
nessee Valley Authority, Wells estimated the competing applications.
which provides electric- Columbus plant would “What this does is give
ity throughout most of generate 52,000 mega- the permit holder a three-
north Mississippi. watt-hours of electricity year time frame to study
The feasibility study while the Aberdeen plant the site,” Miller said. “If
will focus primarily on would generate 32,000 the permit is granted, no
the water flow at the megawatt-hours. He said one else can come in and
sites, Wells said. that output would be develop plans for the site.
“You need flow and enough to generate elec- After that, the permit
water pressure to gen- tricity for 5,000 homes at holder would have file for
erate electricity,” Wells the Columbus plant and a license, which is a sep-
said. “The water pres- 3,000 homes at the Aber- arate process and much
sure is based on how deen site. more involved.”
high the dam is, and the He estimated con- Wells said if he is
flow records give you an struction costs at Colum- granted a permit, he ex-
idea of how much energy bus would be $30 million pects to have the feasibil-
it could produce. Once while the Aberdeen plant ity study done within two
you determine that, you would cost $15 million to years. If the project is vi-
compare that to the con- build. able, finding a developer
struction costs it would “All of this is based and building the plants
take to build, along with on the feasibility study,” could take another four
the operating cots. It’s an Wells said. “If the study years.
economic analysis.” shows that the plants can “You’re looking at
The power plants generate that amount of about six years (total),
would call for building electricity, it would be a if everything falls into
hydroelectric facilities, viable project.” place,” Wells said.

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4A Thursday, November 29, 2018
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Our View
Hydroelectric studies at area dams generate interest
Since its completion in Regulatory Commission to Right now, it’s all con- dams. Such plants would here, so the ecological con-
1984, efforts to maximize perform feasibility studies jecture, little more than a not impede commercial or cerns are no longer an issue.
the benefits of the Tenn-Tom at two areas sites – The John dream. recreational traffic and would The feasibility study is a
Waterway have focused heavi- C. Stennis Lock & Dam in Any study would have to operate under the authority of just preliminary step, so it
ly on increasing commercial Columbus and the Aberdeen show that the costs of build- the U.S. Corps of Engineers. would be premature to sug-
traffic and, of course, recre- Lock & Dam to determine if ing and operating the plant There are hydroelectric gest that we will see hydro-
ational opportunities. either are suitable for con- would be profitable, which is power plants in 34 states and electric power plants at either
But a Georgia civil engi- structing hydroelectric power the whole point of the feasibil- plans for four plants in north- site in the foreseeable future.
neer believes the waterway, plants. ity study. west Mississippi are nearing But we applaud the effort
more specifically its locks If granted the permit for If that’s the case, we like the construction phase. to examine the untapped
and dams, can be used for the study, Wells hopes the the idea for several reasons. The primary objection to potential of the Tenn-Tom and
another benefit — producing results would support a power First, it’s a good use of a hydroelectric plants are the especially the idea of adding
clean energy. plant that would produced resource already available, ecological impact of con- another clean, renewable
Jeremy Wells, a Coloradan enough electricity for 5,000 producing clean, renew- structing the dams necessary source of energy at a time
now living in Macon, Geor- homes from the Columbus able energy by harnessing to generate power. Obviously, when climate change has
gia, has filed an application site and 3,000 homes from the power of the water that that’s not an issue in this emerged as the world’s prima-
with the Federal Energy the Aberdeen site. already flows through the case. The dams are already ry environmental challenge.

Letter to the editor
Voice of the people
Post-election thoughts
Now that the mid-terms are over,
I know when my phone rings it will
be someone calling to sell me some-
thing like a back brace, knee brace
or something else to help with my
age related pain. At least the calls
will not be to tell me how I should
It is time for us in the U.S. to start
pulling the wagon the same direc-
tion. We have the right to disagree,
but we have a duty to try to make
America the greatest nation in the
world. Why are there so many that
want to come to America illegally,
if there were not the opportunity
to live free and to better ourselves
A strong economy, a strong de-
fense, less federal regulation, small-
er government, affordable health
care and national pride are not bad
things. The Trump administration
has succeeded despite the opposi-
tion the left has made against it.
Now that the legislative part
of the government is split, maybe
those with America’s welfare, a con-
cern, can try to work together. The
Republicans controlled both houses
for two years and couldn’t agree and
get a lot done. I hope now that com-
mon sense will prevail and they will
work together for the betterment of
State of the nation
I worked at a voting precinct this
past special election and observed
the best in those that care about our
On immigration, Hillary Clinton and
future. The turnout in my precinct
was 68 percent of the registered
voters which is good, but where
were the other 32 percent? There is
John Kerry discover their inner Trump
If President Donald message — ‘we are not tweeted, “I talked about how Europe
no reason to not vote. It does take an
Trump were paid a dime going to be able to continue must reject right-wing nationalism
effort, whether it is voting in person
every time critics call his (to) provide refuge and and authoritarianism, including by
or absentee. There are 68 percent
anti-illegal immigration support’ — because if we addressing migration with courage
that can complain and 32 percent
policy “racist,” he’d double don’t deal with the migra- and compassion. ... On both sides
that can’t.
his net worth. Never mind tion issue it will continue to of the Atlantic, we need reform. Not
I am not a card carrying Repub-
that at one time, President roil the body politic.” open borders, but immigration laws
lican; I am a God-fearing conserva-
Bill Clinton, former Demo- Eskinder Negash, enforced with fairness and respect for
tive that loves America and wants to
cratic Senate Leader Harry the president of the U.S. human rights. We can’t let fear or bias
leave it better than I received it (and
Reid, former Sen. Barack Committee for Refugees force us to give up the values that have
it was real good back when) for my
Obama, D-Ill., and Sen. and Immigrants, a migrant made our democracies both great and
grand children. I think we can work
Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., rights organization, told good. ... The EU needs a more com-
together if we try, but we have to be
all warned about the prob- Larry Elder The New York Times that prehensive policy that builds societies
proactive. Try loving America for a
lems associated with illegal he “was kind of shocked” that are both secure and welcoming.”
change, you might like it.
immigration. by Clinton’s statement. “If Kerry, speaking at a recent event
God bless America.
Reid, for example, railed against she’s simply saying you need to cut in London one week before Clinton’s
Lee Roy Lollar Jr.
birthright citizenship in 1993: “If down on refugees coming to Europe interview, also warned Europe about
making it easy to be an illegal alien to ask for asylum because they have a its immigration policy, which in the
isn’t enough, how about offering a well-founded fear of persecution, just last few years has admitted millions
reward for being an illegal immigrant? to appease some right-wing political of migrants, mostly from the Greater
No sane country would do that, right? leaders, it’s just not the right thing to Middle East and Africa. Kerry warned:
Guess again. If you break our laws by do,” said Negash. “Europe’s already crushed under this
Our View: Local Editorials entering this country without permis- Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., transformation that’s taken place
Local editorials appearing in this space
represent the opinion of the newspa- sion and give birth to a child, we re- called Clinton’s words a “deeply mis- because of immigration. Germany —
per’s editorial board: Peter Imes, editor ward that child with U.S. citizenship.” guided and unfortunate comment from Angela Merkel, weakened because of
and publisher; Birney Imes, publish- Apart from America, the only other someone who must know better.” For- it. And other places impacted, Italy —
er emeritus; Slim Smith and senior rich, industrial countries that allow mer Clinton adviser Peter Daou tweet- significantly impacted its politics by
newsroom staff. To inquire about a birthright citizenship — automatically ed: “Why is #HillaryClinton playing immigration.”
meeting with the board, please contact bestowed at birth — are Canada and into the hands of right-wing haters? Then there’s the Dalai Lama. Two
Peter Imes at 662-328-2424, or e-mail Chile. Not a single European country The problem isn’t the migrants, it’s the years ago, before Trump became the permits this. xenophobes. I try to avoid politics on Republican nominee for president,
As to legal immigration, Trump, #Thanksgiving but this is just wrong.” the Dalai Lama said, “There are too
Voice of the People too, stands accused of racism for Rolling Stone’s Jamil Smith tweeted: many (migrants) now. ... Europe, for
We encourage you to share your opin- seeking to end “chain migration” and “This is a sickening capitulation on her example, Germany, cannot become an
ion with readers of The Dispatch. for arguing that legal immigrants must part. You don’t stop racism by giving Arab country. Germany is Germany. ...
Submit your letter to The Dispatch by: benefit America, rather than the other in to racists.” New Yorker staff writer From a moral point of view, too, I think
E-mail: way around. Osita Nwanevu tweeted: “Climate that refugees should only be admitted
Mail: P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS
But recently, Hillary Clinton, change, a crisis created by the de- temporarily.”
In person: 516 Main St., Columbus, Trump’s 2016 presidential rival, and veloped world, is going to force poor The criticism Clinton faced from
or 101 S. Lafayette St., No. 16, former Secretary of State John Kerry people across the globe to move in the left over her practical, commonsen-
Starkville. argued that Europe should enact more order to survive. The approach Clinton sical analysis says a lot about where
All letters must be signed by the restrictive immigration policies. “I is advocating will be a death sentence Democrats stand on immigration — le-
author and must include town of think Europe needs to get a handle for millions and millions of people, and gal and illegal. Much of the Democrat-
residence and a telephone number for on migration because that is what we should be clear about that.” ic base ignores this issue, is indifferent
verification purposes. Letters should lit the flame,” said Clinton last week In response to the criticism, Clinton about it or has done a cost-benefit
be no more than 500 words, and guest in an interview with The Guardian, blamed Trump. “Trump has made it analysis and believes that immi-
columns should be 500-700 words. referring to the hot-button issue of worse with cruel abuses at the border,” grants-turned-citizens-turned-most-
We reserve the right to edit submitted
immigration among voters. “I admire tweeted Clinton, “detaining children ly-Democrat-voters outweigh the
the very generous and compassionate and separating them from their financial, social or political price.
approaches that were taken by leaders families. It’s one of the most shameful Larry Elder is a best-selling author
Imagination Library: like (Germany’s) Angela Merkel, but I moments in our history.” But in her and nationally syndicated radio talk-
Give the gift of books think it is fair to say Europe has done “clarification,” she still sounded like show host. To find out more about Larry
its part and must send a very clear Trump. “In a recent interview,” Clinton Elder, visit
The Dispatch • Thursday, November 29, 2018 5A

Area obituaries
finalized by 3 p.m. for inclusion Gray Jr. and Khywon L. des Funeral Home.
Patricia Ann Flowers
OBITUARY POLICY the next day Monday through
Gray; mother, Dorothy Burial will follow at Patricia Ann Mixon Flowers,
Obituaries with basic informa- Thursday; and on Friday by 3
p.m. for Sunday and Monday
G. Young; father, Tom- Vaughn Cemetery. 71, of Caledonia, MS passed
tion including visitation and
service times, are provided publication. For more informa- my J. Young Sr.; and Visitation will be from away Tuesday, November 27,
free of charge. Extended tion, call 662-328-2471. brothers, Marvin W. 6-8 p.m. Friday at the 2018, at Baptist Memorial Hos-
obituaries with a photograph, Young, Jason Harper, funeral home. Lown- pital-Golden Triangle, Colum-
detailed biographical informa- Tommy Young Jr., Bri- des Funeral Home is bus, MS.
tion and other details families Shelia Young an Young and Anthony in charge of arrange- Visitation will be Thursday,
may wish to include, are avail- STARKVILLE — ments. November 29, 2018, from 5:30
able for a fee. Obituaries must Shelia Ann Young, 46, PM – 8:00 PM at Lowndes Fu-
be submitted through funeral died Nov. 23, 2018, in neral Home, Columbus, MS. A
homes unless the deceased’s
Columbus. Mattie Horne Lillie Draper funeral service will be Friday,
body has been donated to
Services will be at 2 MACON — Mattie MACON — Lillie
science. If the deceased’s
Horne, 79, died Nov. 28, Draper, 72, died Nov. November 30, 2018, at 12:00 PM at Zion Assem-
body was donated to science, p.m. Friday at Austin bly Church of God, Columbus, MS with Bro. By-
C.O.C.H., USA. Burial 2018, at her residence. 24, 2018, at Baptist Me-
the family must provide official
Arrangements are morial Hospital-Golden ron Harris officiating.
proof of death. Please submit will follow at Sessums Mrs. Flowers was born November 27, 1947,
all obituaries on the form pro- Community Cemetery. incomplete and will be Triangle.
vided by The Commercial Dis- announced by Lee- Arrangements are to the late Frank Clifford and Dorothy Tatum
Visitation will be from Mixon, in Frisco City, AL. She was a member
patch. Free notices must be
1-6 p.m. Thursday at Sykes Funeral Home. incomplete and will be
submitted to the newspaper announced by Lee- of Zion Assembly Church of God and loved to
no later than 3 p.m. the day West Memorial Funeral volunteer for everything at church. In Caledonia,
Home. West Memorial Harper Ward Sykes Funeral Home.
prior for publication Tuesday Mrs. Flowers was known as Nanny. She helped
through Friday; no later than 4 Funeral Home is in TUPELO — Harper everyone, regardless of their circumstances/no
p.m. Saturday for the Sunday charge of arrange- Jean Ward, 23 months, questions asked. Soft-spoken and a good listen-
edition; and no later than 7:30 ments. died Nov. 22, 2018, at
a.m. for the Monday edition. er, Mrs. Flowers was nonjudgmental and put her
Incomplete notices must be re-
She is survived by North Mississippi Med- heart into everything she did. Mrs. Flowers was
ceived no later than 7:30 a.m. her husband, Curtis ical Center in Tupelo. very hardworking and was an owner of her clean-
for the Monday through Friday Gray Sr.; children, Services will be at ing business for over 40 years.
editions. Paid notices must be Kyesha M. Gray, Curtis noon Saturday at Lown- Mrs. Flowers is survived by her mother, Doro-
thy Tatum Pierce, Columbus, MS; daughters, Lisa
(David) Turner, Southaven, MS, Daphne Flow-
ers, Columbus, MS and Christal Flowers, Cale-
donia, MS; son, Tommy (Anita) Flowers, Colum-

Rise in US deaths in Afghanistan Lee McConaha
bus, MS; grandchildren, Brittany (Luke) Fairley,
Dakota (Jessica) Flowers, Corey (Brooke) Hall,
Peyton (Tyler) Phelps, Josh Turner, John Turn-
clouds outlook for peace Friday, Nov. 30 • 6-8 PM
Memorial Gunter Peel
Funeral Home
er and Cheyenne Flowers; great-grandchildren,
Braxton, Parkes, Paisley, Piper and Jay Zachary.
College St. Location
Trump has acknowledged that his On Tuesday, U.S. officials
said they had determined
Saturday, Dec. 1 • 11 AM
Pallbearers will be Luke Fairley, David Turn-
er, Dakota Flowers, Corey Hall, Tyler Phelps,
original instinct was to withdraw that Jasso probably was
accidentally shot by an Af-
Memorial Gunter Peel
Funeral Home
Josh Turner, John Turner and Tommy Flowers.
College St. Location Memorials may be made to St. Jude Children’s
from Afghanistan, but last week he ghan soldier during battle Burial
Egger Cemetery
Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38101.
with an al-Qaida fighter. Compliments of
suggested he is willing to stick it out The U.S. military Lowndes Funeral Home
headquarters in Kabul Philip Blake
By ROBERT BURNS On the other hand, Graveside Services With U.S.
announced Tuesday that Air Force Honors:

Philip P. Blake
AP National Security Writer Trump indicated he had three U.S. servicemem- Saturday, Dec. 1 • 11 AM
little confidence the talks Friendship Cemetery
WASHINGTON — A bers were killed and three Memorial Gunter Peel
are going to succeed. wounded by a roadside
rash of American combat Funeral Home
“Maybe they’re not. Prob- bomb in Ghazni province, 2nd Ave. North Location
Philip Park Blake, 77, left this world on Novem-
deaths in Afghanistan is ber 24, 2018, from Sanctuary Hospice House, Tu-
ably they’re not,” he said. south of Kabul, where the
putting a spotlight on a
The human cost of Taliban has been resur- Bradley G. McMillen pelo, MS, to enter his Heavenly home in the arms
stalemated 17-year war
the conflict rarely makes gent. It was the deadliest Visitation: of his loving wife Carolyn.
that is testing President
Donald Trump’s commit- headlines in the U.S., attack on U.S. forces in Saturday, Dec. 1 • 1-2 PM Graveside services, with Military Honors, will
Memorial Gunter Peel
ment to pursuing peace leaving Trump with politi- Afghanistan this year. Funeral Home
be held December 1, 2018 at 11:00 AM at Friend-
with the Taliban. cal room to maneuver. But The Taliban, who ruled 2nd Ave. North Location ship Cemetery, with the Rev. Curtis Bray offici-
that might be changing. Memorial Services: ating. Memorial Gunter Peel Funeral Home &
Trump has acknowl- Afghanistan before U.S. Saturday, Dec. 1 • 2 PM
edged that his original In early November, forces invaded in October Memorial Gunter Peel Crematory, Second Avenue North location is in
instinct was to withdraw Brent Taylor, the mayor of 2001, carry out near-daily Funeral Home charge of arrangements.
2nd Ave. North Location
from Afghanistan, but North Ogden, Utah, and a attacks on Afghan army The son of the late Walter Howard and Char-
last week he suggested major in the Utah Nation- and police forces, and in lotte Park Blake, Mr. Blake was born September
he is willing to stick it out, al Guard, was killed by an August the insurgents 23, 1941, in Orange, NJ. He was an Air Force vet-
asserting that the U.S. is Afghan soldier in Kabul. overran parts of Ghazni, eran, who was stationed at Columbus Air Force
in “very strong negotia- Last Saturday, Sgt. Lean- leading to days of intense Base, when he met the love of his life, Carolyn
tions” — an apparent ref- dro Jasso, a 25-year-old fighting before they were Easley. They married on December 14, 1963, and
erence to U.S. envoy Zal- Army Ranger from Leav- driven out. shortly after their marriage, they moved to Do-
may Khalilzad’s efforts to enworth, Washington, ver-Foxcroft, ME, where they lived until moving
get the Taliban to agree to was mortally wounded We had questions about cremation. to Columbus in the summer of 2018. He retired
peace talks. in southern Afghanistan. as the Plant Manager of the Mountain View Cor-
We found the rectional Facility for the state of Maine.
answers here. Mr. Blake was an avid outdoorsman, who flour-
ished in the wilderness of Maine and all of the
nature and wildlife it offered. He could be found
Call today. outdoors all during the four seasons – hunting,
Trump on Manafort pardon: fishing or hiking the trails of his adopted state.
He built a beautiful country home for Carolyn
‘I wouldn’t take it off the table’ Lowndes Funeral Home and Crematory
and himself outside of Dover-Foxcroft, where he
established many walking trails and enjoyed the
By CHAD DAY man denies that he lied. Columbus, MS • (662) 328-1808 natural setting and the wildlife on his land. He
The Associated Press Trump’s remarks are was a self-taught expert at anything he attempt-
the latest sign of his dis- ed, whether it be construction, identifying song-
WASHINGTON — A dain for the Russia in-
pardon for Paul Manafort
birds or training dogs to accompany him on his
vestigation, which has hunting trips. He enjoyed having family visit and
is “not off the table,” Pres- dogged him for two years
ident Donald Trump said, showing them the beautiful scenery and sights
and ensnared members that drew him to Maine. He always made time to
drawing swift rebuke of his inner circle. In
from critics who fear the spend with the children in his family, no matter
recent weeks, the presi-
president will use his ex- how busy he was. His patience and calm demean-
dent, armed with inside
ecutive power to protect information provided to
or made him a favorite uncle of all and a beloved
friends and supporters his lawyers by Manafort’s brother-in-law, who could always be counted on
caught up in the Russia legal team, has sharp- to lend a helping hand when needed.
probe. ened his attacks, seizing He was preceded in death by his parents and
The president’s discus- on what he claims are his brother, David Howard Blake.
sion of a possible pardon dirty tactics employed by He is survived by his wife, Carolyn Easley
in an interview Wednes- the special counsel and Blake of Columbus; his sister-in-law, Pam Riley
day with the New York accusing investigators of Blake of New Jersey; his nephews, David Wal-
Post came days after spe- pressuring witnesses to ter Blake of Indiana, Christopher Michael Blake
cial counsel Robert Muel- lie. (Gwendolyn and their daughter, Phoebe Marie
ler said Manafort had In the interview with Blake) and James Richard Riley (sons. Steven
breached his plea deal the Post, Trump likened Blake Riley and Nicholas Marion Riley); and his
by repeatedly lying to in- the Russia probe to Sen. niece, Amanda Riley Becker (Chuck and their
vestigators. The former Joe McCarthy’s pursuit of daughter, Riley Anne Becker), all of New Jer-
Trump campaign chair- communists in the 1950s. sey. He is also survived by his brother-in-law,
James William “Buddy” Easley, Jr. (Kathy); his
sisters-in-law, Frances Ann Hawkins, Glenda
Beard (Wayne) Rose Marie Coggins (Danny),
all of Columbus and Cynthia McGee (Forrest) of
Richmond, VA. He is also survived by his Easley
Pediatric pioneer and namesake nieces and nephews, Carol Anne Stafford (Jim),
of children’s hospital dies Angelia Lytle (Sean), Beth Hawkins (Chris),
Eddie Hawkins (Mary Helen), Phil Coggins,
Dr. Blair E. Batson Mississippi.” Colleagues
and successors praise
Jeff Coggins (Jessie), Katie Santiago (Antho-
ny); great-nieces and nephews, Sarah Cantrell
died Monday Batson’s learning and (Oren), Taylor Cox (Corey) and Trey Hawkins;
experience as essential and great-great-nieces and nephews, Cooper
at age 98 in training generations of Cantrell, Kendall Cox and James Coggins.
medical students. Although his presence is gone, his memory
The Associated Press
Batson, who grew up will live on, with love, by all who knew him.
in Pearl River County, Memorials may be made in his honor to Sanc-
was named chair of the tuary Hospice House, P.O. Box 2177, Tupelo, MS
namesake of the chil-
medical center’s Depart- 38803.
dren’s hospital at the
ment of Pediatrics at age
University of Mississippi
Medical Center has died. 34 in 1955, two months
The university an- after the hospital opened.
nounced Tuesday that Dr. He officially retired in
Blair E. Batson had died 1989, although he contin-
Sign the online guest book at
Monday at age 98. No ued to teach afterward.
cause of death was stated. The university named
its new children’s hospi- 716 Second Avenue North • Columbus, MS
Dr. LouAnn Wood-
ward, vice chancellor tal for Batson in 1997.
for health affairs, calls The medical center
Batson “the father of plans a memorial service
organized pediatrics in in early 2019.
6A Thursday, November 29, 2018 The Dispatch •

Copes trial
Continued from Page 1A
Copes had abused them. his bed and ran back to interviewed the witness sault) that you never had violating multiple rules, quoting a letter she wrote
The document prompted her own room. with Bassett in 2013, the opportunity to talk including an internet pol- to Kara Copes when she
him to call She said she first told testified the witness told to anybody (without the icy and sneaking out af- was young. “I can tell you
the witness the Copes’ 8-year-old them she remembered Copes’ knowing)?” he ter curfew. that much. It was like a
to his office daughter about the inci- waking up in the living asked. Both she and the third chasing game.”
to interview dent. room one day when being “Yes, I am saying witness talked about The third witness said
her with a “I said, ‘… I’m going to touched inappropriately that,” the twin said. wanting approval from Kara Copes told her she
counselor tell you something. Your and that she saw Seth She later said she was the Copeses while they and Seth “wouldn’t love
present. daddy touched me inap- Copes staring at her. “forced” to go to counsel- were living at Palmer me anymore” if she told
B a s - propriately,’” the witness The witness said she ing but that she probably Home when the abuse anyone Seth Copes as-
sett said Bassett said. “And she just start- never talked to the twins could have raised allega- was happening and in the saulted her.
he hadn’t ed crying.” about the abuse. tions during those ses- months after. “I was an 8-year-old
known about the report The witness said During her testimony sions. “‘I’m always search- and all I wanted was to
before then, having not the two girls told Kara Wednesday, the witness Pavlinic asked if she ing for her approval,’” be loved, and they threat-
been working for Palm- Copes, who then remind- appeared shaky and was ever alone with the twin said, apparently ened me,” she said.
er Home when it was ed the witness she’d had teary-eyed. When pros- teachers or coaches at
authored, but said “in dreams before about ecutor Collen Hudson school. The twin said
2018” he would have “having sex” and that asked her to point out the she was. He also asked
wanted such a report “on was what this was. At man who assaulted her, if either Kara Copes or
my desk” so he could first, the witness said the witness sobbed so one of the school teach-
initiate an investigation, she considered Kara hard the judge sent the ers had ever talked about
one which he said would Copes was right but later jury from the room while “good touch, bad touch”
have likely involved the changed her mind. she regained her compo- with her.
Department of Human “I know for a fact I was sure. “Never,” the twin said.
Services. not dreaming,” she said. She added telling
Under cross-exam- coaches was the last
“It becomes a full-
blown conversation,” ination, the witness ‘It was like thing on her mind be-
Bassett said. admitted to defense at- a chasing game’ cause she was focused
He added the incident torney Patrick Rand of The third witness’ tes- on doing well in sports
report is only one piece Richland that she’d had timony followed the testi- so she could get a schol-
bad dreams about sexual mony of one of the twins, arship and “get out of
of that conversation and
abuse that happened to who spent several hours there.”
“there appears to be no
her before she moved to being questioned by two Pavlinic asked several
other” in this particular
Palmer Home. defense attorneys. times if the twin wanted
She also said she told The twin, 20, told the to leave Palmer Home
Bassett and a counselor attorneys that after Seth and live with her aunt.
The allegations in 2013 about four inci- Copes sexually assault- “I would never make
The third witness told dents — the two she tes- ed her on multiple occa- up a lie like this, but
the jury of two instanc- tified to and two others, sions the Copeses tried I didn’t enjoy Palmer
es when she specifically one when Seth Copes to prevent her from tell- Home,” the twin said. “I
remembered Seth Copes tried to pull her out of her ing Palmer Home admin- hated it. If that’s what
touching her inappropri- bed one night and she istration. you’re asking, yes.”
ately. The second time, wouldn’t come and an- Defense attorney She later amended the
she said, occurred when other when she woke up Thomas Pavlinic, of statement, telling Rand it
Kara Copes was out of in the living room to Seth Maryland, seemed skep- wasn’t necessarily Palm-
town. Copes staring at her. She tical of the claim. er Home she hated.
The witness said Seth said he did not touch her “Are you saying in “It was my house-
Copes went into her room inappropriately on either that seven-year period hold,” she said.
while she was sleeping of those occasions. (before reporting the as- She also admitted to
and carried her to his Palmer Home coun-
bedroom. She woke up in selor Meg Blaylock, who

Continued from Page 1A
trial began been able to waive the
Tuesday and victim’s medical privilege
is expected either.
to continue Kitchens further al-
through the leged Pavlinic’s tactic was
rest of the “an intentional act to prej-
week. udice the jury against (the
C opes victim).”
and his wife, Pavlinic Pavlinic claimed that
Kara, worked as house wasn’t his intention.
parents at Palmer Home “There is no way for
for Children from 2006 you to climb inside my
to 2013. Copes is accused head and know that,” he
of sexually abusing three said.
of the girls who lived at Pavlinic is an attorney
the home in the months with Maryland-based
after he arrived. He and Premier Defense Group,
his wife were terminated an organization devoted
from their positions and exclusively to defend-
Copes charged with two ing those accused of sex
counts of sexual battery crimes.
in 2013 after two of the After being sanc-
victims came forward. tioned, Pavlinic moved for
During one of the a mistrial on the grounds
victims’ testimony on that defense attorney Pat-
Wednesday, Pavlinic be- rick Rand of Richland,
gan to ask her about an in- who Copes also retained,
cident from her childhood had not made the same
that required medical at- preparations for question-
tention before Assistant ing certain witnesses that
District Attorney Scott Pavlinic had. Kitchens de-
Rogillio objected, causing nied the motion.
Kitchens to send the jury Rand will question wit-
out of the room. nesses for the rest of the
The information, which trial.
was not directly related The sanctions came af-
to the case, could have ter two days of testimony
colored the jury’s view of during which prosecutors
the credibility of the vic- repeatedly objected to
tim’s testimony, Rogillio evidence Pavlinic wanted
argued. to bring up, including al-
“He was about to go leged sexual behavior by
into real violations,” Rogil- the victims as teenagers.
lio said. “There was com- Kitchens ruled before the
plete assassination of her trial that any evidence
character. about the victims’ sex-
“The jury’s heard it ual activity outside the
now,” he added. assaults they reported
Kitchens, who raised would violate Mississip-
his voice when admonish- pi’s rape shield law.
ing Pavlinic, said the at- Kitchens had previous-
torney’s question violated ly warned Pavlinic to ask
the victim’s medical priv- outside the jury’s hearing
ilege, which the victim if he had a question about
had not waived. However, evidence after Pavlinic
Pavlinic disagreed. made reference to one
“For the purposes of of the victims “sexting”
the record, the statement during opening state-
… did not come from med- ments on Tuesday.
ical records,” he said. On Wednesday, Kitch-
He said he learned of ens said after all those dis-
the incident from a sep- cussions, Pavlinic should
arate conversation with have known to approach
Copes’ wife, but Kitchens the bench before bringing
said she would not have up the medical issues.

Send in your church event!
Subject: Religious brief
MAIS All-Stars Will Take Field Friday
Adam Minichino



EMCC will
No. 6 MSU
try to wrap
up perfect
to second
From Special Reports
SCOOBA — This one
LIT TLE ROCK, Ark. feels different.
— Teaira McCowan had No. 1 East Mississippi
23 points and 15 rebounds Community College (11-0)
Wednesday night to lead will take on No. 2 Garden
five players in double fig- City C.C. (Kansas) (10-0)
ures in the No. 6 Mississip- at 7 p.m. Thursday for the
pi State women’s basket- National Junior College
ball team’s 98-63 victory Athletic Association (NJ-
against Little Rock at the ABOVE: Heritage CAA) national champion-
Jack Stephens Center. Academy running ship at 7,950-seat Carnie
The Bulldogs fell just back Miller Griffin Smith Stadium on the
short of looks for yards campus of NCAA Division
MSU 98, r e a c h i n g against Adams II-member Pittsburg State
County Christian
UALR 63 e x t e nd i n g Academy. LEFT:
in Pittsburg, Kansas.
their streak It is the first year of a
of 100-point Academy’s Howell three-year arrangement for
games to five. Still, MSU Archer pushes the national championship
(7-0) scored the most points ahead for more game to be played at a neu-
against a team coached by yards against tral site for the first time.
Joe Foley at Little Rock ACCS. Both players “If you are playing
Prior to Wednesday will represent the for the championship, it
night, the Foley-led Tro- area Friday in the doesn’t matter whether
jans had allowed oppo- annual Mississippi the game is at,” EMCC
Association of
nents to score 90 or more Independent freshman running back
points only twice — in a Schools (MAIS) All- Keon Moore said. “You
91-60 loss to Western Ken- Star games. The A/ could play on Mars and
tucky on March 5, 2005, AA/Eight-Man game everybody would be
his first year at the school, will be at 3 p.m. pumped. We have worked
and in a 91-49 loss to Flor- Friday at Jackson hard to get to this point.”
ida State in the first round Prep. The AAA/ EMCC will try to win
AAAA game will be its fifth NJCAA national
of the NCAA tournament
at 6 p.m. Friday at championship in eight
on March 17, 2018. Jackson Prep.
MSU’s final total was seasons. A fifth title would
Photos by Chris McDill, keep EMCC third on the
Jim Lytle/
Special to The Dispatch See EMCC, 2B

n sec/big 12 challenge: n NJCAA NATIONAL TITLE
No. 6 Mississippi State at GAME: No. 1 East
No. 10 Texas, Mississippi C.C. vs.
1 p.m. Sunday, No. 2 Garden City C.C.,
at Pittsburg, Kansas 7 p.m. Thursday,
(FS1; WKBB-FM 100.9, at Pittsburg, Kansas
WFCA-FM 107.9). (CBS Sports Network;
WFCA-FM 107.9).

Saints put
Rebels set streak on
scoring line vs.
mark at Cowboys
David Miller/Special to The Dispatch

LEFT: Columbus Christian Academy’s Isaiah Cooper (21) lays out Lee Academy (Ark.) quarterback
Th Associated Press
Charlie Harvey. RIGHT: Two Lee Academy (Ark.) players tackle CCA’s running back Jordan Meek in
their playoff game in Steens. Meek, Cooper and Oak Hill Academy’s Grayson Easterling will play in
the A/AA/Eight-Man All-Star game at 3 p.m. Friday. ARLINGTON, Texas
— Drew Brees and the
From Special Reports New Orleans Saints have
a chance to do something
OXFORD — Breein that should seem familiar
Tyree had a team-high 22 to Dak Prescott and the
points, and Terence Da- Dallas Cowboys. If it hap-
vis had 20 points and a pens, New Orleans might
career-high nine assists even have the NFC South
Wednesday night to lead title already in hand by the
the Ole Miss men’s bas- end of the week.
ketball team to a 93-86 vic-
The record-setting
tory against San Diego at
quarterback will go for
The Pavilion at Ole Miss.
an 11th straight win after
The Revels (4-2) had
a season-opening loss in
five play-
Roundup ers score a visit to the Cowboys on
Thursday night. That’s ex-
in double
actly what Dallas did when
figures on
Prescott and running back
a night they shot 61.1 per-
Ezekiel Elliott were rookie
cent from the field, which
sensations in 2016.
is a record for the best
It won’t be a franchise
shooting percentage in
record the way it was for
The Pavilion at Ole Miss.
Dallas. The Cowboys
Tyree led the charge by
might remember when
going 6-for-7 from the field
New Orleans started 13-0
and 8-for-8 from the free- Jim Lytle/Special to The Dispatch
Starkville Academy’s Walker Tranum (54) sacks the Adams County Christian Academy quarterback on the way to a Super
throw line.
A balanced offense led (5) in the third quarter of their game Nov. 2 2018, in Starkville. Tranum, Will Miller, Howell Archer, See SAINTS, 4B
and Taylor Arnold will represent Starkville Academy, while Moak Griffin and Clay Walters will
to a record-breaking night
represent Heritage Academy in the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools (MAIS) Senior
and a win for the Ole Miss All-Star game at 6 p.m. Friday at Jackson Prep.
men’s basketball team n New Orleans (10-1) at
See ROUNDUP, 3B Dallas (6-5), 7:20 p.m.
Thursday (WLOV)
n MORE COLLEGE n on air: The MHSAA state title games will be available n west point focused on three-peat: The West Saints 9-2, Cowboys 6-5
BASKETBALL: Wednesday’s for broadcast by going to Point High School seniors want to end their careers n SERIES RECORD: Cowboys
Men’s, Women’s Scores. associations/mhsaa-ms. The games also can be heard by leading the program to a third-straight state lead 16-12
Page 3B on Mississippi Public Broadcasting on 89.9 FM. championship. Page 2B — By The Associated Press
2B Thursday, November 29, 2018 The Dispatch •

West Point seniors want to finish with title
WEST POINT SCHEDULE a better team. I think the lower
Even though several West Point At M.M. Roberts Stadium, expectations helped us not feel the
High School senior football players Hattiesburg pressure but it also motivated us.”
were interviewed at different Friday’s Games While several members of the
times, each one came back to the Class 3A senior class were united in a per-
same phrase. n Water Valley vs. Seminary, 11 a.m. sonal mission and a desire to build
The quote was essentially “We Class 1A the program’s legacy, each one had
can’t be the class that doesn’t win a n Hollandale Simmons vs. Nanih Waiya, a different viewpoint on the how
championship.” 3 p.m. the season has come together.
The seniors know what is stake Class 6A
Head believes the loss to
when West Point n Horn Lake vs. Oak Grove, 7 p.m.
Saturday’s Games
Starkville was the turning point.
(13-1) takes on “We had to work harder,” Head
Class 4A
West Jones (12-2) n Louisville vs. Poplarville, 11 a.m. said. “We had to do the little things
at 7 p.m. Saturday Class 2A right.”
in the Mississippi n Scott Central vs. Taylorsville, 3 p.m. Senior tackle Jaylon Webb said
High School Activ- Class 5A the turning point was a 34-33
ities Association n West Point vs. West Jones, 7 p.m. region win at Olive Branch. The
(MHSAA) Class Green Wave scored twice in the
Scott Walters 5A State Cham- “It’s about winning. It’s about final three minutes to snag the
pionship game at tradition,” West Point senior safety victory.
Southern Missis- Tyler Rupert said. “We expect to “After that win, we felt like we
sippi’s M.M. Roberts Stadium. win. To a lot of people this year could do anything,” Webb said.
As tight end/tackle Ezekiel may be a surprise, but it is not to Melton felt like a 55-27 first-
Head put it, “This program is all us. We have the expectation to round playoff victory against Can-
about winning championships. If compete for championships. For se-
ton was when it all came together.
you miss (winning a champion- niors, this is your year. This is your
“It was a playoff game, and we
ship) a year, you don’t need it to final year to play in the program.
proved we were one of the best
be when you are a senior. We are You just don’t want to walk off that
teams in the playoffs,” Melton said.
passionate about making sure this field for the last time as a loser.
After beating Canton, West
gets done.” You want to celebrate with your
West Point will try to win a 10th Point grabbed its second win of
state championship and its third A year ago, Marcus Murphy the season against region rivals
title in a row for the second time in and Chris Calvert set the tone as Lafayette (27-20) and Olive Branch
program history. West Point won West Point rolled to an undefeat- (35-0) to reach the state title game.
the Class 4A title in 1987, followed ed record and a convincing state While last season was a cake-
by Class 5A titles in 1988 and 1989. championship. The lowest margin walk, this season has had its close
“Being able to win three of victory in any game was 19 calls. The escape at Olive Branch
straight would be special for the se- points. was followed by a one-point home
niors,” West Point senior defensive This season, Hattiesburg (a sec- victory against Lafayette. The play-
back Ryan Melton said. “You don’t ond-round playoff upset victim of off rematch against Lafayette was
see that. You don’t expect that. A West Jones) had been the favorite also decided in the final minute.
lot of people were counting us out to win Class 5A. Many felt Olive “State championship teams usu-
because we lost so many players Branch would win West Point’s ally have a few close calls,” Melton
off last year’s team. However, we region. said. “Last year was not normal.
have one game we have to win. We “Being under the radar has We have been challenged and each
haven’t done anything yet.” really helped us,” West Point senior time we have proven we were up
West Point’s senior class enters running back Kameron Martin the challenge. That’s the sign of a
the game with a 42-2 record. Both said. “People didn’t think we were good team.”
losses came in the regular season the same West Point team. Ev-
to Class 6A foe Starkville. In Class erybody in our locker room knew Scott Walters is a sports writer
5A, Region 1 play, West Point has better. We knew our capabilities. for The Dispatch. He can be reached
reeled off 21 wins in the last three With all the pressure off, we have at Follow
seasons. been able to focus on becoming him on Twitter @dispatchscott.

n Those interested in attending Mississippi High School n Southern Mississippi has announced the available parking for
Activities Association (MHSAA) state championship games can the state championships.
purchase their tickets before they get to the stadium Suggested game day lots Friday are located at the Hillcrest Grav-
Fans can go to and go to “Digital Tickets” el lot, Sports Field lot (located on W. 4th Street), both the Ross
under the Quick Links header to the right side of the page to find Blvd. North and South lots, as well as the 34th Ave. and 35th
the game they would like to attend. Ave. lots, along with the Scholarship Hall lot (Montague Ave.).
Mobile ticketing allows fans to use their mobile device as their Transit services also will be available Friday for 50 cents per
game ticket, providing a faster and more convenient entry. rider. All campus lots will be open Saturday for parking, except for
Tickets are $15. Children 5 and younger admitted free. The ticket the reserved and mandatory tow areas.
is good for the entire day, but you must pay to re-enter. Tailgating will be allowed. Southern Miss requests fans who
tailgate to park legally, not to set up tailgates in parking spaces,
to tailgate in the space adjacent to your vehicle, and to clean up
when you are finished.

Continued from Page 1B
all-time list and one title
away from tying Butler
squad also beat Arizona
Western College in the El
Georgia bracing for
its biggest challenge
C.C. (Kansas) and North- Toro Bowl. From there,
eastern Oklahoma A&M EMCC won the Mississippi
for the top spot. Bowl in 2013, 2014, and 2017
“You never take an for its other three titles.
opportunity like this for The Lions’ first three By CHARLES ODUM fense and total defense.
granted,” EMCC coach championship squads fin- The Associated Press The defense has been over-
Buddy Stephens said. ished 12-0. This year’s squad
shadowed by quarterback
“When you play for the will try to do the same. ATHENS, Ga. — The Tua Tagovailoa’s big year,
championship, it has been “Going back to back is No. 4 Georgia football capped by his five touch-
a special season. We faced a big deal,” EMCC soph- team’s offense is peaking down passes in last week’s
a little more adversity omore defensive back just in time for its ultimate 52-21 win over Auburn.
than we have in some oth- JaQuez Akins said. “You stress test against No. 1 Al-
er championship seasons. don’t see it that often in Fromm said he sees
abama. some of the same players
It’s a testament to the sports. Once you win that Georgia (11-1, No. 4
leaders on this team. They first title, it’s human na- back from the Alabama
College Football Playoff) defense he faced at Mer-
have kept the course and ture to want another. All scored 111 points in its final
we have kept working.” of the hard work in the off- cedes-Benz Stadium in last
two regular-season wins season’s national champion-
EMCC was preseason season, during the sum- against Massachusetts and
No. 1 in the nation for a mer months, when it’s hot ship game. Since Georgia
Georgia Tech. It stacked an coach Kirby Smart is the
fifth time this season. The outside —this is what you impressive string of eight
Lions have never gone wire are working for, this mo- former longtime Alabama
consecutive quarters with- defensive coordinator,
to wire as the nation’s top- ment right here.” out a punt in its final three
ranked team. The 2011 The game will be a con- Fromm said the Crimson
games. Tide’s defense also reminds
championship squad went trast of styles. Garden City
The challenge for Jake him of the Georgia unit he
from No. 16 to No. 1. In C.C. averages 307.6 yards
Fromm and Georgia is to faces in practice.
2013, the team went from rushing per game. Charles
keep piling on the points “They definitely have
No. 8 to No. 1. A year ago, West (1,382 yards, nine
against a stout Alabama some returning players,”
the team went from No. 2 touchdowns) and Ded-
defense and keep pace with Fromm said. “And they
to No. 1. In 2014, the team rick Mills (1,358 yards, 19
the powerful Crimson Tide. have some really good
started first and finished touchdowns) lead the way.
A high-scoring game may players. But schematically
first but slipped to second On defense, the teams
for two weeks. rank No. 1 (EMCC at 11.4 be Georgia’s best path to an they’re doing a lot of simi-
This season, the Bron- points allowed) and No. upset win and repeat South- lar stuff they last year, very
cbusters went from pre- 12 (Garden City at 17.4) eastern Conference cham- similar to our defense. And
season No. 10 to No. 2. nationally. pionship Saturday. I think it’s just kind of very
“We are facing off with In addition to the televi- Fromm has thrown 24 similar to what we see ev-
a program that has become sion contract, the NJCAA touchdown passes, includ- ery single day in practice,
the standard in our sport,” has announced eTeamS- ing a combined 14 to Riley so hopefully we can be very
said outgoing Garden City ponsor as the title sponsor Ridley and Mecole Hard- successful with that.”
C.C. coach Jeff Sims, who is for the game. The Crawford man. Freshman Justin One year ago, Fromm
headed to Missouri South- County Convention and Fields, best known for his was completing his fresh-
ern when the game ends. Visitors Bureau has played running skills, has thrown man season while relying
“It’s an honor to be part of host to the week’s events. four touchdown passes. heavily on senior tailbacks
this game for the first time “It’s a major develop- “I think it’s going to be Nick Chubb and Sony Mi-
at a new location. It will be ment for our sport,” Ste- the best challenge we’ve chel. Chubb and Michel
great national exposure. phens said. “The kids had, honestly,” said Ala- became the first Georgia
We are looking forward to deserve to be on national bama safety Xavier McK- tandem to reach 1,000
the challenge.” championship. It’s anoth- inney. yards rushing in the same
Garden City is looking er great opportunity to As usual, No. 1 Alabama season.
for its second title in three grow our sport.” (12-0, No. 1) has relied on Incredibly, two different
seasons. In 2016, it beat Ar- Built in 1923, Smith strong defense. It is a re- Georgia backs are within
izona Western College in Stadium has been recog- match of last season’s na- reach of 1,000 yards one
the El Toro Bowl at Yuma, nized twice this decade as tional championship game, year later. D’Andre Swift
Arizona, to win its first na- the top Division II venue a 26-23 overtime win for the has topped 100 yards in
tional championship. in the nation. Crimson Tide. four of the last five games to
EMCC started its nation- Follow Dispatch sports Alabama boasts its cus- lead the Bulldogs with 962
al title pedigree in the same writer Scott Walters on tomary top-six national yards rushing. Elijah Holy-
location. In 2011, EMCC Twitter @dispatchscott rankings in scoring de- field has 896 yards.
The Dispatch • Thursday, November 29, 2018 3b

MSU women Tagovailoa up for Walter Camp Award; MSU’s Green, Carr recognized
Continued from Page 1B
From Special Reports each school who gives back to his community through superior
the highest against Little Rock (2-4) since a Roundup service efforts.
104-54 loss to Southwest Missouri State on TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Alabama quarterbacks with at least 230 attempts. One of the top edge rushers on the squad, Green has been
Dec. 29, 2002. quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was named The sophomore is No. 2 in ESPN’s To- a standout within the Starkville community throughout his time
A slow start put the Bulldogs in danger of as a Bulldog and is also a nominee for the 2018 Wuerffel Trophy.
Wednesday one of five finalists for the tal QBR metric at 94.7 (out of 100). Ta- Green has been involved with community outreach since his
not having a chance to extend that streak. Walter Camp Player of the Year Award. govailoa has thrown for 3,189 yards on freshman season, volunteering with projects like Read Across
However, the Bulldogs pulled away with a Tagovailoa is joined as a finalist by 189-f-269 passing (70.3 percent) with a America and other individual mentoring and tutoring projects.
31-point second quarter and a 32-point third Recently, Green has served as a mentor with Quad County Alter-
fellow quarterbacks Will Grier (West Vir- school-record 36 touchdowns and two
quarter. native School, heading tours of the football facilities on campus.
ginia), Kyler Murray (Oklahoma), and interceptions. Carr, an outside hitter on the volleyball team, also was a
“Proud of how this team responded in the
Gardner Minshew (Washington State) n Mississippi State’s Green, Carr named to SEC recipient of the award in 2016. She has lent a helping hand at
second quarter after a poor first quarter,” Community Service Teams: At Birmingham, Alabama, Missis-
and Kentucky linebacker Josh Allen. the Palmer Home for Children, Operation Gratitude, and National
MSU coach Vic Schaefer said. “We have a lot sippi State football player Gerri Green and Khristian Carr were Girls and Women in Sports Day youth event. She has volun-
of respect for Little Rock. They were excep- Tagovailoa leads the nation in col-
named Wednesday to the Southeastern Conference Football teered at vacation bible school, at the health fair, and attended
tional tonight and competed all the way to the legiate passer efficiency at 212.5 and Community Service Teams for their respective sports. Mississippi State M-Club Meetings. Carr is also a member of the
end. Proud of our third quarter. Back-to-back his 146.5 NFL passer rating ranks first The SEC names a Community Service Team for each of its Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Her efforts as a sophomore
quarters with 31 and 32 points shows you are among all Football Bowl Subdivision 21-league sponsored sports, looking to highlight an athlete from earned her a spot on the 2016 SEC Community Service Team.
doing something right.
23. Villanova (5-2) did not play. Next: vs. FAR WEST

La Salle, Saturday. Air Force 69, N. Colorado 57
“We had a lot of kids shoot the ball well to- 24. Maryland (6-1) lost to No. 4 Virginia CS Northridge 73, California Baptist 67
night. Sixty points in the paint is a good num- NBA 76-71. Next: vs. Penn State, Saturday. Cal Poly 59, E. Washington 55
EASTERN CONFERENCE 25. Mississippi State (5-1) did not play. Cal St.-Fullerton 67, Dartmouth 62
ber for us. They shot 50 percent in the fourth Prep Football
Atlantic Division
W L Pct GB
Next: at Dayton, Friday. Gonzaga 50, Colorado St. 39
New Mexico 84, Oklahoma 80
quarter, and that’s not a good number for us. Saturday’s Game Toronto 18 4 .818 — Ole Miss 93, San Diego 86 Portland 61, Utah St. 54
Philadelphia 15 8 .652 3½ SAN DIEGO (5-2): Pineiro 7-13 6-6 21, San Diego 72, San Diego St. 71
We will learn from this and go on.” Mississippi High School Activities Association Boston 11 10 .524 6½ Massalski 2-4 0-0 4, Wright 9-14 0-1 22, Carter Southern Cal 62, Fresno St. 61
6-17 5-6 19, Williams 1-7 2-2 5, Martinez 1-2
McCowan had her fifth double-double of (MHSAA) Playoffs Brooklyn
New York
8 14 .364 10
7 16 .304 11½ 2-2 5, Floresca 4-4 0-1 8, Sullivan 1-3 0-0 2,
Weber St. 68, UTEP 63

Class 5A The AP Women’s
the season secured by halftime. Anriel How-
Southeast Division
W L Pct GB
Calcaterra 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 31-64 15-18 86.
OLE MISS (4-2): Stevens 2-3 0-0 4, Shul-
At M.M. Roberts Stadium, Hattiesburg Top 25 Fared
ard barely missed a double-double with 16 Charlotte
11 10 .524 —
10 12 .455 1½
er 4-8 4-5 13, Tyree 6-7 8-8 22, T.Davis 8-14
West Point vs. West Jones, 7 p.m. 3-4 20, Hinson 4-7 5-6 15, Naylor 0-1 0-0 0,
1. Notre Dame (6-0) did not play. Next: vs.
points and nine rebounds. Washington 8 13 .381 3 Buffen 7-10 0-0 15, Olejniczak 2-3 0-0 4, D.Da-

Chloe Bibby followed with 15 points, while Prep Basketball Miami
7 13 .350 3½
5 17 .227 6½
vis 0-0 0-0 0, Rodriguez 0-1 0-0 0. Totals 33-54
20-23 93.
No. 14 Iowa, Thursday.
2. UConn (6-0) beat No. 16 DePaul
99-63. Next: at No. 1 Notre Dame, Sunday.
Little Rock native Bre’Amber Scott had 13 Tuesday’s Game
Central Division
W L Pct GB
Halftime—Ole Miss 39-37. 3-Point 3. Oregon (6-0) did not play. Next: vs.
Goals—San Diego 9-23 (Wright 4-8, Carter
Pickens Academy (girls) 32 , Clarke Prep 19: Milwaukee 15 6 .714 — 2-9, Williams 1-1, Pineiro 1-2, Martinez 1-2,
Long Beach State, Sunday.
and Conway, Arkansas, product Jordan Dan- Carleigh Cameron had 13 points, and Audrey Indiana 13 8 .619 2 Sullivan 0-1), Ole Miss 7-16 (Tyree 2-3, Hinson
4. Baylor (6-0) did not play. Next: at No.
18 South Carolina, Sunday.
berry had 10. Fondren had nine points and six rebounds to lead
11 7 .611 2½
5 17 .227 10½
2-4, Buffen 1-1, Shuler 1-2, T.Davis 1-4, Naylor
0-1, Stevens 0-1). Fouled Out—Pineiro. Re-
5. Louisville (6-0) did not play. Next: vs.
Nebraska, Thursday.
Little Rock scored the final seven points of he Lady Pirates in their season opener.
Cleveland 4 16 .200 10½
bounds—San Diego 23 (Floresca 5), Ole Miss
32 (Buffen 7). Assists—San Diego 21 (Wright
6. Mississippi State (7-0) beat Little Rock
98-63. Next: at No. 10 Texas, Sunday.
the first quarter to take a 14-13 lead after one Pickens Academy will play at 6:30 p.m. Thursday
Southwest Division
W L Pct GB
6), Ole Miss 20 (T.Davis 9). Total Fouls—San 7. Maryland (6-0) did not play. Next: vs.
Diego 21, Ole Miss 19. A—5,968 (9,500). Georgia Tech, Thursday.
quarter. against Southern Academy in the Southern Memphis 12 8 .600 — 8. Stanford (6-0) did not play. Next: at
Dallas 10 9 .526 1½ Southern Mississippi 71,
After the Trojans scored the first basket Academy Christmas tournament. New Orleans 11 11 .500 2
Gonzaga, Sunday.
9. Oregon State (5-1) did not play. Next:
San Antonio 10 11 .476 2½ South Alabama 67
of the second quarter, the Bulldogs took the Today’s Games Houston 9 11 .450 3 SOUTH ALABAMA (3-4): Mitchell 1-6 0-0
vs. La Salle, Saturday.
10. Texas (7-0) beat UTSA 98-54. Next:
lead back on a layup by Scott at 17-16 with 8 Caledonia at Smithville
Northwest Division
W L Pct GB
3, Morris 0-1 1-2 1, Dial 0-1 0-0 0, McGee 2-4
0-0 5, Sikes 4-9 3-3 14, Kelly 0-0 0-0 0, Ajayi
vs. No. 6 Mississippi State, Sunday.
11. Tennessee (5-0) did not play. Next: at
minutes, 9 seconds left in the first half. Oak Hill Academy at Starkville Academy Denver
Oklahoma City
14 7 .667 —
13 7 .650 ½
3-5 5-6 11, Andrews 2-4 0-0 5, Pettway 0-1 0-0
0, Holden 10-19 0-0 28. Totals 22-50 9-11 67.
Oklahoma State, Sunday.
12. Syracuse (6-1) did not play. Next: at
McCowan capped a 10-0 run with a layup North Delta Academy at Heritage Academy Portland
13 8 .619 1
11 11 .500 3½
SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI (5-2): Rowe No. 20 Minnesota, Thursday.
13. N.C. State (6-0) did not play. Next: vs.
0-0 0-0 0, Harper-Baker 6-8 6-8 18, Edwards
for the Bulldogs to give MSU a 27-18 lead with Columbus Christian at Nanih Waiya Utah 10 12 .455 4½ 8-17 1-4 19, Griffin 6-14 4-7 18, Holland 2-4 0-0 Michigan, Thursday.
Pacific Division 14. Iowa (5-1) did not play. Next: at No. 1
5:53 left in the half. Danberry later capped a Friday’s Games W L Pct GB
5, Jacdonmi 1-2 1-2 3, Daniel 0-0 0-0 0, Draine
1-3 2-2 4, Magee 1-3 0-0 2, Watson 1-3 0-0 2. Notre Dame, Thursday.
L.A. Clippers 14 6 .700 — 15. California (6-0) did not play. Next: vs.
7-0 run for a 36-23 lead with 2:30 left in the West Point at Louisville Golden State 15 7 .682 —
Totals 26-54 14-23 71.
Halftime—Southern Miss. 43-36. 3-Point
Cal State Northridge, Sunday.
half. Baldwyn at Hamilton
L.A. Lakers
11 9 .550 3
10 10 .500 4 Goals—South Alabama 14-28 (Holden 8-10,
16. DePaul (4-3) lost to No. 2 UConn
99-63. Next: vs. Temple, Monday.
Sikes 3-7, McGee 1-2, Andrews 1-3, Mitchell
Danberry scored as the half expired, giv- Saturday’s Games Phoenix 4 17 .190 10½
1-4, Dial 0-1, Pettway 0-1), Southern Miss. 5-17
17. Texas A&M (4-1) did not play. Next: vs.
Lamar, Thursday.
ing the Bulldogs a 44-30 lead at halftime. Noxubee County at Grenada Tuesday’s Games
Detroit 115, New York 108
(Edwards 2-3, Griffin 2-6, Holland 1-3, Draine
0-1, Magee 0-2, Watson 0-2). Fouled Out—
18. South Carolina (4-3) beat Dayton
65-55. Next: vs. No. 4 Baylor, Sunday.
An 18-2 run covered a five-minute stretch Starkville High at Smithville Classic Atlanta 115, Miami 113 Sikes, Holden. Rebounds—South Alabama 28
(Mitchell 7), Southern Miss. 30 (Harper-Baker
19. Arizona State (3-2) did not play. Next:
vs. Louisiana Tech, Saturday.
Toronto 122, Memphis 114
in the third quarter. Howard scored back-to- Columbus Christian at Winston Academy Showcase Denver 117, L.A. Lakers 85 9). Assists—South Alabama 15 (McGee 4), 20. Minnesota (5-0) did not play. Next: vs.
Indiana 109, Phoenix 104 Southern Miss. 11 (Griffin 3). Total Fouls— Air Force, Sunday.
back baskets to cap that run and push the Prep Soccer Wednesday’s Games South Alabama 24, Southern Miss. 13. 21. Miami (6-1) did not play. Next: at
Purdue, Thursday.
lead to 69-38 with 3:48 left in the quarter. Friday’s Matches
Charlotte 108, Atlanta 94
Philadelphia 117, New York 91 Tuesday’s Men’s Major 22. Marquette (4-1) vs. Milwaukee. Next:
vs. Michigan, Sunday.
The Bulldogs led by as many as 40 on Nettleton at Columbus, 5 p.m.
Utah 101, Brooklyn 91
Dallas 128, Houston 108 College Scores 23. Iowa State (5-0) at South Dakota.
three occasions in the fourth quarter. Mooreville at Caledonia, 5 p.m.
Milwaukee 116, Chicago 113
Minnesota 128, San Antonio 89
Penn 76, Delaware St. 48
Next: vs. Arkansas, Sunday.
24. Drake (7-1) beat Creighton 85-69.
MSU will take on Texas at 1 p.m. Sunday in New Hope at Northeast Lauderdale, 5 p.m. New Orleans 125, Washington 104 Penn St. 63, Virginia Tech 62
Providence 69, Fairleigh Dickinson 59
Next: vs. Clarke, Tuesday.
25. Kentucky (8-0) beat Morehead State
Oklahoma City 100, Cleveland 83
the SEC/Big12 Challenge. The game will be MSMS at Philadelphia, 5:30 p.m. Portland 115, Orlando 112 Sacred Heart 98, Hartford 89
St. Francis (Pa.) 113, Bloomsburg 59
87-57. Next: vs. Rhode Island, Thursday.

shown nationally on FS1. L.A. Clippers 115, Phoenix 99
St. John’s 85, Md.-Eastern Shore 64 Tuesday’s Women’s Major
Saturday’s Matches Today’s Games
UConn 97, Mass.-Lowell 75
College Scores

Golden State at Toronto, 7 p.m.
Philadelphia at Columbus, 5 p.m. Indiana at L.A. Lakers, 9:30 p.m.
American U. 74, VMI 64 EAST
L.A. Clippers at Sacramento, 9:30 p.m. Brown 78, Johnson & Wales (RI) 46
College Football Friday’s Games
Chicago at Detroit, 6 p.m.
Chattanooga 95, Hiwassee 62
Davidson 76, Charlotte 56
Duke 90, Indiana 69
George Washington 76, Towson 63
Providence 61, Boston College 57
Saturday’s Game Cleveland at Boston, 6 p.m.
ETSU 69, Georgia Southern 64 Rhode Island 77, North Dakota 63
Continued from Page 1B Southeastern Conference Championship
Utah at Charlotte, 6 p.m.
Washington at Philadelphia, 6 p.m. Elon 92, Central Penn College 59 Seton Hall 90, Mass.-Lowell 57
Yale 74, Wagner 41
Memphis at Brooklyn, 6:30 p.m. Florida 98, North Florida 66
Wednesday. Shooting 61.1 percent (33 of 54) At Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta at Oklahoma City, 7 p.m. Georgia 84, Kennesaw St. 51
Louisiana-Monroe 80, Northwestern St. 52 Alabama 59, Stetson 47
Houston at San Antonio, 7 p.m.
from the field, the best by any team in the Alabama vs. Georgia, 3 p.m. New Orleans at Miami, 7 p.m. Louisville 82, Michigan St. 78, OT
Mercer 90, Brewton-Parker College 65
Jacksonville St. 84, Montevallo 52
Longwood 83, Md.-Eastern Shore 71
Men’s College Basketball
Orlando at Phoenix, 8 p.m.
short history of The Pavilion, the Rebels (4-2) Dallas at L.A. Lakers, 9:30 p.m. N. Kentucky 93, Morehead St. 71 SE Louisiana 50, Jackson St. 45
Southern Miss. 69, Northwestern St. 54
Southern U. 74, Wiley 65
had five players score double digits in a 93-86 Today’s Games
Denver at Portland, 9:30 p.m.
Stony Brook 79, Norfolk St. 73 William & Mary 63, East Carolina 43

victory over a solid San Diego squad. Wednesday’s Men’s Major The Citadel 112, High Point 87 MIDWEST
E. Michigan 52, Ill.-Chicago 38
Alabama at Central Florida, 6 p.m. UNC-Greensboro 111, Greensboro 33
Freshmen KJ Buffen and Blake Hinson had College Scores UNC-Wilmington 95, East Carolina 86 Oklahoma St. 60, Wichita St. 47
Friday’s Game EAST Vanderbilt 120, Savannah St. 85 W. Illinois 81, William Woods 73
career highs of 15 points. Sophomore guard Mississippi State at Dayton, 6 p.m.
Army 67, Binghamton 56
Boston U. 82, New Hampshire 53
Wake Forest 71, W. Carolina 64
MIDWEST Arkansas St. 74, Murray St. 63
Devontae Shuler had 13. Saturday’s Game Cornell 63, Lafayette 58, OT
Georgetown 90, Richmond 82
Ball St. 108, Tiffin 62
Cincinnati 105, Ark.-Pine Bluff 49
Houston Baptist
University of the Southwest 57

Ole Miss earned the victory thanks to a 20- Louisiana-Monroe at Ole Miss, 1 p.m. Harvard 73, Holy Cross 62 Drake 83, Boise St. 74 FAR WEST
Arizona 84, Incarnate Word 42
Hofstra 94, Siena 86 Iowa 69, Pittsburgh 68
for-23 effort from the free-throw line. Sunday’s Game Liberty 76, Navy 58 Marquette 76, Charleston Southern 55 Colorado 80, Pepperdine 65
Loyola Marymount 60, UC Davis 53
NJIT 70, Drexel 67 Nevada 79, Loyola of Chicago 65
Isaiah Wright led San Diego (5-2) with 23 Rust College at Southern Mississippi, 2 p.m. Northeastern 96, Bucknell 78 Notre Dame 76, Illinois 74 S. Utah 67, BYU 64
Wyoming 66, Montana St. 58
points. Isaiah Pineiro added 21 points, but he Princeton 73, Maine 59 Ohio 89, Iona 65

had only four points in the second half. Olin
Women’s College Basketball Rhode Island 71, Brown 51
Robert Morris 76, Youngstown St. 56
SE Missouri 72, Missouri S&T 69
Temple 79, Missouri 77

SEC Women
Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Today’s Game Saint Joseph’s 89, Ill.-Chicago 75 Wisconsin 79, NC State 75
Kentucky 0-0 .000 8-0 1.000
Carter III had 19. TCU at Ole Miss, 8 p.m.
St. Bonaventure 70, Canisius 55
UMass 69, Quinnipiac 62
Wright St. 58, Cedarville 39
SOUTHWEST Mississippi State 0-0 .000 7-0 1.000
Ole Miss led 39-37 at halftime. Coach Saturday’s Games Vermont 69, George Washington 53 Abilene Christian 90, Howard Payne 53 Tennessee
0-0 .000 5-0 1.000
0-0 .000 5-1 .833
West Virginia 92, Rider 78 Baylor 63, South Dakota 57
Kermit Davis elected to put the Rebels in Southern Miss at Tulane, 1 p.m. Yale 103, Bryant 61 Oklahoma 73, North Texas 57 Auburn
Texas A&M
0-0 .000 5-1
0-0 .000 4-1
SOUTH SMU 79, Lamar 65
the 1-3-1 zone to begin the second half. The Rust College at Mississippi University for Auburn 99, St. Peter’s 49 Tulsa 72, Texas-Arlington 58
0-0 .000 4-1
0-0 .000 5-2
move forced several turnovers and allowed Women, 3 p.m. Coll. of Charleston 83, SC State 70
FIU 81, Florida Gulf Coast 80
Idaho 98, West Coast Baptist 44
Arkansas 0-0 .000 5-2
South Carolina 0-0 .000 4-3
Ole Miss to push its lead to eight. The Toreros Alabama vs. Tulsa (Tempe, Arizona), 4:30 p.m. Florida St. 73, Purdue 72 Montana St. 81, North Dakota 76 Georgia 0-0 .000 4-3 .571
Gardner-Webb 74, SC-Upstate 61 S. Illinois 82, Colorado St. 67
sliced their deficit in half before the Rebels Sunday’s Games George Mason 82, Morgan St. 75 San Diego St. 87, Jackson St. 44
Ole Miss
0-0 .000 3-4
0-0 .000 3-4
Georgia St. 80, Tulane 76 Washington 83, E. Washington 59
went on a 10-0 run. Mississippi State at Texas, 1 p.m. Jacksonville St. 101, Carver 61 Washington St. 103, CS Northridge 94
Florida 0-0 .000 0-6 .000
Jacksonville State at Ole Miss, 2 p.m. Kentucky 90, Monmouth (NJ) 44 Weber St. 100, Benedictine at Mesa 61
Bruce Stevens added a jumper in the paint Louisiana-Lafayette 77, New Orleans 73, OT
Tuesday’s Game
Alabama vs. Opponent TBD (Tempe, Arizona), MVSU 102, Rust College 62 Southeastern Conference Alabama 59, Stetson 47
to put the Rebels up 68-54 with 8 minutes, 33 Marshall 84, William & Mary 64
Wednesday’s Games
time TBD Men Kentucky 87, Morehead State 57
seconds to go. Once again, San Diego cut the Mississippi 93, San Diego 86
Conf. Pct. Overall Pct. South Carolina 65, Dayton 55

margin in half but it didn’t last long as the Rebels Junior College Football NC Central 110, Christendom 51
Nicholls 85, Spring Hill 65
Old Dominion 62, VCU 52
0-0 .000
0-0 .000
Northeastern 79, Florida 66
Georgia 67, Mercer 60
Auburn 77, Xavier (La.) 58
answered with a 7-0 run to grow their lead back Today’s Game Rutgers 57, Miami 54 Alabama 0-0 .000 5-1 .833
Mississippi State 98, Little Rock 63
South Florida 75, Stetson 71 Mississippi State 0 -0 .000 5-1 .833
Arkansas 74, Oral Roberts 61
to 14. NJCAA National Championship Southern Miss. 71, South Alabama 67 Tennessee 0-0 .000 5-1 .833
Today’s Games
St. Francis Brooklyn 90, Presbyterian 86 Vanderbilt 0-0 .000 5-1 .833
San Diego cut the deficit to six down the At Pittsburg, Kansas Tennessee 95, E. Kentucky 67 Arkansas 0-0 .000 4-1 .800 Lamar at Texas A&M, 11 a.m.
Kansas at LSU, 6 p.m. (SEC Network)
LSU 0-0 .000 5-2 .714
stretch, but Ole Miss converted from the free- EMCC vs. Garden City (Kansas), 7 p.m. Virginia 76, Maryland 71
Winthrop 82, Tennessee Tech 70 Ole Miss 0-0 .000 4-2 .667 TCU at Ole Miss, 8 p.m. (SEC Network)
Friday’s Games
throw line to seal the deal. Junior College Basketball MIDWEST
Akron 86, Alabama St. 54
0-0 .000
0-0 .000
0-0 .000
No games scheduled
Saturday’s Game
Ole Miss will play host to Louisiana-Monroe Today’s Games Creighton 98, Montana 72
DePaul 83, Cleveland St. 73 South Carolina 0-0 .000 3-3 .500 Alabama vs. Tulsa, 4:30 p.m.
Sunday’s Games
Texas A&M 0-0 .000 2-4 .333
at 1 p.m. Saturday. For the first time, Ole Miss Women: Arkansas State Midsouth at ICC, 5 p.m. Evansville 86, Wyoming 78
Green Bay 85, N. Illinois 83
Texas Tech at Florida, 1 p.m. (SEC Network)
Charleston Southern at Georgia, 1 p.m.
Tuesday’s Games
will wear its new powder blue jerseys. Men: Arkansas State Midsouth at ICC, 7 p.m. IUPUI 85, Bradley 73
Illinois St. 92, BYU 89, OT
Georgia 84, Kennesaw State 51 Mississippi State at Texas, 1 p.m.
Vanderbilt at Kansas State, 1 p.m.
n Southern Mississippi 71, South Kent St. 76, Detroit 72
Florida 98, North Florida 66
Vanderbilt 120, Savannah State 85 Jacksonville State at Ole Miss, 2 p.m.
Alabama 67: At Hattiesburg, Cortez Edwards on the air Michigan 84, North Carolina 67
Northwestern 67, Georgia Tech 61
Purdue Fort Wayne 104, E. Illinois 60
Temple 79, Missouri 77
Wednesday’s Games
Arkansas at Iowa State, 2 p.m.
Oklahoma at Auburn, 3 p.m. (SEC Network)
Tennessee at Oklahoma State, 3 p.m.
had 19 points, while Tyree Griffin and Leon- S. Dakota St. 75, UMKC 47
Tennessee 95, Eastern Kentucky 67
Missouri at West Virginia, 4 p.m.
ard Harper-Baker had 18 points Wednesday Today Syracuse 72, Ohio St. 62
Toledo 80, North Alabama 59
Ole Miss 93, San Diego 86
Auburn 99, Saint Peter’s 49 Baylor at South Carolina, 6 p.m. (ESPN2)

Kentucky 90, Monmouth 44
night to help the Golden Eagles (5-2) match COLLEGE BASKETBALL W. Illinois 83, SIU-Edwardsville 58 Today’s Game
Xavier 82, Miami (Ohio) 55
the school record for wins in November. 6 p.m. — Alabama at Central Florida, ESPNU SOUTHWEST
Alabama at UCF, 6 p.m. (ESPNU)
Friday’s Games NFL
“We talked a lot before the game about pas- GOLF Cent. Arkansas 78, UALR 65
Cent. Michigan 81, Sam Houston St. 65
Coastal Carolina at South Carolina, 6 p.m. Today’s Game
New Orleans at Dallas, 7:20 p.m.
(SEC Network)
12:30 p.m. — PGA Tour Golf, Hero World Houston 58, Rio Grande 53 Sunday’s Games
sion and energy,” Southern Miss coach Doc Challenge, first round, Bahamas, TGC New Mexico St. 62, UTEP 58
Mississippi State at Dayton, 6 p.m.
Saturday’s Games L.A. Rams at Detroit, Noon
Texas State 74, Rice 60 Carolina at Tampa Bay, Noon
Sadler said. “Unless you do anything with 8:30 p.m. — European Tour Golf, Australian PGA FAR WEST
UNC Greensboro at Kentucky, Noon (ESPN2)
Louisiana-Monroe at Ole Miss, 1 p.m. Arizona at Green Bay, Noon
those two things, you aren’t going to be very Championship, second round, Queensland, TGC
Air Force 88, Missouri St. 69
Arizona St. 89, Nebraska-Omaha 71
Vanderbilt vs. North Carolina State, 4 p.m.
Denver at Cincinnati, Noon
Baltimore at Atlanta, Noon
good. We had not played with passion and en- NBA Colorado 93, Portland 69
Fresno St. 81, Pacific 78, OT
Grambling at LSU, 4 p.m.
FIU at Arkansas, 7 p.m.
Chicago at N.Y. Giants, Noon
Cleveland at Houston, Noon
ergy at all in the past three games for whatever 7 p.m. — Golden State at Toronto, TNT Indiana St. 86, San Jose St. 57
N. Colorado 88, Denver 72
Sunday’s Games Indianapolis at Jacksonville, Noon
Buffalo at Miami, Noon
Texas A&M-C.C. at Tennessee, 11 a.m.
reason. The bottom line is it had gotten worse 9:30 p.m. — LA Clippers at Sacramento, TNT Seattle 107, Northwest University 72 (SEC Network) N.Y. Jets at Tennessee, 3:05 p.m.
Southern Cal 75, Long Beach St. 65 UCF at Missouri, 2 p.m. (ESPNU) Kansas City at Oakland, 3:05 p.m.
with every game.” NFL Stanford 79, Portland St. 67 San Francisco at Seattle, 3:25 p.m.
7:20 p.m. — New Orleans at Dallas, WLOV and UC Irvine 80, Saint Mary’s (Cal) 75 Wednesday’s Major Minnesota at New England, 3:25 p.m.
Harper-Baker was 6-for-8 from the field UCLA 80, Hawaii 61 L.A. Chargers at Pittsburgh, 7:20 p.m.
NFL Network Women’s College Scores
with nine rebounds. Utah St. 71, N. Iowa 52
Utah Valley 82, Western Colorado University 59 EAST
Monday’s Game
Washington at Philadelphia, 7:15 p.m.
Southern Miss sprinted to a 17-1 lead that NHL Valparaiso 72, UNLV 64 American U. 64, UMBC 42
7 p.m. — Arizona at Nashville, Fox Sports South Army 69, St. Francis Brooklyn 57 Football Championship
closed to 43-36 at halftime. When both teams The Associated Press Boston U. 60, New Hampshire 39
SOCCER Canisius 48, Albany (NY) 42 Subdivision Playoffs
traded three-pointers in the first 43 seconds Men’s Top 25 Fared Drexel 58, La Salle 43 Second Round
6;30 p.m. — MLS Playoff, Ney York vs. Atlanta, Wednesday Holy Cross 65, Vermont 40 Saturday’s Games
of the second half, there was no turning back FS1
1. Gonzaga (7-0) did not play. Next: at North Dakota 59, UMass 52
Rider 67, NJIT 46
Jacksonville State (9-3) at Maine (8-3), 11 a.m.
Creighton, Saturday. James Madison (9-3) at Colgate (9-1), Noon
from a classic.
The Jaguars took their first lead at 55-54 Friday 2. Kansas (5-0) did not play. Next: vs.
Stanford, Saturday.
3. Duke (6-1) did not play. Next: vs.
Stony Brook 87, SUNY-New Paltz 50
UConn 99, DePaul 63
Villanova 67, Princeton 46
Wofford (9-3) at Kennesaw St. (10-1), 1 p.m.
Montana State (8-4) at North Dakota State
(11-0), 2 p.m.
with 9:34 remaining. LaDavius Draine’s two 6 p.m. — Coastal Carolina at South Carolina,
Stetson, Saturday.
4. Virginia (7-0) beat No. 24 Maryland Auburn 77, Xavier (LA) 58
Duquesne (9-3) at South Dakota State (8-2),
2 p.m.
free-throws with 4:24 left put the home team SEC Network
76-71. Next: vs. Morgan State, Monday.
5. Nevada (7-0) did not play. Next: at
Bethune-Cookman 58, Jacksonville 56
Campbell 53, UNC-Greensboro 49 SE Missouri State (9-3) at Weber State (9-2),
3 p.m.
ahead 60-59, and it never trailed from there. COLLEGE FOOTBALL Southern Cal, Saturday. Cent. Arkansas 57, Alcorn St. 46
Clemson 69, Illinois 67 Nicholls State (9-3) at Eastern Washington
6. Tennessee (5-1) beat Eastern
Holden knocked down one of his eight 3-point- 6 p.m. — MAC Championship game, Northern Kentucky 95-67. Next: vs. Texas A&M-Corpus
Elon 88, Chowan 74
Florida Gulf Coast 76, Houston 71
(9-2), 4 p.m.
Northern Iowa (7-5) at UC Davis (9-2), 6 p.m.
ers (on just 10 attempts) to get USA within 63- Illinois vs. Buffalo, at Detroit, ESPN2 Christi, Sunday.
7. Michigan (7-0) beat No. 11 North
Georgia 67, Mercer 60
Division II Playoffs
Hampton 64, Samford 57
62 at 2:26, but Southern Miss clamped down to 7 p.m. — PAC 12 Championship game, Utah vs. Carolina 84-67. Next: vs. No. 19 Purdue,
Howard 73, George Mason 59 Quarterfinals
Indiana 87, Wake Forest 73 Saturday’s Games
make it 68-62 with 33 seconds remaining. Washington, at Santa Clara, California, WLOV 8. Auburn (6-1) beat Saint Peter’s 99-49. Kennesaw St. 78, Georgia Southern 59 Notre Dame (Ohio) (12-0) vs. Slippery Rock
Southern Miss (5-2) will play host to Rust GOLF Next: vs. UNC Asheville, Tuesday.
9. Michigan State (5-2) did not play. Next:
Kentucky 87, Morehead St. 57 (11-2), 11 a.m.
Lenoir-Rhyne (12-1) at Valdosta State (11-0,
Nicholls 86,
College at 2 p.m. Sunday at Reed Green Col- 2:30 a.m. — European Tour Golf, Mauritius at Rutgers, Friday. Southern University at New Orleans 49 Noon
10. Kentucky (6-1) beat Monmouth 90-44. Northeastern 79, Florida 66 Tarleton State (12-0) at Minnesota-Mankato
Open, second round, Mauritius, TGC
iseum. Next: vs. UNC Greensboro, Saturday. SC State 71, SC-Upstate 66 (12-0), Noon
12:30 p.m. — PGA Tour Golf, Hero World 11. North Carolina (6-2) lost to No. 7 South Carolina 65, Dayton 55 Ouachita Baptist (12-0) vs. Ferris State (13-0),
n Alabama will face UCF in first true Challenge, second round, Bahamas, TGC
Michigan 84-67. Next: vs. UNC Wilmington, Tulane 88, FAU 45 1 p.m.
Wednesday. UAB 82, Alabama A&M 47
road game: At Orlando, Florida, the Alabama 8:30 p.m. — European Tour Golf, Australian PGA 12. Kansas State (6-0) did not play. Next: UT Martin 81, Chattanooga 79 Division III Playoffs
VCU 58, UNC-Wilmington 47 Quarterfinals
men’s basketball team will take on UCF at 6 Championship, third round, Queensland, TGC
at Marquette, Saturday.
13. Virginia Tech (5-1) did not play. Next: Virginia Tech 67, Rutgers 51 Saturday’s Games
Muhlenberg (11-1) at Mount Union (12-0),
p.m. Thursday (ESPNU) in its first true road 1:30 a.m. (Saturday) — European Tour Golf, vs. CCSU, Saturday.
14. Iowa (6-0) did not play. Next: vs. No.
W. Kentucky 90, Morgan St. 43
MIDWEST 11 a.m.
game of the season. Mauritius Open, third round, Mauritius, TGC 22 Wisconsin, Friday. Ball St. 75, Cincinnati 63
Bradley 67, E. Illinois 64
Johns Hopkins (11-1) at RPI (10-1), 11 a.m.
St. John’s (Minn.) (12-0) at Mary Hardin-Baylor
15. Florida State (6-1) beat No. 19 Purdue
This is the second-consecutive season Ala- NBA 73-72. Next: vs. Troy, Monday. Drake 85, Creighton 69
Duke 60, Wisconsin 53
(12-0), Noon
Bethel (Minn.) (11-1) at Wisconsin-Whitewater
bama and UCF have squared off on the hard- 7 p.m. — Houston at San Antonio, ESPN 16. Ohio State (6-1) lost to Syracuse
72-62. Next: vs. Minnesota, Sunday. Duquesne 77, Kent St. 72 (11-0), Noon

wood. Last season, UCF earned a 65-62 victo- 9:30 p.m. — Denver at Portland, ESPN 17. Texas (5-1) did not play. Next: vs.
Marquette 83, Milwaukee 74
Michigan St. 91, Virginia 66 NAIA Playoffs
Radford, Friday.
ry at Coleman Coliseum. NHL 18. Oregon (4-2) did not play. Next: at
N. Illinois 81, N. Dakota St. 63 Semifinals
South Dakota 64, Iowa St. 59 Saturday’s Games
6:30 p.m. — Philadelphia at Buffalo, NBC Sports Houston, Saturday. Saint Francis (Ind.) (10-2) at Morningside (Iowa)
Alabama (5-1) will try to match the best Network
19. Purdue (5-2) lost to No. 15 Florida
W. Michigan 64, E. Kentucky 53
Youngstown St. 72, Akron 61 (13-0), Noon
State 73-72. Next: at No. 7 Michigan, Saturday.
start in the Avery Johnson era. On Monday, SOCCER 20. Texas Tech (6-0) did not play. Next:
Arkansas 74, Oral Roberts 61
Benedictine (Kan.) (12-1) at Kansas Wesleyan
(13-0), 1 p.m.
Alabama edged Murray State 78-72. 1:55 p.m. — Premier League, Cardiff City vs.
vs. Memphis, Saturday.
21. Buffalo (5-0) did not play. Next: vs.
Mississippi St. 98, UALR 63
SMU 73, North Texas 66
Saturday, Dec. 15
UCF (5-1) beat Northern Kentucky 66-53 on Wolves NBC Sports Network Milwaukee, Friday.
22. Wisconsin (6-1) did not play. Next: at
Texas 98, UTSA 54 At Municipal Stadium,
Daytona Beach, Florida
Texas Tech 77, Stephen F. Austin 69
Saturday to stretch its winning streak to four. No. 14 Iowa, Friday. Tulsa 75, Abilene Christian 63 Semifinal winners, 7 p.m.
4B Thursday, November 29, 2018 The Dispatch •

Continued from Page 1B
Bowl title nine years ago, be- Dallas (6-5) has a modest career-best run of four straight ber waking up every Sunday NFL’s first-down conversion rate
cause they won on the road to three-game run, capped by a 100-yard games from 2016, when morning and watching the Cow- leaders for receivers since com-
start the Saints’ season-ending Thanksgiving victory against he won the rushing title. boys after church. That was a big ing over from Oakland for the
three-game skid. Washington that vaulted it into a With three consecutive games deal growing up. I played a state Cowboys’ 2019 first-round pick.
The Saints can’t afford a simi- tie for the NFC East lead with the of at least 120 yards rushing, El- championship game in the old Cooper’s 180 yards against
lar slump if they want the NFC’s Redskins. Questions about the fu- liott has overtaken Todd Gurley Texas Stadium.” Washington were a team Thanks-
top seed, which Dallas had with ture of coach Jason Garrett have for the league rushing lead. The NFL’s all-time leader in giving record, and the 90-yard
13 wins two years ago. The Los been replaced by talk of a second “I feel like I’m in a good place passing yards has some memo- touchdown tied for the third-lon-
Angeles Rams enter the week division title in three years. right now,” said Elliott, who has rable road victories against the gest catch in club history. “When
with the same 10-1 record. But “We have all the confidence in 1,074 yards to 1,043 for Gurley. Cowboys, starting with a blowout you are a great player like him
New Orleans can wrap up the ourselves,” said Prescott, coming “Coaches have been doing a great in prime time his first year with and you get separation and run
division title with four games re- off a season-high 289 yards pass- job of putting me in runs where New Orleans in 2006. There was routes, it makes my job easy,”
maining with a win and a Caroli- ing. “They put on their pants the I’m comfortable and just getting also a dramatic Thanksgiving Prescott said. “So when you have
na loss at Tampa Bay on Sunday. same way we do. They’ve won 10, me going early and letting me get comeback in 2010. Now he’s hav- that, give credit to him.”
“You don’t begin to count, but and I guess we’ve won three (in a that momentum and being able to ing one of his best seasons. “I feel DON’T FORGET DEFENSE
then you start beginning to do row). As I’ve said, we’re going to carry it through the game.” like we’ve had some really good The Cowboys have the fourth-
the things that are necessary to take it one game at a time. That’s STATE PRIDE teams when we played them,” best scoring defense in the NFL
win,” said Saints coach Sean Pay- all that matters.” Brees, an Austin native, cher- he said. “I feel like there’s always at 19.3 points per game. But the
ton, architect of the two longest OLD AND YOUNG ishes his Texas roots and wasn’t been a lot at stake.” Saints have outperformed the
winning streaks in franchise his- Brees, less than two months about to downplay his latest PRESCOTT TO COOPER Cowboys in that category the
tory. “Generally, if you are going shy of his 40th birthday, leads the chance to visit the Cowboys. “I Dallas’ trade for new No. 1 past three weeks, winning by an
to have a decent team, you are go- NFL in completion percentage can’t say it’s no big deal,” said receiver Amari Cooper is paying average score of 43-13. The Cow-
ing to win some games in a row. and passer rating. The 23-year- Brees, who was in high school immediate dividends. Not only boys have allowed an average of
It is going to be hard not to if you old Elliott feels like a rookie during the Dallas Super Bowl is the offensive efficiency much 21 points during their winning
aspire to get into the postseason.” again, with a chance to match his dynasty of the 1990s. “I remem- better, but Cooper is among the streak.

Comics & Puzzles
Dear Abby
EAR was let go from while they describe her as
ABBY: My his job. And one beautiful, the thing to do would
daughter- of them may be to tell them “humorously”
in-law insists have been that, they need to work on some
on not covering indeed, he — not new material.
my granddaugh- she — didn’t DEAR ABBY: My husband
ter while she’s fit in. and I were married a year ago.
breastfeeding in DEAR ABBY: I personally designed and filled
public and allows I recently moved out the invitations and thank-
the baby to nurse in with my older you cards. About two months
with her breast sister, and so far, after our wedding, I asked my
partially exposed things have been husband to mail the thank-you
ZITS (although the
nipple is not
great. I have met
all her friends,
cards for me.
Today, I went into a
visible). I’m con- and we have hit it seldom-used closet and
cerned this may off quite well. discovered a box containing
have affected my When I meet all of the unsent cards! I’m
son’s employ-
Dear Abby her guy friends, embarrassed to mail them out
ment because they always since they are a year late, but
she did it at a company-spon- comment on how beautiful at the same time, I put a lot
sored event, and he was let she is and how they really of time and effort into those
go a month afterward. His like her. But then they’ll add cards. Should I send them
employers told him he “wasn’t a little side note about how now? And if so, how can I apol-
fitting in.” “cute” I am. I don’t like being ogize for their tardiness since
How can I get across to called cute while they call her they are already sealed and
her that although the public beautiful. Am I crazy to be mad stamped? — NEWLYWED-ISH
breastfeeding movement is over this? Should I bring it up IN CONNECTICUT
GARFIELD growing, it still isn’t acceptable with her or let it all blow over?
everywhere, and she should — CUTE SISTER
is never too late to say thank
exercise her judgment based DEAR CUTE SISTER: you. Put the thank-yous in
on the situation? — DISCREET There’s nothing your sister can the mail, send a group email
IN THE EAST do to muzzle her male friends to those guests whose email
DEAR DISCREET: You are who probably think they’re pay- addresses you have and call
correct that breastfeeding in ing you a compliment. I can’t the remaining ones to explain
public is gaining acceptance. see anything to be gained by what happened and apolo-
There is nothing wrong with it. bringing this to her attention gize. These things sometimes
While you might mention your because she’s blameless. happen, and if your friends
concerns to her, allow me to Because you feel you and relatives are nice people,
point out that there may have are being damned with faint they will graciously accept your
been other reasons your son praise, being told you are cute apology.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Nov. forward with defenses low, mind ing in you today. This has to do
29). Many parts of your life calm. with setting something right, not
have been defined by your TAURUS (April 20-May only for you, but for the others
pioneering spirit, but this year 20). Not all discomfort is and for everyone after. Until
will be counted among your good, but since discomfort is there is justice for all, there is
most exploratory. The best also the price of admission to justice for none.
adventures will be accessible a worthwhile and interesting LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). It
within a few hours of travel life, it can’t be all bad. Today, can take a very long time to
time. Also notable: You’ll be everything in the “worthwhile form the foundation, products
given an important key, there’s and interesting” category will be and momentum necessary
a chance to repair some history, outside the comfort zone. to become an “overnight”
and a new financial stream will GEMINI (May 21-June 21). success. Keep building, little by
BABY BLUES open. Cancer and Aries adore
you. Your lucky numbers are: 1,
When you taste happiness
it makes you want more and
little, day by day, every single
day — no skipping.
4, 40, 7 and 18. more happiness, but happiness VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
ARIES (March 21-April doesn’t work that way. Strange Tell people about your interests
19). It can take courage to live things happen when happiness and hobbies because letting
even the most ordinary daily compounds on itself. Savor people know what you’re all
existence. But it shouldn’t be sweet moments sans greed. about is a form of self-love. It
that way all of the time. There’s Greed is ruinous. allows for the world to mold to
so much good that will happen CANCER (June 22-July 22). you a bit instead of you always
naturally today. It’s safe to go There’s a gentle rage simmer- having to mold to the world.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
You’re culling from all these
different inspirations and
resources and nothing is really
fitting together to point you in a
BEETLE BAILEY particular direction. That’s OK.
This won’t be a linear path. Zig
now, zag later.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
21). Attraction can happen
naturally, or can be created
through careful calculations
and applied formulas intended
to create specific results. Just
know which kind of attraction
you’re dealing with.
21). You’re thinking of going to
the next level with an endeavor.
Would you still do it if no one
else in the world knew about
MALLARD FILLMORE your expertise? That’s how you
know it’s worth your time.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
19). You don’t have to apologize
for taking care of someone you
love, especially if that person is
you. Anyone who stands in the
way of your self-care is being
unloving. Don’t be guilted into
neglecting what matters to you.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). Feeling special isn’t about
owning the best things, getting
the attention of a lot of people
or having the love of one per-
FAMILY CIRCUS son. It’s about believing in your
own specialness.
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). Should you display your
solidarity or your independent
thought? Yes to both. Timing
is the thing. Pay attention to
sense when to meld with the
group and when to enhance it
through your uniqueness.

The Dispatch • Thursday, November 29, 2018 5B

Business moves with Mary

Fred’s on Alabama Street closing
Plus: Waukaway Water
renovations complete;
CBD, vape stores open

own- Sudoku
Sudoku is a number-
3 5 1 4 6 9 8 7 2
placing puzzle
Sudoku based on
is a number-
a 9x9 grid
placing with based
puzzle severalon 2 7 6 1 5 8 3 4 9

2018 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.
town, agiven
9x9 grid with several
numbers. The object 4 8 9 2 7 3 6 1 5
given numbers.
is to place The object
the numbers
Springs is
9 6 4 3 1 7 5 2 8
1 to place
to 9 the
in the numbers
empty spaces
Bottling 1sotothat
9 ineach
the empty spaces
row, each 7 2 5 9 8 4 1 6 3
Compa- so that each
column row, each
and each 3x3 box 1 3 8 5 2 6 4 9 7
ny, 400 column
contains the same3x3
and each box
contains the same number
5 9 2 8 4 1 7 3 6
College only once. The difficulty
only once. The difficulty 8 4 7 6 3 2 9 5 1
St., has level increases from
level increases from 6 1 3 7 9 5 2 8 4
restored Monday to Sunday.
Monday to Sunday.
its building Mary Pollitz Difficulty Level 11/28

back to its
former glory.
In the 1940s, the College Street
building was used by the Brown
Buick Company. President and
owner of Waukaway Stephen Imes
said the exterior renovations used
reclaimed bricks from the building
to revitalize its history. During the
eight months of extensive renova-
tions, Imes said he expanded the TOP PHOTO: After eight months, the renovations to the Waukaway
warehouse, added rental space for Springs building on College Street have come to a close. Owner Stephen
potential tenants and moved the Imes modeled the renovations after The Brown Buick Company which was
store’s office to the front of the housed in the Waukaway building in the 1940s. BOTTOM PHOTO: The old
building — which was originally Brown Buick Company, now Waukaway Springs, is pictured.
the Cadillac showroom for the selling only those products. vaporizers. E-cigarettes, or “vap-
Brown Buick Company. Medical treatments using plants ing,” has grown in popularity with
“The main thing we wanted to do has become a growing trend today, college-age adults. When walking
was keep it historical,” Imes said. with more than a dozen stores through Starkville, you’re more
“We were trying to keep it in the throughout the Golden Triangle likely now to see someone using
context of downtown Columbus.” now offering CBD treatment for a vaporizer rather than smoking
Imes is an owner of The Dis- anxiety, depression, headaches, a cigarette outside. Cloud 9 Vapor
patch. pain and other ailments. According Company is open seven days a week
It appears the Fred’s Pharmacy to Web MD, CBD sales could be top from 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
on Alabama Street will close soon. $1 billion by 2020. State Floral, 301 University Dr.,
Back in September, Walgreens Owner Morgan DeFreese said also opened earlier this month. The
purchased patient files and invento- her store offers THC-free products floral and gift shop is open Monday
ry for 185 Fred’s Pharmacy stores and oils made by Sun Med. The oils through Friday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
in a $165 million acquisition. The are extracted from hemp plants, and Saturdays from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Columbus Fred’s Pharmacy, at 115 which is a plant commonly used to Rumors of Larry’s Catfish and
Alabama St., will soon transfer its make fabrics. If interested, DeFre- More, 605 S. Jackson St., closing
records to the East Columbus Wal- ese offers free samples for new cus- down this past week appear now
greens by next week. tomers trying to test the waters in true. The business, which was
An employee, who wished not to natural treatment. Your CBD Store located in front of Fred’s, has been
be named, confirmed the Columbus is open Monday through Friday demolished slowly over the past
store was a part of the deal that from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturdays week. The Dispatch could not reach
would close by next week. Corpo- from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. the owner by press time.
rate representatives from Fred’s or In Starkville, another trend con- Back in Columbus, Yo’Bar, 1920
Walgreens could not be reached by tinues to grow in the college town. Highway 45 Suite 2, held its grand
press time. Cloud 9 Vapor Company, 602 opening Thanksgiving night.
In East Columbus, Your CBD S. Jackson St., opened earlier this You can look to ride the popular
Store opened earlier this month month. After Oxford and Grenada, mechanical bull Monday through
at 1118 Gardner Blvd. Though this is the e-cigarette company’s Thursday from 5-11 p.m., Friday
CBD products are sold at various third location. It offers electronic and Saturday from noon-1:30 a.m.
businesses in town — mostly vaporizers and flavors for custom- and Sundays from noon-11 p.m.
convenience stores — Your CBD is ers interested in eliminating tobac- Got business tips? Email them to
the first local business dedicated to co usage in favor of the nicotine ACROSS
1 The like
5 Software test
10 Preside over
12 Radiate
Business brief 13 Rene of “Ran-
company berger and Brown and with its renovation and som”
Rumore named in the Root. After moving to upon opening in 2015, be- 14 Looks after
Director of Facility Dallas-Fort north Mississippi, he came the office manager 15 Museum subject
Operations Worth, continued to work as an of Kilmichael Family
16 Makeup buy
18 Musical mixture
North Mississippi Texas area, IT consultant for about Medical Clinic.
Medical Center in West where he two years before starting 20 Church sch.
He graduated from 21 Sax sort
Point recently named worked as his own remodeling and the Mississippi State 23 Exploit
Howard Rumore as direc- helpdesk construction business.
Rumore Fire Academy with 24 Hindu hero
tor of facility operations. manager, In 2014, Rumore
certification as a volun- 26 Arrests
Rumore is a 1988 project manager and con- joined the Facility Op- 28 Sailing hazard
graduate of Mississippi tract manager. He was erations Department at teer firefighter and is an
ordained deacon at his 29 Must have DOWN 22 Here
State University, with also responsible for qual- NMMC in Eupora. When 31 Simone’s
a bachelor’s degree in ity and project manage- North Mississippi Health church. 1 “Beat it!” 24 Shoulder muscle
summer 2 Enterprise officer 25 Way back when
communication. After ment for clients including Services took over the He is married to Paula 32 School symbol
graduation, he joined an Babcock and Wilcox, former Kilmichael Hos- Rumore, and they have 3 Play groups 27 Spots on TV
36 Spa employee 4 Towel word 28 Like cows and
information technology Halliburton, Schlum- pital facility, he assisted one daughter, Mary. 39 Clumsy one 5 Plays the ponies sows
40 Even a little 6 Biz bigwig 30 Aussie bird
41 Hackneyed 7 Deli order 33 City on the Nile
43 Theater boxes 8 Speech 34 Made a choice
44 Part of a sheik’s 9 Bagel choice 35 Abounds
household 11 Vulcan’s looka- 37 Iditarod need
45 Wear down like 38 Different
46 Mt. Olympus 17 Fitting 42 Cleaning cloth
group 19 Scenery chewer

Log cabin
6B THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2018 The Dispatch •

Phone: 662.328.2424
P.O. Box 511 • 516 Main Street
Columbus, MS 39701

DEADLINES (Deadlines subject to change.) REGULAR RATES
4 Lines/6 Days ................... $19.20
6 Days ...................................... $12.00
4 Lines/1 Day..................$9.20
4 Lines/12 Days................. $31.20 12 Days.................................... $18.00 4 Lines/3 Days..............$18.00
For Placing/Canceling Classified Line Ads: Over 6 lines is $1 per additional line.
Sunday Paper Deadline is Thursday 3:00 P.M. 4 Lines/26 Days................. $46.80 Price includes 2 FREE Garage Sale
Rate applies to commercial operations Six lines or less, consecutive days.
Monday Paper Deadline is Friday 12:00 P.M. Rate applies to private party ads of non-commer- signs. RAIN GUARANTEE: If it
and merchandise over $1,000. rains the day of your sale, we will re-
Tuesday Paper Deadline is Monday 12:00 P.M. cial nature for merchandise under $1,000. Must
Wednesday Paper Deadline is Tuesday 12:00 P.M. Call 328-2424 for rates on include price in ad. 1 ITEM PER AD. run you ad the next week FREE!
TRUSTEE'S NOTICE OF additional lines. No pets, firewood, etc. You must call to request free re-run.
Thursday Paper Deadline
SALE is Wednesday 12:00 P.M.

Friday Paper Deadline is Thursday 12:00 P.M.
must be on April 27, 3 business days
2007, Kimberly Roby
prior to first publication date
a/k/a Kimberly Renee
Johnson and Theodis
Roby, Jr., husband and
• Please read your ad onwife,the first day
executed of publication. We accept
a Deed
responsibility only for the first
of Trust to W.incorrect
Stewart insertion. 0 Legals 1780 Sitting with Elderly/Sick 4000 Merchandise 5000 Pets & Livestock 8000 Real Estate
• The Publisher assumes no financial
Robison, Trustee responsibility
for Jim for errors nor for 1790 Stump Removal 4030 Air Conditioners 5100 Free Pets 8050 Commercial Property
Walter Homes, Inc., Be- the cost of that portion of
1000 Service 1800 Swimming Pools 4060 Antiques 5150 Pets 8100 Farms & Timberland
omission of copy. Liability shall not exceed 1030 Air Conditioning & Heating
space occupied by such error. which Deed of 1830 Tax Service 4090 Appliances 5200 Horses/Cattle/Livestock 8150 Houses - Northside
Trust is recorded in 1060 Appliance Repair 1860 Tree Service
• All questions regarding 4120 Auctions 5250 Pet Boarding/Grooming 8200 Houses - East
Landclassified ads currently running should be
Deed of Trust 1070 Asphalt & Paving 1890 Upholstery
directed to the Classified Department.
Book 2007, at Page 4150 Baby Articles 5300 Supplies/Accessories 8250 Houses - New Hope
1090 Automotive Services 1910 Welding
• All ads are subject to16784,
the approval of this
in the office of paper. The Commercial 4180 Bargain Column 5350 Veterinarians 8300 Houses - South
1120 Building & Remodeling
Dispatch reserves the the Chancery
right Clerkrevise,
to reject, of classify or cancel any 2000 Announcements 4210 Bicycles 5400 Wanted To Buy 8350 Houses - West
Lowndes County, Mis- 1150 Carpeting/Flooring
advertising at any time. 4240 Building Materials 8450 Houses - Caledonia
sissippi; 1180 Childcare 2050 Card of Thanks
4250 Burial Plots
6000 Financial 8500 Houses - Other
1210 Chimney Cleaning 2100 Fraternal & Lodge 6050 Business Opportunity
Deed of Trust was ulti- must be
AND WHEREAS, this 2150 Good Things To Eat 4270 Business Furniture & 8520 Hunting Land
1240 Contractors 6100 Business Opportunity Wanted
2200 In Memorial Equipment 8550 Investment Property
1250 Computer Services 6120 Check Cashing
Bank inYorkadvance.
assigned to The
of New Mel- 1270 Electrical
1300 Excavating
2250 Instruction & School
2300 Lost & Found
4300 Camera Equipment
4330 Clothing
6150 Insurance
6200 Loans
8600 Lots & Acreage
8650 Mobile Homes
lon, as Indenture Trust- 4360 Coins & Jewelry 8700 Mobile Home Spaces
You may cancel atee,any
for time during
Mid-State Capit-regular business hours 1320 Fitness Training 2350 Personals
4390 Computer Equipment
6250 Mortgages
8750 Resort Property
and receiveal aCorporation
refund for days not published.
2010-1 1330 Furniture Repair & Refinishing 2400 Special Notices
4420 Farm Equipment & Supplies
6300 Stocks & Bonds
8800 River Property
Trust, by instrument re- 1360 General Services 2600 Travel/Entertainment 6350 Business for Sale
4450 Firewood 8850 Wanted to Buy

corded in Book 2018, at 1380 Housecleaning
Page 21135-21140, in 3000 Employment 4460 Flea Markets 7000 Rentals 8900 Waterfront Property
the office of the Chan- 1390 Insulation 3050 Clerical & Office 4480 Furniture 7050 Apartments
cery Clerk aforesaid; 1400 Insurance 3100 Data Processing/ Computer 4510 Garage Sales 7100 Commercial Property
9000 Transportation
1410 Interior Decorators 9050 Auto Accessories/Parts
Bargain Column
AND WHEREAS, default
Ad must
having been made in
fit in 4 lines (approximately 1440 Jewelry/Watch Repair
1470 Lawn Care/Landscaping
3150 Domestic Help
3170 Engineering
4540 General Merchandise
4570 Household Goods
7150 Houses
7180 Hunting Land
9100 Auto Rentals & Leasing
9150 Autos for Sale
20 characters per line) and will
payment runin-for 3 days. For items $100 or
of the 3200 General Help Wanted 4630 Lawn & Garden 7190 Land for Rent/Lease
1500 Locksmiths 9200 Aviation
less ONLY. More than one itemsecured
debtedness may be byin same ad, but prices
1530 Machinery Repair
3250 Management Positions 4660 Merchandise Rentals 7200 Mobile Homes
9250 Boats & Marine
said Deed of Trust, and 3300 Medical/Dental
may not total over $100, no relists.
the holder of the note 1560 Mobile Home Services
4690 Musical Instruments 7250 Mobile Home Spaces
9300 Camper/R.V.’s
3350 Opportunity Information 4700 Satellites 7300 Office Spaces
Free Pets Up toing
and Deed of Trust hav- 1590 Moving & Storage 9350 Golf Carts
3400 Part-Time 4720 Sporting Goods 7350 Resort Rentals
4 requested
lines, runsthefor 6 days.
under- 1620 Painting & Papering 9400 Motorcycles/ATVs
signed Trustee so to do, 3450 Positions Wanted 4750 Stereos & TV’s 7400 River Property
Lost & Found I will
Up to 6 lines, adof will run for 6 days.
on the 13th day
December, 2018, offer
1650 Pest Control
1680 Plumbing
3500 Professional
3550 Restaurant/Hotel
4780 Wanted To Buy 7450 Rooms
7500 Storage & Garages
9450 Trailers/Heavy Equipment
9500 Trucks, Vans & Buses
for sale at public outcry 1710 Printing 3600 Sales/Marketing 9550 Wanted to Buy
These ads are taken
and sellby fax,
during legale-mail or in person at
hours between the
1740 Roofing & Guttering 3650Trades
7520 Vacation Rentals
7550 Wanted to Rent
our office. Ads will
hours not beA.M.
of 11:00 take by telephone. 1770 Saws & Lawn Mowers 3700Truck Driving 7600 Waterfront Property
and 4:00 P.M., at the
main front door of the
Legal Notices 0010 County Courthouse
Legal Notices 0010 of General Services 1360 Good Things To Eat 2150 Medical / Dental 3300 Pets 5150 Apts For Rent: Other 7080 Houses For Rent: South 7140
Lowndes County, at
State of Mississippi Columbus, Mississippi, MUSIC THEORY LES- GENERATIONS OF AKC ROTTWEILER pup- 1BR/1BA Loft in Histor- 2BR/2BA, 2300 sqft, Shop
County Of Lowndes for cash to the highest SONS VERNON is looking for pies. 6 weeks old. ic Downtown Columbus. very nice w/ 2 car gar-
and best bidder, the fol- $25 per hour compassionate and DOB: 10/12/18. First 1,200 sqft. Available age, lg back yard. Pets Classifieds
NOTICE OF SALE LI- lowing described land Chords, Scales, Modes energetic LPN’s and shots. Have been 12/1. $700 per month need approval. $1,050
QUIDATION and property, situated in & more! Call Jimbo @ RN’s to join our caring wormed. Dew claws re- 662-328-8655. per mo + dep. 662-574-
Lowndes County, Mis- 662-364-1687 team. If you are as moved. Tails docked. 7879 or 662-328-8655. Lots & Acreage 8600
WHEREAS, the follow- sissippi, to-wit: If no answer leave passionate about long $1,000. 205-412-6880.
ing tenants entered in- voicemail or text. term care as we are, DOWNTOWN: 2BR/1BA, Houses For Rent: Other 7180 LOWNDES COUNTY 45
to leases with The A tract of land being loc- we welcome you to Horses / Cattle / Livestock CH&A, 1 story, W/D, acres on Sobley & Dav-
Grove Mini Warehouses ated in the West half apply in person at historic district, 1 block 1 ROOM/1BA, Utilities is Rd. Excellent hunting.
for storage space in (W1/2) of Section 3, NEED A Privacy Fence? Generations of Vernon, 5200 from downtown, $625/ Included. $450/mo. 1 mile west of Hwy. 69.
which to store personal Township 20 South, Call JB@662-549-7167 1050 Convalescent Rd., mo. + $625 dep. NO One person only. Refs Small creek runs thru
property and WHEREAS, Range 17 West, Columbus Area Only! Vernon, AL 35592 1 EACH: Reg Black An- PETS. 662-574-8789. req. Contact/leave a
gus Bull & Small Bull property. $1375 per
default has been made Lowndes County, Mis- or call 205.695.9313 Peaceful & Quiet area. message for more info: acre. 205-799-9846 or
in the payment for rent sissippi and more par- and speak with Human (800lb). 662-328-8655.
2 EACH: Cows will calve 205-695-2248.
and The Grove Mini ticularly described as RETAINER WALL, drive- Resources for more in-
Warehouses pursuant follows: Commencing at way, foundation, con- formation. We have in March. $2,900 for SMALL COTTAGE:
all. 662-251-5738. FIRST FULL MONTH
1BR/1BA, all appl. incl.
Autos For Sale 9150
to said leases is author- the Southeast corner of crete, masonry restora- competitive wages, sign RENT FREE! 1 & 2 Bed-
ized to sell the person- the Southwest Quarter tion, remodeling, base- on bonus for nurses, room Apts/Townhomes. Water, trash, lawn incl. 1994 GMC JIMMY,
al property to satisfy the(SW1/4) of the Southw- ment foundation, re- and uniform allowance. Business Opportunity 6050 Stove & refrigerator. in lease. Near Stark- 4WD, power windows,
past due rent and other est Quarter (SW1/4) of pairs, small dump truck $335-$600 Monthly. ville, Columbus & West mud tires, everything
charges owed to it by said Section 3; run hauling (5-6 yd) load & Bargain Column 4180 HISTORIC DOWNTOWN Credit check & deposit. Point. No pets. works! $1150. 662-
the following tenants: thence North 49 de- demolition/lot cleaning. Columbus: 411 Main Coleman Realty, $500/mo. $400 dep. 251-5738.
grees 45 minutes West Burr Masonry GENTLY USED Hobo St. Office, Retail, Res- 662-329-2323. App/refs/lease req.
Mitchell, Sandreike a distance of 432.6 feet 662-242-0259. brand blue Lauren taurant Space available. 662-242-2923. 2002 VOLVO S80 T6, 4
A-5 to a point in the center- clutch wallet. $50. Call Call 423-333-1124. door sedan. Good condi-
$180.00 line of Nashville Ferry 662-251-3205. Mobile Homes for Rent 7250 tion, Michelin radials.
Mckinley, Julian
Road; run thence North
45 degrees 40 minutes
Licensed & Bonded-car- Computer Equipment 4390
Apts For Rent: Northside 7010 COLEMAN RENT A fully equipped
$3950. CASH ONLY!
A-11 East along the center- pentry, painting, & de- 1, 2, 3 BEDROOM apart- RENTALS camper w/utilities &
line of said Nashville molition. Landscaping, APPLE IMAC, 2.0 GHz ments & townhouses. TOWNHOUSES & APARTMENTS cable from $145/wk - 2013 LEXUS GX460.
Sellers, April Ferry Road a distance of gutters cleaned, bush General Help Wanted 3200 Core Duo computer. Call for more info. $535/month. Colum- 55,700 mi. Exc cond.
C-17 588.7 feet to a point; hogging, clean-up work, Built-in monitor. 2GB 662-328-8254. 1 BEDROOM bus & County School Black exterior, tan interi-
locations. 662-242-
$360.00 run thence North 25 de-
grees 00 minutes East
pressure washing, mov- Accountant Position - RAM, Keyboard, mouse, 2 BEDROOMS 7653 or 601-940-1397.
or. Sun roof, heated
ing help & furniture Columbus A/R, A/P, printer & desk incl. leather seats. New tires
NOW, THEREFORE, no- along said centerline a repair. 662-242-3608 Payroll, Sales Tax, $300. 205-246-8704. STUDIO APT for rent. 3 BEDROOMS & brakes. $29,900.
tice is hereby given that distance of 1353.0 feet Journal Entries, Recon- Newly remodeled. Rooms For Rent 7450
$400/mth rent & dep 662-574-1697.
The Grove Mini Ware- to the intersection of ciliations, Closings for Farm Equipment & Supplies LEASE,
© The Dispatch

houses liquidation sale said centerline and the Lawn Care / Landscaping multiple companies. req. Convenient to town WEST POINT:
4420 Campers & RVs 9300
will take place at 510 West right of way of 1470 Attention to detail & & CAFB. No hud. No DEPOSIT Room - $120/wk.
Lehmberg Road, Colum- Mississippi Highway No. accuracy are req. Com- pets. 662-328-2340. Large Room (priv entr) -
bus, MS 39702 on 69; run thence North- JESSE & BEVERLY'S petitive salary w/ bene-
2016 JOHN Deere AND $150/wk. All furnished
located on Wilkins Wise
5100E Tractor, 210 w/ furn, appl, utils &
December 4, 2018 at westerly along said LAWN SERVICE. Mow- fits & health insurance.
ing, cleanup, landscap- Send Resumes To:
hours. $46,500. Apts For Rent: West 7050 CREDIT CHECK cable. 662-295-4701.
Rd & Waverly Rd. Full
10:00 A.M. West right of way of Also, 2016 15ft Hookups available.
Mississippi Highway No. ing, sodding, & tree cut- jobs@ Kubota Bush hog avail. FOR LEASE: 2BR/1BA, $300/mo. 662-328-
PUBLISH: 11/15, 69 a distance of 530.4
11/22 & 11/29/2018 feet, more or less to an
ting. 356-6525. 205-329-1790. Prairie Waters,
$700/mo, $700 dep.
662-329-2323 Lots & Acreage 8600 8655 or 662-574-7879.

The following vehicles
iron pin and the point of
Painting & Papering 1620
Estimator/Project WANTED TO BUY! Good Call 662-328-5556.
2.28 +/- Acre Lot.
149 Tanyia Lane. Off of Five Questions:
have been abandoned
beginning of the herein
Manager needed. Apply used drawbar pulled roll- 2411 HWY 45 N Lake Lowndes Road.

described tract; run SULLIVAN'S PAINT a-bar type hay rake
at Jarrett's Towing, Inc. thence Northwesterly in person at John Plott COLUMBUS, MS Has asphalt drive &
1 Southern
SERVICE Company, Inc. 2804 (such as N/H 256) and
5209 Hwy 182 East, along said right of way a parking, 1200 ft. shop

Certified in lead Rice Mine Road, a good used Kuhn
Columbus, MS. distance of 69.6 feet, w/ living area, septic
removal. Offering spe- Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 GMD600 (or equivalent)
more or less, to a point; Commercial Property For tank & water meter. No
cial prices on interior & or email resume to 6 disc mower. Also look-
1966 Ford trailers. $45,000. Call
run thence North 27 de-
grees 44 minutes West
exterior painting, pres-
sure washing & sheet
ing for a good cattle
trailer. 662-328-5248.
Apartments Rent 7100 662-574-0345.
F10AK772513 along said right of way a & Houses
2 JetBlue
rock repairs. CAMGIAN MICROSYS- COMMERCIAL PROPER- 3.5 Acre Lot. 3 estab-
distance of 135.6 feet Free Estimates TEMS has a position Firewood / Fuel 4450
1996 GMC to an iron pin; run Call 435-6528 opening for a Corporate 1 Bedrooms TIES/Retail/Office
Spaces starting @
lished trailer lots. Play-
ground. Located on
VIN# thence South 45 de-
1GTEC19R8TE501827 grees 55 minutes West Accountant. This is a FIREWOOD FOR Sale.
Various lengths.
2 Bedroooms $285/mo. Downtown & Morgan Lane. Off of
3 Rome
full-time position. East Columbus loca-
a distance of 138.8 feet Plumbing 1680 Primary responsibilities 662-295-2274 3 Bedrooms tions. 662-435-4188.
Harris Road. Caledonia
Schools. $25,000.
to a point; run thence will include leading the 662-574-0345.
VIN# South 45 degrees 50
1N4AL2AP3BC166586 minutes East a dis-
Stan McCown
accounting functions Furniture 4480 Furnished &
tance of 208.3 feet to Licensed Plumber
and overseeing the gen-
eral ledger. For more de- CORINTHIAN LEATHER Unfurnished OFFICE SPACE: 2,000
square feet. 294
1.95 acre lots. 4 SOME PIG!
IF THESE VEHICLES ARE an iron pin; run thence "We fix leaks."
NOT CLAIMED THEY North 39 degrees 44 662-386-2915
tails about the position
and requirements, go to
sofas with dual re-
cliners, new, burgundy, 1, 2, & 3 Baths Chubby Dr. Flexible leas-
ing terms. Available
Good/bad credit.
10% down, as low as
WILL BE PUT UP FOR minutes East a dis- oxblood. Barely used! Lease, Deposit $299/mo. Eaton Land.
5 Duct tape
SALE ON THE 1ST DAY tance of 74.5 feet to now. 662-328-8254.
Purchase price was
OF DECEMBER, 2018 the point of beginning Stump Removal 1790 careers. Send resume
to Camgian-HR $2400. Will sell both for & Credit Check 662-361-7711
AT 10:00 A.M. AT JAR-
and containing 0.5 acre, $1800 or $900/$1000 HISTORIC DOWNTOWN
more or less. sep. Serious inquires Columbus Office, Retail,
5209 HWY 182 EAST, EXPERIENCED DIESEL only. H 662-798-4375
COLUMBUS, MS. Restaurant Space avail-
I will convey only such Mechanic needed. or C 662-574-0369. able. Call 662-328-
title as is vested in me Apply in person at John 8655 or 662-574-7879.
PUBLISH: 11/15, as Trustee. Plott Company, Inc. Garage Sales: East 4510 Apts For Rent: Other 7080
11/22 & 11/29/2018 2804 Rice Mine Road,
TRUSTEE'S NOTICE OF WITNESS MY SIGNA- Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 207 SPRINGDALE Dr. 1BR/1BA in Historic Houses For Rent: New Hope
TURE, this, the 7th day ALLSTUMP GRINDING or email resume to Sat, 12/1. 7a-3p. Downtown Columbus. 7130
SALE SERVICE $525/mo. No pets.
of November, 2018. Antique dealers out of
GET 'ER DONE! business, great prices, 662-328-8655. GREAT LOCATION to
WHEREAS, on April 27, We can grind all your PCA NEEDED. Part-time, no reasonable offer
2007, Kimberly Roby /s/ W. Stewart school, clean, 2BR/
Robison, Trustee stumps. Hard to reach but long-term to work refused. Rain or Shine!
a/k/a Kimberly Renee with paralyzed man in 1BR/1BA located in His- 1BA, a/c, gas heat, w/d
places, blown over toric Downtown Colum- hook up. No pets, no
Johnson and Theodis roots, hillsides, back- his home. Columbus
Roby, Jr., husband and Commercial Dispatch 617 SYCAMORE St. Fri. bus, Open space, very HUD. 662-327-2798.
ROBISON & HOLMES, yards, pastures. Free residents only. If dedic- 11a-6p & Sat. 7a-12p. Lv msg after 3rd ring,
wife, executed a Deed ated to your patients, nice. $650/mo. 662-
SOLS. estimates. You find it, Many tools, Christmas 328-8655. available for showing.
of Trust to W. Stewart we'll grind it! call after noon for an in- decor, many misc.
Robison, Trustee for Jim 662-361-8379 terview. 662-329-3234.
Walter Homes, Inc., Be- Alison Haygood, Legal Apts For Rent: Other 7080
neficiary, which Deed of Assistant to W. Stewart FULL TIME EMPLOYEE General Merchandise 4600
Trust is recorded in Robison
Land Deed of Trust Robison & Holmes, ANICAL KNOWLEDGE,
PLLC needs battery. New.
Book 2007, at Page A&T Tree Service LIFTING & DELIVERY OF $300, Cash Only.
16784, in the office of Attorneys and Coun-
selors at Law Bucket truck & stump EQUIPMENT. APPLY IN 662-386-2915.
the Chancery Clerk of removal. Free est. PERSON AT HANDY-
Lowndes County, Mis- Post Office Drawer MAN RENTALS, INC. ON
1128 Serving Columbus MILLERMATIC 180 wire

sissippi; since 1987. Senior HWY. 82 WEST, STARK- welder. New. $1200
McComb, Mississippi
citizen disc. Call Alvin @ VILLE. firm. CASH ONLY.
AND WHEREAS, this 39649 242-0324/241-4447
Telephone: (601) 250- Noweta's Green Thumb Text, 662-386-2915.
Deed of Trust was ulti- "We'll go out on a limb is accepting applica-
mately assigned to The 2084 for you!" tions for 2 positions: STARKVILLE HABITAT
Bank of New York Mel- Fax: (601) 684-0566 for Humanity ReStore is

delivery personnel &
lon, as Indenture Trust- general help. Driver open Saturday, Decem-
ee, for Mid-State Capit- Publish: 11/15, 11/22, J&A TREE REMOVAL must know the area & ber 1, 8-11 AM. Loc-
al Corporation 2010-1 11/29 & 12/6/2018 ated at 1632 Rockhill
Work from a bucket have good driving his-
Trust, by instrument re- truck. Insured/bonded. tory. Apply in person @ Road in Starkville. Nice
corded in Book 2018, at Building & Remodeling 1120 Call Jimmy for a free es- 1325 Main St. selection of Christmas
Page 21135-21140, in timate 662-386-6286. M-F, 3-5 & SAT, 9-1. trees and decorations,
the office of the Chan- HOME REPAIRS & CON-
STRUCTION WORK No phone calls. along with the usual to place an ad in the
cery Clerk aforesaid; bargains on furniture,
WANTED. Carpentry,
VICKERS TREE appliances, building ma-
AND WHEREAS, default small concrete jobs, SERVICE, LLC terials, and more.
having been made in electrical, plumbing,
roof repairs, pressure Tree trimming and re-
payment of the in- moval. Fully insured. Sporting Goods 4720
debtedness secured by washing and mobile Free estimates.
said Deed of Trust, and home roof coating and Call Curt 662-418-0889 ED SANDERS Gunsmith
the holder of the note underpinning. No job Let your Open for season! 9-5,
or 662-549-2902
and Deed of Trust hav-
ing requested the under-
too small. 549-7031.
“A cut above the rest” fingers do the Tues-Fri & 9-12, Sat.
Over 50 years experi-
How else are you
signed Trustee so to do,
I will on the 13th day of
Building, remodeling,
metal roofing, painting
Good Things To Eat 2150
Find your
ence! Repairs, cleaning,
refinishing, scopes going to sell that
December, 2018, offer mounted & zeroed,
for sale at public outcry
and sell during legal
& all home repairs.
754 Pecan Drive
dream job in handmade knives.
Located: Hwy 45 Alt,
stuff in your
the classifieds!
hours between the
hours of 11:00 A.M.
Tom Hatcher, LLC
Custom Construction,
Starkville, MS
Custom cracking,
North of West Point,
turn right on Yokahama
and 4:00 P.M., at the Restoration, Remodel- shelling, & blowing your Blvd, 8mi & turn left on
main front door of the ing, Repair, Insurance pecans. We also sell Darracott Rd, will see
County Courthouse of claims. 662-364-1769. shelled, halved, & sign, 2.5mi ahead shop
Lowndes County, at Licensed & Bonded pieces! 662-574-1660. on left. 662-494-6218.
Columbus, Mississippi,