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Annual Agreement Template

School Counselor: Katrina Brekke Year: 2017-2018  
School Counseling Program Mission Statement:   
The Discovery Elementary Counselor is dedicated to the education of the whole child and
shares the responsibility of helping each student reach his or her potential as a contributing
citizen in our rapidly changing global society.  
School Counseling Program Goals:
The school counseling program will focus on the following achievement, attendance, 
behavior and/or school safety goals this year. Details of activities promoting these goals 
are found in the curriculum, small-group and closing-the-gap action plans.  
Program Goal Statements
1  Behavioral Goal:​ By June 2018 the number of physical aggression/contact, 
defiance/disrespect, and disruption in grades K,1,2 will decrease by 20% (from 79 
reports at the end of 16-17 school year to 63 reports by the end of the 17-18 school 
year). SWISS Data  
2  Achievement Goal:​​ By the Spring of 2018 STAR Testing the counselor will
assist in increasing the achievement rate of identified underperforming 4th
grade students by at least 15%. (achievement)  
Use of Time
I plan to spend the following percentage of my time delivering the components of the 
school counseling program. All components are required for a comprehensive school 
counseling program.

Planned Use Recommended

Direct Services   of time delivering  Provides 
to Students 40%  school counseling core  developmental 
curriculum  curriculum 
content in a 
systematic way 
to all students 
  of time with individual  of time with 
5%  student planning  individual 
planning  80%
  of time with responsive  Addresses the  or more
30%  services  immediate 
concerns of 
Indirect Services   of time providing  Interacts with 
for Students 5%  referrals, consultation  others to 
and collaboration  provide 
support for 
Program   of time with  Includes 
Planning and 20%  foundation,  planning and 
School Support management and  evaluating the  20%
accountability and  school 
or less
school support  counseling 
program and 
school support 
Advisory Council
The school counseling advisory council will meet on the following dates. 
Spring Meeting - May 15, 2018  
Planning and Results Documents
The following documents have been developed for the school counseling program. 
_X_ Annual Calendar  _*_ Closing-the-Gap Action Plans 
_*_ Curriculum Action Plan  
_*_ Small-Group Action Plan 
Professional Development
I plan to participate in the following professional development based on school 
counseling program goals and my school counselor competencies self-assessment.  
● ND Counseling State Conference 
● Monthly PLC days 
● Book Study Daring Greatly Winter 2017 
● Olweus Anti-Bullying Training May 2018 
● Attend ASCA Conference LA 2018 
Professional Collaboration and Responsibilities​ Choose all that apply.   
Group  Weekly/Monthly  Coordinator 
A. School Counseling Team Meetings  N/A   
B. Administration/School Counseling  Bi-Weekly    
C. Student Support Team Meetings  Bi-Weekly   
D. Department Chair Meetings  N/A   
E. School Improvement Team Meetings  Bi-Yearly  Katrina 
F. District School Counseling Meetings  Monthly   
G. (Other)     
Budget Materials and Supplies
Annual Budget $__________ Materials and supplies needed:  
School Counselor Availability/Office Organization
The school counseling office will be open for students/parents/teachers from  
8:00am to 4:00pm 
School Counselor Signature _______________________________________ 
Principal Signature ______________________________________________ 
BRC __________________________________________________ 
Date ____________________________________