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Check List for Grouting Work

When to
NO. Item Testing /Inspection Method Criteria Trouble Shooting
Check the Lot Number printed on the bag
to confirm the bag life, which should be Make sure that SS Mortar does not expire the Discard the expired material and use only the
1 SS Mortar inspection Before grouting
within one year from the date bag life of one year material within one year bag life
Make sure that there is no damage on the
2 SS Mortar inspection Visual inspection on SS Mortar Before grouting Discard the damaged material
Measure the temperature with a Apply proper curing if it goes below or above
3 Ambient temperature Before grouting Between 35 ~140℉ (2~60℃)
thermometer the appropriate temperature
Location & number of sleeves Check the location, number, & types of Note location and quantity of sleeves to be
4 Before grouting Report to the supervisor for instruction
to be grouted sleeves to be grouted grouted and get materials ready at site
Check by blowing out with air (using air
compressor or by mouth and flexible Make sure that there is a clear passage from
5 Sleeve passage Inspection Before grouting Report to the supervisor for instruction
tube) or flush out sleeves with high- the inlet to outlet ports
pressure water from top port.
To avoid the blockage of grout, pump slowly
Use water to saturate grout pump and Fill the hopper with water before mixing grout
Saturating grout pump and until the grout comes out from the tip of the
6 hose for smooth flow (If a long hose is Before grouting and flush out through the hose right before
hose hose. If tip becomes blocked insert stiff wire to
being used, apply mortar slurry instead) pouring mixed grout into the hopper.
clear blockage
At the time of 1 gallon per 55 lbs. bag (Min. 0.98 ~Max. Measure the water within the specified
7 Mixing water Confirm with User's Manual
each grouting 1.03 gallon/55 lbs. bag) amount as described in the User's Manual

Discard the mixing mortar that is not within the

At the time of Measure the temperature of mixed grout that
8 Mixing temperature Confirm with User's Manual range and make the necessary adjustment
each grouting should be within 50~95℉ (10~35℃)
(such as using cold or hot water)

Minimum 2.5 minutes at 500-1300 rpm with 7

At the time of
9 Mixing time Confirm with User's Manual amp or larger electric mixer with proper Check with flow test
each grouting
During the Discard the mixed mortar 40 minutes after
10 Grout working time (Pot Life) Confirm with User's Manual Within 40 minutes
grouting mixing. Do NOT add water to increase time
Follow the instruction on the "SS Mortar Grout
Confirm with User's Manual (Use Flow The consistency measurement should fall in Consistency/Flow Test Chart." Discard the
11 Consistency test (Flow test) after mixing the
Table with cylinder) the range of 6" to 9-1/4". mixed mortar that was beyond 9-1/4" in
first batch

Immediately Assemble test specimens for compressive

Confirm with User's Manual (Use 2" x 2"
12 Compressive strength test after mixing the strength of grout to determine performance of Report to the supervisor for instruction
steel or brass cube mold)
first batch NMB Splice-Sleeve.
Make sure that all sleeves were totally
Determine the cause of trouble and make the
At the time of grouted inside and keep pumping until the
13 Full grouting Confirm with User's Manual necessary correction before re-grouting. Re-
each grouting grout is observed coming from the outlet hole
grout within the grout working time
in a solid flow.
Reconfirm that all sleeves and joint areas are
Before-during- Grout all sleeves that are scheduled for
14 Record keeping Confirm with User's Manual completely grouted by using grouting report
after grouting grouting on that day
as a checklist