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Skills Summary

-Strong communication skills both verbal and written

-Strong time management skills
-Self motivated
-Work well in teams or individual
-Thrive under pressure
-Always looking for learning opportunities
-Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills


Fanshawe College Human Resources / In Progress

I am currently enrolled in an online Human Resource Program at Fanshawe College and will
graduate in April 2019.
In the Human Resource Program at Fanshawe College I have already completed a series of
courses that have taught me the basics of working in Human Resources. I just recently
completed a Microsoft Excel course, I am now Microsoft Excel trained as of April 2018. I have
completed multiple courses directly related to Human Resources such as compensation and
benefits, organizational behavior, employment law, business presentations and
communication, and training and development. Through my studies I have further developed
my interest in pursuing a career in Human Resources and expanded my knowledge within the
Brock University B.A Psychology


Broadway’s / Buster’s Bar and Grill

Hostess/Waitress 2009-2011
- Managing the time between seating waitresses so no one is over whelmed
- Multitasking between clearing tables, seating customers, and helping waitresses serve
- Train new employees to the standard of management which taught me about the
selection and recruitment aspects
- Resolving conflict when customers are not completely satisfied or frustrated with long
- Remaining calm and professional during stressful or busy times
Clearview Limber Mill Lmt.
Laborer 2013-2014

- Fi rst ti me wor ki ng manual labor which requi red me to learn at a fast pac e
while wor ki ng
- Required me to wor k wi th customers and go through prici ng sheets
- I had to work in all sorts of external environments from extreme heat to pouring rain and
maintain my work ethic
- The work was challenging both physically and mentally trying to learn a new trade while
working in it
- Completing jobs on a timeline that corresponds with the customers’ demands
- Required me to work long hours alone but maintain a productive and efficient pace

Lanark Community Programs – Lanark Early Integration Program

Enhanced Support Worker / June 2012 – Present
- Requires a lot of patience with children and their families
- Requires a lot of emotional intelligence because you are dealing with sensitive subject
- I had to adapt to a lot of different work environments because the children on my case
load change often and the locations they attend do as well
- Requires a lot of team work and communication to keep all members involved in the
child’s development on the same page
- I have to problem solve daily around new behaviors that develop
- Collect and organize data from targeted behaviors
- Organize old paper files and transfer data into new computer systems
- Requires strong communication skills both written and verbal between myself and
different parties involved

*References available upon request *