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Under pressure
It’s a common theme across
the combine that staff are put
under pressure to keep sta-

Taxi for Canada tions open, almost at any cost.
Unfortunately an incident hap-
pened at a Jubilee Line station

Water? that highlights the perils of not
fully following procedures. The
station opened under numbers
and without all staff having re-
It’s 0400 in the morning and This issue was discussed at ceived full familiarisation. LUL
you get into your staff taxi ex- the recent branch meeting and happy.
pecting to be dropped off at members recognised it is sym-
your destination; Canada Wa- bolic of the lack of respect and As soon as the H&S became
ter. value that bosses hold for us. aware and raised concerns
So you settle back and let the Jubilee South branch is moni- those involved quickly came
cabbie drive you safely to toring issue like this and we under scrutiny. LUL unhappy.
work. are ready and willing to take
further action if this disrespect- The moral of the story. Don’t
When you wake up you have ever open or keep a station
ful treatment of us workers
arrived at Westminster station
continues. open under numbers or with-
and the cabbie tells you he
was instructed by LUL to out adequate staff having
change the destination. Coming Up been fully familiarised. Your
Our local reps report this to be If you are interested in these job might depend on it.
about the third time this has RMT conferences please let
Branch Organiser Eamonn A Win at Canada Water
happened recently so we have
demanded LUL stop this prac- Lynch know. The DfT have upgraded Cana-
tice immediately. • RMT National Disabled da Water to a Cat A station so
If there is a need for staff to members conference 27- we asked bosses to provide
work at another location then 28 April 2019 in Plymouth
more staff to enable this sta-
this will be under circumstanc- • RMT National Women’s tion activity to be carried out.
es defined in the framework conference 1-2 March
and should only be applied 2019 in Dover After a little debate they
once a member of staff attends agreed to our request and
the location they are due to be The RMT will cover travel, plans are now in place for new
working at that day. board and lodging and if nec-
essary loss of earnings for rosters to be drawn up with
Abducting members in taxis is members attending these con- additional staff. It’s a win!
not acceptable. ferences.

This newsletter is produced by Jubilee South branch activists. If you have any queries or would like to sug-
gest content, you can contact Branch Organiser Eamonn Lynch at
Jubilee South branch news
Cab Security is an RMT priority that covers rights to represen-
Amusingly, ASLEF recently put
out a leaflet claiming to have RMT advice? Always take a
‘designed’ the solution them- rep with you to any meeting
selves. RMT reps were dubious with your manager.
about this to say the least, par-
ticularly as ASLEF reps at the New Health and Safety rep
recent meeting were very sur- for Waterloo & London
prised when the technical pro- Bridge
posal was introduced by man-
agement. But then perhaps Shamim Ahmed has been vot-
ASLEF did design it, allowed ed in as our Health & Safety
management to introduce it on Rep for Waterloo and London
their own, and then forgot all Bridge. We’ll offer him all the
about designing it in the first support with arranging training
Tube bosses have finally come place until some time after the and getting Shamim around to
forward with what, at this early meeting when they put out their meet as many members as
stage, appears to be a viable latest newsletter. Who knows. possible over the next few
proposal to make our cabs weeks.
more secure. To learn more about the pro-
posed technical solution, have We would like to thank Stuart
RMT Train's Safety reps met a look on the RMT London Pittard, who has decided to
with senior LU management Transport Region website at step down, for the hard work
and LU engineers in the latest and effort he put into the role
of a series of meetings to find a over the last 4 years.
solution to the cab security. Right to representation
This vital issue has been raised Election for Health and Safe-
with management several Another recurring theme, from ty Rep for Jubilee Centre -
times over the years but took Waterloo this time, is for man-
agers to routinely deny mem- We have 2 members standing
on added urgency after the for the position of H&S cover-
plethora of terrorist attacks in bers RMT representation at
meetings whilst off sick. ing Westminster, Southwark,
London and Manchester last Canada Water and Bermond-
year. We have repeatedly Curiously they seek to deny the
sey: Abdul Malik CSS Canada
pointed out that a safe cab en- presence of S2 of the AAW Water and Ashiqul Islam
vironment is the very least we Support pack and tell members CSA Canada Water.
deserve. they can’t have a rep as it’s an
informal meeting.
We will be using a secure email
LU now tell us £9.4 million has
been budgeted for a two year Indeed, whilst sending out invi- to register your vote. You will
project which we are told will tations to these meetings they need to send an email with
see J door security improved. “conveniently” forget to include your name and membership
the line in their own procedure number.
All members in the Jubilee
The RMT is your union, have your say! Centre Area are entitled to vote
The Jubilee South Branch meets every pay day (weds) at the Blue Eyed which will be overseen by a
Maid on Borough High St, 1600-1800, nearest tube stations are London branch Official. You can email
Bridge and Borough. your vote to rmtelec-
All members are welcome. It’s important members have an input on what
the RMT submit to LUL in regards to our next pay deal and now is the time
we must format that claim. Ask locally for more information
The next meeting is on the 16th of January 2019 at 4pm. about the balloting process.
For further information please speak to your local rep or contact our Branch Your vote is important.
Secretary Eamonn Lynch on 07578769943 /