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How is TransAlta supporting its employees as they are laid off (as part of the

coal-power phaseout) and look for new work?

• We are committed to treating our employees with dignity and respect, being
open and transparent and sharing what we know, when we know it …that means
providing employees with notice of our HR plans months in advance so they can
start making adjustments. This is one of the simplest, but very important, areas
of support we provide.
o Other supports:

• Our employees are supported through our employee and family
assistance program (EFAP), including through an on-site EFAP
counsellor, as well as off-site as per usual.
• TransAlta is working closely with the unions, the provincial and federal
governments, and providing information on education, funding
opportunities and available academic upgrading services in the region,
as well as information on Alberta Labour’s various employment
supports programs, including Transition to Employment Services.
• TransAlta has been staging several luncheon presentations on health,
finances and wellness, as well as employee resource fairs in the local

What programs or initiatives are available to TransAlta employees who lack
formal training and are seeking new work?

• Currently, we have brought Keyano College onsite to offer its Heavy Equipment
Simulator Training program to our mine employees, a program established with the
United Steelworkers and the Government of Alberta. (Link to the Government of
Alberta’s website here:
• We have also had a number of employees seek to upgrade their education with
NorQuest College to be better prepared for new opportunities that advance their

What approximate proportion of workers will be retained for work in TransAlta's
natural gas facility?

• It is too early to make “guesses” other than it will be a much leaner organization
at many levels from operations to maintenance, finance to human resources,
security to administration, and so on. One thing we do know, is that any work or
process associated with coal processing, coal handling, dust control, coal quality
monitoring, coal conveyor maintenance, and storage will be eliminated once
natural gas is fueling the plants.

When does TransAlta plan to lay off the last of the Highvale coal miners?
• SunHills will continue to provide safe and stable employment for approximately
another 4-1/2 years, until the coal-fired power plants are fully converted to natural

How many current employees will be able to continue working for TransAlta
during the reclamation phase?

• The work of our reclamation centre has been going on for many years already,
and will carry on as it is needed. Our overall reclamation plan is aligned with the
mine closure plan and our reclamation plan will comply with the requirements
specified by the Alberta Energy Regulator.

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