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Kahivhen Q.

Casinillo Book of Mormon, Religion 122

Independent Study

Lesson 4
Helaman 1-9

Complete either assignment 1 or 2 and do any two of the other assignments:

1. Helaman 1–4. These Are Perilous Times

a. Imagine you are a newspaper reporter living during the time of Helaman. You have been commissioned to write an
article entitled “These Are Perilous Times.” Read through Helaman 1–4 and make a list of references and brief
summaries of the verses that give evidence that these are perilous times. Write a statement at the end of your article
that compares those perilous days to our own; consider how they are similar and how they are different.

After the death of a Nephite Chief judge who was Pahoran, three of his sons contend to replace him. By the
voice of the people, Pahoran II was chosen but his brother Paanchi was very angry. The people led by Kishkumen, who
agrees with Paanchi as their their supposed Chief judge, killed Pahoran II when knowing that Paanchi will be tried and
killed for rebellion and anarchy. They entered into secret combinations and hide their murder and wicked purposes.
After the death of Pahoran, the third son, Pacumeni fills the judgement seat through the people’s appointment.
Contention and inequality made the Nephites difficult to won the war between the Lamanites. The government was in a
state of trouble and difficulty upholding the defenses and protection of the state because the people were contending
to one another. Another wicked plans were made by the secret combination of Kishkumen and Gadianton to overthrow
the government and murder the new leader who has Helaman. Unknowingly, they were tracked and they’re wicked
intentions fail. These secret combinations flee and hide. Helaman continue to exercise righteous leadership and the
Nephite nation was blessed and prosperity abounds. Nevertheless because of pride, dissensions or apostasy, contention,
Greed, selfishness, murder, lying, stealing, commiting adultery, denying the revelations, and mocking the poor they were
weakened and lose the battle from the Lamanites. In our days, this is also applicable as how we overcome the trials and
obstacles of our mortality, when we exercise faith and obedience, the Lord will surely help us. Otherwise we will be left
to ourselves and rely on our own strength, and perish. Many people also in our days fail to exercise selflessness and
focus more on themselves. Their pride is their stumbling block and contentment was replaced to excess, abuse and

b. Study Helaman 3:24–30, 35; 4:14–15 and the institute student manual commentaries “Helaman 3:35: Sanctification
of the Heart”; “They Did Wax Strong in Their Humility”; “Firm in the Faith”; and “Yielding Our Hearts to God” (pages
265–66). Write a couple of paragraphs explaining what we can do to experience spiritual growth during times of
general wickedness. Be sure to include several ways we can “lay hold upon the word of God” (Helaman 3:29).

During times of general wickedness, we must increase our efforts to lay hold upon the word of God and yield
unto Him through fasting and prayer. By exercising humility and pleading to God for mercy and strength, we are entitled
to the Lord’s help through His Atonement that is sufficient to everyone.
When we exercise repentance, we feel and do that which we desire to do more good, more fearless and
courageous to face any adversities and temptations. When we seek the guidance of the Spirit, we will be protected from
the wickedness of the world. Our thoughts, words and actions are worthy of his companionship and he will teach us
what we should do in order to face the wicked world.
In laying hold upon the word of God, merely reading is not enough. We should strive to apply and to live what
we learn and like any food, we partake of it and digest it in our body systems. It is also the same in feasting upon the
word of Christ, we take it into ourselves applying every detail and savoring every truths of every principle and doctrine
of the Gospel. As we apply it in ourselves, only will we be able to taste the sweetness and joy of the blessings associated
with it.
3. Helaman 3:20–32; 5:6–14. The Man of Christ

a. In Helaman 3:29, Mormon referred to “the man of Christ.” Use Helaman 3:20–32; 5:6–14 to make a list of what you
think characterizes a man or woman of Christ.

A man or woman of Christ characterizes diligence in holding to the word of God. They always align their daily
lives feasting upon the words of Christ. A man of Christ also observes to obey the Commandments and do that which is
right in the sight of God. They follow the right footsteps of their parents and did lay treasures in heaven and not on
earth. They always exercise faith in Christ unto repentance and strive to seek the Atonement in their lives.

b. Write a paragraph on goals you can set that will lead you toward becoming a better man or woman of Christ. What
must you do to achieve these goals?

Personally, I will always in tune myself with the Spirit everyday by praying and reading the Scriptures specially
the Book of Mormon. I will always attend Church for Sacrament and Sunday school. I will set as my weekly goal to
always find opportunities to serve whether for my calling in the church, helping someone, inspiring or uplifting a friend,
sharing my testimony or gospel to someone I am impressed to talk to and strive to overcome any weaknesses that
hinders my progression. I will listen to my parents and remember all the wise counsels that they’ve said to me. I will
remember my covenants and Priesthood obligations. I will strive to purify my thoughts through wholesome activities
and strive to absorb inspiring media sources. I will always take the Name of the Lord to myself and remember His
Atonement always.

4. Helaman 6:34–40. “Thus We See”

a. Read Helaman 6:15–33 and the student manual commentaries “Helaman 1–2: Evil Secret Works Can Destroy
Societies” and “Helaman 6:18–40: The Evils of Secret Combinations” (pages 262–63, 271–72). Write responses to the

• What is a simple definition for the term “secret combination”?

Secret combinations can be groups, societies, organizations, and gangs in which Satan is the founder. They have
their own secret signs, ceremonies and codes and their purposes are only to commit all manner of wickedness, contrary
to the Laws of God and country.

• Make a list of purposes or objectives of secret combinations.

1. Murder.
2. Plunder.
3. Steal.
4. Do Whoredoms.
5. Seduce or influence the righteous.
6. Seek for power and greed.
7. They do that which is contrary to God and government.
8. To destroy individuals, families, communities and nations.
9. To serve the Devil and his designs.

• What are some modern parallels to secret combinations in today’s society?

In modern times, these secret combinations can be paralleled to Terrorist groups who seeks murder, tyranny,
fear and wickedness. They are organized to do evil and destruction. Other organizations which are included may be the
drug cartels, weapons black market, and pornography industry.

b. Read Helaman 6:34–40 and identify all of the “thus we see” statements found there. Write a paragraph describing
how these statements apply to us today.

34 And thus we see that the Nephites did begin to dwindle in unbelief, and grow in wickedness and abominations, while the Lamanites
began to grow exceedingly in the knowledge of their God; yea, they did begin to keep his statutes and commandments, and to walk in
truth and uprightness before him.

35 And thus we see that the Spirit of the Lord began to withdraw from the Nephites, because of the wickedness and the hardness of
their hearts.

36 And thus we see that the Lord began to pour out his Spirit upon the Lamanites, because of their easiness and willingness to believe
in his words.

40 And thus we see that they were in an awful state, and ripening for an everlasting destruction.

In our life, as we pursue righteousness, the adversary will never sleep and will always devise plans in order for us
to fall. If we are not careful and not endure, we will also become victims of him who is miserable. The natural tendencies
of man, as he becomes prosperous and blessed, sooner or later, if not mindful, will forget the Lord and forget humility.
Pride as the opposite, will become a fire that cannot be easily extinguished. When we forget the Lord and his
commandments to do, he will withdraw his Spirit and will soon be under the grasped of Satan leading to destruction. On
the other side of the situation, those who willingly submit and exercise humility unto the Lord, like the Lamanites, will
began to learn of God and His commandments. If they walk in the truth and harden not their heart, and believe, the Lord
will be merciful and bless them also.