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Volume 116, Number 49 Thursday, December 7, 2017 50¢

Shorts Gonzales case headed for jury
Free spay/neuter BY TERESA L. BENNS
SAGUACHE — By Thursday
where they led. Later Rust’s bloody
fleece vest was discovered near his
Court Judge Jane A. Tidball from the
Denver area is presiding at the trial.
clinic set in Center the fate of Charles M. Gonzales, home and the motorcycle he was On Thursday, Nov. 30, El Paso
CENTER— There will be a free accused of murdering mountain bike riding was found in a ravine. County Coroner Robert C. Brux, M.D.
spay/neuter clinic at the Center Fire enthusiast Michael Rust will be in Gonzales’ name as a possible testified that when the skeleton of
Station on Dec. 8 and 9; it will be first the hands of the jury following a trial suspect was voiced around even in Michael Rust was discovered on the
come, first served. Check in is from that lasted nearly two weeks. Rust the early days of the investigation, property of Charles Gonzales’s father,
7:30 – 8 a.m., and pick up of pets will be was missing and presumed dead for but solid proofs linking him to Rust’s Guadalupe, it was mainly intact with
at 5:30 p.m. Age appropriate shots will nearly seven years before relatives disappearance were lacking. Later only the right tibia, fibula, coccyx,
be given. Bring cats, kittens, dogs and were alerted to Gonzales’ possible Gonzales confessed to relatives that and windpipe membranes and a few
puppies. Due to no-shows at previous role in the murder. he killed Rust in self-defense while finger bones missing.
clinics, this clinic will be on a first come, Michael Rust, 55, disappeared in prison on unrelated charges. The mandible of the skeleton was
first served basis. If you show up on the from his Saguache County home still intact and Rust was identified
Friday by 8 a.m. and the clinic is full, on March 31, 2009, after arriving Coroner Robert Brux through dental records.
you will be given a rain check for the at his residence following a grocery Testimony began Nov. 29, with the Brux said he found internal
following day, but you must be there shopping trip to discover what he prosecution calling those involved in beveling from a gunshot wound to
by 8 a.m. the next morning. believed was a break-in. He called a the early days of the investigation to the back of the skull, but no knife
friend and told her he was going to the stand, including former Saguache marks on the bone. He concluded by
Craft fair, JDRF follow tracks outside his home to see County sheriff Mike Norris. Superior Please see JURY on Page 7A Charles M. Gonzales

fundraiser set
MOSCA—There will be a local
craft fair and JDRF fundraiser,
Christmas spirit shines at bazaar Ruggles
Saturday, Dec. 9. at the Sangre de
Cristo School cafeteria. This event
will feature local crafters and home-
wins All-
based business owners and is the
perfect chance to finish holiday
shopping! Throughout the day, items
from the vendors will be raffled off
and proceeds will go to JDRF to
High School senior Camille Ruggles
support their search for the cure of
has captured the Amateur Athletic
Type 1 Diabetes- an autoimmune
Unions’s (AAU) All-American award
disease that affects the everyday lives
during cross country competition held
of children and adults around the
last week in McAdenville “Christmas
globe. Vendors are still wanted; call
Town” North Carolina. Ruggles
or text 580-618-4076 for more info.
placed eighth in the 17-18 women’s
age group.
Saguache County This is the second time Ruggles’
closures has earned an All-American award in
her career. She also won the award in
SAGUACHE— Saguache
the regionals as a sophomore.
County Courthouse will be closed
Ruggles said she began her track
on Thursday, Dec. 14 from 12:30-2:30
Photos by Teresa L. Benns career in middle school, running
p.m. Normal business will resume
Above: Valley to cross-country with Monte Vista until
at that time.
Va l l e y S e n i o r s the school lost its team. She then ran
All Saguache County offices also
director Eve Braden for a week with the Sargent team
will close on Friday, Dec. 15, 12 p.m.
greets visitors at the before transferring to Center, where
so employees may attend the county
annual Saguache she has run ever since.
Christmas luncheon.
Christmas Bazaar “I had to choose between volleyball
Veteran Coalition Saturday.
and track, but I chose track because
I am better at it and like it more,”
Right: This wood
meetings move to scrollwork booth was
Ruggles explained. “Once I was in
high school I trained hard and it got
new location one of several booths
new to the 2017
better and better.”
ALAMOSA — The Veterans Ruggles placed seventh in regionals
Faith and Ethan Coleman visit with Saguache Christmas as a freshman, then fifth in regionals
Coalition of the SLV is pleased to
facilitate the monthly meeting with Santa at the Saguache Christmas Bazaar. Bazaar. Please see RUGGLES on Page 8A
the VA ECHCS (Eastern Colorado
Health Care System) at a new and
larger venue.
Meetings will now be held at
Commissioners hear marijuana licensing concerns
the SLV Health Education and BY TERESA L. BENNS regarding Stryker LLC. a water sales agreement. on the application that their location
Conference Center (formerly Grizzly SAGUACHE — At the regular In the case of G5 LLC, Case noted IKAR LLC was cited by Case for was in Denver when completing the
Inn Restaurant), 1921 Main St. in Saguache County Commissioner’s that under Ownership Structure as irregularities that are specific to: application and both have Resident
Alamosa. The next meeting will take meeting Tuesday, Saguache County defined on page three of the MED • Signature notarization — The Associated Key licenses issued by
place on Wednesday, Dec. 20 from 11 resident Bill Case presented application: two persons who have an ownership the MED.
a.m. - 12 p.m. commissioners with a mass of • Only one key person is documented interest listed in the Ownership The primary concern is related to
All veterans are welcome. Veterans documentation outlining the county’s in this section of the application Structure on the MED application did the actual residency of one or both
can bring any healthcare questions, acceptance of marijuana applications • There are other persons with not have their signatures notarized of the Associated Keys, considering
concerns or issues to the meeting. VA that may not have been filed according an ownership interest clearly as required. The only signatures that the fact that their spouses are still in
representatives who understand their to state law. documented in G5 Acquisitions LLC were notarized were their spouses. Illinois. State law requires them to
needs in the Valley will be there to Colorado Marijuana Enforcement documentation supplied to the county Yet this application was approved reside in Colorado.
assist them. The CHOICE program, Division (MED) license application during the first quarter of 2017 that by the MED. Case also warned residents about
appointments, travel, medication and irregularities were identified by proves otherwise. There are multiple • Residency claims — a concern the plans of Stryker LLC (a marijuana
any other health issues are acceptable Case for two different Saguache non-residents who should also have that warrants further review. The cultivation facility on 400 acres
topics. County retail marijuana cultivation been documented on the MED spouses’ signatures were notarized in in Saguache County). This LLC
For more information, call 719-992- facilities — G5 LLC and IKAR LLC Application along with a resident Illinois. The two persons who have has a long-term plan to build
4108 or email — in addition to a word of caution who was designated as an owner on an ownership interest documented Please see CONCERNS on Page 7A
Thursday, December 7, 2017 Center Post-Dispatch Page 7A

BY D ARLENE D ANKO crescent, so it won’t interfere with Even though they’re named for 50 per hour during the peak
Coming up next week is one of your meteor watching. Gemini the Twins where they seem since they can produce up to
the best meteor showers of the year, You can start looking for these to originate, they streak across all 120 per hour.
and I believe the best for this year meteors at nightfall, but obviously parts of the sky. Earth crosses the You need to remember that
since the Perseids were hidden with they will be more productive after orbital path of 3200 Paethon, which meteors come in spurts. So you
the bright moon. The Gemenids midnight when the constellation is either an asteroid or burnt out can see 10 in five minutes or none
run from Dec. 4-16, and peak the Gemini is high in the sky. This comet orbiting our Sun. Its debris in 10 minutes. A wise man once said
night of Dec. 13. They are the most is the only major meteor shower burns up as it enters our atmosphere that meteor watching is a lot like
prolific and so fabulous that you’ll that provides good early evening to give us this meteor shower. fishing. “You can go outside, enjoy
have a few great nights before and v iewing. These particular meteors travel nature all around you, and hope you arrives on Dec. 21 when winter
after then to watch them. So you Gemini rises in the east, so that’s at slow speed because they hit can catch some.” So you can look begins, our Sun sets earlier in the
don’t have to worry if Dec. 13 is where to start looking for them in our atmosphere at a low angle. So out a window or door, or bundle up month. Around here the earliest
going to be a bad night for viewing. the evening. At this time they will they’re referred to as the slow pokes and go outside to recline in a chair. sunset is close to Dec. 7. That
Since the new moon is on Dec. produce a large number of Earth of the meteor world. But when Then enjoy the sky while meteors just gives better meteor watching.
18, the waning crescent moon won’t grazers. As you know, these are they do this, they produce fireballs randomly appear. You should give I hope to see you at the South
appear until after 3 a.m. on Dec. brilliant streaks of light that move which are huge bright meteors. yourself an hour to observe. Fork Winterfest this Friday and
14. Even then it will only be a thin slowly along the horizon. You should be able to see at least Even though Winter solstice Saturday.

Continued from Page 1A
restating that the cause of death was a to postpone the dig, he explained.
gunshot wound and manner of death Later she passed away and Gonzales
was determined to be a homicide. said Norris “gave me time” before he
Brux also testified the Maglite asked again.
flashlight found with the body fit In the meantime, G. Gonzales said,
an indentation on the back of Rust’s he spoke to his son Charles in late
head, but he could not be sure what 2015 (December) and told him the
instrument caused that injury. sheriff wanted to dig up the holes. That
is when Charles told his father they
Gonzales’s girlfriend, Lewis, and couldn’t dig “because they will find
Michael Gonzales him,” as his girlfriend Susan Lewis
Susan Lewis, Gonzales’s former testified Thursday. Lewis was with
live-in girlfriend, took the stand next. Gonzales during the visit. Gonzales’
Lewis told Newmyer-Olsen she had voice rose and he became agitated on
been living with Gonzales’s “on and the stand as he recounted the visit.
off” for 15 years. Lewis detailed to “Charles said he [Rust] was
the prosecution how through phone shooting and following him, came
conversations and letters, also a onto the land and he told me ‘he was
visit to see Gonzales in prison Dec. going to kill me.’ He said he whacked
27, 2015, she had learned of his him with a board and he fell down.
involvement in the Rust case. According to G. Gonzales, Charles
Lewis explained that when she also told him, “It was either him or
visited Gonzales in prison, his father, me.” G. Gonzales asked Charles why
Guadalupe, was also present. The he did not call the cops “then and there,
elder Gonzales told his son the police those were my exact words. Between
were going to search his ranch for that and my wife, I was gone.”
Rust’s remains. According to Lewis, 12 th Judicial District Attorney
Gonzales said: “They are going to find Crista Newmyer-Olsen asked G.
him.” Charles Gonzales then went on Gonzales if his son asked him to move
to say to Lewis Rust had confronted the body. “Yes,” Gonzales replied,
him in the mountains and followed indicating he refused to do it. The
him to the ranch. He then hit Rust next thing he did, Gonzales said, was
with something on the back of his to call police.
head and he fell in the hole.
Lewis was overcome with emotion Inmate testifies
during her testimony regarding Rust’s On Monday Dec. 4, a former
demise, but quickly recovered and inmate who served with Charles
continued to answer the prosecution’s Gonzales testified that Gonzales
questions. Philip Romero, the last witness for
Michael Gonzales, who followed the day Monday, said Gonzales asked
Lewis as a witness, testified he him for an opinion concerning a case
knew about the murder and spoke to he was about to present to his lawyers.
Deputy Wayne Clark about Rust’s According to Romero: “He told me he
whereabouts in October 2015. Rust’s passed the property and he was having
body was found shortly thereafter, problems at one time coming down
when a site on the ranch of Guadalupe [from the mountains]. He got into a
Gonzales, Charles Gonzales father, staring contest with this guy, said he
was excavated. got out of the truck and shot him.”
Gonzales also told Romero he
Guadalupe Gonzales “broke into his house, stole a gun
Guadalupe “Lupe” Gonzales testified and shot him with his own gun. He
Friday, Dec. 1 concerning his son’s also said something about some
activities before and after Rust’s marijuana. Said he had a hard time
disappearance. G. Gonzales owns a putting his body into the back of the
ranch in Moffat where he raised livestock truck and he took and buried him.”
and his children and grandchildren Romero said Gonzales told him
played off and on for years. he turned the story around in talking
Sometime before January 2015, to his lawyers, telling them the other
G. Gonzales said, then sheriff Mike person had the gun and he only shot
Norris asked him if he could come him in self-defense, in the chest or
out to his property and dig into some stomach area. Romero said he later
of the holes there. Gonzales replied had Gonzales’ story investigated and
sure, as long as he could be there when reported to Saguache County officials.
they came. At the time, however, On Tuesday, the defense was set to
Gonzales’s wife was ill and he had call its witnesses.

Continued from Page 1A
the “world’s largest cultivation advised. He reported that following
facilities” in Saguache County, his presentation, County Land Use
which is documented in a recent Administrator Wendi Maez copied
online “Cannabis Entrepreneur” supporting documentation related to
interview with a Stryker co-owner. the above concerns for perusal by the
(See http://www.cannapreneurmag. county attorney.
berlin-obutler/). Editor’s Note: Bill Case supplied
“This is a very disturbing interview the outline and documentation for
that everyone should read,” Case this article.
Volume 116, Number 50 Thursday, December 14, 2017 50¢

Shorts Marijuana application issues still in question
BY TERESA L. BENNS Commissioners at their Dec. 5 Control a. Bears the risk of loss and
Center schools SAGUACHE COUNTY— An
independent researcher believes s/
meeting. He is on the agenda again
for Dec. 19 and Jan. 9 to reveal more
Any other Person who exercises
opportunity for profit;
b. Has final decision-making authority
close for virus he has verified serious problems
with at least eight different marijuana
findings to commissioners.
Primary licensees for marijuana
exercise of control over the Retail
Marijuana Establishment must
the Retail Marijuana Establishment;
cleanup applications filed with the state and in
Saguache County and has identified
operations must reside in Colorado,
but associated key license holders
hold an Associated Key
c. Manages the overall operations of
a Retail Marijuana Establishment or its
CENTER — A number of students
were sent home Monday from Center several irregularities in associated key may live out of state. The regulations controlorispositionedsoastoenablethe Licensed Premises, or who manages a
Schools, Superintendent Chris Vance licenses and other filings. published by the state regarding exercise of control over a material portion of the Retail Marijuana
reported Monday, following an Bill Case, who has access to associated key licenses is listed below. Retail Marijuana Establishment Establishment or its Licensed Premises;
outbreak of a highly contagious viral the research, took the applications R 204.5 – Disclosure, Approval and shall include but shall not be
stomach infection. Many other students matter up with Saguache County Review of Business Interests (page 33): limited to a natural person who: Please see ISSUES on Page 2A
are absent from school with the virus.
After consulting with the regional
epidemiologist and the Saguache
County Public Health Nurse the school
was declared closed Tuesday. The
closure allowed the entire school to
be disinfected with a high concentrate
of bleach, which is the only thing that
will kill the virus.
Students exhibiting symptoms of
the virus (upset stomach, vomiting,
water issues
diarrhea, fever) MUST stay home for BY TERESA L. BENNS
48 hours after the last episode of any SAGUACHE—The Saguache
of these symptoms. Classes resumed Town Board met Monday to review
on Wednesday. its proposed budget and discuss a
water quality improvement grant,
Active duty troops’ also to address water table problems
plaguing town residents.
names needed Town Clerk Iris Garcia gave a
SAN LUIS VALLEY— Valley rundown of the meeting Tuesday,
Publishing will be running a special reporting that trustees passed a
holiday salute in the papers on Dec. 20 resolution approving the water quality
to honor and thank local active duty grant and the approved the proposed
military personnel. Please send names budget following the required budget
of any Valley residents currently hearing. The town’s mill levy also was
serving our country by Monday, Dec. certified with the county.
18, noon. Names can be emailed to: Photo by Teresa L. Benns
Trustees approved applications for or The Teddy Garcia family meets with Center Middle School teacher Luis Murillo at the Garcia home in credit cards for town employees and
faxed to 852-3387. Please include Center. also approved their holiday schedule.
their hometowns, along with their
military branches. Home visits help families, schools connect Several town residents have
reported issues with rising water
levels beneath their homes recently,
Saguache Dems B Y T ERESA L. BENNS family unit and the school closer
together to create awareness
understanding bullying],” one
Garcia said. This can be attributed to
CENTER— Center School’s mom said in the video. “You have
Central Committee Parent Engagement program, part about student needs. to make the time to learn about either a high water table or irrigation
issues. The town will address the
meeting set of the school’s Parents Involved
with Center Students group, is
In a video created about the
program, made available by
what they are learning. It opened
my eyes and brought my daughter problem by consulting with the STM
SAGUACHE—The Saguache engineer on board for the town’s water
helping bring parents, students Middle School Principal Luis and I closer.”
County Democratic Party Central system overhaul.
and administrators together to Murillo, parents explain how they A teacher who conducted a
Committee will meet on Monday, STM, from their Gunnison office,
teach the whole child, and better have benefited from the program home visit said in the video he
Dec. 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the Saguache will likely consult with a hydrologist
understand how to motivate and why it is helping them help thought he was making the visit to
Road & Bridge Meeting Room, 305 to determine the cause of the problem
students to succeed. their children do better in school. impact parents but found himself
3rd St., to hear reports from the state and address it. The town also with
The program uses home visits “It is important to get
executive and central committee
by teachers to help bring the parents involved in things [like Please see VISITS on Page 6A
meetings and other state party news, Please see WATER on Page 6A
plan the 2018 County Assembly
and discuss 2018 candidates. With
questions about the meeting or to
become more involved with the party,
Judge sentences Gonzales to life without parole
please contact at Kevin Noland 970- BY TERESA L. BENNS county jail. Michael Rust’s sister, Mary Anne
351-6747 or SAGUACHE — After deliberating The jury was polled at the request Crandall, told Judge Tidball: “The
Central Committee members for several hours, a jury empaneled to of public defender Amanda Hopkins time for regret is long past. Charles
who are authorized to vote on any decide the fate of Charles M. Gonzales and all affirmed without hesitation Gonzales is a gang member wannabe,
matters coming before the meeting in the death of Michael D. Rust in they voted to convict Gonzales of an evil murderer who has never taken
are officers, precinct committee 2009 returned a verdict at 1:20 p.m. murder and the other crimes he was responsibility. My parents both died
persons and elected officials of the Thursday afternoon of guilty on all charged with. without knowing what happened to
County party. counts. Twelvth Judicial District Attorney their son. Two brothers died before
The meeting is open to the public. Once the guilty verdict was Crista Newmyer-Olsen commented Mike; we are no strangers to sorrow.”
All are welcome; please join. delivered, Judge Jane Tidball following the verdict: “I am very glad Crandall said Gonzales’ only place is
sentenced Gonzales to two life the Rust family finally found justice in prison for life.
Saguache Veterans sentences without the possibility of and closure.” Charles Gonzales apologized to
parole, to run concurrently (both at Public defender Hopkins said the Rust family saying, “I didn’t
Service can help the same time), on first-degree murder Gonzales is a person too and he has mean to hurt him. I am sorry for
SAGUACHE—The Saguache without deliberation and first-degree “family, children, grandchildren who what happened to his body — that
County Veterans Service Office felony murder. love him” and his family, like the was a horrible thing to do. I will pray
has limited funds to assist with She also sentenced Gonzales to Rusts, has also been “haunted by this for the Rust family.” He indicated,
rent, utilities, food and gas. Contact 12 years for burglary, 18 months for the last eight years. Hopefully they however, that he did not feel the
Jim Sheeran at 719-655-2680 or for tampering with evidence and can heal too.” Hopkins confirmed verdict was a fair one.
at jsheeran@saguachecounty-co. 12 months for both theft and abuse later that Gonzales will be appealing
gov for more information. of a corpse, to run concurrently in his conviction. Please see RUST on Page 6A Michael D. Rust
Page 2A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, December 14, 2017

If you missed the peak of the
Gemenid meteors, you have until BY SUPERINTENDENT Group (DAG). The DAG met
Dec. 17 to view them. Another meteor TRAVIS GAROUTTE on Dec. 6 for around three hours
shower is coming up next week The design process for the new and discussed hopes, dreams,
that doesn’t have a history of great PreK-12 school at Mountain Valley goals, visions, opportunities, and
viewing. The theory is that because moons coincide with the lunar apogee, is underway! We have assembled challenges around the new school
the sky is usually cloudy and snowing which is the moon’s most distant point a fantastic team and are quickly design. It was a great first meeting
this time of year, people don’t watch in its monthly orbit around Earth. This making progress towards realizing full of enthusiasm and optimism
for them. But obviously that hasn’t December apogee is the most distant the hopes and dreams for the future as possible school placement
been happening here this year. for this year. The January apogee is of our school and community. and designs were discussed and Lujan, Peggy Williams, Yvonne
These are the Urseid meteors which the most distant for 2018. So they After a transparent and modeled. Morfitt, Eric Frey, May Engquist,
peak on the morning of Dec. 22. just happen to be back to back. Also, competitive interview and bidding One of the responsibilities Chuck Tidd, or Travis Garoutte.
Since the new moon is on Dec. 18, Earth will reach perihelion, its closest process, Mountain Valley School of DAG members is to solicit It is important that the new school
it won’t interfere with their viewing. point to the Sun in its yearly orbit, on District has hired NV5 as owner’s feedback from various stakeholders design includes input from all
Unfortunately, there is not a lot of Jan. 3, 2018. representatives, TreanorHL as the in the community and relay that stakeholders. In the end, we want
history about the Urseids since they The moon travels slower in orbit architectural and engineering firm, information to the design team. a school that meets the needs of our
haven’t been heavily viewed. when it’s farther from Earth, and and FCI Constructors. This team If you would like to share your students and community.
They originate from comet 8P/ faster when it’s closer. The moon is is a great fit for our school and thoughts and ideas before our These are exciting times for our
Tuttle, and appear in the north sky near perigee, closest to Earth, during community, and I am excited to be next community meeting, please students, staff, and community. I
in the Little Dipper which is in the three consecutive full moons right working closely with them during contact one of the following DAG encourage everyone to visit with
constellation Ursa Minor. The Big now, which is why we had a super the design and construction of our members: Amber Johnson, Aubrey DAG members, attend community
Dipper is very low in the sky this moon this month, and two are coming new school. Hill, Julia Hammel, Kathy Hill, meetings, and take an active role as
time of year with the Little Dipper up next month. Additionally, over 15 community Lacy Reed, Lisa Jaminet, Bobbie we design and build a new school
slightly above it to the left. Ursa Minor The super moon on Jan. 1 will be members have volunteered to Baughman, Marilyn Fenton, Mark at Mountain Valley.
doesn’t get very high in the sky this the largest for 2018. This is due to serve on the Design Advisory Hammel, Mona Lovato, Paula Have a great week!
time of year, so when they peak in the fact that it will be most closely
the morning, they won’t be overhead. aligned with the lunar perigee for the
The Urseids have been known to year. This full moon will occur only
produce up to 100 meteors per hour, 4.5 hours after it reaches lunar perigee. ISSUES
but usually only produce about 10 per On Jan. 2 Earth will reach its closest Continued from Page 1A
hour. So if you’re interested, look in position to the Sun for 2018. This d. Guarantees the Retail Marijuana Officers (page 209) by Saguache County administration.
the north in the evening of Dec. 21 or always happens in January. Earth’s Establishment’s debts or production A. Division Protocol for Retail Treasurer Connie Trujillo was not
before dawn on Dec. 22. You never tilt prevents the northern hemisphere levels; Marijuana Establishments available for comment on Tuesday.
know if they will give us 100 to see! from getting hot when this happens. e. Is a beneficiary of the Retail 2. The Division shall forward half During the county’s audit in
The longest lunar month of the 21st Perigee comes from the Greek words Marijuana Establishment’s insurance of the total application fee with the September, Wall, Smith and Bateman
Century is coming up between the peri which means near, and helios policies; copy of the Retail (WSB) did list several findings and
new moons of Dec. 18 and Jan. 17, which means Sun. f. Receives the majority of the Retail Marijuana Establishment application commented that a lack of internal
2018. A lunar month is the period of If you’ve looked out an east window Marijuana Establishment’s profits as to the relevant local jurisdiction. controls over financial reporting “is
time between successive new moons. around 6 AM you’ll see bright Jupiter. compared to other recipients of the Retail a repeat over several years.” Some
This is generally 29.53 days, but this To its upper right are two dimmer Marijuana Establishment’s profits; or It is not clear if Saguache County date this back as long ago as 2009.
time it will be 29 days, 19 hours and objects close to each other. The g.Acknowledges liability for the Retail collects this 50 percent cut from This is cited in the audit findings as a
47 minutes. That’s about seven hours brighter one on the right is the star Marijuana Establishment’s federal, state the state or not. The paper trail for non-compliance material to financial
longer than usual. Spica, and to its left the dimmer one is or local taxes. recording payments received by Land statements and a financial material
There are several reasons why this Mars. That will change next summer The following rule shows where 50 Use for marijuana revenues has not weakness. She listed these as not
happening. One is that these two new when Mars brightens up considerable. percent of the money collected from been produced for the public to view. reconciling various financial accounts.
each application is supposed to go. Reportedly, cash payments from Accounts are not reconciled to
Associated Key licenses, especially marijuana producers paying excise what the county clerk has, which
Shorts continued for an out-of-state person, can be very tax are taken to Land Use then turned has the potential to become a
expensive to obtain. over to the treasurer’s office. It is not material misstatement, A WSB
R 1401 – Instructions for Local clear how other marijuana related representative told commissioners
Submission deadline extended Jurisdictions and Law Enforcement revenues are reported or documented and administration.
SAN LUIS VALLEY—The submission deadline for The Circle Book:
A Conejos County Anthology 2018 has been extended to Jan. 5, 2018. The
Conejos Writers are excited about the seventh volume of writing and artwork New feature starting in Lifestyles
from people who live in and care about the San Luis Valley. For more SAN LUIS VALLEY— Watch for the new crossword puzzle running
information, please download a submission form at www.conejoswritiers. in SLV Lifestyles every week, sponsored by MDS Waste.
org, or call 719-580-4114.

Time running
out for 2017
firewood permits RESTAURANT IN DEL
MONTE VISTA— Due to the NORTE with 2 residences
low snowpack, there continues to for sale. 14475 Highway 160.
be a high demand for Rio Grande HUGE PRICE REDUCTION!
National Forest firewood permits. GREAT LOCATION! $495,000.
As a reminder, those permits will Fabulous opportunity in
expire on Dec. 31, 2017. Del Norte with amazing growth.
The forest will send out an Don’t miss out!
Call Kazie Hayes, Associate
announcement when the 2018 Broker at 719-850-2827 or
permits are available, which are 719-657-3000 to see it today.
not expected until later in the
For the most current information Legends Premier Properties
on the availability of 2018 firewood )LUVW$YH‡0RQWH9LVWD‡719-852-0450
permits, contact the supervisor’s ZZZOHJHQGVSUHPLHUSURSHUWLHVFRP
office at 719-852-5941.
Volume 116, Number 51 Thursday, December 21, 2017 50¢

Shorts Citizens rally to support sheriff, deputies
BY TERESA L. BENNS legal and illegal) and the county’s the passage of Amendment 64, to lawsuits over wrongful injury
Christmas Eve SAGUACHE— After learning
last week Saguache County could
chosen path to allow development
of unlimited grows.
legalizing marijuana. This was made
public prior to the sale tax initiative
and death and jail personnel and
deputies are at risk of being attacked
services in Center lose its sheriff and several deputies Mandatory services counties
must provide by law include “the
to build a new justice complex that
failed in 2016.
or murdered in their own complex.
The possibility that deputies and
if basic sheriff ’s office needs
announced are not met by commissioners, provision of jails, weed control, and While commissioners have argued jail personnel could make serious
CENTER—Christmas Eve, Saguache citizens crowded into the establishment of a county or district that the maintenance of the jail does mistakes is compounded by the
Sunday, Dec. 24 church services in commissioners meeting room and public health agency to provide, at not mean mandatory funding of the fact they are overworked and not
Center will be as follows: at the First overflowed into the courthouse lobby minimum, health and human services sheriff’s office, prisoners cannot sufficiently staffed, increasing the
Baptist Church in Center, at 10 a.m. to express their concerns Tuesday. mandated by the state” (Colorado be taken off the streets and safely possibility of error.
will be fellowship and refreshments During the commissioner meeting Local Government Handbook). detained unless deputies are paid well
and at 10:30 a.m. worship and a citizen comment period, numerous Currently the jail maintained by enough to conduct the investigations Citizens’ comments
celebration of Jesus’s birth. Then at citizens took commissioners to the county is understaffed, is in and make the arrests, as several Beginning with the statement
7 p.m. at the Center United Methodist task for not sufficiently funding the violation of health standards and citizens have pointed out. “Principles before personalities,”
Church there will be a worship and sheriff’s office, especially in light of is inadequate to serve the increase And unless prisoners are granted
candlelight service. the growing marijuana industry (both in crime the county has seen since their civil rights, the county is open Please see RALLY on Page 10A

Dear Santa...
Ski Hi Ice Rink
to open Friday
Monte Vista ice rink is scheduled to
open this Friday, Dec. 22 (weather
permitting) just in time for Christmas
break. There are still some skates to
in Sharing
use but check with the local stores or
online just in case. Open every day
until 7 p.m. Check online at www.
Christmas or call 852- CENTER — People with a Cause
6168 for more information. (sponsor Adele Alfson) and Key Club
(sponsor Kindra Rounds) participated
once again this year in the Saguache
Come jam County Sharing Christmas toy and
food drive.
Dec. 23 at WWS There was $900 in donations
DELNORTE—Wildwood Sounds for toys and food. Del Norte Bank
presents “We Be Jammin’” open mic contributed $250 and another
& jam session Saturday, Dec. 23. anonymous food donor $250, for a
Doors open at 2 p.m. A Mexican dish total of $500 in food donations.
for a potluck or donation are your People with A Cause and Key Club
ticket in. Perform three songs, join students volunteered to go shopping
a jam session or just come to listen. on Thursday at K & J Thriftway to
Bring your own equipment. For more buy over 400 items. The staff of
information call 657-4757. Wildwood Center Schools also donated over
Sounds is located in Del Norte at 850 300 food items.
Grande Ave. on Highway 160.
Please see SHARING on Page 3A
Help provide
for La Puente
temperature drops below zero, it
takes more wood to heat the homes
of people who use wood as their sole
source of heating. La Puente is in need
of volunteers to get the wood split and Photo by Teresa L. Benns
ready to bring relief to local families. These youngsters met up with Santa at Center’s Casa Blanca Park Saturday to deliver their wish lists
Volunteers with chainsaw skills are and receive a bag of candy. See more photos on Page 8A.
most needed, but anyone of all skill
levels is invited to help split.
To volunteer, call Shanae at 719-
587-3499 or email volunteers@ Pharmaceutical company
exposed as SLV opioid supplier
BY TERESA L. BENNS unable to prosecute the company Hampshire senator who criticized
SAN LUIS VALLEY — A 60 despite the growing opioid epidemic Congress for the settlement told
Minutes episode that aired on CBS because with the Department of CBS the pharmaceutical companies
Sunday fingered the country’s largest Justice and Congress cut a backdoor are doing all they can to keep the
drug distributor, headquartered in San deal with McKesson in 2014. epidemic going.
Francisco, Calif. as literally getting Rather than fine the company a According to the report: “DEA
away with murder in saturating the billion dollars, revoke their license investigators discovered McKesson
San Luis Valley with opioids. to distribute products and jail their was shipping the same quantities
McKesson Corporation raked chief executive, which DEA agents of opioid pills to small-town Courtesy photo
in billions distributing addictive had hoped to do, agents were forced pharmacies in Colorado’s San Luis A student volunteer wraps presents
opioids over the years, the segment’s to settle the case with a $150 million Valley as it would typically ship for children who might not get
producers noted. But the Drug fine, for a company that reportedly anything else for Christmas this
Enforcement Agency (DEA) was makes $100 million a week. One New Please see OPIOIDS on Page 11A year.
Page 10A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, December 21, 2017

Continued from Page 1A
Bonanza resident Bill Case opened joke in the Valley” and urged papers addressing the marijuana and
New grows approved
citizen comments Tuesday telling commissioners to create a new sheriff’s office issues. They pointed BY TERESA L. BENNS but Land Use/Co-Administrator
commissioners he has contacted marijuana code system and declare a out the sheriff’s office budget has SAGUACHE — Last Thursday, Wendi Maez said she visited the
his state senator, the Attorney moratorium, also support the sheriff increased over the past two years Dec. 14 the Saguache Planning grows this summer and saw nothing.
Generals’ office in Denver and and appraiser’s office. while other departments have not seen Commission met and approved four Now there will be nothing to see
no one can help. “It is now up to A dispatcher with the Saguache an increase. Commissioner Jason new marijuana applications during its or inspect, because by October the
commissioners,” he said. “You County Jail said the jail is “not Anderson said other communities monthly meeting, despite objections growing season has ended.
cannot evade responsibility by safe” and prisoners cannot be in southern Colorado are facing by some that they would like to see a Pitkin Avenue Baptist Pastor
shifting power to another.” exercised without the possibility the same problems and have issues moratorium on the grows. Mark Sweeney told the commission
He cited a Colorado revised statute they will encounter their victims. as well. Commissioners will now have to the sheriff needs more funding
governing commissioners which He urged commissioners to appoint The board defended its budgeting review the applications. to help fight illegal grows. The
states: “[Commissioners] are vested another marijuana code enforcement for the sheriff’s office and said that One planning commission commission member said the
with reasonable discretion to be used officer, because these duties are so the sheriff only asked for the budget member explained that the way problem with the illegal grows is
to serve the interests of the citizens of demanding “it is too much to put on he received and could have asked for the regulations are written the that the county instructed their code
Colorado [of whom] commissioners one person.” more. Following the meeting, others commission has no choice but to enforcement officer Deputy Wayne
are simply the representatives.” Case Mike Wheeler said that while legal commented that commissioners told approve the applications. “To comply Clark that those in violation should
closed by saying the commissioners’ marijuana grows are a boon to the Sheriff Warwick earlier this year it with the current regulations, we had only be given a warning and only if
number one responsibility was county, the sheriff’s office must be would not do him any good to ask to pass them,” s/he commented. S/he they do not come into compliance
providing for the safety and security beefed up to deal with illegal grows for more money because he would feels the permitting and application should they be pursued and fined.
of the county. or the criminal element will take over. not receive it. process should be revised and said The sheriff’s office said after a
The next citizen to speak advised He also pointed out that if salaries Sandia Belgrade, a reporter with work sessions are planned for this warning there would be no more
that while commissioners are are not adjusted all the county can the Crestone Eagle offered this final after the first of the year. leniency and the second violation
fond of saying Saguache County get in the way of deputies is “the comment to commissioners: “People But the commission member said would be a citable offense. Some
residents voted for the legalization of bottom of the barrel.” do not feel you are being proactive s/he anticipates a cap will be set on feel this policy is not strict enough
marijuana, “the citizens of Colorado Nicky Parker offered to help the enough. The whole county is asking grows in the county rather than an and sends the message that growers
did not vote for illegal marijuana sheriff’s office look for grants to fund for help.” actual moratorium declared. can get away with anything in
grows or to underpay the sheriff’s a new jail and told commissioners In the afternoon portion of the Those attending reported there was a Saguache County, encouraging
office. These officers are here to they should audit the budget to find meeting, commissioners met with lot of input at the meeting and the road more illegal grows.
protect us and they put their lives on additional funds to supplement the elected officials and did approve a and bridge building was full of citizens. Eventually, the commission
the line. You must put a moratorium sheriff office’s salaries. 20 percent raise effective in 2019, About half were for the approval of the member said, the county will be
on marijuana, raise the salaries although state guidelines would have grows and half against. forced to initiate zoning to deal with
of these officers and the county Commissioners respond permitted a 30 percent raise. This will Several illegal grows on County the grows if a cap or moratorium
assessor. They need help, so fund Commissioners said they intend amount to a 1.67 cost of living raise Road T were reported at the meeting cannot be agreed upon.
them. Put aside your egos.” to issue a letter to the editor to local and applies to the sheriff as well.
Another citizen said the sheriff’s
office must be funded and told
commissioners she intends to read
the budget and discover why this is
not already the case.
Crestone resident Lisa Cyriacks
reminded commissioners she has
looked at the budget and even if
the figures are already factored in
“a few things in the budget can be
amended.” She noted there has been
Happy Holidays!
a decline in morale, not just at the
sheriff’s office but among county
employees in general. “We need
a real evaluation of the budget,”
Cyriacks said. “The general fund is
$657,000 more than in 2017 and you
also received $80,000 more in PILT
finds than you expected. It’s time to
have a discussion about how these
monies are spent.”
Another citizen demanded
commissioners become “proactive
and innovative,” and “support law
enforcement in every possible way.
Everyone is talking about this — it’s
not going away.”
Dan Gray stressed the need for a
substation in Crestone, noting “The
government there is out of control,
there are rapes, meth heads, acid
heads, cocaine and assault [issues].
Work from the heart— come clean
and do your jobs.”
Another citizen accused
commissioners of “not coming
together for the good of the people,”
and claimed the quality of life in
Saguache County has declined
significantly. Bob Tafoya of Moffat
noted that other government agencies
refuse to address the corruption in
Moffat and the need for additional
law enforcement protection there.
“I’m here to support the sheriff’s
office,” he said.
“Thank You for your Support”
Other citizens described how they From all of us at Rio Grande Hospital & Clinics
must now police their own rural
properties themselves because of
increased traffic and potential threats
from illegal grows, noting there are
not enough personnel at the sheriff’s
office to be everyplace at once. Luana
Lovato told commissioners the jail
facility is “completely inadequate
Del Norte: 719-657-2418
and it is a shame the county will not
move forward to fix it.”
Monte Vista: 719-852-8827
Sky Wright, a victim’s advocate
affiliated with the sheriff’s office,
spoke of deputies buying their
South Fork: 719-873-5494
own equipment and said deputies
are spread too thin throughout
Creede: 719-658-0929
the county, urging the board to
do something. Another called
Saguache County “a laughing
Page 4A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, January 4, 2018

The real issue behind SO funding
and the marijuana moratorium GUEST COLUMN
The Saguache County Com-
missioners’ editorial in this week’s Commissioners weigh in on sheriff's funding
issue needs to be addressed here On Dec. 19, 2017, a group of up to over 31 percent of the Saguache in Saguache County are being
because of the “false” statements concerned citizens stated their County General Fund budget. spent. Year to date (Nov. 1, 2017),
charge claimed against articles which concerns during the [Saguache] Since 2015, the sheriff’s budget Saguache County has collected
ran in the Center Post-Dispatch over Board of Commissioners’ regular (the two departments) has increased approximately $73,000. That
the past three months. meeting. Their main concern was over $90,000. For the budget year money is earmarked for a code
This is not the first time the underfunding of the sheriff’s 2018, the sheriff’s budget request enforcement officer, youth, the
commissioners have made this department and public safety. We, was fully funded. Yes, no cuts were landfill, and the general fund. Note:
claim. And while some points do as your representatives as county made! this is the first year that this tax has
need clarification (not a “retraction”), commissioners, feel that the public A recent article in the Center Post been collected.
the letter itself spreads even more needs to know both sides of the Dispatch stated that the deputies We, as commissioners, feel that
misinformation that must be issue. in Saguache County were paid 30 all of our staff is underpaid, and we
addressed in order to prevent exactly A budget process was incorporated percent less than Conejos County. have been addressing the issue. In
what commissioners are objecting by the county commissioners during This is false! 2017, they received a 3 percent cost
to in their letter (see article, on page MY TWO CENTS the 2015 budget year and has been in • Saguache County: population of living increase and will receive
4A). But here we intend to focus place since. Department heads and 6,258 - Deputies starting at $14.86 another 3 percent increase for 2018.
By TERESA BENNS elected officials have the opportunity to $22.70 per hour. We have, and will maintain, a
on the present crisis precipitated
by the county’s approval of some to state their requests and justify their • Conejos County: population balanced budget and will be fiscally
24 marijuana operations, with four marijuana regulations than lifetime needs through worksheets for their 8,050 – Deputies starting at $14.42; responsible which we owe to the
additional approvals pending. residents of the county. And this is department or departments during the high is unreported. citizens of Saguache County.
When laying out terms in any valid more ironic still when one considers the process. • Crowley County: population Please feel free to contact any
argument, those making their points the prevailing suspicion and distrust of When the preliminary budget was 5,539 – Deputies starting at $14.37 of the commissioners if you have
are required to stay on topic and to “outsiders” previous commissioners presented to the commissioners, the to $22.50 per hour. questions.
avoid comparisons and analogies and others in Saguache County sheriff’s departments had requested • Alamosa County: population
that are not truly representative of government have demonstrated for $644,548 for the sheriff’s portion 16,008 – Deputies starting at $17.24 The Saguache County
the point they are trying to prove. years in their hiring and appointment and $470,183 for the jail portion of to $27.18. commissioners can be reached at
Any deviation from this standard is practices. the budget. On the sheriff’s budget Citizens also questioned how the following numbers: Tim Lovato,
referred to as evading the (real) issue But then the almighty buck can this is $25,593 over 2017 and funds that are being collected 719-580-2563; Jason Anderson,
or arguing beside the point. erase a lot of things. $19,399 on the jail portion for the from the 5 percent excise tax 719-285-5878 and Ken Anderson,
Funding the jail, and indirectly law In their grand scheme to enrich same year. These two amounts add on recreational grow operations 719-588-4203.
enforcement officials responsible for the county by cultivating cannabis,
arrests and inmate supervision, is
mandatory per state statute, and this
is an important observation. But it is
commissioners neglected to conduct
cost projections and county impact
projections to gauge just how much
only part of the equation and cannot be it would cost infrastructure-wise to
treated separately from the real issue.
The real issue is this: Saguache
support the cultivation venture and
its unintended consequences.
Marijuana grow capital nothing to be proud of
County is the second largest rural Already they were aware, however,Dear Editor, this area will descend into anarchy. meeting. A very large percentage
county in Colorado currently allowing “There is something rotten in
that the present jail was in desperate There is a very thin line holding back of the ambulance runs by our
unlimited marijuana grows, following Denmark” (Saguache County), with
need of replacement. And while they complete chaos already. Perhaps overworked EMS people are related
Pueblo County. Residents here have apologies to William Shakespeare’s
claim to have increased the sheriff’s the county commissioners have not to drug activity.
already experienced the undesirable Hamlet, Prince of Denmark; Act 1,
department funding by $90,000 since (yet) experienced break-ins to their Becoming the marijuana grow
changes in the county that have Scene 4.
2015, it seems to escape them that the homes and/or businesses, as many capital is nothing for which the
resulted from this influx of largely out- need for this funding came followingThe Saguache County have, but it is not a matter of if but Saguache County Commissioners
of-state growers and the workers they the legalization of marijuana. Commissioners have stated they are when if law enforcement continues should be proud.
employ. The Marijuana Enforcement Actually, however, the county going to allow unlimited marijuana to be hamstrung by lack of funding. Sincerely,
Division can address violations of was only playing catch-up where grows because they are a “boon” to They were grudgingly given a token Verna Schmittel
state law by legal growers, but this sheriff department salaries and Saguache County. They are moving from the Commissioners at the last David Schmittel, Saguache
still leaves local deputies to contend other funding was concerned. For forward with their agenda regardless of
with the medical growers and illegal years, during every budget cycle,legitimate concerns from clear thinking,
grows. productive, tax paying citizens.
former sheriff Mike Norris pleaded
And the “come one, come all” with commissioners for additional How are unlimited marijuana
attitude of the county has only grows a “boon”? Where is the “boon”
funding to no avail. While certain
encouraged illegal operators to either commissioners blame Sheriff Dan (read money) going? We are to be
relocate and begin their grows or taxed severely to build a new school
Warwick for failing to keep deputies
remain in business without registering on staff, Norris suffered similarfor anticipated student growth. Who
with county and state. These illegal believes that? Who wants to move
difficulties, and for many of the same
grows are so numerous that one Drug reasons. As Warwick has observed,their young families into Saguache
Enforcement Agency official says it no one can blame law enforcement County to be surrounded by marijuana
would be impossible to unearth all of grows? Our son and his family
officers for leaving the county when
them and shut them down. the pay here is not competitive. and our daughter and her family
In addition, the county’s expansion expressed a desire to move closer to
Why is the pay not competitive?
of its regulations to allow medical help on the ranch, and we told them,
Saguache County is a Class V county,
growers to cultivate up to 96 plants a rating ranking it at the second“DON’T COME!” We do not want
at one time, now forbidden by new our grandchildren anywhere near here
to last category for pay regarding
state regulations, has only made it elected officials (and deputies).on a long-term basis.
more difficult for code enforcement Chris Johnson, executive director The county has been threatened
to keep track of who is growing what, with losing law enforcement. The law
for Colorado County Sheriffs, says
for whom and to then determine if enforcement of Saguache County is
this category could be raised by an
these plants have been removed in appeal from county commissioners severely overworked and under paid.
compliance with the new laws. Why not some of the elusive “boon”
if property values increased, building
It seems ironic that, as many for law enforcement? The crime
starts were up and economic activity
residents have objected, those coming blossomed. rate has risen exponentially with
in from outside of Colorado now have the coming of the marijuana “boon”
more rights per the county’s current Please see REAL on Page 5A and if we lose our law enforcement

Jennifer Alonzo ....................... Publisher Shasta Quintana ..................&LUFXODWLRQ
Teresa Benns .............. Center Reporter Ellie Bone ..........................Composition
Anthony Guerrero ................................... $SULO:HOFK ...........................&ODVVL¿HG
Del Norte/Monte Vista Reporter Vernon Trujillo ......3URGXFWLRQ)RUHPDQ
THE CENTER POST-DISPATCH (USPS 775-900) Published weekly (every Thursday) by Val- Lyndsie Ferrell ........................................
Box 607, Monte Vista, Colo. 81144
Sylvia Lobato .........................................
Thursday, January 4, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 5A

State releases
OPINION marijuana sales report
SAN LUIS VALLEY— This in Colorado were $683,523,739;
month the Colorado Department of in 2015, $995,591,255, in 2016,

GUEST COLUMN Revenue (CDOR) began releasing
statewide historical marijuana
sales data from January 2014
$1,307,203,473; and through October
of 2017, $1,259,861,988.
It is the department’s practice to
to the present and will release release aggregated data only when

The promise is the lie monthly reports going forward on
the seventh business day of every
there are at least three taxpayers in
a given category and none of them
represents more than 80 percent of
BY LISA CYRIAKS county. A drive up Highway 17 to how these services will be provided “We know this information is the total. Sales values are gross sales
With the legalization of rec- the north end of the Valley shows and paid for. highly desired by the general public, minus wholesale.
reational cannabis many came to where most of these people have In a functional government media and researchers,” said Given that guideline, sales reports
Colorado looking for the “easy shown up in search of cheap land revenues from development Mike Hartman, executive were only applicable for Costilla
money” to be made off cannabis. and lax regulations. (properly taxed improvements, director of the Colorado and Conejos counties and only
By overreaching limits set in state Current lists provided by the increases in fees and special Department of r e c e n t l y for Saguache
regulations in writing regulations county land use office show assessments) adequately fund Revenue. “To County in
unique to Saguache County, 33 permits for marijuana-tied increased demands for necessary that end, in our the San Luis
Saguache County Commissioners businesses, doubled from the 17 services. efforts to be Valley. These
have created more problems than reported March 20, 2017. The 2018 budget shows an as transparent are the reports by
they have solved. County residents The most recent financials ending general fund balance for as possible, we month for 2017:
are questioning the wisdom of provided by county administration 2017 that has increased $657,436 will now January
a headlong pursuit of marijuana show that over $170,000 has been over the ending general fund provide —Costilla
businesses. collected from marijuana-tied balance for 2015. Pipedreams aggregate C o u n t y,
At the heart of the debate is how business licenses and excise taxes. of airports and solar farms sales data. $214,330 and
the county is spending revenue The hiring of a part-time marijuana need to be set aside in order to That, coupled Conejos County,
from excise tax and licensure fees code enforcement officer, a much- adequately fund essential services with state tax $294,331
for marijuana growers. needed position, does not even and infrastructure needs. revenue data February —Costilla
Citizens, jail staff, and law begin to account for the revenue It is time for Saguache County already provided, will give an County, $214,658 and Conejos
enforcement all agree that more being collected even with the Commissioners to take care of the accurate picture of the financial County, $331,768
oversight of marijuana regulations current problems in the collection business of the county – collection footprint of this burgeoning March — Costilla County, $295,783
is needed so that people can be safe process. of property taxes, funding essential industry.” and Conejos County, $401,292
and legal businesses can flourish. The commissioners, who control services and plan for the future CDOR’s Office of Research April — Costilla County, $256,910
Funding for the Saguache County the county budget, including that of demands that are inevitable as and Analysis (ORA) will produce and Conejos County, $404,901
sheriff’s office has not changed the sheriff’s office, would rather take marijuana businesses continue to monthly marijuana sales reports May — Costilla County, $332,894
significantly in over a decade, yet refuge in arguments about process grow and proliferate. showing the total sales (gross and Conejos County, $444,090
the nature and scope of emergencies and comparisons to the lowest of sales minus wholesale sales) June — Costilla County $403,056
has increased. A greater volume of standards of similar counties than Lisa Cyriacks is a fair government for retail marijuana stores and and Conejos County, $510,132
calls is an obvious outcome of more address citizens’ valid concerns advocate and freelance writer living medical marijuana stores by county. July — Costilla County $453,934
people living and working in the about public health and safety — and in Crestone. Additionally, ORA will keep a and Conejos County, $586,118
running total of the actual sales August — Costilla County $400,679
figures from the year-to-date, the and Conejos County, $571,105
total sales per year since 2014, and September — Costilla County
REAL the total sales since January 2014. $424,241, Conejos County, $555,120,
Continued from Page 4A The monthly marijuana sales reports Saguache $151,900
Saguache residents have indicated some of its burdens by placing a For years it has been suggested are posted on the same day as the October — Costilla County
they do not want all the economic activity moratorium on marijuana cultivation. by various individuals with solid marijuana tax data reports. $356,750, Conejos County, $469,150,
to center around cannabis and even feel A specific strategy for addressing financial backgrounds that the county Although sales of medical Saguache $117,885
the emphasis on cannabis will stifle any illegal grows needs to be developed conduct a forensic audit to remedy marijuana began prior to 2014, CDOR For more information, visit
other kind of meaningful development. and marijuana regulations need to this persistent problem. Perhaps could not systematically track sales
The property tax issue continues to be be examined and revised. A sales tax now is the time to push forward until January 2014. revenue/colorado-marijuana-sales-
a problem and with cannabis growers to fund law enforcement backed by with this plan. In 2014 the total marijuana sales reports
as neighbors, it is difficult to see how commissioners this year would show
property values could increase. Over they are serious about the many safety
the years a succession of commissioners concerns voiced by citizens.
has refused to consider meaningful We leave it to commissioners to
economic development in the county explain to Saguache County residents
and have ignored problems with the how their $674,000 increased fund
assessor’s office. Those chickens have balance over the past two years does
now come home to roost. not justify help for law enforcement
So it doesn’t really matter whose or, for that matter, the county
pay is compared to whose in these assessor’s office. But then those
circumstances; the only option now citizens asking about budget totals
for this longstanding problem is to are often told that the figures are not
relieve law enforcement of at least reliable or could change.

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Tuesday & Thursday
Volume 117, Number 2 Thursday, January 11, 2018 75¢

Shorts BoCC turns deaf ear to moratorium
BY TERESA L. BENNS though it was an unseasonably warm
Sales tax grants SAGUACHE — It was standing
room only again in the commissioners’
day. Those in the lobby could not
hear the proceedings and were not
now available room at the courthouse Tuesday as
over 70 people, spilling out into the
able to comment.
A few local pot growers operating
SAGAUCHE— The Saguache
County Board of Commissioners courthouse lobby, came to register legally and marijuana proponents
will be taking grant applications for complaints regarding underfunding
Saguache County Sales Tax Grants and understaffing of the Saguache Please see BOCC on Page 2A
until 3 p.m., Friday, Feb. 9. Sheriff’s Office and illegal pot
To be eligible grant applications must grows. Saguache County Sheriff Dan
be for either: emergency services/public Citizens persevered despite Warwick chats with Saguache
health and safety; youth and senior the uncomfortably warm Public Health Director David
programs, projects or organizations or commissioners’ room, where many Daboll following a commissioners
renewable energy projects/business were forced to sit on the fl oor meeting Tuesday that addressed
opportunities and job creation. or stand shoulder to shoulder. sheriff’s office underfunding and
Grant applications are available Overhead fans remained idle and marijuana grows.
online at or windows remained closed, even Photos by Teresa L. Benns
contact the Saguache County
Administration office at 719-655-
2231 to request a copy of the grant
Center moves
application. forward with
Radio show to veterans’ wall
address county’s BY TERESA L. BENNS
marijuana issues C E N T E R — C e n t e r To w n
Administrator Brian Lujan reported
to trustees Tuesday that he has spoken
Saguache County resident Richard
with John Glass at Valley Monument
Giordano will appear on the Rush
in Monte Vista about plans to provide
to Reason Show, KLZ 560 AM, at 3
new facing for the Casa Blanca Park
p.m. this Thursday, Jan. 11, to discuss
veterans’wall, still under construction.
what he describes as “the failure of
Originally the town planned to sell
Saguache County Commissioners to
bricks with veterans’ names on them
heed the will of the people and to enact
to line the wall but this plan became
a [marijuana] moratorium.”
impractical. At a previous meeting
Following discussions with other
late last year, Lujan told the board he
county residents and Sheriff Dan
had spoken with the individual who
Warwick, Giordano says he feels he
Courtesy Photo designed the veterans’ wall for the
is prepared to let others know just
Center Wrestling Club fifth grader Xaria Traversie-Rodriguez won first place at the “Who’s Bad” Rocky park and discovered that the bricks
how serious the situation is regarding
Mountain Nationals last weekend. for the wall would actually stick out
marijuana-related activities, both in
after being placed.
the county and in the country.
The show is live from 3 to 6 p.m.
Thursday, and then the first hour of
the show, the one featuring Giordano,
Fifth grader wins first place This would have resulted in an
unattractive monument, Lujan says,
one he is not pleased with and will
not pursue. The town also had trouble
re-runs from 6 to 7 p.m. Those
interested may listen live by merely
going to Rush to Reason, KLZ 560.
at 'Who's Bad' Nationals selling bricks to veterans’ family
“We need to cut our losses on this,”
Then click on the “listen live” link at BY TERESA L. BENNS was the only one who placed. She also has traveled to Texas and New
CENTER— Haskin Elementary he advised the board. “If it looks like
the top of the page. won a first-place wrestling belt to Mexico to compete in events.
fifth grader Xaria Traversie-Rodriguez trash it will be treated like trash. Our
add to her prize collection. Some 1,200 participants under
VA/Veterans won first place at the “Who’s Bad” veterans deserve better.” The current
The fifth grader has been wrestling the age of 18 competed in the event
Rocky Mountain Nationals last wall also needs to be repaired after
now for two years and placed fourth this year. Traversie-Rodriguez also
forum monthly weekend, participating with the last year at the nationals, her mother was named an outstanding underage
suffering water damage.
Valley Monument will engrave
meeting Jan. 17 Center Wrestling Club in Denver.
Twelve wrestlers ranging from
Nicole Traversie-Rodriguez said.
The wrestling club is supported
wrestler in the women’s division.
“She loves wrestling and wants to
names into granite slabs placed on
ALAMOSA—The Veterans ages six to 14 Center participated in the front and back of the wall and will
by fundraisers throughout the year be in basketball and wrestling in the
Coalition of the SLV is pleased to the event, but Traversie-Rodriguez replace the cement ornaments now on
statewide, and Traversie-Rodriguez future,” her mother Nicole commented.
facilitate the monthly meeting with Please see WALL on Page 12A
the VA ECHCS (Eastern Colorado
Health Care System) on Wednesday,
Jan. 17 from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. at the
SLV Health Education & Conference
Saguache asks Center for police coverage
Center (formerly Grizzly Inn BY TERESA L. BENNS the town but that contract has expired, and said he has spoken to Chief Jim Gowin suggested the town pursue
Restaurant), 1921 Main St, Alamosa. CENTER — At the Center Town Garcia said, and the sheriff’s office Gowin about the request. He said seat belt grant money and grants for
All veterans are welcome. Bring Board meeting Tuesday, Saguache is currently shorthanded. he is not sure how much $40,000 DUI enforcement to help supplement
healthcare questions, concerns or issues Town Clerk Iris Garcia and trustee The Town of Saguache voted in a would give the town in coverage, officer pay. He said any tickets written
to the meeting. VA representatives will Timothy Chittum appeared before one percent sales tax to help find an which would depend on the amount could then go back in revenue to the
be there to assist and understand the the board to request an inter- officer, and the town could afford to of services the town is requiring. town of Saguache.
needs in the SLV. For more information, governmental agreement (IGA) with pay $40,000 a year towards coverage, Gowin told Garcia $40,000 might Garcia said there is some office
call 719-992-4108 or email sahndra. the town to provide Saguache with a Garcia told the board. “Dan [Sheriff buy one officer, but the town needs space for an officer in town hall and patrol officer. Warwick] doesn’t have the manpower, to decide if they wish to pay as they possibly a patrol car bought when
Increased break-ins and other so could we create a partnership to go or would like an officer to work 40 the sheriff’s office was providing
crimes in the town make a police provide law enforcement coverage hours a week, every day. He advised coverage could be used for any Center
presence in Saguache a necessity, with an IGA to renew every year?” that the officer would not really be officer policing the town. Gowin said
and currently the town has no Garcia queried. handling any major incidents which Center is willing to help, but is not
police coverage. Previously the Town Administrator Brian Lujan are handled by the sheriff’s office willing to take any of Center citizens’
town contracted with the Saguache said the town is willing to open a any way and other agencies, should
Sheriff’s Office for a deputy to cover dialogue to explore the possibility, the Saguache sheriff need back-up. Please see IGA on Page 3A
Page 2A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, January 11, 2018

Continued from Page 1A
not at previous meetings were employing people of questionable
sprinkled throughout the crowd. character who have no respect for
Commissioner Jason Anderson the land. Some of these workers
suggested that those who had not are living in storage containers and
spoken at previous meetings be have no access to running water or
allowed to speak versus others who bathroom facilities. He said those
had registered comments before. in the area would be grateful for
Prior to Tuesday’s meeting, several the work but are not employed.
requests were made to relocate the He expressed concern that illegal
meeting to larger quarters, one to growers, mainly, are obtaining water
Commissioner Tim Lovato, one to illegally from local creeks and lakes,
all the commissioners and another to endangering wildlife and using toxic
county administration, all requests fertilizing agents. He asked the
were ignored. county to more carefully monitor
County Co-Administrator Wendi their movements and eradicate
Maez said she had checked marijuana illegal grows.
grow applications Bonanza resident Falsetta also cited the impact of
Bill Case previously brought to her the grows on those property owners
attention that were not correctly living adjacent to them, observing
filed. She said there were errors the wear and tear on roads now
on the application that had been as traveled as streets in the city.
corrected. Some speculated later the Children living nearby can no
errors existed when filed and were longer ride their bikes on County
corrected only after the fact. Road T; he said and there are four
Case then took his allotted time grows within a two-mile radius on
to address commissioners, noting County Road T.
first that while Commissioner J. He told commissioners that
Anderson has stated that marijuana the county is not communicating
legalization and the approval of well about how they are handling
Amendment 64 expressed the will of the problem and demanded an
the people, 66 percent of Colorado accounting from commissioners. Photo by Teresa L. Benns
counties have banned medical and Following the afternoon session of Commissioners listen to comments by James Falsetta at the Saguache County Commissioners meeting Tuesday.
recreational marijuana sales and the meeting where additional grows
production. He then added that in were approved, despite objections Many growers receive their planning and a large number of illegal grows. to complete sheriff office reports
Saguache County, where both legal by the public, Moffat resident Bob commission approval and start The video can be viewed at http:// on crimes. A Saguache downtown
and illegal grows have proliferated, Tafoya, who attended the morning building before even going through business owner told commissioners
the attitude has been “to see how session, came to the following the application process and this is canada-42548116/recreational- it appears to him that there is a lot
this experiment works out, and conclusion: Commissioners will not never addressed as it should be, he marijuana-on-sale-in-california of tension between the BoCC and
there have been numerous unwanted listen to county residents and have observed. He urged the county to Commissioners told those the sheriff’s office, suggesting that
consequences.” no intention of limiting grows. They throw illegal growers in jail. attending the meeting that Sheriff Warwick and commissioners hold a
“ M r. [ C o m m i s s i o n e r K e n ] are in it for the money, he said, and Generally those commenting Warwick did not complete his special meeting open to the public
Anderson said, ‘this is a moral issue many are questioning where, exactly, supported legal grows but urged the preliminary budget paperwork where they can air their differences.
and it is a moral issue — there are all that money goes and why it is county to eliminate illegal grows and on time according to the county’s In a later interview, Warwick said
children involved,” Case pointed not itemized in the county’s budget. address issues with the application new budget process. County Co- he did not need help with his budget
out. He recounted a discussion process Administrator Lyn Zimmer-Lambert and prefers to submit it himself
with Mountain Valley School Public comment on legal and said she offered to help Warwick per the guidelines the department
Superintendent Travis Garoutte, illegal grows Sheriff’s office funding with his budget and received no has always followed. Because the
telling commissioners how children Numerous citizens then offered Marsha Husted commended response. She also commented that county wished to balance the budget,
from Lazy KV Estates come to comments, some complaining about Sheriff Dan Warwick for submitting certain procedures would need to he said, he believed that he needed
school reeking of marijuana and the lights, fumes and proximity of a new budget to commissioners be followed in order to consider to stay within certain budgetary
must take showers before beginning legal and illegal grows. Growers last week, requesting an additional whether Warwick’s budget request parameters to maintain that balance,
the school day. Many of them need defended their operations, accusing $67,000 in funding for the sheriff’s would be honored. Commissioners which is why he did not ask for
breakfast at the school because they ag producers of creating more road office. She presented budget data would not say whether they favored additional funds.
have not eaten and some wash their wear than growers and potato farmers that indicates the county can well granting the increase or not. As for writing the grant to recover
clothes in bathroom sinks. of using more toxic chemicals than afford the increase. She ended her J. Anderson said he and other money for illegal grows, Warwick
Saguache County Public Health marijuana growers use. comments by asking commissioners commissioners helped get legislation said no one in his department is
Director David Daboll added later Other growers said that to limit when they would approve the new passed to provide a refund program qualified to do this. The county had
that half of these students are marijuana production in any way is budget. for law enforcement agencies a line item in the budget for a grant
“stoned out of their minds” from unconstitutional and “prohibition” Another citizen described a recent busting illegal grows but Warwick writer last year, he noted, but not
working for their parents or other of pot will not happen. Those video she viewed on the Internet that has not applied for any of the grants this year.
growers. While handling illegal advocating for a moratorium on shows a rural California county that that refund the money, putting the
grow plants the plant oils penetrate marijuana, however, ask only has declared a state of emergency county in a bad light.
the skin and result in intoxication. that such a pause in accepting regarding its illegal marijuana Case told commissioners that
“People need to pay attention,” applications be used to tighten the problem and is working to eradicate it was unfair for them to accuse
Daboll concluded. regulations and application process. cannabis within its county. Like Wa r w i c k o f n o t c o m p l e t i n g
Case then detailed the previous Planning commission member Bill Saguache, health and safety issues paperwork when he is on patrol
locations of those who have opened McClure says the county planning are cited as well as increased crime duty and does not even have time
legal operations here, remarking that commission intends to revise
nearly all of them came from out of
state and several had ties to foreign
their review process and tighten
the regulations, but added he
A cervical screening could save your life!
countries. He also mentioned that cannot control what commissioners
water supplies in the Valley are being approve or don’t approve. January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.
adversely affected and property Another citizen accused the You may be eligible for a free screening! Stop by
values in grow areas are declining. planning commission of not dotting HRRMC’s main lobby on Jan. 23, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.,
James Falsetta spoke next, reading their “i’s and crossing their ‘t’s” to learn more about cervical screenings.
a letter on behalf of himself and in approving applications, telling Dr. Terri Rosenbaum and Karen Adamson, NP, will
other county residents. He said many the planning commission that their answer your questions about women’s
women s health.
residents are concerned because laxity in allowing applications For more info,
marijuana growers in the area are through is where the problems begin.
call 207-2088
Volume 117, Number 3 Thursday, January 18, 2018 50¢

Shorts Idaho Pacific expansion means new jobs
Tri-County Snow Center Sanitation
existing business, the expansion
positively affects the area economy
Ball Friday District also benefits through the purchase of supplies,
materials and services from local
MONTE VISTA— Tri-County CENTER – A new and recently businesses, and the purchase of nearly
Senior Citizens will host a Snow completed expansion of the Idaho 200 million pounds of raw potatoes
Ball Dance on Jan. 19 from 6-9 p.m. Pacific Colorado (IPC) potato from area farms.
at the senior center, 311 Washington dehydration operation in Center, IPC invested approximately
St., Monte Vista. Music will be by underway for several months, has $6 million in the project, which
Bernal Maestas and Alex Lopez. Cost nearly doubled the plant’s production includes state-of-the-art technology
of the dance is $7 per person, and of potato flakes and flour and added in dehydrated potato flakes and flour
finger foods will be available. For 35 new full-time jobs to the local manufacturing, and water treatment.
more information, contact Roxlyn workforce. “The new technology will keep
Aragon at 719-852-5778. IPC announced the completion of our business competitive with our
the project in a news release last Friday. global competition, and will allow our
Coloring contest The company now has 133 full-time products to continue to be marketed
world-wide,” said Tim Ruggles,
winners named “We are very excited about the manager of the plant. “The San Luis
M O N T E V I S TA — Va l l e y expansion, and the positive economic Valley is a perfect location for our Courtesy Photo
Publishing has named the 2017 impact our business will have on the business due to the quantity and quality Tim Ruggles, left, plant manager for Idaho Pacific Colorado Corp. at the
Holiday Coloring Contest winners. local economy,” said Todd Sutton, of potatoes grown by the local farming company’s potato dehydration plant in Center, and Todd Sutton, right,
Six-year-old Andrew Harmon from the company’s Vice President of operations. We are proud to be a part vice president of operations at IPCC, provide a tour of the company’s
Antonito and 10-year-old Lovina Operations. expanded plant to Lee Swenson, center, senior advisor on Colorado
Miller of Antonito were chosen In the addition to the company’s Please see IPC on Page 11A Rural Policy to U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.
as winners in their respective age

School planning underway Perez sentenced to 44 years
categories. Both children will receive
gift certificates. Parents of the winners,
please contact Chelsea or Jennifer at
Valley Publishing, 852-3531. Judge holds Center
MVC offering citizens accountable
scholarships BY TERESA L. BENNS
SAGUACHE — Jose Perez, 27,
was a good-natured, hardworking
Vista Coop is once again offering
boy who graduated from Center
two scholarships, the Dennis Kay
High School, finished automotive
memorial $6,000 4-year Agriculture
school and had a promising future,
Scholarship and the Mike Kelley
his relatives, teachers and friends
Memorial $1,000 Scholarship.
testified in a lengthy video played in
Applications are available at all of
court during his sentencing hearing
the Valley schools, the main office
of the Monte Vista Coop and online
But that was before his addiction
at The deadline is
to heroin and methamphetamines
Jan. 31, 2018. With questions, please
changed his life forever, finally
call Brenda Cooper at 719-852-5181.
leading to the murder of a Center man
Free workers comp in a drug deal gone wrong.
Police arrested Perez on Feb. 25,
Jose Perez

seminar Jan. 25 Design Advisory Group member Bobbie Baughman shares her
Courtesy Photo 2016 during a traffic stop, nearly two
months after the New Year’s Day
those gathered in the courtroom he
had no choice according to current
MONTE VISTA— SLV Health thoughts on school site use and placement at Mountain Valley School’s homicide of Ivan Antonio Alfaro sentencing guidelines but to hand
is sponsoring a free Workers citizens’ advisory meeting last month. The school is completing design Sanchez, 26, in an apartment complex down the maximum sentence of 44
Compensation Educational Seminar plans in preparation for construction. (See more in next week’s issue.) near 27 Highway 112 in Center. Perez years — 12 years on the kidnapping
on Thursday, Jan. 25 at 7:30 a.m. at
and an accomplice, Juan Vega, 29, charge and 32 years for second-degree
the Monte Vista Chamber, 947 First
entered the apartment where the two murder, to be served consecutively.
Avenue in Monte Vista. This training
will assist employers and supervisors Commissioners re-examine shut Sanchez’s girlfriend and children
in a bathroom. Perez then shot
Perez could be up for a parole
hearing in 26 years, but there are no
with filing more accurate and timely
claims. For more information, please moratorium, discuss task force Sanchez, who was later pronounced
dead at the scene.
guarantees he would be paroled then
or even at a later date, Willms said.
call 589-8100.
BY TERESA L. BENNS the county, up to 24 plants. Penalties Perez was initially charged with
SAGUACHE— During a work are set by the law for those growing first-degree murder, first-degree Judge Gonzales addresses
Saguache County session Tuesday, Saguache County more plants than allowed. burglary, second-degree kidnapping Center residents
sales tax grants Commissioners further discussed the
possibility of declaring a marijuana
“The law is not addressing people,
its addressing property,” Anderson
and other charges. He later entered a
plea agreement of guilty on second-
“I come from a small community,”
Gonzales began. “I know what’s
available applications moratorium and a task observed. degree murder charges and second- going on. This epidemic of drugs is
SAGAUCHE— The Saguache force to recommend changes to the Anderson made it clear the county degree kidnapping. ripping families and communities
County Board of Commissioners current application and enforcement could allow the 99-plant count even Deputy District Attorney Brandon apart. I don’t know if there is an end to
will be taking grant applications for process. though state regulations have rescinded Willms reminded the court that to it. One of the things that struck me [in
Saguache County Sales Tax Grants Commissioners Chair Jason it, but would not allow a grow that large escape the crime scene, Sanchez’s the video], I heard a lot of ‘he was.’ It
until 3 p.m., Friday, Feb. 9. Anderson began by instructing those in a residential area. There is a broad girlfriend had to step over the body was all past tense — no future tense.
To be eligible grant applications must attending the meeting that it was a interpretation of what is residential, he of her boyfriend, and the children had Those who said they couldn’t believe
be for either: emergency services/public work session and public comment noted and currently only the Baca Grande to see the dead body of their father. it, had better believe it…
health and safety; youth and senior would be limited at best. subdivision in the county is strictly zoned He indicated that was reason enough “Is he a bad person? I couldn’t say
programs, projects or organizations or The first item discussed was HB residential. Residential, however, would in itself to hand down the maximum either way. [They said in the video]
renewable energy projects/business 17-1220, a state legislature measure pertain to land designated for single sentence for Perez. ‘It was the drugs, it wasn’t him,’ but
opportunities and job creation. that went into effect Jan. 1. The family use, Anderson added. The families in the video painted a I beg to differ. It was him who pulled
Grant applications are available new regulation limits the number How the county will apply this law bleak picture of the town, explaining the trigger and [nothing] will change
online at or contact of residential plants residents can is something commissioners will need how it has been ravaged by heroin, that — he did it. If it was the drugs then
the Saguache County Administration cultivate to 12 plants and if they to decide, he said. methamphetamine and cocaine someone should have grabbed him by
office at 719-655-2231 to request a have a medical license, a doctor’s abuse. But despite their pleas for
copy of the grant application. prescription and have registered with Please see BOCC on Page 11A leniency, Judge Martin Gonzales told Please see PEREZ on Page 5A
Thursday, January 18, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 11A

Continued from Page 1A
Moratorium, task force opponents, two neutral parties, a Commissioner Ken Anderson said to go to the voters. He told Warwick them and a lot of these workers are
Commissioners agreed that a representative from the planning changes to the budget process were “Commissioners are more than from out of state.”
moratorium may be possible but would commission, a member of law made three years ago and the sheriff’s willing to work with you,” adding that Warwick concluded with the
only be temporary. Commissioner enforcement, the Saguache Public office needs to comply with that. the county might be able to increase comment, “We can’t get through
Ken Anderson indicated it may not Health director and others. Warwick said he likes it better the way his budget, but commissioners need another grow season manned the way
be needed because many marijuana He also recommended a work it was before, when all department to figure that out. we are. The grow we raided last summer
cultivators will not survive in the session be held strictly to decide heads met with commissioners and “These grows put more strain on in Bonanza may be coming back.”
Valley.Anderson said if commissioners how to allocate marijuana excise tax communicated their needs in person. every service in the county,” Warwick Regarding the jail situation,
approve a moratorium there would funds collected by the county. Other Anderson agreed they could help told commissioners. “There is nothing Warwick added there has been some
need to also be a task force appointed items to be addressed in the future, Warwick out with a grant writer for but headaches. We have got to get it talk about building a combined jail for
to make recommendations regarding he said, include: some of the sheriff’s office needs and under control. We have let marijuana all six counties and commissioners said
what changes should be made and how. • Role of the code enforcement help increase revenue. But for a long- overrun us. I’m talking about both legal they are encouraged by this news. They
Ken Anderson later agreed a officer term solution, Jason Anderson said, and illegal grows. Growers bring in indicated the discussion on the sheriff’s
task force to go over the rules and • Creating a county finance another sales tax initiative will need this less than desirable element with office funding matter will continue.
regulations couldn’t be created department
without a moratorium. Jason • Hiring a county administrator
Anderson said it would need to be • Cytometry (GIS?), to be used for
preceded by public comment. Bill assessing county property
Case, who was attending the meeting, Jason Anderson said further that
said the commissioners had all the by 2019 the county will be facing “a
comments they needed to proceed. dire financial dilemma,” partly due
Another citizen commented that to declining tax revenues because
people are primarily concerned with of the structuring of the Gallagher
county’s ability (or lack of it) to amendment. The state legislature is
follow their own regulations, that it scheduled to address the amendment
is not a robust process accompanied this session, but there is no guarantee
by follow through. Jason Anderson they can or will “fix” it, he agreed.
pointed out that the fact the county
has a code enforcement officer proves Sheriff’s office
they are serious about regulation, but Sheriff Dan Warwick appeared
are still in the first season and the before commissioners to answer
“adaptive phase” of working those questions about the revised sheriff’s
out. Others have commented that all office budget he submitted last week.
the details should have been worked Commissioners took up the thread that
out long before applications were they gave Warwick all he asked for
even taken for the grows. in his budget so he is fully funded,
Jason Anderson said the idea of that he did not submit preliminary
having more public comment was to budget forms and that Warwick had
get as many ideas and views as possible not justified his budget increases.
before proceeding. A public meeting They basically told the sheriff he
was set for Monday, Jan. 29 at the Road should have asked for the increase
and Bridge Building from 2-5 p.m. the first time around.
Jason Anderson said he has “I’ve been told by you guys not to
concerns about the moratorium both ask for more funding,” Warwick said.
ways and recommended putting “The airport — how much money is
together a citizens’ task force first. going into that and to what purpose?
Some of the recommendations for Why not more on safety? We can’t
who should serve on the task force, check illegal grows [with limited staff]
made by Anderson, included two because by the time we get there they
marijuana proponents, two marijuana are packed up and have moved on.”

Continued from Page 1A
of the local potato industry. ensure the sanitation district can serve
Included in the project was funding their needs in hopes their expansion
from San Luis Valley Development provides additional employment
Resources Group to expand the water opportunities for the residents in and
treatment facility. “We appreciate around Center,” Center Sanitation
the support of the San Luis Valley Board President George Welsh
Resources Development group, which commented in an email Monday.
helped make the expansion possible,” Jones said he is pleased that the
noted Sutton. loan will clean up the ditch water that
The potato dehydration process runs through the town, removing any
includes sorting, steam peeling, objectionable odor and making water
slicing, cooking, and mashing raw available from the ditch “drinking
potatoes that are than applied to large water quality.” Sanitation District
drum rollers that dry the cooked engineer Tim Marcotte was the
potatoes to a moisture content of six to overseer for the project.
nine percent. The dried potatoes come Jones continued to explain that
off the drum rollers in a thin sheet altogether the waste treatment facility
that looks like paper. The product is for IPC is about $5 million with all of
then ground to specific granulations, the included equipment they will have
screened and packaged in sizes installed. The loan is provided to the
ranging from a 22-pound bag up to a Sanitation District by the San Luis
2,000-pound supersack. Valley Development Resources Group
IPC has owned and operated the but is guaranteed by Idaho Pacific,
potato dehydration plant in Center who will make payments on the loan.
since 2001. The business manufactures “The reason for the loan is that
dehydrated potato flakes and potato the sanitation district is the landlord
flour that are used as ingredients in and they (IPC) are the tenant and
snack foods, bakery items, soups guarantee payment of this loan,”
and stews, retail products for instant Jones said. The money helped Center
mashed potatoes, and in restaurants transition from a lagoon system to
and cafeterias for mashed potatoes a closed system, and much of the
and potato side dishes. potato waste currently processed by
the sanitation district is being dumped
Center Sanitation District role on local fields. The rest is treated and
The Center Sanitation District leases released to the ditch.
space and facility to Idaho Pacific Center Mayor Herman Sisneros
Corp. for the treatment of agriculture signed the loan documents. The loan
waste. The treatment facility needed to is personally guaranteed by the chief
be updated to facilitate better discharge executive officer of Idaho Pacific,
water standards. The new construction Jones said and will run for 12 years,
will meet the increased demand due to with a balloon payment due at the end
expansion and will make the facility of the loan.
cleaner for the discharge of water to
the environment, Center Sanitation Te re s a B e n n s c o n t r i b u t e d
Board member Moe Jones explained. information on the Center Sanitation
“We have worked hard with them to District.
Volume 117, Number 4 Thursday, January 25, 2018 75¢

Shorts Center invites DOLA to help with finances
BY TERESA L. BENNS and DOLA can then help them
Center pancake C E N T E R — C e n t e r To w n organize their finances for up to a
Administrator Brian Lujan welcomed year, but there is no contract, she said.
breakfast Saturday Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) The process is completely voluntary,
CENTER—The Center Kiwanis Representative Christi Culp to the Culp noted, and helps establish best
and the Center High School Wrestling town board meeting Tuesday after practices for communities.
team will again host a pancake inviting her to help the town better The town said it would consider
breakfast on Saturday, Jan. 27 from organize its finances. the matter and let Culp know.
7 to 10 a.m. It will be all-you-can-eat Culp told the board Lujan asked
pancakes, sausage, fruit, orange juice her to offer “some budget guidance Please see DOLA on Page 12A
or coffee; the price is $6 for adults to make sure Center is operating
and $4 for children. The special according to state statutes.” She
price for wrestlers and coaches will recommended the town initiate Christi Culp with the
be $4 each. strategic planning to help with this Department of Local Affairs
process. She also told the board chats with Office of Emergency
Saguache Dems DOLA does research for local Management representative
governments and offers free financial
Caucus Training, assistance.
David Osborne at Tuesday’s
Center Town Board meeting.
meeting Feb. 13 Towns must ask for the assistance Photo by Teresa L. Benns

SAGUACHE— The Saguache
County Democratic Party Central
Committee will host a caucus training T-Heart Ranch honored at CCA awards Communities
to be ready for the March 6 caucuses
on Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 5 p.m. at
that Care
the Saguache Road & Bridge Meeting
Room, 305 3rd St.
The Saguache County Central
Committee also will meet to determine
the number of delegates to the County
Assembly. For questions or to become BY TERESA L. BENNS
more involved with the party, please CENTER— Educators, health
contact Kevin Noland 970-351- workers, law enforcement, social
6747 or service representatives and other
Central Committee members community members met at Center
who are authorized to vote on any Schools Tuesday to help form a
matters coming before the meeting special Center coalition to implement
are officers, precinct committee The Communities That Care® (CTC),
persons and elected officials of the a program to help prevent drug and
county party. alcohol abuse and other harmful
Caucus training and the meeting are behaviors among youth.
open to the public. All are welcome! Using bonding as a key tool to
reduce problem behaviors in at-
Clarification risk youth, CTC hopes to pull in
community volunteers to implement
The murder of Ivan Alfaro Sanchez what sponsors say is proven strategy
in Center in 2016 was the result of to address youth problems. Saguache
a burglary and may not have been County Public Health is operating the
directly involving drugs. program on a grant, which expires
in 2019. CTC is funded with state
revenues from marijuana sales.
HOW'S THE Courtesy Photo
Ani Rinchung is the CTC
coordinator for Saguache County.
Rinchung said she believes Center
WEATHER? The T-Heart Ranch, owned and operated by Shane and Beth Temple of Center were named the 2017
Outstanding Seedstock Producer of the Year at the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association Mid-Winter
Conference held Jan. 15-17 in Denver. See related story on Page 5A.
needs its own particular coalition to
suit is unique community status in
the county. Saguache County Public
Thursday Health Director David Daboll told
Sunny, with a high near 46.
Light and variable wind becoming
south southwest 5 to 10 mph in the
BoCC sets task force idea aside those attending the meeting that
Rinchung has a plan for Center that
will help cut through much of the red
afternoon. BY TERESA L. BENNS The planning commission One citizen in the audience said Please see CTC on Page 7A
Thursday night SAGUACHE— Saguache County meets Thursday at road and bridge he has served on a task force and
Mostly clear, with a low around 10. Commissioners unexpectedly turned building beginning at 5 p.m. to told commissioners it is “nearly
South southwest wind 5 to 10 mph. a thumbs down on the idea of a review marijuana applications and impossible to create a team that
Friday task force to help review and revise conditional use permits. Maez and represents everything. No one is
Mostly sunny, with a high near the marijuana application process the commissioners agreed that if really neutral,” but winds up being
41. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph Tuesday, deciding instead to turn the “anything falls through the cracks” either for or against. Commissioners
becoming west northwest in the process over to the Saguache County it has to go through the planning had proposed including two neutral
afternoon. Planning Commission. commission anyway. members on the task force at their
Friday night Commissioner Jason Anderson said Even if there is a moratorium, work session last week.
Mostly clear, with a low around if the marijuana moratorium is enacted, Maez noted, that will have to go Commissioner J. Anderson
0. Northwest wind around 5 mph the county would not really need a through the planning commission pointed out that planning
becoming calm in the evening. task force. The planning commission too and there will need to be a public commission representatives need
Saturday could just draft modifications to the hearing. to be at the public meeting,
Sunny, with a high near 36. South application process and regulations. County Attorney Ben Gibbons set for Monday, Jan. 29 from
southwest wind around 5 mph. “The planning commission has commented that should the planning 2-5 p.m. Depending on public Photo by Teresa L. Benns
Saturday night good thoughts and ideas,” County commission need more time to finish input, commissioners will decide Communities That Care Coor-
Mostly clear, with a low around 5. Co-Administrator Wendi Maez told up revising the regulations and following the public meeting dinator Ani Rinchung explains
West wind around 5 mph. commissioners. “The public will talk application process, the moratorium how the program she directs helps
to them.” could always be extended. Please see BOCC on Page 2A prevent harmful behaviors in youth.
Page 2A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, January 25, 2018

OBITUARIES Candidate forums coming in February
JAMES DOMENIC NARANJO, 67 S A N L U I S VA L L E Y — upcoming caucuses and primaries, Saguache Road & Bridge meeting
DENVER—God gently whispered Congressional candidates Diane local issues, voter registration, room, 305 3rd Street.
to James Domenic Naranjo, born Sept. Mitsch Bush and Karl Hanlon, and ways all can encourage their Congressman Scott Tipton was
5, 1950, to return home on Thursday, in Crestone and Saguache special neighbors to get involved. invited to participate in these
Nov. 23, 2017. James died peacefully guests State Sen. Larry Crowder and events, but declined due to prior
and painlessly while at St. Anthony’s State House District 62 Rep. Donald Meeting times commitments.
Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Valdez will appear for a candidates’ • Saturday, Feb. 10, 1-3 p.m. in For more information, contact
He was born, raised and stayed a forum in Crestone Feb. 11 and other Alamosa at St. Ive’s Pub & Eatery, Barb Tidd with Indivisible Crestone/
longtime resident of Monte Vista. The locations in the Valley. 719 Main Street. Baca 719-
last four years of his life he lived at the Forget about boring speeches and • Saturday, Feb. 10, 4-6 p.m. 221-8434.
Lakewood Villa Retirement Center, awkward meet and greets. Let’s get at Monte Vista Information Ctr./ These events are sponsored by
Lakewood, Colo. face time and real answers! Candidate Chamber of Commerce, 947 1st Indivisible, Crestone/Baca; the
He honorably served his fellow men events will allow small groups to sit Avenue. Alamosa event is co-sponsored
and country in the U.S. Army Force. around the table with each candidate/ • Sunday, Feb. 11 12N-2 p.m. at by SLV Women Act and Alamosa
He sought a career in culinary arts guest for about 15 minutes at a time, Crestone Charter School, 330 E. County Democrats and the Monte
gifted in the baking industry. rotating between candidates and Lime Ave. Vista event is co-sponsored by Rio
He is survived by his daughter, special guests and to learn about • Sunday, Feb. 11 3-5 p.m. at Grande County Democrats.
Yolanda Lucrecia Gonzalez (Reyes),
Denver and son James Domenic
McGirt, Fayetteville, N.C., five
grand-children and one great grand-child.
He was preceded in death by his parents, Mr. Louis Jake Naranjo and
Mrs. Lucrethia Maria Ruybal Naranjo and three brothers (Lawrence, Louie
How marijuana permitting
and Sydney).
He is survived by five siblings, Gabriel (Andrietta), Modesto, Delicia,
Dianna and Delilah, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.
Graveside/burial service will be officiated by Pastor Bill Wilstrom and is
is impacting one family
scheduled at 1 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018 at Workers Union Cemetery. Part one engineer evaluate our building site
and design a septic treatment system.
of the Saguache County Marijuana
Regulations. (B.)
Directly following, the family will receive, greet and fellowship with family
and friends at the Grace Community Baptist Church, reception hall, 403 of two-part series “This letter is an attempt to
implore Saguache County Land Use
“The permit application states
the land owners’ intent of powering
Lincoln Ave, Monte Vista.
On behalf of the Naranjo family, we would like to “thank” those of you BY TERESA L BENNS Department to DENY the Conditional approximately 100,000 watts of
who have kindly and lovingly opened your life to our dearly departed, SAGUACHE— While Saguache Use of premises permit for a retail lighting and indoor garden equipment
grandson, son, dad, brother, nephew, uncle and cousin. Commissioners consider a marijuana marijuana cultivation facility located using diesel generators. This is a clear
“Mr. James Domenic Naranjo may you rest in Our Holy Heavenly Fathers moratorium and discuss appointing a at 26758 Hammond Avenue, on the violation of marijuana regulations,
everlasting peace.” task force to further study marijuana grounds that the proposed facility as diesel generators exude a large
regulations, those who purchased directly violates the Saguache amount of noise and vibration that

SHERIFF’S REPORT land prior to the grow properties that
continue to surround them are caught
County Marijuana Regulations,
effective Jan. 1, 2017. Information
will directly affect residents and
property owners nearby 26758
in the middle, forced to put their about the owner’s intent is based on Hammond. (C.) The exhaust from
The following records were Julian Miller, 19, Saguache, dreams on hold until further notice. a copy of the conditional use permit the diesel generators would also pose
provided by the Saguache Sheriff’s speeding 74 in a 65 MPH zone Property owners Mischa Vining- application submitted by the owner of a threat to the health and safety of
Office for the week of Jan. 15-22 Robert Wilson, 26, Boulder, Doyle and Shiloh Jackman say 26758 Hammond Avenue, (GII LLC, nearby property owners. Continuous
speeding 44 in a 35 MPH zone they moved to Saguache County Michael E. Barkl, THC Inc.) obtained exposure to diesel exhaust fumes
Arrests Billy Tyler, 47, Moffat, defective and purchased 35 acres of raw land from the Saguache County Land Use can cause long term, or chronic
J e r e m i a h M a r t i n e z , 3 3 , vehicle, drove without a valid driver’s July 10, 2017 on what is now 26644 Department. The Saguache County respiratory illnesses and increased
Center, second-degree assault, license Hammond Avenue. Recently they Marijuana Regulations state: risk of lung cancer.
second-degree criminal trespass, Sean White, 43, Monument, learned that a marijuana grow would “No person may engage in “The permit application states
harassment, criminal mischief, speeding 74 in a 65 MPH zone be located within 1,500 feet of their marijuana production in a manner the landowners’ intent of creating
resisting arrest, violation of a Eric Highfield, 39, Denver, property. Their letter, addressed to that adversely affects the health and traffic for business reasons and/or
restraining order speeding 95 in a 65 MPH zone Saguache County Land Use, tells the safety of the nearby property owner(s) the owner’s family and friends. The
Keegan Galbraith, 31, Boulder, story of many property owners in the including, but not limited to: application also states the intent of a
Citations speeding 74 in a 65 MPH zone area who have expressed concerns at A. Having visibility of plants from parking area for parked vehicles. This
Brandon Stewart, 18, Saguache, Randall Merchant, 53, Salida, meetings and in writing, but whose the exterior of the structure(s) or any violates marijuana regulations in that
speeding 95 in a 65 MPH zone speeding 74 in a 65 MPH zone objections have not been addressed. other common visual observation, it will cause undue vehicular traffic
Kevin Thompson, 23, Boerne, Keith Frank, 54, Pagosa Springs, Vining-Doyle and Jackman wrote: including any form of signage. (D.) A Retail Marijuana Cultivation
Texas, speeding 89 in a 65 MPH zone speeding 74 in a 65 MPH zone “We came to this area seeking B. Emitting light pollution, glare Facility of this size and nature requires
Elias Heredia,43, Alamosa, Amy Walsh, 47, Lyons, speeding comfort, quiet, beautiful mountain or brightness in a residential area that a significant number of employees and
speeding 74 in a 65 MPH zone 74 in a 65 MPH zone views, fresh clean air and affordable disturbs the repose of another.
land to build a small sustainable home C. Causing unreasonable noise or Please see POT on Page 10A
BOCC and hobby farm. We are planning our
family carefully and envision raising
D. Cause undue vehicular or foot
Continued from Page 1A
our children in a safe and healthy traffic, including excess parking.”
whether or not they will declare a she said no. “They are smooshed environment. When we purchased “(This is an excerpt from page
six-month marijuana moratorium. into the sheriff ’s office and land the lot at 26644 Hammond Ave, we four, under “Marijuana production
use,” Zimmer-Lambert explained. imagined our kids riding their bicycles in Unincorporated Saguache County”
Excise tax and budget items “The excise tax has its own line in a safe, low traffic residential/ from the scanned PDF document
Commissioner Tim Lovato item and will remain in its own agricultural area. available at www.saguachecounty.
asked County Co-Administrator category.” “We have already invested a net)
Lyn Zimmer-Lambert if she had He also asked Zimmer-Lambert great deal of finances and effort in “The permit application states
itemized marijuana related revenues if the county has the final numbers developing our land to accommodate the land owner’s intent of outdoor
in the 2018 budget. “Anything to do yet for the 2017 excise tax totals. our future home to be built on our little and security lighting that will emit
with marijuana is set up in project Maez answered him saying that the slice of peace and solitude. Purchasing light pollution, glare and brightness
codes [inside] the general fund,” December excise taxes were not due this property is the manifestation of in a residential area that will disturb
Zimmer-Lambert replied. “Revenues until January 20 and the board will years of careful planning and deciding the repose of many others. The
and expenditures are in their ownc have the totals at its first February a precise location to settle to achieve application states: “Outdoor and
section.” meeting. Zimmer-Lambert said in our goals, and actualize our dream. security lighting will have motion
J. Anderson asked Zimmer- 2018 the county can put the marijuana Our progress thus far consists of a censored lights on the outside of
Lambert if the 2017 numbers were code items in and the numbers physical address, driveway, a new the structure and lights on top of
itemized in the same way and automatically will come up. water well and we have had a soil fencing.” This is a direct violation
Volume 117, Number 5 Please see both stories Thursday, February 1, 2018 75¢

Shorts Residents vent at pot moratorium meeting
Tri-County hosting SAGUACHE — Saguache
breakfast Saturday County Commissioner Jason
MONTE VISTA—Tri-County Anderson greeted those attending
Seniors will host their monthly the Jan. 29 discussion of a marijuana
breakfast on Saturday, Feb. 3 from moratorium with the following:
8-10 a.m. They will be serving sausage, “Welcome to the world of legalized
eggs, pancakes and a beverage for $6. marijuana,” reminding attendees
For more information, please call that Colorado residents have
719-852-5778. a constitutional right to grow,
possess and use the drug.
Barbecue Feb. 9 Upwards of 100 people attended
DELNORTE— The Holy Name of the meeting, lining the walls of
Mary Catholic Church, in Del Norte, the Saguache Road and Bridge
will host a brisket dinner, open to the meeting room. Several growers
public, on Friday, Feb. 9 at 6 p.m. at the and those favoring the grows
Knights of Columbus Hall, 595 Pine were in attendance. But the
St., Del Norte. Suggested donation is majority attending were residents
$5 per person. There will be a dessert who believe the marijuana
auction following dinner. Photo by Teresa L. Benns
application approvals cranked out
For questions or advance tickets, Attendees lined the walls to weigh in at the public hearing in Saguache Monday regarding the declaration by the Saguache County Planning
please call Greg Porter, at 657-2150. of a marijuana moratorium. Please see MEETING on Page 11A
Head Start now enrolling
CENTER— Center Head Start
is now enrolling children ages 3-5. Center hosts Valley Classic Planning
The Head Start provides free services
in a caring, nurturing and great commission
learning environment with qualified
staff. Meals are provided. For more
information call 719-754-3191.
okays grows
Chapter DP P.E.O. SAGUACHE — At their Jan. 25
offering scholarships Planning Commission (PC) meeting,
planning commission members
SAN LUIS VALLEY— Chapter reviewed four marijuana grow
DP P.E.O., a philanthropic educational applications, declining to review
organization dedicated to the one the commission had already
advancement and education of women, approved and approving the other
is offering $500 scholarships to three applications. This brings the
qualifying women who are graduating total number of approved grows in
from a San Luis Valley high school the county to 29.
this spring 2018. Commissioners were asked to
To be eligible for the scholarship, review the first application regarding
candidates must complete a scholarship Michael Barkl but since Barkl was
application, have at least a 3.5 grade not there and the application had
point average, submit two letters of already received previous approval,
recommendation, and be attending an they referred the final action to
institution of higher learning beginning commissioners instead. They rejected
in the fall of 2018. Also, applicants a plea made by Mischa Vining-Doyle
must submit a 500-1000-word essay and Shiloh Jackman to reconsider the
discussing their educational and career approval. The couple told the PC no
goals for the next five years. Deadline one had informed them in a timely
for applications is March 1. Photo by Stephen Jiron manner that the grow would be erected
For more information and an Isiah Wellman steers Colton Sims to the mat during the third place match at 126 pounds. Wellman on the border of their property.
application contact your high school took fourth place to lead Mountain Valley to a 19th place finish in the annual Valley Classic Wrestling The second application involved
counselor, or Ann Stanford at the possibility that the applicant
Tournament held Saturday in Center. would need two separate licenses, one

Mental health issues another
medical and one retail, since he told
Two injured in them he planned to grow retail but
Jan. 25 accident sell the product for medical research
purposes. The PC was not certain how
near Center
CENTER— Lester Huseby, 63,
was flown out with serious injuries
law enforcement concern
BY TERESA L. BENNS experiencing a psychotic episode on Western Slope, and the remaining
to proceed as there was confusion
about the licensure.
Bill McClure said he was “mad
on Thursday, Jan. 25 after the 2006 as hell” because the confusion
SAGUACHE COUNTY— When a 24-hour mental health hold and funds will help train first responders
GMC Envoy he was driving went off and uncertainty about following
citizens insist Saguache County take them to jail until they can be on conducting mental health holds,
the side of Colorado 285 near Center, the regulations is why they are
Commissioners better fund the transported to a mental health facility. help fund mental health programs to
collided with a delineator post, came getting “chewed out.” Alternative PC
sheriff’s office and provide a new jail But a new law which goes into effect assist law enforcement and provide
back on the roadway and ran into a member Steve Carlson also told the
facility, it isn’t just to police marijuana May 1 requires rural sheriffs to shorten funds for transportation costs, in-house
2007 Chevrolet Silverado pickup commission there was no proof the
grows or beef up ticketing and patrol up the time frame and transport those counselors and screenings, The Denver
driven by Richard Chapman, 36. proposed grow had access to a water
operations, but to address many other on mental health holds more quickly. Post article reported.
Chapman was also injured in the source. Chairperson Rebie Hazard
problems as well. Those who are both mentally ill and In Saguache County, Sheriff Dan
crash and transported to Rio Grande noted the application they had was
A much-overlooked aspect of law are facing criminal charges must still Warwick says mental health cases are
Hospital. not correct.
enforcement duties is the care of the be held at the jail, however. not put in cells at the jail. Deputies must
Both drivers were wearing their Richard Drake proposed the motion
mentally ill, who often are incarcerated The new law makes $7 million transport mental cases to Pueblo, if
seatbelts, according to the Colorado be postponed until incorrect dates on the
in local jails simply because they have available to the Department of Human there is room, or to Denver or Colorado
State Patrol report. Alcohol is application could be corrected. But the
nowhere else to go. According to a Services to help deal with the problem. Springs for evaluation, occasionally
suspected as a contributing factor, application was approved 5-2 pending
Dec. 17 article in The Denver Post, Some of that money will be used to
according to state patrol.
rural sheriff’s deputies can place those construct a new crisis center on the Please see MENTAL on Page 9A Please see GROWS on Page 6A
Page 6A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, February 1, 2018

Continued from Page 5A
more likely to stay in the profession.” that includes 18 credits in a content area. seeking community support for that
He said there is a movement across “ASU has done concurrent qualification effort in the form of sponsorships as
Colorado to provide additional pay to for years, but until now, it hasn’t had the project develops.
teachers with the credential. the state support this project provides.” For more information about Project
The partnership with UNC also offers Garcia said another goal of Project SERVE, contact Curtis Garcia at 719-
teachers $6,000 scholarships to become SERVE is to send two students per 587-8202. Students interested in the
qualified to teach college courses in high community to a national conference program should connect with their
school. That requires a master’s degree each semester. Project SERVE will be school counselor or principal.

File Photo by Teresa L. Benns
Ken Frye with the Old Spanish Trail Association will share the history
of the OST at the upcoming Saguache Chamber program on Feb. 6.

Chamber talk to feature OST
SAGUACHE — On Tuesday, of the North Fork” (located at the
Feb. 6 at 6 p.m., U.S. Forest Service crossroads of U.S. Highway 285 and
(USFS), retired and Chapter President Colorado State Highway 114) where
for the Old Spanish Trail (OST) men and women have turned west
Association Ken Frye will be the for centuries to cross the Continental
featured speaker for the Saguache Divide at Cochetopa Pass. Frye will
Chamber speaker program. share the history of the OST and his
The event will take place at the understanding of the “West Branch”
County Road and Bridge building and the significance of the locating of
located at 305 3rd Street in Saguache. the town of Saguache in relation to this.
Born and raised in the San Luis County residents are invited to
Valley, Frye was an archaeologist come and hear Frye speak about his
and charter member of the OST life in the Valley, his current role
Association when first formed in with the OST Association, and the
1994. Ken spent many years as an importance of the Old Spanish Trail
SLV archaeologist with the USFS and to Saguache yesterday, today, and in
has spent much of his life exploring the future.
ruins and trails no longer used by Chamber of commerce monthly
ancient peoples — Native Americans, meetings (as always) are open to the
Spanish explorers, fur trappers, public. Please contact the chamber
Hispano settlers and post-civil war at or
American pioneers. call Barry at 719-322-7298 with any
Saguache is a crossroad for one questions about this meeting or to be
of the most important aspects of the part of the chamber’s speaker program
Old Spanish Trail; the “West Branch in the future.

Continued from Page 1A

Photo by Teresa L. Benns
Planning commission members Richard Drake, Chairperson Rebie
Hazard, Bill McClure and Benita Curry hear Ruth Horn speak during
a marijuana application review. Other planning commission members
include Lynne Thompson, Ellen Cox, Jeff Shook, Judy Messoline and
alternates, Steve Carlson, Daniel Davis and Mark Swinney.
satisfaction of certain conditions. in the county had been satisfied.
Homeowners said the third Neighbors said they are downwind
applicant was blocking their views of the grow and the spring winds will
and driving down property values. carry any odors associated with the
They also said he had water, chemical grow right into their property. They
and fertilizer issues. The applicant also said the roads in the area would
said he is using all organic pesticides suffer from increased traffic.
and has provided a total of 15 full and Because some building already had
part-time jobs. Other citizens objected begun on the site prior to approval and
that the caliber of those coming into neighbors were not notified, McClure
the Valley to work for the grows are set the review of the conditional use
part of the problem. permit by commissioners back 30
After further discussion, the third days, but the application was approved.
applicant also was approved to During a discussion that followed
grow pending satisfaction of stated the application approvals, McClure
conditions. said he is not in favor of a marijuana
The fourth applicant flew in from moratorium. But if there has to be a
North Carolina, a fact questioned by moratorium, he suggested it be set
Bonanza resident Bill Case based for 90 days. Land Use Administrator
on residency requirements in state Wendi Maez agreed it could be done
and local regulations. The applicant within that time period.
protested that he paid $5,000 for his out- After further discussion, the PC
of-state license, but it still was not clear voted to recommend a 120-day
if all the regulations for a grow operation moratorium to commissioners.
Thursday, February 1, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 11A

Continued from Page 1A
Commission (PC) and approved by energy use (diesel, gas generators) Dottie Ecklund: Put the brakes on a minute, think play areas for their children and the
commissioners have reached their and negative impact on local roads “Support a moratorium and abide about what’s going on.” dream of owning a country home
limit and need to be dialed back. and property values, (roads not by the law; the laws in Saguache free of the city hustle and bustle.
Residents also protested the intended for commercial trucks, County are not being enforced. Lisa Rosen: Nearly all residents (but not
approval of the applications at property values dropping, grows Commissioners need to make “We should never have adopted growers) favored the moratorium.
a planning commission meeting next to residential areas). sure applications are reviewed the idea that the only way to While commissioners made it clear
held Jan. 25. To date, J. Anderson properly.” do economic development is at their last regular commissioners
announced, 29 grows have been Citizen comment highlights marijuana.” meeting that they favored turning
approved. It was later determined Mark Swinney: Travis Garoutte, Mountain Valley the regulation revision over to the
that not one application has “There is a lack of zoning, a School Superintendent: Several citizens complained of planning commission rather than
been denied, by either the PC or lack of concern for the community “There is a lot of pain in the grows surrounding their homes creating a task force to oversee
commissioners. and [a lack of concern for] the community, anxiety and fear. My and ruining their views and peace the revisions, they denied they
Growers’ objections nearly all county’s children and values… [In biggest worry is that students and quiet. Many objected they had made any such decision at the
followed the same path — they the working world] if I had ever are becoming desensitized [to had never received notices before public meeting.
have invested thousands of dollars passed as many grows as I’ve seen marijuana] — everywhere you the grows went in. Both at the When the public meeting
into their grows, they have a passed here in the last six weeks, go, it’s out there. Usage is up, Planning Commission meeting and c o n c l u d e d , c o m m i s s i o n e r s
constitutional right to grow, they I would have been fired. If you according to school resource the public meeting, parents and indicated there would be other
have followed all the rules, their don’t enforce a code, why bother officers. At Mountain Valley, we’re grandparents voiced their complete public hearings before the issue
applications have been approved, with a code?” taking steps to battle easy access, disillusionment with the permitting is decided and no decision on a
they have families to support and desensitization. We can’t control process that has cost them the loss moratorium would be made until
employees to pay and a moratorium Jay Le Blanc: what kids do in their own time. of their views, their privacy, quiet then.
would either slow down or destroy “We still don’t know what the
their businesses. whole picture looks like. The
They maintain they are responsible county doesn’t have a handle on
or will be responsible growers and what’s going on. What kind of
do/will consider their neighbors’ vetting process is taking place
rights and objections, they are here?”
employing county residents, they
are contributing to the community Jim Jaminet:
and to the county budget, they are “We are randomly permitting
preserving the environment, they too many additional grows. There
use less water than those growing is a legal right by the constitution
agricultural crops and their traffic to allow these grows but they
requirements are no greater than are infringing on neighbors’,
those of other farming enterprises. landowners’ rights. A six-month
Several growers and marijuana moratorium is too short, there
proponents voiced the opinion are a lot of negative impacts
that the real reason residents and the moratorium needs to be
are protesting is that they are retroactive.”
opposed to marijuana from a moral
standpoint. Others touted the Ruth Horn:
medicinal benefits of the drug and “In the big picture of
the rights of patients, some of them things, I have to look at water.
children, to access their products. Commissioners need to listen to
Saguache Town Trustee Terry what landowners are saying and
Gillette summed up the pros and support a moratorium.”
cons of allowing the grows to be
approved indiscriminately during Ken Skoglund, Moffat town
his speaking time. He listed the trustee:
pros as money, medical use and “I bought a water truck and the
recreational use. The cons he last three years have been the best
listed as: increased crime (thefts, years of my business. I work for
violence, illegal grows); in children illegal and legal grows.”
and teens, hazardous exposure to
second-hand smoke, edibles and
in-home grows, resulting in harm
to child growth and development;
fire hazard (heat lamps, residential
electrical overloads that could
result in fire, overloading the
town’s electrical system); water
usage, (unregulated draws from
irrigation ditches, commercial
and other wells); ground water
contamination, (from fuels and
oils, fertilizers, even natural agents
and chemicals); large increase in
Volume 117, Number 6 Thursday, February 8, 2018 75¢

Shorts Commissioners approve pot moratorium
BY TERESA L. BENNS The grow application for Mammoth the illegal grows. J. Anderson said “We have good regulations; we
Saguache Dems SAGUACHE— After months Farms came before the board prior to those growing legally are suffering just need to tighten them up,” Land
of discussion, Saguache County the moratorium discussion but was from guilt by association because of Use Administrator/County Co-
caucus training, Commissioners approved a 120-day postponed, until the owner “gets his the illegal grows. Administrator Wendi Maez replied.
meeting Feb. 13 moratorium on the approval of new
marijuana applications until the
paperwork right.” The application
will be reviewed at the Feb. 20
K. Anderson suggested that a bond
needs to be issued for cultivation
“We’re not stopping them from
applying.” County Attorney Ben
SAGUACHE— The Saguache current regulations governing how meeting. clean-up by growers to cover costs Gibbons corrected Maez, noting that
County Democratic Party Central the applications are processed can Commissioner Jason Anderson said in the event the grow goes out of a moratorium means the county “is
Committee will host a caucus training be reviewed. he heard two themes at the public business. J. Anderson asked that not accepting [marijuana-related]
to be ready for the March 6 caucuses Prior to approving the moratorium, meeting — things were moving too the start date for the moratorium be applications during that time, period.”
on Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 5 p.m. at commissioners also approved a fast with land use so pausing would extended from the meeting date to Commissioner Tim Lovato
the Saguache Road & Bridge Meeting measure that allows an additional be a good thing and no one wants to Feb. 15. recommended the moratorium
Room, 305 3rd St. 11 grow operations to continue their punish the people who are doing it “We need to give folks who’ve be in place 120 days, allowing
The Saguache County Central application process, which eventually right. “How do we find the balance invested a little more room,” he those who have already applied to
Committee also will meet to determine will bring the total number of grows in between?” he asked. suggested. “We have tied our process continue the process. Attorney Ben
the number of delegates to the County in the county to 40. Commissioner Ken Anderson to the state and [if we] abandon Gibbons reminded commissioners
Assembly. For questions or to become Citizen comment was not allowed said something definitely needs to the state process now, that’s not
more involved with the party, please at the meeting. be done with law enforcement and equitable.” Please see APPROVE on Page 3A
contact Kevin Noland 970-351-
6747 or
Central Committee members
who are authorized to vote on any
matters coming before the meeting
Snow at last Report
are officers, precinct committee
persons and elected officials of the
county party.
Caucus training and the meeting are
open to the public. All are welcome!

cancelled Gov. John Hickenlooper and Sen.
DEL NORTE—The Rio Grande Cory Gardner (R) seem to be under the
County Museum’s “Antique Show, impression that all is well in Colorado
Tell and Learn” that was scheduled for when it comes to the existence of
Saturday, Feb. 10 has been cancelled illegal grows in the state, Saguache
due to unforeseen circumstances. The County residents could tell them a
staff hopes to reschedule the event thing or two.
later in the year. Residents who spoke at the recent
public meeting held to consider a
Send a card marijuana moratorium were not
shy in describing their experiences
to a veteran with illegal grows and the hardships
HOMELAKE—The Colorado they impose on neighbors and the
Veterans Community Living Center community. Sheriff Dan Warwick
at Homelake would like to share estimates there are as many as 100
that this Valentine’s day marks the illegal grows in Crestone alone, and
29 th anniversary of the “Valentines other officials say there are close to
for Vets” Program. The staff and 500 in the county.
administration of the Colorado The sheriff’s office has explained
Ve t e r a n s C o m m u n i t y L i v i n g they have limited manpower to
Center at Homelake would like investigate the grows and in some
to encourage you to send or drop cases they lack the authority from the
by a letter, poster or card to our Photo by Teresa L. Benns county to cite first-time violators. But
residents. If you are a teacher, this The San Juans finally saw a little snow Tuesday morning as a fast-moving low-pressure system tracked citizens are not limited to reporting the
may lend itself to a class project. across the state.
Handmade cards or personalized Please see GROWS on Page 11A
notes would be most welcomed
and treasured.
If you have questions, please
contact Pam or Melanie at 852-
County withholds merit raises for deputies
5118. BY TERESA L. BENNS him a budget and told him to stay then refused to authorize the merit sheriff.”
SAGUACHE— Claiming merit within it, and he did not overspend raises. He also noted the county has Zimmer told Cyriacks the two
raises for county deputies was not in granting the raises. not updated the starting salaries for statutes came from the county’s
Clarifi cations specifically approved by the Saguache
Board of County Commissioners,
By using the three percent pay
increase everyone received this year
many employees to match the new
minimum wage increase that went
policy manual.
Cyriacks pointed out that more
The phone number for Saguache
commissioner’s candidate Ellen a single commissioner authorized for those also working off grant into effect this year. specifically, CRS 30-2-106 reads:
Cox is 719-221-6902. Please do not payroll officials to withhold merit funds, commissioners gave money to “In all counties the salaries of the
call the 655- number. raises authorized by the sheriff, persons whose salaries are not a usual Cyriacks CORA request undersheriff and deputy sheriff
claiming he must specifically request part of the payroll, Warwick said. This Lisa Cyriacks contacted County Co- SHALL be fixed by the sheriff, with
Kenneth Skoglund denies he the raises from the board. took money from his budget that was Administrator Lyn Zimmer-Lambert the approval of the board of county
said that he delivers water to both Sheriff Dan Warwick said when intended to pay the merit increases last month by email and requested commissioners.” The emphasis is
illegal and legal growers at the one employee enquired why his so that now they cannot be used for a copy of anything commissioners quite different, she wrote Zimmer.
public meeting on the Saguache pay raise was missing, he was told that purpose. were using to justify rejecting the As a follow-up to her initial CORA
County marijuana moratorium that everything over $500 must be “How do I get people’s wages up pay raise. Lambert first sent her a request, Cyriacks requested additional
Jan. 29. However, several of those approved. “That is only true of cities, to where they need to be now without condensed version of two statutes information, including a copy of the
attending the meeting, including not counties,” Warwick commented. messing up my budget?” Warwick that applied to the situation, one 2016 Saguache County Policies and
individuals close to law enforcement, “If you had to do that you would never queried. Commissioners criticized stating that “the board shall approve Procedures with any amendments
believe they heard Skoglund make get anything done.” him for not using all the money in the compensation for the undersheriff
this statement. Warwick says commissioners gave his budget, Warwick complained, but and deputy sheriffs appointed by the Please see RAISES on Page 11A
Thursday, February 8, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 3A

Annual ag conference kicks off
STAFF REPORT it through thoroughly or give it the
Center armed
MONTE VISTA — A year after attention to detail it required, which investigation
predicting how the new Trump resulted in some problems that will
Administration might affect have to be remedied. continues
agriculture, National Potato Council At last year ’s conference BY TERESA L. BENNS
Executive Vice President John Keeling Keeling anticipated that the Trump CENTER— Center Police
was back to give an update on politics Administration would enact regulatory continue to investigate an armed
and agriculture during the first day of reform, as that was one of Trump’s robbery that occurred last month
the 2018 Southern Rocky Mountain goals. at the Tortilla Factory, a small
Agricultural Conference and Trade “The Trump Administration has grocery and tortilla distribution
Fair on Tuesday in Monte Vista. brought a new attitude towards outlet on Worth Street in Center
Keeling said he had anticipated that regulation,” Keeling said. owned and operated by Martin
President Donald Trump might act He said changes in policy and Palma.
differently once he was in office, but executive orders regarding regulations Center Police Chief Jim
he said on Tuesday, “I haven’t seen and agencies such as the Environmental Gowin said not much can be
anything different. He is who he is.” Protection Agency are already making released on the details of the
The president is still tweeting, a difference, and he viewed these as crime because it is still an active
and Keeling said future presidents “very positive for this administration.” Photo by Anthony Guerrero
will probably use that form of social The subject of trade, on the The 2018 Southern Rocky Mountain Agricultural Fair kicked off Please see ROBBERY on Page 5A
communication as well. “He has other hand, is “very confusing and on Tuesday morning.
changed the presidency in that fashion, uncertain,” Keeling said. Talks are
and it will not go back to the way it ongoing to renegotiate NAFTA (North
was.” American Free Trade Agreement),
Keeling pointed out some positive Keeling said, but the atmosphere
developments and continuing around the renegotiations is “difficult
challenges in the political world, or confusing at best” because other
with the most frustrating to him being countries are not sure whether the
congress’ lack of “ability to get things U.S. will pull out of the agreement
done.” if the U.S. doesn’t get everything it
He said, “the level of partisanship is wants, especially in light of the U.S.
zero and the level of acrimony between withdrawing from the TPP (Trans-
the parties is the highest that I have Pacific Partnership.)
ever seen before. That’s OK in some “That’s 10-11 other countries
ways, but it doesn’t lend to getting we would have had negotiations/
things done very readily.” agreements with. Probably those 11
For example, he said although countries are continuing to negotiate
congress passed the tax bill, it did so in
too much of a hurry and did not think Please see AG on Page 12A

Continued from Page 1A
the moratorium could always be that the possibility of a task force
extended. was not off the table. However, a
While no discussion took place work session for the county planning
Tuesday regarding what body would commission to handle review of the
decide how the regulations will be regulations is scheduled for Thursday
adapted to current circumstances, Feb. 8 at the road and bridge building
commissioners had indicated earlier in Saguache.

Continued from Page 2A
Hagedorn, as well as six step in Monte Vista. In lieu of flowers,
great grandchildren and her canine contributions can be made to Hospice
companion Punkin. del Valle through Rogers Family
She was preceded in death by Mortuary. The family would like
her husband B.F. Jackson, Jr., her to express their eternal gratitude to
mother and father Pearl and Oma Hospice del Valle, especially to Amy,
Mae Gunnels, her mother and father- Tess and Kelly.
in-law Frank and Essie Jackson, her Rogers Family Mortuary of
grandson Greg Hagedorn and brothers Monte Vista is in care of the
Acie and Ellis Gunnels. arrangements. Online condolences,
A memorial service to honor her tributes and remarks for Doris’ family
life will be held Thursday, Feb. 9 at may be made by visiting www.
1 p.m. at the First Christian Church,

Dr. Monroe is in the business of compassionate
service and helping you stay in balance.
Chiropractic adjustment moves the vertebrae
back into alignment and restores segmental and
global range of motion to the spine, addressing
the following symptoms:

Neck Pain Mid Back Pain Facet Syndrome
Spinal Disc Low Back Pain Headaches
Conditions Sciatica
50 per appointment!
Tuesday & Thursday
Volume 117, Number 7 Thursday, February 15, 2018 75¢

Shorts Saguache County violating its own master plan
Landowners’ In June 2010, following a ever been formulated. of land use regulations, and aid
Annual pancake contentious debate process conducted It will be useful here to quote community development in ways

supper Feb. 19 rights forgotten by the SCPC, the BoCC approved the
state-required master plan which the
from the master plan and refresh
the memories of Saguache County
that reflect and perpetuate its citizens’
core values.
CENTER— Kiwanis Club of BY TERESA L. BENNS SCPC had developed and submitted residents regarding its contents. “The plan update (from 1974) has
Center is hosting the 62nd Annual SAGUACHE COUNTY — to the board. At that time there were Pertinent passages will be italicized been underway for several years.
President’s Day Pancake Supper on Although the Saguache County objections to the county’s failure and a summary will follow. Residents from all walks of life and
Monday, Feb. 19 from 4:30-7 p.m. Planning Commission (SCPC) and to include a comprehensive plan Introduction many different parts of the county
at the Center School cafeteria. Price the Saguache Board of County protecting individual property rights. “The Saguache County Master have contributed to its formation.
is $7 for adults, $4 for children and Commissioners (BoCC) claim they The SCPC countered these objections Plan guides the conservation and There have been numerous rounds
under age six is free. Package sausage have no obligation to block the by including references in the plan to development of the unincorporated of community inputs including a
will be available for $4/lb. approval of marijuana grows if the future creation of a “Landowner’s portions of Saguache County. survey, facilitated forums in all areas
adjacent property owners complain, Bill of Rights.” But in the past nearly Its purpose is to guide Planning
Have a cup of joe county documents indicate otherwise. eight years, no such bill of rights has Commission decisions, the adoption Please see PLAN on Page 11A

with Joe Salazar Center Schools
Cloud on Saturday, Feb. 17, 6:30-8
p.m. to meet State Representative Joe
Salazar, the most progressive candidate
Vikings are state-bound dedicates Little
Free Library
for Colorado Attorney General and
endorsed by “Our Revolution.” This BY T ERESA L. B ENNS
is an opportunity to learn his platform, CENTER— Last Wednesday
ask him questions, and discuss Center Schools became one of
important state and community issues over 60,000 free little libraries in
affecting Coloradans. The Elephant the world, establishing a separate
Cloud is located at 200 Cottonwood “little library” outside the entrance
St. in Crestone. to Fyock Library at the school. Two
more little libraries will be set up
Annual tourism in the Center area in the coming
conference Feb. 21 months.
According to its website,
ALAMOSA— The San Luis “Little Free Library is a nonprofit
Valley Tourism Association will host organization that inspires a love
the annual SLV Tourism Conference of reading, builds community,
on Wednesday, Feb. 21 at Adams State and sparks creativity by fostering
University’s Student Union Building. neighborhood book exchanges
Registration will begin at 12 p.m., and around the world. Through
the conference will run from 12:30 to Little Free Libraries, millions of
7 p.m. The conference will feature books are exchanged each year,
updates from Kevin Wilkins with the profoundly increasing access to
SLV Development Resources Group; books for readers of all ages and
Jeff Owsley with the Small Business backgrounds.”
Development Center; representatives The Center Branch of the Literacy
from all six Valley counties; a rep Committee, set up last September,
from the Valley Initiative Partners; has been working on the project
the Great Sand Dunes; the Sangre de for the last few months. Students
Cristo National Heritage Area; SLV from kindergarten through grade
Great Outdoors and inspirational
speaker Mayor, Ty Coleman. The
Please see LIBRARY on Page 6A
conference also includes dinner and
a live auction.
Registration for the conference Courtesy Photo
is $40; annual membership in the State wrestling qualifiers Juanito Garcia, Cosme Cordova and Mario Chavez will represent Center High
association is $35, or you can do both School at State this weekend. See the State Wrestling Preview as a special insert in this week’s paper.
for $65. Registration for persons from
the same business are only $30. See to register.

VA/Veterans Citizens object to final school design
BY TERESA L. BENNS Fill materials must be added to the this will leave “Pitkin Avenue from
forum monthly SAGUACHE — At the Saguache
Town Board meeting Monday, former
site to shore it up for building and divert
surface water away from the school.
between Third and Fourth Street in
the shade all day most of the winter.
meeting Feb. 21 mayor Greg Terrell addressed the mayor “Where will this water go?” Terrell Second street from Pitkin south a half
ALAMOSA—The Veterans and trustees, reading from a letter that asked. Typically, the water will run off block will ensure ice on these streets
Coalition of the SLV is pleased cited the failure of Mountain Valley onto the road and into other properties, for prolonged periods.”
to facilitate the monthly meeting School officials to work more closely he said, yet the school did not consult The result would mean more
with the VA ECHCS (Eastern with the town in constructing the new the town regarding storm drains, ditches pavement damage and higher heating
Colorado Health Care System) on school. or the cost of road repairs. Drains or bills for residents, many of them seniors.
Wednesday, Feb. 21 from 11 a.m.-12 Terrell lists several areas of concern ditches may need to be incorporated and And in the summer the building design
p.m. at the SLV Health Education in his letter, the first being road damage. this is within the domain of the town. will cause glare onto the street. Terrell
& Conference Center (formerly He points out that according to Federal Building height is another concern; suggested the town and school consult
Grizzly Inn Restaurant), 1921 Highway Administration studies, the the new school will abut a town about possible setbacks for the property.
Main St, Alamosa. All veterans are heavily loaded trucks that must bring fill right-of way and trees are planned School architects have admitted
welcome. Bring healthcare questions, and other materials in for the new school for planting within the right-of-way. they did not consider traffic safety
concerns or issues to the meeting. will cause wear and tear on the town’s Originally, many thought, the school when designing the main entrance for
VA representatives will be there to roads, reducing their lifespan from 20 was considering a one-story design. But the school at the intersection of Pitkin Photo by Teresa L. Benns
assist and understand the needs in years to seven. The 55 construction the DesignAdvisory Group, comprised Avenue and Second Street, Terrell A Haskin Elementary student
the SLV. For more information, call workers who will participate in the of school district members, approved a notes. This may involve the addition places a book selection in the Little
719-992-4108 or email sahndra. school construction “won’t even be two-story (7.2 meters high) design. A Free Library dedicated last week locals,” he said. solar study by school architects shows Please see MVS on Page 8A at Center Schools.
Thursday, February 15, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 11A

Continued from Page 1A FOREST
Continued from Page 9A
of the county, write-in comments and health, safety, and welfare. both the SCPC and the BoCC and decided, although Saguache officials
a public hearing. • G1-3: Consider offering administrators have deviated from this say state law does not bind them. and industry professionals
“Therefore, land use policies and incentives to businesses looking to document in dealing with marijuana “Under the Colorado Farm Products to pursue effective methods
regulations should be developed only locate in Saguache County that are cultivation and sales applications, Act (act), dealers of farm products of harvesting and marketing
to the extent necessary to prevent consistent with the County’s economic as previous reports show. Especially are required to be licensed with the standing dead timber, and
harm or interference with the rights development. at SCPC meetings but also at BoCC Colorado Department of Agriculture advocating for forest policy
and freedoms of residents of Saguache • G1-5: Pursue the creation of a regular meetings and work sessions, (department). Farm products are changes focused on real-world
County. Individual liberty and private “Landowners Bill of Rights.” they have forbidden or limited public defined as unprocessed products solutions. However, due to
property rights shall be of great • G2-5: Accommodate compatible comment and input and have routinely of the soil, such as vegetables the scope of forest health
concern when considering land use growth while preserving agricultural dismissed the importance of property and fruit, livestock, milk, honey, challenges, there is still a lot
regulations. and rangeland, open space and rights. and hay. The act requires that of work to be done.”
“Residents and stakeholders in wildlife habitat and personal property The SCPC also has forgotten the businesses purchasing and storing Other highlights from this
Saguache County…value their high rights. “core values and beliefs” of citizens agricultural products be licensed and year’s report include:
quality of life filled with peace, quiet, • G2-9: Encourage commercial which was surely more representative bonded by the Colorado Department • Spruce beetle was
and solitude; clear, dark, starry night development in identified areas in of the entire county per that topic than of Agriculture. House Bill 17- Colorado’s most widespread
skies; the spectacular views created order to increase revenue. the 2012 vote on Amendment 64 held 1197 excludes marijuana from the and damaging forest insect
by wide open spaces surrounded by “This plan has been created with only two years later. The BoCC has definition of farm products in the pest for the sixth consecutive
beautiful mountains; and the high the general purpose of “guiding minimized the importance of public act, thereby exempting marijuana year. A total of 206,000 acres
quality of the natural resources and and accomplishing a coordinated, health and safety by refusing to consider businesses from these licensing with active infestations were
unpolluted environment of the region. adjusted, and harmonious the necessity of an adequately funded and bonding requirements. The observed in high-elevation
[They]want to maintain the fresh air, development of the county which, and staffed sheriff’s office equipped to production and distribution of Engelmann spruce forests.
clean water, and abundance of wildlife in accordance with present and deal with the issues surrounding both marijuana is regulated by other • Mature Douglas-fir trees
present today into the future… Priority future needs and resources, will best legal and illegal grows. Furthermore, the state laws” (Colorado Legislative continued to be attacked and
is placed on protecting the mountains, promote the health, safety, morals, pledge in the Master Plan to “preserve Council Staff, 2017 summary of killed by Douglas-fir beetle,
foothills, environmentally sensitive order, convenience, prosperity, and agricultural and rangeland” and only legislation, impacting a total of 14,000
areas such as wetlands and riparian general welfare of the inhabitants allow development in “identified areas sites/default/files/agriculture.pdf). acres in the central and southern
areas, wildlife habitats and corridors, of the county, as well as efficiency in order to increase revenue,” violates So while farmers and ranchers are portions of the state.
and agricultural lands, especially those and economy in the process of their own stated principles in the Land protected from having to answer to • Several programs and
irrigated with water rights. development, including such Use Code. urban dwellers new to the county methods currently are being
distribution of population and of “Agricultural users of the land are regarding their practices, marijuana employed to deal with these
Relevant points in the plan the uses of land for urbanization, not expected to change their long- producers do not fall into this same bark beetles in the hard-hit
“Planning and land use regulation trade, industry, habitation, recreation, established agricultural practices to category. If those currently objecting Gunnison Basin, including
is a democratic process. Therefore, agriculture, forestry and other accommodate the intrusion of urban to the practices of the SCPC and t h e We s t e r n B a r k B e e t l e
land use decisions and policy making purposes as will tend to create users into a rural area. Well-run BoCC wish to resolve their property Program, the use of pheromone
should be carried out in a transparent conditions favorable to the county and agricultural activities will generate rights and other issues, based on all the treatments to repel beetle
manner and with great integrity. its inhabitants” (CRS 20-28-107).” off-site impacts, including noise above already proposed by the county, attacks, and use of the Good
Citizen input should be actively (End of master plan quotes) from tractors and equipment; dust it would seem that the following steps Neighbor Authority to allow
sought in reviewing or adopting Summary from animal pens; field work; harvest are in order: state contracting procedures
plans, policies, and regulations. From the beginning, the master and gravel roads; odor from animal • Determine whether the BoCC for management efforts on
Saguache County landowners have plan was presented as a legitimate confinement, silage and manure; and SCPC are required by law to federal lands.
expressed interest in a “Landowners representation of the views of the smoke from ditch burning, flies and follow state regulations in approving • A 21-member Forest Health
Bill of Rights,” which would be very entire county. The plan repeatedly mosquitoes; the use of pesticides and marijuana cultivation and sales or Advisory Council, created
proactive and should be explored. stresses the importance of citizen fertilizers in the fields, including the whether, as they claim, they may act through legislation passed in
Recognition, acknowledgement and input in the SCPC’s formation of use of aerial spraying” (“Right to outside these laws; 2016, convened in 2017 and is
protection of private property at the plans, policies and regulations. Farm and Ranch,” Article XIX of • Demand that the SCPC honors the working across organizational
county level will go a long way in the The importance of property rights the current Saguache County Land master plan and land use code; and boundaries to identify barriers
citizens accepting regulations that and their protection is stressed Use Code). • Insist that before the SCPC even to, and opportunities for,
protect other cherished core values. throughout the document, and a bill The county is proceeding on the begins to tackle the revision of the improving Colorado’s forest
Economic growth was the concern of landowner’s rights is proposed as assumption that marijuana is an marijuana regulations, they first health.
Saguache County residents expressed a future project to be explored by the agricultural crop and that adjacent attend to their prior commitment Copies of the 2017 report
the most during the master plan commission. land owners must more or less “put of formulating a Landowners Bill are available at all CSFS field
process. They voiced a clear need The core beliefs, found under the up and shut up.” But this is not what of Rights, with full participation of offices and at csfs.colostate.
for the county to encourage activities subhead “Introduction” above, also the Colorado State Legislature has Saguache County landowners. edu.
that can ensure economic stability for are referred to repeatedly as a major
residents while remaining consistent consideration in this document. The
with core community values. Some protection of public health, safety
goals and ideas include: and welfare are described as part of
• Provide for individualism and the plan’s purpose and the county
fairness for property owners and states this is in agreement with the
businesses, while protecting public state statute cited above. However,
Volume 117, Number 8 Thursday, February 22, 2018 75¢

Shorts BoCC approves four additional grows
BY TERESA L. BENNS received many complaints and told better, but that’s not good enough. I are included below.
Body found SAGUACHE — Despite a detailed
description of irregularities and
Anderson, “I hear you have a mess
down here.” Anderson replied, “We
did not come to this county to die.”
Also during the comment period,
“It appears that the BoCC and SCPC
may be unaware of the requirements

Monday possible illegalities with two marijuana
cultivation applications, handed to
Saguache County Commissioners
don’t have a mess here.”
A property owner also spoke
during the public comment period
a citizen attending the meeting read
excerpts from a prepared statement
accompanying the list of irregularities
in the county marijuana regulations.
If this is not the case, then it certainly
appears that both the BoCC and SCPC
identified during the morning session of their
Tuesday meeting, the BoCC approved
to describe her impression of life
surrounded by marijuana grows. “The
delivered to commissioners,
reportedly compiled by a local
are not at all interested in enforcing the
county marijuana regulations and are
SAGUACHE COUNTY — A all four applications presented to them county was wrong by not discussing resident. The citizen chided the certainly not interested in upholding
female body discovered in Saguache with little discussion during their the monumental changes with pot county for approving applications the rights of the residents who live
County Feb. 18 has been identified afternoon session. before opening the county up to without any consideration of citizen near these marijuana establishments.
as Brandy Bishop. 37, of Saguache. The approval also came despite marijuana,” she told commissioners. complaints regarding plant visibility, It has been stated before at BoCC
According to a press release late Commissioner Jason Anderson’s “I would like more transparency. A light pollution, noise from generators, meetings that marijuana is not a moral
Monday afternoon, a hiker in the area conversation with a Drug Enforcement 120-day moratorium is very short. exhaust fans and other sources, issue, but it’s rather about rules and
of County Road 42 and County Road Agency representative during a Commissioners are asking for excessive vehicular or foot traffic
Z discovered the body just after 10 meeting break, who said he had leniency and say they are trying to do and odors. His concluding remarks Please see GROWS on Page 8A
a.m. and alerted authorities on Sunday
morning. The investigation is ongoing
to determine the circumstances
surrounding Bishop’s death.
Updates will be provided as they
Leading by example confronts
become available. Anyone with
information is asked to call the
Saguache County Sheriff’s Office at
BoCC over
Initially some speculated whether
missing raises
the body found was that of Kristal BY TERESA L. BENNS
Reisinger, a missing person case SAGUACHE— Two weeks
handled out of Saguache. Reisinger ago, a lone county commissioner
disappeared from Crestone July 13, reportedly authorized payroll officials
2016, but has never been found. She to withhold merit raises authorized
has not contacted her family since her by Saguache County Sheriff Dan
disappearance. Warwick, claiming the sheriff must
specifically request the raises from
Check out the the board.
Warwick said when one employee
sports special enquired why his pay raise was
SAN LUIS VALLEY— Please missing, he was told that everything
see the State Wrestling Recap and over $500 must be approved.
Basketball Playoff preview as a Wa r w i c k f a c e d o f f w i t h
special insert in this week’s paper. commissioners Tuesday, Feb. 20 over
the missing raises, contesting the idea
that the commissioners get final say in
VFA meets how he spends the budget they already
approved for him. Some disagreement
Feb. 24 surfaced in who had axed the raises
MONTE VISTA — The Valley — the lone commissioner, as initially
Fiber Arts group will meet Saturday, reported, or county administration.
Feb. 24 starting at 1 p.m. at Wanda Commissioners told Warwick
Couzen-Smith’s home, 757 County county administration was responsible
Road 29. Bring a project, bring a Courtesy Photo but previously courthouse sources
friend, bring questions and answers Center 17-year-old Kristine Hoffner organized a Youth Fest 4-H Camp in Larkspur, Colo. recently. Over said one commissioner made a special
and come and enjoy. Ruthanna will be 200 youth attended the event, which included a blanket-making community service project. Pictured: trip to the courthouse to stop the raises
providing the lesson. Those needing Kristine and other state officers lead reflection time at the end of their workshop. See related story on Please see PAY on Page 6A
directions can call or text Wanda at Page 5A.
719-852-5000 or 719-580-4976.

HOW'S THE County falling short of Strategic Plan goals
BY TERESA L. BENNS courthouse were unaware strategic The day the plan was approved,
Saguache County’s Strategic Plan
planning meetings were being held.
In the fall of 2014, several county
Commissioner Ken Anderson said
there are “opportunities coming up
was approved on June 23, 2015, residents expressed concerns over in the Valley,” and the plan will come
commissioner Tim Lovato asked the secrecy elements of the meetings, in handy to address them. He said the
fellow commissioner Jason Anderson held during work sessions, not regular county has land to develop, letters sent
Partly sunny, with a high near 38.
if the Strategic Plan could be sessions. This is still a common out and businesses looking to set up.
Breezy, with a southwest wind 5 to
integrated with the Master Plan. practice with commissioners. The One of the plan’s initial goals was to
10 mph increasing to 15 to 20 mph
Jason Anderson told Lovato he felt first discussion of the marijuana “Develop growth strategies, policies
in the afternoon.
the two documents “work together” moratorium was conducted during for manufacturing, agriculture-
Thursday Night
and could be used to adopt a final plan. a work session, and public comment related manufacturing/processing.”
Partly cloudy, with a low around
Lovato observed the plan was not a was forbidden. So were some of the businesses
10. Wind chill values between zero
“county” plan but a “commissioner’s Jason Anderson has specifically “looking to set up” marijuana
and 10. South southwest wind 5 to
plan.” Anderson answered that it is referenced the Strategic Plan in growers? If so this was not made
10 mph.
only a tool the board is working with regards to economic development clear to county residents attending
Friday Photo by Teresa L. Benns
that can be changed. and the marijuana industry recently, strategic planning meetings. The
A 10 percent chance of rain after
5pm. Partly sunny, with a high near
Wyoma Hansen also reminded indicating that the development of county’s marijuana regulations would Saguache County Sheriff Dan
38. Breezy, with a southwest wind 10
commissioners that the plan started marijuana as Saguache County’s not go into effect until 2016. And Warwick listens to commissioners
to 20 mph, with gusts as high as 30
out as a hush-hush project and primary industry is in perfect keeping numerous citizens have expressed explain why his deputies have not
county residents were not asked for with the plan. This may be truer than received the pay raises he gave them
Please see WEATHER on Page 3A input. Even elected officials at the Saguache residents realize. Please see PLAN on Page 10A two weeks ago.
Page 8A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, February 22, 2018

Alamosa students GROWS
Continued from Page 1A
harvest seed potato crop regulations. However, it is becoming
apparent that rules and regulations are
revising the marijuana moratorium’s
timeline; specifically, the county
• Delta 2017, Inc. – Retail Marijuana
Cultivation – 61401 Co. Rd. B –
being considered in a similar fashion should not review any more applicants SE1/4SW1/4 28-41-10
to moral issues, ignored! for CLU permits until it does in fact • Knarik Markosyan, landowner/
“One point that I want to make have adequate code enforcement to Trust Group, LLC, applicant –
is that Saguache County is not a protect the safety, health, and property Retail Marijuana Cultivation – 6754
country unto itself (I want to stress rights of its residents. Following Highway 17 – NE1/4NW1/4 33-
that I did not say county; I said the County’s current path would be 41-10
country.) It is also part of the state considered reckless in most civilized • Knarik Markosyan, landowner/
of Colorado, but, more importantly, societies.” Trust Group, LLC, applicant –
Saguache County is part of the Retail Marijuana Cultivation - 6748
United States of America, which is Grows approved Highway 17 – SE1/4NW1/4 33-42-10
supposed to be a country based on In considering the applications, Another application for Mammoth
the rule of law and due process for commissioners noted that in all cases, Farms, added to the agenda at the
all of its citizens, which includes objections on several heads had been last minute, also was approved.
all of the residents of Saguache made by adjacent property owners. The application for Michael Barkel,
County. Some were addressed as conditions landowner/GII, LLC, applicant –
“In closing, if the county cannot in the conditional use permit grant, Retail Marijuana Cultivation (26758
address at least these two examples others were not. The following grows Hammond Ave. Moffat, Lot 83 Ewing
that I just discussed in a timely were approved: Ranch), was postponed yet again until
manner, it should seriously consider March 29.

Courtesy Photos
Alamosa High School Greenhouse Management class recently harvested
its annual certified seed potato crop. AHS Ag Ed department is the only
high school in the country to plant and harvest a “certified seed” potato
crop. Local farmers Matt Seger and Brendon Rockey supply the original
seeds which are grown in the greenhouse during the winter months
and provide guidance and education to Leeann Hitsman’s greenhouse
management class. Seger and Rockey then buy the seed potatoes back
from the AHS Ag Department to be planted in their fields.

Continued from Page 5A
Besides the blanket workshop, they
also learned to dance, participated in
team building games, and listened
to a guest speaker that talked about
overcoming insecurities.
“Making the blankets and cards
was my favorite part of the camp,”
said first time camper Emily Clark, 9,
of San Luis. “I think the people who
get them will feel special and happy.”
Youth Fest is just one of many
camps offered by Colorado 4-H
throughout the year. All 4-H camps
and conferences have youth involved
in the planning process, and aim to
teach kids valuable life skills.
For more information on the 4-H
youth development program and 4-H
camp opportunities visit the San Luis
Valley website at http://sanluisvalley. or call 719-852-
7381. 4-H is a cooperative effort
between Colorado State University
Extension and Alamosa, Conejos,
Costilla, Mineral, Rio Grande
and Saguache counties. Extension
programs are available to all without
Volume 117, Number 9 Please see both stories Thursday March 1, 2018 75¢

Election cancelled; four appointed
‘Cook with your CENTER— A not infrequent
went to town hall to submit their
affidavits in early February but
bid for school board director with
Center Schools.
successful, they say.
The appointment of the four
neighbor’ today occurrence from Center’s past,
tucked away in an election ordinance,
were told the deadline for receiving
applications already had expired.
Since 2008, elections in Center
have been contentious and not lacking
candidates by default springs from a
municipal elections statute that reads
CENTER—Center United
has cancelled Center’s election this Mary McClure and Sanchez in candidates. The recall election as follows:
Methodist Church offers a “Cooking
April and allowed the automatic submitted affidavits of intent to run process in 2012-2013 and the resultant 31-10-507. Election may be
with your neighbor.” Each month
appointment of four familiar faces for re-election and two seats were lawsuits and heated meetings soured cancelled - when.
on the first Thursday of the month
to trustee positions. left to fill. Former municipal judge many on the process, however, and In any ordinance adopted by the
starting around 5 p.m. Anyone can
Four positions on the board were James Sanchez submitted his affidavit interest seems to have once again governing body of the municipality
join in; there’s no charge. March 1
open, replacing seats held by Mary for one and former town clerk Bill waned. requiring an affidavit of intent for
will be a cabbage dish and green
McClure, Adeline Sanchez, Pedro McClure submitted his for the other. With the exception of Gallegos write-in candidates as provided in
things in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.
Segura and Geraldine Martinez. The Sanchez will serve for two years and and Hurtado, all those now serving section 31-10-306, the governing
Preparation will begin around 5 p.m.
town announced the four openings in the others for four each. on the board have served before over body may also provide that, if the
with serving around 6 pm. Join in
its Dec. 2 newsletter and in the legal All four will be seated April 10. The the years. Many in the town feel only matter before the voters is the
and bring friends and family. If you
section of the Valley Courier, but full board will then consist of Mayor that the failure to properly advertise election of persons to office and if,
have a dish to share and wish to bring
announced no date in the December or Herman Sisneros, Adeline Sanchez, the positions can account for the at the close of business on the sixty-
it, please do. Most of all, come and
January newsletter when acceptance Mary McClure, Archie Gallegos, Bill cancelled election, but feel it is useless fourth day before the election, there
share fellowship.
of candidate filings would end. McClure, James Sanchez and Jaime to “fight town hall.” Efforts to push
Monthly breakfast Four other potential candidates Hurtado. Sanchez recently lost his for change in the past have not been Please see ELECTION on Page

Saturday at Tri-County
Seniors will be hosting their monthly
breakfast on Saturday, March 3 from
8-10 a.m. at the senior center, 311 commission
Washington St. in Monte Vista. The
menu includes biscuits and gravy,
hash browns, scrambled eggs and a
turns down
beverage (juice, coffee or tea). Cost is
$6 per person. Everyone is welcome. Road T
Friends of SLV NWR
to meet March 7
pot grow
of the San Luis Valley National SAGUACHE — The Saguache
Wildlife Refuges will hold their County Planning Commission
regular monthly meeting on (SCPC) met last Thursday to consider
Wednesday, March 7 at 7 p.m. in a marijuana grow off County Road T,
the downstairs meeting room at the a country road where many marijuana
Carnegie Public Library in Monte cultivation businesses, approved by
Vista. All members and the public county commissioners, have set up
are invited to attend. shop in the past year.
For more information, please For the first time, the SCPC
contact Tim Armstrong at 852-2452. Courtesy photo denied the grow after hearing from
This is a familiar site today in Lazy KV Estates, suggestive of possible grow activity, another property several surrounding property owners
which could come before Land Use requesting a conditional use permit. regarding the hardships this would
HOW'S THE cause them should it be granted a

WEATHER? Marijuana regulations out of conditional use permit (CUP). All
the other CUP applications which
have come before the commission for

Thursday: Sunny, with a high
near 48. Light and variable wind
sync with county land use code review have been approved pending
final approval by commissioners.
Commissioners appear to have
By Teresa L. Benns approved all of them with the
becoming southwest 5 to 10 mph in efforts to find an administrator to address which exist between exception of one, which is pending.
SAGUACHE — Both the could take “months,” according the Land Use Code regarding
the afternoon. The proposed cultivation site,
Master Plan developed by the to one unconfirmed report. And in Conditional Use Permits (CUPS)
county as well as the Strategic Plan named “A Growing Concern” is
Thursday night: Mostly clear, with a the meantime, administration has and marijuana regulations. These owned by Andreas Pleschutnig.
clearly show that while Saguache not yet announced who will be are rooted in the manner in which
low around 15. Southwest wind 5 to 10 Those attending the meeting agreed
County officials have proposed running the county now that Lyn the county has written the marijuana
mph becoming light west southwest that several factors contributed to
laws favoring landowners for Zimmer-Lambert has retired — the regulations, but also exposes some
in the evening. the SCPC denial, but the main issue
consideration, such consideration remaining Co-Administrator/Land seemingly contradictory issues
has never materialized. seemed to be that the grow is within
Friday: Sunny, with a high near Use Director Wendi Maez or an within the Land Use Code itself. 200 feet of a bus stop. While property
In addition, the often-expressed interim administrator. The following points can be made
54. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph
desire of many county residents The recent 120-day marijuana after reading the Land Use Code
increasing to 10 to 15 mph in the Please see GROW on Page 2A
that commissioners become more moratorium approved by and applicable legal materials:
transparent in conducting county commissioners to focus on • In adding the marijuana
business is not reflected by recent adjusting the marijuana regulations regulations to the Land Use Code,
Friday night: Mostly clear, with a
events. And as pointed out to may not be long enough to do the it is not clear if the regulations
low around 19. South southwest wind
commissioners by the strategic work it will take to address the supersede the CUP regulations
5 to 10 mph.
planners they hired in 2014-2015, real issues. As stated last week, or whether the already existing
the county’s managerial staff is first a Landowner’s Bill of Rights regulations on CUPS prevail. It
Saturday: Sunny, with a high near 55.
not prepared to implement the should be considered before even would seem that since nearly all
South southwest wind 10 to 15 mph.
strategic plan as proposed, (far touching the regulations, since this marijuana cultivations have been
less administer the complicated would automatically resolve many issued a CUP, the CUP regulations
Saturday night: Mostly clear, with a
process of evaluating, approving existing issues. would take precedence, but this is
low around 23. South southwest wind
and policing marijuana grows). But secondly, it appears the not stated in the Land Use Code.
10 to 15 mph.
That seems unlikely to change county has some fundamental
Please see WEATHER on Page 11A anytime soon, since the county’s discrepancies and inconsistencies Please see CODE on Page 7A
Page 2A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, March 1, 2018

The following records were Citations
provided by the Saguache Sheriff’s Carl Oester, 26, Albuquerque, be a candidate
Office for the week of Feb. 19-26. N.M., speeding 84 in a 65 MPH zone Elections 101 the precinct where registered
during the twenty-nine days for the office

Tim Kalb, 27, Colorado Springs,
speeding 84 in a 65 MPH zone
continued . . . prior to any caucus shall be of precinct
permitted to participate and
Joshua Pierce, 26, Crestone, Dillon Haraden, 22, Denver, BY SAGUACHE COUNTY CLERK/ vote at the caucus in the person if he or she
violation of a restraining order speeding 84 in a 65 MPH zone RECORDER TRISH GILBERT precinct of the elector’s has been a resident
Nathan Maxwell, 36, Crestone, two John Schalekamp, 37, Grapevine, Precinct Caucuses former residence but shall of the precinct for
counts of failure to appear Texas, speeding 89 in a 65 MPH 1-3-101. Party affiliation not be eligible for election thirty days and has
Shawn Beyal, 34, Monte Vista, zone required – residence as a delegate or for nomination as been affiliated with
failure to appear Alyssa Malouff, 30, theft (1) In order to vote at any precinct a precinct committee-person in the t h e political party holding
caucus, assembly, or convention of former precinct. the precinct caucus for a period of

Suspects arrested a political party, the elector must
• be a resident of the precinct for
thirty days,
1-3-102. Precinct Caucuses
(1)(a)(I) Precinct committee
at least two months preceding the
date of the precinct caucus.
The persons elected as committee-

in local mail thefts
• must be registered to vote no persons and delegates to county person at the caucus shall assume
later than twenty-nine days before assemblies shall be elected at the office immediately following
the caucus, assembly or convention, precinct caucuses that shall be the caucus.
ALAMOSA—The Alamosa information, checks made out to • and must be affiliated with in a public place or in a private This year Precinct Caucus
County Sheriff’s Office has arrested multiple individuals with a totaled the political party holding the home that is open to the public Day will be Tuesday, March
suspects in connection with recent value of approximately $5,000 and a caucus, assembly, or convention during the caucus in or proximate 6. For more information please
mail thefts. Cabela’s credit valued near $20,000 for at least two months as shown to each precinct at a time and contact the County Chairperson
On Wednesday, Feb. 14 the that had been used to place multiple in the statewide voter registration place to be fixed by the county for your political party: Republican
Alamosa County Sheriff’s Office orders. system; except that any registered central committee or executive County Chair – Richard Drake
received photographic evidence of an While speaking to the suspects, elector who has attained the age of committee of each political party. at
alleged suspect vehicle committing both suspects placed themselves eighteen years or who has become The precinct caucuses shall be held or phone # 719-580-4433 or
a theft from a mailbox in Alamosa in the vehicle at the time of the a naturalized citizen during the two on the first Tuesday in March, in Democratic County Chair – Kevin
County. With this photograph, photographed thefts with a third months immediately preceding the each even-numbered year, which Noland at or
deputies were able to determine the party identified as Felicia Quintana. meeting may vote at any caucus, day shall be known as “precinct phone # 970-351-6747.
make and model of the vehicle and All evidence was collected and assembly, or convention even caucus day”. Jane, Desiree, Ben and I are here
partial identification of some of the initial inventory of that evidence though the elector has been affiliated The participants at the precinct to assist you in any way we can.
passengers inside it, the sheriff’s shows approximately 43 separate with the political party for less than caucus shall also elect two precinct Call us at 719-655-2512 or stop by
office stated on Tuesday. victims of mail theft, identity theft, two months. committee-persons. Any person the Clerk & Recorder’s Office any
On Friday, Feb. 16 Deputy Paul check fraud, check forgery, and (2) An elector who moves from eighteen years of age or older may time between 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
Gilleland and Deputy Nick Smith several other felony level crimes
located the vehicle at Wagon Wheel
Trailer Park located at 8719 US.
spanning victims from four different
counties including Alamosa, Rio Explore cooking with Cloverbuds on March 3
285 Space A-15, Alamosa. While Grande, Conejos, and Saguache MONTE VISTA– Valley youth some delicious creations, including ice inform us of any food allergies when
contacting the occupants, deputies County. ages 5 to 7 are invited to participate in
cream in a bag, trail mix, overnight oats, registering so we can adjust accordingly.
observed several items of mail Ann Morgan and Sarah Jimenez Cloverbuds, a fun activity-focused youthand orange drink. The Cloverbuds club will continue to
belonging to residences near the are being held at the Alamosa County development program, run by San Luis Kids do not need to be 4-H members meet monthly with different themes at
reported thefts in the back of the car. Detention Center with a total bond Valley 4-H. The March meeting will take to attend this event. The cost is $10 per each meeting. Upcoming themes include
When deputies entered the of $100,000. Quintana has not been place on Saturday, March 3 from 3 to child, and includes snacks to be eaten at wildlife and rocketry.
residence, they were in contact with located at this time. A warrant has 4:30 p.m. at the San Luis Valley Area the event, and a few to take home. Youth For more information on the 4-H
Ann Morgan and Sarah Jimenez. been requested for her arrest. Extension office in Monte Vista and willmust RSVP to the Extension office by program visit http://sanluisvalley.
Inside the residence were items of If anyone believes themselves to be feature cooking-related projects. Wednesday, February 28 if they’d like, contact the San Luis
mail, credit cards, blank checks, victims of mail theft, please contact Participants will learn about proper to participate, as space and materials are Valley Extension office at 719-852-
drivers’ licenses, IRS Tax Return the Alamosa County Sheriff’s Office. hand washing, and measuring through limited. Call 719-852-7381 or e-mail 7381 or 4-H is
hands-on activities. Then they’ll make to register. Please a national youth development program
GROW that teaches kids life skills through
partnerships with caring adults. The
Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Mineral,
Rio Grande and Saguache counties.
Continued from Page 1A
program is a cooperative effort between Extension programs are available to all
owners felt this was unacceptable, Neighbors also were upset about in the area. One resident called Colorado State University Extension and without discrimination.
others commented that the law does the grower’s large, aggressive dogs, SLVREC and reported the cable.
not forbid the grows to be a certain who they claim have chased neighbors SLVREC said it was run illegally
number of feet away from bus stops, and their animals. and disconnected it. The technicians
only retail shops, which must be 1,000 According to attendees, eight or told the resident who called it in they
feet away. nine neighbors from the area appeared were lucky the cable didn’t catch fire
Other factors included a fence that at the meeting to object to the grow and hurt someone.
did not enclose the grow area and and four or five protest letters were When notified of the exposed
water that had not been disconnected submitted to the SCPC. The property electric cable, the attendee continued,
from a mobile home. The current owners were allowed to speak on county land use said there wasn’t a
grower, who is only leasing the their own behalf, although attempts problem.
property from Pleschutnig, who lives were made by the SCPC chair to Attendees generally agreed the
in Aurora, was initially going to put curb discussions that escalated out growers have been given “carte
a hoop greenhouse up and enclose of control. blanche” in the county and people
the grow. He has since changed his At first it appeared the SCPC would should have done something a long
mind and now wants to grow plants pass the CUP with conditions, but then time ago. Some say they plan to
out in the open. they denied the grow permission to leave the area if something is not
The property is only a five-acre operate. One attendee commented s/ done soon.
tract and those in the area objected he believed the commissioners would “A lot of people are just afraid,”
that if the grower later received still approve the grow eventually after one woman confided. “There is a
permission to increase the grow attaching several of the conditions fear factor involved in speaking out.”
the plants would be too close to considered by the SCPC. Others agreed there is a very real
their properties. This also raised a Another attendee related an incident fear that there could be retribution
potential odor issue. The current with a different grow that could have from grow owners for frustrating
owner also has a medical marijuana ended in disaster. One of the growers their plans.
license and there was discussion ran an electrical cable the size of a County commissioners are
over how the two businesses would man’s arm from his site to a pole on scheduled to reconsider the Barkl
work together. the road and did not inform residents grow, in Ewing Estates, March 29.
Thursday, March 1, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 7A

Continued from Page 1A PICS
• If the CUPS do take precedence,
as it seems they should, then why has
the county to be the interpreter of
“reasonable.” This explains why, parents
Art. IV 8.3.2 to notify landowners
within 1,500 feet of a proposed CUP
as stated by one SCPC member,
CUPS must be approved if they hear from
by certified mail notification 45 days
prior to a Saguache County Planning
appear “complete and eligible” — to
satisfy county policy. This could be Murillo
Commission (SCPC) meeting — so interpreted as a built-in bias against
they may submit “written or oral fair consideration of complaints by Skoglund Middle School
statements” — been ignored? Nearly adjacent landowners, especially Principal Luis Murillo addresses
all those who have complained considering what has already been PICS parents working to help
of marijuana cultivations in their listed above. their children face challenges
immediate vicinity have noted this • In the marijuana regulations, as they progress though school.
omission. So either the grows they there are no provisions for public
are complaining about are illegal hearings regarding CUPS. State Photo by Teresa L. Benns
or the CUP notice was not given as Marijuana Enforcement Division
required. The SCPC, when dealing (MED) regulations provide:

South Fork
with this issue, has only cited the “12-43.4-302. Public hearing
state marijuana laws governing notice - posting and publication
signage, not existing Land Use Code (1) If a local jurisdiction issues
regulations. States, however, do not local licenses for a retail marijuana
deal with CUPS; this is left to the establishment, a local jurisdiction
individual counties. may schedule a public hearing on the
The comments made at hearings application. If the local jurisdiction
conducted by the BoCC before schedules a hearing, it shall post
approval of CUPS or at the time of and publish public notice thereof
the SCPC review, if such hearings not less than ten days prior to the
are formal, should be limited to hearing. The local jurisdiction shall
applicants and those landowners give public notice by posting a sign
adjacent to the cultivations, not in a conspicuous place on the license
opened to others attending these applicant’s premises for which a local
meetings who do not have a specific license application has been made
interest in the CUP. This is according and by publication in a newspaper
to standard practices. of general circulation in the county
• Notice of proposed marijuana in which the applicant’s premises
cultivations also must be sent to are located.”
all those living in municipalities C.R.S. 12-43.4-309
according to this same regulation. “(1) Local jurisdictions are
There have been complaints for authorized to adopt and enforce
some time now that those near grows regulations for retail marijuana
within the city limits of Moffat were establishments that are at least as

never notified of any cultivation. restrictive as the provisions of this
• Art. IV 8.3.4 states the BoCC may article and any rule promulgated
hold a public hearing on any CUP pursuant to this article.”

Your Local
after referral by the SCPC. Notice • Art. 1-1.7.1 — The Saguache
of the hearing is to be published in County Land Use Code only sets
a newspaper 30 days prior to the out “minimum requirements” —

hearing. A record of the hearing when inconsistencies arise “more
shall be maintained. IF no adverse stringent standards shall control…
or negative comments are received, by agreement of law.” This is very
a public hearing may not need to similar to the above state statute.

be held. But it is left entirely up to More stringent standards would
BoCC whether a hearing needs to require a public hearing for CUPS
be held or not. and adjacent landowner notification.
Other counties in Colorado • Also it is clear from statements
regularly schedule public hearings made by the Land Use Director and
for most CUPS. It appears that even commissioners themselves that
they feel the state MED regulations
South Fork
Farmers Market
despite the fact adverse comments
are received by adjacent landowners, give them permission to exceed
state law in granting variances
Saguache commissioners choose not
to schedule such hearings. Perhaps from their own regulations. But Monday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
this is why 29 CUPS have been according to a Colorado Supreme 2018: Sun. & Mon. 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
approved within a short period of Court decision in 1988, local At the Visitors Center
time. Hearings take time and can governments can regulate, but state
lengthen the process, but allow law preempts any conflicting local
everyone with an interest the right rule. Saguache County’s claim to SOUTH
to have a say. autonomy from the state could be FORK 719-873-5466
• In several CUP considerations, litigated, but this state Supreme
Court Decision seems to be a pretty
after review by the SCPC but “Serving Colorado Since 1909”
prior to BoCC approval, it has good indicator of what the outcome Gifts
been brought to the attention of would be. Cabin Decor 29160 West Hwy 160
commissioners that errors have
been made in either filing the Summary
Statement Pieces South Fork CO 81154 SUPPORT
applications or investigating Planning commission meeting
and More!
Open 10-5 • Monday-Saturday (719)873-5481 SOUTH FORK
them for accuracy and legality. agendas are listed on the county’s 719.873.1639
According to Art. IV 8.3.1 the website, but few even realize they Next to the Malt Shop in South Fork

Land Use director will review the have the right to protest CUP
application to see if it is “complete approvals at these meetings, nor to
and eligible” for recommendation the best of this writer’s knowledge
to the SCPC. In Art. IV 8.4.1, there has any process for such protests ever
is to be no CUP approval unless been outlined for them by the BoCC
ALL requirements are fulfilled, but or SCPC. These property owners
this has not been the case. deserve official notice by the county
• Art. IV 8.4.4 — Reasonable of upcoming CUPS with a description
suggestions and objections from of what those protesting may or may
persons in the neighborhood are not present as “reasonable.”
a measure of compatibility (with Included in this letter should be
use) and will be considered. This the reminder per Art. 1-1.5.5 that
places the county as judge and any citizen opposing the decision
jury on what is reasonable and may appeal “as provided by law,”
unreasonable. Reasonable and/or and the “law,” with any applicable
unreasonable should be defined time limits, should be specified. All
within the regulation itself for the citizens deserve the right to due
benefit of those objecting. process and equal consideration
• Art. IV 8.4.7 — It will be policy to under the law. In limiting citizen
accommodate reasonable conditional comments at various meetings and
uses applied for; conditions and refusing to consider valid objections
modifications may be offered as a to applications, these basic rights
means of mitigating adverse effects have been denied Saguache County
of the use… Once again, this allows property owners.
Page 4A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, March 8, 2018

Citizens’ right to speak out
on revising marijuana regs
While county residents and
especially those living adjacent
to existing marijuana grows in
the county may not be able to
weigh in officially at the Saguache
County Planning Commission
(SCPC) work sessions scheduled
for amending the marijuana
regulations, citizens have the right
to make their voices heard by both
planning commission members and
The Saguache County Land
Development Code provides for a
public hearing prior to the BoCC
approval of the amendments to the MY TWO CENTS
regulations. Such hearings are to be
held in order to satisfy a rule of law By TERESA BENNS
known as the appearance of fairness
doctrine. Public hearings must be residents best know the full impact
procedurally fair and conducted of these grows and how such
by those who at least appear to be negative impacts can be avoided.
impartial in rendering decisions. Regardless of whether or not
As explained in the related article the SCPC holds a public hearing,
on page one, a public hearing is commissioners will need to hold
not a public meeting. A public an additional public hearing on
hearing is to be conducted like a the amendments to the marijuana
court hearing, with evidence and regulations before they can be
testimony provided to support the
arguments made. Interested parties
are to receive notice and notice
approved. It seems logical to hold
hearings on both ends, since SCPC
hearings should limit the number of
is to be published in the paper of objections to the final product. This
record (the Saguache Crescent, but
seldom the Center Post-Dispatch)
also will guarantee the final public
hearing proceeds more smoothly
Recycling issues in Saguache County
a month prior to the date on which and ties up any loose ends. Dear Editor, may not know that these items they and grown. Unfortunately, the cost of
it is held. In revising the marijuana If you have been to the landfill sorted and kept separate from the recycling exceeds the revenue from
The amendments to the marijuana regulations, readers should lately you may have noticed that trash and then paid to have recycled the end product.
regulations, included in the Land refer to existing Saguache Land the area that had previously been are just getting dumped in a huge If in fact a contract exists with
Development Code (Art. IX 2; 2.1- Development Code articles designated for recycling has now pile at the landfill. The county has no the operator of the recycling project
2) are to be made “in accordance regarding conditional use permits become a storehouse of recyclable comprehensive plan to deal with this at the landfill that actually requires
with the laws of the State of (CUPs) and the applicability of waste product laid out flat across issue. I have pointed out the problem the contractor to recycle the items
Colorado.” The SCPC is to study these articles to the same CUPs the terrain covering multiple acres. to commissioners on more than one collected, then that contract needs
the situation before recommending issued for marijuana growers and Cardboard boxes that have been occasion. to be enforced. The contractor has
any changes. The page one article sellers. Following rules provided uncovered all winter lie open to the Road and Bridge, who is in charge been collecting fees for picking
mentions the Pueblo County for challenging code articles in wind. The building that was meant to of the landfill, will not purchase up and receiving recyclables at the
marijuana regulations, and it is here Chapter IX of the code (IX.3), it separate plastic from aluminum from compactors to process the waste into a landfill, but most of these have not
suggested as a model to be closely appears from articles IV.8.3.2, IV. glass is now filled to capacity and form that can be handled by recycling been recycled.
followed by Saguache County in 8.3.4, IV.8.4.3, IV.8.4.7 citizens can unreachable due to the accumulation companies. They will not pay the cost Judging by the size of the pile,
revising their current regulations. protest the wording in these articles of what may one day become just to haul the recyclables to the nearest Saguache County residents wish
The SCPC may hold a public and articles in any other relevant trash. (According to a source close facility. A contractor has been charged their trash to be recycled. The landfill
hearing itself on the proposed chapters. “Mays” must turn to to the operation). with duties of collection and disposal budget should reflect these wishes. It
amendments under Article IX 3.2. “shalls” where public hearings are Conscientious citizens of Saguache but as far as I have been able to tell is the right thing to do.
A notice is to be published in the concerned if due process is to be County have been paying to have over the past year and a half the pile Thomas D McCracken,
manner described above and written accorded Saguache County citizens. their recyclables recycled. They of unrecycled trash has just grown Crestone
notices sent to interested property The SCPC has demonstrated its
owners (Articles IX 3.2.1 and
3.2.2). Given the fact that no prior
public hearings seem to have been
inability to fairly examine the CUPs
for marijuana grow applications
and render an impartial decision.
Safeguard the future; elect Gillette
held on the properties approved for Of the applications presented so far, Dear Editor, couple other key positions that are now the town trustee is the only active
marijuana applications, allowing 29 out of 30 have been approved As most of you know it’s been a open. Town infrastructure projects that campaign I am pursuing at this time.
those adjacent to those properties despite protests by citizens, who pretty rocky year for the Town of were stalled are now moving forward The Colorado State statutes do not
to have a documented voice in the sometimes were not allowed to Saguache. With the resignation of again. We are fortunate to have a allow for an individual to operate
granting of the applications, it seems speak on their own behalf. This the mayor, four trustees, the town team in place that brings a lot of past more than one campaign at a time.
only right and proper to allow public is hardly even the appearance of administrator and the loss of a number experience to the table and I am excited However, you can hold both of
input in amending this faulty process. fairness. of other key staff it seemed hopeless to be part of the team. Last fall most these positions at the same time. The
Especially since Saguache It is time to demand these to ever get things back on track, but of the current board was appointed County has many of its own issues and
residents were told by Commissioner applications be thoroughly vetted we have. In the midst of a number of and as such, will need to be elected in a number of people have encouraged
Jason Anderson that a committee and investigated by land use large projects, like the towns sewer, I order to stay on the board in the April me to seek that position as well. This
would be formed to help revise officials before forwarding them to am more than proud to be involved in election. We have a lot more to do. is a conversation for another time……
the regulations, the SCPC public the SCPC for review. And Saguache getting it moving again. It has been a Elected, I will work hard to safeguard It’s important, get out and vote!
hearing seems to be the only way property owners must demand fast and furious few months but we the town’s future. Sincerely,
citizens, especially those affected an outside hearing examiner be have a competent staff back in place. To clarify, I had looked at a Terry Gillette,
most by these grows, will be able employed who can review these We are working to find the best fit for a candidacy for county commissioner, Saguache
to have any say in how they are cases impartially and finally afford
to be handled in the future. These them due process. LETTERS Continued on Page 5A
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Volume 117, Number 13 Thursday March 29, 2018 75¢

Shorts Churches team up to help needy
Health fair Saturday CENTER— The national news
stewardship of shipping potatoes
such a long distance. But when it
in Del Norte outlets and local news stations never was learned that no other potatoes
DEL NORTE—Rio Grande covered it, but after four feet of snow had been sent from any other area,
Hospital and Clinics and Rio Grande in some spots and brutal weather “the Holy Spirit got to work in and
County Public Health will be holding conditions overall in Browning, around Center.”
the annual Rio Grande County Mont., pleas came from United Thanks to a partnership developed
Health Fair from 7-10:30 a.m. on Methodist Church members there to between Center United Methodist
Saturday, March 31 in the Del Norte help those isolated on the Blackfeet Church, Saguache United Methodist
Elementary mini-gymnasium at 10th Nation reservation and outlying areas. Church, local potato growers and
and Spruce streets. Requests were made for food and UMCOR, a plan to answer the plea
firewood and more specifically in the from Montana came together. The
VFA meets Saturday food category, potatoes. “Saguache Saguache and Center congregations
MONTE VISTA — The regular County is not wealthy,” Center United (averaging worship under 40 between
VFA meeting will be held this Methodist interim pastor Vickie them), on the same Sunday pledged
Saturday, March 31 at the home of Kintzel wrote in a news release last and raised $1,500 each to fund the
Wanda Couzens-Smith starting at 1 week. “There is significant local need outreach.
p.m. Bring your projects and come and and a high poverty rate. But there are The truck loaded up at Rockey
potatoes – lots of them. And there are Farms Friday with Brendan Rockey Photo by Teresa L. Benns
enjoy. Ann Burkhart will be sharing
something new. There were 33 baby kind-hearted people – lots of them.” Brandon Rockey heads off with a 2,000 pound bag of potatoes to load
hats created in all (some were donated She said some questioned the Please see HELP on Page 5A into a semi-trailer headed for Browning, Mont. on Friday.
by others and brought to the group).
These were finished by last Saturday
at 4 p.m. Call or email Wanda for
directions, questions, etc. at 719-852-
Apache Nation visits Center Mountain
5000; cell, 719-580-4976 or email Valley still
Volunteers needed
for work day
wanted for Penitente Canyon Care
Day Saturday, April 7 from 9 a.m.
out plans
to 2 p.m. Work alongside climbers BY TERESA L. BENNS
from around the West and residents SAGUACHE — Mountain Valley
of the San Luis Valley on projects Superintendent Travis Garoutte
in the main climbing canyon area. attended a series of meetings Tuesday
Help clear brush from tails and to address lingering problems with
belay stations, improve conditions the school’s architectural plan so the
around climbing areas and more; all district can move forward to begin
tools and gloves will be provided. construction this spring.
Preregistration is required; email Several of those living near the
Sally at by March school are still objecting to the current
31 to sign up. plans and asking for modifications to
the existing design. One group has
Send senior photos even suggested a lawsuit may be in the
works, claiming the public voted on
for graduation edition the school bond initiative believing the
MONTE VISTA—On Wed- initial design was one story, not two.
nesday, April 25, the 2018 SLV Garoutte first met with Bobbi and
Graduation edition will be distributed Lou Baughman who own property
in the SLV Lifestyles, Monte Vista near the school. Former mayor Greg
Journal, Del Norte Prospector, Center Terrell said the Baughmans have been
Post Dispatch, South Fork Tines, one of the school’s biggest supporters
Mineral County Miner and Conejos Photo by Teresa L. Benns
over the past 60 years. Lou Baughman
County Citizen. It will include the Members of the Apache Nation from Crestone entertained Center elementary students in the gym on is a retired Colorado State trooper.
graduation ceremony information for The Baughmans spent an hour with
Thursday before Spring Break, performing dances and ceremonies from their Native American tradition.
each school, as well as the graduates’
Please see PLANS on Page 3A
Please submit your senior photo to
your senior class sponsor ASAP or
send directly to Valley Publishing:
Marijuana regulation recommendations submitted or BY TERESA L. BENNS the SCPC’s Master Plan revisions (and state?) approval is given. is final.
P.O. Box 607, Monte Vista, CO 81144. SAGUACHE — The Saguache years ago, also supervised by • RVs cannot park on property for • Landscaping shall be done.
Please include your name and school County Planning Commission McClure. longer than 60 consecutive days. • Six-foot chain link fences must
with your photo. All photos must be (SCPC) last Thursday began the The suggested revisions, which will • A primary residence must be built be placed around the grows (already
into Valley Publishing by Friday, revision of the county’s marijuana be discussed further at the regular before outbuildings are constructed, required by state),
April 13. Call 719-852-3531 with regulations, but those attending the SCPC meeting Thursday, were cultivation begun. • Landowners do not have to
questions. meeting did not feel any significant recommended as follows: • After approval of an application, ask commissioners permission to
progress was made in addressing • SCPC alternate Mark Swinney six months should be allowed to begin subdivide if the parcel is more than
Correction those matters raised repeatedly in suggested that a cap be placed on construction. An application must be 35 acres.
The number for the amount previous meetings by residents who the number of grows allowed into reissued if construction is not begun • A 300-foot buffer zone should
Saguache County Commissioners live near the grows. the county. within one year. surround grows in platted subdivisions.
require for funds approval, mentioned Bill McClure headed the review of • All waste products should be • Six months should be allowed to • Landowners must be Colorado
in the March 15, 2018 story “Sheriff’s the regulations and at the beginning disposed of properly. install a septic system with a timetable residents for a minimum of three
staff pay raises approved” should of the meeting advised those trying • Buildings on site must be painted to show progress. years; they can only lease out land
have been $2,500, not $25,000. We to ask questions that questions and in earth tones. • Ownership and business change for three years at a time.
apologize for any confusion this may comments were not allowed. A • There shall be no construction or applications must be filed and fees
have caused. similar approach was used during disturbance of property until county paid before the application approval Please see SCPC on Page 6A
Page 6A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, March 29, 2018

SCPC Registration open for CCA annual convention
Continued from Page 1A
LOVELAND — Registration is sure to submit any resolutions for the mingle with vendors and learn about
• Landowners (?) lessees must be 1). The fencing they were using now open for Colorado Cattlemen’s committees, and nominations for the the latest and greatest agricultural
bonded. was not adequate. People are not Association’s (CCA) 2018 Annual open board seats, to the CCA office services and products. After the
• Potential growers must identify supposed to be able to see through Convention, which will be held on as soon as possible. The Colorado breakfast, attendees will engage in
where bus stops are, have something the fence and recognize any plants. June 18-20 at the Embassy Suites in CattleWomen will hold their general the first annual Ranching Legacy
in writing from school. However, the grower was told that as Loveland. Last year was monumental membership meeting, followed by Symposium entitled “Survive to
• Variances can be granted for both long as he has a fence that somewhat for CCA as we celebrated our 150th the now infamous High Tea! Lunch Thrive: Managing Risk in Ranching”,
recreational and medical grows, but disguised the plants, even though anniversary, and the year 2018 is all on Monday will include the Leopold which will go through the afternoon.
medical grows with more than 25 people could look through, as long about looking toward the future — Conservation Award presentation. In The Ranching Legacy Symposium,
plants must locate somewhere else. someone could not distinguish that the look out, Loveland! The “Aggies are the evening, we will greet our trade and the unveiling of the new and
plants were marijuana the mesh fence Coming to Town!” show exhibitors with a Welcome improved Ranching Legacy Program
Citizens who have been regularly would be legal and permissible. The On Monday, members will engage Reception. in collaboration with Colorado State
protesting commissioners’ and growers were told they should not be in CCA committee meetings where Tuesday morning will begin with a University, will also be a highlight
the SCPC’s handling of the grows able to “see through” the mesh at all their voices can be heard and policies “Grab and Stay” networking breakfast
objected later that the following (it was noted by the commissioners that shape the future are formed. Be in the trade show, where you can Please see CCA on Page 9A
pressing issues were never or were not however, that the infrastructure does
sufficiently addressed in amending not have to be in place before a permit

South Fork
the regulations. is approved).
• extraction explosions (lack of fire 2). The original application was
resources to control and extinguish) for the construction of a greenhouse.
• State defers to county and county But now the owners have decided to
defers to state, causing confusion have an outdoor grow instead (Land
• impacts on water resources Use director Wendi Maez said that
especially domestic and artesian she was unaware of this).
sources 3). There is a designated bus
• incomplete applications stop for children at the crossroad
• children too close to grows and of 52 and T Rd. this has been an
extraction process, grow within 300 established bus stop and has been
feet of one property line picking up/dropping off children
• possible illegal meetings since 2013. The grower was under the
• decisions without minutes, public impression, and was told, that there
input, or opportunity for the public to was no official school bus stop at this
gather facts for their benefit location. However, Maez said she
• county address points in comments checked with both the superintendent
or letters, just letting the public vent and the bus monitor (at both schools)
and then not responding and was told there was indeed, a
• impacts on property values, designated pick up/drop off point
density at Road 52 and Road T.
• cap on total number of grows in Commissioner Tim Lovato moved
county at one time to deny the permit. The other two
• monitoring of air quality, noise commissioners agreed and seconded

levels, water impacts, dust particles the motion. The owners were angry
and said they would consult with
Problems with Jason Trouard’s their attorney.
Mammoth Farms, said to be the Monday county administration

Your Local
largest grow in the country, was also pulled the pending approval of the
discussed. Barkl grow in Ewing Estates. The
At last week’s commissioners reason given was that Barkl never
meeting during the afternoon session, submitted a lease agreement between

the application for A Growing himself and the property owner, so his
Concern marijuana grow operation current application is incomplete. He
was denied. According to Moffat was pulled from the March 29 agenda
resident Marty Lange, the reasons and will be required to resubmit his
for the denial were: application.

“Serving Colorado Since 1909”
Cabin Decor 29160 West Hwy 160
Statement Pieces South Fork CO 81154
and More!
Open 10-5 • Monday-Saturday (719)873-5481
Next to the Malt Shop in South Fork

Courtesy Photo
This sign was erected recently in a Moffat rural residential area, notifying
residents that yet another grow will be constructed in an area already
inundated with cannabis grows.
Thurdsay April 5, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 3A

DWR engineer speaks Gardner speaks on marijuana, veterans
to county on pot grows BY TERESA L. BENNS
SAGUACHE — Last Wednesday
Sen. Cory Gardner (R) visited for
about an hour with Saguache residents
Second Mammoth that going to court and trying to get
a permit for a year-round commercial during a work session held at the
Farms grow OK’d well is no different for pot than alfalfa. Road and Bridge building, answering
questions concerning his stand on
When asked by SCPC board
BY TERESA L. BENNS member Steve Carlson if it was marijuana, veterans’ issues and rural
SAGUACHE — Prior to okay to dry up agricultural wells development.
the Saguache County Planning since marijuana is not an agricultural Gardner has been outspoken in
Commission (SCPC) meeting product, Boyle said, “There’s nothing defending Colorado’s right to legalize
last Thursday, Division of Water illegal about changing water rights, marijuana and profit from retail and
Resources (DWR) engineer Kevin although the timing is an interesting cultivation sales in the state. He
Boyle spoke to planning commission subject.” When going to court to energetically opposed U.S. Attorney
members to update them on current change water rights, he advised General Jeff Sessions’ recent decision
state practices regarding marijuana having the judge specifically spell to rescind the Cole Memo, which stated
grows. out the rules and consult with the the federal government would not
Boyle told the board that no one subdistricts. Those changing from interfere with marijuana legalization
is sure how much water marijuana irrigation to commercial may have as long as states prohibited interstate
growers really use per plant. “One to contract in, he observed. trafficking of the drug.
grow used 357,000 gallons a year, but SCPC board member Lynne Acting Colorado U.S. Attorney
I don’t know how many plants they Thompson said the SCPC can’t tell Bob Troyer, an Obama-era appointee,
grew,” Boyle reported. “I’ve been told growers not to convert their wells, indicated last month that nothing
by growers that 91 gallons a plant but can say they will have to go to would change in Colorado regarding Photo by Teresa L. Benns
is absurdly high and absurdly low.” court. Carlson commented that the the prosecution of pot cases. Sen. Cory Gardner (R) explains the problems still existing with veterans
He agreed that it is “cleaner” for county should require them to buy Those active in opposing the healthcare programs at a meeting in Saguache last Wednesday.
growers to use commercial permits if water, but Boyle told the board it is proliferation of grows in Saguache
they are growing on 35 acres or more, “not my place to tell [you] how it’s County were quick to inform Gardner
adding that exempt commercial well legal to use water.” that contrary to what Gov. John believe, this isn’t the Front Range, Gardner listened to residents
permits can be applied for if growing Boyle commented that when it Hickenlooper, Denver Mayor Michael and there is a serious problem with express their concerns and took notes.
on 35 acres or less. “We re-permit Hancock, Attorney General Cynthia marijuana cultivation in Saguache
wells all the time,” he said, adding Please see GROWS on Page 7A Coffman and other state officials County. Please see GARDNER on Page 5A

Continued from Page 1A
March 20 the county was under Land Use office. In conjunction, we commissioners routinely convene… discussion at the executive session.” In his response to Zansberg’s letter
no obligation to record meetings will pursue the position of a code No minutes… of the ‘work sessions’ § 24-6- 402(2)(d)(II), C.R.S. dated Oct. 14, Gibbons wrote: “There
involving personnel matters and had enforcement administrator…” are available for the public to know In the letter, Zansberg reminds may have been an occasion where an
made no recording of an executive Warwick said Tuesday that during what topic or statutory basis was commissioners that the Center Post- executive session was done during
session held during a BoCC work the executive session Feb. 14, announced to convene the executive Dispatch won an open meetings a work session, on an emergency
session Feb. 14. The notice for the commissioners rehashed what had session, nor a tally of the votes of lawsuit with the county in 2011. He basis. The BOCC has agreed that
meeting on the county’s website been said on previous occasions those present in favor or opposed to asks them to record their meetings, if an executive session is required
stated: regarding the code enforcement meeting in executive session. both their executive sessions and between regular Board meetings, a
“Saguache County Commissioners, problem, how to procure the right “By failing to take and maintain regular sessions, to avoid another special meeting will be scheduled,
(2-14) 9:30 a.m. work session — staffing, whether this would be minutes of those work session lawsuit. posted and any executive session
Executive Session for personnel something the sheriff’s office could meetings, the board has repeatedly “We hereby respectfully request that properly announced and recorded.”
(CRS – SEC24-402(4)(f)(I); Land handle, etc. “I didn’t see why we were violated the provision of the COML the Board of County Commissioners A special meeting before executive
Use and Code Enforcement.” The in an executive session,” Warwick that mandates, unequivocally, that for Saguache County, Colorado sessions held during work sessions
executive session was the only item said. “This was all public information “[t]he minutes of [any] meeting formally commit, at its next regularly has been called only once or twice
on the agenda. — I don’t care if people know what during which an executive session scheduled public meeting, to fully since the 2014 letter was written
When commissioners arrived for I want or am expecting, I want the under subsection (4) of this section comply with the COML, as described and was not announced prior to the
the meeting Feb. 14 at about 9:40 public to know.” is held shall reflect the topic of the above,” the letter reads. executive session held on Feb. 14.
a.m., no official statement convening Deputy Wayne Clark, as reported to
the meeting as either a work session the Center Post-Dispatch by another
or a special meeting was made. A credible party, said he also did not
unanimous vote was cast to go into understand why what was discussed
executive session to discuss “the code in the executive session could not be
enforcement job description.” No discussed publicly.
further information concerning the
purpose of the meeting was offered to Past COML communications
the public. No citation of the applicable In a letter written by then Colorado
statue was given prior to the session. Press Association attorney Steven
Sheriff Dan Warwick and Code Zansberg in October of 2014 regarding
Enforcement Officer Deputy Wayne previous open meeting violations,
Clark then met with commissioners Zansberg told Gibbons that according
for about two hours behind closed to reports received, “Saguache
doors. When commissioners County has, for quite some time now,
reconvened, no action items were been conducting meetings, including
mentioned from the meeting and the executive sessions, in violation of
notice asking participants if anyone Colorado’s Open Meetings Law,
objected to anything discussed during (COML);” § 24-6-402, C.R.S. He
the meeting was not recited. further described the violations of the
A bystander in the courthouse COML as “rather straightforward and
lobby learned the meeting did not uncontestable.”
close properly and told Commissioner The letter laid out the parameters
Jason Anderson that the executive of what are considered open meetings
session could be questioned as illegal. and stated that it is believed the county
Anderson asked County Attorney has not been recording executive
Ben Gibbons about the matter but sessions as required by law. Gibbons
Gibbons assured him this was not denied this, commenting, “I don’t
the case. Anderson announced after think that is correct. The only ones
the executive session that the county not recorded are those for legal
would issue a statement about the consultation.”
outcome of the meeting, which it did Zansberg said: “Numerous related
at the March 20 meeting. violations of the COML have
The statement revealed that been committed.” He also advised
decisions were made during the commissioners that they must take
executive session, which is not minutes of their work sessions if
allowed under state statutes regarding executive sessions are held, according
open meetings. The March 20 to Colorado statue. Currently the
statement reads: county keeps no record of what is
“As a result of this [the marijuana discussed in work sessions.
situation on the county] the county “Based upon the board’s minutes
will pursue the following actions: that are posted on the county
The hiring of a full-time code commissioners’ web page, it appears
enforcement officer, operating under that no minutes of any kind have
the Sheriff’s department in partnership been prepared and maintained for
with both the Commissioners and any of the ‘work sessions’ that the
Thurdsay April 5, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 7A

GROWS Photographers invited to enter show
Continued from Page 3A
comes to complaints about licensed asked what measures the SCPC had CREEDE—The Creede Chamber of Commerce Visitors’ displayed in the Creede Visitors’
marijuana grows, personal and other taken to resolve this discrepancy, if Arts Council is calling all area Center. Center.
grows, there is no way to check and see any. This was after Trouard stated he photographers to submit work for Photographs will be selected The deadline for submissions is
if they are in compliance with water did not intend to reside on the property exhibit in this year’s Mountain Shoot for exhibition and award. A June 5. Please contact the Creede
well usage, although it is simple to as there was no residence. Out regional juried photography Peoples’ Choice Award for favorite Arts Council at creedearts@outlook.
respond to complaints about in-house McClure challenged her statement show. The deadline for submissions landscape photograph will be com or visit our website www.
wells. Metering rules do not apply to and Land Use director Wendi Maez is June 5. awarded at the end of the show. for more
exempt wells and DWR is not sure it was searching for words to explain The show will run from June The Peoples’ Choice award may information and to download the
can enforce the use of cistern meters the discrepancy. Once it was resolved 19 through Sept. 17 at the Creede be purchased and permanently entry form.
because there is no real way to make that this is indeed what the regulations
sure the metering is done accurately. state, Cyriacks indicated she would
“The biggest problem is, how judge by their stunned and shocked
do you know who is what?” Boyle faces that they had not taken any steps.
summarized. McClure and Maez then hastily
pointed out that they had not held
Mammoth Farms approval any cultivation applicants to that
Mammoth Farms owner Justin standard and therefore would not
Trouard appeared before the board to discriminate against Trouard. They
ask for approval of a second medical laughed nervously and proceeded
grow in addition to his existing to approve the application without
recreational grow on his 640-acre even discussing the bus stop at
property outside Moffat. The SCPC Hollenbeck’s which is similar to the
was careful to avoid discussion of a previous application.
letter Trouard sent to two neighbors This contradicts what citizens have
recently that many at the meeting been told at multiple meetings by the
complained was insulting. county attorney, commissioners and
Either ignorant of the facts or Maez — that they have no choice but
disregarding them, Trouard wrote to to approve these applications because
his “concerned” citizen neighbors: they have to abide by the county and
“We believe that those that have state regulations.
chosen an area that has been farmed The Mammoth Farms medical
for well over 100 years as a retirement marijuana application goes before
community are the actual problem… commissioners for final approval
Not only do the nonconventional April 17. 2017 Peoples’ Choice Winner, Frozen Ranch by Amber Lynn Newhouse
residents consume land that has been
historically used for agriculture, they
seek to limit others and their RIGHT

Del Norte ‘United’
to farm.
“Some of those in opposition to
farming only vacation in the Valley
one weekend per month and feel the
entire county should be robbed of the
jobs and tax revenue generated by
this highly taxed form of agriculture
because it might, subjectively, inhibit
the two days per month that they spend
in the Valley. The San Luis Valley
would not exist without agriculture…
“The Valley has leveraged its
abundance of water and land for over
a century to provide families with a
sustainable living. The atmosphere
that allowed so many to survive has
faded as farmland and farmers are
being replaced with retirees that offer
no contribution to the community
short of an abundance of selfish Directory
complaints. Commercial Cannabis
Cultivation is Saguache’s best and
only chance of providing a future for Financial Advisor
generations to come.
“It seems that the Cowboy Church
Caucus [SCPC alternate Mark
Swinney is a cowboy preacher and
Moffat landowner] has taken a sudden Local shops value you more. Local
interest in research. What I find odd
is that the research group can find a
discharged debt that was included businesses survive by their reputation Real Estate
in a bankruptcy but can’t measure United Country
the distance from the bus stop to the
property line of my land.”
During the meeting, SCPC member
Bill McClure invoked Trouard’s
& repeat business which means you Wiescamp Realty, LLC
(719)657-2324 • 630 Grand Ave.
“right to farm” twice (see editorial
on the legal definition of “farm”
in this issue). Trouard repeatedly
referred to his marijuana cultivation as
get a higher standard of service.
“farming.” Joyce Swinney pointed out
that the bus stop she is referring to is a
second bus stop off Trouard’s property
near her Hollenbeck neighbors, not
the bus stop he refers to in his letter.
SCPC member Carlson formally
objected to the letter. “I’m a retiree,”
he pointed out. “Did I deserve that?”
His comments were interrupted by an
announcement that the letter would
not be openly discussed. Trouard
complained he wrote it because he has
not been treated well by his neighbors.

Towards the end of the SCPC
review of Mammoth Farms, Crestone
resident Lisa Cyriacks questioned the
SCPC regarding the current marijuana
regulations in the Land Development

Code as approved Jan 1, 2017, under
Article IV-A.2. This article states:
“No marijuana cultivations shall be
approved on vacant land.” Cyriacks
Thursday, April 12, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 3A

Marijuana code revisions continue Fire ban issued for east
BY TERESA L. BENNS the omission of the comments, noting every meeting you attend.” http://
SAGUACHE— Saguache County
Planning Commission (SCPC)
other processes require they are
included for the record. He warned
side of Saguache County
continued its ongoing revision of the SCPC citizens are becoming angry “A zoning regulation should
marijuana regulations last month, with the BoCC and SCPC because conform to the applicable municipal SAGUACHE— Due to the high fires are allowed).
following the regular session of their concerns are being ignored. or county master plan” CRS § 31-23- fire danger in Saguache County, • Lighting of fireworks of any
commission March 29. Generally there was much 303(1, Colorado Land Planning and Saguache County Sheriff Dan kind, explosives, blasting caps, or
According to an observer, the discussion but few changes to the Development Law, Ninth Edition, Warwick has issued restrictions any incendiary which may result in
meeting opened with alternate Mark code, the observer reported. The first Colorado Chapter of the American effective immediately for the east the ignition of flammable material.
Swinney upbraiding chairwoman sentence/paragraph of Article IV-A Planning Assoc.). side of Saguache County. • Smoking except in an enclosed
Rebie Hazard for not allowing him was then mentioned, which states, The issue of including a church This includes east of Colorado vehicle or building.
to finish questioning Justin Trouard “The purpose of this regulation is (Majestic Mountains Cowboy Highway 17, from Highway • Welding or operating an
on the second variance for Mammoth to provide for growth in a manner Fellowship pastored by SCPC 112 to Highway 285, acetylene or other torch
Farms/Holdings. Hazard indicated the than protects the characteristics alternate Mark Swinney) was brought and east of Highway with open flame.
SCPC had heard all of the discussion of the community that its citizens up again, and it was pointed out that 285 from the • Disposing
and arguments before. Swinney value.” The previous comments of the BOCC and SCPC had initially Highway 17 and of any burning
maintained neither the SCPC or the the planning commission and BOCC required a variance from the Swinneys Highway 285 material or
BOCC validated the complaints, regarding this issue have indicated for $1,000 to set up the church. So the Junction, north material hot
questions or issues brought up by the that these cannot be referred to argument that a church should not to the summit enough to
public and limited the time allowed because they are moral issues. be included failed since the variance of Poncha cause the
for comments. However best practice models for allowed for it. Pass. ignition
Swinney then observed that the planning commissions and state law Previously, SCPC member Bill T h e of weeds
BoCC and planning commission say otherwise. “Your job is to make McClure argued the church would not following or͒grass such as
told the public to send in letters but decisions and recommendations be taken into consideration because it activities are cigarette or cigar
then did not give any indication that are consistent with your state’s violated the separation of church and deemed to be “open butts or hot coals,
that the letters had ever been planning and zoning related laws, the state doctrine. However, the SCPC fires” for the purposes except in a fireproof
read, far less any concerns citizens standards for decisions enumerated in and BoCC have granted conditional of this ordinance and͒are receptacle designed͒for
brought up in the letters addressed your by-laws, and your community’s use permits to numerous spiritual subject to ban: such disposal.
or resolved. Commissioner Ken comprehensive, master, or land use centers across the county over the • Building, maintaining, attending • The use of chainsaws and other
Anderson had indicated at one public plan… years and the BoCC has included or using an open fire to burn trash, internal combustion engines unless
meeting that the crowd had had the “Leave the politics to the profes- local churches in their sales tax grants debris, fence rows, or vegetation, equipped with a spark͒arrestor, and
opportunity to vent and so they should sionals. Your chief elected official, as grantees. any campfire (including in Forest accompanied onsite by a chemical
be happy. government manager or planning McClure insisted that it was time Service Campgrounds), warming
Commissioner Jason Anderson staff should provide these documents to be done with the regulations fire, or charcoal grill. (Propane grill Please see FIRE on Page 7A
privately asked other individuals how to you at the beginning of your revision in order to approve it for
they liked the “show” put on at the Jan. term as a planning commissioner,
29 public meeting. Swinney contested and you should have them for Please see SCPC on Page 7A

Continued from Page 1A
James Sanchez and Bill McClure stray animals could be identified and often does not know who the owners
weighed in on the attack report, with notified when their pets are taken by of the animals are. The town requires
Sanchez recounting how a relative the town or transported to a shelter. the dogs to be tagged, but many ignore
had been mauled by a pack of dogs Currently stray dogs are held the requirement. Lujan suggested pet
in town. temporarily outside of Center until owners be given a courtesy warning
When Lujan said the dog had shelter personnel can transport them. when animals are picked up and the
been impounded in a kennel at its Lujan said the dogs are hard for town second time a $75 fine be imposed.
owner’s house for 10 days, McClure employees to catch and often disappear The problem will be addressed
questioned why it was not impounded between the time a problem is reported further during the town’s ongoing
at a local animal shelter for that time and the employee arrives on scene. codification process. Juhre says she
period and the owner made to pay McClure objected to impounding has saved all her veterinary bills and
boarding fees. Lujan and McClure animals without notifying the owner will appear in county court on the
then discussed how the owners of but Lujan reminded him the town attack May 30.
Thursday, April 12, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 7A

Vikings defeated by Farmers in league double-header
BY STEPHEN JIRON inning. A bunt from Tejay Kemery got four of his teammates tied with one
MONTE VISTA — Friday the Marco Hernandez home and Ismael RBI a piece.
Center Vikings (3-8-0) took a little Palacios batted Marcus Smith in with Sargent and Center are both done
ride down Broadway Street to visit a single making it 4-3. for the week. Sargent will be out of
Sargent (11-2-0) for a double-header However two innings later with a action until April 14 when they head
with league implications. The Farmers 6-4 lead Sargent broke the game wide west for a league meeting at Del
topped Center in both contests, the first open with six runs. Eddie Gonzalez Norte scheduled to start at 11 a.m.
by a score of 12-4 and the second by singled to start the action. Jacob Center will stay home the same day
a 10-1 margin. Deacon then tripled to get Gonzalez in. when Sanford comes to town for a
Before their meeting with Sargent, Christian Schaller and Frankie double-header scheduled for 10 a.m.
Center just recently turned around a Torrez each took one for the team to and 1 p.m.
fi ve game skid. The Vikings took two load the bases. A single from Chase
from South Park to close March on a Photo by Stephen Jiron
Mortensen got Deacon in and a double
high note totaling 3 wins on the season. from Younkerman scored Schaller Center’s Patrick Mortensen (16)
Sargent has been riding high since and Torrez. Davis closed the six run turns to look for the ball as Ryan
dropping their second of the season rally with a single to bring Mortensen Davis slides for Sargent’s first score
to Pagosa Springs on Mar. 17. Since home. of the day. Davis would get home
then the Farmers have put together a 5 A scoreless seventh would close four times to tie for the team lead
game win streak, the last two coming the game at 12-4 in Sargent’s favor. in runs with four.
at the expense of Cripple Creek-Victor Unfortunately for Center the second
via forfeit.
Friday morning the Vikings struck
game was all Sargent.
Leading 3-0 in the fifth inning
Continued from Page 1A
fi rst when Patrick Mortensen got Sargent’s Davis picked up a triple to
booth and screen will be retained and in cooperation with CSU Extension and stone. Continuum project manager
home to give Center a 1-0 lead. start the order before being scored
renovated. The old Frontier sign is will seek out internships, Anderson Randy Bearrientez said he is looking
Sargent would answer right back in by a single from Younkerman. With
currently being restored in Denver and said. The developers anticipate that for workers with general skills to help
the bottom of the fi rst. Getting on base one runner on base Deacon sent a
will return with a bit of its weathered various artists will choose to take construct the buildings. Potato rock
after being hit by the pitch, Ryan Davis high floater over the left field fence
patina, complete with a few bullet holes, up residence at the site where they will be used for walkways and other
stole his way around the diamond for his second homerun of the season.
Falcone joked. The attractive floor plan can experience the rural lifestyle and local elements are incorporated into
before taking home plate by storm to Deacon’s Friday total of 4 RBI would
of the restored projector room/snack landscapes firsthand. the overall design.
make it a tied ballgame. Davis’ four lead the Farmers for the day. Torrez
station will be in keeping with a 1950s Workshops featuring crafts native The project will break ground later
runs on the day would tie for the team and Mortensen added runs to cap
style drive-in snack bar but the design to the area will be held such as leather this month and building will begin in
lead in runs with Jacob Deacon. a 5 run inning making for an 8-0
will also reflect the country location of working, jewelry making, pottery earnest in May, Bearrientez said. The
The bottom of the second was where ballgame.
the Frontier. casting, sculpting and other indigenous developers will partner with SLVREC
the Farmers separated themselves. Center would avoid a shut out in
The project will include an RV park arts. Cooking events also will be and other local businesses to get the
Runs from Davis, HunterYounkerman, the sixth inning when Marcus Smith
with 10-12 hook-ups, four cabins, featured at the center. project off the ground, the developers
and Peyton Brown gave Sargent a 4-1 batted Mortensen in for the Viking’s
30-40 yurts with shared bathrooms Native materials will be used to build said. The project, to be constructed
advantage. Center did what they could first run of the game. Mortensen led
and tent camping sites. An area for the steel shed type buildings which will in phases, is slated for completion
to close the gap at the top of the fourth the Vikings in runs with three while
small scale agricultural production be finished on the inside with wood sometime next year.
Continued from Page 3A FIRE
the BOCC. Swinney indicated said she thought she had put a Continued from Page 3A
the SCPC had not covered items rewrite of the reclamation sections pressurized fire extinguisher of not exempt from the provisions of this act. i.e. Outdoor Cremations,
of concern in the marijuana code for non-cropland in, but it was not less͒than 8 ounces weight capacity, ordinance: agricultural needs.
and the commission was not there. Decision on this section was and a size 0 or larger round pointed • Persons with a valid permit or • Any federal, state or local officer
ready to proceed. Another lengthy postponed until the next meeting to shovel with an overall͒length of at authorization from the Saguache or member of an organized rescue or
discussion followed. It was pointed await a written copy for inclusion least 36 inches. County Sheriff specifically firefighting force in the performance
out that the commission should in the document. There also was a The following person(s) shall be authorizing the otherwise prohibited of an official duty.
have gone section by section, page determination that the wording on
by page and word by word through buffer distance was incorrect and
the code to carefully consider every that the buffer distance was from the
regulation. parcel boundary to the interior and
Swinney told the commission 120 was to be 300 feet.
days was not enough time to do the Recreational vehicles “may
job correctly. He informed fellow only be occupied for 60 days
members he has over 70 NEPA consecutively” and the word
documents to help to a sufficient job. “reclamation” was added to the
Another long discussion ensued. He bonding section of the regulations.
also cited two major issues raised at Other items were discussed but not
the previous meeting commission resolved. Overall, the SCPC agreed
members had not addressed. there were yet many items to go over
Land Use Director Wendi Maez and set their next meeting for April 12.

Volume 117, Number 16 Please see both stories Thursday April 19, 2018 75¢

Shorts Moffat holds public hearing on annexation
9 Health Fair MOFFAT— A hearing held
Saturday at MVS to gather testimony regarding
the proposed Moffat annexation
SAGUACHE— The 9 Health Monday was attended by several
Fair will be held again this year at local opponents to the plan as well
Mountain Valley School in Saguache as growers favoring the annexation,
on April 21 from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 which would incorporate land into
a.m. Fasting for tests offered at the fair the city limits intended for marijuana
is not required. The fair will feature cultivation.
new booths for health assessment. Potch LLC is one of the cultivations
For more information, contact Ron that would be incorporated into the
Gilbertson at 719-221-9574. Moffat city limits. Potch LLC
spokesperson Whitney Parsons
Duo Lorraine & Justice was present at the meeting.
Amy to perform The town has not released
documents showing the exact Moffat Mayor Patricia Riegel (far right) complains about news coverage during the Moffat annexation
Photo by Teresa L. Benns
D E L N O RT E — N e w L i f e location of the annexation or a list of
Fellowship presents local singing hearing Monday.
all the parties owning the land north
and songwriting duo Lorraine and of the town intended for annexation. the real property included in an area owned by the town of Moffat, have the town to commence proceedings
Amy “Sharing Jesus Through Song.” The town announced the annexation proposed to be annexed in Saguache filed a petition for annexation of for the annexation of said area…”
Please join for a special evening of last month in a notice which read: County, Colo., excluding public said area with the town clerk of the
praise and worship Sunday, April 22 “The owners of 100 percent of streets and all alleys and any land town of Moffat, Colo., requesting Please see MOFFAT on Page 2A
at 6 p.m. Admission is free; a love

Cleaning up Center
offering will be taken. New Life
Fellowship is located at 520 7th Street,
Del Norte. Lakish,
Kinder and pre-K
registration April 24
CENTER — Haskin Elementary
will be holding their annual pre-k
and kindergarten registration for the
2018-2019 school year on Tuesday,
April 24 from 5-7 p.m. in the evening.
in court
Pre-K children must be three years SAGUACHE — Judge Patrick
old before June 1, 2018 to attend pre-k Hayes presided over hearings for
and five years old before June 1, 2018 William Alder Lakish, Crestone,
to attend kindergarten. and Ruben Chavez, Center, Tuesday
Please bring an original birth in Saguache District Court. Lakish’s
certificate, immunization records and case was bound over to district
court documents (if applicable) i.e. court from county court and Chavez
custody, shared parenting. Children continues to process through the court
enrolled for kindergarten at this time system following a felony charge filed
will not be required to attend CHAMP against him last year.
in August. Lakish appeared first and as he
For more information, please phone has in past hearings, continued to
the elementary office at 754-3982. represent himself. Judge Hayes
read the following charges against
Dems fundraising him: Forgery, a class five felony,
punishable by three years in prison,
dinner May 5 a $100,000 fine or both with six years
CRESTONE— Come one, come for aggravating circumstances and
all. The Saguache County DEMs will Courtesy Photo
High school senior Camille Ruggles organized a small trash pick-up at Center’s Community Park to criminal impersonation, a felony six
host a fundraising dinner Saturday, May charge, punishable by 18 months in
5 at 6 p.m. Join in for Cinco de Mayo demonstrate to Center Boys and Girls Club members that even small actions like cleaning the park
can have an impact. The project was a community service learning activity for club members to help prison and a $100,000 fine or both
at the Desert Sage Restaurant, 242 with three years for aggravating
Baca Grant Way, Crestone. Keynote youth become active members in their community and empathetic and caring citizens.
speaker will be Morgan Carroll, The problems for Lakish began
chair of the Colorado Democratic
Party and past president of the
Colorado State Senate. Cost is $30 per Commissioners approve medical grow when he filed as a “registered agent”
for the White Eagle LLC (lodge)
May 11, 2017 without permission
person, $50 sponsor. Reservations are BY TERESA L. BENNS of the owners. He has lived in the
“• Is the current Land Development session with the Division of Water
required by Monday, April 23; RSVP SAGUACHE— Despite protests condemned building ever since
Code being used as the criteria Resources representative (Kevin Boyle),
online at by county residents, Saguache despite notice to vacate the premises,
for determining whether or not a SCPC members stated at both meetings
There will be a taco bar, fajitas and a commissioners continued their but recently left on his own accord,
Conditional Use permit application that they thought that they were lied to,
cash bar. With questions, contact Dawn approval of marijuana grows and owners Brian Kramer and Julie
is acceptable and can be approved? especially in regards to residency. They
at 720-350-6905 or dawn.sandberg@ approved the impact report for the O’Halloran said.
If not, what other codes or regulations also stated they didn’t know what to do. Come celebrate and Town of Moffat annexation of acreage Lakish told the judge he was
are being used as the criteria? Clearly, the Land Development Code
support the local Democratic Party! intended for yet another marijuana assured in county court that if he
“• Why aren’t these sections of the states what should have been done, and
(Some partial dinner discounts are cultivation operation. left the White Eagle and appeared in
Land Development (and Marijuana) it wasn’t. These statements put into
offered, please inquire with Dawn.) The meeting opened with public district court the charges would be
Code being followed: (criminal question several of the Conditional Use
comments, but commissioners limited penalties, suspensions, fines and Permits that have been approved by the dropped. Hayes told Lakish he had
the comment period to 15 minutes license revocation for committing any SCPC. Any comments? no right to have his case heard in
owing to time constraints. Bonanza act or omission contrary to the code; “• Property not located within a county court with felony charges and
property owner Jay LeBlanc read also allowing marijuana cultivation fire protection or ambulance district to forget about county court.
a list of his concerns regarding the on vacant parcels). must provide a written agreement At one point Hayes warned Lakish,
county’s failure to follow its own land “• NOTE: At the March 22 Saguache to show coverage for any needed who kept insisting he should have the
use regulations, asking the following County Planning Commission (SCPC)
questions: meeting and the March 29 SCPC work Please see BOCC on Page 10A Please see COURT on Page 10A
Page 2A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, April 19, 2018

The following records were Dominic Garcia, 39, Center, third- violation of a restraining
provided by the Saguache Sheriff’s degree assault
Office for the week of April 9-16. Nathan Maxwell, 36, Crestone, two
counts of failure to appear, fugitive Citations
Arrests of justice John Sladek, 65, Saguache, U Choose
J a s o n Va l l i , 4 3 , M o f f a t , Joshua Wooten, 32, Selma, N.C., violation of a protection order
harassment, criminal mischief, probation violation warrant Braxton Sweney, 22, Akron, Campaign
domestic violence Lori Chavez, 44, Saguache, speeding 80 in a 65 MPH zone

Multiple arrests made over weekend The U Choose campaign is based
on the idea that Unaffiliated Voters
now have a chance to make their
jobs/the economy.
Unaffiliated voters can now have
BY TERESA L. BENNS that Maxwell was harboring an warrants in both Saguache and voice heard early in the election their say in the upcoming Colorado
SAGUACHE COUNTY underage juvenile female. The Rio Grande County. Garcia was process by voting for candidates primaries. Choose candidates you
— Over the past weekend, the female was not at Maxwell’s home remanded to Rio Grande County that represent their values. believe share and represent your
Saguache County Sheriff’s Office when the warrant was executed Jail. As ofApril 12, 2018, the active and values.
made multiple arrests on in-state but Maxwell was at the residence, Joshua Wooten, 32, of Selma, inactive voter counts for Saguache Unaffiliated Voters: Choice
and out-of-state warrants executed where he was arrested on failure N.C., was arrested for a parole County were: Republicans — 936; happens with U. Find out how you
for individuals residing in the to appear counts and as a fugitive violation and had illegal drugs in his Democrats — 1821; Unaffiliated can select and receive your ballot.
county. of justice. possession. He also attempted to run — 1483 For more information go to the
A search warrant was executed The juvenile was later located from police, Sheriff Dan Warwick The campaign features words website:
for the Crestone home of at a residence in Lazy KV Estates. said. Owing to overcrowding at that represent issues unaffiliated You can also stop by our office or
Nathan Maxwell, 36, based on Also arrested was Isaiah Garcia Saguache County Jail, Wooten is voters care about like education, give us a call. Jane, Desiree, Ben,
information from Chaffee County of Crestone, who had outstanding being housed in another county. the environment, healthcare and Dominique and I are here to help.

Continued from Page 1A
Adjacent landowner Virgil County has limited services. “This received. By law the town must
Tafoya, who says his repeated community is in dire need of a police deliver the records within three
requests documents regarding the department,” he insisted. We also working days or provide a plausible
annexation and other meetings need a code enforcement officer, and reason for the delay.
and decisions related to marijuana this is part of the impact statement.” Another individual accompanying
cultivation in the town have been Godfrey also discounted Tafoya’s Justice told Tafoya that Town
denied, told hearing examiner Peggy observations as not directly related Attorney Eric Schwiesow would
Godfrey: to the annexation. not allow the town to proceed unless
“Who will pay the taxes? My kids Former trustee Ken Skoglund told its paperwork was in order, noting
don’t want to pay that tax. An impact Tafoya a police force takes money Schwiesow “is very concerned all
plan should be released to the county. and growers will bring money in. the processes are followed” and
Can Moffat handle the progress? has been reviewing the documents.
People will be paying taxes but Tafoya documents request Schwiesow was not present for the
will we get the services we need? Virgil Tafoya once again stated hearing.
The town needs to make sure all that Moffat has to have a complete After a brief speech by Justice,
questions are answered. If we allow report with details for commissioners Riegel delivered a tirade against
it we should allow it for everybody to study. Godfrey told Tafoya the the Center Post-Dispatch and
but makes sure the rules are fair. hearing was only about public “lying” reports that made her
We can’t get involved because we support and opposition to the and the town look bad. She was
can’t get any information. This new annexation plan. Tafoya replied that reminded that there had been
council should be working to makes the town would still need to present no legal recourse regarding her
sure everything is above board and the required impact report. Riegel claims. Riegel said she has done
transparent.” announced later she would have the her due diligence and has the
A citizen who says she also owns impact report ready for examination support of the town. She was
land adjacent to the annexation by commissioners Tuesday, April 17. loudly applauded by the marijuana
said her land is surrounded by Last month Tafoya sent in an official growers attending the hearing.
grows on three sides. The woman Colorado opens records request On his way out of the meeting with
claims she was informed about the regarding the current annexation his elderly parents, Skoglund waved
annexation three days before she process, asking for copies of: the middle finger at the reporter as
needed to respond to a message left “…all ordinances or resolutions he left the room.
on her phone. “I don’t feel I know that initiated the action, copies of all
enough [to make a decision],” she pertinent requests from the interested
said. “There are lots of questions citizens, coordination with all
and nothing is clarified. Things are county, state, and federal agencies,
cloudy, not transparent.” copies of the Town of Moffat Master
Another interested landowner Planning Land Use Board, including
asked the board why the last two copies of the meeting minutes, also
trustees sworn in April 3 (according the board members in attendance,
to the agenda for that meeting) were town trustees involved at the
Photo by Teresa L. Benns not present. He was told by Godfrey meetings, copies of the revised city
Whitney Justice, spokesperson for Potch LLC his question was not relevant, but map to include the legal surveys,
an angry Patricia Riegel announced copies of the coordination with the
the Millers were not sworn in and appropriate subdistricts (utilities,
have not responded to her requests water, state electrical, sewer, and
for an explanation for not showing telecommunications and copies
up at the April 3 meeting. of meetings with the Saguache
Interested party Bob Tafoya said County Land Use Office and County
he has been “after the board to get a Commissioners.”
police department,” since Saguache He reported the copies were never
Page 10A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, April 19, 2018

Continued from Page 1A
emergency services (county marijuana Trouard actually completed the
regulations). Mammoth Farms does application he filed in his name or in
not have such an agreement and will the name of another individual, also
be using butane to conduct extractions noting other inconsistencies in the
on the property. application that should have delayed
“• HB 17-1220, which became or prevented its approval, including
effective Jan. 1, 2018 (3.5 months the location of Trouard’s grow on
ago), is meant to limit the number vacant land.
of plants that can be grown for She asked for commissioners to
recreational and by a medical patient consider density issue and instituting
or caregiver. HB17-1220 is written in zoning regulations. Swinney told he
plain language in the associated Final BoCC the Land Use Code guarantees
Fiscal Notes: Recreation and Medical her safety but she is not safe with
Limited to 12 plants If allowed by the an extraction operation located on
local jurisdiction, no more than 24 Trouard’s property. She also objected
plants are allowed. Commissioners are to the use of diesel generators.
considering a “possible adoption” of Finally Swinney demanded
this limit but under the current Land commissioners place a cease and
Use code, growers can apply for a desist on several cultivation properties
variance to grow additional plants. owned by Trouard and Susan Pae,
Commissioners would not answer allegedly living in Texas, until the illegal
LeBlanc’s questions. meeting is addressed and corrections Photo by Teresa L. Benns
Dottie Eichhorn of Bonanza asked made to eliminate these meetings. She Moffat resident Joyce Swinney reads a document to Saguache County commissioners Tuesday, voicing her
why commissioners were even demanded an initiative be placed on the concern about the BoCC’s continued approval of marijuana grows in the Moffat area.
discussing approval of a medical ballot in November to ask residents if
grow for Mammoth Farms, when the they really wish to continue to allow 12-108.5, 31-12—109, 31-12-110,
county had declared a moratorium.
She expressed concerns about water
marijuana grows in the county.
Commissioners told Swinney they
31-12—112 and 31-12-113).
“County commissioners have a PUBLIC NOTICES
usage after DWR’s Kevin Boyle said would answer her questions at the May responsibility to ensure all steps have
there is really no way to make sure 22 meeting. In the afternoon session been competed, in accordance with the
the water is being used appropriately. of Tuesday’s meeting, commissioners law and not giving up citizen money
She also notified commissioners approved the Mammoth Farms or rights.
that a $1.5 million home in Bonanza is medical grow 2-1. “The county attorney opined
currently taxed at $122 and asked why that the commissioners refer their
the county has not brought pressure Moffat annexation oversight back to Moffat, since they
to bear on the assessor to correct this, According to comments submitted are a statutory town and are allowed
noting the county would have money by Moffat resident Virgil Tafoya, to make any decisions, regardless
if they simply charged and collected Mayor Patricia Riegel closed the Town of the county’s responsibility. He
their property taxes as they should. of Moffat “Petition for Annexation also implied that “marijuana” was
MartyLangeagreedwithEichhornon Public Hearing” Monday with a approved by the State’s voters and the
the moratorium, telling commissioners recorded “no decision” about what to annexation would happen, anyway.
it was wrong to allow a three-week do next in the process. The hearing “While Potch LLC is a marijuana
extension for growers waiting to file ended with a “no vote” from three business, the annexation process
before the moratorium took effect. attending trustees who currently make affects [an entire] community and
“Something is terribly wrong with this up the board. all aspects of any impact should be
system,” Lange concluded. “Tuesday, Riegel came before reviewed, the issues discussed and
Moffat resident Joyce Swinney, who county commissioners and presented, resolved and problems worked out. A
had requested time on the agenda, unilaterally,thePotchLLC‘Annexation lot of people [will] be affected when
asked commissioners to repeal their Report,’ created by Whitney Parsons bills are due and the cost of business
initial approval of Mammoth Farms, Justice (the annexation petitioner). is paid by the taxpayers.”
a Moffat marijuana cultivation, but She asserted Justice’s “report” was Tafoya said he intends to take up
county attorney Ben Gibbons said she the Town of Moffat’s “Impact Report” the annexation problem with the state
must make any such appeal in district required under Colorado Revised attorney general and other government
court. Swinney asked to continue Statute Title 31 – Annexation, (31- officials.
presenting her complaints and was 12-108.5) and the other defined
allowed to continue. legal accountable requirements to
She then read a three-page list
of concerns, including references
to an illegal secret meeting held
be completed or addressed before
committing to petition for annexation
(including but not limited to under
The First Step to
with Mammoth Farms owner Jason
Trouard, questions regarding whether
C.R.S. 31-12-103, 31-12-104, 31-
12-105, 31-12-107, 31-12-108, 31- an Exciting Life
It’s so amazing to me that God wants while, but the time comes when we need always be easy. King David was called
COURT to be involved in every area of our lives. I
remember when I got this revelation, and
to grow up.
I remember when I would go to church
a man after God’s heart, but we know
it wasn’t because he did everything
Continued from Page 1A it changed my life. every Sunday and then gossip about the right. However, David had cultivated
charges dropped, not to interrupt him charges are serious and I urge you to At that time, I was part of a bowling pastor or whatever I didn’t like about the a passionate heart for God’s will. He
league and we played once a week. service. Of course, I was not a very happy learned how to recover from his failures
when he was speaking. Lakish also obtain counsel,” Hayes concluded. He I remember one night when I wasn’t Christian during that time. And I couldn’t and move on in God, and because of that
began accusing people involved in set Lakish’s next hearing for May 22. bowling very well and I heard this have been a very good example of one ´*RG WHVWLÀHG FRQFHUQLQJ KLP ¶, KDYH
the case of various actions. “I am not prompting in my heart that said, “Ask Me to others either. Critical and judgmental found David son of Jesse, a man after my
to help you.” Immediately I thought, “I attitudes like that, or murmuring, being own heart; he will do everything I want
going to allow you to accuse people in can’t ask God to help me bowl!” unthankful, and complaining hinder him to do’” (Acts 13:22 NIV).
my court room,” Hayes commanded Ruben Chavez But the truth is He wants to help us our relationship with God and our In our relationship with God, our part
Lakish. “I understand you are upset Chavez and his wife Audrey were with everything we do. And when I representation of what a Christian is. is to pray, study His Word, and learn to
but you are not going to use this as a served with a summons and complaint started letting Him be involved in every But eventually, I began to get this develop our own sensitivity and obedience
area of my life – following the leading nagging, uneasy feeling every time I to the Holy Spirit’s lead. His promise to us
public forum.” by the Saguache Sheriff’s Office Sept. of the Holy Spirit – that’s when life got would say something negative about the is, “I will give them one heart [a new heart]
“My understanding of forgery is 23, 2017. The incident in question really exciting! pastor…or anyone else for that matter. and I will put a new spirit within them; and
that I would have to sign someone happened Aug. 14 and 15, 2017 on What does it mean to be led by the I could feel that what I was saying was I will take the stony [unnaturally hardened]
Holy Spirit? Some may refer to it as being wrong, and I knew in my heart it was the KHDUWRXWRIWKHLUÁHVKDQGZLOOJLYHWKHP
else’s name, not mine,” Lakish said, the couple’s private rental property, ÀOOHGZLWK²RUVHQVLWLYHWRRUDQRLQWHGE\ Holy Spirit telling me it was time to grow DKHDUWRIÁHVK>VHQVLWLYHDQGUHVSRQVLYH
protesting he did not understand a mobile home at 162 West First St., – the Spirit. It sounds really spiritual, yet up and mature spiritually. to the touch of their God]” (Ezekiel 11:19
the charges against him and how he no. 3, in Center. The charges involve being led by the Spirit is actually a very I’ve come to the point in my AMPC).
could be guilty of forgery. Hayes an allegedly illegal eviction witnessed practical part of living the Christian life. relationship with God where it doesn’t Trust the Holy Spirit and follow His
Simply put, to be led by the Holy Spirit take long for me to be aware when I lead. You’ll discover His way is the best,
explained that Lakish’s understanding by Center Police. just means to be obedient to Him. say or do something that is not pleasing PRVWH[FLWLQJMRXUQH\\RXFDQÀQG
of the legal definition of forgery was Chavez is being represented by The Holy Spirit does such awesome, to God. And this is what He wants for
not necessarily true but declined to attorney Raymond Miller and was yet practical work in the lives of all His children: to develop sensitivity For more on this topic, order Joyce’s
God’s children. He is our Comforter, and obedience to His voice as He leads three-teaching CD series Keys to Loving
discuss the facts in the case. assisted by an interpreter. Hayes Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, each of our lives. Romans 8:14 (AMPC) Your Journey. You can also contact us
Hayes told Lakish he had the right told Chavez that he is charged with Strengthener and Standby. He teaches us declares that “all who are led by the Spirit to receive our free magazine, Enjoying
to remain silent, to enter a plea and second-degree burglary, a class three and guides us into truth…and He even of God are the sons of God.” This term Everyday Life, by calling (800) 727-9673
brings the things we learn back to our “sons” indicates a level of maturity and or visiting
the right to a jury trial, also the right felony, punishable by 16 years in remembrance as we need it. intimacy in our relationship with Him. Joyce Meyer is a New York Times
to be represented by counsel. Lakish prison and a $750,000 fine or both. And the best part of it all is that He God is not looking for spiritual robots; He bestselling author and founder of
told the judge he does not qualify Aggravated charges could mean lives in each of us. Ephesians 3:16 doesn’t want us all just following a bunch of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. She has
for a public defender and would be Chavez would serve up to 32 years (AMPC) tells us that He enables us to rules for the sake of obedience. Jesus made authored more than 100 books, including
representing himself. Hayes replied in prison. A second charge, criminal mighty power in the inner man by the sins to be completely washed away and LIVING A LIFE YOU LOVE (Hachette).
that it is not a good idea for Lakish mischief, a class one misdemeanor, [Holy] Spirit [Himself indwelling your removed from us so we can have a personal She hosts the Enjoying Everyday Life
to proceed without representation carries a sentence of 18 months in innermost being and personality].” relationship with God. We are free to obey radio and TV programs, which air on
He comes to live in our hearts when Him simply because we love Him, and we hundreds of stations worldwide. For
and pointed him to the clerk of the the county jail, a $5,000 fine or both. we’re born again, and then He teaches know that everything He tells us to do, or more information, visit www.joycemeyer.
court to help obtain documentation Miller told Hayes the district and guides us according to God’s plan not do, is for our good. We just need to learn org.
for his case. attorney had offered to defer the and purpose for us. One of the ways He to follow His lead. Please note: The views and opinions
Lakish kept arguing but Hayes misdemeanor charge. Chavez entered does this is by convicting us of the sins It’s actually exciting to follow the expressed throughout this publication
in our life, and we learn what’s right and Holy Spirit, and He wants to lead us and/or website are those of the respective
simply told him he would give him a pela of not guilty and Miller wrong as we grow in our faith. We may all according to the plans God has for DXWKRUV DQG GR QRW QHFHVVDULO\ UHÁHFW
extra time to find an attorney and requested a jury trial for his client. The get by with things that are not right for a each of our lives. I’m not saying it will those of Joyce Meyer Ministries.
gather his documentation. “These next court date for Chavez is Sept. 12.
Thursday, May 3, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 3A

Planning commission approves four new grows
Some citizens The board later passed a resolution
not to change the agenda once a time
off County Road T, was approved
pending the erection of a permanent
unable to comment for hearing applicants is set.
Grows approved by the commission
residence on the property.
Corpore Sano, on County Road
BY TERESA L. BENNS included Cannamount, adjacent to 59, brought the largest volume of
SAGUACHE — Despite the John Werner’s property. Werner, active comments, with nearby resident Lisa
county’s marijuana moratorium, in water issues for decades, objected Rosen advising applicant Gregory
the Saguache County Planning that the grow will adversely affect Gershengorin he is surrounded on all
Commission (SCPC) continues his application for a conservation sides by illegal grows. Gershengorin
to approve marijuana grows, after easement for his property and will revealed he will be extracting oils
commissioners decided when the drive down the water table in the area. on site, and Rosen warned that if
moratorium was announced that those Galen Myers told the SCPC anything happens the entire area “will
who had already paid their application marijuana is a plague in the go up like a tinderbox in this drought.”
fees would be exempted from the community, and they need to stop Volunteer fire departments in the
moratorium. approving conditional use permits area will not be able to do anything,
Early in the day the commission until all questions are answered and she noted.
juggled the agenda, sinking some they can get a hold on the situation. Gershengorin replied that he has
reviews to the bottom and pushing up Vacant land and agricultural land no control over such activity but that
other reviews to the top. This resulted issues were brought up again, and his presence could eventually drive
in several individuals appearing to Land Use Administrator Wendi Maez illegal grows out of the area. Code
object or comment on the proposed said the county has to go by what enforcement officer Wayne Clark Photo by Teresa L. Benns
grows long after they had been heard. category the assessor has assigned told the commission that he has This is one of several of what are believed to be illegal grows along
One of the citizens commented: “This to the land. contacted Denver and is waiting for County Road 59 in Moffat.
is Saguache County — what do you Next on the list was Southwest the go ahead to pursue illegal grows
expect.” Several complained they Solutions, off County Road T, which sometime this summer. Sheriff Dan fewer deputies now than when he said he felt it was his duty to notify the
had not received proper notices for was judged to have everything in Warwick is all for cracking down first started.
the meeting. order. Purple Mountain Farms, also on the grows, Clark said, but has A citizen from the Villa Grove area Please see GROWS on Page 11A

Valley educators honored at annual banquet
STAFF REPORT recognized: and lesson delivery Hagan’s core belief students. She ensures that she methods. Smith has taken numerous
ALAMOSA—Teaching is often a Monte Vista School District, Tracy is that all kids can achieve regardless provides students with a variety of groups of students on excursions
thankless job, however 14 educators Simon (Educator of the Year) of their language, background and learning opportunities to cater to exploring the state of Colorado.
from around the San Luis Valley Tracy Simon, pictured above, has socioeconomic status. His belief is that all learning styles. Martinez guides
were recognized for their hard work been with the Monte Vista School every student can think and deserves students to make connections within Mountain Valley School District,
and dedication last Wednesday District for 12 years where she teaches to be challenged in a way that will history and makes each topic relevant Andrew Virdin
night, April 25. During the 33rd special education at the Byron Syring prepare them for life after high school. to the students. Andrew Virdin has been with the
Annual San Luis Valley Outstanding Delta Center and Monte Vista Online Mountain Valley School district for
Education Recognition Banquet, the Academy. Simon received a BS degree Del Norte School District, Moffat School District, six years. Virdin teaches high school
San Luis Valley Board of Cooperative from University of Tennessee along Jill Martinez Lyndal Smith English. He received a MA degree
Educational Services (BOCES) gave with a teacher licensure in elementary Jill Martinez has been with the Del Lyndal Smith has been with the in education from University of
Monte Vista School District’s Tracy education and a MA degree in special Norte for 21 years where she teaches Moffat School District for 19 years Tennessee and a BA degree in English
Simon the top honors of being the education from ASU. seventh and eighth grade social studies. where she teaches high school social from Furman University.
Outstanding Educator of the Year. Simon has a dual role in her current Martinez received a MA degree in studies. Smith received a Bachelor of Virdin believes that educators shape
At the start of the awards ceremony special education position with the American history, a MA in curriculum Science in human development and the future of our world by preparing
Cheri Jones, last year’s winner, spoke Delta Center alternative education and assessment, and a BA in secondary family studies from Colorado State the youth of today. They facilitate
about having passion to the crowd program and Monte Vista Online teacher education. University. growth, understanding, and pride. His
gathered at the Rodeway Inn. Inspired Academy program. She handles that Martinez communicates with A special focus in her classroom is to students are encouraged to express
by Josh Drean’s “Find your because” dual role extremely well by ensuring students and parents consistently create in depth, hands-on learning units opinions and ideas in a respectful and
speech given to Ortega Middle School that learning is focused and clear and she spends many evenings after that allow students to highlight their
students in January, Jones said that enough that both students and teachers school working with individual skills through a variety of mediums and Please see TEACH on Page 6A
teachers have to find and fuel their know what is going on so learning can
“because” to stay motivated. be objectively measured.
She said that there are three things “It is truly a calling,” said Simon.
teachers could do to be more effective “I’m truly honored.”
in the classroom. The first was that
teachers have to have enthusiasm for Alamosa School District,
what they do. Maxine Baker
“If we don’t find something exciting, Maxine Baker has been with the
how will they find it exciting?” asked Alamosa School District for 20 years
Jones. where she teaches high school English.
The second point was for teachers Maxine received a MA and BA degree
to interact with students when they’re in the arts.
learning, rather than simply stand at She believes in mentoring her
a chalkboard. She told the audience students and helping them along their
to “get off your butts, get off your path to becoming thoughtful, engaged,
phones,” and treat other kids like self-aware citizens who are able to
they’d want their children to be treated. make choices that reflect their most
Finally, she instructed teachers to cherished values and dreams.
build relationships in their classroom
by finding out about their students’ Centennial School District,
hobbies, such as social media and Nikkole Zincone
video games. “Let them know you have Nikkole Zoncone has been with the
a genuine interest in them,” Jones said. Centennial School District for five
She then had teachers stand up in the years where she teaches Kindergarten.
banquet hall each time they’ve seen Zoncone received a BA degree in
hungry kids save their breakfast for elementary education from Adams
food at home, seen them come to class State University.
without bathing or changing clothes, Zincone instructs students
had to console students worried about individually and in groups, using
deportation or comfort students about various teaching methods such
other topics. Many teachers stood up as lectures, discussions, and
multiple times. demonstrations. She feels that as an
“I challenge every one of you here educator it is her responsibility to grow
to reach out to these students and build the “whole child,” so that success can
relationships,” said Jones. “They need happen in the classroom.
us now more than ever...Some things
Center School District,
in education you can’t control, but you
can control this.” Kevin Hagan
Kevin Hagan has been with the
Jones ended her speech with a toast
Center School District for five years
to the other educators. “Teaching is
our ‘because.’” where he teaches seventh and eighth
grade ELA. Kevin received an AA
Before handing out the awards,
degree from Colorado Mountain
BOCES Board President Tina Freel
College, a BA degree and a MA degree
said, “Educators are born, not made.”
from Adams State University.
The following teachers were It is evident that in his lesson plans
Thursday, May 3, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 11A

ANNEX Celebrate
Continued from Page 1A
Cinco de Mayo in
one Potch LLC acreage as 160 acres. annexation. Some fear Moffat will
Another view of a parcel owned by now become a mecca for pot growers downtown Alamosa
Potch LLC on the parcel viewer shows flooding to the area. ALAMOSA—Celebrate Cinco
66 acres. None of the coordinates in Mayor Reigel defended the impact de Mayo (Saturday, May 5) with
the parcel viewers correspond with statement, announcing she had the Sangre de Cristo National
the property description given in the written it herself. The copy of the Heritage Area and San Luis Valley
impact statement. statement received from the county Brewing Co. outside on Main
clearly shows it was authored by Potch Street and San Juan in Alamosa.
The annexation — was it legal? LLC landowner Whitney Justice. Enjoy traditional dancers (Las
Board members Michael Raymond Reigel said the annexation process Semillas de la Tierra and Los
Miller and Sandra Fox were sworn had been followed according to law, Vecinos Bailadores), Spanish rock
in as town trustees prior to the with advertisements in public places (Indian Nickel), a beer, margarita
annexation vote. such as the post office and publication and sangria garden, and fajitas
Mayor Patricia Reigel and other of the public hearing and intent to from 5 to 10:30 p.m. Free to the
board members believe the town can annex in local papers (Saguache public.
offer growers the acreage free and Crescent and Valley Courier).
clear of the excise tax paid by other
retail grows in the county by annexing
Reigel also cited the many economic
benefits the annexation would bring
unincorporated acreage into the town. Continued from Page 3A
to the town of Moffat.
This, however, appears to contradict Prior to the annexation vote, Reigel commission that Gershengorin had
the ballot language for the excise tax, granted a request for a street vacation ties to South America and the owner
passed in 2016: and easement grant to Virgil and Sue of the company, although listed as a
“Shall Saguache County increase Tafoya and said the town of Moffat Photos by Teresa L. Benns Miami, Fla., resident, was originally
taxes by $350,000 annually in the first would maintain the easement. She Above: Moffat Mayor Patricia from Venezuela. He said he felt these
full fiscal year and by such amounts as also mentioned that Robert and Reigel swears in Michael Raymond ties should be investigated further
are raised thereafter as authorized by Virgil Tafoya had received CORA Miller May 1 as town trustee, before approving the grow.
Colorado Revised Statutes 29-2-114 documents from the town they have Right: Samantha Fox was sworn PC member Bill McClure chastised
through the imposition of an excise tax been requesting for several months. in by Mayor Patricia Reigel as a the Villa Grove man, telling him that
of five percent of the average market The board refused, however, to Moffat town trustee May 1. what he had just said had no bearing
rate, as determined by the Colorado read a letter from a relative of the on the grow approval and should
Department of Revenue, on the first Tafoya family who attended the April Trustee Brian Morgan told Robert not have been brought up. The Villa
sale or transfer of unprocessed retail 3 Moffat town board meeting and Tafoya the letter was addressed to Grove resident told McClure he would
marijuana by a retail marijuana expressed her dissatisfaction with the board and could not be released do well to look into it.
cultivation facility located within the way the town conducted business. to the public. The PC approved the grow.
Saguache County.”
Some question the legality of the
annexation for several reasons, one
being that it will create an unfair
exemption for some, forbidden by
federal law, while others will be
required to pay the tax. Amendment
14 to the U.S. Constitution requires
equal treatment under the law.
Other reasons that cloud the
legality of the annexations is the
constitution of the town board at
the early stages of its approval, the
fact that trustees did not approve
the impact statement before it was
presented to commissioners and ex
parte communications with growers
prior to the public hearing.
Saguache County commissioners
approved the annexation at their April
17 meeting, with County Attorney
Ben Gibbons commenting they
should approve it because Moffat
would go ahead with the annexation
Brothers Robert and Virgil Tafoya,
property owners in the area, objected
to the passage of the annexation,
explaining to the board that the impact
statement was not properly prepared,
annexation law was not followed and
Moffat residents were not made fully
aware of the consequences of the
Please see third story
Volume 117, Number 21 on Page 3A. Thursday May 24, 2018 75¢

Shorts County pot dilemma featured on Denver 7
same property owners who have made
fundraiser tonight the local news over the past several
ALAMOSA—Last Chance to months were featured on a special
Save the Narrow Gauge Bookstore! segment of Channel 7 news in Denver
The group need to raise $10,000 Tuesday night, which portrayed the
in the next two weeks in order to county as an easy target for pot growers
commit to opening. Come to the out to make a buck.
open house on Thursday, May 24 Reporter Jace Larson explained
(State & Main in Alamosa), 5:15-7 how growers are attracted to the lower
p.m. for great food, a great cause, land prices so have been moving in
and great music! Alternatively, alongside local landowners who feel
visit they have little say about commercial
to donate! grows popping up all around them.
Shiloh Jackman and Mischa Vining-
Glen Martinez 5K, Doyle, who own land in northern
Saguache County, were featured on
golf tourney Saturday the special explaining how they feel
MONTE VISTA — The 5K Run/ cheated out of money they spent on a
Walk and Veterans Golf Tournament well and their dreams for the future
will be held at the Monte Vista Photo by Teresa L. Benns
home they hoped to place on their
Golf Course on Saturday, May 26 Channel 7 Denver investigative reporter Jace Larson interviews Sheriff Dan Warwick while investigating
to benefit the Sgt. Glen Martinez Please see 7NEWS on Page 12A marijuana issues in Saguache County last month.
Memorial Scholarship Fund, which
awards a $1,000 scholarship to a
senior boy and girl of Monte Vista
to further higher education.
Nine receive diplomas from Mountain Valley
Deadline for registration is May 23. SAGUACHE — Mountain Valley
For more information or to register, Schools graduated nine seniors last
call Ron or Carol at 719- 850-3758 Saturday during a ceremony held at
or 719-849-1830 or visit www. the school campus.
glenmartinezmemorialscholarship. It will be the last class that will
org. graduate from the old Mountain
Valley School. On Wednesday the
VFA meets Saturday Building Excellent Schools Today
MONTE VISTA— The regular (BEST) grant official, architects
VFA meeting will be held this and planners broke ground to begin
Saturday, May 26 at the home of construction on the new school.
Wanda Couzens-Smith starting at 1 M o u n t a i n Va l l e y S c h o o l
p.m. Bring your projects and come Superintendent gave the following
and enjoy. address to seniors before they took
Call or email Wanda for directions, the stage to claim their long-awaited
questions, etc. at 852-5000; cell, diplomas.
580-4976 or email wcouzenssmith@ “Good morning everyone. I would like to extend a warm welcome
to parents, families and friends
Memorial Day of the graduates, the honor class
observance set of 1968, the board of education,
administration, teachers and staff of
HOMELAKE— The Veterans
Mountain Valley School, and finally
Community Living Center at
to the graduates themselves.
Homelake will host a Memorial Day
“Congratulations! How time
Observance on Monday, May 28 at
flies! Can you believe it was only
10 a.m. at the Homelake Cemetery. Courtesy Photo
13 short years ago that you walked
The memorial service will include Mountain Valley graduating seniors Susan Edwards, Steven Favela, Ripper Fitz, Rodamond Gabriel, Marian
Honor and Color Guards, USS Glenn, Selena Hart, Rafael Mancha, DJ Mullen and Erica Ortega received their diplomas last Saturday. Please see GRADS on Page 2A
General Patrick Bell Tolling, wreath
presentations and the Ft. Garland
Memorial Regiment. Keynote
speaker will be Patricia Robertson.
Cinnamon rolls will be served
Commissioners causing division, insurer says
BY TERESA L. BENNS For example, complaints were have to; the administrative staff is not the bigger picture.
following the observance in the Old SAGUACHE — Dennis Hunt, made that one person put the budget overloaded.” J. Anderson defended Warwick by
Dining Room. with County Technical Services Inc. together without consulting the others. Employees are not happy with pointing out he is working within his
The Homelake History Center and (CTSI), Saguache County’s insurer, This was in spite of the fact that, as their new health plan and were not budget and explained that Warwick
Museum will be open following the reported the results of interviews held Hunt reminded commissioners, the consulted when it was changed, came to them with an itemized list of
service until 12:30 p.m. with county employees, department county had a budget workshop five Hunt advised commissioners. He what he needed to change his budget.
heads and elected officials to the years ago that worked pretty well for also pointed out that CTSI was not Hunt responded that Commissioners
BoCC Tuesday and delivered some awhile and then seemed to fall apart. contacted when the plan was changed need to change their compensation
stern warnings to commissioners. He did commend commissioners for nor asked for assistance. plan and increase starting pay for new
“Policies and procedures are hiring a second financial person to Hunt further noted the county’s hires. If the sheriff’s office doesn’t
adopted but not followed,” Hunt handle the books. adopted wage plan is not being the board can, Commissioner Ken
announced. “You have a perfect storm He scolded commissioners for an followed and “that comes from you Anderson said. J. Anderson assured
brewing here…You have actually split outdated and unreliable personnel three gentleman,” he remarked. “If you Hunt, however, that Warwick was not
this county apart as far as operations manual that badly needs to be updated adopt a policy, follow it.” He criticized dropping the ball on this.
go.” Hunt said his interviews with to provide accurate job descriptions the budget concessions granted to the “The county clerk and recorder or
12 employees and officials revealed and expectations. Currently elected sheriff’s office, telling commissioners her deputy are not taking minutes of the
that nearly all of them feel there is a officials and employees “do whatever the sheriff is now running the county. meetings because you were told by the
serious lack of communication among they have to do to keep things going Commissioner Jason Anderson took attorney this was not necessary,” Hunt
commissioners, elected officials and and make it work. Some people exception to his remarks and told Hunt
their employees. are taking on things they shouldn’t he had a snapshot of the situation but Please see BOCC on Page 2A
Page 2A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, May 24, 2018

FAY A. (BURD) MCBRIDE, 103 Voter Registration The training, test, and forms are
available on the Voter Registration
MONTE VISTA— Longtime Monte Vista resident Fay A. (Burd) McBride,
103, passed away on May 20, 2018. Arrangements are pending and will Drive (a.k.a. VRD) Drive pages on the SOS website.
The VRD organizer must complete
be announced through Rogers Family Mortuary in Monte Vista. To express the following tasks:
condolences, please visit BY SAGUACHE COUNTY CLERK Complete and submit “Training
AND RECORDER TRISH GILBERT Acknowledgment” and “Statement
A VRD is defined as a group of two of Intent” to the SOS
SHERIFF’S REPORT or more persons who distribute and
collect voter registration applications
in Colorado for delivery to a county
Train all VRD circulators each year
Ensure all VRD activities are
conducted using proper methods
The following records were Skye Oferle, 39, Golden, clerk and recorder. Ensure the proper delivery of VRD receiving a VRD number. Once the
provided by the Saguache Sheriff’s speeding 89 in a 65 MPH zone Any group of two or more persons voter registration forms to the voter’s number is issued, the name of your
Office for the week of May 14-21 Jonatan Garcia-Burlinga, 30, distributing and collecting voter county of residence organization and your organization’s
Littleton, speeding 89 in a 65 registration applications in the state The VRD training is available contact person will be posted on the
Arrests MPH zone of Colorado must register with the online. There is no cost to receive SOS online list of approved VRDs.
Brian Amelung, 32, Center, Randall Tuclar, 54, Saguache, Secretary of State (SOS). training. The training will ensure that A VRD number is valid until Dec.
violation of a restraining order, speeding 89 in a 65 MPH zone A group is only required to register you understand how the VRD process 31of the calendar year in which it
harassment, domestic violence Jon Schulte, 51, Pagosa Springs, as a VRD if it is both distributing and works, how circulators may and may was approved. VRDs must complete
Jonathan Terry, 27, North Bend, speeding 80 in a 65 MPH zone collecting applications. not be paid for their work and will training each year in order to be issued
failure to appear Katherine Zorensky, 43, Hesperus, Colorado law requires that VRDs confirm that you are aware of all the a new number.
speeding 88 in a 65 MPH zone register with the SOS and complete penalties that may result from VRD VRDs are addressed in both Statute
Citations John Retrum, 27, Golden, DUR, a training course on applicable laws violations. You will not receive any and Rule.
Nancy Resnick, 68, Farmington expired number plates before beginning voter registration VRD applications nor will you be By conducting a VRD, you are
Hills, Mich., speeding 79 in a 65 Niki Lofton, 35, Centennial, activities. assigned a VRD number until you taking part in the democratic process.
MPH zone speeding 70 in a 50 MPH zone The VRD organizer must complete complete this training. The decision to conduct a voter
online training and a test. Once the A unique number will be assigned registration drive is an important one
organizer scores 100 percent on the to each VRD upon verification that the and should be taken very seriously.

Theft and assault test, the organizer will complete the
Statement of Intent and Training
Acknowledgment forms and submit
organization meets all the requirements
to conduct a VRD. Your organization
is not authorized to commence Voter
Voter registration is fundamental to
the election process.
Jane, Desiree, Ben, Dominique and

suspect apprehended them to the Elections Division. Registration Drive activities prior the I are here to help with any questions.

VILLA GROVE — According
to a report by Undersheriff Jim
Container and left it. Mullir was
then able to take a photograph of
Republican Spring Fling set for June 9
McCloskey with the Saguache Sheriffs the truck as it was leaving. Through MOFFAT— The 2018 Annual Keynote speaker for this year’s 12 and under, $10. To RSVP contact
Office, on May 17 at about 5:30 a.m. investigation of the crime scene, Republican Spring Fling Fund Raiser event is Colorado State Senate Richard Drake at 719-256-4215 or
McCloskey responded to the High McCloskey developed a suspect, and will take place on Saturday, June 9 at President Kevin Grantham e-mail to: no
Valley Equipment and Auction in Villa following interviews with citizens Moffat School, opening at 12 p.m. Also speaking at the event will be later than June 1 with choice of beef
Grove for an assault and theft call. in the area, McCloskey was able to with a silent auction. Lunch will be Sheriff Dan Warwick, County Clerk Please make checks payable (no
On arrival Matricia Mullir, 47, connect Scot Swafford as being in the served at 12:15 p.m. Trish Gilbert, County Treasurer later than June 1) to: Saguache County
reported she awoke to someone starting area during the specified time. Those attending can enjoy a meal of Connie Trujillo and candidate for Republican Party, Ed Nielsen, P.O.
one of the business’large loaders. Mullir With the assistance of Conejos beef brisket, barbecue pork or baked County Commissioner Ellen Cox. Box 55 Saguache, CO 81149 www.
went outside and confronted a male Sheriff’s Sergeant Nick Summers, chicken with all the great fixins’! The cost for adults is $25 and for kids
party later identified as Scot Wesley McCloskey learned Swafford was not
Swafford, 51, of Romeo. home and the semi-truck in question GRADS
Mullir reported Swafford had loaded was not in Romeo. Swafford was Continued from Page 1A
a 50-foot Sea Container onto a semi- also identified by the victim from a
into that kindergarten classroom? And purpose of life is a life full of purpose. “Susan Edwards, Steven Favela,
truck and trailer. photograph.
now, here you are today, young men You can and will make a difference in Ripper Fitz, Rodamond Gabriel,
During the contact, Mullir reported An arrest warrant was issued for
and women ready to depart on the this world. Marian Glenn, Selena Hart, Rafael
she was punched in the chest and Swafford, charging him with felony
adventure of a lifetime. “As a former elementary teacher, Mancha, DJ Mullen and Erica Ortega.
knocked down. Mullir also reported that intimidation of a victim/witness,
“Your class motto is a quote by Mark I’m going to leave you with a quote “Class of 2018, as a symbol of your
while she was on the ground, Swafford robbery, theft and assault. Sgt. Summers
Twain, “The two most important days from one of my favorite authors, Dr. transition from students to graduates,
kicked her several times and then located Swafford on May 20 and after a
in your life are the day you were born Seuss. “You have brains in your head. please move your tassels from the
threatened to kill her if she told anyone. short chase, Swafford was arrested on
and the day you find out why.” You You have feet in your shoes. You right to the left.
Swafford removed the Sea a $100,000 bond from another county.
don’t have many choices in life as a can steer yourself any direction you “Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly
newborn, but as graduates, the future choose. You’re on your own. And you present to you, the latest alumni
BOCC is yours, to shape, to mold, and to find know what you know. And YOU are of Mountain Valley School, the
Continued from Page 1A your why. Simon Sinek, author of the the one who’ll decide where to go.” Graduated Class of 2018!”
complained. “It definitely is necessary what they want to be changed, what book “Start With Why,” gives us this “Congratulations Class of 2018,
because the law says the clerk and they don’t like and what problems to advice, “Working hard for something and good luck on your new journey!
recorder is to take them. It is their address first. They need to be the boss you don’t care about is called stress: Presentation of graduating seniors
statutory responsibility to do that.” of the manager not let the manager Working hard for something you love “Over the past several years, it has
Department heads and employees boss them, but they also need to let is called passion.” They both involve truly been a pleasure watching these
feel like everyone is just going off on him/her do their job. hard work. Stress or Passion. The students spread their wings and grow
their own and the county would benefit Commissioner Tim Lovato told choice is yours. into the young men and women that
from an administrator/manager. “You Hunt he does not feel county business “H. Jackson Brown once wrote: they are today. Every one of these
need a manager — someone to run the is a bad as Hunt paints it, although Twenty years from now you will be seniors has a story to tell. A story
ranch,” Hunt told the commission. I’m there are some problems and issues. more disappointed by the things that worth hearing. I encourage you to
here to help, but it is so important that Christy Doon with the Department of you didn’t do than by the ones you take some time and listen. They
you act as a board. You are put in here Local Affairs says grants are available did. Think about that. have, in their own individual ways,
by electors and they trust you to run to hire an administrator/manager but “You will be more disappointed by faced adversity, overcome obstacles
the county as a business.” the grant cycle will take them to the the things that you didn’t do than by and shown resiliency to make it to
The board needs someone who can end of December. In the meantime, the ones you did. this point in their lives, High School
bring everyone together, and when she said she will see if it is possible to “I encourage each and every one of Graduation. Today is a huge milestone
a decision is made makes sure it is find an interim manager, although Hunt you to walk out of these doors today for these students. I am proud and I
followed, Hunt recommended. But said these do not always work out well. and find your why, discover your am honored to present the Mountain
commissioners first need to agree on Doon said she would be in touch. passions, take risks, and remember, the Valley graduates of the class of 2018.
Thursday, May 24, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 3A

Western State bound
BoCC responds to citizen’s
marijuana concerns
BY TERESA L. BENNS The fees received for the excise
SAGUACHE— After waiting for tax were not listed in the county
several weeks for commissioners to budget for many months, and several
respond to a letter presented to them county residents brought this to the
over two months ago, Moffat-area commissioners’ attention. Line items
resident Joyce Swinney received were then created for the revenues
a detailed response last week with generated by the tax. Also collected
attachments that answered some are fees of over $2,000 for each
of her questions. Other questions, license issued by the county, plus
however, seem to have been redirected fees received from the state for each
or bypassed entirely. license issued. It is not known what
Excerpts from the letter are the county has used these fees for.
presented below with explanatory “Six site visits of approved
comments. CUPs have been conducted for the
Commissioners open the letter with first quarter of 2018, all found to
a reminder that cannabis growers be in compliance with approved
have a constitutional right to grow conditions. We have a total of 27
and sell marijuana and voters have approved marijuana areas, with an
determined this. As residents have approximate acreage amount of 250
repeatedly reminded commissioners, acres used. Other expenses will be
all land use owners in the county have considered in the future but at this
constitutional rights. time these are the expenses to date…
Because Swinney has requested a We do not have a final ‘master plan’
repeal or revision of current marijuana for Mammoth Farms’ 637 acres.
growing regulations, in light of The only plans we have are for the
objections by numerous citizens to applications that have been approved
the many legal and illegal grows in and requested at this time.
the county, commissioners wrote the “A site inspection of each approved Photo by Teresa L. Benns
following: grow is done each quarter, the first Center High School Principal Kevin Jones congratulates Isaiah Archuleta and Andres Almeida at the
“If you would like to place this quarter of the approved grows was Center Academic Awards last week. Both received full-ride scholarships to Western State.
issue back on the ballot for the 2018 done by land use staff and code
General Election you will need to enforcement in March and all were
present the exact ballot language to
the commissioners for them to review
found to be incompliance with the
County approval. The second quarter
Center students place in SLVMEA contest
and approve and decide if this request inspections will be done in May 2018 CENTER— This year’s annual easy to stand in front of a judge and Arellano-Flute/Oboe duet and
shall be placed on the 2018 election and each quarter thereafter.” SLVMEA Solo/Ensemble contest play a piece of music. Here are the seventh graders Giselle Molina and
ballot. You will also need to present This ignores the objection of many was held last month at Adams final results for the contest. Dayrin Alvarez-Clarinet duet.
pros and cons along with the language citizens that the growers were not State University. Twenty-three The following students solos The following students solos
you are requesting be placed on the properly vetted to begin with, and Center students from grades 6 -12 received a I rating at the event: received a III rating at the event:
ballot. Tabor notice enclosed.” their applications were riddled with participated in the event. seniors Camille Ruggles and Alexis freshman Edward Aragon and
Municipal initiatives, sheriff’s inaccuracies and outright errors. Students have worked hard since Sanchez, freshman Javier Leon, Christopher Aragon, seventh graders
office funding mil levies and school “As explained by County Attorney the beginning of January to prepare seventh graders Molly Chavez and Alexis Villagomez, Joel Gonzalez,
bonds may be placed on the ballot [Ben] Gibbons concerning the appeal a solo or a duet that would be played Keith Meritt and sixth graders Alanna and Harley Juhre and sixth grader
without commissioner approval by of the Trouard/Mammoth Farms in front of a judge. The judge will Garcia and Willa Seesz-Sanchez Arazeliz Garcia.
law. All other initiatives can be placed approval you will need to file in then give the students a rating The following students solos The following students duet
on the ballot only with commissioner district court by filing a Rule 106 based on how they performed. The received a II rating at the event: received a III rating at the event:
approval. appeal with the court system.” ratings are as follows, I-superior, freshman Mackayla Arellano, seventh seventh graders Alicia Pedro-Lopez
“We have also attached the 2017 According to the county’s own land II-excellent, III-good, IV-fair and graders Mark Maldonado, Cruz Reyes and Evelyn Martinez.
and 2018 budget for Marijuana use code (Article VII.2.4, 2.8.1 and V-needs work. and Cael Ruggles The following students duet
- Project Code #139 to show the 2.8.2), citizens have a right to appeal Students did a tremendous job in The following students duets received a IV rating at the event:
revenue and expenditures. In 2017 any decision made by commissioners preparing for this event and the results received a II rating at the event: seventh graders Kelly Gardea and
the only money spent from the excise to the county adjustment board before prove how hard they worked. It isn’t Camille Ruggles and Mackayla Samantha Arellano.
tax was to pay the code enforcement proceeding to court. There is just
officer. In 2018 we are now paying one problem with this — the current
a full-time code enforcement officer; county adjustment board consists
a part time code enforcement officer of all three commissioners. In most
and we have also hired a code counties, a separate and impartial
enforcement clerk. The clerk will be in adjustment board exists to which such
charge of receiving phone calls, letters appeals may be made. In Saguache
etc. of complaints, log all complaints, County, the commissioners act as the
schedule the enforcement officer site adjustment board “until such time as
inspections, log reports from the CE the [BoCC] deems it appropriate to
officer to be presented to the Land Use appoint members…” (VII.I).
Administrator for presentation to the
Board of Commissioners.” Please see LETTER on Page 6A

RE-ELECT Karla Shriver
Rio Grande County Commissioner
I would appreciate your vote on June 26th
(do not forget to vote early when you receive your mail ballot)
 Action Oriented
 Business Minded
 Coalition Builder
 Community Minded
 Ethical – Fair - Honest
 Good Listener
 Problem Solver
 Vision Oriented
 Work Oriented
Karla Shriver for Rio Grande County Commissioner
Working Pro-Actively for Rio Grande County
Paid for by Citizens to Elect Karla Shriver, Robert Smith, Treasurer.
Page 6A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, May 24, 2018

May is Mental Health Month: mental health in SLV schools
SAN LUIS VALLEY— Childhood to work with children of all ages. brief interventions, skills building, needed behavioral health services, first aid, substance abuse, autism,
is a confusing and a challenging time. The School Based Behavioral Health prevention, crisis services, group which are tailored to each district. trauma informed care, and other
When you add in life stressors from Specialists visit 27 schools within the work and individual counseling Working with individual schools prevention topics. The hope of this
family, mental illness, or school San Luis Valley on a weekly basis. sessions. The goal of the School Based provides them with the tools to team is to help normalize mental
related pressures, there are many Through this program, they have Specialist Program is to provide high- recognize and respond to potential illness and childhood challenges
reasons that students may need served more than 1,200 students in quality behavioral health outreach, mental health concerns, threats or by offering solutions, counseling
someone to talk to. the Valley. linkage, consultation, treatment, emergencies. options, and caring to those students
San Luis Valley Behavioral Health A wide variety of services are and collaboration between San Luis S LV B H G ’s S c h o o l B a s e d in need.
Group (SLVBHG) has the resources offered to kids of all ages, including Valley Behavioral Health Group and Specialists have provided trainings Referrals can be made by school
school districts. The school-based in multiple schools to teachers counselors, parents, or other
specialist can also provide school and students on a wide variety of concerned adults.
districts and individual schools with topics including stress and time For more information, please
education, referrals, consultations, management, suicide and self-harm, contact SLVBHG at 719-589-3671
planning, information and other mental illness, youth mental health or talk to your student’s school.

South Fork
Courtesy Photo
From left are School Based Behavioral Health Specialists Gail Garcia-
Kuhns, Bonnie Ortega and Diamond Mobbley. Not pictured is Dallas

Continued from Page 5A
included on event tickets for partnering belt use in Colorado has increased
high schools throughout the school year. from 72 percent and peaked at 85.2
View the campaign ads here . percent in 2015.
“Every time you enter a vehicle
you make a choice whether or not to Colorado’s seat belt laws
buckle up,” said Col. Matthew Packard, •Adults — Colorado has a secondary
chief of the CSP. “We’re imploring enforcement law for adult drivers and

Coloradans to think about what that front-seat passengers. Drivers can be
choice really means to them and if it’s ticketed for violating the seat belt law
worth risking your life over. Seat belts if they are stopped for another traffic
do save lives and I’ve seen it over and violation.

Your Local
over again in this job.” • Teens — Colorado’s Graduated
The National Highway Traffic Safety Drivers Licensing (GDL) Law requires
Administration (NHTSA) estimates all drivers under 18 and their passengers,
that approximately 60 lives could regardless of their age, to wear seat belts.

be saved every year in Colorado if This is a primary enforcement, meaning
everyone buckled up. teens can be pulled over simply for not
Fines for not wearing a seat belt wearing a seat belt or having passengers
start at $65, and parents and caregivers without seat belts.
found with an improperly restrained • Children — Colorado’s Child
or unrestrained child can receive a Passenger Safety Law is a primary
minimum fine of $82. enforcement, meaning the driver can be
Last year, 5,950 tickets were issued stopped and ticketed if an officer sees an SOUTH
to drivers or passengers for not wearing unrestrained or improperly restrained FORK
their seat belt during the same CIOT
enforcement period, including 226
child under age 16 in the vehicle. LUMBER
“Serving Colorado Since 1909”
citations for unrestrained or improperly Learn more about Click It or Ticket
restrained children under the age of 15. enforcement and Colorado’s seat belt
Cabin Decor 29160 West Hwy 160
Since Click It or Ticket was laws at
Statement Pieces South Fork CO 81154
introduced in Colorado in 2002, seat carseats.
and More!
Open 10-5 • Monday-Saturday (719)873-5481
LETTER 719.873.1639
Next to the Malt Shop in South Fork
Continued from Page 3A
In her March 12 letter, Swinney commissioners.
objected to a secret meeting held Commissioners told Swinney in
by commissioners with Mammoth their response to her letter that they eat
Farms owner Justin Trouard. In at local, open to public, restaurants for
their letter commissioners justify lunch and anyone that would like to
the meeting, claiming their refusal join them or sit by them is more than
to allow Swinney’s husband Mark, welcome. This, however, does not
a planning commission alternate, to address the fact that commissioners
attend the meeting with Trouard, was are prohibited by law from meeting as
forbidden as ex-parte contact. a body, even online in emails, unless
Ex-parte contact is defined as written the meeting is publicly noticed. In
or verbal communication initiated order to avoid conflicts of interest,
outside of a regularly noticed public however, commissioners are bound
hearing — which either commissioners by law to avoid even the appearance
or the planning commission are of such a conflict.
required to hold when conditional use The county attached the regulations
permits are contested — concerning governing the extraction process to
a particular subject matter which is be used by Trouard to their letter for
under or is about to become under Swinney’s convenience.
consideration by the officials meeting. They also noted Trouard’s plan
Since commissioners give final was “approved by the board of
approval to CUPS, it applies as much commissioners and has been followed
to them as it does to any planning as per site plan approved. His plan
commission member. has however changed with the new
Only commissioners “may” hold medical request he has made on the
public hearings on land use issues 5-acreage tract.”
if “adverse negative comments are A construction permit is required
received (Art. IV.8.3.4). County for any structure that is constructed on
regulations suggest the planning any parcel of land in Saguache County
commission acts only in an advisory and construction permits have been
capacity. Swinney also objected issued for the structures Trouard has
to meetings before commissioner built, the letter says. Permits can be
meetings by two or more of the county reviewed at the land use office.
Page 12A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, May 24, 2018

Continued from Page 1A
property. Jackman says he does not
want to look out his window and see the
10,000 square foot retail grow planned Day!
to go in next to him, a facility that will
be surrounded by barbed wire fence
and powered by diesel generators.
The couple was not notified by
the county that the grow was in the up has just
planning stages and was not allowed
to speak at any length at planning
commission meetings to oppose the
grow’s approval. Several irregularities
were found in the application presented
by Michael Barkl, the grower next
to Jackman and Vining-Doyle, and
commissioners were notified of the Haskin Elementary graduating
discrepancies. kindergarteners sing a song with
Mark and Joyce Swinney of Moffat Mr. Swanson before receiving their
also were featured on the news segment diplomas Monday night.
explaining they are surrounded by five Photo by Teresa L. Benns
different grows where their property is
located. Mark Swinney is a Saguache
Planning Commission alternate who

has tried to raise objections to the
grows. Cameras panned around the
Swinney’s property to take in the
various grow operations.
Joyce Swinney mentioned how
one of her neighbors had his property

Come see Nathan Montoya or Dennis Ozawa for ALL your vehicle needs
assessed at $44,000 lower than
before the grows moved in, so those
surrounded by pot cultivations will
not be leaving any time soon, she
told Larson.
In a recent letter addressed to Joyce
Swinney, in answer to a letter she wrote
commissioners in March, Saguache 2014 Chevy Spark 2017 Hyundai Elantra GT
Commissioners reported they have
27 approved marijuana areas. Larson
reports there are 30 areas and the
excise tax returns since 2017 amount
to $101,526, on only five grows.
The special also featured Sheriff
Dan Warwick, who told Larson the
county knows of at least 200 illegal
grows. Sheriff Warwick showed
Larson some of the rubble left by illegal
growers who often move in, grow and
$ $
harvest, then leave the mess behind for
neighbors to view.
Larson interviewed Commissioner
6,995 SK#G11200 16,995 SK#G83765

Jason Anderson, who commented
that if applications to grow are paid
for and approved by the Planning
Commission, commissioners have to
approve them. The same statement was
2014 Nissan Rogue 2009 GMC Yukon Denali
made in commissioners’recent letter to
Joyce Swinney and previously during
commissioner meetings.
Commissioners approved additional
applications Tuesday for Cannamount
Farms, LLC/applicant, Dale and
Andrea Gerstberger/landowner–
Conditional Use request – Medical
Marijuana Infused Products – Lab
and Optional Premise Cultivation
– 54001 Co. Rd. X; Lawrence
$ $
Baer – Conditional Use request –
Recreational Marijuana Production 15,500 SK#G77694 17,995 SK#J8602A
facility - Tract 4 8-43-9 – 54094
Co. Rd. T: Gregoriy Gershengorin,
applicant – VLG Capital, LLC,
landowner – Marijuana Cultivation
and Grow facility – N1/2NE1/4 25-44- 2013 Toyota Tacoma 2014 GMC 1500 4X4
9 – 19751 Co. Rd. 59; Purple Mountain
Farm, LLC, applicant – Earth Positive
Enterprises, LLC, landowner –
Marijuana Cultivation area – Tract
13 7-43-10 – 59630 Co. Rd. T and a
second grow for medical marijuana at
Mammoth Farms in Moffat.

Continued from Page 11A
- fight back with anything available,
$ $
including trekking poles, small knives,
or even your bare hands.
It is important to remember that
23,995 SK#G13158 30,995 SK#G00053

most human-bear interactions are
relatively benign; bear sightings and
witnessing standard bear behaviors are
an awesome sight for most outdoor
enthusiasts. Staying bear aware on the
trails or at your campsite, and keeping
respectful distances for photos and
viewing, keeps these interactions safe
for humans and bears alike. For more
information on camping and hiking
in bear country, visit
Please see second
Volume 117, Number 23 story on page 2A. Thursday June 7, 2018 75¢

Shorts SCPC tables Barkl grow, two others
B Y T ERESA L. BENNS the grow would be erected next to
Report illegal SAGUACHE— A young couple
hoping to build a home in northern
their property. They told Larson
last month that months before the
grows Saguache County appeared again
before the Saguache County
grow was approved, they spent a
great deal of money on drilling a
SAGUACHE— The Saguache
County Land Use department has Planning Commission (SCPC) well and building a road to what
announced that the code enforcement last week to protest the marijuana
violation complaint line is now cultivation application before Please see BARKL on Page 11A
active. Those wishing to report the commission on the property
any suspicious activity related to adjacent to theirs.
Shiloh Jackman and Mischa Shiloh Jackman and Mischa
code violations, including illegal Vining-Doyle protest the approval
marijuana grows, can now call 719- Vining-Doyle were featured three
weeks ago on a Denver Channel of a conditional use permit at
221-0547 Monday through Friday, 8
7 news special by reporter Jace the Saguahce County Planning
a.m. – 4 p.m. and report the violation.
Larson. Larson wrote an update Commission meeting last Thursday
Residents are asked, if possible, to
please include an address, a legal on the news channel’s website to which would allow a marijuana
description or the exact location of reflect the planning commission cultivation to set up business next
the violation in their report. review. to their property. Lisa Cyriacks is
The couple has repeatedly stated pictured in the background.
they were not properly notified
Tri-County hosting Photo by Teresa L. Benns

hamburger fry, dance
Bus service begins in Center Weatherford
Seniors is hosting a hamburger fry
and dance on June 9. Dinner will
be served from 5–6:30 p.m.; menu
loses fight
includes hamburger, hot dogs, potato
salad, baked beans, beverage and with cancer
dessert (banana splits) for $10. The SAN LUIS VALLEY— Adams
dance runs from 6:30-9 p.m. and State University student and Center
features live music by Alex Lopez graduate George “Will” Weatherford,
and Bernal Meastas. diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma in
There will be a raffle during the 2016, died at home the morning of
dance; tickets are on sale: three tickets May 31, his mother Julie Wightman
for $5 or one ticket for $2. The first Weatherford reported in the last
drawing will include a Berkley fishing update to a “Where There’s a Will
pole with tackle box and assorted There’s a Way” GoFundMe site on
gear; BBQ items including a $25 gift Friday.
certificate to Valley Meat. The second “He is no longer suffering,” she
drawing: Road Master Mountain stated. “Thank you all for your support
Bike, and the third drawing is for four and love. Keep us in your prayers as
gift certificates to Monte Vista Golf we soldier through this time.”
Club, $25 gift certificate to Quincy’s. Weatherford was a state wrestler at
For any further information, please Center High School all four years and
call 719-852-5778 or come by 311 valedictorian of his high school class
Washington Street, Monte Vista. in 2015. He was a student at Adams
State University when he became ill
Veterans Coalition in 2016.
annual meeting set Suffering from Bell’s Palsy-like
symptoms, the honor student and
ALAMOSA—The Veterans Photo by Teresa L. Benns athlete had fallen ill shortly before a
Coalition of the San Luis Valley The new Eagle Shuttle Line bus opened its route to Center Wednesday with a grand opening welcome family vacation to Japan the summer
will hold the annual VA Town Hall of 2016. He went to a doctor and
from Center Mayor Herman Sisneros, Michael Briley of Saguache, Center Town Administrator Brian
meeting, Friday, June 15, 10 a.m.-2 received medicine he expected would
Lujan, Center Mayor Pro Tem Mary McClure and bus driver Tim Chittum. The bus stops across from
p.m. at the National Guard Armory, soon make him better, so he decided
1877 Old Sanford Rd, Alamosa. Ms. Alta convenience store at DJ’s Restaurant to pick up passengers to go to Salida Tuesday at 8:49. The bus
also stops Wednesday at the same location at 9:03 to take Center passengers to Alamosa. Bus fare is $1. to leave with his family to Japan,
Sallie Houser-Hanfolder, director of since the trip had been scheduled for
the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care some time.
System (ECHCS), will be the keynote
speaker. In addition, there will be
presentations on the Veterans’ Choice
Card Program, information and
Four graduate from Center Please see WILL on Page 7A

networking tables and an opportunity
to meet with locals to discuss the
Veteran Fields Program. For more
ARC/Virtual Academy
information call 719-992-4108 or and could not attend the ceremony. she congratulated them on arriving at CENTER — Four students received The class motto was “Whatever graduation all in one piece.
high school diplomas Saturday you are, be a good one.” — Abraham “This has been a crazy ride this class
from Center’s Academic Recovery Lincoln. Class colors were blue and has sent me on,” she confirmed. “Two
Center (ARC) and Virtual Academy,
Obey which allows students to graduate
at their own pace from either an
white and the class flower was a blue-
tipped white rose.
ARC instructor Joy Werner gave
girls wanted to graduate this year, so
we had to adopt plan a, b, c and d.
There were a few detours along the
the fire individualized instruction program
or by pursuing online studies.
the keynote address. Werner began
with a quote from Emminem: “Truth
way, there were a lot of late nights and
texting but they figured out a way —
Adamaris Aguilar, Logan Nye is, we don’t know what will happen who needed help — and got it done.”
restrictions and Miriah Villagomez accepted
diplomas from the Center Board
tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride and
nothing is guaranteed.”
Werner congratulated Nye for the
amount of growth she has seen in him
in place of Education. Graduate Josh Kelly
left Center early to begin a two-year
Werner then told students her
experience with the class this year has
over the past year and commended

mission with his church in Indonesia been just that — a crazy ride — and Please see ARC on Page 6A George “Will” Weatherford
Thursday, June 7, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 3A

Planning commission approves revised pot regulations
BY TERESA L. BENNS by commissioners to specifically prior to a Saguache County Planning hold a public hearing on any CUP • Established need for the
SAGUACHE—During the address the marijuana regulations Commission (SCPC) meeting — so after referral by the SCPC. Notice operation to satisfy demand for oil
Saguache County Planning may not be long enough to do the they may submit “written or oral of the hearing is to be published in or gas supply;
Commission held last Thursday, work it will take to address the real statements” — been ignored? Nearly a newspaper 30 days prior to the • Suitability requirements, some of
commission members voted to approve issues, far less consider landowner all those who have complained hearing. A record of the hearing which are considered to some extent
their revision of current marijuana rights. of marijuana cultivations in their shall be maintained. IF no adverse in current marijuana regulations;
regulations and submit them to It appears there are some immediate vicinity have noted this or negative comments are received, • A comprehensive evaluation of
commissioners for approval. fundamental discrepancies and omission. a public hearing may not need to the adequacy of existing roads;
Land Use Administrator Wendi inconsistencies to address which So either the grows they are be held. But it is left entirely up • All aspects of site characteristics,
Maez said Tuesday that once the exist between the Land Use Code complaining about are illegal or to BoCC whether a hearing needs which are not currently considered
revised regulations are published regarding Conditional Use Permits the CUP notice was not given as to be held or not. And other than in the regulations;
there will be a 30-day citizens (CUPS) and marijuana regulations. required. The SCPC, when dealing court proceedings, as recommended • Compatibility with existing
comment period followed by a These are rooted in the manner with this issue, has only cited the by County Attorney Ben Gibbons uses, which includes a long list
public hearing on the regulations. in which the county has written state marijuana laws governing recently, there is no appeal from of qualifications based on current
A good number of property owners the marijuana regulations, but signage, not existing Land Use Code CUP approvals by commissioners. subdivision and land use approvals,
have expressed dissatisfaction also exposes some seemingly regulations. States, however, do not Other counties in Colorado competent evidence already on
with the regulations because they contradictory issues within the Land deal with CUPS; this is left to the regularly schedule public hearings record, a projected appraisal of how
feel they fail to fairly consider the Use Code itself. These have not been individual counties. for most CUPS. It appears that even the applicant plans to “mitigate the
rights of county landowners. Both addressed so far in the revision of The comments made at hearings despite the fact adverse comments impacts it generates,” and protect
the Master Plan developed by the the marijuana code. conducted by the BoCC before are received by adjacent landowners, the public health, safety, welfare and
county as well as the Strategic Plan The following points can be made approval of CUPS or at the time of Saguache commissioners choose not property values, also agricultural
clearly show that while Saguache after reading the Land Use Code and the SCPC review, if such hearings to schedule such formal hearings. interests.
County officials have proposed applicable legal materials: are formal, should be limited to • Immediately following the public
laws favoring landowners for • In adding the marijuana applicants and those landowners Oil and gas regulations hearing held on any application,
consideration, such consideration regulations to the Land Use Code, adjacent to the cultivations, not Formal public hearings are commissioners are to announce
has never materialized. it is not clear if the regulations opened to others attending these required, however, in the county’s a provisional verbal decision,
Counties are advised by supersede the CUP regulations meetings who do not have a specific land use code for those seeking followed in 15 days (or a time
governmental oversight or whether the already existing interest in the CUP. This is according conditional use requirements for specified by commissioners) by a
organizations to conform to a general regulations on CUPS prevail. It to standard practices. oil and gas development. It could written resolution.
standard to the applicable municipal would seem that since nearly all be said that the current opposition • The written resolution shall
or county master plan (sometimes marijuana cultivations have been • Notice of proposed marijuana to marijuana grows in the county is set forth findings based on the
called advisory documents). Even issued a CUP, the CUP regulations cultivations also must be sent to at least as well-founded and well- competent evidence presented at the
if a master plan is considered only would take precedence, but this is all those living in municipalities supported as any opposition to oil hearing and gathered by the county
an advisory document, zoning that not stated in the Land Use Code. according to this same regulation. and gas operations. and any decision is final.
does not conform with the plan can • If the CUPS do take precedence, There have been complaints for The rigorous county land use This is followed by a long list
be subject to attack. as it seems they should, then why has some time now that those near grows requirements for these operations far of performance standards for oil
Even the recent extension Art. IV 8.3.2 to notify landowners within the city limits of Moffat were exceed any regulations enacted for and gas developers, including two
until mid-August of the 120-day within 1,500 feet of a proposed CUP never notified of any cultivation. marijuana operations. They include pages plus on the impact to the
marijuana moratorium approved by certified mail notification 45 days • Art. IV 8.3.4 states the BoCC may but are not limited to: water supply.

Center man arrested SHERIFF
Continued from Page 2A

for barricade incident Dominiqueca Riley, 27, Colorado
Springs, speeding 85 in a 65 MPH zone
Marie Silva, 75, Lakewood,
no seat belt in use
Venkata Avanigadda, 32, Aurora,
speeding 84 in a 65 MPH zone
Nicole Medina, 45, Lakewood,
speeding 84 in a 65 MPH zone
McDonough-Fske, Cerleth, 20,
BY TERESA L. BENNS speeding 84 in a 65 MPH zone Charles Garrison, 23, Eagle, Lakewood, no seat belt in use
CENTER — A Center man who
George Groom, 46, Moffat, failed speeding 82 in a 65 MPH zone Michael Maner, 58, Santa Ana,
barricaded himself on the porch of
to dim lights when approaching Francisco Castro, 27, Grand Junction, Calif., no seat belt in use
his father’s home last week with a
another vehicle speeding 84 in a 65 MPH zone Katherine Connell, 70, Steamboat
knife brought other law enforcement
Teresa Daniels, 60, Denver, no seat Andrew Burlingame, 34, Springs, no seat belt in use
agencies in to assist Center Police
belt in use Snowmass, speeding 84 in a 65 Warren Martin, 49, Boulder, no
and alarmed town residents who
Jess Adams, 20, Highlands Ranch, MPH zone seat belt in use
did not know why the streets in the
neighborhood were blocked off.
Nicholas Ramirez, 37, was out on
bond following charges involving
two felonies — attempt to influence
a public servant and third-degree
assault. According to a probable
cause warrant obtained by Center
Police and signed by Judge Pattie
Swift, officer Eidy Guaderama was
dispatched to the Ramirez residence

Please see ARREST on Page 5A Nicholas Ramirez

RE-ELECT Karla Shriver
Rio Grande County Commissioner
I would appreciate your vote on June 26th
(do not forget to vote early when you receive your mail ballot)
 Action Oriented
 Business Minded
 Coalition Builder
 Community Minded
 Ethical – Fair - Honest
 Good Listener
 Problem Solver
 Vision Oriented
 Work Oriented
Karla Shriver for Rio Grande County Commissioner
Working Pro-Actively for Rio Grande County
Paid for by Citizens to Elect Karla Shriver, Robert Smith, Treasurer.
Thursday, June 7, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 11A

FSA county committee BARKL
Continued from Page 1A
nominations launch June 15 they hoped would be their new
home site. Jackman told Larson
to muffle noise, to power the
operation. A 20-foot high, 45,000
Saguache for planning commission
WASHINGTON— The U.S. and ranchers.”
Department of Agriculture (USDA) he would never have purchased
Nationwide, more than 7,700 square foot greenhouse will be In his initial correspondence
encourages America’s farmers and the 35-acre parcel if he had known
dedicated farmers and ranchers serve erected which will house about with Mischa and Shiloh to address
ranchers to nominate candidates a grow would be allowed on the
on FSA county committees, which 1,800 marijuana plants. their concerns about the proposed
to lead, serve and represent adjoining property.
consist of three to 11 members and The grow will be surrounded grow, Barkl included a signature
their community on their local meet once a month, or as needed.Marijuana cultivation applicant by a chain link fence and GPS using his South Dakota fireworks
county committee. USDA’s Farm Michael Barkl owns the property
Members serve three-year terms. surveillance, powered by solar, company and an South Dakota area
Service Agency (FSA) will accept next to Jackman and Vining-Doyle
Producers can nominate themselves will be installed. Filters on the code. Tiger Tooth Fireworks LLC
nominations for county committee on Lot 83 Ewing Ranch – 26758
or others. Check your local USDA greenhouse will prevent any smell is not registered to do business
members beginning Friday, June 15. Hammond Avenue. He is the only
service center to see if your local escaping to adjoining areas, he said. in Colorado. His Facebook page
Producers across the country MED licensee associated with his
administrative area is up for election After listening to Barkl, Jackman documents his plans for this
are already serving on committees company, THC Inc.
this year. Organizations, including and Vining-Doyle, also after hearing business in 2018 in S.D.
where they play a critical role in During the meeting Thursday,
those representing beginning, women citizen comments, SCPC member
the day-to-day operations of FSA, Jackman raised questions regarding
and minority producers, may also Bill McClure motioned to table the Other grow application
making important decisions on the size of Barkl’s operation as
nominate candidates to better serve decision until an onsite visit could decisions
programs dealing with disaster presented on diagrams of the grow.
their communities. To be eligible to be made and the motion carried. • The conditional use permit
and conservation, emergencies, He also commented there was no
serve on an FSA county committee, modification sought by GHG
commodity price loan support, septic plan submitted for the 2,000
producers must participate or cooperate Barkl irregularities LLC, owned by Diane Dunlap
county office employment and other square foot pre-fab home Barkl
in an FSA program and reside in the Barkl’s THC Inc. is registered as was granted and will be reviewed
agricultural issues. plans to build on the site. Vining-
area where the election is being held. a non-profit. Under the Colorado by commissioners June 19. Four
“Our county committees make Doyle noted that Barkl has not
To be considered, a producer must Revised Nonprofit Act, control of additional temporary hoop houses
decisions about how federal farm filed a business operation plan as
sign an FSA-669A nomination form. the nonprofit corporation is under will be constructed on the site if
programs are administered locally required. Land Use Administrator
The form and other information about a board of directors. None of these approved.
to best serve the needs of agriculture Wendi Maez told Vining-Doyle
FSA county committee elections directors were listed on Barkl’s • A conditional use permit for
in their community,” said Acting she would have to request a copy
are available at business registration. Summitt Resources, LLC, owned
FSA Administrator Steve Peterson. of the business plan from the state.
elections. All nomination forms for A Facebook page appearing to by Whitney Justice and operated
“We strongly encourage all eligible Jackman’s main complaint was
the 2018 election must be postmarked be Barkl’s initially showed he by the applicant, Otocanna, LLC,
producers to visit their local FSA the fact he and Vining-Doyle had
or received in the local FSA office by was residing in Hong Kong, but was approved and referred to
office today to find out how to get planned to establish a daycare
Aug. 1, 2018. Visit for now lists his place of residence commissioners for final approval
involved in their county’s election. more information. center on their property, but as Colorado. Colorado Secretary June 19.
There’s an increasing need for childcare facilities must be more
Election ballots will be mailed of State rules require both the • Conditional use requests for
representation from underserved than 1,000 feet from any marijuana
to eligible voters beginning Nov. 5. authority to transact business in landowner and applicant Jinfeng
producers, which includes beginning, retail store/grow. “The county is
Read more to learn about important Colorado and a usual place of Liang, JFD, LLC; also Zhuoyu
women and other minority farmers election dates. stripping us of our right to do this,” business in Colorado in order to Ling, landowner/Golden Leaf MIP,
if they approve the grow, Jackman be appointed as a registered agent. LLC, for marijuana cultivation
objected. At present Barkl is using a areas on 61997 and 61995 Co.
Counties designated as primary Barkl did tell the SCPC he has
now properly posted notice for the
travelling UPS mailbox on his
conditional use application and
Rd. G (respectively) were tabled
until property boundaries can be
natural disaster areas grow on each property corner and
Maez confirmed he has updated his
previously was flying in and out of reassessed.
SAN LUIS VALLEY— The U.S. and other programs. Additional water contract. Barkl says he will
Department of Agriculture (USDA) information is also available online not install electric lines but will
has designated seven counties at
in Colorado as primary natural
use diesel generators, enclosed PUBLIC NOTICES
disaster areas due to losses and
damages caused by a recent drought.
Agricultural producers in designated
counties are eligible for emergency
loans and other disaster assistance
from USDA’s Farm Service Agency
(FSA). Those counties are: Alamosa,
Conejos, Hinsdale, Rio Grande,
Archuleta, Gunnison and Mineral
Farmers and ranchers in the
following contiguous counties in
Colorado also qualify for natural
disaster assistance. Those counties
are: Chaffee, Huerfano, Montrose,
Saguache, Costilla, La Plata, Ouray,
San Juan, Delta, Mesa and Pitkin
Farmers and ranchers in the
contiguous counties of Rio Arriba,
San Juan and Taos in New Mexico
also qualify for natural disaster
Qualified farm operators in
the designated areas eligible for
FSA’s emergency loans, provided
eligibility requirements are met.
Farmers in eligible counties have
eight months from the date of the
declaration of May 25 to apply for
loans to help cover part of their
actual losses.
FSA will consider each loan
application on its own merits, taking
into account the extent of losses,
security available and repayment
ability. FSA has a variety of programs,
in addition to the emergency loan
program, to help eligible farmers
recover from the impacts of this
Other FSA programs that can
provide assistance, but do not require
a disaster declaration, include:
Operating and Farm Ownership
Loans; the Emergency Conservation
Program; Livestock Forage Disaster
Program; Livestock Indemnity
Program; Emergency Assistance for
Livestock, Honeybees and Farm-
Raised Fish Program; and the Tree
Assistance Program. Interested
farmers may contact their local USDA
service centers for further information
on eligibility requirements and
application procedures for these
Please see second
Volume 117, Number 27 story on Page 4A. Thursday, July 5, 2018 75¢

Shorts MED investigating grow applicant
Conservation By Teresa L. Benns
SAGUACHE— The Saguache
application were brought to the
attention of county commissioners
be Barkl’s initially showed he was
residing in Hong Kong, but now lists
proposed grow, Barkl included a
signature using his South Dakota
district accepting County Planning Commission (SCPC)
approved three more marijuana grows
by adjacent landowners Shiloh
Jackman and Mischa Vining-Doyle.
his place of residence as Colorado.
Colorado Secretary of State rules
fireworks company and an South
Dakota area code. Tiger Tooth
funding requests last Thursday but the review of the
Barkl cultivation in Ewing Estates,
The couple’s story was broadcast on
Channel 7 News in Denver this May.
require both the authority to transact
business in Colorado and a usual
Fireworks LLC is not registered to do
business in Colorado. His Facebook
CENTER— Center Conservation tabled at their last meeting until the place of business in Colorado in order page documents his plans for this
District received a grant from USFS Barkl irregularities
county could inspect the property, to be appointed as a registered agent. business in 2018 in South Dakota.
for funding a cost-share program was absent from the list. Barkl’s THC Inc. is registered as At present Barkl is using a
for Saguache County residents. Other grows approved
County acting administrator and a non-profit. Under the Colorado travelling UPS mailbox on his
Funding requests will be accepted Land Use Administrator Wendi Maez Revised Nonprofit Act, one conditional use application and After clearing up some issues
until Sept. 14. These funds are confirmed Thursday that Michael bookkeeper reports, control of the previously was flying in and out of with proper recording of documents,
being offered to local landowners Barkl’s application was removed nonprofit corporation is under a Saguache (possibly from out of state) conditional use applications were
to be used for noxious weed control because he is under investigation by board of directors. None of these for planning commission meetings. approved for two cultivations — one
projects. The amount of funding will the Marijuana Enforcement Division directors were listed on Barkl’s for Jinfeng Liang, landowner, JFD,
In his initial correspondence
depend on the number of requests in Denver. business registration. with Vining-Doyle and Jackman
received. Several irregularities in Barkl’s A Facebook page appearing to Please see MED on Page 2A
to address their concerns about the
Funding assistance is available

Spring Fire continues to grow, La Garita man
for agriculture property and non-
agriculture property within the Center

Conservation District boundaries.
Anyone interested in applying for
Cost-Share Funding should call
Brenda Anderson, district manager,
754-3400 x104.
suspect arrested after shooting
Saguache County By Teresa L. Benns
LA GARITA— An allegedly
Sales tax grants accidental shooting June 24 sent a La
Garita man to St. Anthony’s Hospital
now available in Denver with a shoulder wound
SAGUACHE—The Saguache after a friend shot him while the two
County Board of Commissioners men were hunting prairie dogs along
will be taking grant applications for County Road 41G in La Garita.
Saguache County sales tax grants until According to a report from Saguache
3 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 10. County Sheriff Dan Warwick, Todd
To be eligible grant applications Rohr of La Garita was first admitted to
must be for either: Emergency Rio Grande Hospital in Del Norte and
Services/Public Health and Safety; was later airflighted by Eagle Air to St.
Youth and Senior programs, projects, Anthony’s. Warwick said that when
or organizations; or Renewable Energy he interviewed Rohr in Del Norte,
projects/Business Opportunities and the man was “certain” the shooting
Job Creation. was an accident and did not wish the
Grant applications are available shooter to be charged requesting he
online at receive education instead. Warwick
administration – see “sales tax grant said Rohr did not appear to be angry
applicationform5” or contact the about the incident.
Saguache County Administration Rohr told Sheriff Warwick he was
office at 719-655-2231 to request a using binoculars to spot prairie dogs
copy of the grant application. in one part of a field and a friend,
Gabe Martinez, was hunting prairie
Marijuana dogs in another part of the field
when he was shot. According to
regulations public Martinez’s estimates, Martinez was
hearing July 19 Courtesy Photo
approximately 70 yards from the
prairie dog mound and Rohr was about
SAGUACHE— The Saguache 140 yards from the mound. Warwick
Board of County Commissioners will The Spring Fire continues to devour forest and foliage as it spreads and grows. By Tuesday morning,
hold a public hearing at the Saguache it had consumed nearly 79,000 acres. See related story on Page 5A.
Please see SHOOTING on Page 2A

Old Cow Town welcomes new owner
County Road and Bridge meeting
room located at 305 – 3rd Street,
Saguache, Thursday, July 19 at 6 p.m.
to consider proposed changes to the
Saguache County Land Development
Code. Limited events of the resort’s water usage with the
Division of Water Resources.
The proposed changes may be
viewed after July 2 by contacting planned for public Dunlap said these contingencies
will be complete when the CUP
the Saguache County Land Use By Teresa L. Benns modification goes to commissioners
Department – P.O. Box 326, SAGUACHE— Last Thursday July 17.
Saguache, CO 81149 or wmaez@ the Saguache County Planning The businesswoman says she is, or by calling Commission (SCPA) reviewed now in the process of acquiring the
719-655-2321. Changes also can be a conditional use permit (CUP) property. Dunlap will be the fourth
viewed on the county website at www. modification request for the new owner of the recreated old western owner of Old Cow Town, Diane town over the past eight years, but
Written comments will be accepted Dunlap, who is planning a series of unlike previous owners, says she does
until Tuesday, July 17 at 3 p.m. and summer concerts at the resort. not intend to run the resort as a for-
may be sent to Saguache County Dunlap and resort manager Pam profit operation. Instead, she hopes
Land Use Department at P.O. Fye presented the CUP modification to preserve the quiet country life at
Box 326, Saguache, CO 81149. to the SCPC and received approval the town and allow those wishing to Photo by Teresa L. Benns
Or email comments to wmaez@ contingent upon setting up a security New Old Cow Town owner Diane Dunlap is planning a series of concerts plan and presenting documentation Please see TOWN on Page 3A at the resort.
Page 2A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, July 5, 2018

Obituaries Windstorm closes courthouse
By Teresa L. Benns
Oma Jean Haynie, 88 SAGUACHE —Afreak windstorm
SOUTH FORK—Having lived Friday scattered branches across the
a life overflowing with love, family, Saguache County Courthouse lawn
work, travel, friends and memories, and when a tree trimmer came to
Oma Jean Haynie passed away assess the situation, he detected a
peacefully on June 10, 2018. tree on the courthouse’s north side
Born into humble circumstance on about to topple.
April 13, 1930 to James Hardy & Ina The trimmer said he could hear the
Moody Oliver in Monte Vista. She tree cracking and could not predict
was the youngest of four children. when it might fall.
She married Jerry Haynie on Jan. 21, County officials closed the
1950 in Alamosa. courthouse at 3 p.m. Friday until
She accompanied Jerry to the tree trimming company could
Baltimore, MD while he served address the problem. Trimmers came
in the army and then relocated to Saturday to slice off the top of the tree.
Bountiful, Utah after his discharge. The courthouse reopened Monday
She worked at Salt Lake Hardware and trimmers came to finish the job,
until they started their family. denuding the tree of its branches and
Oma and Jerry moved back to then removing it.
Alamosa in 1963 to own and operate Trimmers reported the tree was
Haynie’s Inc (NAPA). OJ had an ingrained sense of hard work and fortitude. about 125 feet high and had two tops,
For more than 40 years she worked beside Jerry at their Napa store. Her making it more dangerous.
business acumen was unparalleled. She had a brilliant mind and accomplished “I will miss that tree because we
more in a day than was humanly possible. Her fingers were ablaze on the used to watch the squirrels play in
typewriter and 10-key. She was not shy to share her opinion and you always it,” County Treasurer Connie Trujillo
knew where you stood with her. said Monday. Trujillo’s office is just
In 1995, she and Jerry moved to South Fork. She loved her flower gardens opposite of where the tree once stood.
in the summer and skiing at Wolf Creek in the winter. She was the first to A similar storm in Center two weeks
purchase season passes so she could proudly wear the pass numbered 1. ago brought down trees there as well,
Oma could cook for a small army. Breads, cinnamon rolls, pies and gravy Trujillo reported.
by the gallon were some of her specialties. She traveled the world, but was
always anxious to return home to blue skies, clean air, less traffic and her
home. Tree trimmers finish removing
Oma Jean’s home was always immaculate. Beds were made before branches from a tree outside the
breakfast; clothes were tirelessly ironed, and the white tornado would always Saguache Courthouse that was
empty the dishwasher before going to bed. She loved her family and supported damaged Friday in a freakish
them tirelessly. She was thrilled to be a grandmother but still taught them windstorm.
that life was happiest when they behaved. She did not like onions, rodents Photo by Teresa L. Benns
or the song Amazing Grace.

Sheriff’s Report
She enjoyed her associations in many civic groups including Order of
the Eastern Star, Daughters of the Nile, Rainbow Girls, PEO and Native
Daughters. She was an active member of the Methodist Church in Alamosa.
She was a class act in every sense. Oma was always the best dressed in
the crowd. Her sense of style was classic. She clicked when she walked in The following records were Arrests of a restraining order, domestic
her heels. She got her hair “bent” every week. Remember her the next time provided by the Saguache Diante Method, 32, Moffat, violence, harassment
you see red lipstick. Sheriff’s Office for the week of failure to appear Leon Bernal, 46, Center, failure
Oma is survived by husband, Jerry (South Fork), children Terry and Sharon June 25-July 2 Omar Prieto, 18, Center, violation to appear
Haynie (Del Norte); Tammy and Gary Cooper (Roseville, Calif.) and Sam

and Blair Haynie (Alamosa); grandchildren Ryan (Tammy) Haynie; Tiffany
(Austin) Neilson; Devin (Angela) Haynie; Blake (Erin) Haynie; Ashley
(Kevin) Sorensen; Tyler Haynie, as well as 11 great grandchildren. Continued from Page 1A
A Celebration of Life was held Saturday, June 30 at the Rogers Family
calculated the two men were about instructing him to take off his shirt and to discuss the matter further when he
Mortuary in Alamosa. To leave online condolences for Oma Jean’s family,
250-300 yards apart. apply it to the wound as a compression returned home, she added.
please visit
While at Rio Grande Hospital, bandage. Martinez then took him to Warwick said he is waiting for

MED Warwick said, he also spoke to a Tracy the hospital in his truck. records from Rio Grande Hospital
Victor Martinez (Vic), father of Gabe Warwick later contacted Rohr’s and St. Anthony’s Hospital to finalize
Continued from Page 1A Martinez. Martinez provided a rough girlfriend, Kimberly Specht, who said his report. Charges in the case have
LLC, in La Garita and the other for anything.” map of the area showing Rohr was Rohr was scheduled to be released not been ruled out.
Zhuoyu Ling, landowner/Golden “It should,” Biggio shot back. about 300 yards from his home and from the hospital June 26. Doctors
Leaf MIP, LLC, also in La Garita. “Well it doesn’t,” LeBlanc answered Martinez was about 200 yards from told him the shoulder is in bad shape
Michael Biggio represented Liang him. his home when the shooting occurred. and bullet fragments could not be
and Ling for both applications. Questions have been raised Gabe Martinez told Warwick he and removed surgically because they were 719-628-2015
Biggio explained to the commission regarding MED’s oversight of Rohr were shooting at the same prairie too small, she said. Doctors also told 139 Adams • Monte Vista
that he “is trying to work with people applicants, verification of character dog mound when he heard a shot. He Rohr, however, the shoulder would
thinks he shot twice with his 223 AR heal given time.
who want to do this [own/operate
marijuana cultivations] to steer
and full background vetting.
Both Washington and California 15 style Sig Sauer before he heard
Rohr yell and realized he and Rohr
Warwick also received a call
from the previous owner of Rohr’s
them in the right direction and walk
them through all the compliances.”
Biggio is a former Moffat trustee
are experiencing problems with
government agencies and interactions
with marijuana applicants.
were shooting “crossways towards
one another.” Rohr told Warwick
property, Zack Seal, who told
the sheriff he had issues with the
and facilitator of the questionable The third conditional use permit he believes he heard three rounds Martinez’s shooting practices, had
Moffat annexation. for marijuana cultivation approved shot off, with the third round hitting approached them about it, and they
Jay LeBlanc of Bonanza asked was Cole’s Colorado Cannabis, him in the shoulder. He thought he would not cooperate. Because of the
Biggio if the Chinese couple he owned by Phillip Tiu of California. saw Martinez coming to him from a potential dangers, he sold his home.
is representing are U.S. citizens. The grow is part of a trout farm different filed. Specht told Warwick she had heard
Biggio told LeBlanc they have operation that hopes to use fish On reaching Rohr, Martinez said this was not the first time Gabe had PG-13

been fully vetted by the Marijuana waste as a fertilizer and has plans to he found him prone behind a hill, issues with firearms and she did not Fri. & Sat. 7 p.m.
Sun. 5 p.m.
Enforcement Division (MED) and create organic compost for marijuana bleeding from his right shoulder. feel education versus charges was a
LeBlanc replied, “That doesn’t mean grows. Rohr said he had to calm Martinez, wise choice. She and Rohr planned Kids (6-16)$4 • Adults $6 • Seniors (65+) $5
Page 4A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, July 5, 2018

Spring fire arsonist part
of new counterculture
As fires rage on all sides of the San
Luis Valley, the recent Spring Fire
may just be a mirror image of what ails
Saguache County and other counties
directly or indirectly promoting the
migration of illegals and other less
than desirable characters to relocate
to the Valley.
Suspected arsonist Jesper
Joergenson, 52, accused of starting
the Spring Fire, is a perfect example
of the cancer that silently hides deep
in the guts of America. A citizen of
Denmark, Joergenson may have been
here legally in the beginning but is
now classified by Immigration and My Two Cents
Customs Enforcement (ICE) as “a
deportable alien.” By TERESA BENNS
The Costilla County Sheriff’s
Office, aided by the Colorado Like many other illegal aliens,
Bureau of Investigation, State arson Joergenson expresses a hatred for

Letters to the Editor
investigators, Colorado State Patrol capitalism and really for any kind of
and ICE agents arrested Joergenson government whatsoever. He dares
last week. In a recent news release, others to adopt his own views. He

Thank you for vote of confidence
law enforcement authorities explain uses America to shelter from what he
they cannot elaborate on Joergenson’s reports was mistreatment in his own
information and background because country but appears to hate America
they are engaged in an active as much as his native Denmark.
investigation. How many more Joergensons are Dear Editor, of their day to vote in the Primary Your vote of confidence does not
A visit to his Facebook page out there on their own little mission I would like to take a moment to Election last week. I feel very go unnoticed and is very much
provides an instant understanding of of malicious mischief and mayhem? acknowledge and thank each and humbled and blessed to be serving appreciated.
Americans would probably shudder if

Grease my palms
what might have prompted this man to every person who took time out you as Saguache County treasurer. Connie Trujillo, Center
destroy one of the most scenic areas they knew the exact number. And each
in southern Colorado. day our borders remain undefended,
Joergenson is a self-proclaimed the risk of admitting dangerous
anarchist/revolutionary. He lists operatives into this country increases.
his residence as Fort Garland and Not even appreciated is the fact that The title of this column is an old biggest RV on the market at the time.
describes himself as an underground many who come to grow marijuana saying about bribing folks to do So off I went and came home with
miner and part-time musician. He here have been identified as citizens your bidding. Or, what we call today, the current 37 foot model. It’s nice
appears to have been in this country of other nations, or operating their “lobbying.” no doubt and a person can get by but
since 1997 but his VISA has expired, businesses as a foreign interest. It seems long gone are the days of you best pick someone as loving and
KDVR in Denver reported Monday. Although reportedly a former President Harry Truman when he said, easygoing as Ol’Dutch if you are going
Joergenson also is a marijuana rifleman in his country’s national “An honest public servant can’t become to survive the experience.
proponent, an anti-Semite and a gun guard and a gun owner, Joergenson’s rich in politics. He can only attain But, back to our trials and tribulations.
enthusiast. One of the posters on his weapon of choice was not a firearm. greatness and satisfaction by service.” Lately Miss Trixie has embarked on
Facebook page reads: “If you don’t And although his alleged arson has It’s a sad state of affairs that too a mission to use this super purple
like cannabis I don’t like you.” not (yet) cost lives, he is guilty all many nationally elected officials use degreaser on everything from dishes to
His sentiment is more common the same of emotional and financial their elected position to line their own appliances to food, I think. She found
to cannabis users than most care to terrorism. coffers at our expense and something this along her travels and swears by it. Trout Republic
admit. While he claims to have started the needs to be done about it. But unless All I know is that even Cooper runs by Kevin Kirkpatrick
Some of the photos on his Facebook fire accidentally and burned himself in someone comes up with a plan I fear when she gets the bottle out fearing a
page show Joergenson smoking what the process of trying to put it out, he it will just go on forever. treatment of the colorful solution. get too far from the camper after eating
appears to be a marijuana cigarette also admits to making hash oil. Was Having lived in CLOSE proximity Mostly it gets used after Miss Trixie as the degreaser is doing a number on
and tin cans on a string he describes he high when he tried to extinguish to Miss Trixie now for some five long cooks and Ol’ Dutch is eating his food my gut and cleans me out like Bob from
as gun targets, but also designates the fire? We may never know. years, I have had the opportunity to bump in the recliner. About three bites into the Roto Rooter down the street. It’s not all
as possible candidates for tripwires. But the constitutional rights of the into her about 43,000 times a day. Even meal and a biting odor comes wafting bad as people these days seem to be
Since Joergenson is here illegally, he people whose homes burned surely passing in the hall in our RV lifestyle across the room and settles on the food fixated on their inner workings more
should not have been able to pass a outweigh Joergenson’s “right” to alter requires finesse and every activity is he is eating. and more but being unable to leave the
background check for any weapons he his state of consciousness, or violate seen by both parties, both good and bad. Now I don’t generally mind a good facilities is cutting into my fishing time
might possess. At least not recently, the law by failing to comply with Watching television, reading, playing dose of Clorox as it tends to keep a body and that cannot happen.
anyway. citizenship requirements. the guitar and taking a shower is a group naturally clean but this stuff is like acid Miss Trixie has refrained ever since
event, almost. So if you are of the shy to the soul. A purple haze of hazardous from spraying at least during dinner but
Letters Policy nature it’s best to remain in your house
where you are safe from public scrutiny
wastes settles across my deer steak and
gets ingested with the food.
Ol’ Dutch got to thinking that maybe
I will send her to Washington and let
Letters are welcome and encouraged. They should be fewer than 300 and not launch yourself into the mobile Ever since I was exposed to anhydrous her degrease those palms up there and
words, and they are subject to editing for length and clarity. All letters lifestyle. ammonia at work Ol’ Dutch has been save us all a lot of trouble.
must be signed by the author and include a phone number and address Some have referred it to living in a a tad touchy about chemical smells
where the author can be reached (these are not for publication). We will sardine can but those are actually bigger but has tried to be loving and not say Kevin Kirkpatrick and his Yorkie,
accept one letter per person, per subject, per four issues. We reserve the and would be a welcome respite from anything to Miss Trixie since she does Cooper, fish, hunt, ATV or hike daily.
right to reject letters for reasons we believe are appropriate. Please send these actual living conditions. When it fix my food without complaint. And His email is Kevin@TroutRepublic.
letters to Letter to the Editor c/o Valley Publishing, PO Box 607, Monte became clear that Ol’ Dutch and Miss everyone knows you don’t bite the hand com. Additional news can be found at
Vista, CO 81144 or e-mail to: Trixie would be cohabbing, he did the that feeds you. or on Twitter
(Attention: Letter to the Editor). Deadline for letters is 5 p.m. Friday. smart thing and purchased about the But of late I have noticed that I cannot at TroutRepublic.

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Page 4A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, July 12, 2018

The neglected template
for marijuana regulations
It is amazing what a stiff set
of regulations can do to keep out
unwanted development and how
loosely written regulations can
invite in all manner of exceptions
and excesses.
The case in point here is the vast
difference in Saguache County’s
handling of oil and gas development
and its creation and modification of
marijuana regulations.
When Saguache County officials
set out over a decade ago to regulate
oil and gas development in the
county, plenty of people were up
in arms about the damage such My Two Cents
proposed development could cause
to the aquifer, surface water, wildlife By TERESA BENNS
habitat, wetlands, the environment
in general, air quality, properties so with marijuana and its impact on
bordering the developments, and water and soil.
reclamation of land following the B e c a u s e t h e c o u n t y ’s o i l
end of drilling. and gas regulations are tightly
There is an entire section on visual structured, there have been few
impacts, with detailed instructions if any applicants to set up shop
on how drilling operations must in the county. The perception of
not impede property owners’ views. officials was that such development
There are separate sections on water
and air quality, wildlife habitat,
negative impacts to existing resources
was unwelcome by residents and
they acted accordingly. So what
happened with marijuana?
Letters to the Editor
Chamber thanks Taste of the Valley sponsors
(recreational, historic and cultural, Well money, for one thing, and
economic and agricultural) and a a general perception of cannabis
long section on public health, safety acceptance by all those who were
and welfare. not rural residential property owners Dear Editor, and Loan, SLV Federal Bank, Wilbur- Kiwanis who just showed up and
There is another long section on impacted by a grow. But as a number The First Annual Taste of the San Ellis Co., Brian Roberts Dentistry, started helping with ticket sales. Rio
performance bonds and emergency of citizens have tried to explain Luis Valley was a superb success. Hampton Inn, SLV REC – Ciello, B Grande Youth Prevention Council
response bonds, also liability to commissioners, many of those Food, music, brews, ice cream, pastries, & C Electric, Inc, Colorado Army kids: Lesli, Alycia, Lydia and Mayah –
insurance. Neither emergency Saguache County residents voting shopping, and sunshine. The sunshine National Guard, Master Print & Web thank you for helping set up the event.
response bonds or liability insurance for the “constitutional right” to grow we will credit to a higher power. Design, MDS Waste & Recycling, Finally a special thanks to two fine
is mentioned in the marijuana marijuana had no idea what they were For all the rest, it could not Mountain View Restaurant, San Luis young ladies— Dakota and Lauren for
regulations or in the proposed really voting for. Certainly it was not have been accomplished without Valley Antique Iron Club, Sandhill setting things up, selling tickets and
revisions to those regulations, the unrestricted right to plop a grow great sponsors and great help from Inn & Suites and Waste Management taking things down and for helping Dad
Fortunately the Oil and Gas down in everyone’s backyard, or many individuals who stepped up We especially want to acknowledge get home when his back would not!
Commission had laid the groundwork introduce criminal elements into the to help. Our sponsors include: Rio the City of Monte Vista for providing The Monte Vista Chamber of
for much of this oversight, over community. Grande Tourism Board, Brown’s staff, equipment, and preparation for Commerce is proud of all of you and
many years, but there is no similar Saguache County oil and gas Septic Service, Colorado Potato this event: Rob, John, Lowell, Vic; grateful for your amazing support!
organization with decades of regulations run to 45 pages; there Administrative Committee, Absolute thanks for your extra effort! It didn’t Linda Burnett,
experience and research under its are only nine pages of marijuana Shine Auto Body & Paint, First go un-noticed. Monte Vista Chamber
belt to regulate marijuana. regulations. Even though the county’s Southwest Bank, Rio Grande Savings Thanks also to the Monte Vista President
It is in these regulations that we find master plan, which it is obliged to
mention of public hearings and how
they are to be conducted. And low
follow, suggests the creation of a
landowner’s bill of rights, such a bill Patients should come with instructions
and behold, attached to the oil and has never been written. And certainly A recent study conducted by Mrs. Freemont is 68-years-old and
gas regulations is a separate seven- there is no landowners bill of rights the healthcare industry shows an is here for a triple by-pass. Nurse,
page document entitled the Surface attached to the marijuana code or alarming trend in America’s operating please shave away that thick hair
Owner Bill of Rights, summarizing proposed revisions to the code. rooms. According to the study, on her chest, right below her Hell’s
the rights of owners as laid out in the Had the county handled marijuana reports of “wrong-site surgery” are Angels tattoo.”
regulations. sales and cultivation as it did the on the rise. “Doctor, are you sure this is the
It is true that oil and gas development oil and gas regulations, county To clarify, “wrong-site surgery” right patient?”
poses a much greater threat to health residents would have been spared the occurs when a doctor operates on, “Absolutely, it says so right here
and safety, given the volatile nature of infringement on their property rights. say... on her chart.”
gases as the products and by-products In the end, if such a bill of rights is not Your brain. “But this patient looks like a man.”
of such development. And of course attached to the marijuana regulations, When he was supposed to operate “To the untrained eye, perhaps.
fracking, especially, can pollute water all the other suggested revisions are on, say... But if you’ll lift up her hospital gown
sources. But at least these dangers just so many bread sops cast to the Your big toe. you’ll see ... HOLY COW!”
are known and acknowledged. Not restless crowds. Or someone else. “What is it, doctor?!”

Letters Policy Or even someone else’s big toe.
That’s right; in a few cases, doctors
“This is going to be more
complicated than I thought...” By Ned Hickson
Letters are welcome and encouraged. They should be fewer than 300 words, and they are subject have even operated on the wrong The organization that conducted
to editing for length and clarity. All letters must be signed by the author and include a phone patient. However, the report strongly the study, which was headed up by
number and address where the author can be reached (these are not for publication). We will emphasizes that this is very rare and Dr. Dennis O’Leary, says there are are busy, and people are being put to
accept one letter per person, per subject, per four issues. We reserve the right to reject letters a number of reasons “wrong-site sleep before there is an opportunity to
only occurred when doctors didn’t
for reasons we believe are appropriate. Please send letters to Letter to the Editor c/o Valley
Publishing, PO Box 607, Monte Vista, CO 81144 or e-mail to: have the right patient to begin with: surgery” has increased in recent years.
(Attention: Letter to the Editor). Deadline for letters is 5 p.m. Friday. “Let’s see, according to this chart, According to Dr. O’Leary, “Doctors Please see SURGERY on Page 10A

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Publishing. (719) 852-3531 at 835 First Ave., Monte Vista, Colorado 81144-1423.
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Volume 117, Number 30 Thursday July 26, 2018 75¢

Shorts Van Zalinge named new Center police chief
By Teresa L. Benns and said he is looking forward to with a new utility provider, Lujan
VFA meets CENTER — At the Center working with him. reported, choosing Municipal Energy
Saturday, July 28 Town Board meeting July 17,
town trustees announced they have Water warning
Agency of Nebraska (MEAN), a
not-for-profit wholesale electricity
MONTE VISTA — The regular completed the selection process for Lujan said Monday that trustees supply organization of NMPP
VFA meeting will be held this Saturday their new police chief, voting to discussed the current water situation Energy. Created in 1981, MEAN
at the home of Wanda Couzens-Smith appoint Tristan Van Zalinge to the at the last meeting, agreeing the provides cost-based power supply,
starting at 1 p.m. Bring your projects position. Sgt. Tim Arellano served town is under a “water warning.” transmission and related services to
and come and enjoy. Bring a project, as interim police chief until the new This means watering ordinances 69 participating communities in four
ideas, questions and a friend. Do chief was hired. are not being followed by town states: Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska and
remember that Monte Vista will be Van Zalinge served most recently residents. He estimated residents Wyoming according to the company’s
busy that afternoon with a lot of traffic, as a Monte Vista Police Department are using approximately 1.2 million website.
etc. due to Stampede activities. Call or corporal. He has eight years of gallons of water a day. Despite The board voted to sign on with
email Wanda for directions, questions, experience, working as a police recent rains, the drought continues, MEAN after previously considering
etc. at 719-852-5000; cell, 719-580- officer in Center, a sheriff’s deputy weather experts caution, and water Guzman Energy out of Denver. Prior
4976 or and later undersheriff in Saguache saving measures should continue to the vote, the town received its

Moffat School
County, also a sheriff’s deputy in Rio as well. supplemental electric from Xcel. The
Grande County. switch is expected to save the town
registration Town Administrator Brian Lujan
welcomed Van Zalinge to the town
New utility provider
The town has agreed to sign on Please see CENTER on Page 3A Tristan Van Zalinge
July 30-Aug. 9

Jones Oil, Sinclair celebrate 50 years
MOFFAT — Parents are invited
to come to Moffat School anytime
between July 30-Aug. 9, 8:30 a.m.
to 4 p.m., to register their children
for school. By Teresa L. Benns and Sinclair acknowledges them
Registration forms can be completed CENTER — Moe and Cindy during this conference held every
online at https://www.moffatschools. Jones and staff at Jones Oil celebrated other year in Sun Valley,” Coleman
org/Page/357 Email completed forms 50 years in the oil and gas business commented.
to last Thursday and were visited The videotape will chronicle the
Moffat Schools offers an industrial by Sinclair Oil’s communications history of the business, related by
arts program, full-day kindergarten, division from Denver, to videotape Moe Jones Tuesday.
full-day preschool, free, nutritious the event. Jones parents founded the
breakfasts and lunches for students, “We are recognizing Moe and business in 1968 when Moe was a
art, music and physical education for Cindy Jones, owners of Jones Oil freshman in college and employed
all students. Company for their years of service one hired man. Previously his father
with Sinclair, as they have hit a was a distributor for Rainbow bread
Stampede Parade milestone with 50 years of service and worked for Oriental Oil. Later
traffic reminder with Sinclair Oil Corporation,”
Advertising, Communications and
Moe’s brother joined the business
in 1970 after his father was injured
MONTEVISTA—Reminder: there Marketing Manager Stephanie in a work-related accident.
is no parking along the parade route Coleman said last Thursday. “Moe When their mother died, his
on Friday and Saturday mornings and Cindy will receive a 50-year brother ran the business. Moe
in Monte Vista. Highway 160 will service award recognizing them worked at Safeway and divided time
be closed down to through traffic for the service and dedication to the between that job and the business
beginning at 9 a.m. and will not Sinclair Brand.” while his former wife kept the books.
open until after the parade has ended The videotape will be played to In 1992 Moe left Safeway to help
around 11:30 a.m. Expect traffic peers and wholesale distributors run the business full-time.
congestion and delays. There will at an awards ceremony later this In 1996 Moe bought out his
also be congestion on the detour along year. The Jones’ have been invited brother’s share of the business and
Prospect Avenue by the Monte Vista to Sun Valley Resort as guests of became the sole owner, “and here
High School. Please do not park along Sinclair for four days of world class we are 50 years later,” Moe said.
any roadways affected by the parade. entertainment, great speakers and
Plan to park farther away and walk. fun-filled activities during their stay About Sinclair Oil Corporation

SCP presents
at the resort, Coleman said. Sinclair is a privately-held
Photos by Josiah Benns “Moe and Cindy join a group
'Alice’s Adventures Moe and Cindy Jones celebrate 50 years in the oil and gas business. of very select list of customers Please see JONES on Page 5A

in Wonderland'
SAGUACHE— On one day
only, Saturday, Aug. 4 at 4 p.m.,
Public hearing held on marijuana regulation changes
the Saguache Community Players By T eresa L. Benns
will perform “Alice’s Adventures SAGUACHE — Saguache
in Wonderland” at Mountain Valley County Commissioners and a
School. The original version was handful of Saguache County
written by Louis Carroll in the 1880s Planning Commission (SCPC)
and has been adopted for the stage by members held a public hearing
Tim Kelly of Pioneer Drama services. on proposed marijuana regulation
With a cast of 28 characters, 25 changes Thursday, July 19, with a
actors from ages six to 76 will portray a small crowd attending the hearing.
wide variety of nonsensical beasts and Participants had a total of three
figures meeting Alice as she makes her minutes to speak, but each one
way along the paths of Wonderland. attending was allowed to speak
Playing Alice in her first starring twice.
role is Haylee Freel, along with According to the ground rules
Norah Vollertsen as the White Rabbit, laid down at the beginning of
Mackenzie Hammel as the Queen of the meeting, only the regulations
Hearts, Alexis Vollertsen as the Mad could be discussed; businesses and
individuals could not be discussed. Courtesy Photo
Hatter and Ethan Vollertsen as the
Bonanza resident Bill Case addresses commissioners during the public hearing held on the proposed changes
Please see ALICE on Page 8A Please see REGS on Page 11A to the Saguache County marijuana regulations July 19. 
Thursday, July 26, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 11A

Continued from Page 1A Clips from the Clerk
Most of the objections brought that liability insurance would be will schedule the application
to the hearing included deviations absolutely mandatory. for the appropriate Board of Reminder to your patience during

plan ahead
from existing laws and the granting “Perhaps marijuana grows Commissioners meeting agenda, this implementation
of variances. Those attending cannot get liability insurance and, if necessary, notify adjoining process. As always,
also stressed the importance of because it is not federally legal? property owners and interested we encourage the
By Saguache County Clerk use of online
extending the current moratorium One  would think that obtaining parties by certified return receipt
until adequate enforcement is in liability insurance would be a mail.” Comments: Have these and Recorder Trish Gilbert services,
place and the variance question is prerequisite for any company requirements ever been done before Vehicle Services Transactions allowing
answered by the state. As attendees operating in Saguache County. by the Land Use Administrator? If Unavailable Aug. 1–5 Colorado
pointed out, basically, without If another fire disaster is started, not, why? The State of Colorado is replacing residents to skip the
enforcement, the laws are useless. we, as residents, have a right to be “VIII.4.3 (Existing) - The board the Colorado State Titling and trip to the DMV entirely.
A discussion also was held on the protected from any damage or loss of commissioners will consider the Registration System (CSTARS), New services with DRIVES will
performance bond requirement. to our properties.” application in a regular meeting. originally installed between 1983 and include the following increased online
Baca Grande property owner The Board will approve, approve 1986, with a new system, Colorado features:
Lisa Cyriacks opened with the Villa Grove property owner with modifications, or deny the DRIVES, which will allow for faster • Improved online vehicle
observation that the proposed Villa Grove property owner Jesse application in a timely manner. transaction processing, additional registration renewal
regulation changes had not been LeBlanc presented the following Comment: Why hasn’t this existing online services and better county- • Out of state emissions extension
sent to the Crestone/Baca Planning portions of his longer statement requirement been followed by to-county integration. The DRIVES • Emissions waiver application
Commission for review as has been to the county for consideration at the BoCC? Currently, only the system was successfully implemented • Generate prior receipts
the practice in the past. She asked the hearing. Land Use Administrator has been for driver services on Feb. 21, 2017. • Duplicate registration receipt
commissioners and SCPC members “The marijuana regulations approving (marijuana plant count) This is a 35-year leap in technology! request
to explain why this occurred. (existing and proposed) are variances. After an 18-month project, on Aug. • Two percent rental upload
Cyriacks further protested there useless unless the County ensures “Annual CUP Renewals: Will 6, all Colorado title and registration spreadsheet fee estimator
are numerous conditional use that they are fully enforced. annual CUP renewals be required services will be available via the new • Document uploading
permit (CUP) inconsistencies Further, if the County cannot and if so, will any new regulations DRIVES system. In advance of the • Personalized plate request
not addressed by the regulation guarantee enforcement, the current apply? This topic was discussed deployment, services including motor • Change of address
changes. She also requested moratorium should remain in effect by the SCPC. Most were under vehicle registration renewal, vehicle • New registration
that a process be constructed until there is adequate enforcement the impression that an annual CUP titling, International Registration • Instant emissions uploads from
for dealing with violations. in place. Lastly, the County needs renewal was going to be included Plan (IRP) and ownership transfers AirCare Colorado
to enhance the vetting process that in the new regulations. Also, will not be available Aug. 1-5, due • Better county-to-county
Moffat property owner it uses for CUP applicants because requiring a performance bond to the conversion from the old to the integration
In an email sent prior to the it cannot depend solely on the for existing cultivations as part new system. • Faster transaction processing
hearing, Marty Lange of Moffat State’s vetting process. of the annual renewal should be Colorado driver license services, “We apologize for the inconvenience
told Land Use Director Wendi Maez “Examples: Two hundred plus required.” both in-office and online, will be this closure may cause and look
there are still items that have not illegal cultivations are reportedly unavailable Aug. 2-5. State driver forward to providing the state and
been addressed in the proposed in existence in Saguache County. Grower comments license offices will be closed. county employees with a modern,
regulation changes. There has been only one major Only a few growers chose Extended wait times in some county user-friendly system for driver and
“As with the regulations in the drug bust in 2017 and one thus far to speak at the meeting. Those motor vehicle offices may occur this vehicle services which will allow
past, if new revised regulations in 2018. At this rate, it will take at attending reported grower Diane summer as employees prepare for them to provide Coloradoans with
(and even the old regulations) are least 200 years to clear the ounty Dunlap had some good points and adjust to the new system. The great customer service.”
not enforced, they will be useless,” of this criminal activity. If the regarding variances.   Colorado Division of Motor requests The DRIVES Team

Lange wrote. “If these regulations County cannot adequately police Cancer survivor Brady Oman
do not apply to the entire Saguache illegal (black market) marijuana spoke about how well the Marijuana
County, they’re also useless. operations, then how can it be Enforcement Division (MED)
How can we have countywide expected to adequately police legal inspected his operation. Some
regulations when individual towns marijuana operations? attendees found this statement
can make up their own rules and “Regarding Article IV-A – problematic, since no MED license

laws? Activities of Local Interest can be found for Oman. Owners
Cyriacks also emphasized the (marijuana regulations), the require an Associated Key license,
need to enforce existing state and purpose of this regulation is to managers require a key license,
county laws already on the books. provide for growth in a manner and support staff require a Support
Bill Case and one other person that protects the characteristics of license. Ground rules prevented
said that enforcement started with the community that its citizens’ any questioning of Oman on the
the Saguache County Planning value. Comment: The County is matter.
Commission (SCPC) and the not following this section of the Moffat Mayor Patricia Riegel,
BoCC. regulations because it ignores its an unabashed proponent of retail
In her email to Maez, Lange citizens’ values. The complaints marijuana for her community, also
also noted: voiced in county meetings include spoke out. Those in attendance
“The density issue…was not noise, odors, crime, lights, traffic, found her statement difficult
addressed. There is a new proposed decreased property values, etc., to understand and Commission
regulation that marijuana grows some of which are clearly against Chair Jason Anderson had
have to be 2500 feet from each the existing laws. to reframe her comments.
other. That’s still two grows within “Article VIII – Approval Commissioners will discuss
a mile, so there could be five Procedure the comments at their July 31
marijuana operations within a 10- Article VIII (4.2) states: meeting and consider the proposed
mile stretch of road. I believe that’s “The Land Use Administrator regulations in August.
still too congested.  If this remains
unchanged, we will still have too
many grows in any particular
area. I am not opposed to alcohol,
but I certainly wouldn’t want
five distilleries within 10 miles
of my home. The same applies to
marijuana grows.
“Placing a cap on the amount
of grows in Saguache County,
which was not addressed. If we
do not place a cap on the amount
of grows in Saguache County, we
will — once again — experience a
huge influx of people coming into
our county who care very little
about the environment, or for the
residents. I am an avid hike and I
am disgusted with the amount of
trash on the hiking trails that I use.
This was not the case two years ago.
“Marijuana companies should,
at the very least, carry liability
insurance, which was not addressed.
(I operated two businesses in my
lifetime. In both cases, not only
did I have to be bonded, I had to
carry liability insurance before
for my license was issued.  With
the disastrous Spring Creek fire,
which was started by a heavy
pot smoker and which is still not
fully contained, you would think
Volume 117, Number 31 Thursday, August 2, 2018 75¢

Center superintendent resigns
Val Alto Pancake By Teresa L. Benns
CENTER — After weeks of rumors, Center
and resignation in response to a Colorado Open
Records Act request. Cooper, who retired in May,
Breakfast Aug. 4 Consolidated Schools confirmed Monday that was still working part-time for the school when she
DEL NORTE—Val Alto Study Chris Vance, superintendent of Center Schools agreed to act as interim superintendent.
Club of Del Norte invites all to the 41st for the past two years, has resigned. Vance was According to various reports from school staff
year of the annual pancake breakfast placed on paid administrative leave July 6 pending and officials, the matter involving Vance was
on Saturday, Aug. 4 from 7 to 9 a.m. at the investigation of “allegations of misconduct” brought to the attention of the school board in
the High Valley Community Center on involving a personnel matter. late June by a staff member. This led to a series of
Columbia Street. Pancakes, sausage The letter announcing his administrative leave, executive sessions held on July 5, 10, 17 and 30.
and drinks are provided for $6 for signed by school board director Lyn Bogle, advised All four executive sessions were announced using
adults and $3 for kids. All proceeds Vance that while on leave he was not to be on school the same state statute, with the following language
are donated back into the community. grounds or attend school-sponsored events without used in the three special meeting notices:
This is in conjunction with the many the school board’s permission. Vance also was “The Board of Education of the Center
other events for the Covered Wagon forbidden to access his district accounts or be in Consolidated School District 26JT, hereby calls
Days Festival. For information, call contact with district students, parents or employees. a special meeting …in the middle/high school
Suzie 719-657-2350. On Tuesday, Interim Superintendent Lori Cooper
Chris Vance released the information regarding Vance’s leave Please see VANCE on Page 11A

Free backpacks
at Center Schools Hollyhocks highlight Saguache festival Moffat
CENTER— Thanks to a donation
from La Puente, Center Schools will trustee
be handing out free backpacks Aug.
10 in the Center Schools community
room from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. First come,
involved in
first served.
For those who still need backpacks
before school begins, another
giveaway will be held Aug. 17. By Teresa L. Benns
MOFFAT — According to a report
from the Saguache Sheriff’s Office,
Keeping the Moffat trustee Tyler Berger was
Dream Alive set involved in an altercation last week
with another man over Berger’s right
for Aug. 11 to ride his four-wheeler on a certain
stretch of property.
DEL NORTE— Rio Grande Undersheriff Jim McCloskey stated
Hospital would like to invite everyone in his narrative that he met with
to its 12th Annual “Keeping the Dream Berger at his residence to discuss the
Alive – New Beginnings” dinner incident, which Berger says began
on Saturday, Aug. 11, benefitting when a neighbor came over and
the purchase of equipment for asked Berger to stay off her mother’s
the hospital’s newly constructed property. The exchange between the
additions and renovations. Come neighbor and Berger became heated,
enjoy the food, a visual presentation and Tracy Freel, who was camping
of the new hospital facilities and on adjoining property, came over to
a lively auction, celebrating the see if the woman confronting Berger
hospital’s incredible upgrades. needed help.
Fajita dinner – donated by Ron and Berger said Freel then challenged
Glenda Martinez, Mountain View him to a fight, so Berger jumped the
Restaurant— is served from 5:30 to fence and the two exchanged blows.
6:30 p.m. followed by a short program Berger claims he had permission to be
and the live auction. The event is on the property and the landowner’s
Photos by Teresa L. Benns
held at the Del Norte High School daughter said he was trespassing.
Above: Glorious pink hollyhocks bloom in a yard across
Bus Garage, 1055 French Street in McCloskey checked out plat
Del Norte. Tickets are $12 and can be from the Saguache Sheriff’s Office in Saguache.
At right: this lovely hollyhock quilt won first place during the maps and maps provided by the
purchased at the door or visit www. property owner and determined that for additional hollyhock festival and will be featured on postcards this year.
ticket locations. Contact Rachele See more photos on Pages 5A and 7A.
Please see BERGER on Page 2A
Areano at 719-657-4140.

Preschool open
enrollment Aug. 16
Illegal grow numbers down, sheriff says
By Teresa L. Benns “We don’t have as many large, in the process of getting the laws to are not getting enough “medicine”
SAGUACHE— Mountain SAGUACHGE— Sheriff Dan illegal grows as we had last year,” the point where they work better for to relieve their pain or that county
Valley RE·1 Preschool Program— a Warwick said Monday that illegal Warwick said. “A lot of them have everybody,” Warwick commented. officials are taking away medicine
Colorado Shines Level 4 Quality grows in Saguache County have picked up and left.” In Lazy KV “This state has been the guinea pig — so are discriminating against them.
Rated Program— will be holding actually declined and he says it is Estates, Warwick pointed out, “There we’re setting the precedent for other The comment period on the
open enrollment at Mountain Valley possible the public outcry from are no longer three and four grows on states, but we’re still reworking it. It’s proposed marijuana regulations ends
School on Aug. 16 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Saguache County residents against every block like there was last year.” a learning curve, but we’re headed in Aug. 3. On Thursday, Aug. 9, 9:30
for children ages three to five; children marijuana may have played a role in After the raid on a grow in the Baca the right direction.” a.m. commissioners will hold a work
must be three years old on or before the reduction. Grande earlier this year, Warwick When asked about variances session to discuss land development
Oct. 1, 2018. For more information on Warwick denied reports by citizens said the sheriff’s office was ready to granted by the county for additional code changes with the Saguache
enrollment, please contact: Preschool that raids have been going on across go after two other illegal grows but medical grow plants above the County Planning Commission
Director, CPP/CCCAP Coordinator the county for the last two weeks, the growers packed up and left in the number allowed by the state, Warwick Commissioners will hold a special
Lacy Reed at explaining that citizens may be seeing early morning hours while they were said he thinks the county is granting meeting Monday, Aug.13, at 3 p.m.
or preschool teacher Peggy Williams deputies performing other duties, but securing a warrant. variances so caregivers and those to adopt new land development code
at not engaging in raids. “The state and the county are still receiving care cannot claim they regulations.
Please see second
Volume 117, Number 33 story on Page 3A. Thursday, August 16, 2018 75¢

Shorts School asks town to partner in CDOT grant
By Teresa L. Benns work done by town maintenance/ a concern. said she also would speak to Interim
BOCC seeks CENTER—Center Schools utility crews and other activities,
Ruggles said.
Ruggles told the board she has
been trying to address whole-child
Superintendent Lori Cooper to see
what else might be done.
counselor and grant writer Katrina
tourism council Ruggles asked the Center Town The purpose of the grant is to health in her work with the school McClure motioned to table the
members Board Tuesday to partner with
Center Schools in applying for a
create safer walking and biking
conditions for Center school children
for many years and this is only part of
her ongoing efforts. She advised the
matter until it can be determined what
the school will contribute. Trustee
SAGUACHE COUNTY— $500,000 Safe Route to School grant and encourage them to walk or bike board there are other grants available James Sanchez followed his lead,
The Saguache County Board of from the Colorado Department of to school for exercise purposes. to help with obtaining the CDOT grant commenting he couldn’t support it
Commissioners invites interested Transportation (CDOT). Children in Center are above the and offered to help apply for them. until he knows more. Center Town
citizens to apply for an appointment The grant would be used primarily national average for the percentage Ruggles told the board she needs a Administrator Brian Lujan told the
to the Saguache County Tourism to build sidewalks, crosswalks and of obese children in the school, commitment from the town by Oct. 31 board the information they needed to
Council. install a traffic light on Highway 112. Ruggles noted. Trustee Bill McClure asked make an informed decision would be
The term is for four years. To express The town would need to contribute The safety improvements are what funds the school would be collected from the school before the
interest – please send a letter describing $100,000 in matching funds to the needed according to a survey where contributing to the project and next meeting.
your interest in the position and any project but this could come in way 46 percent of parents cited speed Ruggles said she thought they would
experience or knowledge that specially of in-kind contributions such as and traffic congestion in Center as be building one set of sidewalks, but Please see CDOT on Page 12A
qualifies you for this appointment.

The letter needs to be addressed
to: Saguache County Board of
Commissioners, Attn: Tourism
Council Appointment - PO Box
100, Saguache, CO 81149 or fax to extended
until Aug. 21
719-655-2635 or email to wmaez@
Letters of interest must be received
by Sept. 28 at p.m. By Teresa L. Benns
Saguache SAGUACHE–At a special
meeting Monday, Saguache County
County Planning Commissioners announced they
need more time to fine tune
Commission the marijuana regulations before
releasing them to the public and
members sought extended the marijuana moratorium
SAGUACHE COUNTY— until Aug. 21, when the final copy
The Saguache County Board of of the regulations will be officially
Commissioners are seeking a member released.
and alternates from: Commissioners also said they
• Town of Saguache surrounding wished to further review actual
area alternate changes to the code.
• La Garita/Center surrounding area Crestone resident Lisa Cyriacks
alternate argued the copy of the current revised
• Town of Center surrounding area regulations, which Commissioner
alternate Chair Jason Anderson said has
• Cotchepta/Sargents surrounding mainly typographical errors
area alternate commissioners would like to
• Moffat and surrounding area correct, should be released as is to
alternate the public. After arguing back and
• Hooper and surrounding area Photo by Teresa L. Benns forth with Cyriacks and consulting
alternate This earlier shot of Russell Lakes shows the water supply at the site prior to the drought. The lakes are still full, County Attorney Ben Gibbons,
Alternates at Large for All of but adjacent marshlands are dry this year and the well at the site has been fenced off, owing to water thefts. commissioners agreed to post the
Saguache County regulations to the county website
The representative must be a
property owner or property manager Drought, theft affecting Russell Lakes sometime before the Aug. 21
and reside in the area they are interested
in representing. Regular member terms
By Teresa L. Benns but reports of water thefts. And the wonderful natural spring
Posting of minutes for
commissioner meetings typically
SAGUACHE COUNTY— A The woman said last year the area water, still running but protected by a
are for three years and the alternate has lagged for as long as two months.
county resident out walking her was teeming with shallow ponds and wire cage, can no longer be accessed
terms are for a one year term. The last posting of minutes currently
dogs discovered last month that one random rivulets coursing through the by travelers just wanting a bottle or
Saguache County Planning is for July 3.
of the Valley’s true natural treasures, marsh’s thick grasses, but the marsh two to enjoy. A source close to law
Commission meets on the last Cyriacks went on to express her
Russell Lakes, has been adversely now seems to be all but dried up, with
Thursday of each month in the Road
impacted by not only the drought, only the two main lakes remaining. Please see LAKE on Page 12A
and Bridge meeting room. The Please see POT on Page 3A
planning commission may also have
work sessions through out each month
to work on the Saguache County
Master Plan and different items.
Alleged kidnapper now in Saguache County Jail
Those interested should send a brief By Teresa L. Benns the town of Panguitch, Utah on kidnapping and lewdness.
letter of interest stating qualifications SAGUACHE – Crestone resident June 25. According to a Channel 31 According to Facebook posts, the
and interest to: Saguache County David Freeman, 60, was extradited KDVR/Denver report, a campground boy did odd jobs for Freeman and
Land Use, P.O. Box 326, Saguache, from Utah Monday and booked into manager near the reservoir, Tom the boy’s father had requested that
CO 81149 prior to Friday, Aug. 31. the Saguache County Jail on charges Adams, called law enforcement after Freeman not have contact with his
Anyone with questions should call of second-degree kidnapping and a stranger showed up at his office in son prior to the alleged abduction.
Wendi Maez at 719-655-2321. enticement of a child. Freeman left a pick-up. The boy was later released into his
the state with a 12-year-old male The man said he had encountered father’s custody.
juvenile June 23, prompting an both Freeman and the juvenile According to a report from the
AMBER alert and nationwide search crouched in the dirt and dressed in Saguache County Sheriff’s Office,
for the boy. nothing but sneakers up a nearby the boy’s father, James Roe later
Freeman is scheduled to appear dirt road. Adams called the sheriff’s admitted to a Colorado Bureau of
in Saguache County District Court office and Garfield County Sheriff’s Investigation agent, interviewing
Aug. 15 for an advisement hearing. deputies arrested Freeman without him after his son’s disappearance,
The male juvenile was located incident, CBI reported. He was
with Freeman at a reservoir near charged with first-degree felony Please see JAIL on Page 2A David Freeman
Thursday, August 16, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 3A

Medical marijuana grow irregularities questioned
By Teresa L. Benns either. IV-A.4.4 – Enclosed Locked
SAGUACHE COUNTY– Many When contacted by a concerned Structure allows for a structure that:
local residents worried about the citizen regarding the grow, • Does not allow for the visibility
negative impact of both legal and County Administrator/Land Use of the interior from the outside
illegal marijuana grows on the Administrator Wendi Maez wrote • Is secured for safety
county’s tourism industry have Tuesday: “The location… is an • Is completely surrounded on all
complained to county officials about approved medical marijuana variance sides by a wall or fence
lax enforcement of marijuana laws location for a plant count of 75 plants.  Comments: Again, the greenhouse
but their concerns seem to have fallen “Tags have been delivered by the interior can be easily seen from
on deaf ears. code enforcement officer. I will direct U.S. 285. The greenhouse is not
As visitors approach Saguache near James Knight or Wayne Clark to go surrounded by a wall or fence.
mile marker 98, they are greeted by by and inspect the location again.  Courtesy Photo
what appears to be marijuana grow “Saguache County chose not to go IV-A.4.5 – No person may engage A drive past the site revealed a suspect site with a greenhouse full of tall
in full view, tall plants swaying in the with HB 17-1220, 12/24 plant count in Marijuana production in a manner plants on the southeast side of U.S. 285, heading east-bound.
breeze. This in addition to marijuana- as was our choice, therefore Saguache that adversely affects the health or
related eyesores previously featured County does allow, at this time, for safety of the nearby property owner property owners and interested parties meeting nor have any been approves,
in this publication, ranged along a variance for more than 24 medical including, but not limited to: by certified return receipt mail. approved with modification or denied
Highway 17 and in other locations. plants to be allowed on a parcel.” • Having visibility of plants from by the BoCC. This can be easily
Mention of the grow was made Citizen comments returned to the exterior of the structure(s) or any V I I I . 4 . 3 - T h e B o a r d o f verified by a review of the 2016, 2017
following a commissioners meeting Maez regarding the grow included other common visual observation, Commissioners will consider the and 2018 BoCC meeting minutes that
Monday. A drive past the site revealed the following observations: including any form of signage application in a regular meeting. The are available online.
a suspect site with a greenhouse full Article IV – Activities of Local Comments: Again, the greenhouse Board will approve, approve with
of tall plants on the southeast side of Interest – Marijuana Regulations interior can be easily seem from modifications, or deny the application Article XIV – Construction
U.S. 285, heading east-bound. The US-285 in a timely manner. Permit
site appears to be located along Ewing IV-A.4 – Medical Marijuana Comment: Historically, only the XIV.8.6.2 – Any Recreational
Road near Keller Road in Moffat. IV-A.4.4 – The growing, cultivation Article VIII – Variances from land use administrator has been Vehicle or Vehicle to be used as a
This grow site can be seen to and processing of medical marijuana Regulations approving extended marijuana permanent residence shall follow all
consist of an RV, small section of shall not be perceptible from the plant count variances. There has mobile home regulations.
fence, a shipping container, a black exterior of the primary residence or VIII.4 – Approval Procedure not been any recent variances (for Comment: Does the RV used
plastic storage tank (water?) and structure, including but not limited to: VIII.4.2 – The Land Use an extended plant count) in which as the residence on this property
the greenhouse. The Marijuana Common visual observation Administrator will schedule the the adjoining property owners were meet the county’s permitting
Enforcement Division database does Comment: The greenhouse and application for the appropriate Board notified. Further, no recent plant count requirements (sewerage, water,
not list this location. The state’s hemp the plants inside can be easily seen of Commissioners meeting agenda, variances were reviewed in a regular etc.)? Is the adjacent shipping
database has no listing for the grow from US-285. and, if necessary, notify adjoining Board of Commissioner’s (BoCC) container permitted?

Continued from Page 1A
displeasure that the county has not County Planning Commission SCPC member Bill McClure regulations are “different” for properties and setback distances
been transparent in its dealings (SCPC) members met to hash out dismissed those protesting pot marijuana cultivators because it were discussed and could possibly
with county residents regarding details of the changes going into the cultivation and sales as “teabaggers,” requires growers build a residence be adjusted. School bus stop issues
the changes to the marijuana code. Highlights of the meeting are maintaining they are not people on the property in order to grow. also were reviewed. The general
regulations. She further reminded included below. “who have been here a long time. Those attending seemed to favor atmosphere in the meeting was
commissioners the regulations SCPC member Ellen Cox They are the same ones [spreading] modification of the residence that the opposition to marijuana
affect everyone in the county. commented that she feels the the same misinformation.” rule, perhaps replacing it with cultivation has died down and the
Commissioners did tell J. LeBlanc public is becoming more educated “Just because they don’t come to a requirement that an office be growth rate of applications will
that they addressed the variances regarding marijuana sales and meetings doesn’t mean they are not built. naturally slow now that California
in the regulations, limiting the cultivation. Where people were opposed,” SCPC alternate Daniel Variances were urged for those and other states have legalized pot.
recreational plant count to 12 and adamant in the beginning, she Davis told McClure. with PTSD who are extracting A cap on marijuana applications
the plant count for medical card said, they now realize the county SCPC members Lyn Thompson marijuana juice and need a higher was suggested by Commissioner
holders to 24 as required by state is doing the best that it can and is and Jeff Shook complained that plant count to treat their condition. Tim Lovato but was not well
law. Commissioner J. Anderson not there to make life miserable the conditional land use permit Boundaries between neighboring received.
did add, however, that cardholders for them. Basically she declared
could obtain a variance from the progress has been made in the
county for the 24 plant limit if general attitude toward multiple
they presented it to commissioners grows in the county.
during a public meeting. Mark Swinney, an SCPC alternate,
said he was “shocked” at how
Regulations revisions different the atmosphere was at the
work session public hearing compared to what it
During a work session to discuss had been earlier this year, when large
the final revisions to the marijuana/ crowds packed the commissioners
land use code regulations last room and the Road and Bridge
T h u r s d a y, S a g u a c h e C o u n t y building to protest grows in their
Commissioners and Saguache neighborhoods.

Beautiful Family Home, Waiting for you!
• 61Birch St., South Fork
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range, trash compactor and microwave
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• Lots of Closets and Built-In Storage
• Well
• Electric Heat with Thermostat in Every
• Large Front Porch and 520 Sq. Ft. 2-Car Garage
Four Lots in Town! Price Reduced!
• 955 Columbia, Del Norte
• $159,500
• 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath Cozy Home
Built in 2010
• Energy Efficient Windows & Kitchen
• Wood Stove and Electric Heat
• Beautiful Views
• Included lot adjacent to the home
also has natural gas, water and sewer

Realty, llc
630 Grand Ave. • Del Norte
Karla Wiescamp
Page 12A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, August 16, 2018

CDOT Welcome back
Continued from Page 1A
Utility rates the paper anyway. McClure also told
In his manager’s report, Lujan Lujan that Center has always prided
told the town they would be holding itself on low utility rates, reminding
workshops on rate settings and him that there are no executives in
intergovernmental agreements. He the town receiving $100,000/year
advised the board they would need salaries.
to decide if the town should take
the plunge and decide water and Miscellaneous business
electric rates should go higher or •The town is preparing to select
gradually raise rates over a period new outdoor Christmas decorations
of time. He reminded the board the • The ditch smell is being studied by
current utility rates are much lower the Sanitation District, Idaho Pacific,
than other towns. Canon Potato and the irrigation
McClure took exception to Lujan’s district. They are hoping to drain the
comments, objecting that his words current ditch and run another ditch
would be published in the newspaper behind Idaho Pacific once the new
to unnecessarily alarm citizens that addition to the company is completed
they would soon be paying more for in November. Photo by Teresa L. Benns
utilities, when this has not yet been • The new veteran’s memorial work Assistant Principal Andrew Hawkins welcomed students back to
decided. Trustee Adeline Sanchez is currently being done in Monte Haskin Elementary for the new school year this week.
said no one believes what they read in Vista.

Photo by Teresa L. Benns
Center Schools counselor Katrina
Ruggles addresses Center Town
Board Tuesday.

Come see Nathan Montoya or Dennis Ozawa for ALL your vehicle needs
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2017 Hyundai Elantra 2018 Kia Forte
enforcement confirmed last week
the spring water most likely is being
diverted to marijuana grows.
Both The Denver Post and The
Pueblo Chieftain have reported water
theft concerns in the Valley regarding
marijuana grows since 2015. But local
officials seem at a loss to know how
to address the thefts, which often
cannot be proven because they happen
at remote locations or after nightfall.
Division of Water Resources
Engineer Craig Cotten spoke to the
15,995 $
Colorado Marijuana Enforcement
Division and also addressed the state
SK#G99764 SK#G66348
legislature about the problem in 2015.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
public information officer for the
southwest region, Joe Lewandowski,
said Monday the lack of usual water
pooling in the area can be attributed
to the drought this year. One state
2013 Nissan Juke AWD 2016 Jeep Renegade 4X4
official said this year’s drought is
worse than the previous drought
because there was even less snowfall
in the mountains last year and into the
spring than previously.
Lewandowski confirmed the water
thefts were happening, but said no one
has ever been caught, and he doesn’t
know who is responsible for stealing
the water. He blamed the drought
primarily for the aridity at the site,
which is under the jurisdiction of the
Bureau of Reclamation.
16,500 SK#G61178B
18,995 SK#G32011

Russell Lakes background
The most extensive bulrush marsh
in Colorado, Russell Lakes represents
one of the few remaining large,
2011 Ford F-150 4X4 2015 Chevy 1500
high-altitude, alkaline marshes in the
southern Rocky Mountains. This site
is an outstanding resting and breeding
place for waterfowl.
According to Colorado Parks and
Wildlife and other online reports,
the 5,433-acre property is one of the Low
few remaining large, high-altitude,
alkaline marshes in the southern
Rocky Mountains. The marsh,
19,995 28,995
consisting in a vast maze of spring-
fed shallow lakes, wetlands, dikes $ $
and canals supports large numbers SK#G75886 SK#G79547
of flora and fauna. Created in 1992
by the Colorado Division of Wildlife
with the goal of restoring habitat for
nesting waterfowl, it is believed to
be the most extensive bulrush marsh
in Colorado.
The lakes are located just off Hwy
285 about halfway to Saguache from
Monte Vista and are bordered by
a large grove of cottonwood trees.
The area is a popular birdwatching
destination and duck-hunting location.
Volume 117, Number 34 Thursday August 23, 2018 75¢

Shorts Center police chief wants to engage community
By Teresa L. Benns residents to become involved in the
Cancer patients CENTER— Newly appointed
Center Police Chief Tristan Van
“We need to create a partnership
needed for Zalinge hopes to bring the community with everyone in the community to

local research together to help police with tips on
crime investigations and form a
help address crime, especially violent
crime,” Van Zalinge emphasized. “If
SAN LUIS VALLEY— San citizens’ group to provide input from you see something, say something.”
Luis Valley Health and Adams State the community. He wants the community to know he
University are seeking cancer patients Van Zalinge plans to conduct field intends to serve in a fair, impartial,
(survivors and currently diagnosed) to interviews to move drug and burglary consistent and transparent way. “We
participate in the study of impact of investigations forward and create a have a diverse community to look
exercise. Please attend an informative Citizens’ Advisory Board to better out for and I will strive to serve with
session on Thursday, Aug. 23 at 5:30 guide and inform law enforcement honesty and integrity,” he promised.
p.m. at the SLVH Education and in Center. Van Zalinge said that since he has
Conference Center at 1921 Main “We want to attract a variety of become chief, there are still some
Street, Alamosa. Call Danielle Smith people [for the board] with different
at 719-480-1355 to RSVP. ideas, so we know what is going on,” Please see CHIEF on Page 2A
Van Zalinge said. He also hopes to
recruit Center residents to attend
Meet the sheriff Crimestoppers meetings in Monte Center Police Chief
CRESTONE— Local residents are Vista and encourages all Valley Tristan Van Zalinge
invited to a barbecue and meet and
greet for Saguache County Sheriff
Dan Warwick at the Baca Grande Golf
Course from 12 to 4 p.m. Saturday,Aug. Talent Ruggles
25. Sheriff Warwick will be available
to answer any questions or addressing
displayed at racking up
any concerns residents may have.

Valley Fiber Arts Saguache grant funds
meets Aug. 25 Part one of two
Art Festival By Teresa L. Benns
CENTER—After counseling Center
Fiber Arts group will meet Saturday,
Aug. 25 starting at 1 p.m. at Wanda students for years, school counselor
Couzen-Smith’s home, 757 County Katrina Ruggles saw a desperate need
Road 29. Bring a project, bring a for more counselors, better programs and
friend, bring questions and answers greater attention to mental, physical and
and come and enjoy. Joy is bringing emotional health for all those attending
the information of new knowledge Center Schools.
this month. Those needing directions Her master’s degree in counseling was
can call or text Wanda at 719-852- not enough to help students successfully
5000 or 719-580-4976 overcome all the obstacles they were
dealing with – they needed additional
Blood drive tools. So Ruggles set out to find a way
to procure funding to afford programs
Saturday in S.F. for teen pregnancy prevention, sexual
violence in relationships, drug abuse,
SOUTH FORK— Save the date family violence, academic success, life
for the Valley-wide blood drive taking Photos by Teresa L. Benns skills, career preparation, emotional and
place in South Fork, Saturday, Aug. 25 Above: Cloisonne art featured at Retro physical health and many other pressing
from 11:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the South Rugs issues that were keeping Center students
Fork Community Building. The drive from realizing their full potential.
is open to everyone in the surrounding At left: An artist demonstrates lights The first grant she applied for didn’t
area from Alamosa to Creede. Please in a bottle materialize, but she kept applying.
take a few minutes out of your busy Eventually the money started coming
Saturday schedule to come and See more photos on Page 7A. in — first a trickle and later in a
donate. So many lives depend on steady surge. From 2010 the money
it! Sign up now at www.bloodhero. piled up, until eventually Ruggles

Amended Land Use Code approved
com, sponsor code: southfork or was acknowledged for bringing in an
contact Karen Miller at 719-873-5466 amazing $3.5 million dollars in grant
or  funds to the school, over $1 million in

Spud Run/Wllk Marijuana He also repeated a request for a cap plant count limits of 12 per residence grants just in the past year.
on marijuana grows. for personal medical and caregiver
Please see GRANTS on Page 5A
headed to Monte moratorium lifted Copies of the draft regulations grows and 24 with a variance from
posted last week to the county website the county. To grow additional plants,
MONTE VISTA— The Spud Run/ were not annotated to indicate where county commissioners must review
Walk in Monte Vista on Sept. 8, as part By Teresa L. Benns changes were inserted. The Land reasons for the need to exceed that
of the annual potato festival, is raising SAGUACHE­­— In a two-to- Use Code runs to 47 pages with 15 amount and can grant the variance.
funds for a great cause. All of the one vote Tuesday, Saguache pages of definitions and the changed While the requirement to bring
proceeds will directly benefit juvenile County commissioners approved version of the code would need to a variance before commissioners
diabetic patients in the San Luis Valley amendments to the county’s Land be compared line by line with the for approval before exceeding
who have the need to travel outside Use Code/marijuana regulations but previous version to determine what the 24-limit was enforced in the
of the Valley for support. To register, the exact changes to the code were not changes were made. Even those amendments, commissioners have
please go to discussed, highlighted or summarized involved in the amendment process always been required by the code to
potatofestival. The run/walk will begin for consideration. were not sure what changes were review variances and approve them
at 8:30 a.m., and the first 80 participants Commissioner Tim Lovato voted approved by commissioners. in a pubic venue.
will receive a free t-shirt. The cost is against approving the amended code, Most agree the primary changes Commissioner Jason Anderson
$20 per person or $25 on the day of the telling his fellow commissioners that include the requirement of a $100,000 announced he has spoken to Sheriff
event. For more information, contact 90 percent of his constituents were closure bond to rehabilitate property
Jessica at 852-3322. not satisfied with the amendments. once a cultivation business is closed; Please see BOCC on Page 11A Katrina Ruggles
Thursday, August 23, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 11A

Continued from Page 9A
from 23.4 points to almost 29 the math test, males outperformed took the SAT in 2018. $180 million every year in scholarship the median (or score in the middle)
percentage points in students who females in grades three through Nevertheless, parents and funds. Students also have the option at student growth percentile. As a point
met or exceeded standards in CMAS seven with gaps ranging from 0.6 community members should continue the time of testing to send their scores of reference, the state median growth
math and English language arts tests. percentage points (seventh grade) to to consider participation rates at to up to four colleges or universities percentile for any grade overall is
Those gaps have remained relatively 4 percentage points (fourth grade). schools and districts when reviewing for free. about 50.
unchanged since 2015. However, females outperformed test scores. In general, participation Growth results Summary growth results for schools
Special Education: Gaps across the males on the eighth grade math test rates on CMAS tests tend to be higher Thursday’s release also includes and districts, including the growth of
elementary and middle school CMAS (3.4 percentage points) as well as on in the lower grades. But there can be academic growth summary data disaggregated groups of students, can
assessments between students with Algebra I (0.2 percentage points) and significant differences across schools from the 2018 CMAS assessments in be found on The Colorado Growth
and without disabilities ranged from Geometry (6.8 percentage points). and communities. English language arts and math, which Model in SchoolView.
about 28 points to 43.8 percentage Participation improves: Participation provides information on student Data files with results for all
points. in the 2018 assessments improved for More continuity in PSAT progress from year-to-year. Looking districts and schools in the state
Poverty: For students who qualify grades three through 10. The biggest and SAT, test resources at growth results in conjunction with are available on the Growth Model
for free and reduced lunch benefits – an improvement in the CMAS tests was Colorado high school students the achievement results provides an Summary Data webpage.
indication of poverty – two-digit gaps in eighth-grade English language taking assessments this year had expanded understanding of a school or What’s next?
persisted compared with students who arts, where participation improved more continuity between the high district’s performance. The Colorado Preliminary performance
don’t receive the benefits. The most by 3.5 percentage points to 88.7 school exams, with ninth- and 10th- Department of Education is pleased frameworks for schools and districts
pronounced difference is a 33.6 point percent participation. Eighth grade graders taking the PSAT and 11th- to be able to release the CMAS are expected to be released within the
gap on the fifth-grade science test. math participation also improved graders taking the SAT. Students growth results at the same time as the next few weeks.
Gender: Consistent with previous by 3.3 points to 89 percent. While also had access to free resources achievement results so this broader
years, females continued to participation on the 11th-grade CMAS through the Khan Academy, including understanding of performance is Parent resources
outperform males in English language science test was slightly higher than a personalized SAT study plan, available. CDE has created several resources
arts tests with the gap increasing in 2017, the test had the lowest interactive questions, guided essay A student’s growth percentile to help parents understand their
from third grade to eighth grade. An participation rate with only 61.4 practice, a mobile app for daily (ranging from 1 to 99) indicates how students’scores and also has translated
8-point difference existed between students participating. practice and the ability to scan and that student’s performance changed some of the material into Spanish.
boys and girls on the third grade In 2018, ninth-graders took score practice tests. All of these are over time relative to students with Resources include:
English language arts test with 44.4 the PSAT for the first time with optional resources that students can similar score histories on state Understanding score reports for
percent of girls meeting or exceeding 93.8 percent participation. This is voluntarily choose to access. assessments. For example, a student CMAS tests
expectations compared to 36.5 compared to the 76 percent of ninth- In addition, students who took the in the 75 percentile means he or she CMAS sample score reports (also
percent of boys. By the eighth grade graders who took the CMAS ELA SAT had the opportunity to participate grew as well or better than 75 percent available in Spanish)
that difference climbed to a 20-point test in 2017. A total of 92.7 percent in College Board’s free Student of his or her peers. Frequently asked questions
gap with 54.2 percent of girls meeting of 10th-graders took the PSAT, Search Service, which provides School and district growth rates are To access the materials for parents
or exceeding expectations compared compared to 91.9 percent in 2017. students with access to more than determined by the growth percentiles and families, visit CDE’s Resources
to 34 percent of boys. Conversely, in More than 90 percent of 11th-graders 1,700 colleges and universities and from individual students, specifically for Parents webpage.

Continued from Page 1A Continued from Page 10A
Dan Warwick, and Warwick says he programs and operations once in and policy recommendations. against league rival Alamosa on Aug. leading the team in kills and blocks.
cannot find any illegal grows in the place. The administrator works 23 at 6:30 p.m. Former freshman Avery Palmgren
county. Others have complained that closely with elected county officials, Supervisory responsibilities The Thunderbirds also took part proved invaluable her first year
the tip line set up to report illegal representatives of other local • Supervises the personnel in in a regional tri last year collecting leading the team in total blocks and
growing activity goes to a cell phone governments, state and federal administration, maintenance, two wins to advance to the state finishing second on the team in kills.
which is then routed through dispatch representatives, the media and housing, and personnel. Supervises, triangulars. It was at La Veta’s Also entering their sophomore year
at the sheriff’s office. Some citizens the public. Because significant including any departments on an State Tri where the T-Birds ran out Jordyn Cantu and Renae Sinclair
maintain the complaints left with involvement in the operation of county interim basis if so directed by the of juice. led the team in digs and assists
dispatch are not relayed to the sheriff departments. The administrator board of county commissioners Sangre de Cristo should see the respectively.With so much talented
to investigate. also functions as the county weed • Acts as a resource for department return of all of last year’s starters youth Sangre de Cristo’s production
Some residents have voiced coordinator, the county economic heads and elected officials in their and will look to pick up right where seems to be cemented for the years
the belief that illegal growers are development manager, and the county supervising of personnel per state they left off. Expect to see the T-Birds to come.
tipped off and pack up before law risk manager. statutes and county policies. climb the rankings before the season Sangre will open things up on the
enforcement can even begin an Essential duties and is through. In her junior year Jessica volleyball court on the road against the
investigation. responsibilities include the Qualifications Slane was a force for the T-birds in ’17 Sargent Farmers on Aug. 24 at 5 p.m.
Commissioners point to a following. Other duties may be To perform this job successfully,

Public Notices
downturn in marijuana prices when assigned. an individual must be able to
lifting the moratorium Tuesday • This position is responsible perform each essential duty
and did not believe they would for the general administration of satisfactorily. The requirements
be flooded with applications. the following county departments: listed below are representative
But others believe applicants are finance, human resources, building of the knowledge, skill, and/or
standing in line. & grounds maintenance and housing. ability required. Reasonable
County Attorney Ben Gibbons, • Oversees the office of county accommodations may be made
Land Use Administrator Wendi commissioners to enable individuals with
Maez and commissioners discussed • Timely preparation of agendas, disabilities to perform the essential
a fee structure for criminal violations adequate follow-up on agenda action functions.
(misdemeanors) for those cited for taken and collecting department • Fiscally responsible
exceeding the plant count. The fines reports prior to commissioner’s • Articulate - effective in written
for the various violations will be meetings and verbal presentations.
set over the next few weeks. At the • Attends to routine details • Strong leadership, having the
judge’s discretion, depending on how • Provides a status report to ability to generate enthusiasm.
many plants are being grown illegally, commissioners at board of county • Presence of mind under all
offenders could spend 90 days in jail. commissioner meetings. situations.
• Notifies commissioners of • Tact - ability to mediate.
County administrator critical issues or problems and keeps • Flexible - ability to respond to
The finalists for county administrator commissioners current on their status changing situations.
have been narrowed down to two • Investigates and responds to • Knowledge of public
candidates, Glen Simpson and David any complaints of discrimination administration, especially the areas
Bitler, who were interviewed for the or sexual harassment; handles of budgeting, personnel, purchasing
position during an executive session grievances according to the personnel procedures, office management, and
held at a special meeting Wednesday. policy. data processing.
The county is using the following • Establishes and/or maintains • Principles of Colorado law as
criteria to determine the role a county effective working relationships applicable to Colorado Counties.
administrator will play. with departments not under the • Proven performance in
An employee in this position is a d m i n i s t r a t o r ’s i m m e d i a t e management skills, finance and
appointed and supervised by the supervision. The following are some budget,
three-member board of county of these departments: county attorney, • Build and maintain public
commissioners. The administrator county assessor, county treasurer, relations including public hearings.
supervises the day-to-day operations director of social services, director • Experience in data processing is
of the county government. The of nursing services, land use, landfill, highly desirable.
administrator is responsible for library, road and bridge department
financial records to include transfers and sheriff’s department. Education and/or experience
and supplemental appropriations • Areas of expertise in which Requires three years of increasingly
required to maintain the county the board expects the county responsible management experience in
fiscal compliance with any State and administrator to focus on are as the public or private sector, preferably
federal laws, planning, developing, follows: budget, financial controls at the administrator or assistant
and recommending policies and and reporting, economic trend administrator level. Equivalent
programs for consideration by the analysis and capital needs experience will be considered.
county commissioners, as well as planning, progressive and effective Knowledge of governmental
implementing, monitoring, and personnel system, public relations accounting and financial reporting
evaluating all county policies, program and grant needs, benefits is desirable.
Thursday, September 13, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 3A

Summary of Saguache Land Measure to fully
Use code changes issued fund Saguache law
By Teresa L. Benns
Copies of the draft regulations
posted to the county website were not
suggested that requiring a residence
on site would make the owners
enforcement on ballot
following summary of Land Use Code annotated to indicate where changes more likely to become part of the SAGUACHE — At their regular seconded the motion.
changes which resulted in the lifting of were inserted. The Land Use Code community. meeting Sept. 4, Saguache County The BoCC then referred the
the marijuana moratorium last month runs to 47 pages with 15 pages of • Grows need only be 1,000 feet Commissioners voted to amend a amendment to the ballot measure
was submitted by a source close definitions and the changed version of from school bus stops, churches resolution, No. 2018-5 enacted June — designed to change only the
to the Saguache County Planning the code would need to be compared and cemeteries. A distance of 2,500 18, for the proposal to create a one ballot title, and not the content of the
Commission last week. line by line with the previous version feet was suggested by some SCPC and one-half percent (1.5 percent) ballot measure itself, to the clerk and
The public was allowed to attend to determine what changes were members. county-wide sales tax increase. recorder for presentation at the Nov.
the work session where changes to made. Even those involved in the • As reported earlier, variances for According to the wording of the 6, 2018 election. The change in the
the code were discussed but could not amendment process were not sure medical plant counts over 24 will be resolution, the tax would be used for title reads: creation of a specific one
comment on the changes. Changes what changes were approved by granted. The requirement to bring the direct funding of urgent public and one-half percent (1.5 percent)
were made following the work session commissioners until now. a variance before commissioners safety needs regarding Saguache countywide sales tax increase.
but were not available to the public The following changes were made for approval before exceeding the County’s statutory obligations to Except as specifically amended,
for comment prior to submission to to the code: 24-plant limit was already enforced in provide adequate law enforcement the remaining provisions of
commissioners for approval. Public • The SCPC did not adopt the amendments and commissioners operations for the county of Saguache. Resolution No: 2018-5, as recorded
comment was allowed to continue residence requirements for those have always been required by the code Commissioner Ken Anderson on June 20, 2018 and re-recorded on
into August following the public setting up marijuana cultivations on motioned to make the amendment Aug. 8, 2018, remain in full force
hearing July 19. rural acreage. Some members had Please see LAND on Page 5A and Commissioner Tim Lovato and effect.

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Courtesy Photo
Valley to Valley’s proposed design for its new center outside Saguache
Valley to Valley also serves Nathrop. on-site sewage disposal system accessible and user-friendly to all
Seniors receive personal attention at sized for the contemplated facility varieties of handicaps throughout,
the center and can enjoy socialization, or an extension of town’s wastewater keeping in mind that either customers
fun activities, two meals a day, outings system out to the site, electrical power, or caregiver employees may be
and all necessary nursing supervision telecommunications and natural gas handicapped in any number of Photo by Teresa Benns
throughout the day. utilities, all constructed in accordance different ways.   Eve Braden proudly shows the level of funds reached to build the new
The planned respite and day with applicable specifications  and Ceilings in lounge area and Valley to Valley Senior Center in Saguache.
care center in northern Saguache regulations. general-purpose areas will be high by caregiver personnel.  Lighting will The best way to donate to the
County will offer greater ease of On-site improvements will include to keep the feeling open and airy and be variable to stimulate any variety facility is by mail, Braden said.
transportation and improved service grading of the site, extension of to encourage peace of mind, quiet of circumstances for lounging and Donations can be sent to Valley to
to seniors and their families, Braden utilities to the building itself, enjoyment and ease of observation relaxation purposes.   Valley, P.O. Box 769, Salida CO 8120.
said. excavation for building construction,
At the Art Walk in Saguache last decorative fencing as desired, seeding
month, Braden announced that over and landscaping (only if adequate
$800,000 has been raised for the water resources can be obtained)
center. She invites county residents driveway and parking surfacing as
to visit her booth at the Fall Festival needed and signage.
Saturday, see the floor plan and sign up The basic needs for this 4,000
for assisted living and/or respite care. square-foot respite and assisted
“There is work being done on ‘Go living facility will include space to
Fund Me’ and we also have a letter of accommodate the following:​
excellence from the Better Business • Entry vestibule (weather seal)
Bureau,” Braden said. “I see the • Customer lobby/waiting room
hand of God moving in sooooo many • Handicapped accessible toilet &
directions it is thrilling. Stay tuned bath facilities
for more updates.” • Four assisted living (AL) rooms
Braden and her fellow colleague w/twin bed
Debbie recently renewed their • Three two-person respite
certifications with the state as bedrooms w/2 twin bed each
dementia specialists. All personnel • Two patient toilet/bath rooms
at the new center will have direct • Food storage area
training in Alzheimer’s and dementia, • Mechanical and storage for
teamwork and other necessary maintenance, grounds keeping and
training. gardening tools, supplies, etc.  
• Laundry
Site development    • Staff break and rest space
According to content posted on the • Library to accommodate both
Valley to Valley website, the 10-acre selection and reading activity
parcel of land donated to ‹V2V› on • Dining room:  to comfortably
Highway 285 is located on flat ground accommodate up to 12 diners, plus
with direct highway access.    serve staff break needs and random
The community has expressed an access to beverages and snacks.  
urgent need for the facility resulting • Commercial kitchen: Food
in a willingness to encourage the preparation and serving facilities to
project in every practical way at their suit dining and serving capabilities
disposal; including proposed waiver • Lounge area: will need to
of development fees, accelerated accommodate leisure activity such
entitlement and permitting, teaming as reading, tv watching, conversation,
on utilities acquisition and extensions, games activity all with access to
etc.    outdoor patios.  Needs easy access
It is believed that from an entitlement to handicapped accessible toilet
and permitting standpoint construction facilities
at the site could proceed within a • Crafts and exercise room w/
very few months. The property will outdoor access
need to be served by a “commercial- • Administrative office
exempt” water well, an individual All facilities will be ultra-
Thursday, September 13, 2018 Center Post-Dispatch Page 5A

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Photo by Teresa Benns
A Colorado Bureau of Investigation crime scene truck was on location Friday at the Lumber Mart in
Saguache following a fatal shooting at the business early Friday morning.
more round at him. federal task force from Safe Streets. escaped from anywhere but the west
Heimberg also said he climbed According to Heimberg’s account, side of the roof, where Heimberg
on a trailer to position himself and the shots were fired while Wharton said he was positioned. Two bullet
get a better view of the individual. was facing Heimberg. Pre-autopsy casings were found at the scene.
McCloskey said Heimberg did not reports show Wharton was wounded CBI said Heimberg had a clear and
move away from Wharton. Once twice, once in the wrist and a second unobstructed view of Wharton from
Wharton came over the pitch of the time by another round which entered the trailer where he had positioned
roof, Heimberg said he fired at him through the victim’s back. CBI himself to shoot.
and saw the victim fall. He then reported that a large quantity of McCloskey said because it was
called the Saguache Sheriff’s Office blood drops and smear marks were apparent from the investigation that
to request an ambulance be sent to located on the east side of the roof, the Heimberg “continually advanced
Photo by Ruthanne Johnson the business. opposite side from where Heimberg toward the male party,” this provided
Chef Christopher Moore and his son David loved getting their hands Wharton was pronounced dead said he was firing. probable cause for the arrest.
dirty as they dug up fresh potatoes from CSU’s research farm. at the scene, positioned about three According to the warrantless report Heimberg was charged with second-
to five feet away from the edge detailing CBI’s findings, the east degree murder and posted a $250,000

Potatoes, extreme sports of the roof. Colorado Bureau of side of the roof is surrounded by a surety bond.
Investigation (CBI) was called in to barbed wire fence, making it difficult His first court appearance in
investigate, along with a multi-agency or impossible for Wharton to have Saguache is Sept. 12 at 2 p.m.

entertain festival-goers LAND
By Ruthanne Johnson from the extreme motorsports Continued from Page 3A
MONTE VISTA—This year’s company Octane Addictions
to review variances and approve them • Any businesses, not just marijuana six of some 30 or more cultivations
Annual San Luis Valley Potato performed a mixed bag of flips, jumps
in a public venue. Commissioner Tim operations, must be bonded before approved by the county are actually
Festival likely broke all attendance and other motorcycle tricks for the
Lovato was opposed to allowing any applying to the county for a conditional producing and paying excise taxes.
records, easily reaching around 1,000 community at Ski Hi Complex. “The
variances. use permit. Permits for grows which have not
festivalgoers. And from the festivities performance lasted about 1-1/2 hours,
• Growers will have to post a Land Use administrator Wendi begun construction within one year
at Chapman Park to the potato harvest and we were extremely happy with
$100,000 closure bond to cover the Maez said she does not expect any automatically expire.
tours and extreme motorsports event, the attendance,” said CPAC assistant
costs of rehabilitating their property more applications to be submitted Marijuana prices have dropped
everyone had a blast. director Linda Weyers.
when/if a cultivation business is to the county for approval until considerably, and taxes collected have
Saturday’s tater fest offered an While vendors and other festival
closed. December. According to Maez, only also declined, Maez and others noted.
early morning spud run and lots of participants were finessing the last
goodies to buy from local arts and setup details for the day, a merry band
craft vendors, such as crocheted of potato enthusiasts was whisked
hats and scarves for the upcoming away by bus for a harvest tour that
winter season handcrafted by Del first took them to the Colorado State
Norte artist Judy Waller. There were University SLV Research Center just
foods such as baked potatoes served up the road in Center. Tourists on the
up by the Monte Vista High School tour bus hailed from Oregon, Texas,
basketball team and perogies fried Kansas, Washington, Illinois and even
up by Chef Carrie Baird of “Top as far as Canada.
Chef” fame as part of a scheduled A group of about 10 talented chefs
cooking demonstration under the from the Colorado Chapter of the
big tent. And there were entertaining American Culinary Federation also
things like human hamster balls and attended the tour. Chef Christopher
bungee trampolines for the kiddos as Moore, who whips up fabulous
well as games like the cornhole toss creations for the Colorado Museum
for adults. of Nature and Science, drove all the
The Colorado PotatoAdministrative way from Denver with his wife and
Committee (CPAC) organized and son, David, as did Chef Scott Smith,
hosted the festival.
Later in the evening, elite athletes Please see POTATO on Page 6A

Volume 117, Number 42 Thursday October 18, 2018 75¢

Shorts Marijuana applicant facing felony charges
By Teresa L. Benns
Land use office a public record to a public official,
SAGUACHE COUNTY— A Felony 5; two charges of offering
relocating marijuana cultivation applicant
initially approved by Saguache
a false instrument for recording,
Felony 5, and two misdemeanor one
SAGUACHE— The Saguache County officials to grow retail charges for perjury two. 
County Land Use office will be marijuana is facing several felony Following an advisement hearing
closed on Thursday, Oct. 18 and charges in Jefferson County filed last last week, a disposition hearing was
Friday, Oct. 19, due to relocating the month by the Marijuana Enforcement set for Nov. 15, 9 a.m. on Felony
office. Normal hours will resume on Division (MED). 4, Felony 5 and Felony 6 charges.
Monday, Oct. 22. The new location Michael Edwin Barkl, 36, who Records of the proceedings did
for the land use office will be at 505 purchased property adjacent to not indicate whether any charges
3rd street, Saguache, starting Monday, land owned by Shiloh Jackman and were reduced and did not list the
Oct. 22. Mischa Vining-Doyle in northern misdemeanor charges or the subject
Saguache County, already had begun matter of the F6 charges.
Peace Education constructing his grow operation
without prior approval of the county. Citizens warned the county
Program set in DN A hold was placed on the cultivation Jackman and Vining-Doyle
DEL NORTE— This free by the Saguache County Planning believe the decision on Barkl’s
PEP program will be presented at Commission (SCPC) in May after application had been tabled by county
Wildwood Sounds, 850 Grande irregularities were brought to the commissioners in December 2017.
attention of the SCPC. Minutes from the December meeting Photo by Teresa L. Benns
Avenue in Del Norte. It is a media-
based 10 workshop series based According to Jefferson County show the decision was “postponed.” Mischa Vining-Doyle and Shiloh Jackman address the Saguache County
on excerpts from Prem Rawat’s Court records, Barkl’s charges, When Vining-Doyle and Jackman Planning Commission about problems with a grow application approved
international talks. This is a theme- committed in 2017, initially included brought the problem to the planning for Michael Barkl earlier this year. Barkl has been charged with several
based program which is non-religious attempt to influence a public servant, felonies related to their complaints. Lisa Cyriacks is pictured in the
and non-sectarian. The themes for each Felony 4; two charges of forgery of Please see CHARGES on Page 10A foreground.

Sex offender
workshop are peace, appreciation,
inner strength, self-awareness, clarity,
understanding, dignity, choice, hope
and contentment. Prem Rawat’s
message has reached approximately
Ute Theatre rising from the ashes... sentenced
to 10 years
five percent of the world’s population
introducing people to the resources
within themselves, one person at a
time. This will begin on Tuesday, Oct.
23 from 7-8:30 p.m. All are welcome.
By Teresa L. Benns
SAGUACHE— According to
‘Rusty Z’ headed a press release from the Saguache
County Sheriff’s Office, District Court
back to Creede Judge Barbara Zollars sentenced
Daniel Campbell, 47, to 10 years in
CREEDE— Appearing for the the department of corrections for a
second time, Hypnotic Comic “Rusty child sexual assault he was arrested
Z” will be at the Creede Community for in August 2017.
Center on Oct. 27. If you missed Campbell pled guilty to assault
him the first time, you don’t want to with a deadly weapon causing injury,
miss it again. Come one, come all a Felony 4 offense and reckless/
for an evening of fun and laughter! knowing child abuse with injury, a
Tickets are $15 per person. Call 719- Misdemeanor 1 offense. He will be
658-0811 for reservations or email: required to register as a sex offender as a condition of a plea agreement
Cash bar will open at 6:30 p.m., and made with the court.
show starts at 7 p.m. The crime occurred in Lazy
KV Estates. At the time of his
arrest, Campbell was charged with
How's the menacing, domestic violence, child
abuse and sexual assault on a child.

Weather? Undersheriff James McCloskey was
assigned as the investigator for the
case. His bail was set at $50,000.
Campbell posted bond for his
Thursday: Partly sunny, with a offense Aug. 7, 2017. While out on
high near 57. Calm wind becoming bond he was arrested for a DUI in
south southeast around 5 mph in the File Photo
Alamosa in January of 2018. At that
afternoon. time his bond was forfeited by the
The Ute Theatre, not open on a regular basis for more than two years, was recently purchased by Crestone
person who posted it.
resident Heidi Wong who hopes to have the theatre operational again by May of next year.
Thursday night: Mostly cloudy, Campbell remained in custody until
with a low around 26. South southwest
wind around 5 mph becoming calm
Saguache theatre community once again.
Heidi Wong purchased the
Memorial Day. Wong accepted
her invitation and while walking
Aug. 19 of this year when he posted
bond again. He was set for sentencing in
in the evening. to reopen next year theatre earlier this year from
former owner Christine Gydeson,
down 4th Street decided to peek
into the theatre.
August of this year but did not complete
his presentencing requirements. The
Friday: Sunny, with a high near 59. who had operated it off and on Gydeson and Virginia Drake, hearing was reset for Oct. 5.
Calm wind becoming north northeast By Teresa L. Benns since May of 2009. Wong says founder of the San Luis Valley On the day of sentencing, the
around 5 mph in the afternoon. SAGUACHE — The historic she has been visiting Saguache for Theatre Company, just happened juvenile victim was present with
Ute Theatre in Saguache, once a decade and is very fond of the to be inside. They offered her a her family, who had come from out
Friday night: Mostly clear, with slated for demolition, has been town and appreciates its historical “flashlight tour” and the possibility of state to read the victim impact
a low around 25. East northeast purchased by a Crestone resident significance. of the project “just seized me,” statement to the court in the presence
wind around 5 mph becoming west who hopes to bring back theatrical Saguache Treasurer Mary Wong said. She secured a loan and of the defendant.
northwest after midnight. performances to the theatre and Morfitt invited Wong to attend Campbell was given credit for
make it a true working part of the the museum’s grand opening on Please see UTE on Page 9A Please see SENTENCE on Page 9A
Please see WEATHER on Page 12A
Page 10A Center Post-Dispatch Thursday, October 18, 2018

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commission (PC) in January, they be going in across from their Purchasing this property is the
Nominate a special nurse
were told by PC members that property] in a timely fashion at all. manifestation of years of careful S A N L U I S VA L L E Y — who are working or retired from
although the commission approved The planning commission denied planning and deciding a precise Nominate a special nurse for the nursing and who have contributed
the application, they could still us our right to speak. Land use, location to settle to achieve our 2019 SLV Nightingale Award. to the San Luis Valley through
appeal to commissioners. the county commissioners and goals and actualize our dream. Think about a nurse who has leadership, education, clinical care
Public comment was limited by the planning commission are not Our progress thus far consists of touched you or your family in a of patients or through community
commission members at the meeting. properly researching these grows.” a physical address, driveway, a compassionate, caring way. Nurses involvement. Registered Nurses
Even though Vining-Doyle Others at the meeting pointed new water well and we have had a make an incredible difference in may also be eligible for the state
objected that there were many out the many irregularities in many soil engineer evaluate our building people’s lives every day. wide Nightingale nomination
irregularities in Barkl’s application applications, including the fact that site and design a septic treatment The Colorado Nurses’ process, sponsored by the
and asked that the PC decision be Barkl even described his operation system.” Association, District 6, is Colorado Nurses Foundation on
reopened, PC member Bill McClure as a non-profit. After writing the letter in January, soliciting nominations for the May 10, 2019 in Denver.
told her it would be contrary to In late May, the planning they sent an official complaint to the annual SLV Nightingale Award. Nomination is completed online
parliamentary procedure and the commission voted to table the Marijuana Enforcement Division The event will be held at Adams at https://nightingaleluminary.
case was closed. “How could this grow until an onsite visit to Barkl’s (MED) detailing the irregularities State University on Friday,
application take place when [the proposed facility could be conducted. in Barkl’s application based on Feb. 22, 2019. Nominations For more information, call
growers] were so negligent?” In July, Acting County Administrator documentation obtained by a private are encouraged by community Charlotte Ledonne, SLV AHEC,
Vining–Doyle asked the commission. and Land Use Administrator Wendi party. Those irregularities included: members and other health care (719) 589-4977. Nominations
She was simply told again to take it Maez confirmed that Barkl’s • Barkl’s THC Inc. is registered professionals. This event will must be entered online by Friday,
up with commissioners at the Feb. application was removed because as a non-profit. Under the Colorado recognize exceptional nurses Dec. 21.
20 meeting. he was under investigation by MED. Revised Nonprofit Act, control of
The planning commission the nonprofit corporation is under
explained that when grow applications MED notified a board of directors. None of these
are brought to them they have no
choice but to approve them if they
seem in line with county regulations.
In a letter sent to the county in
January, Jackman/Vining-Doyle
provided a detailed list of the very
directors were listed on Barkl’s
business registration.
• A Facebook page appearing to Saluting Women
in Business
McClure said the commission was violations Barkl was charged with be Barkl’s initially showed he was
simply “following the rules.” All the in September. County residents residing in Hong Kong, but now lists
applications are forwarded to the attending commissioner and planning his place of residence as Colorado.
commissioners for review anyway, commission meetings expressed the Colorado Secretary of State rules
Lynne Thompson said. same concerns. The couple explained require both the authority to transact
Land Use Administrator Wendi their plight as follows: business in Colorado and a usual
Maez explained that objections made “We came to this area seeking place of business in Colorado in order
by citizens are used only to modify comfort, quiet, beautiful mountain to be appointed as a registered agent.
the plans presented in applications to views, fresh clean air and affordable • Barkl was using a travelling
accommodate neighbors. There is no land to build a small sustainable UPS mailbox on his conditional use
real way an adjoining property owner home and hobby farm. We are application and previously was flying
can stop a grow if it is presented to planning our family carefully and in and out of Saguache for planning
the commission in accordance with envision raising our children in a safe commission meetings.
county (and state) regulations. and healthy environment. When we • In his initial correspondence with
When Vining-Doyle and Jackman purchased the lot at 26644 Hammond Mischa and Shiloh to address their
attended the public meeting held Ave., we imagined our kids riding concerns about the proposed grow,
to consider a possible marijuana their bicycles in a safe, low traffic Barkl included a signature using his
moratorium in January, they told residential/agricultural area. South Dakota fireworks company
commissioners they were not “We have already invested a and an South Dakota area code.
allowed to comment at any length great deal of finances and effort in Tiger Tooth Fireworks LLC is not
at the planning commission hearing developing our land to accommodate registered to do business in Colorado.

Jan. 25, noting, “We were not our future home to be built on our His Facebook page documents his
notified [the marijuana grow would little slice of peace and solitude. plans for this business in 2018 in S.D.

Exercise your right to vote! Business
October 22-26, 2018
In honor of National Business Women’s
Week, we proudly celebrate the achievements
of working women. Throughout history and
today, female professionals have contributed
greatly to our country’s economic, civic and
cultural development. Today, women number
66 million in our nation’s workforce and
women-owned businesses account for 28
percent of all U.S. businesses. These women
are leading CEOs, presidents, vice presidents,
accountants and managers in many of our
nation’s leading corporations. Join us as we
congratulate these business women for all
their efforts and continue to promote equality
for women in the workplace.

650 Grand Ave., Del Norte • 657-3513
Dr. Angela Campbell, Owner/Pharmacist
Lauren Treadwell, Front End Manager/
Purchasing Agent