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FLORENCE PRECINCT 1 JUSTICE COURT 400 SOUTH CENTRAL AVENUE, PO BOX 1818, FLORENCE, AZ 85132 PH - 520-866-71! case No INJUNCTION AGAINST HARASSMENT Court ORI No: AZ011013 [1 Amended Order County IRA] state Bi [ ] Dating relationship, no law enforcement service fee | Former Case No. ny 5 PLAINTIFF PLAINTIFF IDENTIFIERS TALES ERY | [oararie8e at First Wide Last ‘Sufix Date of Birth of Plaintiff ‘And/or on behalf of minor family member(s) and other Protected Person(s): (List name and DOB.) DEFENDANT DEFENDANT IDENTIFIERS TODD WILHELM | [S&T RACE DOB aT [wT “st Mitte Last ‘Suffix MALE WHITE ‘oHoNT8ss oe | 200 DefendanvPiaintif Relationship: OTHER - — [a Defendant's Address : 684 E RANCHOVIEJO LOOP aS ee CASA GRANDE ARIZONA 85122 DRIVER SUICENSE® —] STATE | EXP DATE CAUTION: [ ] Weapon Alleged in Petition [J Estimated Date of Birth —_—————_———————————— WARNINGS TO DEFENDANT: This injunction shal be enforced, even without registration, by the courts of any state, the District of Columbia, any U.S. Territory, and may be enforced by Tribal Lands (18 U.S.C. § 2286). Crossing stat, teritoral, or tribal boundaries to violate this Injunction may result in federal imprisonment (18 U.S.C. § 2262). Federal law provides Penalties for possessing, transporting, shipping, or receiving any firearm or ammunition (18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(8)). Only the Court, in writing, can change this Injunction. This Injunction is effective for one year from date of service. VERIFY VALIDITY (call Holder of Record): PINAL County Sheriff's office. 520.866.5111 ] ‘THE COURT HEREBY FINDS. That it has jurisdiction over the parties and subject matter. [ ] Defendant received actual notice of this Hearing and had an opportunity to participate. Additional findings of this Injunction and warnings are set forth on the next page(s). ‘THE COURT, FINDING REASONABLE CAUSE, HEREBY ORDERS: NO GRIMES. Defendant shall not commit any act of “harassment” against Plaintiff or Protected Person(s) []NO CONTACT. Defendant shall have no contact with Plaintiff except through attorneys, legal process, court hearings, and as checked: [ ] Phone [ ] Email/Fax [ } Mail [ ] Other: [ ] NO CONTACT. Defendant shall have no contact with Protected Person(s) except through attorneys, legal process, court hearings and as checked: [ ] Phone [ ] Email/Fax[ ] Mail ] Other: Effective: June 3, 2013 Adopted by Administrative Directive No. 2013-03, ‘THE COURT FURTHER ORDERS: PROTECTED LOCATIONS. Defendant shall not goto or near the Plaint's or other Protected Person's [UX] Residence (leave blank if confidential) [1 Workplace (leave blank if confidential) [1 School other: _ OTHER ORDERS. NO POSTING OR TEXTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA REGARDING PLAINTIFF —tuo7018 ~ EISELE BRETT E Date Judicial Officer Printed Name ‘ADDITIONAL WARNINGS TO DEFENDANT: This is an official Court Order. If you disobey this Injunction (even if the Plaintiff contacts you), you may be arrested and prosecuted forthe crime of interfering wit judicial proceedings and any other crime you may have committed in disobeying this Injunction. Violations of this Injunction should be reported to a law enforcement agency, not the Court. Both parties must notify this Cour if an action for dissolution (divorce), separation, annulment or paternityimaternty is fled. This is NOT a parenting time (visitation) or custody order. You must file those requests separately in Superior Court. Ifyou disagree with this Injunction, you have the right to request a hearing which will be held within 10 business days after your writen request has been file in the Court that issued this Injunction. Nothing the Plaintiff does can stop, change, or undo this injunction without the court's writen ‘approval. You must appear in court to ask a judge to modify (change) or quash (dismiss) this injunction, Even if the Plaintiff initiates contact, you could be arrested and prosecuted for violating this protective order. If you do not want the Plaintiff, to contact you, you have the right to request a protective order against the Plaintiff. However, orders are not automatically granted upon request. Legal requirements must be met. PCO CODES - 1, 4g Effective: June 3, 2013 ‘Adopted by Administrative Directive No, 2013-03 FLORENGEICOOLIOGE JUSTICE COURT _st0S. CENTRAL AVE, FLORENCE, az ost02 _sznose-718 | Cole's beery Todd (Mela ‘case wo PADIS Brat Pai Er plyer Betendant [avn Date 2/24/86 Ue G. Raadneeo Lae I adres PETITION for ——— 40 boone AZ 45122 , | Agent's Name | City, State, Zip Code, Phone (1 Order of Protection | DX Injunction Against Harassment | | 520-204 - 74S (| Workplace Injunction (Work Injunction ONLY) DIRECTIONS: Please read the Plaintitf’s Guide Sheet before filing out this form. Defendant/Piaintif Relationship: (J Maried now arin the past [Live together now or lived together inthe past {1 Child in common | One of us pregnant bythe ather {| Related (paren, in-law, brother, sister or grandparent) {] Romantic of sexual relationship (current or previous) {| Dating but nota romantic or sexual relationship Other Pendant yy autler & Noles, —aocwk pleat 2. [| lf checked, there is @ pending action involving maternity, paternity, annulment, legal separation, dissolution, custody, parenting time or support in Superior Cour, Case # (con 3. Have you or the Defendant been charged or arrested for domestic violence OR requested a protectie order? Yes []No [] Not sure Iryes or not sure, explain, #6 5 ave been dreegod etl child abuse _ 4 [need 3 court order because (PRINT both the dates and a brief description of what happened ) Tel the judge what happened and why you need this order. copy ofthis petitions provide tothe defendant wen Oates the order is served (Do not wit on back an the margin. Attach ational paper necessary) Tedd quotished Gest ley actide centaaing Use and domeging Bay tl 2018 ykermalicn ahuA me end the cherges Cid aging} re | | pedi published second blag actile cerkining Belge and cencqing ca AytO8 \ahemeticn bot me end He dhecger Wed againel me. | Tedd commented ox te OAT blog acbicle ard meade snore Ck UE) 2014 | Dice end damaging claims aloost me. —_