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Portfolio Assignment

Historical Globalization

In this assignment, you will be completing a number of tasks that will demonstrate your
understanding of the key concepts and events of historical globalization. The
background information will be provided during lectures, and is also available online.
Please be sure to use your time productively. At the end of the unit, you will be
required to hand in your portfolio filled with the 15 case studies. This assignment is due
at the end of the unit.

For each case study, creatively explain the event in relation to the guiding question
connected (see next page); you can do this using the following choices – you are
encouraged to use each of these suggestions within your portfolio in order to make it
more interesting.

You can either create your own piece of work, or use another artist’s work

● Political cartoon (be sure the message of the cartoon is clearly evident to the
● Poster or propaganda document
● Song lyrics or poem
● Diary entry from either perspectives (1/2 page single spaced)
● A newspaper editorial expressing your opinion
● Photograph

Organize your works into the three sections relating to the guiding questions. At the
front of each section, provide an explanation of why each of your pieces of creative
expression best answers the guiding question (approximately ½-1 page).
Guiding Question A: Cultural Contact
Explain how the foundations of historical globalization led to an increase in
globalization? (answer in paragraph format!!!!!!!!!) /5

Case Study 1: God (spread of christianity)

Case Study 2: The Rise of Capitalism (Gold)
Case Study 3: Industrialization
Case Study 4: Imperialism
Case Study 5: Eurocentrism

Guiding Question B: Imperialism

How did european imperialist policies and practices directly affect Indigenous
peoples? (answer in paragraph format!!!!!!!!!) /5

Case Study 6: exchange of goods and technologies

Case Study 7: Scramble for Africa
Case Study 8: British rule in India
Case Study 9: British and French rule in Canada
Case Study 10: Residential Schools
Case Study 11: depopulation

Guiding Question C: Legacy of historical globalization

How are the legacies of historical globalization continuing to impact the lives of
people today? (answer in paragraph form 5-6 sentences!!!!!) /5

Case Study 12: loss of language

Case Study 13: civil strife as a result of past European imperialist policies
(angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues; conflict, friction,
discord, disagreement, dissension, dispute, argument, quarreling,
wrangling, bickering, controversy)
Case Study 14: government and social institutions (i.e. hospitals, 3 branches,
Case Study 15: social impacts on indigenous peoples

Assessment Name:

The explanation of creative works for each section effectively /15

demonstrates an understanding of the key concept(s)
(3 x 5)

Each of the pieces of work effectively answer the key question and demonstrates a
level of effort expected for Social 10 students /15
(1 x 15)