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BCC:BR: f fO: l$$ 11.04.



Issued bv Rural & De t
Dear Sir,

Re: Scheme for lending to Agriculture and other priority Sector advances
against the security of Gold ornaments/ jewellery- Advance value of Gold jewellery/

we invite reference to our circular No. BCC:BR:110:73 dated 12.02.2018 advising therein the
advance value of gold jewellery I ornaments.

The advance value of the gold jewellery has been revised from time to time and the last revision
was communicated through our above circular wherein, we have stipulated the advance value of
the gold jewellery at Rs. 2234.OO per gram for 24 carat puritywitkf aprovision for reduction in
va-luation by Rs.92.00 per gram for every carat reduction
Based on the average price of the last three months ending March 2OIB, we are nowfixing the
advance value of gold jewellery of different carat of Gold ornaments as

Purity of the Gold 24 carat 22 carat 20 carat 18 carat Provision for reduction of
ornament pnce per gram per carat
Lending rate per 2280.OO 2090.oo 1900.00 1710.00 95.00
This advance value will be effective till further instructions.
Please refer to circuJar Nos. BCC:BR:7o2/76 dated 08.03.2010, BCC:BR:IO4/92 d.ated
12.O3.2O12, BCC:BR:IO41373 dated 23.IO.2O12,. BCC:BR: 1OB/360 dated 05.08.2016 and
master circular BCC: BR: lOSl 457 dated 27.09.2016 and other circulars issued by our
department for other guidelines. We request you to follow all other guidelines strictly more
particularly, the guidelines on "Reappraisal of Gotd" Jeutels." & "Detection of Spurious je'.tellery"
and safe keeping of GoId jeuels.
Since Price of Gold is subject to fluctuation over a period of time, Branches are advised to ensure
that stipuiated margin is maintained throughout the period of loan by advising the borrowers
and making required recoveries, wherever necessary.
Yours faithfullv.

General Manager
Head-rRrtul & Agri Banking and CSR
Eff dfuq BarBr, q-df-dr +fqftc ild{, fr-26, fr-cdrf,, qF-dT
T-dt 6iFudqg, +ffi 400 051, aTKd.
Rural & Agri Banking Department, Baroda Corporate Centre, C-26, G-Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai tbifr / ph : 91 22 6698 5g9O
4OO 051, India.

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