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2019 Winter Carnival Comedian

Monetary Request
Opportunity Fund - USG
Event Overview
Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honor Society, in collaboration with Mu Beta Psi Music Honor Fraternity,
Blue Key Honor Society, and the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts, will be hosting Jaboukie
Young-White as the 2019 Winter Carnival Comedian. The event will take place at 9 p.m. Friday,
February 8 at the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts, following the first hockey game in the weekend

The Winter Carnival Comedian event has been a staple of the Winter Carnival tradition since 1981 and
was previously managed by the Student Entertainment Board (SEB). The event has historically featured
top name comedians such as Bob Saget and College Humor with consistent attendance of more than 600
students since the establishment of free student admittance. In order to fill the vacancy left by SEB after
its cessation, a committee made of students representing Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honor Society, Mu
Beta Psi Music Honor Fraternity, and Blue Key Honor Society was established. The purpose of the
committee is to continue the Carnival Comedian tradition by maintaining a high quality of selected talent,
soliciting funds in order to keep the event free for Michigan Tech students, and managing the event in
coordination with the Rozsa Center.

Background of Alpha Psi Omega

The Alpha Theta Eta chapter of the Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society at Michigan Tech
seeks to create well-rounded actors and technicians and provide versatile professional experience in the
theatre and entertainment industries. As a society, we aim to provide a service through theatre and
entertainment within the Michigan Tech and greater Houghton-Hancock community.

Background on Comedian
The comedian selected by the committee for this year’s Winter Carnival, Jaboukie Young-White, is an
established and successful comedian with a varied list of accomplishments, including his current role as a
correspondent on ​The Daily Show​, positions as a writer on Netflix’s “Big Mouth” and “American
Vandal,” and appearances on ​The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon​. Young-White also has a thriving
following on Twitter. His humor often focuses on his young age, mixed-race heritage, and sexuality,
presented from the perspective of a millennial. Arrangements for booking Jaboukie’s time for the event
have been made with Creative Artists Agency LLC (CAA), a leading global entertainment talent agency.

Purpose of Event
Winter Carnival is a one of the longest-running campus traditions and includes a number of well-known
events unique to Michigan Tech. The events, running throughout the week bring in student and
community participation. A major element of the Winter Carnival weekend is the annual Carnival
Comedian show, which typically takes place the Friday of Winter Carnival following the hockey game.
The event originated in 1981 and has been maintained with high quality entertainment since then.

The Winter Carnival comedian is a statement piece on Carnival as a whole and is sought out by students,
parents, and community members year after year while enhancing the overall Winter Carnival
Experience. Additionally, the comedian event provides a safe, structured late night attraction for on and
off campus students and community.

Benefits to Community / ​Enhancements to Michigan Tech Experience for Students

Continuing the tradition of the Winter Carnival Comedian will offer a major event for students, staff,
faculty, and the greater community. Attendance at the event in 2016 was nearly a thousand (995), with
698 Michigan Tech students in attendance, making it one of the most attended events at the Rozsa that
year. This is largely due to it being a free event for students, a tradition which will be continued this year.
Providing access to high-profile comedians like ​Jaboukie ​gives the community access to performers of a
caliber they would usually only see on television.

Financial Statement
Alpha Psi Omega is requesting $5,000 from the Undergraduate Student Government Opportunity Fund to
provide a portion of the cost associated with the comedian contract. The total cost of the event will be
$10,000, based on the negotiated rate for contracting ​Jaboukie Young-White​ through his agerent, CAA.
Marketing, rental of the Rozsa Center, and staff costs have been absorbed by the Rozsa Center due to the
management of the event by Visual and Performing Arts Department recognized student organizations
(Alpha Psi Omega and Mu Beta Psi). Additional charges are not anticipated.

Additional funding for the event will be pursued by Alpha Psi Omega from potential sponsorships
provided by the Parents Fund of the Michigan Tech Fund, Blue Key Honor Society, the Memorial Union
Board, the Graduate Student Government and various residence hall councils including IRHC, WHSA,
DHHC, MHA. At the time of this application, Alpha Psi Omega has approached IRHC, WHSA, DHHC,
and MHA to present at council meetings regarding funding solicitations and has received partial funding
of the event from IRHC and DHHC at the time of this rationale.