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Closing of Student Activity Unit (UKM) At the National

Jakarta, May 2017. When bureaucrats University banned Student Activity Unit (UKM) reaps a
lot of rejection from university students because the right to channel their hobbies or creativity
is banned. The suspended of Student Activity Unit is in chronology occurring in 2014 where
drug discovery in multipurpose building and secretariat of Student Activity Unit (UKM). Then
the event was banned UKM at the national university. Many of the intra or extra institutions
such as, SENAT, BPM etc. are frozen due to the event.

Not only the drugs found but

also found many sharp
weapons such as machete,
and other property tools.
The tool is used for student
activities but instead used as
evidence from the police.

"Many of the tools used for

drama activities such as toy
toys, Himpala organization
tools to open the road on
the mountains were seized
taken as evidence of the police where actually the goods were used not for crime," said Sakti
Dewangkara as one of the member the UKM HIMPALA at UNAS.

Suspension of this Student Activity Unit (UKM) is reaping a lot of rejection from students. Many
of the student associations, both intra and extra, hold discussions and actions on this policy of

“In my opinion, for this campus must be realize students whises that UKM, SENAT, and BPM
reactivated as soon as possible”. Said Askarulhuda student of Faculty of Social and Politic 2012.

Student who are members of University National held a peaceful action in the campus
environment, Sawo Manila, Pejaten on Wednesday (24/5). They demanded the reactivation of
intra student organizations. This action at once memontum commemorate the tragedy UNAS
23-24 May 2008. Where, when it has happened criminalization committed by police officers
against UNAS student.

“We also requested the facilities in the campus be improved, then acceleration, development
and utilization of campus facilities,” said Wira in his oration.
Confirmed about the demands of students that, UNAS Bureau of Student University give
appreciation“Yes aspirations and claims of you I will submit to the rector as soon as possible”
he said.

One of the 2016 students who felt the impact of this case said,"From what I know, the reaction
of students at that time of course many who reject with our campus policy. Students often hold
discussions and demonstrations on the issue of the Student Activity Unit (UKM). However, the
college's response as usual they only said that as soon as the Student Activity Unit (UKM) will be
reactivated, it is only a promise. I am a freshman, seeing that this Student Activity Unit (UKM)
should be reactivated as soon as possible because the students are now only going to college
and then returning home. We all need a container to channel our hobbies and creativity. My
Message for New Student 2017 later, if later you will be studying and Student Activity Unit
(UKM) is still banned and there is a threat if talking about your campus facilities do not be afraid
as long as we are right, the important point there is only one word ‘AGAINST!’” said
Muhammad Akbar student at University National.