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“The Sound Of Muxtc” 8 ““ Sixteen Going On Seventeen Music by: OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN 2nd RICHARD RODGERS Moderato e semplice aap . I Piano of pos nt, Go Gm You wait, it~ tle girl, on an emp- ty stage For to turn the tranguilto light on. Your life, lit - tle girl, 5-4 Gm7 Fe men will want to write. on, = to. write = Copyright ©) 1959 by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein and Williamson Musie ine,,New Yoru, NY, owner of publication and allied rights for all countries of the Western Hemisphere {Willemean Musio Pht, 14, St Gsonse Steet, London, Wl Innenational Copenh Secured Madein England AlIRiahis Reserved TR? amanganan ation of tis companion thot Ue ema the ner eo niger Of cawght D pavalied wrson ard the me ofthe use of hi mg wh at oer rae 18 expres fie Refrain (Assai moderato) F Fim F B co six - teen, en - teen, six. teen, - ing on sev - en = teen, ip With feling and nol fast t F t CEE benareg a t Fe Dm? Ge ry ate by, its time ty, | think! Bet- ter be - ware, be know that Tim a“, aay] Fel = lows 1 amect™ may PEesl: OF Ba - I Fl ~ F Gm? or cr oe aes Ta PRADO aa ny’ and care - ful, Bac by, , youre on“ the brink! Pagan ite, me I'm sweet and wit Hy Ot Til be ~~ Tiewe. Pap You are six - teen, go-ing on ‘sev- en- teen, will falt in Tam __six- teen, go-ing on sev-en-teen, Ii” ent__ asa ent pnp RET HPAL IE t Went Geatnane tanh, tadiposti Fearn, femme a a 10 ied ai eerogac: Ge co F ae a Tay # Fae ger young Tete sa «ow E és and “Cad will vororr oA pach es Jor dar - dies, drink-ers_of_brant - divs, tf#e R- Gm7 co F Bb of fer" you food and wine. what do I know of — those? BASH FT Be . spared are you = To ey as orld of pared am I To faci a world = of a ~ A Bos) 5 De ‘Tim-id and shy and scared are you of things. be - yond your . Tim-id and shy and scared am OT of things beyond my