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Centre name: CELEX ESIQIE

class Conversation Club Advanced Level

Trainee’s name: Karla Vanessa Guerrero Sánchez

Date: 20-08-18

Venue: Tutorie’s Classroom

Observer: Teacher Arturo Martinez Gutiérrez

Main Aim: By the end of the class Ss will be better able to speak fluently about global warming by being exposed to the vocabulary and using a task-based
Personal Aim: To be clear with the instructions and have a good management of the board

Recent work done:

Profile of the learners

and a description of There are 5 Ss, 4 men and a woman. They are between 18 and 24 years and everyone is studying at IPN. The level is between B1 and B1+ and they
their age and level, their are taking this class because they want to improve their conversation skills. They are a little shy, so the teacher has to push them to speak. There is
linguistic and affective a student that tends to speak more than the other ones. They could not remember a lot of information about this topic.

How the needs of the Ss needs a little push to start talking, so by being exposed to images they start to remember words that are related to global warming. At the moment
learners relate to the they see the consequences of global warming they will start feeling worried about our planet, this can help them when they are discussing in the
main aim, stage actions they can do to reduce their carbon footprint.
objectives, activities and
materials in this lesson.
Stage Activity Specific Objectives Aids Class Setting and Procedure Possible Solutions Time

T introduce To make Ss feel T says her name, age, career and _____________ ____________ 1 minutes
Presentation herself to the comfortable with the ----------------- something interesting about her.
Ss T.

To encourage them T put 5 images about the consequences Ss have T provides

Describing to activate prior Pictures of global warming on the board, one for problems with vocabulary. 5 minutes
Warm-up pictures knowledge. each ss. T ask Ss “What can you see in the vocabulary
this picture?” to describe the
T writes on the board the vocabulary that picture.
is going to be used later.

To introduce Ss to Markers and T elicits the topic of the lesson, T writes Ss don’t know T gives a short 8 minutes
Lead – in Discussion the topic. board the topic in the middle of the pictures. what global explanation
After that T ask Ss the following warming is. Tabout it.

-What is global warming?

-How does it affect us?
-Do you think normal people can do
something to stop it?

T writes on the board. Ss don’t notice The whole 5 minutes

To model Ss what -Eat less beef and more chicken. why that actions class discuss
Modeling The list normal people can Markers and -Use less airplanes. help to stop why.
do to stop Global board -Buy certificates. global waming.
T ask if they know why this things help to
stop global warming.

Reducing my To personalize the Ss discuss what they can do at home to Ss can’t decide T prompt
Production carbon lesson. A white sheet stop global warming, they have to do a list what to put in some ideas
footprint with 5 actions. the list. with drawings
At the end they present the list to the T, on the board, 10 minutes
she ask if they think it would be easy. in that way she
interrupt the

Goodbye Greetings To finish the class in __________ T thanks the Ss for their attention and _____________ ____________ 1 minute
a good way. encourage Ss to to the actions in the list.

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- P. Ur, A course in English Language teaching, Cambridge University.