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No. F K2012(24)/9/2017-UPAN{2017, Government of India ‘Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs MoUD_281116_1] Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi, the 20% September, 2017 CORRIGENDUM ‘Subject: Corrigondum to REo! regarding shortisting of agencies for setting up ‘and operating a National Mission Management Unit (NMMU) for Deendayal ‘Antyodaya Yojana-Netional Urban Livelihoods Mission (Day-NULM) of Ministry fof Housing and Urban Affairs ‘This has reference to the REol for setting up and operating 2 National Mission ‘Management Unit (NMNU) for Deendayal Antyodaya Yojans- National Urban Livethoods Mission [Dar-NULM) of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs that was uploaded on tre eprocaregov it 06:00 p.m. on 4uSeptember, 2017. 2. The lowing corigenda tothe REol are belng made wich may be taken note of by ‘the concemed agencies before submission oftheir responses tothe REO: ‘S| Clause No. Existing Provision | Amended Provision No. 1 |S The agency (in case of single |The agency (in case of single business business entity)/ Lead Member | entity)/ Lead Member (in case of {incase of Consortium) should | Consortium) should have a minimum have a minimum average | average annual turnover f Indian Rs annual tumover of Indian Rs, | (INR) Five Crore from consultancy (ink) Five Crore from | business during the last three eonsultancy business during | financial years (2014-15, 2015-16, {he last three financial years | and 2036-17) duly certified from its (2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-| Statutory Auditors. However, if the 17) duly certified from ts | agency 1s unable to submit. the Statutory Autos. audited statement io. 2016-17, a Cettifieate tothe effect thatthe aut for 2016-17 i in process may be submitted and consequently, the audited statement of 201314, 2014 45 and 2015-16 may be submitted. TT annawureX | No. af years of experince in| May be treated as deleted. Category No.2 | strategic recruitment of professionals at leadership and ‘operational levels at national/ State level (detllsin Annexure x8), ane | AanewureX6 | Farmat for providing | May be deleted. Information on ‘No. of years of ‘perience in strategie recruitment of professionals at leadership and operational levels at national state level” Further al subsequent ‘Annexures may be renumbered ‘accordingly. Also the corresponding references to Annexure-X-8 In the REol may be treated as deleted 3. Allother provisions ofthe REol remain the same. oe (v8 Awana) Doputy Secretary to the Govt of India Tel: 2309 2923, emai dienulm@nicin