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Joulianne, you have to believe that your success in the team managing and directing will lead
you to succeed for directing and managing the project execution by guiding the project to the
ultimate target of satisfying and meeting all the pre set requirements, which set before by your
client at the initiation phase in the statement of work.

Joulianne, I believe that the essential concept to manage your project team, you have to be the
single voice to speak for, represent their ideas, control and bind the tasks of the team. If you
succeed to achieve that you will improves efficiency and solidity of the team process.

It was a roadmap and layout for directing and managing your project team, we can discuss now
the essential fixed points to paint your success road as follow.


after project-planning process is finalized, approved and started to be implemented you will
going forward to the organizing process, which is the process of establishment the relationship
between people and resources to achieve your target and objectives.

I believe as Marshal ¦  

   Unity of
command, Span of control, Delegation of authority, Homogeneous assignment and flexibility.

There are five steps included within the process: Determining tasks to be performed,
subdivided the main tasks into activities, providing the required resources and designing the
suitable organization relationship (grouping jobs into department, specifying reporting and
authority relationship, delegating authority for some tasks, allocating and distributing the
resources in an interconnected structure).

as you know, the software development tasks natural subjected to the triple constraint
especially the perspectives of tempo, efficiency and flexibility, which help you to prioritized,
manage and develop the project team members and resources to be matching with each task
target e.g. you need a professional developer, marketing researcher, system analyst, change
request officer.


Joulianne, the scope control is critical to the project management and must be equilibrium
between flexibility for critical items and rigidity against adding unnecessary ones, i.e. you can
changing and adding tasks like simplifying the data input interface that will make or break the
project͛s success. Your good scope control allows you the changing and adding any of critical
activities without adding in unnecessary resources or calling resources must not attending at
this phase of project because if it͛s attended now it cause the project to miss it͛s critical

and take care that most common reason for software failure is the failure to control the project
requirements not the failure to control budget or schedule and this the difference between
traditional projects such as building, bridges and dams which no big deviations between the
start vision and the final product,

However, at our specialist here, you can start with one objective in mind but after the
stakeholders have added their wishes list, you will reach to another different requirement from
the original one.

I suggest to you a set of steps to track and control the scope as follow.

a. Monitor the scope elements and drivers through the project execution process
for any possible changes at this case, you and your team have to be proactive
and address scope issues before becomes critical.
b. Identify any variance are possibly caused by scope elements and be reactive
during regularly project progress reviewing.
c. Implement the scope change process when needed.
d. Update the project baseline based on the approved scope changes.
e. You need to make an assumption about the level of skills and experience of your
team that may affect the scope accomplish and set a mitigation plane for the
cost and schedule variances predicted.
f. The last important factor is the relationship between your team and the client or
sponsor, which surly affected the project performance.

Joulianne, according to PMBBOK guide you may spend 70-90 % from your time engaging in
communication during your project time, for this reason let us discuses the following questions.

1. What does the communication planning determine?

2. How to improve your project communication

I believe that the communication plane determines the information and communication
needed by the stockholders.

{ Who need what information and when?

{ What are the types of information they need and in which details?
{ What exactly your target when you communicate?
{ How the information will deliver to stakeholder?
{ How you will gather the feedback for improving?

The most important advice and the secret of your success in your first project leadership your
procedures to improve the project communication.

{ Usually using templates for the communication, It will be a fast step to be good resource
for your next projects.
{ Develop your team communication skills by training them, correct and improve them at
writing skills, meeting management, poor reports ͙...etc.
{ Conflicts resolving skills like, Forcing mode, Withdrawal mode, Compromise mode.
{ Developing the communication media as online chat, videoconferencing system, Instant


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