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Disasters related to land movements in emphasis Slopes instabilities along

roadsides have caused significant human and material losses in many parts of
Brazil, from the threat to the life of users to disruption of users flow, significantly
affecting the country's economy. For the above, this work proposed to study the
processes of instabilization and correction alternatives. Through a bibliographic
study an explanatory research was elaborated around the subject. It was pointed
out that road slope instability agents are involved together, and the most common
instability cases are slipping, landslides, tree falls, erosions involving extreme
situations in which soils and rocks are requested in addition to their strength.
Such agents can develop due to insufficient geological-geotechnical studies in
the design phase, constructive factors or lack of maintenance. Currently, there
are several solutions for the application of containment structures in case of
instability of slopes, such as the application of dry stone, mortar stone, retaining
walls, curtains, wire mesh and use of geosynthetics. With this research it is
possible to conclude that a previous and detailed analysis of factors that influence
the stability of a slope is necessary, citing the geotechnical analysis of the soil,
possible requests and the flow of users. It should be checked periodically for any
unexpected anomaly and if there is any instability is ideal that the proposed
solution is intended to protect users of highways as well as other structures in the
vicinity. The possible solutions for a slope that is in such situation and total or
partial removal of the mass, application of emergency containment structure or
definitive containments that if technically and economically feasible.

Keywords: Slope instability; Stability of slopes; Highway