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How does your current or present educational system prepare you to face the
21st century?

My present educational system is honing me to become an enhanced

person and be fully equipped for the future. Like in school, I am trained on how to
properly deal with guests and how to serve them and by that it makes me more
knowledgeable, more idealistic, and more prepared when I’m about to face the
real world. I am also taught on how to speak publicly and it makes me an
effective communicator because as we all know my field requires a lot of
interaction so it is very much important to be an effective communicator. The
present educational system that I am currently with provides new set of
perspectives or options, like new ways on how to acquire new learnings through
the use of technology, specifically Internet and with that I am very fortunate
because it provides easy access. Lastly, present educational system has also a
setback, it’s expensive and sometimes I don’t get what I deserve because I
myself take for granted it, but now as realization dawns on me I decided to focus
give more importance to education because I know in myself that I will harvest
what I planted.

2. What are the present practice and approaches that do not support it?

1. Poor allocation of national budget

2. Expensive education
3. Unprepared or not fully equipped professors
4. Laid back attitude of students
5. By-the-book professors
6. Traditional technique in teaching
7. Too dependent on books
8. Monopoly of ideas
9. Information overload
10. Insufficient resources of educational tools

3. Provide at least 5 specific recommendation to the HM Department in adhesive

the gap.

1. Don’t be too dependent on books

2. Modernize the teaching method
3. Well-trained professors
4. Motivate students
5. Invest on educational tools for better understanding of students.